One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 9, 2002 on OLTL
Todd expressed his regrets to Blair. Antonio learned that Liz's baby had the same genetic disorder as him. Al swore he was over Jen. A plan was refined in order to take Natalie away from Mitch. Troy advised Lindsay that he would leave town if she revealed his secret.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 9, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, December 9, 2002

Viki and Cristian realize Natalie is staying with Mitch in order to protect Cristian. Bo and Antonio question Roxy in the hope of tying Mitch to her ex-husband's death but come up empty handed. Roxy admits she is scared of Mitch. Rex is shocked when he realizes Mitch is the same person who asked him for information on Jessica. After Rex tries to trick Mitch into thinking Jessica is in Boston, Natalie goes to Bo for help and encounters Cristian and Viki. Natalie begins to tell Bo about Mitch's threats but stops herself when he arrives.

Jessica is horrified when Rex tells her that Natalie married Mitch. Jessica comes to the conclusion that Seth knows more than he's saying about the situation at home. Seth refuses to allow Jessica to return to Llanview.

Todd proves his point that Sam's visits pose a security threat to Blair. Blair accuses Todd of wanting to keep her and Sam apart. Blair is distraught that she can't leave the penthouse to visit Addie, who is ill. Todd surprises Blair when he suggests they disguise themselves as nuns and sneak in to St. Ann's.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Mitch's presence, along with his implied threats, prevent Natalie from telling Bo, Viki and Cristian of Mitch's promise to kill Cristian if Natalie ends their marriage. Bo, Viki and Cristian are dismayed when Natalie declares her love for Mitch. Bo informs Viki and Cristian that there is no crime he can charge Mitch with. Cristian and Viki will take matters into their own hands, which Bo unofficially supports. Cristian comes up with a plan to rescue Natalie from Mitch. Mitch warns Natalie that he will harm Rex if he ever tries to cross him again.

Antonio questions Hank about his recent hostility. Hank admits to Antonio that he knows Antonio and Liz slept together. Antonio prepares to confess the truth to Keri but stops himself when Keri gets a call from the doctor regarding the baby. Liz and R.J. meet at Capricorn as planned. Although scratchy at first, Liz and R.J. end up reflecting on some fond memories of their time together.

Blair is hesitant, but ultimately goes along with Todd's plan to disguise themselves as nuns and sneak in to St. Ann's to visit Addie. At St. Ann's, Todd stands guard while Blair has an emotional reunion with Addie. Hank catches Todd outside of Addie's room.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

As Jen decorates the Christmas tree, she purposely destroys a picture of herself with Cris in a fit of anger. Shortly after, Nora pays her a visit to drop off a gift from Matthew. Jen wonders if everything is going ok with Troy. "Has my mom?" Catching herself short before saying too much, she lets Nora do most of the talking. Nora is worried about Lindsay who seems to have been stalking them since returning from Miami. Jen recalls her mom's revelation upon returning from her trip, which was to Africa and not Miami. Nora is asking if Lindsay actually still loves Troy and interrupts Jen's thoughts. She quickly denies that her mother loves Troy and doesn't want to be in the middle of this whole thing. Nora apologizes but immediately places her squarely in the middle by relating Lindsay's latest doings, from giving Troy the painting to wearing a copy of the amulet. Jen is perplexed but Nora believes Lindsay to be obsessed with Troy. Jen makes excuses for her mother's behavior (as well as her own).

Troy and Emily plot against Lindsay while at the Palace. When they see Lindsay arrive, Em takes off quickly. Troy plants the seed that he is thinking of moving to California, something that he'll have to do when Nora learns about Joanna. Lindsay should be very happy though, he taunts. She'll never have to see him again. He'll stay in Llanview until she forces him out. In fact, he'll never give Lindsay what she wants, she'll have to take it, he hisses, getting up close and personal. Lindsay runs off, shocked by Troy's implications. Em returns once Lindsay is gone and wonders what her brother said to scare the woman off. He may not have to do anything else, he happily tells her.

Liz and R.J. reminisce, starry-eyed, about old times but decide what they really need to do is make the present better. And the future, according to R.J. They discuss their new son-in-law to be and possible grandchildren. Liz wonders if R.J. meant to discuss the future of the family. What other future would there be to discuss, he asks.

Once arriving at the hospital, Keri and Antonio seek out Dr. Conklin for the test results she called about. Upon taking the C.V.S. test, it's become apparent that there is a variant in Chromosome 8, she tells them. It could be inherited which might be that it would be of no consequence or it could mean that the child could be developmentally challenged. More tests will have to be run to determine if it's caused by heredity. The doctor requests Liz's medical records, which should have been sent, however they are not on file. The doctor wants blood samples from Liz and the baby's father. Keri wants her family nearby so Antonio calls Liz. Keri reminds the doctor that the father is dead but the doctor needs to have some type of chromosome sample.

