One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 8, 2001 on OLTL
Roseanne expressed her love for Antonio. Cristian sold fake I.D.s. Colin blackmailed Melanie. Kelly received a note from Joey. Lindsay was caught snooping. Asa requested that Max be Nora's bodyguard. Blair asked Kelly for advice.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 8, 2001 on OLTL
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Kelly thanks Sophia for her part in Kelly and Kevin's romantic New Year's Eve plans. Sophia tells her she came by to let her know that her hitman is still on the loose. The delivery man brings Kelly flowers and she's surprised to find out they're not from Kevin. The card says they're from Joey. Kevin stops by, sees the flowers and Kelly tells him they're from Dorian. LIAR! After he leaves, Sophia and Kelly read the card that asks Kelly to meet Joey on the roof of the hotel for one last goodbye. Sophia - with her cop voice on mute - recommends that Kelly go for it and get the closure they all need. Kelly decides to take Sophia's advice.


R.J. taunts Roseanne about her job and asks her to spy for him. When she threatens to tell Antonio, R.J. asks her how often she can betray him without expecting to get hurt. Antonio interrupts them and R.J. leaves. Antonio asks Roseanne to take her lunch break with him and they leave. When Roseanne isn't back from her lunch on time, Sophia offers to cover.

John tells Skye he wants to help her prove her innocence. He convinces her to take another lie detector test and she passes. He promises to re-open the investigation and Skye feels the first glimmer of hope in a long time.


Roseanne decides to do some kinky cop role-playing and they end up having more for lunch than tuna fish. Afterwards, he asks her, "Do you know how beautiful you are?" and she absentmindedly responds, "Do you know how much I love you?" Apprehensive stares aplenty!


Todd visits Cristian and after some verbal tennis, Todd knocks Cristian to the ground. They start to rumble and R.J. breaks it up. R.J. and Todd exchange a few words and Todd wonders out loud who would be the main suspect if R.J.'s club burned down.

Later, Cristian shows R.J. one of his fake IDs and asks him if it's ok to run his fake ID business out of the club. R.J. says it's fine as long as he gets his cut. Cristian asks R.J. to consider him on any future endeavors in which he might need some assistance.


Max tells Blair how he disapproves of her plans to marry Todd. Todd listens in for a few minutes before making his entrance. When Blair tries to convince Max to give her a large divorce settlement as a wedding present, Todd tells her to forget it; she doesn't need that chump or his change.


Todd takes Blair on his jet. When Blair asks where they are going, Starr enters wearing a huge smile and a flower girl's dress. Todd tells her they are leaving the country to get married and shows her a passport for "Blair Cramer Manning."


Viki dreams about the room where Ben is being held. In the actual room, Ben demands to see Rourke. When his two captors don't know whom Ben is talking about, he realizes that someone else may have kidnapped him. Viki is relieved when Ben is allowed to call her, but he only has time to tell her that he is well, and is one hour outside of Llanview. One of the men, James, sets a lavish table setting-for two! He tells Ben that he will soon learn who is behind this.

Kelly heads for the roof to meet with "Joey", but runs into him on the way. When they get to the roof, Kelly insists that he stop sending her flowers and cards. He swears that he hasn't and that he is finally over her, but she doesn't know what to believe. Meanwhile, Charlie can't get a clear shot of Kelly because Joey is in the way. Joey gets upset when Kelly admits that she and Kevin slept together and he storms off the roof. Hearing the commotion, an officer enters the rooftop, ruining Charlie's one chance to shoot Kelly. Escorted by the officer, Kelly safely leaves the roof.

Roseanne couldn't stop herself from professing her love for Antonio, but she tells him that she's not taking it back because it's how she feels. Antonio admits that he can't say the same-yet. He says that he thought he would run the next time he heard those three words from a woman. Roseanne looks concerned, but he assures her he isn't going anywhere. At the station, Sophia enjoys the chaos she has created for Roseanne. When Roseanne and Antonio walk in together, Sykes is ready to fire her, until Antonio sticks up for her and takes the blame.

