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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 17, 2007 on GL
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Monday, December 17, 2007

On Main Street, Reva called Marah and asked her to return home for Christmas. Sad that neither Marah nor Shayne can make it for the holidays, Reva talked Jeffrey into buying a Christmas tree. When Reva's favorite tree had already been sold, Jeffrey found the buyer and offered to pay double for it. Reva didn't like that Jeffrey intimidated the tree buyer but admitted they both agreed not to try to change each other.

Remy told Marina that something is going on between her boyfriend and her aunt. Remy told her to mark her turf or she's going to lose her boyfriend. When Marina asked why Remy was at Harley's, Remy admitted that Phillip paid him to give Zach a gift. Marina accused Remy of just trying to get back at Cyrus and Harley for busting him, but found herself suspicious.

At Harley's house, she and Cyrus discussed their mutual attraction but agreed nothing can come of it. When Harley got a lead on Phillip, Cyrus offered to drive her to CO2 to meet the informant. When Cyrus knew exactly how many sugars Harley used in her coffee, both thought maybe working together wasn't such a good idea. Cyrus wondered how things might have been different if he and Harley had met first. Harley told him it wouldn't have mattered. Cyrus then wiped foam away from Harley's lip, which Marina witnessed. Pretending nothing was wrong, Marina happily told Harley that she and Cyrus were moving in together. When Marina asked Harley for relationship advice, Harley told them to hold onto what they have, and that she wanted nothing but the best for Marina. Later, Harley received a text message from Cyrus's phone, asking, "Do you think Marina suspects us?" She replies with "No, what's to suspect?" Marina was relieved to see Harley's response. When Cyrus caught her with his phone, she told him she found his phone will unpacking. Marina asked Cyrus if he felt pressured to move in with her. Uncomfortable talking about his feelings, Cyrus preferred to show Marina how he felt.

At the farmhouse, Josh tried to coax a confession out of Will regarding Edmund's fall. Will was defiant and told Josh that Cassie will never believe him. When Cassie came home, Josh told her about James' accident in the church. Cassie couldn't believe that Josh was accusing Will of James' fall. Josh reminded Cassie that they don't know Will's whereabouts when Edmund fell. Cassie was livid and refused to believe that Will was capable of either accident. She thinks Josh just isn't seeing the best in Will. Josh thinks Cassie may not be seeing the worst in him. Later, Josh apologized for upsetting Will but still thinks Will played a role in Edmund's fall. When Will threw a tantrum, Josh reminded the boy that he'll be watching him. Cassie asked Jeffrey if he believed someone pushed Edmund. Jeffrey thinks Edmund realized that he could never have Cassie and fell on purpose. Inside, Josh and Reva discussed their own parenting skills while Will flipped through a Reva and Josh photo album. Josh admitted to Reva that Will has issues, and Reva thinks Josh will handle this just fine. Will watched as they hugged. Later, Cassie asked Harley to set up some permanent playdates between Will and Zach. Cassie thinks Will needs to stay busy and admitted he isn't warming up to Josh. Meanwhile, Josh invited Jeffrey and Reva to Christmas dinner, and Will snuck out of the house to tell Reva that Josh needed her.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

As Natalia cleans Ava's room at The Beacon, she sees a dress and holds it up to herself while she looks in the mirror, imagining how she'd look in it. Ava enters and sees her, and asks what the special occasion is. Natalia responds that it's a first date with Gus, and further explains that even though they are engaged, they never really had a first date, and that tonight, they will. Ava encourages her to wear something more revealing than Natalia is used to, and insists that she try one in particular tonight. Natalia thanks her and then leaves.

While Olivia waits at the hospital to have blood work done, Gus stops by with flowers to bring a smile to her face, and again tells her that he is trying to move her up on the heart transplant list. She asks him to have dinner with her tonight, but he tells her that he has a date with Natalia at Towers. After he leaves, she calls Towers and arranges for them to bump Gus' reservation.

Gus meets Natalia, loves how she looks in the sexy dress that Ava lent her, and then gets a phone call telling him his reservation has been bumped. Gus then comes up with an idea, and arranges for surprise - a stroll down memory lane, as he takes her to a jail cell, where there is a picnic spread awaiting them. They recall the story of how they first met as teens, and how Gus spray-painted a big red heart on some public property, and was taken to jail for it. The story continues that Natalia came to jail to see him, and after making a deal to give an old guard a kiss, she was allowed to visit with Gus in jail. Tonight's date was a re-creation of that first meeting.

