One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 21, 2007 on OLTL
Starr was upset to hear that Cole was out on a date with Britney. John warned Marty to be careful around Miles. Jessica cried that she should never have married Antonio. Dorian tried to seduce Clint. Cristian and John discovered a symbol painted on some artwork at Cristian's studio. Langston met someone new.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 21, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Bo told John that there was another incident with the One Pure People. Bo said he found Lindsay, Nora, Evangeline, Cristian and Talia unconscious. He said that the entrance to Cristian's loft had been sealed and everyone had been gassed. Bo told John that everyone was fine except for Evangeline who was still unconscious. Bo asked John to take over the arson investigation because he thought Antonio had too much on his plate right now with Jessica. Before John left to go to the hospital, Bo told him that Evangeline's heart stopped, but that she was breathing on her own for right now.

At the hospital, Lindsay, Nora, Talia, and Cristian were being checked by the doctors and waiting to hear about Evangeline's condition. Layla came to check on her sister's condition. Paige told them all that she had lapsed into a deep coma. Nora told Layla not to give up hope....that she had been in a coma and recovered. Nora started to cry when Layla and Cristian went in to see Evangeline. Bo arrived at the hospital and Paige told him that Evangeline was comatose. Paige told Layla about a medical facility that helps patients out with cases like Evangeline's.

In the gymnasium, Langston and Starr watched some boys that were listening to music. Starr saw Britney and Cole leave together, and became very upset. Amber told her that Cole left with Britney to go talk to Henry's parents. Marcie told Starr and Langston that Alec, the male lead in the play, had to drop out and she had to find a replacement. Marcie asked the boys listening to music to leave. The ringleader of the group, Markko, watched Langston as she played the piano. She asked him if he wanted to audition for the musical. He seemed interested until his friends returned. He told Langston he would rather stick pins in his eyes than be in her dumb show. She called him a phony. Britney and Cole returned to the gym where she announced that she had something to say to everyone.

Tate saw his father, Kirk Harmon, who claimed he had come to town to help him with Rex. Tate's father asked why he was the last to know about his "gay" son. He told Tate that Rex had been calling and asking a lot of questions about his past. Tate told his father that Adriana was in love with Rex, so they would only be friends. Mr. Harmon told him that he was a true Harmon and to fight like one. Tate said that he didn't want to make Rex mad, and made reference to a "secret" in his past. Adriana came out of the elevator just in time to meet Kirk. Tate put clothes and duct tape in the trunk of his car.

Nash told Clint at the hospital that Jessica is in love with him and is ending her marriage to Antonio. He said no one was going to keep him away from Jessica anymore. Nash said that he would give anything to save her life. Clint has a hard time believing him. He said that Jessica is dying and needs to put all her strength into getting better. Clint said that he hopes Jessica has a life to live.

Jessica ended her marriage to Antonio. She told him that she loved him, but she was in love with Nash and wants to be with him. Jessica cried when she talked to Antonio. She said she was sorry for hurting him, but that she and Nash were "meant to be together." Antonio told Jessica that she made his daughter fall in love with her and then she was messing around on them behind their backs. Jessica said her biggest regret was putting Jaime in the middle. Antonio asked Jessica about the kissing incident that Jaime referred to, and Jessica said that right before Jaime ran out of the apartment she saw her and Nash kissing at the loft. Jessica said she just couldn't help herself. She told Antonio that she and Nash made love at the quarry. Antonio was very upset and had a hard time dealing with what Jessica had said. He told her he wish he had never met her and walked out of the hospital room. When he walked out, he and Nash came face to face.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cole asked everyone in the gym to be quiet so that Britney could speak. Britney said that she wanted to tell her side of the story. She said she had done something horrible. Britney said that she had used Henry, treated him like crap, and pretended to be his friend, but that she didn't know that he would snap the way he did. Britney told everyone that she went to see Henry's parents and apologized. The kids didn't buy her apology and Langston told her she needed to apologize to everyone, especially Starr. Cole stuck up for Britney and reminded the other kids that everyone deserves a second chance. Cole said that he got into trouble for being on steroids, and he was given a second chance. The kids started to verbally attack Britney again, and Starr banged the piano keys and told everyone to just grow up.

