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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 7, 2006 on GL
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Monday, August 7, 2006

At their room at The Beacon, Lizzie tries to con Jonathan into going with her to an appointment with her doctor, which would cause Jon to have to stand up Tammy. After he leads her on that he's ready to trade in his motorcycle for a mini-van he tells her that he's on to her and tells her to cut out the rich, spoiled girl crap and come clean with him when she wants him to help her. He tries to call Tammy to tell her he's running late, but she doesn't answer. Lizzie says he should go find her. Jon leaves to find Tammy and Lizzie leaves to go to the doctor.

At Cedars, Lizzie tells the nurse to change the birth father from Henry Bradshaw to Jonathan Randall. When the nurse asks if Randall is with "one L or two," Lizzie doesn't know. She tries to figure out a way to get Jon to meet her at the hospital and makes a phone call, telling the person that she needs help tracking somebody down.

Meanwhile, Jon has found that Alan forced Tammy away from Company and took her to Outskirts. Alan has been making veiled threats to Tammy about how Jon will eventually push her out of his life as he bonds more and more with his child and Lizzie. Tammy holds up strong against Alan. When Jon finds them, both Tammy and Alan say that everything is fine. Tammy reveals to Jon what Alan said about the baby pushing she and Jon apart, but insists that she'll never abandon the baby because the baby is part of Jon. As Tammy and Jon kiss, Alan tells them that "You kids think you have it all.....for now."

At the Greek Festival, Coop and Buzz argue about Olivia's treatment of Ava during the fire. They never come to a resolution, although Ava tells Coop that Olivia came between Buzz and Frank, and now she's coming between Coop and Frank. Coop says that he's going to get Olivia out of the picture. During these scenes, Coop continues to cough due to smoke inhalation from the fire.

Reva has also gone to the Greek Festival to see who it is that Josh is meeting. She watches as Josh gives Cassie flowers, touches her hand, and brushes back her hair. Reva calls Billy, telling him what she saw and that she wants Billy to tell her she's not seeing what she's seeing. She then says that dying lets you do things without worrying about consequences. Billy shows up to take Reva back to her room. After joining in some Greek dancing, Josh and Cassie worry together about where their relationship is going. Josh goes to get them some water and Cassie disappears.

In her room, Reva realizes that Billy knew all along that Cassie and Josh were drawing closer to one another romantically. When Billy asks her if Josh should have just twiddled his thumbs while she was away, Reva says, "Yes!" She tells Billy that she went through all of the treatments and surgeries to spare Josh and her kids so that Josh could make his mark on the world with his hospital project, while all along he was making a mark on her sister. Reva becomes physically ill while she rants. Billy tells her that the only one to blame for the outcome is Reva herself. Her response is "Screw them, and screw you, Billy." She begins packing. When Billy asks where she is going, she replies, "To see my kids." She tells him she'll visit them for as long as she can. She says that when a doctor says that all hope is up, you could have months, weeks, or days to live. Reva is very hurt and very angry. She yells at Billy to get out. As he's leaving he tells her to call him if she needs him. When he's gone she says that she doesn't need him or "You," as she picks up a photograph of Josh. She throws it against the wall.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Jeffrey corners Dinah at Cedars, telling her that unless she wants to go to prison for starting the Beacon fire, she needs to help him. He tells her he wants her to secure Spaulding's endorsement of him as mayor of Springfield. Dinah remarks that Alan-Michael is not her biggest fan, and has doubts about being able to do what Jeffrey wants. Jeffrey goes in to visit with Mallet in his hospital room to intimidate Dinah, but it turns out Mallet has questions of his own. Mallet comments that he has been on the scene of many fires, and he gets the feeling this one was set deliberately. He tells Jeffrey he suspects the same person behind the Springfield Burns website is responsible for the fire. Jeffrey looks quite concerned upon hearing Mallet's suspicions

After Cassie leaves the Greek Festival, Josh calls her to tell her he thinks they should talk. He guesses she is upset about Billy telling them that Reva will be home soon. He suspects she is listening as he is leaving a message on her machine, which she is. Blake then approaches Josh and tells him she knows about him and Cassie. She tells him he should go for it. Blake reminds him how she stole Ross from her mom, and she is so glad that they did something so wrong because it led to many happy years together.

After listening to Josh's message, Cassie goes to Outskirts to find Billy. She wants answers about Reva and when she is coming home. She admits to Billy she has feelings for Josh, and he for her. Billy tells her that Reva and Josh will always be Reva and Josh. Cassie tells Billy that maybe it is Reva's turn to get hurt. Dinah overhears the conversation and decides to offer Cassie some sage advice- run away. She tells Cassie she is fighting a lost cause. Cassie tells her that the legend of Reva and Josh just might be in its final chapter.

