One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on OLTL

Blair defeated Max's effort to put his faith in Luna. Dorian found Melinda with Addie at St. Ann's. Max felt unworthy to partner with Jacara at Blue Jay. Cassie and Mel visited the old Cramer household in Canton, Ohio. Téa paid R.J. a visit.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, December 1, 1997

Max and Blair

Up at the Mountain Sunset Inn, Max calls out to Luna to help him, she's always been there when he's needed her before. Is she angry with him because he couldn't keep his promise to her to keep the twins safe always? Max just wants to see her face. The door opens and he calls out Luna's name again, but it is Blair standing in the doorway.

Max recalls that today is the anniversary of his wedding to Luna, how can this be the same day he finds out his children are dead? Blair gets him to sit down on the sofa and heads off to get him a drink. Max then remembers the times he and Luna had spent at the Inn and the magic that they shared. He remembers Luna kissing the babies for the last time before she died. "Of all the things you've given me, the real magic is that you have taught me to believe in things beyond myself.", he recalls telling Luna. Back in the present, he knows what Luna is trying to tell him. The twins, they're still alive, he explains to Blair.

If the twins had died, Luna would have come to me and told me they were with her, Max insists. They must still be alive. Blair reasons with him about the twins being seen in the car before the accident, about how there's no way they could have survived going into the river. Max doesn't want to listen to reason, doesn't want to believe her. Blair doesn't want to hurt him, but he needs to see the truth. She changes her approach, if the twins were still alive, wouldn't Luna come to tell him where to look for them? This line of argument works and Max, looking totally defeated, finally agrees that the twins are dead. After putting out the fire and one long look back, Max leaves the Inn with Blair. After he closes the door, the fire magically roars back to life.

Dorian, Kelly, Mel, Dorothy, Mary, Melinda, Joey, Ian and Addie

Kelly tells Dorian that Melinda has disappeared. They split up to search the house and grounds, Melinda must be there somewhere, Dorian says. Kelly's very worried about Melinda, Joey tries to comfort her. Meanwhile, at St. Ann's, Melinda shows up to visit Addie. They are about to turn her away when Addie walks by and somehow recognizes her. Melinda asks Addie for her help.

Melinda's been having trouble remembering the past and Dorian won't help her, she's hoping Addie remembers something. Addie talks about being sent away and Melinda recalls that her parents and Miss Stonecliff lied to them and said Addie was dead. That's what Dorian's doing now, trying to keep Melinda in the dark. Dorian hates the dark, Addie remembers how Dorian hated it when she locked her up in the well house. But she had to do it, Addie insists, Dorian was bad. Sister Theresa speaks with Melinda briefly and asks if Dorian knows where Melinda is. At Dorian's house, the search has come up empty and Dorian has picked up the phone to call the police when it rings. It's Sister Theresa calling to tell her Melinda is with Addie at St. Ann's. Dorian refuses Kelly's offer to go with her to pick Melinda up, she's too upset. Dorian wants to go alone, but Mel steps in and insists that he and Mary go with her. Dorian doesn't look happy about it, but agrees. Dorothy leaves to go home.

Joey tries to comfort Kelly and then starts telling her that he still loves her, but she's not willing to listen to it. At St. Ann's, Melinda tries to get Addie to help her and starts talking a bit loud. Addie, slipping into to past tells her to be quiet, you'll disturb momma and get in trouble "you terrible child." Melinda recognizes the phrase from their childhood, but can't recall who said it. Was it Miss Stonecliff, she asks, but Addie is back in the present again. Melinda gets upset and Addie gives her a hug. Dorian arrives and wants to take Melinda home, but Addie hugs her tighter and tells Dorian to leave them alone, she's bad.

Addie notices Mel and he introduces himself and Mary. Addie guesses that he's Dorian's boyfriend and warns him to be careful, he doesn't know Dorian very well. Mary suggests that maybe the doctor's at St. Ann's could evaluate Melinda and check her blood to be sure her medication level is right. No, Dorian practically yells, then tries to cover by saying Melinda will be going back to California tomorrow and will see her own doctor. Back at Dorian's, the doorbell rings, it's Ian. Ian's actually there to see how Blair is doing about what happened to Max's twins, but when he hears about Melinda, he decides to stick around to see her, despite Joey's assurance that they have everything under control.

