One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 16, 2009 on OLTL
David kicked his family out of the Buchanan mansion, much to Dorian's delight. Brody was afraid he'd killed Wes. Fish spent the night with Stacy and then broke things off with Layla. Natalie wondered why Jessica had a parking ticket from the hospital garage from the night of Chloe's birth. Lola accused Vanessa of framing Ray for murder. Marty's fingerprints were on the murder weapon, and she was arrested for Wes's death.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 16, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Better Off Red

Gigi cornered her sister, Stacy, and demanded to know how their parents had died. After hesitating for a brief moment, Stacy informed her sister that their parents had been killed in a traffic accident several years earlier. Their father died on the scene, but Mrs. Morasco lingered for quite some time. Gigi was devastated to learn that her mother asked for her from her deathbed. When Gigi expressed shock that her mother thought about her during her dying moments, Stacy related that their mother never forgot about Gigi. Mrs. Morasco had been afraid to turn against her husband, but had secretly wished for Gigi to return home. As Gigi and Rex listened, Stacy rehashed her life after her parent's deaths. Stacy's parents hadn't left her any inheritance, so the young girl was forced to earn money as a stripper. Gigi regretted the time she had lost with her mother and sister. Happy to be reunited, the sisters embraced.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Clint, Nora, Bo, Rene, and Nigel discussed the possible scenarios involving David and Dorian. While Clint tried to convince himself that the Buchanan fortune could be spared from David, Nora urged him to face facts. Nora stated that David was a Buchanan and that the family couldn't stop him from claiming his inheritance. Drowning their sorrows in liquor, the Buchanans tried to forget about the family's problems and joked about their circumstances.

Alone in the living room, Clint and Nora shared a drink. As Clint thanked Nora for bringing him back to reality, a drunken Bo and Rene interrupted the couple. Seconds later, Nigel joined the festivities. While Bo, Nora, Rene, and Nigel continued to drink and dance, Clint was deep in thought. He murmured to himself, "You won, old man!"

Inside a conference room of the Palace Hotel, Dorian admitted to knowing the truth about David's paternity. She insisted that he needed her to claim his inheritance and the life that he was entitled to, but David was hurt once he learned that Dorian only showed an interest in him because of the Buchanan riches. David accused Dorian of making a mockery of his religion, but Dorian claimed that she wanted to help David find his true self - as a Buchanan heir.

Dorian cited the many ways that David could enjoy his newfound wealth, and pleaded with him to share his fortune with her. To Dorian's surprise, David wondered why he should allow her to partake in his riches. Dorian struggled for answers when David reminded her of how she had turned her back on him when she took control of Buchanan Enterprises. David said that he couldn't forget how Dorian had left him penniless. Dorian begged David to forget about the past and share his wealth. Apologizing, Dorian admitted that her hatred for Clint clouded her judgment and caused her to hurt David. She insisted that she really loved him. David realized that Dorian was giving him a snow job. Expressing her regret that she wouldn't be a part of his future life, Dorian kissed David and exited the room. Alone, David pondered his dilemma.

At the Go Red Ball, Todd and Wes fought and Téa struck Marty. When Blair attempted to provoke Téa, the women began arguing relentlessly. Meanwhile, Todd broke a beer bottle over Wes's head and Wes responded by placing a knife to Todd's throat. Wes expressed his hatred for Todd and, in a menacing voice, he said, "Maybe this will shut you up!" Antonio broke up the altercation and ordered both men to leave.

John asked to take a look at Wes's knife. Examining the knife, John surprised everyone when he questioned why Wes wasn't carrying the same type of knife that he had used to kill Lee Halpern. An angered Wes denied any involvement in Lee's death and accused John of seeking revenge because of Wes's relationship with Marty. Ignoring Wes's remarks, John informed everyone of Wes's connection to Janet. When he asked if Marty was aware of Wes's secret, Marty related that she knew all the details, and she defended Wes. Téa maintained that she killed Lee in self-defense, but John didn't believe her. He stated that he considered Wes a suspect. A frustrated Wes stormed off. As Marty attempted to run after him, John suggested that she reconsider her relationship with Wes, but Marty responded by walking away.

After attempting to break up the fight between Todd and Wes, Fish suffered a slight injury. For a brief moment, Layla gave him some attention, but she was called away to complete her assigned duties at the ball. Afterward, Fish asked Talia if Layla was impressed by his heroics.

A sarcastic Blair wondered why John didn't run after Marty. Attempting to change the subject, John suggested that they spend some time alone at Rodi's. Frustrated, Blair told John that he would only be consumed with thoughts of Marty if she agreed to go with him.

