One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 1, 2009 on OLTL
Fish moved in with Layla and Cristian. Viki summoned Jean in an attempt to get Bess to give up the baby. Jessica finally recalled that her own baby had died. Michael and Marcie were ready to adopt Hope, but Starr wasn't certain that she still wanted to give Hope up for adoption. Dorian confessed that she had feelings for Ray. Gigi managed to pull Stacy's hair during a fight and planned on comparing the DNA to the bone marrow.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 1, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

At Rex's loft, Stan was stunned when Stacy refused to hand over the money unless he punched her in the face. Convinced that Stacy was either crazy or attempting to frame him, Stan attempted to leave, but Stacy assured him that there was a method to her madness. Stacy told Stan how much she loved Rex and would never want to cause him any trouble. Presenting Stan with a pair of Rex's gloves, Stacy requested that Stan hit her while wearing the gloves. Stating that the evidence would point to Rex, Stacy insisted that she would never want Rex to be accused of assaulting her. Appearing somewhat hesitant, Stan accepted the gloves and asked, "Where do you want it?"

OLTL Recap Photo 090601 Moments later, Stacy placed a hand over her eye and screamed in pain. When she asked Stan why he had hit her so hard, Stan grabbed the bag filled with money and rushed toward the door. Before leaving, Stan told her that she could always return to Las Vegas if her relationship with Rex didn't work out. Declining his offer, Stacy insisted that she had moved on. Staring at her bruised face in the mirror, Stacy smiled slyly and remarked, "Love takes time and I'm a very patient woman."

On the way to Schuyler's apartment, Schuyler and Gigi took a shortcut through the park. As Gigi squealed with delight over the possibility of exposing Stacy and reuniting with Rex, both Gigi and Schuyler were shocked when Rex appeared and questioned her relationship with Schuyler. Rex told Gigi that Schuyler was a drug addict who had been suspended from his job at Llanview High School because he had seduced Starr Manning. Gigi and Schuyler laughed and told Rex that Stacy had pulled the wool over his eyes. Continuing to berate Schuyler, Rex accused him of stealing Stacy's money and told Gigi that he didn't want Shane anywhere near Schuyler. Fed up with Rex's tirade, Gigi and Schuyler walked away.

Rex returned home and discovered a bruised Stacy. Rex was consumed with anger when Stacy told him that Stan had hit her. Rex listened as Stacy informed him that Stan had broken into the apartment, assaulted her, and ran off with the money. When Rex questioned several discrepancies in Stacy's claim, she quickly covered her tracks, and Rex believed her. Rex attempted to phone Bo, but Stacy convinced him not to. Stacy appeared touched when Rex admitted that he cared about her and suggested that she see a doctor. Stacy asked Rex if he would take care of her at the loft. Stacy smiled as Rex offered her an icepack and gave her a massage.

At Schuyler's apartment, Gigi told Schuyler that she didn't believe any of Rex's claims. Gigi told him that she knew that Stacy had lied to Rex about him. When Schuyler wondered if Rex had always been consumed with anger, Gigi told Schuyler that she had turned Rex into a bitter person.

Excited to prove Stacy had lied about donating her stem cells to Shane, Gigi asked Schuyler to show her the bag of blood that he was certain belonged to Stacy. Schuyler reassured Gigi that the truth would be revealed once they had the blood tested at another lab. As he rummaged through the refrigerator, Schuyler was surprised to discover that the evidence had been stolen. Convinced that Stacy had made a duplicate key to his apartment, Schuyler told Gigi that Stacy had stolen the proof.

As Schuyler continued to blame Stacy, a devastated Gigi repeated Rex's charges against him, and she accused Schuyler of lying about everything. Defending himself, Schuyler informed Gigi that Rex had knowledge of the missing bag of blood and suggested that she ask him about it. Apologizing for her outburst, Gigi said that she believed Schuyler. Gigi admitted that she was frustrated that she might never be able to prove Stacy's guilt.

OLTL Recap Photo 090601 At the Brennan home, Bess stood fact-to-face with Brody. He pleaded with her to return home with the baby. An unemotional Bess stated, "No one is taking this baby from me. You can try if you're man enough! Bess told Brody that he wasn't capable of taking care of Jessica, but Brody insisted that Jessica deserved to have her life back. When Brody proclaimed his love for Jessica, Bess appeared nervous. As Bess screamed for him to leave, Brody grabbed her and begged Jessica to surface.

As Brody tried to make contact with Jessica, Mr. Brennan appeared and pointed a rifle at him. Bess instructed Mr. Brennan to shoot Brody, but Brody tried to explain that Jessica was sick. While Mr. Brennan listened to Brody's explanation, Mrs. Brennan hit Brody over the head with a vase and knocked him out cold.

Realizing that Brody was injured, Jessica emerged and questioned what had happened. Jessica demanded to know who the Brennans were and told them to stay away from her and her baby. Unaware of her surroundings, Jessica accused the Brennans of hurting Brody.