Kelly gives Melinda a big hug, she's so happy she's home safe. Melinda is disappointed that Addie couldn't help her more. It is decided that Melinda will return to California tomorrow on Ian's plane and that Kelly and Dorian will go with her. Ian goes to make some calls, Dorian, Kelly and Melinda head upstairs and Joey leaves. Left alone, Mary asks to see the pill that Mel put in his pocket. She opens it up and tastes it. It's sugar. Now they know why her medication wasn't working. Mel hides the pill as Dorian comes back downstairs.

Mel and Mary both leave, despite Dorian's invitation to Mel to spend the night. Outside, Mary wonders who could have tampered with the medicine and is surprised when Mel says that he's sure it was Dorian. Mel thinks Dorian did it so that anything Melinda said about the Cramer family secrets would be taken as delusions. Mel doesn't know what has Dorian so scared, but he's not giving up until he finds out.

Tuesday, December 2, 1997

Written by: Marcia Bryant

Bo's Office

Nora stops by to bring breakfast to Bo, who proceeds to give her the cold shoulder. Nora calls him on his avoidance and cold behavior. Bo repeats his unfair accusation that Nora is responsible for the twins' death. Nora repeats her explanation of her behavior and wants to know if Bo is willing to help her deal with her guilt. Bo tells Nora that he can't help Nora deal with her guilt because he is still trying to deal with his own. He still feels bad that he didn't do anything to help the twins before and he has no intention of letting himself or Nora off the hook. Nora wants to try to deal with this situation as husband and wife, not cop and lawyer. At that moment Judge Fitzwater enters Bo's office and Nora leaves. Bo asks Judge Fitzwater for permission to subpoena R.J.'s phone records. He lays out his reasons for believing that R.J. is behind the Holden kidnapping. Although the judge is interested, she says that he will need more than just theories, he needs evidence. But she will consider granting the warrant. Hank shows up as the Judge is leaving and asks what is going on. Bo tells Hank that he believes that R.J. is responsible for the kidnaping. For once, Hank defends his brother, saying that R.J. has been clean for months and wouldn't sink so low as to involve Max's children. Bo thinks that Hank's vision is clouded by his newfound relationship with his brother.

On Ian's jet

Dorian fusses over Melinda, who is upset that she and Kelly won't be able to have the relationship that they wanted. Ian comforts Melinda by saying that he will fly Kelly to California anytime, while Dorian says that Melinda will one day be able to come back to Llanview for a visit. Melinda says that she never wants to set foot in Dorian's house again. Melinda then proceeds to lash out at Dorian for keeping the truth hidden and in the process mentions their father. For some reason, she says, she can't remember him clearly. Melinda asks Dorian to describe their father and Dorian tells how he was a country doctor who was never around. The Cramer sister begin to argue and scream at each other, at which point Kelly tells Dorian that she wants to hear what Melinda has to say. Even if it is total nonsense, asks Dorian. Kelly tears into Dorian for constantly coming between her and Melinda. Every time Melinda has tried to ask or answer a question, Dorian has tried to silence her. Kelly is furious that Dorian has ruined Melinda's trip and says so. Dorian says that everyone is upset and maybe they should all calm down. The Cramer women retreat to their separate corners while Ian attempts to soothe ruffled feathers.

At the Banner...

Mel fills Cassie in on Melinda's breakdown and tells her that he knows that Dorian tampered with Melinda's medication. Cassie is stunned and sickened that her mother would go to such lengths to keep her secret. Mel says that he believes that Dorian is desperate and that they should go to Ohio today to visit Miss Stonecliff while Dorian is out of town. Cassie begins to have cold feet regarding Dorian's past. If she and Mel hadn't been tormenting Dorian, Melinda would be fine right now. Mel points out that Dorian is tormented anyway and that the only way to help her is to get to the bottom of things. Mel leaves to make travel plans as Kevin enters the newsroom. Cassie confides to Kevin that she is afraid that all the Cramer women are insane and that she is not immune. Kevin assures Cassie that he will love her no matter what she finds out about the past. Just as Cassie and Mel prepare to leave for the airport, Viki asks them to reconsider their mission. Nobody knows how far Dorian will go to protect her secret. Just then Dorian calls from Ian's plane. Viki tells a quick lie that Mel is out of town following a story and that Viki can't say where. At that Dorian, hangs up on Viki.