Pulling her close, Antonio danced with Téa. He urged her to come clean and refute her claim of killing Lee. Realizing that Antonio had cornered tea, Todd interrupted their dance. Alone with Todd, Téa expressed her theory that Wes had killed Lee and framed Todd. Todd blamed himself for driving Marty into Wes's arms.

Inside his room, Wes frantically packed his bags and lashed out at Marty. He charged her for using him to make John jealous. Wes blamed Marty for the disaster that transpired at the Go Red Ball - the altercation with Todd, and John publicly accusing him of murder. He believed that Marty had only defended him because she wanted to hurt John. Wes was certain that she believed that he had murdered Lee. As a shocked Marty listened, Wes admitted that he had searched for Lee on the night of her murder. Recalling the pain that Lee had caused his family, Wes told Marty that he knew where to find Lee because Marty had told him the location of the safe house where the police had been holding her. Marty attempted to calm Wes and assured him that she didn't believe that he had killed Lee. Staring at her, Wes remarked, "How could you possibly know that?"

The Next Morning...

The janitor cleaned the debris left over from the Ball. Staring at the trashed ballroom, he exclaimed, "That must have been some party last night!"

Dressed in a slip, Nora woke up with a hangover. She was shocked to find a dazed Bo lying beside her.

A naked David awoke and discovered Dorian by his side. Smiling and exposing her bare back, Dorian told a dazed and confused David, "Zip me up!"

Lying in bed, Blair rubbed her eyes and begged John for an aspirin. A familiar male voice said, "Yeah, baby. I'll get you whatever you need." Blair cringed when she discovered that Todd was her bed partner.

Groggy, Marty rolled over in Wes's bed and was shocked to discover her hands covered in blood. Observing Wes lying on his side, Marty reached out for him. Marty let out a bloodcurdling scream when Wes's limp body rubbed against her. To Marty's horror, Wes had been stabbed in the chest.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Starr-crossed Mothers

At the cottage, Stacy woke up when she heard Rex and Gigi make their way downstairs. Before they could find her camped out on the floor with Fish, Stacy yelled up to them to stop because she wasn't decently dressed. Rex was determined to get his cup of morning coffee so he offered to close his eyes. Stacy threw the covers over Fish then plopped onto the sofa before Rex and Gigi made their way through the living room with their eyes closed.

As soon as Gigi and Rex were in the kitchen, Stacy tossed Fish his clothes then hustled him out of the door. She explained that she didn't want her nephew coming downstairs to find his aunt with her lover. Stacy slammed the door in Fish's face before he could say more than a few words.

A short time later, Stacy returned to the living room, properly dressed. Stacy was worried that Gigi was mad because of the way that Stacy had broken the news about their parents' passing. Gigi reassured her sister that she wasn't angry, otherwise she wouldn't have invited Stacy to stay with her.

As Gigi and Rex sipped coffee, Gigi flipped through a family photo album that she had taken when she had left home. Gigi was teary-eyed as she reminisced about the past. Rex told Stacy that he and Gigi had discussed tracking down Gigi's parents before their wedding. Gigi used the opportunity of her upcoming marriage to Rex to ask Stacy if there was someone special in her life. Stacy made it clear that she was unattached. She went a step further when she told her sister that every guy she had met at the ball, with the exception of Rex, had seemed like losers.

At the Palace Hotel, Layla and Talia were going over the receipts and talking about everything that had transpired at the ball. Layla announced that, despite all the drama, they had taken in quite a bit of money. Talk of the fight between Wes and Todd gave Talia the opportunity to mention how impressed she had been with the way Fish had handled the situation. Layla agreed with Talia, but noted that Fish had disappeared afterwards. Layla had no idea where he had gone.

Later, Layla was pleasantly surprised when Fish showed up at the hotel; he had left his PDA behind the night before. While Talia went to fetch it, Fish told Layla that he couldn't see her any more. Layla was stunned when Fish explained that he believed he had met the love of his life the night before.

David, sporting a nasty hangover, woke up in the Palace Hotel's conference room. Dorian was on hand to confirm David's suspicions that they had made love. Unfortunately, David didn't remember much of what happened the night before. Dorian was happy to help him out. As she recounted the events for him, David's memory slowly returned.

He recalled learning that he was a Buchanan and Dorian's confession that she had married him for the wrong reasons. He also remembered Dorian's offer to leave David alone so that he could think things through. Dorian didn't get far though. Before she could get on the elevator, David had stopped her. After they shared a passionate kiss, they returned to the room, drank champagne, ate strawberries, danced, and then made love.