Aware that Brody's claims were accurate, Mr. Brennan phoned the hotline. Before he could relate his address to the operator, Bess surfaced and pulled the telephone cord out of the wall. The Brennans watched as Bess picked up the baby and headed out the door. As Bess opened the door, police lights and sirens greeted her.

At La Boulaie, Todd attempted to start an argument with John, but Blair intervened. As Starr and Marty tried to comfort Cole, he told them that he wanted desperately to find Hope. After checking his cell phone, Cole abruptly announced that he received a text message informing him of a random drug test. Starr was suspicious, but Cole promised to call afterward.

As Blair and Starr sat on the staircase and discussed Hope, Todd overheard Starr thank Blair for supporting her during the entire ordeal with Hope. Starr said that she wished that her father had been on her side during the pregnancy. Todd appeared sad when Starr stated that she and Cole could have been parents to Hope had Todd reacted differently to the news of her pregnancy.

Due to Todd's rude behavior, Marcie and Michael suggested that they leave. Blair and Starr tried to persuade them to stay, but John was also fed up with Todd's criticism and decided that he would drive Marcie and Michael home. After running the guests away, Todd was surprised when Blair told him that he was welcome to stay.

Admitting that she had blamed Todd for Hope's death, Starr told her father that after learning that Hope was alive, she no longer harbored resentment toward him. Todd and Starr agreed to work at rebuilding their strained relationship. Starr suggested that Todd check on Téa at the hospital and then return to La Boulaie to await news concerning Hope.

OLTL Recap Photo 090601 Back at their apartment, Mike sensed that Marcie was troubled. When Michael questioned if Marcie was thrilled about the good news concerning Hope, Marcie sadly replied, "I don't want anyone else to be hurt so that we can be happy."

When Marty dropped Cole off at the drug center, she was delighted to run into Rachel. After thanking Rachel for helping Cole, Marty told Cole that she would meet him in the parking lot after he completed his drug test. Realizing that Cole had lied to Marty about being contacted to take a random drug test, Rachel demanded to know why he had lied. Cole told Rachel about the news that Hope was alive.

Rachel questioned why Cole appeared anxious and scared after receiving such good news. Cole said that he felt guilty because a part of him wished that he had never learned the truth about Hope being alive. Rachel insisted that Cole be honest about his feelings concerning Hope. Cole stated that he was angry that Hope would be placed into Marcie's custody. Admitting that he felt guilty about signing his parental rights away, Cole screamed, "I want my baby and I don't want to lose her again!"

John ran into Marty in the parking lot. Marty told John that she was worried about Cole, but John assured her that Cole would be fine because his mother was back in his life.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair listened as Starr expressed her concern about Hope's safety. Blair told her daughter that Jessica would return Hope home safely. Appearing torn, Starr said that she was happy for Hope and Marcie, but admitted that she was afraid. Holding her child, Blair told Starr that she understood.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mother Knows Bess

Outside La Boulaie, on the terrace, Blair and Starr talked about Starr's daughter. Starr was conflicted about handing the baby over to Marcie. Blair advised Starr to focus on Hope's safe return. The rest, Blair assured Starr, could wait until later.

Inside La Boulaie, Langston called Markko while Dorian hovered in the background. When Markko answered his cell phone, Langston jokingly greeted Markko with a sexy, "Hello, Lover." Markko was horrified when Langston confessed that Dorian had heard the intimate greeting. Dorian played along with Langston, teasing Markko, until Langston shooed Dorian away. Dorian turned toward the terrace just as Blair and Starr entered through the French doors.

Dorian was delighted to see Blair and Starr. Langston ended her call then joined her family. Dorian demanded to know what had possessed Blair to move in with Todd. Blair brushed the question off. Instead, Blair told Dorian and Langston that Starr's baby was alive. Dorian was furious when she learned that Jessica had switched the babies shortly after their births. Dorian's anger reached the boiling point when she was told that Jessica had suffered a breakdown and ran away with Starr's baby.

Starr clarified to Dorian that she was concerned for her cousin, not angry. Dorian was confident that the Buchanans would rally around Jessica to help her through the ordeal. Dorian assured Starr that Jessica would be fine. Starr disagreed; eventually Jessica had to face the reality that her daughter had died. Starr did not wish that on anyone. Dorian wisely held her tongue until Starr and Langston had left the room.

As soon as the young girls were out of earshot, Dorian began complaining. Dorian was certain that Viki, Clint, and Bo would blame the baby's kidnapping on Jessica's mental illness. Dorian was disgusted over the idea that the Buchanans would get away with the crime. Blair refused to listen to Dorian's ranting. She ordered Dorian to stay out of it.