Paige tried to tell Cristian that he needed to rest and recover. She told him that when he was brought in he had an irregular heartbeat. John told Paige that she was wasting her breath. Paige had Cristian sign a form releasing the hospital from any liability if he chose not to stay. Cristian told John that nobody would tell him how Evangeline was doing and that he had to get to her. John told Cristian that leaving would be a mistake because there was a group that may want him dead. Cristian said he had to protect Evangeline. John reminded Cristian that he cares for Evangeline as well.

Antonio came face to face with Nash outside Jessica's hospital room. Antonio told Nash that the woman he fell in love with was gone. He told Nash if he wanted someone "who would lie, cheat, and walk all over the feelings of a little girl then Jessica's yours." He asked Nash how it felt to be his "friend" and to take away the woman he loves. Nash said they never wanted to hurt him and wished things could have ended more civilized. Antonio asked Nash how many times he had sex with his wife. Nash said that Jess was in love with him and that Antonio was oblivious to what was going on with his wife. Antonio slammed him into the wall. They argued over the marriage. Nash told Antonio the only reason he let Jessica marry him was because Jess swore to him that Tess was gone. Antonio was visibly angry and he threw Nash onto a table by the wall. Cristian grabbed Antonio and pulled him off of Nash. He tried to calm Antonio down, but he told his brother that his marriage was over.

Miles ran into Marty at the hospital. She asked him what he was doing there. He told Marty he had given blood and was trying to find out if he was a match for Jessica. Paige walked by and told Miles she would try to find out what she could. Miles wanted to take Marty out to dinner, but she told him she had plans in Cherryvale. She said she was working on her lupus support group. Miles told her she was amazing. Miles had a flashback and remembered Jordan telling him that women liked to be rescued and then he ran off. John showed up at the hospital and told Marty to be careful around Miles. Miles was in a parking garage draining gasoline from a car when Marty got off the elevator. Miles hid behind a column when his cell phone rang. Marty heard it and called out, "Is anyone there?" Marty was visibly shaken, but thought she was just being paranoid.

Jessica was looking at Jaime's picture in her hospital room, and asked Natalie to take it down. Jessica started to cry and told Natalie that those pictures belonged to Antonio and his family. She said that she is no longer a part of his family. Jessica told Natalie that she never should have married Antonio. She said she screwed up and if she dies from cancer, she gets exactly what she deserves. Natalie told Jessica that she needed to focus on herself and get well because she was her hero. Natalie brought in a box of magazines to cheer Jessica up. Nash walked in the room with flowers and cuddled up in the bed with Jessica.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blair stops by John's office to tell him that she has gotten no news from the Chicago police department regarding Todd's disappearance. John said he hasn't heard anything yet either, but is bringing Miles into the office to question Miles about his involvement in the case and to listen to the recording of the baby's cry. Miles arrives, frustrated because he has somewhere else to be. John wants to know where Miles is heading. Miles lies, saying he's going to a meeting with an investment group. John tells him he's going to be late and plays him the recording. After listening to the recording, he insists that he knows nothing about Todd's disappearance. Blair and John are suspicious, but they let him go. John intends to follow Miles, and Blair offers to go with, but he convinces her to go home and be with her kids.

Marty's car runs out of gas, and a stranger approaches her to ask if she needs help. She says she doesn't need any help. Then two more men approach her car. They threaten her and force her out of the car. Marty maces one of the guys as she struggles to get free, but the other two get a firm grip on her. The thugs decide to take what they want and leave. While they're distracted, Marty breaks out of their grasp and fights them off.

