One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 21, 2010 on OLTL
Hannah continued to disrupt Starr and Cole's relationship. Starr and James hid out at Viki's cabin, while Nate was held hostage. Kelly broke off her relationship with Reed after he broke a vase that Melinda had given to her daughter. Kelly found a name on a piece of paper among the broken pieces of the vase. Dani was shocked that her parents had reconciled.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 21, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, June 21, 2010

At the park, Rex and Shane were playing catch as Gigi looked on. Gigi said hi, which distracted Rex and caused him to miss the throw from Shane. Gigi informed Rex that she was on her way to work. Rex said that it was too bad she couldn't stay. Shane asked what the two were whispering about and what the big secret was. Rex and Gigi decided to tell Shane that they were dating again, and taking it slow. They asked if he was all right with it. "Why wouldn't I be?" an excited Shane asked.

Rex asked Shane if he wanted to keep playing catch. Shane said he had to get water first and walked away. Rex took the opportunity to ask Gigi out on a second date because their first one went so well. Shane returned, and Rex and Shane continued to throw the ball around. Rex threw the ball into the bushes. As Shane ran to get it, Rex asked Gigi to have a picnic with him at the quarry the next day. Shane returned, and Gigi said goodbye to him and Rex, and left for work.

In his hospital room, Ford told John that the night of his attack was "coming back" to him. Ford hesitated telling John the name of his attacker. John tried to convince Ford to tell him, and wondered why Ford didn't want to say who tried to kill him. Ford wanted to tell, but he was embarrassed because he had "let her get the drop" on him. John was surprised to find out that it was a female who tried to kill Ford.

Ford explained that he never thought "she" would do something like that and he should have known better. The girl was seriously messed up and "went postal" when Ford didn't turn out to be her knight in shining armor. John needed her name.

At the diner, Kelly told Jessica to eat her food, but Jessica was worried that Tess or Bess had returned and attacked Ford. Kelly tried to convince her that she was integrated and that she couldn't have done it. Jessica confided that her doctor wasn't even one hundred percent sure as Kelly's phone started to ring. Kelly thought Todd could survive without her, but Jessica told her to go. Kelly hugged her friend and left.

Brody entered the diner and saw Jessica sitting alone. He asked if she was still having lunch with Kelly. Jessica explained that Kelly had hired her back as a reporter, and given her the day off, but Kelly was back at the office. Brody admitted that he wasn't Todd's biggest fan, but he was happy for Jessica, even though she didn't look happy. She thought back to her conversation with Kelly when Jessica confessed that she might have been the one to hurt Ford. Brody asked what was wrong.

After a little prodding from Brody, Jessica began to explain how she was scared and confused on the night of the prom after Brody had told her about Mitch. However, Brody's phone rang. Jessica told him to answer it because it was probably John. It was John, who had an assignment for Brody. John explained that Brody had named his attacker, and Brody needed to pick her up. John said he would meet Brody at the station later and hung up.

Jessica wanted to know what John had said on the phone. Brody said that Ford had named his attacker. When Jessica asked who had tried to kill Ford, Brody made her promise that the information was off the record. He confided that Ford had named Hannah as his attacker. As Brody left to go pick Hannah up, Jessica breathed a sigh of relief.

Back at the hospital, John explained to Ford that he was having Hannah taken in to the station. John asked Ford to take him through what had happened the night he was attacked, but Ford yelled that he had already told John what happened. John appreciated Ford's cooperation. As John left, Ford wondered what was going to happen to Hannah. He looked at the note as his phone rang. Into the phone, he said that he followed the instructions and accused Hannah of trying to kill him, and that she was probably being arrested as they spoke.

Outside of Kelly's office, Shaun was talking on the phone to a girlfriend until he heard someone shuffling things around inside Kelly's office. Shaun burst into the room and held his gun to the intruder -- Reed. Kelly entered, wondering what was going on. Shaun informed Kelly that Reed had been going through her desk, but Reed asserted that there was a reasonable explanation. He claimed that he was just looking for a pen so he could leave Kelly a note. Shaun wondered why Reed didn't just send Kelly a text message.

Kelly didn't think Reed was a threat to her, but Shaun said that it wasn't her job to decide that. Kelly pushed Shaun out of her office, and Reed claimed that he "could've taken" Shaun. Kelly explained that Shaun was being paid to protect her and that Reed hadn't gone out of his way to reassure Shaun. Kelly still thought it was strange that Reed had been alone in her office. Reed was upset to think that Kelly didn't trust him either.

Kelly wasn't suspicious of him, though, and assured him that Shaun didn't choose the people that she spent her time with. Reed asked her out on another date, but Kelly disclosed that she was in the middle of a huge story. After proposing a couple different days and getting shot down, Kelly suggested that he call her. Reed wanted to know if he was wasting his time. Kelly assured him that he wasn't, but Reed accused her of hiding her feelings.

Reed explained that he had business in London. His business with Clint in Llanview had been concluded within a few days, and he was only staying to spend time with Kelly. Reed kept telling her how she never showed any feelings and, in order to get some kind of emotional reaction out of her, broke her mother's vase. Kelly slapped him across the face.

