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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 31, 2005 on GL
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Monday, October 31, 2005

Cassie has come to Dinah to ask for help in getting back at Edmund for all the pain he caused them. Though she was tempted to take her own revenge at one point, Dinah surprisingly convinces Cassie that Edmund wouldn't be worth going to jail for. Later, however, Edmund continues to stalk Cassie, unseen. Danny and Michelle bond with their new baby. When Michelle tells Danny she's decided to stay in town, Marina arrives and subtly stakes her claim on Danny. When it's time for Michelle and Hope to go home to the Bauer house, Danny doesn't want them to leave but Michelle insists. Danny remains in his room with Marina, clearly torn. Jonathan throws an engagement party for Sandy and Tammy though sparks remain between Jonathan and Tammy. Ava shows up, making Sandy uneasy. She is shocked to learn that Tammy and Jonathan are actually cousins. During the party, Sandy gives a toast that really sticks it to Jonathan. Then Jonathan stands, prepared to make his toast and blow Sandy out of the water with the bombshell that he is married to Ava. Olivia tracks down Josh but pretends to have run into him by accident. Reva is not happy to see Josh show up to the engagement party with Olivia, but the two remain at odds.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Alan taunts Gus about the tape which showed Harley and Mallet kissing in the prison. Gus acts like it doesn't bother him, but later he confronts Harley about it. Harley assures Gus that she loves only him but as he heads off on assignment, he's still clearly unsettled. Jonathan's engagement party for Tammy and Sandy continues. He makes a toast to the happy couple, but doesn't divulge Sandy's secret, opting instead to never let down the fašade that he's happy for them. But all through the party, his longing remains clear and Tammy finally runs out for some fresh air, unable to face Jonathan any longer. Meanwhile, Edmund sneaks into the party in a Halloween costume. Cassie thinks she spots him, but instead, unmasks a stranger, unaware that Edmund is actually outside with Tammy. He makes an appeal to Tammy and asks for her help in getting back with Cassie but disappears when Sandy arrives. Later, he heads down to the docks for a secret phone meeting with Alan as the two of them await the big moment they have planned. Reva watches Olivia move in on Josh. But with a little help from Billy, who warns Olivia she will pay for what she did to him, Reva and Josh share a close moment. Lizzie has an encounter with Dean, the loan shark who gave her money to buy the new dress she is in. She keeps the details of the new dress a secret from Coop, confident that she will be able to pay back the loan when the time comes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Reva stakes her claim and crashes Josh and Olivia's workday to warn Olivia off Josh. Olivia bluffs, leading Reva to believe something's already happened between them. Feeling she may lose Josh to Olivia for good, Reva gives it all she's got and, under the guise of home improvement, has an emotional talk with him about the problems plaguing their marriage. By the end of the day, Reva and Josh make love. Jonathan shocks Cassie when he does a good deed for her and voices his hope that Tammy will be happy with Sandy. Later, when Dinah shows up, she also notices the differences in him and calls him on being in love. She warns him that love bites, but he admits he's too far gone to have a choice. Meanwhile, Tammy, trying to throw herself into wedding plans, can't stop thinking about Jonathan. She and Cassie bond as Cassie praises Tammy as the one person who can bring joy back to their family. But Tammy, feeling pressure and guilt, nearly confesses about her feelings for Jonathan. Later, when she and Sandy meet with a minister who questions their motives to marry, Sandy is confident that nothing will stop them while Tammy remains unsure. Jeffrey goes over the top to comfort Cassie, knowing she's missing Hope. But, a wedding photo of Richard reminds Cassie of yet another loss. Jeffrey encourages Cassie to keep Richard's memory alive, though later it's clear he would rather leave Richard buried.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Jonathan leaves Tammy breathless after he helps her find her lost engagement ring. She doesn't trust him when he tells her that he's happy that she found what she wanted-someone safe and stable. He says that he and Tammy would never have worked out anyway because he would have hurt her somehow. He urges her to leave and never look back. She leaves but leaves the ring behind.

Cassie plans a dream wedding for Tammy. Her spirits fall when she sees Michelle and Hope. Cassie can't bear to hold Hope and turns away in tears. Michelle is disappointed when she learns that Danny plans to spend the evening alone with Marina and Hope and not with Michelle and Hope. Danny is disappointed when Marina is called back to work for traffic control. Marina runs into Michelle in the elevator.

Alan and Edmund plot to get what they want. Alan continues to put thoughts about Harley in Mallet's head but Mallet's mind is on Dinah. She is incensed when he says that Harley refused his request to give Dinah a job. Dinah believes that he is using her to get close to Harley.

Harley calls Gus to apologize for lying about kissing Mallet. Zack brings her a key to the treehouse because Gus might be there. Zack worries that he won't come back. Mallet interrupts and leaves Dinah for an "interview" with Harley. Harley tells Dinah that she doesn't want to hire her.

Reva and Josh recover from their passionate love-making. Reva grows quiet when Josh tells her that she is all he needs. Josh leaves a happy man and sends Reva flowers. She tries to convince herself that she's happy now that she's with him.

Tammy asks Josh to give her away. She realizes that the ring is gone and calls Jonathan to bring it to her. She tries on her wedding dress but daydreams about Jonathan.

The lights go out in Springfield, leaving Michelle and Marina trapped in an elevator, Mallet searching for an escaped Alan, Edmund looming over Cassie, Harley and Dinah glaring at each other in a Spaulding hallway, and Jonathan alone with a bride-to-be.