On Todd's jet, Blair is shocked to learn of his plan for her to get a quickie divorce and then get married. Starr boards the jet in a flower-girl dress, excited for the wedding. Blair isn't exactly swept off her feet by Todd's "romantic gesture", but convinces him it is only because she wants an extravagant wedding at home. Todd stops the pilot and agrees to wait and give Blair the wedding she wants. Later, Todd storms into Viki's house bragging that his and Blair's nuptials are going to be bigger and better than anyone's ever seen. He informs Sam that he will be best man, and Viki can give Blair away. Meanwhile, Blair rushes over to Kelly's and bursts out, "I think I've made a huge mistake!"

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Cherryvale Clinic

Colin is waiting for Lanie to return to her office, eager to hear Bo's reaction to her confession. He's disappointed to learn that she hasn't told him anything and that there will be no marriage. He continues to blackmail Lanie and demands her necklace so that he can give it to his current girlfriend. It's only fair since she ruined his reputation and deprived him of the pleasure of hearing about Bo's reaction, he tells her. She hands it over and he looks almost sorry, briefly. He taunts her when she admits how much she loves Bo.

Palace Hotel

Nora has a meeting with Asa as they decide to plot against Lindsay through Colin. Max arrives Asa has requested that he be Nora's bodyguard. Nora is distrustful of him since she's representing Skye in his shooting but he is happy to be able to bring down Lindsay and Colin and will do whatever Asa wants. Nora is afraid that Colin will become suspicious of seeing Max hanging around but the men don't believe this to be a problem. Asa asks Max to leave so that he can talk to Nora about Bo. He doesn't think that his son will marry Lanie so he'll be available. Nora insists she's not interested and has her sights set on Colin right now. Max returns and she divulges that she has a plan and that Colin will not be able to resist her. She indicates that Max should understand since he's a womanizer just like Colin; he wants her to call him anytime before she gets near this dangerous man.


Todd is unsuccessful in obtaining congratulations from both Viki and Sam on his impending marriage. He finally learns that Ben has been kidnapped and by the time he has, Sam has had enough of him and is urging him to leave. Bo stops by and is filled in on the phone call that Ben placed to the house. He is unable to trace it and will do everything possible to locate him. Viki also says that she'll do anything to get him back. Todd offers to help find Ben but Sam is irate since Todd thinks it's all a joke. Todd is only angry that he isn't receiving the attention he thinks he deserves, though he guesses that Will would get it. This angers Sam further especially when Todd declares war on everyone in town. He admits he's gone to therapy but may not stick with it. Sam indicates that there's no hope for Todd. Bo stops outside the house to call Lanie. He wants to see her but she turns him down- he tells her he'll wait. She hangs up abruptly.

Lord Mansion

Blair needs advice from Kelly on getting married to Todd but her cousin simply thinks she's crazy and needs help. She tries to dissuade her, saying that Todd is a sociopath. Blair thinks she can be happy, that Todd is the only one who understands her and who would do anything for her. She even thinks she loves him but she's not sure they are ready for marriage.

Police Station

Joey's car has been towed from in front of the Palace. He vents to Sophia who tries to calm him down. He only saw Kelly going into the hotel and followed her to see if she was ok. Sophia informs him that he needs to knock off sending the flowers and notes, like the one she received from him to meet at the Palace. Joey denies having sent anything though his friend doesn't believe him. Nearby, Nora stops by to visit with Bo. He's not in his office so she decides to leave him a note. As she picks up the pad of paper she knocks a box onto the floor. It's the engagement ring meant for Lanie and as she picks it up and tries it on, the commissioner returns. They eye each other nervously.

