One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 24, 2003 on OLTL
Dorian saved Walker after a car accident. River searched for Adriana. Flash was upset with Riley's decision. Viki and Dorian were trapped by an avalanche. Ron was a suspect in the Music Box Murders. Marcie defended Jen. Natalie shared her suspicions with John.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 24, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, November 24, 2003

While searching the wreckage of the plane, Viki slips and breaks her arm. Dorian takes Viki back to the cave, makes her take a couple drinks of alcohol to dull the pain and sets her arm. Dorian considers getting her medical license reinstated. Viki thinks that would be a good idea, it would give Dorian something to do. Dorian accuses Viki again of knowing that Walker was really Todd. Dorian sets out to find some help and to get to Blair faster to tell her the truth about Walker. She stumbles upon an abandoned SUV just as a helicopter appears overhead. She tries unsuccessfully to signal the helicopter with her flashlight. She walks around to the other side of the SUV and finds Walker lying there, half covered with snow. She checks his pulse, seemingly disappointed to find out that he's still alive. "Goodbye, Todd", she says and walks away.

At UltraViolet, Riley tells Flash that he's decided to go back to college and does not want to go on tour with the band. He suggests that Flash take classes, too. Michael/Al shows up and Flash does not like him, she finds him creepy. Marcie agrees, but says sometimes he does do things that make him seem lovable.

Rex arrives at Karen's hotel room and tries to convince Jen to call the police. She absolutely refuses, Joey can't find out that she was hanging out with Karen. Rex agrees to help her and wipes down the room to get rid of all evidence that Jen had been there. She heads back to UltraViolet with Rex because she's too shaky to go home and face Joey.

Ron becomes a suspect in the Music Box murders because he's involved in the dance lessons at the Community Center and because he went to school with the first girl who was killed. When he comes into the police station at Bo's request, he has bruises on his face. He doesn't have an alibi for the night Elyssa was murdered, he was at home by himself. Marcie is upset that Ron is being questioned.

A maid finds Karen's body in her room and screams in horror. Later, Bo, Nora, John McBain and the Llanview police show up to investigate the crime scene. Nora notices the scent of perfume in the air that does not belong to Karen.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

At Ultraviolet Marcie defends Jen to Natalie when she calls her a tramp. Meanwhile Joe shows up to confront his wife. Lying about where she was, Jen is shocked when Joey tells her that he knows she wasn't with Marcie like she told him. When she looks to Marcie to cover for her, Marcie refuses to lie to Joey. Noticing that her wedding ring is missing, Joey storms out. Later, Jen tells Rex that her wedding ring is in the hotel room where Karen was murdered.

John searches Karen's room for clues to who the Music Box Killer is. Marcie begs him to search for a suspect other than Ron. Showing up at Ultraviolet, John questions Rex's connection to Karen. Sitting with Antonio, John shows him the ring found at the crime scene and Jessica recognizes it as Jen's.

Antonio questions Carlotta's motives for sending Adriana away. Calling Andrew, she warns him that River is planning to run away. Confronting his son in Angel Square, Andrew finds the ticket to Puerto Rico and River begs his father to let him go.

Viki finds a gun while searching the cave. Dorian tries to abandon Todd in the snow, but her conscience gets to her and she goes back to save him. Finding blankets and a sled in the back of his truck, Dorian takes Todd back to the cave where he admits his true identity. Viki insists that she understands why Todd lied about his identity. Later, when they hear rustling outside the cave, Viki shows Dorian the gun that she found and the two search for the cause of the noise.

After injuring himself, Kevin accidentally calls Walker "Todd" in front of Blair, then apologizes, insisting that it's his pain talking. Becoming delirious, Kevin pledges his love to Blair and warns her that she is going to get hurt. When Blair dreams of Walker, she begins to wonder if he isn't who he claims to be.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Down at the police station, John interviews Ron regarding the music box killings, as Daniel and Bo look on. Marcie is concerned that her brother will be held with Daniel's insistence, even though he reluctantly gives them an alibi for his whereabouts and facial bruises. He got into a fight with some guys hanging around the Palace parking lot, who bad-mouthed Marcie and Al. There were no witnesses that he knows of.