As Kelly began to clean up the pieces, Shaun entered and asked if everything was all right. Reed apologized and said he'd replace it because it was "just a vase." Together, Shaun and Kelly explained that it was Kelly's mother's, and that it was the last thing her mother ever gave to her. Kelly said that it was too much too soon, and she couldn't see Reed anymore. Kelly said that if she were ever in London, it would be to see her son. Shaun pushed Reed out of the room as Kelly started to cry.

Wanting to help clean up, Shaun kneeled beside Kelly on the floor. Shaun regretted not kicking Reed out as soon as he saw the man. Kelly told Shaun she would be fine, and Shaun said he would be right outside. As Kelly picked up a big piece of the vase, she looked inside it and saw a folded piece of paper.

As Cole was about to walk out the kitchen door of La Boulaie, the phone rang. Cole answered and was surprised to hear that it was Starr, who was equally surprised to hear that it was Cole who had answered. Starr made sure that it wasn't Jack playing a trick on her, but Cole explained that he wasn't in jail anymore because a new judge had granted him bail. He asked Starr where she was, but she only exclaimed that she couldn't believe he was free.

He told her that he had looked for her at graduation and asked again where she was. Starr wondered why he was at Dorian's, to which he replied that he had been looking for her. He felt bad at the way they had left things. Cole missed her and begged her to meet him because he was allowed to go wherever he wanted as long as he stayed in town. Starr related that she wanted to see him, but couldn't, and that it was complicated. Cole blamed all of the couple's problems on him and begged her again to meet him, but Starr said it was safer if she didn't see him. "Are you in trouble?" Cole asked.

Starr covered by saying that she couldn't pretend that everything was okay, and that she needed time to think. Cole apologized for pushing her away and just wanted to be with her. That's what Starr wanted, too, but she wanted to make sure that there was nothing else in the way. "Is this about Hannah?" Cole asked.

Starr didn't want to talk about Hannah, but Cole told her that Hannah was at his hearing. Starr cried that she would have skipped her graduation if she had known about the hearing. Starr assured Cole that she would call him when she was ready "in a day or two, I'm not sure." Cole reminded her that they loved each other and hung up.

Starr got off the phone and promptly blamed James for making her lie to Cole. The two went back and forth blaming each other. Starr said she either had to lie to Cole or tell him the truth and make him a target for Bull as well. Starr stated that if she and Cole fell apart, it would be all James's fault. Then, Starr admitted that the couple had been on thin ice long before James showed up. Just because Cole was out of jail, their problems wouldn't disappear. Starr hoped that Cole would see through her lies, but knew that if he believed her, the couple wouldn't make it.

Starr felt bad for lying, but knew she had to. James blamed Starr's involvement in his trouble on himself and promised to find her a way out. He said he would never forgive himself if something were to happen to Starr and Cole. Suddenly, Starr got an idea about how to get her back to Cole and Hope.

Hannah looked at the picture of Starr and James on her phone and called Cole. It went to his voicemail, which made Hannah so angry she threw her phone. She accidentally threw it into the stomach of Bull, who caught it. He held it out to her and told her to be more careful. Just before she took it back, he caught a glance of the picture on her phone and asked if she was friends with the people in the picture.

Bull informed Hannah that he was looking for Starr's boyfriend, the guy in the picture named James. He asked if Hannah could put her in touch with Starr, but Hannah said she only ran into Starr from time to time. She asked if Bull had a message for Starr, but Bull said he was only concerned because James was trouble and would hurt Starr. After throwing a paper into a nearby trashcan, Bull handed Hannah a piece of paper with his number on it, and told her to call him if she saw Starr and James. After Bull left, Hannah looked at the paper he threw away and smiled. It was Starr's high school diploma.

On the phone, Bull explained that he was only a little behind James and that he had a lead. He had done some research on Starr and had a list of places that she frequented. If he found her, he would surely find James.

Langston entered the kitchen and was surprised to hear that Starr had called. Cole said that she was hiding from him and didn't want to see him. Cole explained that she needed time to think and that "she couldn't get off the phone any faster." Cole wondered if it was payback, but Langston reminded Cole that Starr wasn't petty. Langston told him to be patient because nothing could keep Starr away from him for long.

Cole was surprised to walk out the kitchen door at La Boulaie to find Hannah. She said they needed to finish their conversation because he had run out of court before they could. He said he had needed to see Starr. Hannah entered the house and suggested that Starr was with her new boyfriend.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fully clothed, Todd remained by Téa's side in bed as she recovered after her latest radiation treatment. They spoke quietly and Todd reassured her that he loved her and wanted Téa and Dani to reside with him. He didn't want to leave Téa's side. Just then, Dani walked into the room and was horrified to see her parents in bed together. "Tell her," Todd urged Téa, who hesitated briefly and then announced that she and Todd were back together. "Tell the truth," Todd insisted. Téa responded that she was and proceeded to tell Dani how caring and supportive Todd had been. They had gotten close but they weren't sleeping together, she added.

"Not yet," Dani fumed, but Todd jumped up and yelled that their sex lives were none of Dani's business. Dani referred to Todd's act of pushing Marty down the stairs, but Téa informed her that others believed that Todd was innocent. Dani continued to argue weakly but finally stalked out of the bedroom. Todd stated that he was tired of Dani "pulling the strings," and he thought that she needed to control her anger. Téa couldn't help but smile at Todd's remark, but Todd was angry, especially because Téa had avoided telling Dani the truth. He mentioned that they didn't have much time.