When Dorian noticed the sad expression on David's face, she asked him what was wrong. David explained that he was sad because he would miss his morning prayers. Dorian was delighted when, in the next breath, David declared that he found comfort in knowing that he had inherited the Buchanan fortune. Just like that, David Vickeroshi was no more.

Dorian and David made arrangements for Dorian's personal shopper to bring them designer clothes to change into. Among the items that Dorian's shopper brought was a cowboy hat, which David immediately took a shine to.

Nora woke up in the Buchanan mansion's living room with a playing card stuck to her forehead. She turned to Clint to ask him how they had ended up on the sofa, only to discover that her sleeping companion was Bo. Clint walked into the room a heartbeat later. He seemed just as hung over as Bo and Nora. Clint, too, wondered how Nora and Bo had ended up on the sofa together. Nigel, equally as miserable as the rest of them, didn't have any answers when he joined them a short while later. Nigel was carrying a tray of glasses containing a hangover remedy. It was Renee, who breezed after Nigel, who had the answers to all of their questions.

After Renee gratefully gulped down Nigel's banana concoction, she explained that they had decided to raid the wine cellar after the ball. Things took a wild turn when a game of cards turned into a game of Strip Poker at Nigel's suggestion. Clint laughed as he recalled them all stripping down to their undergarments before staggering off to bed. Nora had passed out near the sofa. When Bo had stumbled in from the barn, it had woken Nora up. Unfortunately, Nora only managed to stagger a few steps before she passed out on the sofa next to Bo.

Later, after everyone cleaned up and got dressed, they gathered in the living room. When they heard the doorbell ring, the family realized that it was probably David and Dorian. They were correct. Nigel announced, "Mr. and Mrs. Vickers" seconds later. Dorian was quick to remind Nigel that they were now Buchanans, not Vickerses.

David made a show of telling Clint, Bo, and Nora how much he admired them and how delighted he was that they were family before he ordered them to "get the hell out of my house!"

Blair woke up with a headache. When she asked John for a couple of aspirin, she was aghast to discover that she was in bed with Todd, not John. Todd found her reaction amusing. Blair ignored Todd's chuckles at her expense, as she demanded answers. She wanted to know how she had wound up in bed with Todd. Todd explained that Blair had gotten drunk after John leapt to Marty's rescue when Wes had put his hands on Marty.

Blair's memory slowly returned to confirm that Todd had told her the truth. When John had tried to talk to Blair, she rebuffed him then kept on drinking. Finally, after John had left and the bar had closed, Todd had approached Blair. He refused to let her drive after she had been drinking. Since Blair wasn't in any condition to walk, she had accepted a ride from Todd.

Todd told Blair that he had taken her to his house, instead of to La Boulaie, because he did not want their kids to see Blair drunk and making a fool out of herself. When they had arrived at Todd's place, Todd had offered Blair the choice of one of his five bedrooms. After Todd had turned in for the night, Blair stumbled around looking for the bathroom. She found the bedroom that Todd was sleeping in instead. When Blair recognized it as Marty's room, Blair had teased Todd for sleeping in it. They bickered back and forth briefly until Blair had flopped down on the bed then promptly passed out.

As Blair got dressed, they talked about the fight between Wes and Todd the night before. Blair recalled the look that Todd had given Wes. She told him that if looks could kill, Wes would be dead. Todd didn't deny that he had been furious with Wes.

Before she left, Blair told Todd that she did not want anyone to know that she had spent the night at his place.

As John made his way to his rented room, Marty woke up next to Wes. When she turned over to wake Wes, Marty realized that she was covered in blood and that Wes was dead. John heard Marty's screams in the hallway. He rushed to the room she shared with Wes and banged on the door. When Marty didn't open it, John kicked the door open. He found Marty crouched against the wall with a look of complete horror on her face. John found the reason for the expression when he turned to see Wes's bloody body on the bed.

John asked Marty what had happened. Unfortunately, Marty's memory was spotty. She told John that she and Wes had been drunk when they returned to the room. They were also arguing. Wes was livid because Marty had used him to get to John. While they argued, Wes's temper flared. Marty told John that Wes had revealed that he had seen Lee Halpern the night that she died. Marty recalled thinking that Wes might have killed Lee, which had infuriated her, because it meant that Wes had killed the only person who could have secured Todd's conviction. Marty feared that in her anger, she had killed Wes. However, she did not recall actually killing Wes.