Meanwhile Olivia goes to Ava's place where she learns that Ava lent Natalia the dress she is wearing for a date with Gus. Olivia is rattled a bit, thinking that Gus will be so attracted to Natalia now. Ava seems confused by, and then Olivia confides in her that she has a heart condition, and that she could die at any moment or it could be months - she really has no way of knowing. Olivia also admits, in a roundabout way that Ava has to draw the conclusion, that she is attracted to Gus, but that at this point, there's been nothing but kindness from Gus. Now Ava can see why Olivia reacted the way that she did to finding out that she gave Natalia the dress.

Later, when Natalia returns the dress, Ava's attitude toward Natalia became short and distant, which puzzles Natalia. After Natalia leaves, she runs into Daisy in the hallway. Daisy tells her of her new job babysitting, and that it might not be much but she's trying. Natalia speaks kindly to her, saying "that's all we can do is try, right?" Natalia leaves, and Daisy gets a call from Rafe, who offers to help her get a tree for Buzz tomorrow, as Daisy beams with happiness that Rafe is finally coming out of his depression and wanting to spend time with her.

Meanwhile on Main Street, Gus sees Olivia on Main Street, and during the conversation, Olivia tells Gus that Natalia came to her the other day, and that Natalia isn't happy about Olivia and Gus spending so much time together. Gus tells her not to worry, because Natalia now knows that she is #1 with him. He then asks Olivia if she wants him to walk her home - she says yes.

At the farmhouse, Cassie and Josh show some tension about Will, each seeing him in a different light. Josh seems to think that Will may be responsible for some recent tragedies, while Cassie cannot see that at all and thinks Josh is being too hard on him. Daisy comes by to ask if she can be their babysitter while Mrs. Chitwood takes some time off to travel for the holidays. They agree to hire her. After Daisy leaves, Josh and Cassie discuss Will again, and the tension rises. Josh feels the need to leave and get away from the argument, and he goes to the church, hoping to be able to figure out a way to help Will in the best way possible while at the same time be a good husband to Cassie. Back at the farmhouse, Cassie reads some of Will's old letters, where he writes how much he misses her and how he wants her to be proud of him more than anything else.

Meanwhile, Will snuck off again, this time to see Reva on Main Street, to tell her that Josh needs her to put the smile back on his face. Will adds that Josh and Cassie have been fighting a lot, and it's about him, and that he doesn't think Josh likes him. Reva assures Will the Josh does care for him. Daisy now joins them, and she tells Reva that she'll be Will's new babysitter for a while. Will is excited to discover that Daisy can drive, and then she drives him home. When he arrives back home, Cassie tells him to stop taking off like that. Will then asks if she'll ever leave him again. She holds him tight and tells him "never". She then shows him the pictures that Beth gave her, the pictures that Will drew that show Cassie on a plane, leaving Will. She asks if he's afraid she'll leave him again; he nods "yes", with the best sad face he can muster up, and Cassie offers reassurance that she'll never leave him again. She then says that they will go find Josh and bring him back home where they can all be together. He asks about the story that he wants her to read, and she tells him that she'll read it when they return home, she and Josh together. Will's facial expression tells that he is not please about Josh being with he and his mother.

Later, Reva goes to the church where she finds Josh, and offers to be a good listener if he needs that. They share memories of what it was like raising their kids, Marah and Shayne. As Josh talks about his current child-rearing problems with Will, Reva praises him about how good he is at the preacher thing and the parent thing too. Josh asks again, "We did ok with them, right?" (meaning Marah and Shayne) Reva answers that yes, they did, but adds that it was Josh who made the kids strong and kind and generous, just like him. She tells him that if anyone can make a difference with Will, it's him. Just then, Cassie walks in with Will, and they see Reva giggling, and Reva and Josh alone together, and Cassie appears to not be happy about this, as Will gives Cassie a look that tells he is suspicious and looks to see if Cassie sees it the same way.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trees for Sale

On Main Street, Mallet opens up the Christmas tree selling booth. He has decided that Dinah has to pay for her crimes by selling Christmas trees on Main Street to benefit the Police Benevolence Association. Dinah protests, but Mallet gives her a hand bell, reminding her that he did not turn her in for breaking and entering or stealing the bid for her brother. With a pat on the behind, he encourages her to sell some trees and think about someone other than herself for a change.