Téa looked at him quickly but grudgingly agreed that he was right, and there wasn't much time. She wanted to keep Dani happy for as long as she could. Todd thought that could backfire, and Dani would be angrier to know she had been kept from the truth. He offered to tell Dani himself, but Téa turned him down. Todd still believed a miracle would happen. Téa assured Todd she was glad that he was Dani's father, and she finally managed to get Todd to agree to leave. They kissed goodbye. Dani headed back to the bedroom, and her mother advised her they needed to talk.

Dani had news for Téa, too, and Téa insisted that her daughter go first. Dani sadly revealed that she had broken up with Matthew because she only liked him as a friend. She thought she had hurt his feelings, though, and that bothered her. Téa was happy that Dani had been honest with Matthew and asked her about Nate. Dani stated that she and Nate were just friends, also, but she admitted that she liked him. They had connected when they were in the school play. She started to tell her mother about the money Nate had found but, at the last minute, lied that Nate had a new job and had given his mother all his money because of the rut they were in.

Nate loved his mom and Dani loved Téa. She thought about all that Téa had done for her and apologized for being a bitch to Téa. Dani didn't know what she would do without her mother. Téa made it clear that she knew it was difficult for Dani to understand, but Todd didn't set out to intentionally hurt the people he cared about. Dani sniped that meant that others must have been "fair game." Téa stressed that Starr believed Todd. Dani admitted that she had a discussion with Nate regarding acting and defining the characters they played. Nate had explained that one needed to find the strengths and weaknesses in a character because everyone had both sides.

She thought she might be able to give Todd a chance, and Téa was delighted. Dani declared that Téa shouldn't get her hopes up because she would never have the same feelings for Todd as Téa did. She thought that Todd had a way of making people forgive him, and she didn't want that to happen because she didn't want to be disappointed. Téa thought that Dani was tough and would never fall for Todd's manipulations. Dani thought that Todd hurt Téa and Starr all of the time, but Téa added that sometimes he "blew her away." Dani thought she could have a trial run for Téa's sake.

Téa thought the next step was to invite Nate over for dinner so she and Todd could meet him, but a nervous Dani stammered that she was too awkward and nervous, and Todd could scare him off. He was the first boy she ever really liked, she admitted. Téa agreed to back off but disclosed that she was extremely proud of Dani.

Jessica sat in the Buenos Dias Café after Brody left and called Kelly excitedly. Brody had disclosed that Hannah was the suspect in Ford's beating, which meant that Jessica was off the hook. She thanked Kelly for being there for her. Natalie walked in, looked at Jessica, and asked what was wrong. Jessica looked distracted, she thought. Jessica explained that Brody had just left after he gave her the news about Hannah. She was happy that Ford had recalled who his attacker was. Natalie thought that Jessica looked relieved.

Jessica assured her it was because both Langston and Markko were innocent, and she figured that Langston must have felt awful about the entire mess after cheating on Markko. Natalie flashed back to her evening with Brody but snapped out of it and noted that she felt bad for Langston. Jessica pronounced that sometimes things happened, and Natalie agreed. Jessica thought they should focus on the "good stuff," since they had both finally found happiness. She thought that Natalie was lucky to not be worried about anything.

In her office at the Sun, Kelly opened up the piece of paper she found in her mother's broken vase. It said Bennett Thompson.

John and Brody arrived at Hannah's dorm room, but they didn't receive a response after they knocked. Mindful of Hannah's past and her overdose, Brody left to obtain a key. John received a call from Kelly regarding the paper she'd found with the man's name. She was positive that her mother had been trying to tell her something, and there were probably a number of reasons as to why Melinda hadn't just phoned Kelly. Bennett was probably her mother's killer, Kelly reasoned. John assured her he would pursue the man, but at that moment, he was involved in a search for a dangerous suspect.

Brody returned with the key and informed John that there was an alert out on Hannah. They entered the empty room and the first item that John spotted was a framed photo of Hannah with a cut-out head of Cole placed on top of the real person in the photo. John realized that Starr had been right when she asserted that Hannah was obsessed with Cole. He and Brody discussed Hannah's moves and decided that it would be best for them to locate Cole. During a further search of the room, John found a blue sweater that seemed to match the fiber he had found on the stairwell after Marty's fall. The sweater had a bloodstain.

The crime scene unit was summoned to the dorm, and John turned the sweater over to them. He wanted it checked against Robert Ford's blood. Brody disclosed that he was unable to locate Starr, Cole, and Hope, and that the couple's apartment had been trashed. John didn't want to scare anyone with a phone call, and he thought it best if they travel to La Boulaie.

Hannah showed up at La Boulaie and showed Cole the photo of Starr and James that she had taken with her cell phone. She was certain that Starr was in the company of her new boyfriend, and she happened to see them together in the park previously, she explained. She lied that Starr had seemed happy and that Starr's face lit up as she and the boy spoke. Hannah thought that even Hope seemed comfortable with her mother's new boyfriend. Cole wanted to know why Hannah had taken the photo.