Mr. Gray's Room

Mr. Gray (Charlie) sends two emails. The first goes to Kelly, stating that she should meet with him at their favorite tree. It's signed Joey. The second goes to the police station announcing that effective immediately, the round the clock watch over Kelly Buchanan is to be disbanded. The return address is the mayor's office.

Colin's House

The suspended doctor opens a closet door to view his shrine to Nora. He drapes Lanie's necklace over Nora's picture.


Blair steps off an elevator to a throng of reporters and photographers. Todd is there and he announces their upcoming marriage.

Cherryvale Clinic

Asa congratulates Lanie on her engagement to Bo. She advises him that they will not be getting married. He thinks Bo will be happy now.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

When Bo entered his office, he found Nora there with Melanie's engagement ring on her finger. Embarrassed, Nora fumbled to explain that she came to see him and accidentally knocked the ring box off the desk looking for a pen to leave a message and the ring fell out and it was so nice that she tried it on and now she can't get it off. With the help of a little Chapstick, Bo manages to slide the ring off of Nora's finger. With that problem solved, Nora explains that Asa told her that Bo is going to ask Melanie to marry him and she came to talk to him about it, to confront her feelings about it. Bo explains that he did ask Lanie to marry him, but she turned him down. Nora is shocked, but realizes she isn't as hurt by the idea of him getting remarried as she thought she would be. Maybe I am getting over my feelings for you, she tells Bo. They decide they love each other as friends, and as they hug they declare that they will always be there for each other.

Sam stopped by to see Will, but he wasn't home. Jessica told him about the money that Asa gave to Lindsay for Will, which Lindsay spent on the gallery. Jessica has the feeling that something just isn't right, especially after she saw Lindsay and Colin talking so intently on New Year's Eve. Sam tells her she's not imagining things, he thinks something's going on, too. He has no way to prove it right now, but he's certain that the truth about what Lindsay has done will come out eventually and he wants to be there when it does.

Will stopped by Colin's house and informed him that B&B United is the owner of a company that Colin has invested heavily in. Leave Lindsay alone, or I'll be sure the company fails and takes your investment along with it, Will warns. Will returned home to Jessica, pleased with his new-found power, and she picked up the camera and started filming him, jokingly saying she was going to do a documentary of his life. When she plugged the camera into the TV to show him what he looked like on film, she got more than she expected. It was the tape of Jessica and Will making love they'd accidentally made. Let's make a sequel, Will said while giving Jessica a kiss.

Lindsay snuck into Melanie's office at the hospital and started looking through her personal files. When Melanie walked in and caught her, Lindsay admitted she was trying to learn what the secret is that Melanie is hiding from her. Lindsay is determined to find out the truth. Sam shows up after his visit with Jessica and starts asking Lindsay what she did with the money she got from Asa. She doesn't have to tell him anything, Lindsay informs him, it's between her and Will. After Lindsay leaves, Sam asks Melanie why she refused to marry Bo, but Melanie isn't talking either. She says she has to go check on a patient and leaves. When she returns to her office, she finds Nora there waiting for her.

Colin is in his house, looking at his shrine to Nora. Along with the framed lock of her hair and a picture of her, he also has old newspaper clippings about her wedding to Bo and about her winning the 'Woman of the Year' Award. He's interrupted when Lindsay arrives demanding to know what Melanie's secret is. Colin informs her of Will's threat to ruin his investment and tells her that if she wants to know the secret, it's going to cost her.