John was quick to defend Marty. He told her that he knew her and that he believed she couldn't have done it. Marty scoffed at his reasoning. She reminded him that she was a changed person who was perfectly capable of murder. She cited the incident with Todd on the rooftop, when Marty convinced him to jump and end his life, as evidence of her homicidal tendencies.

While the two were talking, Blair arrived to see John. She noticed the door to Wes's room was ajar. When she heard voices, Blair crept closer. She took in Marty's blood-drenched clothes as Marty asked John not to call the police. Marty wanted John to help her. Blair decided to take matters into her own hands; she called the police to report a murder. John and Marty turned when they heard Blair place the call. Neither looked pleased by Blair's interference.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Karma's A Bitch

As David ordered the Buchanans to "get the hell out of my house," pandemonium ensued. Clint attempted to reason with David, but found himself frozen out when he refused to address his new brother as "David Buchanan." When Matthew returned home from school and asked what was going on, David and Dorian gleefully informed the teen that he had a new "Uncle David" and had become a cousin to Starr and the rest of the Cramers by marriage. "Malheureusement, your half of the family will be living elsewhere!" Dorian trilled, reveling in her malaprop of French. Dorian told the family that federal marshals were waiting outside and that they had an hour to vacate the premises or be evicted.

Disgusted at losing two homes in two years, Matthew shunned Nora's comforting shoulder and stormed off to pack his things. Clint asked David what had become of his Buddhist faith, and David explained that he'd discovered his true calling: running Buchanan Enterprises. Clint appealed to David's sense of family, reminding him that Buchanan Enterprises was a complicated business and he would need his brothers' guiding hands. David rejected Clint's overtures, and attacked him and Bo for hiding the truth from him for months based on who he was. David said he wouldn't be a pushover anymore; "for once in my life, I'm gonna look out for myself!" "Karma's a bitch, ain't it?" Dorian cackled.

Renee raged at David, angered that he would evict them from the home Asa had meant for her and Matthew to keep forever. She said they would simply move into the Palace Hotel, but was horrified when Dorian produced documentation from the will codicil indicating that all Asa's previously bequeathed assets deferred to David. Dismayed, Nora verified the document's legitimacy. David tore into Renee for refusing him room, board, and service over the years, and looking down upon him. He told the family they could try to get suites at the Palace: "Too bad for you we'll be booked for the rest of your lives."

As the Buchanans prepared to pack and leave, David stopped Nigel, requesting that he continue as the faithful family butler. Nigel refused, and explained that he had been responsible for keeping the secret of the heir since Asa's death. He said he had felt David was too dangerous and irresponsible to be allowed near the Buchanan billions. Head held high, Nigel said David was not worthy of the Buchanan name. Clint said they would also need a second round of DNA evidence to verify David's claim, leading Bo to tear some hairs out of David's scalp, much to Dorian's chagrin.

While the Buchanans exited the mansion with their bags, Clint warned Dorian that their fight wasn't over, and they would be back. Dorian laughed in his face, and, as the doors shut, she and David gloated in their victory. Heading straight for Asa's liquor cabinet, they toasted, as Dorian asked to be called both "Dr." and "Buchanan." "Here's to you, Dr. Buchanan," David said as Dorian drew him into a passionate kiss.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Starr ran into Cole eyeing the front page of the Intruder, which showed the brawl at the Go Red Ball between Todd and Wes. Both teens were embarrassed for their parents, and while Cole was pleased to see Todd over a barrel, he admitted he hated Wes as much as he hated Todd. He complained that Wes continued enabling Marty's destructive behavior instead of encouraging her to return home to her family. Cole confessed that he'd gone to see Marty the night before, but said he had left before knocking when he'd heard Wes's voice from inside.

Changing subjects, Cole let Starr open his letter from Llanview University. Starr was overjoyed to discover that Cole had been accepted for the fall semester, and embraced him before apologizing for violating his space. Cole said it was all right, and that he didn't really hate her for perjuring herself on the stand. Starr asked if Cole would consider giving up drugs, since he had a future to look forward to. Cole remained ambivalent. Starr asked Cole if he wanted to talk some more, but Cole told her he was all right, and urged her to go to her afternoon session with Mr. Joplin.

Jessica arrived at St. Anne's to see Brody, but received only a barrage of taunts from one of her former group therapy colleagues. As the fellow patient harangued Jessica about her close relationship with Brody, one of the nuns knocked on Brody's door, but got no answer. When the trio entered the room, they found no sign of Brody, and a perfectly made-up bed. Just as the nun phoned security, Brody turned up in the hallway. He apologized to the irate nun for his disappearance, and said he'd only been taking a walk around the grounds.