Hannah declared that she had snapped the photo for Cole, since he hadn't seen his daughter, but he wondered why Hannah didn't ask Starr's permission before she took the picture. Hannah reminded him that she wasn't one of Starr's favorite people, but Starr did seem happy with James. Hannah even happened to know his name. She assured Cole that she hadn't followed the couple, but she also heard their conversation, and Starr was telling James about her problems.

Hope began to cry, which interrupted them, and Cole went to check on his daughter. His phone began to ring, but when Hannah saw that it was John, she ended the call. She didn't get that far to have John "screw it up" for her, she muttered. She had to get Cole to believe that Starr had dumped him, she continued. She turned the phone off.

Cole returned to the kitchen and advised Hannah that Starr being with James could involve any one of a number of scenarios. Hannah claimed that it wasn't the only time she saw them together, and she saw them leaving Starr's graduation together. Cole couldn't believe that Hannah showed up at the graduation, but she claimed she had been looking for Cole. He wondered why Starr would have left with James, but Hannah suggested that he really knew.

Cole was perplexed, since he thought that Starr wanted time to think, and she wouldn't just leave Hope behind. Hannah suggested he get in touch with her, since Starr had called the main phone in the house. Cole noted that Starr had lost her phone, but Hannah urged Cole to hit *69. He was directed to James's voicemail. He couldn't believe that Starr had called from James's phone.

Hannah claimed that she heard Hope crying, and Cole left the room again. Hurriedly, she checked the messages on Cole's phone. There were two calls from John, and the first one warned Cole to beware of Hannah since she was possibly dangerous. The second message consisted of John's announcement that he was on his way to Dorian's house.

Cole returned again, perturbed that Hope wanted her mommy. Hannah asked him if someone could watch Hope so that she and Cole could leave. She thought she knew where Starr and James were. Cole agreed, since the baby's grandmother was home.

Brody and John arrived and, though they found Cole's car, the young man was not there.

Up at Viki's cabin, Starr decided that she had the perfect plan for saving herself and James. Her father was rich and he would give them the $50,000 that James needed in order to pay Bull. James was surprised to learn that Starr was a "spoiled little rich girl," but Starr was insulted. James explained that he couldn't imagine that someone the same age as him could obtain so much money. Starr retorted that she couldn't believe someone would steal that much money and hide it under a rock. She was having trouble thinking of a reason for needing the money, since her dad would certainly want to know. He would ask too many questions, and his people would go after Bull. It would most definitely be a huge mess, so she needed a new idea.

Suddenly, she recalled that her dad had given her a new car for graduation so she would give it to James. He couldn't believe she had a car worth $50,000. Starr informed him she was willing to give him the car if it meant she could have her life back with Hope and Cole. She wanted James out of her life. She would tell Todd the truth after everything was over and she was safe. James thought Todd must be a good guy, but Starr declared her father a "work in progress." She also planned on telling Cole the entire truth, since they didn't lie to each other, she explained.

James made the decision that they would have to remain in the cabin overnight, sight unseen, until they could get to the car. He would sleep on the sofa and Starr could have a bedroom. Later, Starr stumbled downstairs and admitted she was scared. She heard noises and wanted to stay with James. He willingly gave her the sofa to sleep on and he plopped himself down on the floor. Starr wondered if he was worried about Bull, and she knew he was when he told her he wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Todd surprised Kelly with his arrival at the office, and she showed him the paper she had found. She thought it meant something important, so she had searched the Internet. There were too many men with the same name, and she was unsuccessful. She noticed that Todd was quiet and asked him what was wrong. She thought he seemed distracted and that he looked like his best friend had died.

Todd ordered her to mind her own business, but Kelly kept pressing Todd for details. "Stay out of it," he yelled at her as she drew closer. She mentioned death again, and Todd was annoyed. As they stood face-to-face, Todd suddenly pulled her into a kiss. She pushed him away forcefully as he accused her of kissing him. She advised him she would break his kneecaps if he tried something similar again. He denied that he had kissed her first. He left the office, and Kelly returned to her computer search for Bennett Thompson.

Téa received a phone call from Todd, and she admitted that she couldn't tell Dani the news yet.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As morning rose over Llanview, Blair, Dorian and Langston assembled in the kitchen at La Boulaie and listened to the voicemail message Starr had left for them, promising that she was all right and would be home soon. Blair was concerned about the cryptic nature of the message, while Dorian was more preoccupied with Hannah, who she feared was still roaming the streets despite being fingered as Ford's assailant. As Dorian pondered whether Hannah would head for the hospital to finish the job, Langston's expression darkened.

The Cramer women sat down together in the breakfast nook to review the drama in their lives. Dorian was stuck on the topic of Hannah, who she believed had trashed the teens' apartment, while Blair couldn't stop worrying about Starr, out of contact without her phone. Langston reminded her that Starr had wanted time to herself, particularly after Cole had told her to stop visiting him in jail. Blair sighed, realizing that Starr didn't even know Cole had made bail, and decided to call Cole in the hope of an update.