Miles drives up to Marty's car a little while later and asks her if she's alright. At that moment, John pulls up. Marty runs and hugs him, much to Miles's chagrin. Marty tells John about the attack on her, and he becomes suspicious that Miles is involved in it because he happened to travel on the same road she was on. Miles gives John a card for the group he was meeting so John can check up on him. He then offers to drive Marty home, but John insists that she come to the station with him to file a report. After they leave, Miles furiously slams Marty's car door shut.

At the station, John compliments Marty on how she fought off her attackers. She then asks him why he's so suspicious of Miles, and he responds that he has a gut feeling about him. He asks her if Miles knew where she was going that night, and she admits that he did, which worries John even more.

The thug leader meets Miles at the site of the attack. Miles pays him more money because the thugs were injured when they were improvising their attack.

Viki waits for Clint at Asa's mansion, and is informed by Nigel that Clint is out with Dorian. She realizes that Clint might not be back until morning. Nigel offers to call Clint, but she tells him not to worry about it. She was just curious if he had any news about Jessica. Nigel mentions that he and the rest of the staff at the mansion are going to get tested to see if they're a match for Jessica, which touches Viki. Viki astonishes Nigel by blaming herself for Jessica's illness. He also says that they haven't told Asa. Viki thinks that's a good thing because Asa couldn't get tested due to his heart condition. Nigel comforts her telling her that Buchanans can get through anything. She tells him that she intends to get tested no matter what. Viki then says that all she wants to do is to be able to protect her children from all harm, but she hasn't been very good at that. Nigel tells her it's impossible for a mother to keep her children completely safe. He then puts things into perspective for Viki by telling her that Jess needs her mother more than she needs an organ donor.

Dorian tries to seduce Clint, but he tells her he's not in the mood because he's so worried about Jess. She understands and assures Clint that they'll find a donor for Jessica. Clint mentions that he's also worried that Jessica has too much going on in her personal life as well. Dorian then gives Clint a massage to try to relax him and tells him that he can't carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. They lean in for a kiss as they ease further down the bed. Afterwards Clint thanks Dorian for comforting him. He starts worrying immediately afterwards, though. Dorian tells him it's alright if he leaves, and they kiss before he goes.

Viki thanks Nigel for the conversation as Clint arrives. Clint asks Viki if she has any news about Jessica, and then tells her about Antonio and Jessica's breakup. Viki's shocked by this news, and is frustrated that they can't seem to do anything to help Jessica out. They both decide to do some research on liver cancer to feel like they're actually doing something and on the chance that they might find out something that will help Jessica.

Blair visits Dorian, and Dorian tells her about Jessica. Blair decides to go get tested to see if she's a match, because it's what Todd would want her to do. She wonders how Clint and Viki must be feeling, which makes Dorian worry a little bit.

Antonio tells Cristian about Jessica and Nash's tryst and that his and Jessica's relationship is over. Cris says that he already knew about it. Antonio wants to know how Cris found out about it, and then asks why Cris didn't tell him sooner. He says that Jess begged him not to say anything, which prompts Antonio to turn it around and ask how Cris felt about Todd and Evangeline kissing. Cris insists that was completely different. Antonio is furious that he was made to look like a fool, and tells Cris that he was stupid not to say anything about Nash and Jessica.

Antonio asks Cris how he would feel if Antonio had known about Todd and Evangeline and not told Cris. Cris admits that he'd be angry, and Antonio tells him that that is just the tip of the iceberg of his emotions. He tells Cris that they're no longer brothers because a brother would have told him the truth, even if it did more harm than good. Antonio says Cris means nothing to him now. Cris tries to explain, but Antonio threatens to punch him. Cris insists that he still loves Antonio. Antonio points out that Jessica did to, and that turned out badly. Antonio leaves Cris frustrated.