When questioned about the bed, Brody said he'd made it up in the morning in accordance with Navy discipline. After the nun and the fellow patient left, Jessica told Brody to fess up; she didn't buy his story. Brody admitted he'd been gone since the previous evening, and had broken out, needing to get away from St. Anne's and get some space. Jessica told Brody she could relate to his need for freedom. She presented him with a gift: homemade cookies and an Ernest Hemingway novel, because she felt Hemingway wrote about war better than anyone else. Brody was touched by Jessica's gesture. He said it got lonely at St. Anne's without her, and explained that Wes had not been back to see him since confessing his lie about the "friendly fire" incident with the Iraqi child.

Growing upset, Brody told Jessica he wished Wes had just told him the truth in the first place; maybe that way, Brody wouldn't have ended up alone in St. Anne's. Jessica told Brody she hoped he would be free like her soon, ready to move forward with his life. As Brody began to walk Jessica out of the facility, the two ran into the pesky patient in the hallway. The addled woman told Brody and Jessica she had bad news: Brody's friend Wes was dead.

Téa arrived at Todd's house and entered his bedroom just as Todd began a fresh round of whining about Wes, staring at the Intruder headline on their website. Todd told Téa he badly wanted a piece of Wes, who he, ironically enough, claimed was "taking advantage of Marty." Todd asked Téa why she'd come, and Téa said she was there to say goodbye. His case was concluded, and their business relationship was at an end. As she handed Todd her large fee, Téa said she'd awarded herself a bonus for taking the rap on Lee Halpern's murder.

Amused by Téa's entrepreneurial spirit, Todd signed her check, as Téa noticed Blair's earrings on the bedroom floor. Growing edgy, Téa demanded to know how Blair's wardrobe got into Todd's bedroom. Todd admitted that the intoxicated Blair had slept it off at his place the night before, and assured Téa there had been no romantic reunion. He noticed Téa's frazzled demeanor, and asked if she was jealous. Téa vehemently denied any jealousy, and said she was through with any romantic relationship with Todd. Growing forlorn, she asked if they could be friends. Todd said he didn't have- or want-any friends, but accepted Téa's overture. When Téa suggested they get a bite to eat, Todd agreed, but said he needed to shower first. Todd exited for the bathroom, leaving Téa alone with Blair's earring, and her thoughts.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Marty and John were shocked to see Blair step into the doorway of Wes' apartment and call 9-1-1. When Talia answered at the police station, Blair told her Wes Grainger had been murdered, and she was staring at the culprit: Marty Saybrooke. After she'd hung up, John attacked Blair, and told her to let him handle the situation. Blair shot back that the gory scene seemed to speak for itself, while the shell-shocked Marty said nothing. Blair said she'd come to see John to apologize for her conduct at the Go Red Ball, but was angered to find him once again playing Marty's white knight. Blair castigated Marty for being a violent and irresponsible woman who neglected her own son and tried to drive men to suicide. She challenged Marty to tell them that things weren't as they appeared, and that Marty hadn't killed Wes. Dazed and confused, Marty could only stare into space.

As the Llanview Police Department arrived at the hotel, Antonio and Talia took charge of the crime scene. Talia ushered the bloodstained Marty out to change her clothes, while John held a furtive conference with Antonio. He explained how he'd come upon Marty, and said that the door had been locked when he'd arrived. When Antonio asked Blair how she'd gotten involved and where she'd spent the night, Blair hedged on the details. She demanded they arrest Marty for murder, and a clean-scrubbed Marty arrived just in time to agree with her. Marty told Antonio she couldn't remember the details of the previous evening beyond her fight with Wes, and said she couldn't be sure whether or not she'd killed him. John advised her to get a lawyer, but Marty said she wouldn't need one.

As the cops prepared to take Marty in for questioning, Blair asked John to leave with her. John was reticent, and Antonio told them they also needed to come to the station for questioning. John told Antonio he knew he wasn't a cop anymore, but put his two cents in, fingering Todd for the murder. He said Todd had motive, and that the knife Wes was killed with was the same one he had brandished on Todd at the Go Red Ball. Blair defended Todd, and refused to believe that he could have committed such a savage act. She trashed John and the cops for refusing to look at Marty, the obvious perpetrator.