Friday, November 4, 2005

The power has gone out all over Springfield.

Dinah and Harley are stranded in the Spaulding stairwell, arguing about whether to go down to the lobby or up to Harley's office. Things are tense between them since Harley isn't exactly happy about what Dinah did to Cassie. Dinah insists she had good intentions and was trying to do something good, but Harley thinks that doesn't change the fact that she lied about being pregnant. Soon, Dinah turns the conversation to Harley's love life. She refers to Blake's book and seems skeptical Harley didn't want to turn to Mallet for comfort while she was in prison. She's convinced Harley still has a thing for Mallet, but Harley denies it. Finally they're ready to go upstairs and Dinah asks if Harley believes the girl she was - the one who delivered Harley's first baby - is still in her, Harley begrudgingly says, "Yes she is." The pair has seemed to bond and they talk a little about old times and how much easier life was back then. When they finally get to her office, Harley informs Dinah that she will find her a job at Spaulding. A grateful Dinah thanks Harley and promises to help and protect her.

Reva arrives at a darkened Company and starts talking to Buzz about her relationship with Josh. She reveals that while they did sleep together, she doesn't think she wants to get back together with him. She admits she's been jealous of Josh's being around Olivia lately. Buzz wonders if Reva was just marking her territory. Reva's not sure, but admits that while they were making love it didn't seem like they were back on track; it felt like they were saying goodbye. Reva tells Buzz she wants to go out in the world and just be Reva Shayne, but she also wants Josh to be there waiting for her when she gets back. But now she's worried that Josh will think their latest encounter means they're back together. Reva admits she's just not ready to settle down. Buzz tells her that she could be throwing away a wonderful thing and she could be sorry.

Meanwhile, Josh is in the parking garage with a visibly upset Cassie. He gets in the car with her and gets her to tell him why she's upset. She tells him it's because she's stuck in her life, stupid and selfish. Josh deduces she's upset over Hope and tries to reassure her that everything will be alright; the pain will eventually go away. He makes her feel a little better and they start discussing Reva and him. Josh admits they had a breakthrough but doesn't think that means they're back together. He tells Cassie his whole life always revolved around Reva, and he doesn't know how it'd be otherwise. He tells Cassie what he really wants is for Reva to settle down with him. Later, after talking about how Reva never has a plan, yet Cassie loves to make them, Josh suggests that Cassie make Hope a part of her life. He gets her to call Danny. Talking to Danny about Hope seems to help her, especially when he gives her the go-ahead to call anytime. Cassie thanks Josh since now she has hope; it's just different. Suddenly, Josh's cell phone rings-it is Reva telling him she's at Company. Josh is a little miffed since they agreed she'd stay at the suite. Reva tries to convince him that he doesn't have to meet her at Company, since the power has just come back on, but Josh is determined. However, when he gets there, Reva is gone. Buzz warns him to be careful.

Tammy's alone, locked in the bridal shop, since the clerk left to go to the warehouse and never returned. While looking at herself in the mirror, Tammy is startled to see Jonathan outside the door cage looking at her. He tells her how good she looks in the dress. He just wanted to find her so he could drop off her ring. Jonathan picks up on Tammy being tense, and she admits she's a little afraid of the dark. She doesn't like being trapped in the store alone and tells Jonathan she wants out. Jonathan succeeds in breaking through the door cage but before Tammy can leave, he stops her. He asks her to model the dress for him and she complies, although it's obvious his presence is having an effect on her. Tammy starts complaining that she forgot her shoes; she's been forgetting everything. She says she doesn't even have her vows done yet. Jonathan offers to help her by suggesting she practice her vows on him. Tammy's a little uncomfortable and starts. The vows start out dry, since she's talking about how Sandy makes her feel safe and she lists all his good qualities, but they end up being more romantic the longer she looks into Jonathan's eyes. When she's done, Jonathan gently takes his turn to recite vows and all but declares his love for her. Things are getting too intense for Tammy and she demands that he leave, but he refuses to leave her alone in the dark. When she insists, he carries her out of the store himself.

Marina and Michelle are both stuck in an elevator at Towers. Things are a little tense between them, so Michelle tries to thank Marina for spending so much time with Hope. Marina shrugs it off and comments that it's good practice for when she and Danny have kids. The comment startles Michelle and soon the pair begins discussing Danny, or rather who he is really in love with. Michelle tries to get Marina to see that he just turned to her because he needed a break, but Michelle is his great love. Marina refuses to back down. Just then the lights go back on and the elevator starts to move. Before getting off, Michelle tells Marina that she wants her to find true love; she shouldn't settle for less. Finally, Michelle goes to Danny's and tells him that she and Marina talked about him. Danny asks what exactly they talked about. Michelle's response is to give him a passionate kiss.

Fresh from her confrontation with Michelle, Marina goes outside and almost gets hit by a car while she's crossing the street. The driver gets out, seeing if she needs any help. She responds that he's under arrest.

The instigators of the power failure are outside Towers - Alan and Edmund. Alan boasts about what he'd done but Edmund's upset because he didn't get to "rescue" Cassie like he wanted. Alan tries to get Edmund to think more positively. Finally, the lights come back on and before they part ways, he tells Edmund to finish what he started. Later, Alan shocks the police who've been searching for him by returning to his cell.

Cassie has finally made it to the bridal shop to pick up Tammy, however she's gone. Unknown to Cassie, though, Edmund is lurking outside.

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