Dorian shifted gears; she confessed that she had been in desperate need of good news. Blair was curious why Dorian had been troubled. Dorian told Blair about Lola's confession and Ray's decision to institutionalize his homicidal daughter. Blair was shocked by the revelation. Blair also sensed that Dorian's feelings for Ray went beyond mere friendship. Dorian admitted that she cared deeply for Ray.

Rachel and Cole shared a booth at the diner. Cole told Rachel about the startling turn of events with his daughter. Rachel couldn't believe that Hope was alive. She asked Cole how he was handling the news. Cole realized that Rachel was concerned that he might relapse. Cole assured Rachel that, for the sake of his daughter, he was more determined than ever to stay away from drugs.

Moments later, Nora entered the diner. Cole asked Nora if there had been any news about Hope. Nora told Cole that Bo had raced out of the police station shortly after receiving a lead on Jessica's whereabouts. Cole thanked Nora for the information, then excused himself so that he could talk to Markko.

Nora took Cole's vacated seat. Rachel asked Nora how Clint had taken the news about the baby switch. As Nora filled her daughter in on the details, she mentioned her engagement to Clint. Rachel was surprised by the announcement. She asked Nora how it had come about. Nora confessed that the proposal had been a result of an argument between Bo and Clint. Nora explained that Clint had walked in moments after Bo and Nora had nearly kissed. Clint's jealousy had led him to ask for Nora's hand in marriage.

Rachel wondered if her mother had made the right decision by accepting the proposal. Nora insisted that she had. Rachel had her doubts. Rachel suspected that something was brewing between Nora and Bo. Nora asked what Rachel wanted her to do, if she should call off her engagement. Rachel turned the question on Nora. She asked if Nora wanted to call off the engagement. Nora remained silent.

In the diner's kitchen, Cole told Markko that Hope was alive. Markko was thrilled for his friend, but sensed that Cole remained troubled. Cole admitted that he had lied, claiming that he had a drug test, in order to get away from Starr. Cole confessed that he had felt overwhelmed by everything.

At the same moment, Langston entered Starr's bedroom. Starr had been watching the video message she had taped for Hope, so that her daughter would know that her birth mother had loved her. Langston wanted to know how her friend was holding up. Starr confided that everything seemed surreal to her. Starr also admitted that she was concerned; she suspected that Cole had lied about his drug test in an effort to avoid her.

At the diner, Markko asked Cole what the plans were for Hope after her safe return. Markko wondered if Starr had changed her mind about the adoption. Cole admitted that, if Starr had decided to keep the baby, she hadn't told him. However, Cole was certain that Starr would never go back on her word to Marcie.

Cole made it clear that he had no intention of asking Starr to reconsider the adoption. Cole had made peace with the decision. He owed his life to Starr and he would support her decision, whatever it was. Markko advised Cole to hold onto that feeling during the difficult days ahead.

Back in Starr's bedroom, Starr revealed that she had second thoughts about handing Hope over to Marcie. However, Starr intended to honor her promise to Marcie. Starr didn't feel as if she had any other alternative because she had practically begged Marcie to raise Hope. Starr couldn't bring herself to hurt Marcie. Starr realized that it was going to be much more difficult to walk away from Hope than she had initially thought.

Langston distracted her friend by mentioning the prom. Starr wanted to hear all of the details. Langston told Starr about Lola's breakdown and the attempt Lola had made to ruin Langston's special night. Starr was appalled by what Lola had done. As the two friends talked, a soft knock on the door interrupted them. It was Markko. He had snuck into La Boulaie. To Starr's delight, Markko had company: Cole.

Bo ordered the police to surround the Brennan residence. As the rain poured down, Viki and Clint huddled together while Bo tried to negotiate Bess's surrender over a police cruiser's loudspeakers.

Inside the house, the Brennans held each other while Bess stood by the door, clutching the baby close to her. Bess refused to surrender. She turned to the Brennans to ask them if there was another way out of the house. Phil pointed out that the police had surrounded the house, so there was no means of escape. Phil and Cindy decided that they wanted to hear what the police had to say. Bess warned the Brennans that if they allowed the police to enter, the people with the police would take their granddaughter away forever. When that failed to gain her cooperation, Bess resorted to threats.

Bess was unaware that Brody had regained consciousness until it was too late. Bess raced upstairs to lock herself in a bedroom. Brody was close on her heels. Meanwhile, the Brennans braced themselves for the worst, then opened the front door.

Outside, Viki pleaded with Bo to give Brody the opportunity to get through to Jessica. Bo claimed that time was of the essence because they had no idea if the baby was safe. Moments before Bo prepared to storm the house, the Brennans opened the front door. Bo, Viki, and Clint raced into the house.