On her way out of the hotel, Marty said a tearful goodbye to Wes as he was zipped into a body bag, and told him she was sorry. As Marty and the cops exited the scene, Antonio asked John how many people could have wanted Wes Grainger dead. John admitted it could've been any number of Llanview citizens. The news report hit television screens across town in a montage; Cole saw the report at the Buenos Dias, while Téa turned on Todd's TV and was hit with the news. As the police hustled Marty out of the building, John comforted her, leaving Blair to watch.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do You Want To Tell Them or Should I?

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cole heard the news of Wes and Marty, and took off for the police station. Noelle confided to Markko that she was still working as a waitress because her husband was rich, not her. She added that Moe had been driving her crazy by giving all of his attention to his portfolios. She wondered why Markko was having his mail sent to the diner. Grabbing the envelope, Markko ripped it open and yelled in glee. He was accepted to his first choice college in California. As Jared and Natalie arrived for a meal, they continued to ponder the parking stub from the hospital that Jessica had in her possession from the night of Chloe's birth.

Natalie was perplexed as she described a possible scenario from the hospital, based on the times on the parking stub. She found it difficult to believe that Jessica would have been at the hospital for 30 minutes, then headed to the cottage to have her baby. She wondered what Jessica could have been doing there. Jared felt that Jessica was better and that they should be supporting her, instead of delving into what happened in the past. While he agreed that the entire parking stub issue was weird, he suggested other alternatives as to why Jessica was at the hospital for such a short time after planting the bomb.

Natalie felt that she couldn't trust Jessica until she resolved the matter. While Jared expressed his happiness for the way things were, Natalie believed that she couldn't let the matter go. Jared hoped she would get the answers she was searching for and be able to drop the incident. He thought Jessica deserved a break.

Later, Langston was thrilled to hear that Markko had been accepted to Llanview University. Noelle wondered why he had lied to his girlfriend. He explained that he couldn't leave Llanview and his dream girl, even if it meant forgoing his dream college. Noelle looked on disapprovingly, as Markko assured his girlfriend that he wasn't going anywhere. Langston longed to share the good news with Starr. She wondered if Cole was accepted, too, thinking that he and Markko would be great roommates.

Upset over his best friend's death, Brody wondered if he was the one responsible for Wes's murder. He was worried because he couldn't remember his activities from the previous night. Jessica thought that Brody would indeed remember if he had killed Wes, and pointed out that his clothes and hands were clean, and he had not suffered a blackout. Nevertheless, Brody blamed himself since Wes had been in Llanview for him in the first place. He admitted that he couldn't remember the incident on Llantano Mountain with Shane and Rex, either, which further caused him to question his own innocence.

Jessica felt sure that Brody was merely in shock and that, while he was angry at Wes for his lie regarding the killing of the boy in Iraq, she knew that Brody wouldn't have become violent over it. She felt that Brody was much better since he took up residence at St. Anne's. She again jokingly pointed out his clean fingernails and ordered him to fight against his doubts of himself, just as she did constantly with herself. She confirmed that she knew Brody and trusted him, and that she knew he couldn't have killed Wes.

Singing the praises of St. Anne's for getting her stronger, Jessica was also thankful for meeting Brody, who quietly thanked her. She ordered him to stop being polite and get angry. Brody agreed that he was angry at Wes, but he also loved him as a best friend who protected him. Solemnly, Jessica urged Brody to mourn. Before she left, she told Brody to give her a call.

Learning of the death of Wes, Téa thought it best to contact the police first, assuming that they would be looking for Todd after the men fought at the ball. She agreed to bring Todd in for questioning. With Blair's forgotten earring in hand, Téa was confident that Todd had his alibi. Todd wasn't too sure of that, as he didn't expect Blair to back him.

Arriving at the police station, John voiced his opinion that Todd should be brought in as the likely suspect. As Marty's attorney entered, Blair expressed her own opinions on Marty's obvious guilt. Cole showed up in support of his mother and conveyed his concern and worry. He didn't want to lose his mother again, he pronounced. Learning that she was merely going to be questioned, the young man insisted on waiting. Marty was happy that Cole was present, as he assured her he'd look out for her. Wondering why his mom was being questioned in the first place, John agreed that she didn't do anything, but Antonio explained that others were being questioned as well, if they had been in the vicinity.

Cole announced that he would have to be questioned, too, as he had attempted to visit his mom the night of the murder. He never saw her, though, he continued, because he heard Wes talking. He didn't hear specific words, only the voice, he stressed. He made it clear that his mom had been through enough and he wanted her left alone. Todd arrived and agreed with Cole. Talia, Marty, and the attorney stepped into the interrogation room to record Marty's statement. Marty recapped her story, clarifying that Wes was dead when she awoke and she had no clue as to what happened.