After Blair exited, Langston prepared to face the day, but Dorian asked her not to leave the house. She feared that Ford could accost Langston on the streets, but Langston reminded her mother Ford was still hospitalized. Regardless, Dorian ordered her to steer clear of the womanizing filmmaker, and to contact Dorian if he made any further overtures. She reminded Langston that she was still the bright, kind girl she'd been before she met Ford, but Langston's face remained impassive and detached. She insisted on heading to her writer's workshop and reminded Dorian that "if I put my life on hold for him, the terrorists win!"

Blair returned to the kitchen after failing to reach Cole by phone. She was worried, but Dorian chose to take it as an optimistic sign that Starr and Cole had reunited in secret and were taking some "private time" together. Hesitant, she asked Blair if Elijah was still in the house, and Blair told her he was upstairs getting dressed. Dorian told her to thank him for serving as Langston's counsel during the Ford investigation, and said her goodbyes as she left to attend to her mayoral duties.

Elijah entered the kitchen, and Blair again expressed her concern about Starr's silence. Despite Dorian's high hopes, she felt something was wrong, and told Elijah she was concerned that Hannah could have gotten to Starr and Cole while still on the loose. Elijah hugged her, and told her they were doing everything they could to find Starr.

David lounged on the lawn at Llanfair, as he sunbathed in the nude beneath tinted sunglasses. Hearing someone approaching, he assumed it was Lois and asked for another glass of cool lemonade, only to be doused with the entire pitcher by an angry Charlie. As David stumbled to his feet, Charlie demanded to know what the Buchanan scion was doing on Viki's property -- naked yet again. David claimed that he was there to discuss his job opportunity with Viki, but Charlie told David there was no job, and ordered him to go back to London.

Viki interrupted the manly squabble and asked what the trouble was. As Charlie vented his anger, Viki told David to give them some privacy. "Somebody's in trouble!" David taunted, and walked off, but continued to eavesdrop on the conversation. Charlie told Viki he was tired of David turning up at the house unannounced, "buck naked and oiled up like a rotisserie chicken!"

Viki admitted that David and Dorian had been a strain on their relationship since their reunion. Charlie was desperate for a break from their quadrangle of misery, and suggested Viki accompany him to her cabin on Llantano Mountain, where the weather forecast promised blue skies. He produced a picnic basket full of food for the occasion, and Viki, delighted by the idea, agreed.

Dorian's untimely arrive interrupted Viki and Charlie's wedded bliss, which infuriated Charlie, who accused Dorian of deliberately bothering him on his day off, when she knew he'd be with Viki. Dorian brushed off his suspicions and told "Charles" she had wonderful news: he was in line for a major construction grant which would allow him to build the eco-friendly greenhouse of his dreams for Llanview's new Civic Center, and all he needed to do was accompany her to an interview with the businessman in charge of the prestigious foundation involved. Charlie was thrilled at the prospect of building the greenhouse, but refused to lose out on a summer day with his wife. To his surprise, Viki told him to go; the opportunity was too important, and she'd still be there when he returned. Touched, Charlie told "Viki D." she was amazing, and kissed her.

Viki was all forced smiles as she watched Charlie leave on Dorian's arm once again. When David emerged from his hiding place behind the shrubbery and asked her to picnic at the cabin with him instead, she told him no, and headed into the house. Dejected, David resumed his perch on the lounge chair, only to find that the day had turned overcast. Smiling, he recalled what Charlie had said about the forecast on Llantano Mountain, and considered the leftover picnic basket.

Up on Llantano Mountain, Starr and James slept side-by-side inside Viki's cabin. Hearing sounds outside, James awoke and was instantly on the alert. He roused Starr, and warned her that Bull might have found them. As they raced around the cabin, James caught sight of movement by the kitchen window, and relaxed: the sounds he'd heard were just a flock of deer raiding Viki's trash. Calming down, they admired the wildlife together.

James told Starr they needed to get dressed and hand the money over to Bull in order to end their impromptu getaway, and Starr headed upstairs to shower, while James called Bull and promised to deliver the cash later that day. After he hung up, Starr returned to the living room in a towel. After an awkward moment between the two half-dressed youngsters, James headed upstairs for his turn in the shower. Moments later, he raced down again complaining about the lack of hot water, but this time it was James's turn in nothing but a towel, and he inadvertently walked in on Starr in nothing but her underwear.

James couldn't help but grin at the sight before him, but Starr was enraged, and asked if he was spying on her. She called him a pervert like his brother, and James grew furious; he told Starr he hadn't meant to walk in on her, and added that she knew nothing about "Bobby." He told her that whatever kind of man Ford had become since he'd left home, their father's abuse had turned him into. Softening, Starr sat down beside him, and said that though Ford had hurt Langston, she understood what parents could do to their children.

Starr apologized for yelling at James, and said it didn't matter, as he hadn't really seen anything. James teased her about how much he'd actually seen, and the two began to banter back and forth, with James calling her "Twinkle" once again. Starr headed back upstairs to get dressed, and playfully said she'd lock the door.

At Llanview Hospital, Ford was pleased to see his attractive nurse enter his room for his much-needed sponge bath. Before she could begin, however, an urgent phone call interrupted, and he sent the nurse away.

Meanwhile, at the Llanview Police Department, Todd barked into his phone, and asked someone where Hannah was.

Back at the hospital, Ford responded to an angry caller. He said he'd done as he was told and named Hannah as his attacker, and asked to be released from his obligation.