Upstairs, Brody tried his best to persuade Bess to open the door. Bess refused to consider it. She remained determined to find a means of escape. Bess was certain that if she handed the baby over to the authorities, Jessica would be forever destroyed. However, Bess had no idea what her next move should be. The dilemma weakened Bess enough to allow Tess's personality to emerge. Tess accused Bess of failing to protect Jessica. Tess demanded that Bess allow Jessica to deal with the truth. Bess eventually managed to regain control of Jessica's mind.

Downstairs, Viki was desperate to find a peaceful resolution to Jessica's dire situation. Viki suggested posing as Jean Randolph, one of her alter personalities. Viki was confident that Bess would respond to Jean because they played the same role in the personality disorder. Clint worried about the effect it would have on Viki. Viki assured Clint that she knew what she was doing. Bo was hesitant, as well, but ultimately agreed to give Viki's plan a try. Bo warned Viki that she would only have fifteen minutes to convince Jessica to hand over the child.

Outside, Jared and Natalie approached Phil and Cindy. Natalie told the Brennans that she and Jared had known Nash. Natalie also revealed that Nash had a beautiful little girl named Bree. Natalie held out a picture of her niece. The Brennans were overjoyed by the news. Jared and Natalie told the Brennans that Nash had been a good man. Cindy revealed that during one of Jessica's more rational moments, she had given the Brennans the impression that she had found someone else to love.

Upstairs, Viki asked Bess to open the door. Bess ignored Viki's request until Viki introduced herself as Jean Randolph. Viki managed to convince Bess that Jean was there to help Bess find a logical solution to her problem. Bess opened the door.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are You The Gatekeeper?

Kyle returned home to the Angel Square Hotel, only to be accosted by Schuyler, who slammed him against the front desk and demanded he return the bag of blood Schuyler was sure Kyle had stolen from his room. As Kyle protested his innocence and struggled to break free from Schuyler's grip, Officer Fish arrived on the scene and pulled his gun, warning Schuyler to back off.

Schuyler let Kyle go and attempted to explain himself, but before Schuyler could tell Fish the whole sordid story about Stacy, Kyle butted in, saying he was willing to forget the whole incident if Schuyler apologized. Schuyler told Kyle he'd find proof of what Kyle was up to, and exited.

Kyle told Fish that Schuyler was crazy, but Fish wasn't so sure, and cited his old friend's recent criminal history. Kyle was upset that his former frat buddy, "Oliver," would think the worst of him, but Fish told him not to call him that, reminding him that they no longer had a personal relationship. With that, Fish left.

At Rex's loft, Rex gave up his bed for the evening so the wounded Stacy could recover from her "encounter" with Stan in comfort. After taking stock of Stacy's favorite foods, Rex headed off to the supermarket to spoil her in style.

At Rodi's, Marcie arrived at the bar and gave Gigi the exciting news that Hope was alive. Gigi was overjoyed, until Marcie explained that Jessica had taken off with the baby. Gigi impulsively suggested they call Rex to help Marcie track Hope down, which gave Marcie an opening to needle her friend about her break-up. Gigi said that she was entirely to blame for what had happened with Rex, but Marcie was unconvinced, and urged Gigi and Rex to work out their issues. She said that with Hope back, she knew anything was possible.

Gigi decided to call Rex at the loft about Marcie, but only got his voicemail. After Stacy listened to Gigi's message, she immediately erased it.

Schuyler arrived at Rodi's and asked to speak to Gigi privately, prompting Marcie to head for a table to wait for Michael. Alone, Schuyler told Gigi that he'd confronted Kyle, but learned nothing, leaving them without any evidence of Stacy's misdeeds. Gigi was unwilling to give up, and said they had to find another DNA sample from Stacy to test against Shane as quickly as possible. She reminded Schuyler that she still had a key to the loft, and said that since no one was apparently home, they could go that night, retrieve something of Stacy's, and test her DNA against Shane's.

Kyle called Stacy at the loft, warning her that Schuyler and her sister were hot on their trail. Stacy was put out that her ex would be pursuing her secret, and claimed she'd never done anything to him. She told Kyle that Gigi and Schuyler had no evidence, and thanked him for disposing of the blood sample that had been in Schuyler's apartment. Kyle told Stacy he hadn't stolen the blood, which left Stacy befuddled and wondering who had taken her bone marrow.

As Rex returned with her favorite foods, Stacy quickly ended her call. She thanked Rex for his endless hospitality, and Rex headed for Shane's room to turn in for the night. Dejected, Stacy murmured to herself that all she really wanted was Rex.

Undaunted, Stacy took to Rex's bed and began feigning a nightmare about Stan, crying out into the night. Roused from sleep, Rex rushed out of Shane's room in his boxers and hurried to Stacy's bedside, holding her and comforting her as Stacy played for sympathy.

Gigi and Schuyler approached the loft, and Gigi used her key to unlock the door. The duo entered the loft ready to gather evidence, only to come face-to-face with Rex and Stacy in bed together, as Stacy fixed her sister with a sinister smile.