Nora's office:

Georgie notes Nora's depressed mood and says that she has been doing research on peri-menopause. Georgie thinks that Nora's physical condition may be partially responsible for the problems between her and Bo. While she knows that Nora isn't ready for hormone therapy, perhaps she might like to try alternative medicine. Just then the wonder helper pulls out an assortment of herbs that she bought for Nora: ginseng, mother's wort, dong qiong, etc.... That's when Nora finally has the sense to ask why Georgie why she is doing so much for her. Georgie explains that by helping Nora she makes her own life easier, plus Georgie is the child of an alcoholic father. As such, she is a compulsive care giver. Nora says that it is going to take more than a few herbs to solve her problems. Bo shows up at the office and tells Nora that he doesn't want to make her feel any worse, but he is having a hard time dealing with what has happened. He is going to New York for a couple of days to follow up on a suspect. Husband and wife share a tense kiss and Bo leaves.

Viki's office:

Mel explains to Viki that he and Cassie will be going to Ohio for a few days to probe into Dorian's past. Viki wishes him luck. She of all people knows what kind of damage secrets can do and if Mel ever needs a friend, she's available. Mel returns to the newsroom to prepare to leave for Ohio.

Club Indigo:

Hank comes to R.J.'s office. R.J. says that he has been expecting to see the long arm of the law, after all, if there is a crime in Llanview he must be responsible. Hank tells R.J. that he doesn't believe the allegations against R.J., but that R.J. is going to have to help him convince everyone else. R.J. wants to know why Hank all of sudden is willing to defend him. Hank says that it's because he has let R.J. take the rap in the past when he was innocent. R.J. isn't interested. He thinks that Hank is trying to protect him because deep down, Hank believes R.J. is guilty. Hank leaves, warning R.J. that he is eventually going to need his help.

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Serenity Springs-Max, Blair, Jacara and Andrew

Blair arrives at Max's and rings the bell. He answers the door unshaven and disheveled with one of the twins' toys in his hand. It has been two nights since she followed him to the ski lodge and brought him back home and he hasn't slept at all. He has just been listening to the emptiness. Blair reaches out to him, but he pulls away and asks her not to do that. Max tells her that he has called Gabrielle and told her of the fate of the twins and he said he would be there as soon as possible to tell Al himself. Again Blair tries to touch him. He pulls away. Blair explains that she is not trying to come on to him. Max is not angry at her, but anything physical between them is like setting a match to a bomb fuse. They just blow things to bits. Besides, she has other things to occupy her time. Like Project Armitage. Blair says that Max is the reason she made any headway with Ian. Her only priority now is to make Max feel better. He replies that he just wants to be alone. He asks her to spread the word. The doorbell rings and Blair is faced with Jacara, her hands filled with flowers. Blair tells her Max is not up to visitors, but Max comes to the door and asks Jacara in.

While Blair takes the flowers to the kitchen to arrange in a vase, Jacara looks at the picture of the twins. She speaks of her brothers' violent death by knife point on the streets of Brooklyn. She understands how Max must feel. Max explains that he has two suspects of who may have done this to his kids - R.J. and Tommy Gregory. Jacara says that R.J. was seeing red, but he was the one who got Gregory off their necks. Max says that could just be a smoke screen. As for Gregory, he is a big shot, but all Max did was throw him out of Rodi's. If he wanted to go after anyone, it would be Jacara. Max guesses he will just leave it to Bo to find out who kidnapped the twins. Then he turns to Blair and asks her to leave him alone with Jacara and thanks Blair for coming. After she leaves, Jacara says that he needs time. Just forget about Blue Jay for now. She still misses her brother Jason every day. Max tells her she is a nice lady but she doesn't get it. There is no deal. They are not partners and they won't ever be partners. He is broke from the ransom. He lost everything along with the kids when the car went off the road. No property, no cash, no luck, no nothing. His son Al is with his mother and he has to tell him. Jacara is disappointed about the partnership, but this is a lot for him to handle. He admits that he thought running Blue Jay with her would have been a wild ride. Jacara invites him to come along on that ride, but Max says he wants to pay his own way. Besides he must go to explain the unexplainable to Al. Jacara leaves.