After Blake leaves Josh, Billy shows up and continues to tell Josh that he should not make a choice without having all the facts. Josh says fine, give me the facts then. Josh then demands that Billy let Josh use his cell phone to call Reva. He gets her answering machine (will no one pick up the phone for Josh today?) and tells her he doesn't care who was right or who was wrong. He tells her he wants to talk to her, and to please come home. Cassie has arrived just in time to overhear Josh's end of the call, then calls her travel agent to book a one way ticket to San Cristobel.

Reva answers her door to find Jonathan- and Lizzie! Lizzie tells Reva she knows she is sick. Reva is angry, until Jonathan explains that Lizzie overheard a message Billy had left him from the clinic in Minnesota. Lizzie calms Reva by telling her she has been where she is, and knows how she feels. They then invite Reva to the sonogram. Jonathan brags about how his DNA is good for making good babies and helping his mom. Reva plays along, but Lizzie suspects Reva is not well. After the sonogram, Lizzie is going out to talk to the doctor, but urges Jon to stay behind and talk to Reva because Lizzie doesn't think she is telling the truth about her condition. Lizzie then tells Reva to tell Jon the truth; he deserves to know. Jon pushes Reva to tell him what is really going on, and Reva admits that the bone marrow transplant did not work and she does not have long to live. Jon reacts with much emotion and anger. He tells Reva he screwed up; he failed her. Reva tells him that he gave her everything. She tells him how proud she is of him for putting his life on the line for her, and for how he has accepted responsibility for his baby. He has grown up. Later when Jon and Lizzie are dropping off Reva at the hotel, Reva tells Jon that she isn't ready to face Josh yet because he is seeing someone. She doesn't tell Jon who. After Jon leaves, he has an emotional moment in the hallway. Lizzie holds him and tells him how sorry she is about Reva, and she will do anything to help him -- anything. Back inside, Reva is shocked to hear Josh's message.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Mayoral candidate Jeffrey O'Neill is being interviewed. He swears he has no more secrets left to expose. Privately, he recalls his past as "Richard," as well as his teen years, when he was interrogated by a mysterious man named Ditkins. A man whom he is now shocked to see in the crowd as Jeffrey makes his campaign speech. He remembers being recruited for some very covert work and, after getting his face beaten to a pulp, being made over to look like Richard. Ditkins catches up to Jeffrey and tells him to drop out of the race. If he doesn't, Ditkins threatens to ruin him. Jeffrey runs into Dinah who compliments him on the redemption the mayoral campaign must be bringing him. He recalls playing Richard and realizing that he wasn't a prince and he wasn't Jeffrey O'Neill, he was...nobody. He defies Ditkins and announces that being mayor is what Jeffrey O'Neill was born to do.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Olivia apologizes to Buzz for coming between him and Coop. Then she apologizes for coming between him and Frank. Frank doesn't care that Buzz and Olivia are dating, but he does care that she left Ava in the fire. Olivia asks Buzz if he believes she did it. He kisses her, but doesn't answer. She volunteers to work in the kitchen. Billy urges Reva to return Josh's call or, better yet, go see him. RJ is bummed off Cassie's announcement that they're moving to San Cristobel. Hearing about it from Lillian, Josh tries to reach Cassie. He finds RJ. Josh assures him that he, Cassie and RJ are a team Reva overhears. She takes off and collapses in tears. Reva tells Colin she needs to go see her kids first. Colin goes to get his car and, at that moment, Josh sees Reva. Alan-Michael runs into Ava and offers to buy her a drink, then makes a cryptic phone call. He invites her to work for him.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Tammy and Lizzie are alone in their room when there is a knock on the door. Tammy immediately opens it and is berated by Jonathan for not finding out who it was first. As he is lecturing her about her safety, Tammy notices the paper in his hand--the address of Alan's goons. Tammy tells Jonathan she doesn't want him lowering himself to Alan's level by going after the goons; besides it will just make matters worse. Lizzie tells Jonathan she agrees with Tammy. However, when Tammy leaves the room to place a call, Lizzie gives Jonathan the name and address of the man Alan usually hires to rough people up. Jonathan is a little confused but she tells him that she is a Spaulding, she understand revenge. After Jonathan leaves, Tammy comes out and asks where he is. Lizzie lies that he went out to get her ice cream. As the girls are talking, Tammy asks Lizzie if she ever misses Coop. Lizzie admits that just the other day, she saw him and Ava together and did not care. When Tammy wonders if a new guy is responsible for the change in Lizzie, Lizzie changes the subject by saying she is just going to get the ice cream herself. She returns soon after, very upset: Alan had her credit cards cancelled. When Lizzie complains that she is alone, pregnant, and broke, Tammy assures Lizzie that she is not alone and gives her some pocket money. Lizzie is visibly touched, and while looking at a photo of Jonathan, comments that Tammy would give her the clothes off her back---she hopes she is decent enough to deserve all this faith. Tammy misunderstands and assumes Lizzie is questioning whether she will be a good mother. At that point, Jonathan comes back without ice cream. When Tammy notices the bruises on his hands, she accuses him of going after Alan's henchman. Lizzie quickly covers and tells her that Jonathan was there when her card was rejected and he put his fist through a wall. Tammy buys the story and heads out to the store herself. When she leaves, Jonathan thanks Lizzie for covering for him while she takes care of his wound.