Back at Rodi's, Michael arrived and gave Marcie the good news -- the police had found Jessica and Hope in West Virginia. Michael told his wife that they needed to start thinking about taking Hope home and starting their long-awaited family. Marcie was excited, but couldn't help fearing for Jessica, who she knew was going through the same agony she had when she'd lost Tommy.

In West Virginia, Clint and Natalie huddled under the porch of the Brennans' house, taking shelter from the rainstorm. As they awaited news from Viki and Bo, Clint grew frustrated by his feelings of helplessness. Natalie attempted to bolster his spirits, but found herself reflecting on how she'd always tried to care for Roxy the same way, then the Buchanan family, and finally Jessica. Natalie blamed herself for Jessica's breakdown, and said that by trying to be her sister's keeper and playing God with Starr and Marcie's lives, she'd only caused Jessica to lose her child.

Clint told Natalie she wasn't to blame, and claimed that he bore the guilt by not seeing the signs that Jessica wasn't integrated. Clint said that Natalie had taken on an impossible decision and had needed to make a gutsy judgment call for the family just as Asa would have. He told her he was proud of her for standing by her sister. Embracing his daughter, Clint told Natalie she was still good at taking care of people, him included. Natalie asked Clint if Jessica would pull through her ordeal all right, and Clint said he wished he knew.

Inside the Brennans' house, Charlie stopped Brody from rushing up the staircase to confront Bess. He told Brody that Viki knew Jessica better than anyone. Brody feared what would become of Jessica when she learned the truth about Chloe, and Charlie told him that they had to have faith in Viki and Jessica.

Upstairs, Viki, posing as "Jean Randolph," called to Bess from behind the closed bedroom door. Bess opened the door and allowed "Jean" to enter the bedroom, and Jean told her that they had things to discuss.

Surveying the room, Jean coolly told Bess that she had arrived to help Bess resolve their situation. Noticing the sleeping Chloe, Jean reminded Bess that they were "gatekeeper" alters, whose purpose was to protect the host personality, not their offspring. Bess said that Jessica needed Chloe, which meant her duties entailed caring for the baby. Jean called children messy and inefficient. "The job is the job," Bess replied, but Jean said that wasn't necessarily true, and reminded her that other people were prepared to step in and care for Chloe.

Bess said that Jessica was Chloe's only mother, and reiterated that Jessica could not handle the truth. Jean chided Bess for her "faulty logic," reminding her that all host personalities had to eventually find the strength to face their dark secrets without their alters' help, just as "Victoria" had regarding Victor Lord. "Only because you failed," Bess replied. She said that Jean had been unable to maintain control, and hadn't achieved her purpose.

Jean told Bess that she'd also failed, and that her secret was out. "Admitting defeat negates my purpose," Bess muttered, but Jean said it was time for her to relinquish control to Jessica. Growing emotional, Viki let her mask slip as she told Bess that the pain of the host's secrets never went away, but became manageable.

Turning on Viki, Bess called her out, reminding her that Jessica would be committed again, and would have another loved one torn from her grasp just like Nash. She said she'd known it was Viki, and Viki took off her glasses, giving up her ruse. Viki told the increasingly panicked Bess that she'd let Viki in, anyway, because she knew there was no way out. She said that Bess had fulfilled her purpose, and it was time to let Jessica come out and deal with the truth.

Grabbing Bess by the shoulders, Viki struggled to break through to Jessica, calling out to her daughter and asking her to come forward. As she reached for Bess's glasses, the young woman shrank away, crying "Don't!" but when Viki reached again, Bess grew lethargic, letting Viki pull the glasses from her face. Viki began to coax her daughter back to reality, moving her over to the bed. Bess and Jessica seemed lost in a mental fog. As Viki undid the knot of Bess's hair, she told Jessica that it was time for her to put her burden down and remember what had happened.

Finally showing signs of life, Jessica blinked and began to quietly weep, asking Viki what she was supposed to remember. Viki told her that her heart already knew the truth, and told her to tell her the whole story. "You only have to say it once," Viki said. "Once is too much!" Jessica cried, growing hysterical.

Clutching Jess, Viki said she'd help her daughter, and began to retell the tale of how Jessica had gone to the cottage as Tess to give birth. She told Jessica that it was her, not Tess, that Tess was only a facet of her self. As Viki narrated, Jessica experienced phantom labor pains, and began to reenact giving birth as it had happened, hallucinating Niki and speaking to her, then seeing her daughter for the first time, only to realize the baby wasn't crying.

"Why isn't she crying?" the delirious Jessica asked. "You know why," Viki murmured, and told her to say it out loud, just once. "My baby's dead!" Jessica screamed. "Oh, God, my baby's dead!" Hysterical, she fell into Viki's arms.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Walking in on Stacy and Rex in bed together, Gigi and Schuyler were appalled. Recovering enough to speak, Gigi explained her attempts to reach them on the phone, the dark loft and her key that let them in. She was there to retrieve Shane's baseball glove but she wanted to know what Rex was doing in bed with her sister.