Talia wanted to pursue the argument the couple had but Marty quickly made it clear that she had too much to drink, not Wes. He was being protective, and she was being stupid, she said. She added that John had shoved Wes at the ball, which caused him to bump into Todd. The knife that Wes carried was something he needed for his bike. Wes was gentle, understood what she had been through, and tried to help her. Their relationship was not physical. Marty was angry at Talia's insinuations of Wes being forceful in any way. John admonished an angry Cole to "be cool" when he saw Todd, and convinced the young man to go home. He said he'd let Cole know when Marty was released.

Antonio asked an evasive Todd about his evening and was angered at Téa, who appeared to be covering for Todd once again. A smirking Téa assured Antonio that there was someone else who would be able to vouch for Todd. As Todd summarized his evening after leaving the ball, a doubtful Antonio found it difficult to believe that Todd went home and to bed. Blair was beside herself, yelling that Marty had killed Wes, not Todd. Still being questioned, Marty ended it all, advising Talia that she had been exhausted and drunk and she had gone to bed. There was nothing else for her to add and she began to cry.

The attorney summarized everything that was said and Talia thanked Marty for being so cooperative. They were finished and Marty was free to go. Téa, enjoying herself immensely, assured Antonio that Todd had not been alone after the ball. As Blair cringed, Téa grinned. "There was someone else with Todd that night, wasn't there Blair? Should I tell them sweetheart, or would you like to?" she asked. All eyes were on Blair.

Starr ran into the science room and apologized for being late, knocking over a beaker in the process. She confided to her teacher how upset she was at not being able to speak to Cole like old times and how he never looked her in the eye like he used to, whenever they did meet. Schuyler empathized with Starr's feelings of loss after such a loving relationship, confiding that he knew exactly how she felt. Starr wanted to know what went wrong in Schuyler's situation and asked if it had anything to do with his drug problem.

An uneasy Schuyler felt it inappropriate to talk about his love life and wanted his privacy respected, though he confirmed that he hadn't been involved with drugs in a very long time. He didn't want Starr to tell anyone what he had told her. He understood, though, that Starr was concerned about her own friend who was doing drugs and was looking for some help and comparisons. She felt that her friend's behavior had altered. Arriving to school late, Cole lost his temper, banging repeatedly on his locker. Making sure the coast was clear, he took another pill.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Freaky Friday

At the police station, Téa pressured Blair into admitting that she was Todd's alibi. Humiliated, Blair confessed that Todd couldn't have possibly killed Wes because she had spent the night in question in bed with Todd. A disgusted John questioned if Blair had been intimate with Todd. Explaining that she had passed out as a result of drinking too much, Blair told John that Todd had agreed to take her to LaBoulaie, but instead took her to his home. As Blair continued to plead her case to John, Marty was escorted into the room. When Téa learned that Marty had been discovered in Wes's locked hotel room on the night he was murdered, she questioned how Antonio could possibly suspect Todd of the crime. While she continued to accuse Marty of murdering Wes, Téa missed a call from Plato Prison.

After learning that Blair had passed out during her time at Todd's, Antonio and John stressed that Todd could have possibly crept away in the night and murdered Wes. Téa informed Antonio that he didn't have enough evidence to hold Todd, and the lawyer and her client left the station. Blair pleaded with John to give her the opportunity to explain, but John dismissed her and asked for a moment alone with Marty. Blair was heartbroken.

Antonio received the forensic report that revealed that Marty's fingerprints were on the murder weapon. As John gave Blair a disapproving look, a jubilant Blair ridiculed Marty and insisted that she be charged with Wes's murder. Antonio pleaded with Marty to explain how her fingerprints could be present on the knife, but Marty had no answer. Fed up with Marty's inability to defend herself, Antonio informed her that he had no choice but to arrest her for the murder. Blair listened as John tried to convince Antonio that Wes had many enemies and that Marty was innocent of the crime. After Marty was taken downstairs for booking, Blair refused to leave and begged John to allow her to explain the night with Todd in more detail. Stating that he didn't wish to discuss the matter, John walked away. Near tears, Blair exclaimed, "But, I didn't do anything!"

Back at Todd's home, Téa tried unsuccessfully to retrieve her voicemail from Ray. Realizing that Téa was upset because she had missed Ray's call, Todd teased her about her mystery client. Téa explained that Ray was an innocent man and that she feared what Vanessa was capable of. As Todd continued to tease her about Ray, Téa appeared worried when she was unable to reach Ray at the prison.