Meanwhile, Harley stalks by. Dinah yells at her does she want to buy a tree. Harley grumbles. Inside Company, Harley finds some pales. She has a leaky roof. It ruined her tree. Now her cell phone's dead. Marina and Cyrus offer to let her come to their place to use the phone. She is hesitant but agrees. She walks passed Dinah's tree stand again. Dinah sardonically points out that Harley's having a hard time because she's living in Singles Ville at the holidays.

Daisy and Rafe share a tender moment outside as they discuss getting a tree for Company. She's cold and he warms her hands. Daisy expresses that she misses him and wonders if they can try again. Dinah interrupts what she considers groveling by Daisy. She thinks that Rafe warming Daisy's hands is cute, but will he offer her his gloves? No, he won't. She needs a man who will give up his gloves. She tells Daisy that she ought to be tired of having to apologize to him and wonders if Daisy is ever concerned if Rafe will be there for her. Daisy admits that she has some concerns and leaves. Rafe chases her, leaving his gloves behind. Dinah appropriates them.

On Main Street Dinah instigates an argument between Gus and Natalia. They decide on a big tree, but Dinah says that she is holding for Harley. Harley's tree is ruined and Dinah isn't sure if Harley wants this one, but she thinks holding it for her is the least she can do considering Harley almost died and is getting a divorce. Gus becomes concerned and Natalia snickers that Harley has a big family to take care of her. Gus offers to take the tree to Harley, and Natalia gets upset. Gus expresses that he has done everything possible to prove his commitment. He wonders when all the testing in their relationship is going to stop. Natalia wonders when will he stop saying Harley's name everyday. Natalia goes over to ask for the tree she wanted and Gus pipes up, "No, that's Ha-arr-" but won't say Harley's name when Natalia rolls her eyes. "Somebody else's tree," he says and walks away. Dinah takes pleasure in explaining to Natalia that they're always cranky when they are on the rebound.

Gus and Natalia go into Company and find Rafe and Daisy together. Natalia is irritated and tells Rafe to go home. Daisy rolls her eyes, explaining that they are not going to have sex on the table. Natalia should be happy that she finally got Gus and she should leave them alone. The guys spread the ladies apart. Natalia hollers about how all her men are hooked on Coopers, and she doesn't know what they put in the water at that house.

At the Beacon, Cyrus and Marina greet Harley. The visit is awkward as Marina and Cyrus act as a cute couple in front of Harley. She decides she needs to get home to greet her contractors and makes a hasty exit. Cyrus and Marina compromise about who gets what space in their living quarters. They discuss Christmas in Australia and his past with his mother. He can hardly remember, but he did recall that she always had a tree for the boys to decorate.

On Main Street Zach wanders by Dinah's tree stand. She's cold and Zach offers his scarf. She thanks him. After he leaves, she calls him a little sucker. Meanwhile at home, Harley mops up the watery mess.

Daisy argues with Rafe about his mother. Rafe points out that Daisy was the one who brought her to town. Daisy points out that Rafe didn't even know who Gus was and wonders if Natalia is such a good catholic that she should get a free pass for lying to him his whole life. She strolls up to Natalia and Gus. She thanks Gus for the flowers that he sent. Natalia gets upset again. Daisy explains that Gus sent her mother flowers. Gus tries to explain he sent the whole family flowers as he does all of his friends at the holidays, but Rafe and Natalia stalk off, slamming the door in his face. Gus asks Daisy why she had to say something. Daisy shrugs that they were really nice flowers.

Meanwhile Dinah freezes on Main Street as a woman in a coat looks over the trees. Dinah compliments her coat. The woman says that it's "so last year." Dinah tells her to donate it to the police charity for a free tree. The woman doesn't understand how that makes it a donation. Dinah practically takes the coat off her back and tells her to take a tree. Dinah puts the coat on as Gus runs passed looking for his son and Natalia. She sends him the wrong way looking for them, sputtering that now everyone can be alone and not fighting for the holiday.

Matt happens along to the tree stand. He tells Dinah that he was lying to her when he said that he and Vanessa reconciled. Dinah is excited because they don't have to spend Christmas alone. He says, though, that he thinks it's a good idea that he stay away from her so she can get her life back in order. He tells her that she needs to get some help or else he can't have her in his life right now. Dinah tells him that he should have just kept lying. She asks him if he wants to buy a tree; otherwise, she's busy. Matt leaves and Dinah destroys the tree stand.