Meanwhile, Jessica is sad that she hurt Antonio so deeply. Nash tries to comfort her by telling her she did the right thing in telling Antonio the truth about them. That doesn't stop her from feeling bad about it, though. Jessica asks Nash if the confrontation between him and Antonio was horrible. He lies and says it wasn't and he's working through it. Jess is relieved to hear that Antonio was reasonable. Nash asks her if she's having second thoughts about telling Antonio the truth. Jessica assures him that she's fine and that Antonio needed to find out that Nash was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Nash then tells Jessica that things will be easier now that Antonio knows the truth. Jess says that things aren't any easier because she's dying. He insists that they will find a donor for her, she'll get healthy again, and they'll live happily ever after because they've been through too much for them to give up now. Jessica wonders if getting sick is her punishment for breaking Antonio's heart. Nash tells her it's not a punishment. He's as sure of that as he is of how much he loves her. As they kiss each other, Antonio looks through the window to her room, then stomps away.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cole tries to spend the day at home with his mom after her ordeal but she assures him she's alright and he needs to go to school. When she falls asleep and has her same bad dream regarding Spencer's death, Miles hears her yell out when he arrives at her front door. He heard she wasn't at work and wanted to check on her. He mentions that he feels badly about not protecting her, but she wonders how he would have known that anything would happen. Are you psychic? she asks him. He feels that she doesn't trust him and she's tired of hearing him think that he knows what she's feeling. She's on her way out to the police station and doesn't need a ride from him. She assures him she's fine.

Cris looks for something to salvage as Lindsay tries to comfort him. What happened to Evangeline is not his fault, she tells him. He only wanted her to see his work and now his brother wants nothing to do with him either, he continues. How can he start over? Antonio will need some time and then he'll realize that Cris was only trying to help him, she assures him. He needs something to believe in again and she wants him to look around the room for something to inspire him. He needs to use his talent. Furthermore, she's not afraid to hang around him, she says, in response to his comment about people getting hurt when they're near him.

Marcie has a dance instructor\choreographer for the school show and he's dismayed that there are never enough guys around for shows. He gets Starr and Cole to dance together and they're amazing, as they stare into each other's eyes. Marco is there watching again and Langston challenges him to try out but he feigns disinterest again. Watching them, Marco announces that he can do better and in turn challenges Langston to dance with him. She refuses but he dances himself, obviously more interested in being in the play than he let on. Cole heads for Britney when the dance is over and learns that not only are her parents angry at her for meeting with Henry's parents, but they've forgotten her birthday. He offers to take her out and Starr overhears which infuriates her. He wants to take her out, he angrily tells her, but she isn't interested. He doesn't have to explain himself to her. She feels that he's just fallen for Britney's pouting act. Marco ends up getting the lead role.

According to Talia and John, there's been no evidence found at Cris' place; in fact there's not much of anything left. There's an officer posted outside of Evangeline's door and the feds are being called in. John believes there's a hit list and they need a new point of view. He tells Marty that she doesn't have to go through her stress alone. He still doesn't trust Miles and is going to have him checked out. He is going back to give another look at the scene with Cris. Marty makes a phone call as Miles lurks around near her. It's for an appointment and she's the patient. Lindsay stops by but admits that she didn't see anything of the person who hit her outside Cris' door. She does have some baby pictures of Matthew that she received from Will and she turns them over to Bo. He tells her she's changed for the better and she admits that when a child is lost, one's perspective changes. She has a mild concussion from the hit on the head.

Kirk Harmon tells his son that he needs to do some kind of damage control to get his good reputation back. Reading the newspaper, he has the perfect idea. Tate should get tested as a liver donor for Jessica Buchanan. Obviously, he won't match but it'll be good publicity. Tate agrees to do it but because it's the right thing to do.