Schuyler received permission for him and Starr to use the hospital lab to do research for their genetic project. When he remembered his mother bringing him to the lab as a child, Starr wondered if he wished that he had never met her or her father. Starr was touched when Schuyler told her not to blame herself for Todd's dirty deeds. Starr and Schuyler stared through the microscope and discussed the differences that existed between male and female chromosomes. Starr listened intently as Schuyler revealed how he became interested in biology and explained how overcoming his drug addiction led to his desire to teach. When Schuyler innocently placed his hand on Starr's arm as she looked through the microscope, she appeared somewhat uncomfortable.

Outside the cottage, Rex and Gigi discussed how they would break the news to Shane that his grandparents were dead, and explain that his Aunt Stacy was in Llanview. To their surprise, Shane was already at home and engaged in an intense water fight with Stacy. Gigi was stunned to learn that Stacy had already told Shane about their parents' death and had given him details concerning Gigi's father tossing her out of the house when she became pregnant. Rex reminded Shane that they were attending a baseball game and sent the child upstairs to get ready. Stacy apologized for telling Shane about the family without Gigi's approval, and insisted that she didn't intend to cause any problems for her sister. As Rex looked on, Gigi was touched when Stacy stated that their reunion was magical - as if their parents were looking down on them.

Alone with Rex, Gigi admitted that she wished that she'd had the opportunity to tell Shane about his grandparents, but was thankful that Stacy was in her life again. As the family prepared to leave for the game, Gigi received a call requesting that she report for work. When Shane invited Stacy to join him and Rex at the game, everyone agreed that it made no sense to waste a ticket. Gigi looked sad as she headed upstairs to prepare for work.

When Gigi returned downstairs, she found Stacy entertaining Rex and Shane with sexy dance moves that she had learned in Las Vegas. Rex felt terrible that Gigi would miss the game, and gave her a loving hug and kiss. Stacy appeared bothered as she watched the couple interact.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Langston congratulated Markko for gaining acceptance into Llanview University. Conflicted, Markko told Langston that he needed to tell her something.

At the loft, Cris observed Lola's rude behavior towards Vanessa. Claiming she couldn't hold her feelings inside any longer, Lola shocked Cris when she blurted out, "Stay away from me. I know what you did!" Cris listened as Lola explained her theory that Vanessa had framed Ray and possibly killed her mother. Vanessa pleaded with the teen to allow her to explain, but Lola stormed out of the loft. A confused Cris wondered what was going on. Vanessa was adamant that Téa had turned Lola against her. When Cris questioned why Téa would want to cause trouble for her own client, Vanessa asked if he believed Lola's claims. In tears, Vanessa insisted that she did nothing wrong. Cris comforted her and promise to protect her from Ray. Cris suggested that they have a romantic rendezvous before dinner. As Cris led his new bride upstairs, someone quietly opened the front door.

As Markko tried to tell Langston the truth about being admitted into a college in California, a troubled Lola entered the café and rushed into Markko's arms. Langston and Markko were shocked when Lola revealed that she believed that Vanessa had murdered her mother.

While Cris and Vanessa made love upstairs, Téa placed a frantic call to Cris. Cris ignored the call. Téa left him a message stating that she needed to tell him something very important about Vanessa.

After a quick lovemaking session, Cris offered to serve Vanessa dinner in bed. Alone, Vanessa was consumed with thoughts about her argument and placed a call to Lola. Vanessa left Lola a voicemail, pleading with her to return home so that they could talk. Afterward, Vanessa murmured to herself, "Please don't ruin this for me."

Meanwhile, downstairs, Cris noticed that the front door was opened. When he went to investigate, an unknown person knocked him out cold.

Back at the diner, Langston and Markko urged Lola to tell an adult about her suspicions concerning Vanessa. Lola stated that she had a friend that she could confide in.

Téa was relieved when she received another call from Plato Prison. Believing it was Ray, Téa immediately apologized for missing his call earlier - only Ray wasn't the caller. It was the warden who informed her that Ray had escaped from prison.

Back at Cris's loft, the intruder stepped over Cris's unconscious body and retrieved a knife from the kitchen. Upstairs, as she lay in bed, Vanessa heard a noise. She called out to Cris, but a look of horror crossed her face when she observed Ray standing in the doorway. Displaying a knife, Ray said, "Hello, Vanessa!"

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