Addie wants to know if Blair has a special man. Blair tells her to pretend that it's a dream that she's there, that she's not real. She will visit her if Addie really needs her though and no, she's not in trouble, she tells her mom. Hank runs into Todd in his nun's habit and finds it rather fishy that he's right outside Addie's door. He doesn't believe Todd's response, "I'm doing God's work." He manages to signal Blair who is able to avoid detection when Hank walks in. Addie wonders if Hank wants to hear about the dream that she's having. Luckily, Hank declines. Todd claims that he was there to bring Addie to see Starr but she turned out to be sick.

The flirtation between Liz and R.J. is interrupted by Antonio's call. Liz makes a mad dash, telling an irritated R.J. to call Hank.

Hank is unable to pursue Todd's latest escapade due to his phone call but promises to advise security of Todd's presence. Todd quickly grabs Blair, explaining hastily that they have to leave. Blair is upset that people who think she is in Switzerland may have seen her, but she's grateful to Todd for helping her to see her mother. Todd reminds her that he was the one who helped her, not Sam.

Apologizing once again to Jen, Nora finally takes off, running into Lindsay in the hallway. Demanding to know what Nora is doing there, she seems unsure when Nora advises her she was delivering a Christmas gift. She questions Jen who confirms that indeed, Nora was there to drop off a gift but also asking a lot of questions about her. Jen has news of her own, she tells her mother. She may marry Cris after all since Natalie has turned around and married someone else. She assures Lindsay that she didn't tell Nora any of her secrets, but her torture of Troy seems to be working. She just thinks that Lindsay should spill the beans already.

Keri's family members arrive at the hospital. Dr. Conklin suggests that perhaps Liz can call the fertility clinic to obtain a chromosome sample for the baby's father. A frantic Liz embraces Hank, wondering what she'll do now. R.J. walks in on them.

Nora meets up with Troy who wants to spend a cozy evening together. She asks him what's going on between him and Lindsay.

Hank advises Liz that she will have to tell Antonio that he's the father.

Blair confides that she can't wait until she's free to be able to go outside again. Todd retorts that he can't wait for his room back. Blair teases him about taking a vow but a hurt Todd tells her that people can change. As they are changing out of their nun's habits, Todd has difficulty. When Blair tries to help him they topple onto the bed together.

Thursday, December 12

Troy covers when Nora questions him about Lindsay. Lindsay flirts with a handsome man but can't get Troy off her mind. Wanting to gauge her reaction, Troy tells Lindsay he will soon be leaving Llanview because he knows she showed Nora the amulet. Lindsay gets an idea on how to get back at Nora.

Todd and Blair quickly break from their close moment. Blair still can't forgive Todd for telling her that her baby had died. Todd declares that he has changed and regrets what he did. Blair asks Todd if his concern for his family also includes her.

Troy tells Liz and Keri that only Liz' DNA needs to be tested. Liz, Keri and Antonio learn that the baby is a girl and that she is not at risk of developing any genetic disorders. Antonio is alarmed when Carlotta tells him he was born with the same condition as Liz' baby. Later, Antonio asks Hank if he (Antonio) is the father of Liz' baby.

At the coffee shop, Shawna and Mollie question Starr about Blair. Starr confirms that Blair had a breakdown and is in an institution in Europe. Starr later sees Shawna and Mollie being paid off by a man. Starr confronts Shawna and Mollie, who admit the man paid them for information about Blair.

Nora thinks that R.J. still has feelings for Liz.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Antonio questions first Hank and then Liz about the paternity of the baby. When they fail to answer, Antonio demands a DNA test which Liz refuses, stating that she knows that her late husband is the baby's father. Afterward, while Liz looks on, Keri expresses to Antonio her need for people to be honest with her.

After overhearing a phone conversation between Seth and her mother, Jessica tries to sneak out but is caught by Seth. Meanwhile, Mitch explains his hatred of Viki to Natalie then offers her a divorce in exchange for finding her sister for him.

While Cristian and Viki discuss Mitch and Natalie, Bo briefs Gabrielle on the situation, who states that she understands his need to help his niece and begs him to be careful. After meeting up, Bo gives Viki a wire to wear so he can listen and give her direction on distracting Mitch while Cristian sneaks into the house to rescue Natalie. While Natalie is surprised upstairs by Cristian, Mitch becomes enraged with Viki as Bo listens in via the wire.

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