Later Andrew arrives. Max tells him that he does not want sympathy, kind words or company. Andrew accepts that but has come to tell him that Maggie is ready to come back. Max does not want her in Llanview, there has been enough leaving. Andrew brings up memorial services for the twins. Max's answer is an emphatic "NO." Andrew speaks about all Max's friends who love the twins, but Max will not be bent. He just wants to be alone. He shuts the door, leaving Andrew out in the cold.

Rodi's-Renee, Jacara and R.J.

Jacara is sympathetic toward Renee, knowing how Max's kids were like grandchildren to her. R.J. shows up and asks if Max is around. He tells Jacara that he and Max had words, but there are no hard feelings. In fact, he wants to share with Jacara what he has on his mind.

Canton, Ohio- Cassie and Mel

Cassie and Mel have arrived in Canton. Mel confides that he is most worried that Miss Stonecliff will warn Dorian of their visit. Cassie says she will have Kelly beep Dorian's answering machine and delete any messages from the older woman. Then Cassie must contact Kelly quickly. She is the only one with the code to the answering machine and without Kelly, they will have nothing.

California- Dorian and Kelly

Melinda is still being evaluated and Dorian is very impatient to find out what is going on with the doctors. Kelly comments that feeling guilty about what happened to her mother isn't doing anyone any good. Dorian would love to speak to Mel, but she can't reach him. He is on assignment to points unknown. Dorian is pacing back and forth and says that the silence in the room is hideous. She can't wait a moment longer. She is going to find Dr. Angel. Just as Dorian walks out of the room, Kelly's cellular phone rings. Kelly tells Cassie that it is a sad commentary that Melinda is happy to be back in an institution. Cassie replies that she needs her to delete any messages Miss Stonecliff might leave on Dorian's machine. Kelly is reluctant as she was when Cassie had asked her to lift Dorian's phone bills, but Cassie says that Dorian is just as disturbed as Melinda. She explains that her mother withheld medication from Melinda. She gave Melinda sugar pills. One had dropped to the floor, Mel picked it up and his mother, Mary Hayes confirmed it. Kelly does not know how she can look at Aunt Dorian the same way again. Cassie says Dorian needs help. Kelly promises to do the favor for Cassie and just as she finishes the call, Dorian returns and asks who is on the phone. Kelly says that it was Cassie and she just wanted to know how Melinda was. Dorian prattles on about how bad Kelly must feel about the reconnection with her mother failing. But actually, if Kelly would just think about it, a lot of good came out of it. Remind me of what that was, Kelly replies. Well, Dorian says, the courage Melinda had in taking the trip and that the rest of us learned she belongs here in California. Doctor Angel arrives and says that Melinda is much more rested. She became delusional because she did not take her medication. They have been absent from her system for at least 10 days. Dorian asks how that could have happened. The doctor was hoping they could tell him. Dorian asks if possibly there was a lab error. Dr. Angel says the tests were rechecked. There will be no physical damage but there have been blows to Melinda's self confidence. He tells Dorian that they did not ask too much of Melinda. In fact, she did well in a harrowing time. And he would recommend that Melinda go to Llanview again, with some safeguards in place, of course.

Dorian says she can't understand how this could have happened. Kelly asks, don't you? After all, it was Aunt Dorian who kept her under such strict supervision. Dorian replies that Melinda must have been pretending to take the medication either to rebel or because she was convinced she was well enough to do without it. Kelly is not buying that. She recalls that when she came to California her mother told her that only the medication kept her sane. She would not have stopped taking it on her own. Then, asks Dorian, who would have done such a heinous thing? Somebody very sick, Kelly answers.

When they get to Melinda's room, Melinda confides in Kelly that she does not know how this happened to her. Kelly replies that they will have more chances. Melinda is worried that Dorian is mad at her for being a difficult house guest. Dorian holds her hand and Kelly asks if Melinda wants her to stay. Melinda replies that they must go home. She has work to do. They promise to keep in touch with her and the doctors. Melinda regrets that she and Kelly didn't get to go shopping and she didn't get to give advice, but she has some advice for her daughter now. She must stay away from people who hurt her. Kelly gives her a picture of herself and asks Melinda to keep it by her bedside. They hold each other and bid each other good bye as Dorian looks on.