Sophia went to see Kelly and was worried when she found there was no guard outside the door. Kelly explained that her police protection had been cancelled. Sophia doesn't believe it and calls the station to check with Bo. She gets Roseanne on the phone, who absolutely refuses to get in trouble again by interrupting Bo, who's in his office talking to Nora. Instead, she reads the memo from the "mayor" to Sophia over the phone. Sophia still thinks something isn't right, but can't put her finger on it. She tries to convince Kelly not to go meet Joey by "their tree" as the email says. She talked to Joey earlier and he insists he hasn't sent any notes or flowers. But he lied about not stalling the divorce, Kelly reminds her, how do they know he's not lying now? Kelly leaves by herself to meet Joey by the tree and end this once and for all. Sophia stays behind and ponders the email message. She notices the time code says the message was sent at 5:56PM, but Joey was with her at the station then and couldn't possibly have sent the message. The lightbulb *finally* goes on and she realizes that the hitman must be setting Kelly up. She calls the station for back-up, but gets Roseanne again. She asks Roseanne to have Antonio meet her at Llantano Mountain, but when Roseanne gets off the phone it's obvious she thinks Sophia is just playing another trick to get close to Antonio and has no intention of telling him about Sophia's call. In the meantime, Kelly reaches the tree in the woods as the hitman watches her from his hiding place nearby.

Friday, January 12, 2001

Lanie is surprised to find Nora waiting in her office. Nora tells Lanie she and Bo had a long talk. Lanie asks if they discussed her and tells Nora how sorry she is for having kept her relationship with Bo a secret. Nora tells Lanie she is not there to beat her up, but rather to thank her for being so kind to her and that she hopes she is not the reason Lanie refused Bo's proposal.

Lindsay is at Colin's house arguing that she has a right to know what Lanie's secret is, but that she is not going to pay for it. Colin says that in that case, she isn't going to find out and tries to push her out the door, but the doorbell rings. Not wanting anyone to see her, Lindsay runs upstairs to hide. Bo is at the door and when he comes in he goes up the stairs and tells Lindsay he heard her voice and that she doesn't have to hide. Lindsay tells Bo that she was there because Colin and Will had an altercation and she wanted to make sure that it didn't happen again. Of course, Bo does not believe her and tells her that the offer he made her about coming clean is still good. Lindsay refuses. Bo asks her again if Colin was blackmailing her for helping kidnap Nora. Bo tells Lindsay that blackmail is not part of Colin's immunity and that if he is blackmailing her for helping to kidnap Nora, he can press charges. Bo tells Colin that he knows Lindsay didn't go there to talk about the altercation with Will, to which Colin replies that Bo is right, Lindsay came there to ask him what Lanie's secret was and why she had been hiding it from Lindsay for years.

Kevin lets himself into Dorian's house only to find that Kelly is not there. He finds the note telling Kelly to meet Joey on the Palace roof, then glances at the computer to see the email that was supposed to be sent by Joey asking Kelly to meet him at their tree on Llantano Mountain. Kevin calls Joey over to show him the email. Joey denies any knowledge of any attempt to set up any rendezvous with Kelly.

Kelly is waiting on Llantano Mountain when she hears something and starts walking toward the noise. All of a sudden someone jumps her and throws her to the ground, just as the "Mr. Gray" is about to shoot. Kelly realizes that Sophia is the one who knocked her to the ground and Sophia tells Kelly that the email was not from Joey and that Sophia is there to get her out of there. "Mr. Gray" tries to take aim, but realizes that he cannot get Kelly without hitting Sophia. He puts his gun down and removes his disguise. "Mr. Gray" is Charlie, the computer expert at the Banner.

Nora is still at Lanie's office and tells her that she feels a whole lot better about Bo's relationship with Lanie than she thought she would feel. She says she loves Bo, but that she is not "in love" with him anymore and that she wants Bo to be happy and she knows Lanie makes him happy. Nora assures Lanie that there is no reason for her to refuse Bo's proposal. Lanie gets tears in her eyes and Nora asks what is wrong, to which Lanie replies nothing is wrong, she is just touched. Nora then realizes and tells Lanie that she didn't turn down Bo's proposal because of her at all. Nora doesn't know what the reason is, but she now knows that it has nothing at all to do with her.

At Colin's house, Bo tries to find out what it is that Colin knows about Lanie and her father. Colin goes into the whole "daddy loved Lanie best" scenario, then finally says that he will tell Bo and Lindsay the truth. Lanie killed somebody.