A new patron walks up to the stand and Dinah forces him to donate his hat. Cyrus comes along, looking to get a tree for Harley. Dinah won't let him buy one because she thinks he stole the money in his money. They discuss the old days and Dinah says that she took a bullet to the head and that ended her good times. Cyrus tells her that the bullet didn't end it. She ended it herself.

Marina stops by Harley's. She wants to help. She wonders where the contractors are. Harley says they stood her up. They discuss being alone and how Marina should feel safer with Cyrus around. Marina wonders if she's naive to be so trusting. Harley thinks it's good to trust someone. Marina notes that they still sleep with the door locked.

Back on Main Street, Cyrus turns down a large payment from Alan. He says that they are not going to search for Phillip any more. Alan is amazed at what men will do for Harley Cooper. Cyrus just tells him to take Harley off the case and don't tell her that he had anything to do with it. When Alan leaves, Dinah approaches Cyrus. She is amazed that he passed up a lot of money. She is amazed at what a man will do when he's---"working for a woman," Cyrus says before Dinah could say that he was in love with a woman. He also wants to buy Harley a tree. Excited and moved, Dinah says that she'll deliver it. Cyrus giving up all that money has inspired her. With a tree in hand, she says she has lots of work to do.

Dinah wheels into Company a tree for Rafe and Daisy. They say they didn't order it, but Dinah thinks a tree is what they need. She returns Rafe's gloves and leaves. They start to decorate the tree and talk about their relationship. Rafe wonders what he did to make Daisy think she couldn't talk to him about the baby. She says that she was trying to keep him safe from it. They know they've both said some things, but they are glad to be talking. Daisy goes to get some string lights and Rafe gives her his gloves. Daisy blushes.

At the Beacon Gus comes to Natalia to tell her that he's going to see Olivia. He's angry, telling her that he just wants it clear that Olivia is his friend and he has female friends. Dinah comes along and presents them with a tree. Gus takes a key card from Natalia and decides to make the empty hotel room Natalia just cleaned theirs. He takes the tree inside. Dinah shoves Natalia in and closes the door. Gus decides he likes the tree because it's real and it's now. It's NOT the past. Natalia repeats that it's "the now." She apologizes and tells him that she likes "the now."

Dinah and Cyrus show up at Harley's with a tree and decorations. The boys are very happy that they can now have Christmas at home. Harley hugs Cyrus. Dinah watches them, drinking wine, still wearing that ridiculous coat and hat.

After Harley's tree is done, Cyrus decides to leave. Dinah hands Harley a glass of wine. Harley doesn't want to hear it from Dinah because Cyrus is just her friend. Dinah wonders if the whole "Marina thing" was fate's way of keeping Cyrus in town so he could find Harley.

Later Dinah drags one last tree into the police station. Mallet is impressed that she sold them all. Sort of, she tells him. He sees that the last tree she has is kind of bad, but he'll just put it in the back. Dinah tells him that it's for him. She would have brought him a better one, but it was the last one. She decided that giving is better than stealing. Mallet tells her that she's under the mistletoe and kisses her passionately. He tells her the tree reminds him of their first Christmas. He doesn't know about anything-even tomorrow, but they are still them, and they are together, and that's all that matters. He kisses her.

A song plays as a montage of the characters decorating their trees and getting closer plays on the screen. Cyrus brings Marina a tree. The song plays, "It's always better when we're together."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dinah and Mallet carry their in-the-moment passion for each other over to Mallet's place, where they make love. Afterward, Mallet feels like things are very different between them since they split, and that sad as it is to say it, he thinks it's time to get a divorce. He and Dinah exchange a few words about how they leave with good feelings between them and other nice parting sentiments. Dinah suggest that maybe one day when she can get herself together, that maybe they can get back together. Mallet doesn't look like he can do that, but says he wishes he could help her now. She says she's the only one who can do it, then, with tears in her eyes, she blows him a kiss, then leaves.

Lizzie goes to visit Billy in rehab, taking him lavender linen spray and spraying it on his sheets, saying it's supposed promote tranquility. Billy stops her saying he doesn't like it so it won't work. She asks how he's doing; he says he's doing ok. Being a supportive good friend, she tells him to hurry and get better because the company needs him and she needs him. When Billy asks how she's doing, she lets him know that she isn't letting Bill get to her. Billy tells her when he gets out in 28 days, he plans on getting the company back.