Canton,Ohio-Birthplace of the Cramer Women, now the home of Miss Stonecliff- Mel, Cassie and Charlotte Stonecliff

Cassie and Mel ring the bell and slowly it opens to reveal Miss Stonecliff. Cassie says hello and Miss Stonecliff does not wait for an introduction. She already knows who Cassie is. She invites them in and shows them the picture of the Cramer cousins at the Fashion Show. Cassie introduces Mel and asks about her grandparents. She says that Kelly, Blair and she got together at Thanksgiving and decided they wanted to know more about their legacy. Miss Stonecliff asks them to wait right there. When she leaves the room, Mel picks up the phone to check if she is calling Dorian on another extension. But she isn't. As he places the receiver down, Miss Stonecliff returns with some banana bread. Cassie comments that the picture of her grandmother resembles Dorian. Yes, Miss Stonecliff remarks, they were like two kernels from the same ear of corn.

She tells Cassie that Dr. Lou Cramer married Sonia when she was 18. Sonia's parents were White Russians who emigrated to Ohio after the Revolution. Sonya was born in Cincinnati. A little while later, Miss Stonecliff left Illinois and the farm where she was born to take care of the household. Miss Stonecliff was only 15, but she knew that little Sonia was an angel touched by God. Music fired her life. Sonia was special and at 16 when she played Brahms at Lincoln Center, Dr. Lou Cramer knew it too. He sent flowers and letters and would not take no for an answer. Sonya had to marry him. Cassie asks what her grandfather was like. He was a fine man, devoted to the community and appreciative of Sonia's gift. He understood what she needed as a woman and an artist and gave it before she asked. Then the children changed everything. How, Cassie and Mel ask. She replies, Don't ask me that, some memories hurt so much. I would rather stay in the present. She changes the subject to Dorian.

Cassie tells her that life in Llanview is haunted and her mother is stuck in a permanent emotional crises. Cassie thinks it is connected to the Cramer family. They tried to speak to Addie and Melinda, but their stories were contradictory. Melinda even visited Addie asking questions. Mel wonders what happened to radically change the family after the children. Miss Stonecliff replies that Sonia loved her daughters as much as music and her husband, but they were difficult to manager. They were fire and competition and the worse of the bunch in the end was Dorian. But in the beginning, it was Addie who could be so sweet and then fall into a rage. She would tear up Dorian's dresses, rip up her books and attack her with scissors. Cassie knew about the scissors, but Miss Stonecliff shocks her when she tells her how Addie locked Dorian in the well house. Dorian was trapped in a dark dank space as small as a car for a day and a half. Her parents were beside themselves, believing she must have drowned in the river. Finally, Miss Stonecliff herself found Dorian. Addie was sent away for psychological evaluation and then committed to the institution. Dorian and Melinda were told she had died.

After Addie was committed, Sonia became closer to Melinda because she shared the gift of music with her. Dorian, who had no such talent, felt shut out and it ate at her like acid. Dorian's family was consumed by her jealousy of her younger sister. Dorian tormented Melinda. Melinda was not just hurt, but destroyed in the riding accident. And so were her parents.

Miss Stonecliff takes Cassie and Mel to Sonia and Louis Cramer's grave site. Cassie says she knew of the plane crash that claimed their lives. They were coming home from Kentucky. Miss Stonecliff herself brought the bodies back to Ohio in a hearse after the crash. It was a small funeral. Cassie says it must have been terrible. Miss Stonecliff replies, "IT WAS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE, EXCEPT FOR ONE." She begins to keel over.