Nora comforts Lanie and says she knows there is something more to Lanie's discomfort than she is telling. Lanie thanks Nora and says she really does need a friend to talk to. Nora asks if any of this has anything to do with Colin.

Colin makes a joke out of his statement that Lanie killed someone. Bo says he will find out the truth about Colin and Lindsay.

Roseanne and Antonio are sharing some special time together and Roseanne promises not to push Antonio, but is encouraged by the fact that after she told him she loved him he did not run out the door screaming. She tells Antonio she actually wants him to plan their life. Antonio suggests they forget the wedding and move on to the honeymoon.

Kevin catches Joey as he is leaving and accuses Joey of being a liar. Joey pushes Kevin and insists that he did not send Kelly any flowers, notes or emails. Kevin points out that Joey did tell her he would get a quick divorce then did not follow through. Joey continues to insist that he has backed off and that regardless of what else, he is Kevin's brother and he is telling the truth.

Back on Llantano Mountain, Kelly and Sophia hear someone approaching them. When Sophia orders the person to stop, a man steps out with a lantern. Kelly tells Sophia it is Charlie, the computer expert at the Banner. Sophia asks him what he is doing up there.

Back in Lanie's office, the phone rings and when Lanie answers, it is Colin. Colin tells her about Bo and Lindsay's visit, but that he did not tell them that Lanie had killed her father - yet. Lanie is visibly upset and Nora asks who was on the phone. Lanie tells Nora that she has got to stay away from Colin. Nora tells Lanie that she is convinced that Lindsay is behind her kidnapping and she is trying to get proof from Colin.

Charlie tells Kelly and Sophia that Joey sent him there to tell Kelly that he got delayed and that he would be there soon. Sophia gives Charlie a strange look, because she knows that Joey did not send the email. Sophia suggests that since it is late, dark and very cold that they find someplace else for Joey to meet Kelly. Charlie says Joey is probably already on his way and that it is very important that Joey talk to Kelly. Charlie suggests that he and Sophia clear out to give Kelly and Joey privacy. Sophia hesitantly agrees and looks Kelly in the eyes and wants to tell her something, but Charlie is watching.

Kevin tells Joey he believes him, but if Joey didn't send all the flowers, notes and emails, then who did? Suddenly Kevin asks Joey where the tree is and who else knows about it. Joey tells him the tree is on Llantano Mountain and that no one else knows about it. Kevin says he would guarantee that "Mr. Gray" knows about it and they rush out of the house to go up to the mountain.

Sophia tells Kelly she is too upset to talk to Joey because of "that guy" they were talking about back at the house. Sophia explains that the "guy" was a friend of Kelly's from school and they need to go back and see if they can help him. This alerts Kelly that Charlie may be a danger so she agrees to leave with Sophia, but Charlie refuses to let her go. Sophia then suggests that they call Joey on her cell phone to see if he is on his way or if they can arrange another time to meet.

Antonio and Roseanne are still together when he gets out of bed to pour them a glass of wine when his phone rings and it is Sophia. She pretends she is talking to Joey and asks if he is on his way. Charlie then throws the phone to the ground and pulls a gun.

Bo is waiting for Lanie when she goes to her room at the hotel. Bo tells her he wants to hammer their problems out. He knows he loves her and that she loves him. He insists that they have to be honest with each other.

Antonio tries to raise Sophia on the phone and wonders what she wanted. Of course, Roseanne pretends ignorance. Roseanne says that living with Sophia in the Carriage House is very uncomfortable. She is always afraid she'll say something to upset Sophia. Antonio suggests that Roseanne move in with him.

Kevin and Joey are on their way to Llantano Mountain. Kelly says she can't believe Charlie is the hit man because the man she saw was old with gray hair. Suddenly, Sophia shoves Charlie's gun arm up and throws him to the ground.

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