Bill is at the diner and Buzz walks over to him and quietly tells him that he wins, that he can have the contract to renovate Main Street if he can save the diner and not hurt his friends. Buzz adds that he doesn't know and doesn't want to know who fixed the election for him to win. Later, Doris arrives at the diner, ready to start working for Buzz as a member of his cabinet. Lillian walks in shortly behind her, and when she learns that Doris is working for Buzz, she chuckles in disbelief at first, but when Buzz confirms this is true, Lillian has a private talk with Buzz in the kitchen about this. She returns, and she and Doris have a little discussion about Doris working for Buzz. Doris tells Lillian that Buzz needs someone like her with her political savvy, and Lillian tells Doris that she'll be watching her closely.

Coop and Ashlee meet to review the agenda as for a meeting later with the Superintendent of schools. They are in good spirits, calling themselves "Youth Advisors", then Coop leaves to make a phone call. Ava walks over to Ashlee saying that unless Ashlee wants everyone to know that she fixed the votes, she'll bow out. Ava goes on, saying how Ashlee went from attempted murder last year to electoral fraud this year. Ashlee sees that Ava has got her right where she wants her, and Ava confirms that yes, she does. Ava leaves before Coop can see she was there talking to Ashlee, then Coop returns, but a shaken Ashley tells him she won't be able to make the meeting and quickly leaves. Ava then comes over to Coop as if she is just arriving and offers to help him in Ashlee's place, and while Coop says no at first, he gives in, and hands her the packet of notes she'll need for the meeting. She asks him a question, mentioning the superintendent, and Coop brings up the fact that he never mentioned the meeting was with the superintendent, and wonders how she knew that. Ava explains that she presumed this, based on what he did say earlier, and Coop accepts that answer. He decides that Ashley is the one that needs to present this information, and leaves Ava to go find Ashley. He finds her in the church, and asks what's going on with her, sensing it's so big that she needed to go to church and pray on it. She tells him she is concerned about being a liability to his family, now that they are in the public eye. Coop reassures her that he will be there for her.

Later, as Lizzie returns back to her place, she sees an envelope at her door. She takes out the card that is inside and reads it: Dear Lizzie, You look beautiful. So grown up. Can't wait to see you again. Love, Dad" Suddenly, Bill walks by, and Lizzie, appearing a bit uneasy now, asks if he will take her to his room. Bill can see that Lizzie is bothered by something, and with concern on his face, he says yes without hesitation. Now in his room, Lizzie tells Bill how she is afraid to go to her place, not knowing if Phillip (her dad) might be there or what he is like after being away so long for having mental problems. Bill insists that Lizzie stay there for a while. Then he takes a phone call, asking how long he can delay something and still be able to make the news later. Lizzie can see Bill has things to do and tries to leave, but Bill again insists that she stay, that he's not too busy to help her. She asks him what was going on with him and the news, from the phone call, and he tells her that it's a big day for the Lewis' because he's got the Main Street renovation project. This seems to agitate Lizzie, and then she mentions how she went to visit his dad. Bill doesn't appear to be interested in how Billy (his dad) is doing, which agitates Lizzie more. They go back and forth in their heated yet somewhat flirty style. Then things calm down as they each tell a story about a fond memory of their dad. Then someone knocks on the door, and Lizzie is nervous thinking it might be her father. Bill opens the door, and Ava bounces in with a bottle of some alcoholic beverage and wearing nothing but sexy unmentionables under her coat, which was flung wide open. Lizzie is caught off guard and stunned by this, and grabs her things and leaves, somewhat embarrassed, but saying she'll go to the news even while he stays with Ava.

Later, Buzz and Doris meets with the Superintendent of the local schools, Chalmers, to discuss how Buzz can help local government and the schools work together. The superintendent arrogantly talks with concerns about his salary, that additional workers would not be paid from his salary and that he is expecting a salary increase, saying, "Superintendents...(smugly chuckles)...we aren't making tips." Buzz diverts the conversation to the curriculum, then Superintendent Chalmers asks for another cup of coffee before they get started. Doris chimes in, offering support to Buzz by reminding him that, with all due respect, he is talking to the mayor-elect and not a short order cook, and that he'd be wise to be respectful of the person who flattened her in a the election, or he may possibly have his salary cut in half, if Buzz decides to keep him at all, then guides the conversation back to Buzz to discuss the curriculum. After the meeting ends, Buzz thanks Doris for helping.