Spotting Stacy's black eye, Schuyler refused to believe her story about Stan hitting her. He knew Vegas Stan and he would never hit a woman, Schuyler insisted. Gigi thought it possible that Stacy had used makeup to garner sympathy. Rex accused Schuyler of stealing Stacy's money. As everyone hurled accusations at each other, Schuyler pulled Gigi aside and reminded her not to lose sight of the real reason for their visit. He suggested they get the glove and leave.

Rex found himself explaining that he was merely comforting Stacy when she had a nightmare about Stan. Gigi found that odd, clarifying that Stacy never remembered dreams when they were kids. Stacy quickly defended herself as Rex attacked Schuyler again, asking why he was with Gigi when Starr was more his speed. Rex wanted Schuyler and Gigi to leave and told them the baseball glove was in Shane's backpack. He had forgotten to tell the boy.

As Gigi followed Stacy into the next room, she told her sister, "You're going down." Stacy pointed out that she was already in Rex's bed and if Gigi hadn't walked in... Before she could finish, Gigi physically attacked her sister. Schuyler asked to use Rex's bathroom but Rex refused to let him by. He also emphasized that he did not want Schuyler around his son.

Suddenly the guys heard the sound of the girls fighting and rushed in to pull them apart. Rex told Gigi she had gone off the deep end. She, in turn, informed Rex that he needed a reality check. Demanding the return of his key, Rex ordered Schuyler and Gigi to leave. Stacy smirked in the background. Once the pair left, Stacy wondered aloud why Gigi was so mean. Rex complained that he didn't understand Gigi anymore.

Out in the hallway a discouraged Schuyler admitted that he couldn't get to the bathroom to grab Stacy's toothbrush for the DNA test. A triumphant Gigi held up a handful of hair. She had pulled it out of Stacy's head during their fight.

Ordering Cristian to take his feet off the coffee table, Layla placed a plate of hors d'oeuvres in their spot. She informed her new roommate that she was hosting an open house in order to obtain a third roommate. When a knock resounded on the door, she was surprised to see Oliver Fish standing outside. Assuring them that he was not there on official business, he advised them that he was there in response to the roommate search. He needed a new place to live.

A confused Fish couldn't believe that Cris and Layla were roommates, remembering that they were usually at each other's throats. A self-conscious Fish began to apologize for his one-night stand with Stacy and as the words began to tumble from his mouth, Layla quickly stopped him. She was over it, she insisted. Thinking it best to leave, Fish headed for the door. Cris quickly stopped him. He wanted Fish to live with them.

Layla took Cris aside. She couldn't believe that he would want a roommate who had humiliated her. Her opinions of Fish were more like those for a serial killer, Cris pointed out to her. As Fish and Cris played up Fish's good qualities, she could only think awful things about him. Giving Fish a test, she asked that the television be hooked up to the converter box.

As Fish easily hooked up the converter box, getting the television ready for the digital TV transitioning, Cris and Layla decided he could move in. Layla told him he could have the room that was formerly Talia's. Fish was honored to fill Talia's spot. Wrapping his arms around his new roommates, Fish declared them the Three Musketeers. The other two quickly pulled away and told him to never say that again.

At La Boulaie, Moe and Noelle put together a meal but Starr, Cole, Langston, and Markko were too anxious and nervous to eat. They were awaiting word on Jessica and the baby. "It's killing me," Starr stressed. As the teens quietly stood around, Noelle beamed over how happy Marcie probably was. Awkwardly, Starr's friends changed the subject, but Noelle didn't take the hint. She cited the kind and wonderful mother that Hope would have in Marcie.

As the kids sat around in a funk, Shaun answered the front door. Matthew wanted to pay a visit to Starr and, as he headed for the kitchen in his wheelchair, Rachel, who had accompanied him, offered to visit with a very pleased Shaun. Shaun's pleasure turned to displeasure when his sister, Destiny, showed up. Rachel excused herself to make a phone call as Destiny beamed and showed Shaun the letter she had received from their brother, Gregory. He promised to visit soon, she explained.

Shaun was angry and reminded her that Gregory had "left [them] in the dust" when he had gone to seek his fame and fortune. Upon hearing that Matthew was there, Destiny went in search of her friend. Finished with her call, Rachel returned to the room. She hoped that Shaun was okay, admitting that she had heard him yelling. He explained that he didn't want his brother to hurt his sister. He had hurt them in the past. Lightening up, he asked Rachel on a date to Capricorn, noting that he wasn't "all work and no play." Rachel readily agreed.

