One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on OLTL
Kelly agreed to talk to Blair for Todd in exchange for Todd's help in hiding questionable items in Ace's medical records. Nora agreed to practice a dance with Bo. Kelly planned a romantic evening with Kevin. Natalie found John lying in an alley. Eve asked Natalie not to give up on John. Starr ended up in a chat room.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, April 5

Kelly agreed to let Todd help her out by hiding the inconsistencies in Ace's medical record. In return, Kelly had to agree to talk Blair into meeting Todd one-on-one. Kelly kept her end of the bargain and arranged for Blair to go to Ultra Violet. There, Blair listened intently as Todd pled for forgiveness. Blair seemed touched, but was unable to fully trust Todd. Blair later opened up to Nora about her meeting with Todd. Nora, however, advised Blair that it might best to keep her distance from Todd.

Later, Nora relented to Matthew's begging and agreed to practice with Bo for an upcoming dance contest.

Meanwhile, Kelly planned a romantic evening with Kevin in the hopes of getting their rocky marriage back on solid ground.

A weakened John collapsed outside Rodi's. Jessica found a bottle of prescription medication that John had dropped. At about the same time, Natalie found John's lifeless body in the alley. When she called for help, she and Antonio deduced that Stephen must have poisoned John's pills.

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Viki asks Nora to help her make a new will. Nora recommends Evangeline since she is not in private practice. Matthew asks Nora if Viki is going to die. Nora tells him she will be ok. Matthew daydreams that Bo and Nora get back together.

Jessica feels Antonio is laying a guilt trip on her for wanting to be with Viki. Antonio doesn't want to move Jamie from her home. Viki jokes to Jessica about juggling too much and ending up having a heart attack. Antonio and Jamie come by to drop off Jessica's laundry.

Riley likes the video Jen did of Midnight Logic. Riley and Jen clarify to Shannon and her date they are not dating. Roxy tells Paul that Natalie does not want her family's money. Matthew calls Jen to videotape Bo and Nora. Nora calls Matthew on this ulterior motive for wanting them to go to New York. He pinky swears that he is not trying to play matchmaker.

Bo stops by to check on John. Bo suggests he start trusting some people. Jen asks Marcie to move back in.

John asks to see Natalie in his hospital room. John thanks her for saving his life. Michael suggests to John that he stop making himself suffer for Caitlin's death now that Stephen is dead. Bo consoles Eve. Dr. Long snaps at Michael for wanting to see a patient's files. Paul finds Dr. Long and tells him they need to talk. Dr. Long is not pleased he came up to him in public they head to his office. Marcie and Michael see a suspicious Dr. Long on whispering on the phone. Michael tells Marcie he thinks something is going on with Dr. Long and Paul.

Natalie shows up at John's apartment to take care of him. Natalie watches over him as he sleeps. He wakes up and she has breakfast waiting for him. John repeats to her that he can't be involved with anyone right now. Natalie is annoyed and leaves immediately when Eve arrives. Eve finds Natalie and tells her to not give up on John. Paul invites Natalie for a date. After the date Paul tries to kiss Natalie but she runs off. He asks her what her problem is. She returns to answer him. She tells him nothing is her problem kisses him.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Viki makes plans to go to a conference in Chicago, however when Jess hears about it, she won't allow her mom to go due to her heart condition. Feeling like she's being smothered, Viki announces that she really doesn't need a watchdog.

After Asa learns that Kevin and Kelly have put in a bid on a new house, he guilts them into staying where they are, with him. Kelly is happy that her son will be surrounded by family.

Paul is amazed by Nat's kiss and invites her back to his place. He calls her a tease when she declines, but when she tells him why she's not ready, he understands and agrees to wait. He receives a phone call from Kelly, demanding that he get the medical history of Ace's birth parents. He suddenly feels too involved but reminds her that she will need to help him unearth the real facts on Aunt Betsy's death and Adriana's birth.

Stopping at Blair's office to find out how Starr is, Todd learns that his daughter has been tormented at school and has refused to go back to the doctor. Todd comforts an agonized Blair who blames herself for Starr's condition. Later, Kevin pays a visit and warns Blair to be careful, after she admits that she had a good conversation with her ex-husband and is feeling happy.

Back in his own office, Todd meets with an ex-employee of Buchanan Enterprises who has recently been fired. Todd has plans of his own and the man will be making a very important phone call, after being prompted by Todd's secretary, Mrs. Bigelow. Kelly stops by and learns that Todd has arranged for Ace's blood type to be changed on his records; he also has a new pediatrician set up who will be familiar with the baby's background.