After Doris leaves, Mallet walks in and tells Buzz that he wants to be sure that he investigates the election results to clear Buzz' name of any wrongdoing. Buzz urges him to just leave it go. But Mallet insists on doing this for Buzz anyway. Next, Mallet is on the phone with a divorce lawyer, as Buzz overhears. Buzz tells Mallet that it isn't a good idea to throw yourself into work as a way of dealing with divorce, like investigating Buzz. Again, Mallet insists, and tells Buzz that he couldn't help Dinah, but maybe he can help him. He adds he is meeting with the election board tomorrow, and will count the votes himself if that's what it takes to prove that Buzz won fair and square.

Later, Billy gets another visitor Vanessa. He tells her that when he gets out, he will use tough love on Bill to help him be a better person. Dinah, who is just outside of Billy's door, overhears this, and enters the room saying sometimes it takes time to understand that., that one has to hit rock bottom first before they can have their wake-up call. She apologizes for all of the grief she gave her. She then admits that she helped Bill leak Billy's drinking to the press by staging the bumping into Vanessa's producer and knocking her papers to the ground, then slipped a note inside of her papers. She also admits that she is hooked on pain pills, and that she is at the rehab center now, not just to visit, but to check herself in. After she leaves Billy's room, Dinah calls Bill, saying she's in, that she poured out some heart-wrenching story about the pain pills, tears and all, and she got into the rehab center where Billy is. Bill is happy to hear this.

Meanwhile, as Bill ends his chat with Dinah, Lizzie is giving the news press conference, and added all of Bill's under-handed actions, including sleeping with her as a way to steal her and Billy's project from them.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Marina arrives at Harley's to find her all dressed up. Harley explains that she is meeting with a potential client later even though it is Christmas Eva. As talks turns to Christmas who should call but Scrooge himself--Alan. Alan informs Marina that Cyrus told Alan they were quitting in the search for Phillip. Harley and Marina cannot figure out why he would quiet since they need the money but then Harley realizes that he quit for her. Harley explains that she had been really freaking out about Phillip taking her kids and Cyrus noticed.

Cyrus is at Company to ask Doris for a favor. He wants her to put Marina back on the force. When Doris points out that she is no longer DA, he charmingly points out that she still has a lot of pull in the office. Doris brings up the fact that Marina knew of his illegal activity and Cyrus states that she was not involved in the charity scam. In fact, she only agreed to run away with him after he promised to return the money. As he continues to emphasize Marina's innocence, and declare that he will forever be in Doris's debt, Doris wonders if he is not feeling guilty about coming between Marina and her family. A startled Cyrus gets defensive and claims not to know what she is talking about but she claims she was talking about the wedge between Marina and her father. When Doris agrees to check with Buzz about it, Cyrus talks about how he wants to right a wrong that Marina had nothing to do with. As he regales Doris about how smart and fair she is, Buzz approaches. When Buzz learns that Commissioner Thompson is going to review Marina's case, Buzz suggests to Doris that she give Marina a break just as others gave Ashlee. Doris agrees and Cyrus gives her a thank you kiss before rushing off. Later, Buzz asks Doris if her promise was real. Doris says that it is and states that Marina was small rotators based on what she could accomplish in this administration. She adds that she does not bit the hand that feeds her.

Harley, now out shopping, runs into Cyrus on Main Street. When she mentions that she is shopping, he points out that he is trying to do something for someone; if it works it will mean the world to her. Harley thinks he is talking about her and thanks him for quitting ht search for Phillip. Cyrus admits that he was not talking about that--he was talking about getting Marina reinstated on the force. Harley thinks that is a great idea and offers to help. The pair goes to Company to meet with Commissioner Thompson. Thompson tells Cyrus that he is either really in love with Marina or incredibly stupid since there is still the chance he could be brought up on charges. Both Harley and Cyrus defend Marina's character and emphasize that she broke no laws.