As everyone gathers for Thanksgiving dinner at the Buchanan mansion, Asa raises his voice to someone on the phone, demanding that a plane land regardless of the weather conditions in Saranac. As Jess and Nat talk about their brother and Jen's losing her ring, the coincidence of John's finding a ring in the latest victim's hotel room becomes apparent. When Nat sees her picture in the paper, she realizes that she saw Jen with the woman, Karen, and that they left Rodi's together. Nat heads for the station where she tells John her suspicions. She also defends Ron, while Marcie begs to have him released.

Jen visits Rex to find out if he's located her ring. While there, Lindsay also stops by to show Rex some slides on some artwork they had discussed. She's surprised to see Jen and wonders why she's not with Joe. Rex makes up a story and tells Jen that even Joe would realize she's with the wrong guy if he knew everything that has been going on.

When Kevin's fever subsides, Blair discloses that he was talking in his sleep about Kelly and her affair. He admits that they have never been happy and he's only now wondering what's really important. He also knows that Asa loves Kelly and wouldn't want to see them break up.

When Todd leaves the cave to try to start his car, the women are visited by a strange man, who grabs their gun and aims to shoot. Luckily, Todd sneaks up from behind and hits him over the head. The three argue over what to do with him but the decision is made for them when the man retrieves the gun during a scuffle and orders Todd to drive him to where he wants to go. Shortly after, the women hear a shot. Fortunately, it's Todd who shows up, though they're one car down, thanks to the man managing to drive off with it. Todd vows to follow the car tracks and send a rescue team to get the women. He leaves the gun with them for protection. The women become philosophic over many of the past events that have brought them together.

While at the diner, Al/Michael says hello to Andrew who is confused, not having met this guy before. Al/Michael covers quickly and mentions that he's been to St. James. Andrew informs River that he will not be allowed to go to Puerto Rico to look for Adriana and that he could hardly know about real love at his age. River pleads with him to no avail. Al/Michael writes a letter to Marcie, figuring that even though Luna wouldn't let him divulge his identity, she never told him he couldn't write it. River tries to call Adriana but the phone number has been changed. His dad offers to help him out if River will help with the Thanksgiving dinner at the community center. As Al/Michael ponders his writing, he accidentally spills his drink all over it. Marcie shows up and asks Andrew to help Ron but Al/Michael offers instead. He insists he knows him but Marcie gets on his case, not believing him for a minute. She asks him to talk to his brother instead, but he admits that John won't listen to anything he has to say. Andrew invites Marcie and Ron to dinner at the center.

Jen gets back to Asa's place and admits to Joe that she was with Rex; they were planning a birthday party for him. Riley tells Flash that he's giving up the music business due to the commercialism of it; he doesn't want to be like his father. Asa wants Daniel to dig up dirt on someone and he wants Riley to convince Flash to return to school; he promises that there will be something in it for him. Riley finds the attempt at a bribe to be funny but Flash decides on her own to check out Llanview Univ. She's decided she can't be happy without Riley around. Bo arrives and is peeved to find Daniel in attendance but learns from Renee that he's there because of Flash and Riley. He mentions that he's been unable to get in touch with Gabrielle. He also gives Nora a quick call after talking to Kelly about Asa's grandchildren, and suggests that Asa be told about Matthew. Joe tells Jen he trusts her but then Jess tells him she was unaware of any party being planned. Joe also remarks about the party to a confused looking Natalie who in turn confides to Jess that she went to see John. Jen receives a call from John requesting to see her at the police station for questioning. Asa worries about Kevin.

When Jen arrives at the police station, the first thing that John comments on is her perfume. He gets her to give him the name of it. He shows her a picture of Karen but Jen denies knowing her. He also shows her the ring retrieved at the crime scene. She continues to deny everything, even when he mentions that he has a witness. She jumps up to leave, telling him she wants a lawyer. As she heads out, Rex walks in, happily showing her the ring that he "found in the sheets." He whispers to John not to mention it to anyone, since Jen is the rev's wife. John doesn't appear to buy it and tells Jen he'll be questioning her again.

Todd finds his way to the cabin and walks in on Blair trying to warm a feverish Kevin with her body.

The plane wrecked women think about everyone at home and blame each other for their latest escapade. Dorian is unsuccessful in finding their suitcases or food at the plane site. After she tells Viki that it's getting warmer outside, the women hear a rumbling. It appears to be an avalanche!

Thursday, November    27, 2003

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FRIDAY, November    28, 2003

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