Thursday, December 4, 1997

To Jacara's surprise, R.J. made a very low-key pitch to rebuild their partnership in BlueJay. Everyone at Rodi's was worried about Max and Blair told them that Max appreciated their sympathy, but he needed time alone. Blair had a fit when she saw R.J. and told him that she and Max thought that he was behind the twins kidnapping. Nora stepped in and led Blair away from R.J. to calm her down. Max's friends all gathered at Rodi's and Jacara started to sing when Max walked in. Viki offered to arrange a memorial service, but all Max wanted was to leave town for a while to see Al and Luna's family. Mel got Charlotte to admit that the other saddest day in her life had been the day Melinda had been institutionalized. Later, Charlotte told Mel and Cassie that "the game" was real and that Dorian was still paying for her guilt by taking care of her sisters. Privately, Mel told Cassie that he thought Charlotte had lied to them. When Mel and Cassie left, Charlotte immediately called Dorian and left her a message. Mel and Cassie started to dig into Cassie's grandparents plane crash and found many inconsistencies in Charlotte's story. Mel told Cassie to go home before Dorian became suspicious and said he would look into their findings. On the plane back to Llanview, Ian told Kelly that he made a mistake by backing out of her life and regardless of the Joey complication, he wanted to see her again. Dorian had a dream about standing over a dead man and cried out in her sleep. Kelly was terrified as Ian comforted a dazed Dorian, who mumbled that she didn't want to do it but she had no choice. Kelly convinced Dorian to tell her and Ian about Melinda's riding accident and Dorian admitted that she still felt guilty for it. Later, Kelly heard the phone message from Miss Stonecliff and deleted it before Dorian could hear it.

Friday, December 5, 1997

Kelly, Dorian, Joey, Mel and Cassie

The phone is ringing at Dorian's house and Kelly runs to answer it. It's Miss Stonecliff calling for Dorian. Kelly lies and says that Dorian is out of town, but she will leave Dorian a message that Miss Stonecliff called. Just as Kelly hangs up, Dorian walks in and asks who was on the phone. Kelly lies again and tells Dorian that it was someone calling for Blair.

Kelly is sitting on the couch flipping through the pages of a magazine, but not really reading it. Dorian keeps trying to start a conversation, but Kelly is cold and distant. Dorian suggests a shopping trip, but Kelly refuses. Dorian's upset because she can't find Mel, Kelly denies any knowledge of where he is. Dorian starts to rant because Viki won't tell her where Mel is. Kelly asks her to stop, she's not in the mood to listen to a rant about Viki right now. Dorian starts talking about Melinda and how it's better that she's back in the institution for now. Dorian feels almost like a mother to Kelly and wants Kelly to know that she would do anything for her. Dorian has been very generous and wonderful to her, Kelly agrees, that's what makes it so hard to understand some of the other things she has done. What things, Dorian asks. Kelly doesn't answer, saying it must be because she's tired. She'd like to lay down on the couch and read her magazine in peace. Dorian agrees and heads off to work at Melador. As soon as she's out the door, Mel calls and asks Kelly to bring Cassie to meet him down at his houseboat later that day. "I've come up with something that's a lot more than we bargained for", he tells her.

Joey shows up at the front door and Kelly reluctantly lets him in. Kelly tells him everything in California went as well as could be expected, her mother is more stable now that she's back in the institution. Kelly feels strange, in the last two months she went from being afraid to see her mother to missing her terribly. She's better off in California, away from...., Kelly doesn't finish her sentence. Joey figures out anyway that it must have something to do with Dorian. Just how long are you going to go on defending her, Joey asks.

Kelly tells him there's nothing to defend, but Joey doesn't believe her. Kelly doesn't let Dorian push her around anymore, she tells him. Joey says he can see that, she's changed a lot. He misses her and would like to spend some time with her. Would she go out to dinner with him tonight, he asks. She can't tonight, but she does ask him for a rain check. Joey offers to give her a lift to wherever she's going. Kelly thanks him, but this is something that she has to do alone.

At the houseboat, Kelly tells Mel and Cassie about intercepting the message from Miss Stonecliff. Kelly can't understand how this all ties in with Dorian tampering with her mother's medication. There was no plane crash, Mel tells her, at least not according to the FAA. There was no plane crash in either Kentucky or Ohio on that day. The clerks office in Kentucky had no record of death certificates for either Louis or Sonya, despite the fact that the undertaker in Canton, OH had copies of them. All the death certificates have a number and Mel has copies of the death certificates with the same numbers as Dorian's parents, only they are made out to two different people. Mel figures that Miss Stonecliff must have whited out the information on the death certificates, filled in Louis and Sonya's information and then copied them to get a clean copy, which she then gave to the undertaker. Does that mean that our grandparents didn't die in a plane crash, Kelly asks. That's what it looks like, Mel says. Then how did they die, Kelly wonders.