At the LPD, Todd told the person on the other end of the phone that nothing was over until he found Hannah, and hung up.

At the hospital, Ford pleaded to be freed from his bargain, but was hung up on. His spirits were lifted, however, when his nurse returned to finally give him his sponge bath. Just then, Langston entered the hospital room to find the nurse caressing Ford's pecs. Disgusted, she asked if he'd found a new girlfriend, and brushed off Ford's offer to let her take over his medical care.

As Ford dismissed the nurse, Langston asked him about Hannah, and Ford said he'd never suspected she could assault him. Langston said she could relate to Hannah's rage, as she'd betrayed everyone she ever cared about, as well as herself, to be with him, only to be used and discarded. Ford asked her why she'd stopped by, and Langston told him she'd lied to everyone, except him. She'd visited before but hadn't gotten the answer she'd sought, and she wanted to know the truth: if she'd really meant nothing to him, she wanted to know why he had told her he loved her.

Before Ford could answer Langston's question, his phone rang. As Ford stared at her, Langston told him to forget what she'd asked, as she already knew the answer; she left.

Ford answered the phone, surprised to hear from James, who was calling from Viki's cabin. Ford was worried about how James had disappeared, and asked if he was okay; he suspected that James was in trouble, or that their father was after him. James lied and said that he was fine, then promised to visit soon. "I love you, bro," James said, as Starr listened in from the cabin staircase.

At the police station, John was in his office and was dispatching men to find Brody and Detective Price and get them on Hannah's trail. Then, he joined Marty in the nearby hallway, just as she finished leaving a message on Cole's phone. Marty was frightened for Cole, and asked John, "What if Hannah got to him?" She wondered if Hannah could attack Cole if he rejected her, just as she'd attacked Ford after he'd dumped her. John attempted to quell her fears, but Marty had glimpsed Hannah's pathology up close, and couldn't help but believe that Hannah and Cole's disappearances were connected.

Just then, Todd burst into John's office, with only one question: "Why haven't you arrested that little nutjob yet?" He told the duo that he'd been on the phone with his private investigator, who said Hannah still hadn't been found; Todd reminded them that Hannah had attacked both Ford and Marty. John informed Todd that it wasn't definite that Hannah had pushed Marty down the stairs, and Todd accused the police of ignoring the obvious in favor of demonizing him and making him their scapegoat. Marty assured him that they wanted to find whoever had killed their unborn child, and Todd picked up on her vague use of "whoever" and demanded that the charges against him be dropped immediately.

John told Todd he had more pressing problems at the moment, with Hannah and Cole both going missing. Todd laughed and told them he knew where Cole and Hannah were; they'd run off together, like Bonnie and Clyde. As Todd needled Marty about Cole and Hannah's close relationship, John grew fed up and shoved him out of the office.

As Todd was ejected from John's office, he ran into Blair and Elijah entering the reception area. Todd was not pleased to see "my ex-wife and Cole's lawyer," and swiftly began an argument with them as Blair attempted to question him about whether or not he'd seen Starr. Todd was clueless, and asked Blair if she'd lost Starr.

Later, John told one of his uniformed officers to put out an all points bulletin for Hannah, while in the waiting area, Todd and Blair conferred, along with Elijah and Marty. Elijah warned Marty that if Cole didn't turn up soon, he could be cited for leaving the jurisdiction and jumping bail. Marty said that was the least of her concerns if Hannah had Cole at her mercy.

Elijah and John had a conference in John's office, and emerged to face Todd, Blair, and Marty. Todd and Blair informed John that Starr was missing, and Blair feared she'd run across Hannah. "I'm on it," John replied. "He's on it, I feel so much better," Todd snapped, while Elijah reassured Blair that Starr would be found safe. From the sidelines, Todd glared at the happy couple.

In Delaware, Hannah led Cole to an abandoned cabin, and told her skeptical classmate it was the location she'd overheard James mention to Starr as their romantic rendezvous. Anxious, Cole burst into the cabin, and called out for Starr, but found nothing. He turned on Hannah, and asked why they'd driven all night across state lines on unfounded gossip, and Hannah apologized, claiming she'd misheard James at Llanview High.

As Cole hooked his dead phone up to its charger, Hannah suggested he take her phone and show her picture of Starr and James to the patrons at the diner up the road, in the hope of finding out once and for all whether Starr was in town. After Cole left, Hannah picked up a framed photo, showing her with an elderly man, on a nearby table. Speaking to the photo, she apologized to her grandfather for commandeering his cabin while he was away, then pulled out Starr's high school diploma. "Don't worry, Starr Manning," she murmured. "I'll make sure Cole knows you were here."

As Hannah finished hiding various incriminating items around the living room, Cole returned to the cabin and reported no luck at the local diner. He wanted to head back to Llanview, but Hannah persuaded him to rest for a few hours after driving through the night, and suggested that since the "stranger's" cabin was abandoned, he might sleep in the bedroom while she took the couch. As Cole headed to bed, Hannah retrieved his phone and listened to his voicemail, including Marty's worried message.

Looking stricken, Cole emerged from the bedroom, and Hannah asked him what was wrong. Cole held up Starr's diploma and a condom wrapper, and said he knew for certain that Starr and James had been there. Hannah feigned sympathy, comforting the broken-hearted young man, who said it was his own fault for pushing Starr away. "I'm so sorry," Hannah said, embracing him tenderly.