Mallet visits Marina, who is now at the Beacon, and tells her that he is investigating the election fraud claim. A surprised Marina points out that he promised not to, but Mallet states that he wants to put all the rumors to rest--he wants to prove Buzz is innocent. He tells Marina about a lead he has. Doris apparently met with a computer hacker before the election who left town shortly after. Marina tells him that he has a false lead and gives him new information. Mallet is concerned that Marina is working on the case since she is no longer a cop. Not only that--buzz is her grandfather so people could accuse her of tainting the investigation. Later, Marina goes to Buzz and tells him although Mallet is investigating the election fraud, she threw him off. Buzz is concerned about Marina being involved in this and that that it could hurt her if she is reinstated. Marina insists that she wants to help Buss by conducting her own investigation into the election matter.

Later, Buzz asks Doris how she bounced back so quickly from losing. Doris admits that she just wanted to be on the winning team; the in crowd. Doris states that people not only respects Buzz; they like him. She has never had that. Buzz states that a person should not win because they are popular; they should win because of their ideas.

Back at her place, Harley tells Cyrus that he should not text message her any more. Cyrus has no clue as to what she is talking about so she shows him the text she got from him asking if Marina suspected anything. Cyrus denies sending it and they realize that Marina must have. When Harley states that she responded that there was nothing to suspect, they agree that everything is okay. At this point, Marian arrives and tells Cyrus that she has to leave for Syracuse to do something for Buzz's inaugural. (Actually, it's to follow up on a lead regarding the election) Cyrus is a little disappointed since this is their first Christmas together. Marina insists that she is in this for the long haul; they will have years and years of Christmases together. As they kiss, Harley spies them from another room.

At the Jessup farm, Josh comment to Cassie about the boys getting along. Cassie seems distracted and admits that she is thinking of Tammy. She regrets that she will never have another Christmas with her. He suggests that after the Christmas service is over they take off. Cassie states that they cannot do that. This is Will's first Christmas back at home so she wants to focus on him. Josh assures Cassia that before the year is over, he and Will will be close.

Inside, RJ sees Will with a briefcase full of money. Will states that it is his--he was a prince in San Cristobel. When Cassia and Josh walks in, Will hugs RJ so they will not see the money. Josh then asks Will to help him with a project. They go to the church and Josh tells Will he wants him to help paint the chairs. As they are working, Josh tells Will how when he was a kid he found that while he was helping his father with chores, he could talk to him about things. He then goes on to say how this is a good way for Will to work out his frustrations. Josh tells Will that everyone gets angry; that is okay. It is not okay to take that anger out on someone else. Josh states that the person who pushed James was probably angry. Will asks to drop the subject by asking if they could just paint. Later, when Josh leaves the room, Daisy comes looking for him. She tells Will she wants to ask for more babysitting hours so she can get her own car. Will offers to give her money if she drives him into town do he could get a present for his mom. Daisy agrees and Will suggests that they call Josh on the way.

Reva pays a visit to Cassie so that they can both reminisce about Jonathan and Tammy. The subject begins to depress Cassie and she changes it to how excited she is to have Will back. Reva points out that Will is not a replacement for Tammy and worries that Cassie is putting too much on him. When Cassie states that she knows that Will is not a replacement for Tammy, Reva states that Will could be more like Jonathan. Cassie insists that Will is nothing like Jonathan. Suddenly, Josh burst in looking for Will. When Reva leaves, Josh tells Cassia that Will disappeared from the church. Suddenly, Daisy calls and tells Josh that she took Will Christmas shopping for his mother. Cassie thinks it is sweet and Josh tells her how Will defaced church property. (He painted a sad "smilie" face on the church pew) When Cassia learns that Josh took him to the church to help point, she and Josh argue. Finally, Josh makes peace by stating that this is their first Christmas as husband and wife; he does not want to spoil it.

On Main Street with Daisy, Will gets distracted when he sees a large truck. When Daisy walks away to take a phone call from Rafe, Will walks over to the driver of the truck. The driver is an election. Later, Will hears the man talking to his wife about how he is sorry that he needs to work Christmas Eve, but he says he has to work because they really need the money.

Reva is now at St. Mark's praying for Jonathan and Sara. She sees the unhappy face that Will painted. Later, she runs into Josh and RJ at the mall. They are trying to find something to buy for Cassie. Reva is trying to find something for Shayne and Marah so Josh suggests that they shop together. When they finished, they try to exit through the stairwell and find themselves trapped since the door will not open. Soon, an announcement is made that there is an electrical failure.

Meanwhile, having paid off the electrician, Will is happily spending Christmas Eve alone with his mother.

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