Back at Dorian's house, Dorian comes home and sits on the couch. She has the memory again of her father lying on the floor and Miss Stonecliff saying he's dead. "This is all your fault and we're all very angry. We'll never forgive you, never", Dorian remembers Miss Stonecliff saying to her.

Todd, Téa, Viki and Briggs

Todd is in his penthouse talking on the phone to Briggs, who tells him that R.J. is a suspect in the kidnapping of Max's twins. Todd is delighted and tells Briggs to run with the story, the headline should read "Jazz Man faces Music." Téa, coming down the stairs, overhears the end of the conversation and asks Todd to tell her who the suspect is so that she can get to him first to offer her services as a lawyer. Todd refuses to tell her, it's only fair considering she didn't call him with the tip from the police station, he says. Despite all of Téa's asking and begging for the name of the suspect, Todd refuses to tell her. She'll read it in the paper just like everyone else, he taunts her. "Why can't you ever give me a break", Téa yells at him as he heads up the stairs. Todd stops and turns to look at her.

You're the one that wanted to stick to the terms of their contract, Todd reminds her. That's right, Téa agrees, because she can understand it, it makes sense, everything else about their marriage is a mystery. Because of me, Todd asks. Yes, no matter what they go through together, Todd always manages to make it seem like there's nothing more between them than an lousy piece of paper. There are five million pieces of paper, Todd reminds her. That's the problem, Téa complains, he won't let her forget that 5 million dollars, not for a moment. It reminds her how people used to treat her father, they paid his salary, therefore they didn't even have to acknowledge his existence. If she wants a break, then Todd will give her a break. He and Starr will go away for the weekend and she can have the whole place to herself. Far from being happy, Téa looks upset that she's not invited. Todd throws in a nasty comment about calling "Reverend Sanctimonious" if she gets bored. "Why do have to be like this, Todd", Téa asks, hurt by his attitude. "That's the kind of guy I am", Todd tells her and stomps up the stairs. "You can stay up there forever for all I care", Téa yells after him. She next tries to call Hank, but he's in a meeting. She swears to herself she will find out who the suspect is, with or without Todd's help.

Briggs comes to the penthouse to see Todd. Their snitch at the police station wants them to kill the story about R.J. being a suspect in the kidnapping. Bo is cracking down on leaks and the snitch is worried he will be found out if the story runs. Run the story, we can always find another snitch, Todd instructs Briggs, ignoring Briggs' objections. Todd feels that this is the story that will put him ahead of the Banner, that "high brow piece of garbage." Viki arrives, pushing Starr in a stroller, just in time to overhear Todd's remark. Viki says hello to Briggs and tells him that his job at the Banner is always open if he ever decides to leave The Sun. Briggs leaves quickly. Viki says that Starr has turned into quite the conversationalist, in fact, Starr has told her "everything."

Viki says goodbye to Starr as Judith brings her upstairs. What exactly did Starr tell you, Todd asks Viki rather nervously. Everything, her favorite color, what she had for breakfast, all about Moose, Viki says. Relieved, Todd comments that maybe he'll have to grill Starr later to see if she knows any secrets about the Banner. Not that I'll need them, he says smugly, refusing to tell Viki what he means. Viki says he reminds her of Victor Lord when he does that, he would always drop hints about a big story, but never tell them what it was. She didn't find coyness attractive then, and she doesn't find it attractive now. Viki changes the subject to Todd's personal life, how's Téa she asks. I don't know, admits Todd, she pretty much keeps to herself. Viki's surprised because Téa was very sociable after he stormed out on Thanksgiving. It was very apparent to everyone how much family means to her, Todd's lucky to have her. Viki doesn't know what games Todd is playing with Téa, but she hopes he knows what he is putting at risk. Starr is positively thriving with Téa around. Viki's quite sure that he is busily engaged in alienating Téa though. If Viki lived there, and he's glad she doesn't, she would know that Todd's not playing any games with Téa that she's not playing with him, Todd defends himself. "I think you have to decide just what kind of marriage you want, before the marriage that you bought comes back to haunt you and your daughter", Viki tells him. It's been nice bantering with you as always, Viki says on her way out. Todd sticks his tongue out at her behind her back as she walks out the door.