Starr rushes home from school and immediately signs onto the chat room. The person on the other end advises her that her parents are trying to control her. She tells the party that yes she's dangerous, as she pulls a cigarette from her bag. She continues to instant message with an alleged 16-year-old boy and reluctantly agrees to resend her picture that he claims wasn't received. Dorian returns home at the same time that David has completed packing his bag to leave. She went to Mendorra to protect Adriana from her real father, to make sure that he was not aware of her, she contends. She's thrilled that David is jealous and insists that she wasn't with anyone and begs him to stay. Only if she sets a wedding date, he responds. Adriana soon returns home followed by an arguing Blair and Kelly. Blair is pretty certain that Todd has something on Kelly, since she helped him set her up at Ultraviolet. Dorian has a photo of Adriana's father and wants her to remember what he looks like in case she sees him around. She wants her to be safe. David complains about Dorian and Adriana mentions that she's having problems with River. Starr hastily closes the laptop and puts out the cigarette when there's a knock at her door. When it turns out to be Adriana, wearing make-up and a sexy dress, she asks to take her picture. Dorian heads upstairs where Starr mentions that Adriana looks like Dorian in earlier pictures. The voices seem to be going away, she confides to her great-aunt, who is touched by Starr's comment. Dorian admits to being claustrophobic and tells Starr that she is brave, like all Cramer women. Reluctantly, Starr mentions that she's also part Todd. When she's able to get back to the computer, it's the picture of Adriana that is sent. David and Kelly manage a chat; she tells him that she and Kevin have no secrets from each other.

When Todd shows up at Llanfair, he finds Viki learning yoga, courtesy of Jess. Expressing his concerns over Viki's health, he suggests that she stay well to help with Starr and Jack. Starr especially has troubles he advises her, since she's half Blair and half of himself. Antonio pays a visit with an ill Jamie and Todd advises him not to let his daughter out of his sight.

Kevin stops by at Rodi's to make sure that Nat is ok with his suggesting that Jess stay with their mother. He knows that Nat is worried and he believes that she's afraid to show it. Paul manages to get hold of Babe Chandler's medical records and meets with Kelly at Rodi's. (She arrives just as Kevin is leaving; she lies that she's there to hand out christening pictures). Paul promises to get information on the father later. Kelly remarks that she believes that David is telling the truth both about Aunt Betsy and Adriana.

Dorian visits Viki with an abundance of "heart healthy" food. Viki admits not only that she's worried and scared but that Dorian is the only one to whom she can admit that to.

Blair heads up to Starr's room and finds the still burning cigarette but no Starr. After calling out and looking in the closet, she turns to find her unconscious daughter lying under the bed. As Todd learns that Mrs. Bigelow has Harry's (the fired employee) story down pat, he receives a call from Blair, from the hospital.

Thursday, April 8, 2004

Todd puts his plan in motion that he's certain will destroy Kevin. His first order of business is to print a story in the Banner, which insinuates there was some illegal activity going on at Buchanan Enterprises.

Todd draws Antonio and Evangeline into his scheme by planting a rumor that Nora accepted a bribe.

Antonio turns up at Llanfair when he finds it nearly impossible to juggle work and parenthood. Blair gets a firm warning from Dorian not to let Todd talk his way back into her life. Elsewhere, Daniel's invitation for drinks throws Nora off guard.

Natalie checks in with John to see how he's been feeling. He assures her that although their last encounter ended uncomfortably, he still considers her a very good friend. When a mysterious woman who's concerned for her life pays John a visit, Natalie feels as if she's being pushed aside.

Friday, April 9, 2004

Kathryn admits to John that she is in trouble and asks him to help her find Paul Cramer. When the people searching for Kathryn show up at the Angel Square Inn, Roxy helps John hide her on the roof where Marcie and Michael are sharing a romantic evening. When Roxy interrupts to hide out Kathryn, Michael and Marcie wonder about John's safety.

Natalie and Paul play truth or dare at Ultra Violet. While sharing a kiss, John walks in the club and sees them. Interrupting the kiss, he drags Paul away despite Natalie's protests. Kathryn confronts Paul about stolen money. When he confesses to the theft and spending the money, she lets him go. When he runs into Natalie, Paul lets her assume that John and Kathryn are a couple.

Rex stresses about Ultra Violet's reopening when Riley isn't at the club on time. When Riley shows up from playing music for Marcie and Michael's evening, Rex tries to give him a hard time, but Riley threatens to walk.

Antonio and Jamie move into Llanfair knowing R.J. will be furious. Antonio tries to tell Jessica that Viki's recovery will take a long time, but she assures him her mother will be okay.

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