At the hospital Dorian advises Viki that she submitted her blood sample under Dorian's name and if she matches Jess as a liver donor, they'll worry about how to deal with it then. When Adriana and Rex show up to be tested, Dorian pulls Rex aside and orders him to stop investigating Tate. He feels certain that Tate is working an angle, he explains, but just then the Harmons show up to help. Kirk plays up that it was Tate's idea and he meets Rex, who apologizes for his actions. The guys claim to have worked everything out. Dorian introduces herself but when Kirk seems to make a play for her, she immediately links her arm through Clint's and introduces Viki, who rolls her eyes. Viki and Clint realize that no one knows about Jess and Antonio splitting up and they wonder where he can be. They feel sorry for him. Talia shows up for the test and questions Rex on his motives regarding Tate. Someone is playing dirty, she tells him. It's not me, Rex insists. Kirk thinks he'll take Dorian up on her suggestion to help Viki out, who gives another eye roll when it's mentioned that Kirk is a widower. Dorian offers to take the Harmons out; Adriana thanks Rex for being good before leaving with them. He makes a call after they leave though, and tells someone that he's not dropping what he said he was.

John gets over to see Cris. They talk about Evangeline and John vows to get the perpetrators. Suddenly, Cris spots something out of place when John begins to move things around. There's some painting that Cris himself didn't do.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Cristian and John talk about the symbol left by the arsonist on one of Cris's paintings. John asks Cris to check the rest of his paintings for the symbol and then snaps a digital picture of the symbol to send to the forensics team so they can look for the symbol at the other arson sites. John realizes the arsonist is getting arrogant by leaving a symbol, which makes him that much more sure that they'll eventually be able to catch him.

John and Cristian head to the station, and John brings in a tech to look at the painted symbol. Then they discuss how the arsonist has escalated his attacks and how it's possible the arsonist may get caught after a few more attacks. As they talk about wanting to catch the arsonist because of what happened to Evangeline, the tech reports that he found information about the paint and the brush used in creating the symbol. Later on, Cris returns to his studio and curses the arsonist.

Meanwhile, Talia is looking through the files on Antonio's desk to get some information for John when Antonio walks in. Antonio tells her that he's back on the job because he and Jessica are finished, and demands that Talia back away from his desk. Talia's shocked that Jessica and Antonio broke up and thinks that Antonio should take some time to let it sink in instead of burying himself in work. He tells her to mind her own business, but she counters with trying to get reassigned to a different case. Antonio doesn't mind working with someone else, but Talia won't let him do that either. He says that he wants to focus all his remaining energy on finding the arsonist, but Talia fights to get through to him to back off because his head isn't in the right place. Antonio tells her that she can talk all she wants, but he's not going to back away from the case. Talia doesn't back down so easily, and tells Antonio that she did a similar thing to what he's doing after 9/11. She then says it was the biggest mistake of her life.

Talia tells Antonio how, a few weeks after 9/11, she and her partner responded to an armed robbery call. She felt like she was in a fog, and as they drove up to the crime scene, she felt like it was 9/11 all over again. She was so distracted that she walked right into the line of fire and her partner took a bullet for her. Her partner ended up dying, and she's still haunted by that moment. She convinces Antonio to learn from her experience and take a leave of absence, because if his head isn't in the game, someone could get hurt. He agrees and leaves the police department.

At the hospital, Viki calls Kevin to tell him about Jessica's health and to have him thank Kelly for getting tested. As she hangs up, Nash wheels Jess toward the terrace, and Viki blows up at Nash for letting Jessica get out of bed. Jessica tells Viki not to talk to Nash like that. Viki really wants Jessica to stay in her room, but she refuses. Jess then asks Viki who told her about the breakup. Viki admits that she heard it from Clint, and then insists on taking Jess back to her room. Nash refuses to allow that, and Jess defends him. Jessica tells Viki that she just needed to get out of her room for a bit and that she wants to thank all the people that are getting tested as a possible donor for her. Viki then asks Jessica if she's sure about breaking up with Antonio, and Jess insists that she loves Nash and everyone is just going to have to accept that.