Pulling from her embrace, Cole told Hannah he needed to take a walk and clear his head, and gently refused her offer of company. Hannah apologized for having shown him the photo of Starr and James, but Cole told her not to be sorry; he regretted not going to Markko about Langston's affair with Ford, and like Markko, he'd needed to know. "I'll be here for you when you get back," Hannah said.

After Cole left, Hannah scrambled to get a signal on her cell phone and called Ford in the hospital. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she snapped. "You've been talking to the cops about me?"

Back at Viki's cabin, James met Starr in the living room, and was ready to leave. Starr teased him about taking forever to get ready, and warned him Bull could've snatched her away. James joked that the bad guys would've paid him fifty grand just to get rid of her, then told her they needed to leave and take care of Bull so she could get back to her baby and her life. But before they could go, James heard footsteps at the door.

Starr took cover behind the couch, while James hid in the front archway with a baseball bat. As the mystery man entered the cabin bearing a picnic basket, James beaned him with the bat, and the man fell to the ground, unconscious. Rushing over, Starr recognized the intruder instantly: "Oh, my God, that's David Vickers!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starr was horrified after James knocked David out when David wandered into Viki's cabin. Starr leaned over the prone man and tried to shake him into consciousness, but James stopped her. He was afraid that David would be able to report that he had seen them, and he was sure that David would be okay anyway. He thought it was more important for them to get to Starr's new car.

Dorian and Charlie arrived at La Boulaie for their work meeting, since Dorian thought the atmosphere would be more attractive. Charlie made a quick call to Viki and asked her to asked for her to at the cabin, and he would follow as soon as his work discussion was over. Just then, Dorian advised him that she had received a text message and Henderson, their business contact, would be arriving three hours late. Charlie was infuriated and wondered if there had been a meeting with the man in the first place. He stormed out but not before he accused Dorian of setting him up so that he would miss his day with Viki.

Viki ended her call with Charlie and looked around in dismay. The picnic basket seemed to be gone, but Rex sauntered by with his own prepared lunch and interrupted her. He announced that he and Gigi had planned a picnic, and he was excited that they would have a date. Viki shared details of her own ruined engagement and the fact that her basket had disappeared.

A curious Cristian questioned Layla about their stop at the quarry and the fact that they had a picnic lunch. He was certain that Layla was stalling on their trip to see her mother because Layla was afraid to announce her engagement to Cristian. Layla denied it and noted that she just wanted to get some pleasure from the beautiful day. They planted their blanket in the grass.

Rex and Gigi walked hand-in-hand as Gigi remarked how wonderful it was to be alone. They were speechless when they happened upon Cristian and Layla in a compromising position -- obviously wearing nothing beneath the blanket. Everyone agreed they were there for the same thing, a picnic, and Layla noted that she and Cristian were celebrating their engagement. Cristian revealed his feelings and stated that he believed it wasn't necessary to waste time after finding the right person.

As the guys went off for a swim, the women set up for lunch. Gigi clarified that she knew Layla didn't like her because of Adriana, but Layla assured her times were different. Layla was with Cristian, who used to be with her own sister; Adriana was happy; and Gigi should be too. She was sure that she and Gigi could be friends.

As they finished their swim, Rex asked Cristian about the wedding. Cristian made it clear that there were no details yet because the bride's mother didn't know about the engagement. Rex admitted that he hoped he and Gigi would reach the same step some day. They were trying to start over after all they had been through.

After lunch, Rex and Gigi took a walk. Just as Rex leaned over to kiss Gigi, he spotted a briefcase on the ground.

Matthew encountered Destiny as she worked at the country club. He confessed that he felt better since he hadn't run into Dani everyday like he did in school. Darren lay on a chaise longue nearby and called out to Destiny as if she were his personal servant. Nate had a job, too, and he ran into Dani. She pointed out that there was nothing in the news about missing money, so she assumed they were safe with the check that Nate had given to his mother. Nate thanked her for putting together a plan for the money, and as they shared a kiss, Matthew saw them as he headed in their direction. He sarcastically advised the couple that there were people around, and he wasn't aware that the cabana was a "cheap motel room."

He mocked Nate for his position at the club as Nate hurried back to work. Dani apologized to Matthew for hurting him, but she was angered that Matthew took that hurt out on Nate because it wasn't Nate's fault. Matthew was visibly upset with himself as he darted into the cabana. Bull arrived and swiped a membership card from the bag of an oblivious man talking on the phone.

Bull ran across Dani and Destiny and asked them if they knew Starr. He had found her phone on the patio and wanted to return it to her, he informed them. The girls were confused because they hadn't seen Starr at the club, but Dani seized the phone from Bull so that she could return it herself. She told Destiny that Matthew had acted like a jerk. Destiny wondered if Nate had provoked Matthew, but Dani explained that Matthew had seen her and Nate kissing. Destiny defended Matthew, because she was convinced that he had really liked Dani and he was hurt. Dani wanted to be friends with Matthew but Destiny thought it was too soon. She urged Dani to remind Nate to keep his hands to himself.