Todd calls to cancel the travel plans for the weekend. Fine, keep the deposit, what do I care, he tells the person on the phone. He hangs up and calls information for the number of a caterer. He doesn't know which one, just pick the most expensive one, OK then the one that sounds the most expensive, he says, exasperated. When he gets the caterer on the phone, he wants to set up dinner for two, he wants to surprise his wife.

Hank, Jacara, Carlotta and Eli

Jacara comes to Hank's office to speak to him about R.J. and get his opinion. R.J. has suggested that they start working together again now that her deal with Max has fallen through and Jacara's not sure what to do. R.J. seemed genuinely concerned about the kids at Rodi's the other day, Jacara feels. It shames him to admit it, but after all these years, Hank still doesn't know the 'true' R.J.

Max is convinced that R.J. had something to do with the twin's kidnapping, Jacara tells R.J. Bo seems to be headed in the same direction, Hank reveals. He tried going to talk to R.J., to tell him that he thinks R.J. is innocent, but R.J. didn't believe him, Hank says. Jacara's seriously thinking of going back into business with R.J., at least for a temporary partnership. Hank warns that even if R.J. is innocent, the heat is still going to come down on him and if Jacara is partners with him, it will affect her too. Jacara can take the negative publicity, but what she couldn't take is finding out that R.J. had anything to do with the kidnapping.

Jacara's going to do some long, hard thinking before she gives R.J. an answer. Jacara wonders why she is hanging around Llanview when she could go to Philadelphia or New York. Hank tells her he would miss her if she decides to go. Just as Jacara's about to leave, Carlotta arrives with Eli. Jacara says hello and then quickly leaves. Carlotta questions Hank why she was there and Hank explains she wanted to talk to him about R.J. Eli gives Hank an envelope with the first installment of his payment for the damaged motorcycle. He shakes Hank's hand before leaving to go to his community service work. Hank comments that Eli seems like a totally different boy. Carlotta thinks the same thing too, but she's wondering how long it will last. Hank explains that Jacara heard the rumor that R.J. is suspected in the kidnapping of Max's twins and came to talk to Hank about it.

R.J. and Claude

R.J. meets with Claude on the docks and demands that Claude give him some information about where Max's kids are. Claude isn't able to give R.J. any leads at all. He kept himself at arms length from the two kidnappers, just like R.J. does to him, so they can't be connected. Despite R.J.'s threats, Claude keeps insisting that he knows nothing. R.J. finally has to give up and lets him leave, asking him to contact R.J. if he learns anything. Claude tells him not to expect too much, R.J. may have to accept the fact that when the two men died in the river, basically, so did the kids. Téa and Carlotta

Out on the street in Angel Square, Carlotta has stopped to buy a wreath to decorate the diner and also some mistletoe. Téa walks by and stops to say hello. Téa mentions that she tried to call Hank earlier in the day, but he was in a meeting, he always seems to be busy. Carlotta agrees that he is very busy, as if the kidnapping of Max's twins wasn't enough, now that R.J.'s a suspect it's even worse. Hank doesn't believe that R.J. could be involved in something so despicable, but Bo apparently doesn't agree. Carlotta leaves to go back to the diner. "That was even easier that I thought", Téa says happily to herself.

Téa and R.J.

R.J. angrily reads the article in The Sun about him and throws it on the desk. There's a knock on him office door, it's Téa. Téa comments that she's been meaning to stop by for a few months, but she's been too busy for client development. Is that what this is about, R.J. asks, he already has a lawyer, Gabriel Lomax. But his specialty is corporate law, Téa's is criminal law, she explains. R.J.'s well aware of that, how could he forget the time when she and her "buddy" Nora accused him of killing Carlo Hesser. Téa points out that she and Nora aren't "buddies" anymore, their courtroom styles aren't compatible. Téa won't throw a case just because she find out her client is guilty, in fact, she doesn't care whether her client is innocent or not, her job is to insure them a fair trial. She says these last few words nervously and starts heading toward the door, since R.J. is glaring at her. He makes it to the door first and closes it, leaving her trapped between the door and his body. "Maybe you want to tell me what crime it is you think I committed, Miss Delgado, or maybe you prefer I commit a brand new one", R.J. yells at her, his face about two inches from hers.

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