Viki tells Jessica that she'll accept this decision, but worries about the timing of it. Jessica tells her that it was actually very easy to make the decision because she's sick. Jessica then has a weak spell, and Viki thinks Jess should go back to her room. Jessica insists that she's fine, but she wants to stop talking about her decision. Viki says that she has some things that she'd like both Jess and Nash to hear. She tells them that she was furious when Clint told her about them being together, but realizes that Jessica actually did a very brave thing. She then tells Jessica about how many people got tested for her. Viki tries to encourage Jessica to go back to her room for dinner, but Jess refuses, and is craving an omelet. Nash then recites by memory the exact omelet Jessica wants. Viki has reservations about giving her such unhealthy food, which prompts Jessica to joke about not caring about how healthy the food is because she's dying. Viki's bothered by this, but relents and tells Nash that she's going to run this menu past her doctor first. Before she leaves, she warns Nash to take very good care of Jessica.

After Viki leaves, Nash reassures Jessica that everything is going to turn out just fine.

As Viki is picking up Jessica's omelet at the diner, she runs into Antonio.

Starr arrives at Dorian's house, very angry that Cole is going on a date with Britney. Blair comes into the kitchen and asks her if anything is wrong. Starr doesn't want to talk about what's bothering her. Blair tries to get her to open up because she can tells Starr is upset about something more than just Todd's disappearance. Starr has a minor breakdown and Blair comforts her for a bit. She then apologizes for breaking down and starts worrying about Todd being dead. Blair tells her not to worry and asks her the actual reason for her tears. Starr hedges a bit before telling Blair that she's upset that Cole is going out with Britney. Blair tries comforting Starr by saying that Britney is just a rebound and those relationships never last, and that Starr will eventually move on. Starr asks her if she'll move on just like Blair moved on from Todd.

Blair changes the subject away from Todd. Starr can't understand why Cole is going out with Britney after the way Britney treated her and after Cole said that he loved her. Blair offers some more comfort. Starr brings the conversation back to Todd, and Blair admits that she can't be with Todd for many reasons, not only because she lost their baby. Blair convinces Starr that they should go see a movie together to cheer them both up. Blair suggests the romantic comedy playing at the local theater, and Starr agrees to go with her.

Miles overhears Marty's phone call to a psychiatrist. She tells the psychiatrist that she thinks she did something terrible and arranges an appointment as soon as possible. Miles follows her out of the police station as she leaves.

Cole calls Britney and tells her to meet him at the diner. After he hangs up, he remembers kissing Starr.

Cole is surprised to see Marty come to the diner. She offers to take him home to get something to eat, and then realizes that he's waiting for someone. After some gentle prodding, she finds out that he's meeting Britney. Marty thinks that he's making a bigger mistake getting involved with her than he was by getting involved with Starr. He explains to her that he's only doing it because Britney's parents forgot it was her birthday. Marty tells him that he's a good kid. As Marty and Cole continue their conversation, Miles watches from outside the diner.

Cole tells Marty that people can change, and Marty says that hanging out with Britney could help him get over Starr. Cole suggests that Marty take her own advice and hang out with other people to try to get over Patrick. He then says that she has his permission to date someone if she can find a suitable guy. Before Marty leaves, she tells Cole to be careful with Britney. Miles sneaks away before Marty can see him lurking.

Miles then returns to the diner and enters, followed shortly afterward by Britney. She greets Cole and gives him a baseball glove as a thank you gift because she realizes that he'd much rather be out with Starr now. He tells her that his main goal is for her to have a good birthday. Britney suggests going to the theater to see a movie. She gives him the choice of three movies, but he can tell she really wants to see the romantic comedy. Because it's her birthday, he relents and they decide to go see that one.

Miles orders some coffee at the diner and then calls someone to meet him there.

As Marty arrives back at the police station, she calls her secretary to check her messages. She then gives her secretary the rest of the day off. As she's hanging up her phone, she sees a pair of scissors on a desk and has a flash to a medical tray. This startles her, and as she tries to hurriedly walk away, she bumps into John.

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