Everyone in the kitchen was happy to see Matthew and, seeing how morose they were, he offered to get some information for them. He called his dad and learned that the baby was safe and that hopefully they would be returning soon. Matthew relayed the information and the glumness disappeared. Everyone was thrilled, most of all Starr. Matthew hoped that he, too, would find his own miracle. He said goodbye and headed off to find his sister. Noelle ruined the mood again when she wondered aloud where the baby would be going upon her return. Starr calmly told her that she didn't know, but was only thinking about the baby's safety.

Happily finding Matthew, Destiny offered to tutor him for their math final. Matthew consented and they arranged to meet. As she left, Destiny told Shaun that he was wrong about their brother. Shaun looked at the letter again and wondered what his brother's real motive was for returning to Llanview.

As the group of teens became chatty after hearing the good news, they talked about the baby; the clouds returned when Noelle spoke up. She noted that before long, baby Hope would be calling Marcie "Momma."

In West Virginia, Bo informed Clint that the local police force would be storming the Brennans' house. They only saw that the baby had been taken, in addition to the other crimes that Jessica had committed as her other personalities. Upstairs, a hysterical Jessica recalled the night of her baby's stillborn birth and the events that led to Bess exchanging the baby with Hope.

Viki did her best to comfort her daughter, as memory after memory returned. As Jessica relived the past, the thought that she had left her dead baby without kissing her goodbye tore at her heart. She wailed that she hadn't even told the baby about Nash. At the same time, Jessica realized that she had pushed aside her own feelings and had fallen asleep that eventful night. She had known that her mother and father would find her with the baby. She could hardly believe that she never questioned anything when she awoke.

Brody waited out the day alongside Jared and Natalie, and expressed his surprise that they were being nice to him. Natalie confessed her realization that Brody was devoted to her sister, and Brody took it a step further. He admitted that he loved Jessica. He also understood why Natalie had kept quiet about the babies' identities, in order to protect Jessica. Natalie confessed that her sister had indeed found some happiness in the past year with Brody, which was another reason why she was inclined to accept him.

Charlie made it clear to Clint that he was okay with Viki needing Clint at such a terrible time. Clint acknowledged that Viki needed Charlie, also, and added that the events going on before their eyes would affect them all. Finally, insisting that he go upstairs to see what was happening, Clint received the okay from Bo. As Viki assured Jessica that they would "get through it" they heard a soft knock on the door and Clint calling out. Viki opened the door, assuring Jessica that they were all there for her. "She remembers. She's Jessica," Viki told Clint quietly. As Viki took the baby from her daughter, Jessica crumbled in her father's arms.

Downstairs, everyone anxiously waited for Jessica, Viki, and Clint to descend. The Brennans insisted on returning to their home. As they were feeling badly about their deceased son and granddaughter, Charlie urged them to visit Llanview, because they still had a granddaughter there to bond with. Suddenly, Viki appeared on the stairs with the baby. Bo called off the tactical team. Clint and Jessica emerged next. Looking at Brody, but not really seeming to see him, Jessica hugged her dad. He told her they were going home. A wounded Brody looked on. An overjoyed Starr received the call she had been waiting for.

As Layla settled herself onto the sofa between her new roommates with a bowlful of popcorn, she changed the channel on the television. Grumbling, the guys complained that they each had their own shows that they wanted to watch. As the roommates began to disagree, with Layla tossing some popcorn around, the bowl was spilled over Layla's head.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rising From The Tumble

At Llanfair, Clint and Dr. Levin listened as Viki told them that Jessica remembered every terrible event that transpired the night that she gave birth. Citing her own past experiences with DID, Viki was certain that Tess losing the baby was the last of the secrets that had prevented Jessica from becoming integrated. Agreeing that Jessica was on the road to recovery, Dr. Levin advised Viki and Clint that, in order to ensure a complete recovery, it was necessary for Jessica to say goodbye to the child.

OLTL Recap Photo 090605 As Clint questioned Dr. Levin's advice, Jessica appeared. Tears filled Jessica's eyes as she blamed herself for hurting Starr and Marcie. Jessica told Viki that she had to make amends but had no idea how. Viki convinced Jessica that she needed to say goodbye to Hope before she could move on with her life. As they watched Clint play with Bree in the adjoining room, Viki suggested that Jessica explain the situation to her daughter. Jessica told Bree that Chloe was going on a trip and that they had to tell her goodbye. Jess explained to a confused Bree that Chloe had another mother who missed her. Jessica told Bree that Chloe would live with a new family. Jessica cried as Bree gave her a loving hug.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Clint and Viki watched Hope playing in her crib. Viki cried as she expressed her fear over how Jessica would cope with saying goodbye to the little girl. As they dressed the child, Clint and Viki enjoyed their final moments with Hope.

With Hope in her arms, Viki returned downstairs and told Jessica that the time had come to say goodbye. Jessica cried as Bree kissed Hope and told her that she would be her big sister forever. Cradling the child in her arms, Jessica thanked Hope for helping her to get over the loss of Nash and said goodbye to the little girl.