Mallet has been discharged from the hospital and has arrived to move in with Dinah. Soon after he arrives, Dinah gets a call from Jeffrey asking her if she has gotten the Spaulding endorsement yet. When Dinah hedges, he informs her that the DA wants his recommendation on the fire. Was it arson or not? After hanging up, Dinah tries to confess her role in the fire to Mallet by he interrupts her by telling her that he informed the FBI that he would not be sending them any more reports; it is important for him to prove that he trusts her. Instead of telling him about the fire, Dinah simply tells Mallet that he makes her want to be a better woman. Mallet asks what if he was the imperfect, slightly crazy one? Dinah promises Mallet that nothing will ever come between them again. At that moment, Gus and Harley arrive. Gus and Harley tells the pair their theory--that whoever is behind "Springfield Burns" is responsible for the fire at the Beacon. Dinah starts to get a little nervous and asks what kind of evidence they have. Gus states that they never said anything about having evidence; it's just a hunch for now. When Harley tells Dinah she wants to ask her some questions about that night, Dinah suddenly makes an excuse and rushes out. Later, when he is alone, Mallet starts to wonder about Dinah's actions and goes looking for her.

Dinah is now on Main Street talking to Jeffrey. When Dinah again hedges on getting the Spaulding endorsement or Jeffrey; he reminds her that the DA wants his recommendation about the fire tomorrow. Dinah does not quite believe him. She accuses him of doing what he has always done. He will do something nice for her (like getting her out of prison) and demand something in return. Jeffrey dares her to just walk away then and see what happens. As he starts to walk away, Dinah reminds him that she knows about his past--if it got out it could ruin his chances of becoming mayor. Dinah suggests that they need to work together. Jeffrey admits that they have a mutual interest in keeping certain facts to themselves and they shake on it. Unbeknownst to them, Mallet is nearby watching.

Outside Company, Josh sees Reva and tries to chase after her but is stopped by Jonathan. Jonathan tries to convince Josh that it was just his imagination. Instead he suggests that Josh simply call her. Upset, Josh refuses; he is tired of putting his life on hold. Josh then goes to Cassie's where he is shocked to see a "For Sale" sign. He runs into Miss Chitwood who breaks the news that Cassie has left town. A frantic Josh demands to know where she went. Miss Chitwood doesn't know but hands Josh a note she found on the table. In the note, Cassie tells Josh that they are not meant to be and that if she stayed it would only cause everyone pain. Josh suddenly makes arrangements to fly out.

Colin has driven Reva to the Cross Creek cabin. There, she talks about the special place the cabin has in her heart. She tells Colin of all the memories she has there. She tearfully talks about Josh moving the cabin from Oklahoma so they could spend every day in the place that brought them together.. As she starts talking about how she has made mistakes in her life, she chokes up and laments that she was trying to do something right for once. She admits to Colin that when he found out she had cancer she wanted to rush into Josh's arms like she always does. She WANTED to--just like an alcoholic wants that drink. And she knew she had to do it differently this time. This time, she had to put Josh first. Reva complains that for once she was selfless and she still ended up losing everything. When she mentions leaving town, Colin asks about Cassie and Josh. Reva admits that she is not seeing them; if she did she would miss her flight. After all, if she confronts them, it could get ugly.. Suddenly Reva gets angry and exclaims that she does not care that she went away; it is her husband and her sister! Reva then calms down and asks Colin to take her to the airport; she has to see her kids.

At the airport, Colin tells Reva that he is going back to Minnesota--it is where he feels he can do the most good. When Reva thanks him for everything, he thanks her also. She changed him; now when he treats people with kindness, he will have her to blame. Reva tells Colin not to blame himself for her or his sister. He did everything he could. She then gives him a hug and proceeds through the security checkpoint. Suddenly, she comes face to face with Josh! Shocked himself, Josh can only say "You're here." Without saying a word, Reva turns around and boards her plane.

Billy arrives to see Reva at her new location. Reva tells Billy that she saw Josh at the airport but did not say anything to him. Upset, Reva tells him she wanted Josh to pull her in his arms and tell her he loved her. Instead, he wanted her to say something and what was she supposed to say? That she was going to be dead soon and was just going to see her kids so just go on and keep screwing her sister? She then breaks down in Billy's arms.

A forlorn Cassie is in San Cristobel. Suddenly, someone approaches and she is ecstatic to see that is Josh. Josh tells Cassie that he saw Reva at the airport; that he said something and she just turned her back and walked away. He goes on to say that he had to make a choice. He could find out where he wife is going and follow her. When Cassie admits that he should be with the person he wants to be with, he states that he already is. Josh tells her that he made his choice; he chose her. He then kisses her and she slowly reciprocates.

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