At Rodi's, Cole spoke with John as Marty stepped away to phone Blair and check on Hope's whereabouts. John listened as Cole explained that Todd and Blair were picking Hope up from Llanfair so that Cole and Starr could say goodbye to their daughter. When Cole admitted that he hated the idea of losing Hope all over again, John promised him that Marcie and Michael would never shut Cole out of Hope's life. John presented Cole with a book of Patrick's poems and pointed out a specific sonnet, entitled, "Rising From The Tumble" -– a poem that Patrick had written especially for Cole. Cole read the poem that his father had written. John told Cole that he would rise from the tumble and move on after he said goodbye to Hope.

Meanwhile, Marty and Brody discussed how Jessica would cope with losing her daughter. Brody told Marty that he had no idea how to help Jessica get over the loss of her child. Assuring Brody that he was exactly what Jessica needed, Marty encouraged Brody to stand by Jessica just as he had done when they were both patients at St. Anne's.

Marty was surprised when Cole approached her and said that he was ready to say goodbye to Hope. As she hugged Cole, Marty whispered thank you to John.

After Marty and Cole had left, Brody helped John stock the bar. Admitting that Marty had given him sound advice, Brody asked John if he could leave work early. Before leaving, Brody advised John not to let Marty get away.

OLTL Recap Photo 090605 Inside their apartment at the Angel Square Hotel, Michael and Marcie assembled Hope's crib. Michael mentioned that he expected Todd to cause trouble, but Marcie begged him not to look for trouble. At that very moment, Todd knocked on the door. Michael warned Todd not to cause any trouble with the adoption, but Todd insisted that he came in peace. Announcing that he and Blair would later deliver Hope to the McBains, Todd stated that he had come to present them with a check so that they could support Hope in the manner that she deserved. Todd admitted that he wasn't thrilled about the McBains adopting his granddaughter, but insisted that he owed them because of the turmoil he had caused during the ordeal with Sam. Todd asked Marcie and Michael to accept the money for Hope's sake. They accepted the check, but told Todd that they didn't intend to cash it. Mike and Marcie assured Todd that they were financially equipped to care for Hope.

Later, on bended knee, Michael asked Marcie to marry him.

At LaBoulaie, Starr studied the adoption papers that she had yet to sign. Blair entered the room and reminded Starr that Marcie and Michael had agreed to allow Starr and Cole the opportunity to say goodbye to Hope. Starr said that she was excited that she would get to see Hope, but expressed her concern over Jessica's mental state. Assuring Starr that Jessica would be fine, Blair noticed that Starr hadn't signed the adoption papers. Explaining that the law required the birth mother to wait seventy-two hours after the child's birth to sign the papers, Starr told her mother that she never had the chance because she thought her child had died. With great sadness, Starr announced that she could finally sign the papers. Realizing that Starr was torn, Blair asked Starr if she had changed her mind about giving her child away.

Blair told Starr that she wasn't under any legal obligation to sign the adoption papers, but Starr insisted that she had promised to allow Marcie to adopt her child. Starr related that she didn't feel it was right to go back on her word. As Blair offered her support, Starr sadly stated that Cole wanted to keep Hope. Blair told Starr that she needed to be sure of her true feelings. Certain that Starr had doubts about her decision, Blair advised her daughter to be honest with herself. Starr told Blair that she would always be connected to Hope no matter what happened.

OLTL Recap Photo 090605 Informing Starr that she had matured over the past year, Blair told her daughter that she would be a wonderful mother if she chose to keep her baby. Starr was touched by her mother's statement. Blair pleaded with Starr to forget about everyone else's feelings and decide if she wanted to keep her child. Todd entered the room and discovered Starr in tears. Starr claimed that she was emotional over her upcoming reunion with Hope. Privately, Blair told Starr that she would support whatever decision that she made.

Later, Cole and Marty arrived at LaBoulaie. Blair asked Marty to give Starr and Cole a few minutes alone. Blair and Todd headed off to Llanfair to pick up Hope. Alone with Cole, Starr told him that she had something to tell him.

At La Boulaie, as Marty sat in the foyer and waited for Todd and Blair to return with Hope, she received a call from John. When John mentioned that he had given Cole Patrick's book of poems, Marty thanked him and said that she felt better after hearing from him.

The mood was somber when Blair and Todd arrived at Llanfair to pick up Hope. As Jessica tried to be strong, Hope held tightly onto the only mother that she had ever known. Holding the little girl, Jessica attempted to apologize to Blair, but Blair assured her that no one harbored any ill feelings toward her. As she handed the child to Blair, Jessica broke down in tears and ran upstairs. With tears in their eyes, Viki and Clint watched as Todd and Blair left with Hope.

Jessica stood silently in the room that Hope once occupied. A distraught Jessica stared inside the empty crib. As she sobbed, Brody appeared and held Jessica in his arms.

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