Matthew pulled up a chair next to Darren and taunted Nate as he worked, and called him "cabana boy." Darren joked with Nate that it was too bad the money Nate had was play money from the school musical because Nate could have used the money to avoid having to work at the club. Later, Matthew asked about the money, and Darren explained. Matthew declared that there was no scene in the play that used fake money, but Darren was sure the scene had been a last-minute addition. When Nate returned with clean towels, Matthew was confident he had what he needed as he continued to goad Nate.

Destiny grabbed Matthew and pulled him away. She questioned him about his attitude. Matthew was bitter and advised her that it was his new persona. "So live with it," he added. Destiny asked why he was even at the club in the first place if it bothered him to see Dani and Nate. She asked if he wanted to move on or be miserable. Matthew decided that he should leave after he spied Dani and Nate together again.

Dani pulled Nate aside and suggested they keep their displays of affection to a minimum. She didn't want to hurt Matthew anymore. Nate agreed because he understood how Matthew felt. Matthew had gone crazy after he lost Dani. Nate intended to apply for a promotion to a waiter.

On his way out, Matthew overheard Bull on the phone. Bull assured someone that he wouldn't let the kid who stole the money escape. He knew that the kid had "hooked up with the Manning girl." Matthew stopped Bull and advised him that he could help him find the guy he was looking for.

In the Delaware cabin, Hannah spoke to Ford harshly on the phone while Cole was outside. She wanted to know why Ford had been talking to the cops about her. She ended the call abruptly when Cole returned. Cole wanted to borrow Hannah's phone to get in touch with Starr, but she gave him multiple reasons why that wasn't a good idea. He grabbed the phone out of her hand but when Hannah reminded him that he was out of state and would end up in jail for breaking his bail agreement, Cole solemnly agreed that she was right. He thought he would return to Llanview instead. Hannah quickly nixed the idea. She lied that she had heard James and Starr make plans to be away for several days.

Cole didn't want to make any move until he heard the full story from Starr, so he decided to wait for her return to the Delaware cabin. He knew that Starr was vulnerable after he had hurt her feelings, but he threatened to take care of James the same way he had taken care of Todd. He defended Starr and couldn't believe that she had run off. She probably thought that he wanted to break up with her. Hannah thought it was always possible to be surprised by people's actions, and she thought that Starr's actions were probably for the best.

Cole thought that Hannah should leave, and he would hitchhike back to Llanview when it was time to go. He didn't think she should be there when Starr returned. Hannah pointed out that Cole needed a friend, especially after his girlfriend had slept with another guy. She didn't want Cole to be alone if Starr called their relationship off, because Hannah cared about him. Cole was anxious and upset that Starr had cheated on him. She turned her back on him, he ranted. He clutched Hannah and they began to kiss.

Charlie arrived at Viki's cabin and nearly tripped on David as he walked through the door. He woke him up, but David mistakenly thought that Charlie was the one who had clobbered him. Viki showed up right after Charlie did, and Dorian was close behind her. Dorian blamed David for causing trouble, and the women began to argue over whether Charlie could have been the one to hit David. Dorian knew that Charlie would never commit such an act. David had possession of the picnic basket.

As Viki unsuccessfully searched the premises for signs of a break-in, Charlie accused David of trespassing. Viki returned and asked why Dorian was there in the first place. She didn't remember inviting David either. Viki asked Charlie about the interview, and he explained that it had been fake. Dorian chimed in that Charlie was a liar.

Viki wondered if Dorian thought that Charlie would find Dorian's plan to trick him into a meeting as "cute," and the women began to bicker again. As Viki checked David's head for bumps and bruises, Dorian blamed Charlie for running off before she could defend herself. She was prepared to prove that she hadn't lied. Viki handed David an ice pack for the lump on his head. David suggested that there was another way to reduce swelling but Viki couldn't bear to listen as David felt the need to explain his sexual reference.

Charlie thought they should call the police, but Dorian was immediately on the phone to Henderson. She wanted to verify his text message that had informed her of his late arrival. The others assumed she was really talking to someone else, and Viki believed it was Blair. David removed the phone from Dorian's hand and began to tell the person off. Suddenly, he handed the phone to Charlie. After some discussion, Charlie was able to verify that it really was Henderson. As Dorian waited for apologies, Viki and Charlie were ready to eat humble pie.

David cleared his throat and Charlie apologized. David noted that even Dorian stumbled on the truth at times. Dorian accepted the apology but remarked that Viki still obviously thought that Dorian was trying to steal Charlie. Viki assured her that Charlie had his own reasons to be suspicious of Dorian, but Charlie admitted he had been wrong. Dorian wondered if Viki had anything to say, and Viki assured her she did, but she didn't use such language. Viki handed Charlie a sandwich from the basket and wished him luck as he left with Dorian. Viki and David decided to consume the picnic lunch.

Starr and James arrived at the car dealer, and the happy salesman suggested that the young couple test-drive the car. As the salesman locked the key away, he explained that he needed to retrieve the paperwork. James was surprised to see that the car was a large SUV, and he thought that Starr was lucky to have someone who loved her so much. He vowed to be out of Starr's life forever as soon as he got the money to Bull.

When the salesman returned, Starr requested that he return the money because she didn't want the car. She had decided to use the money for college instead. The salesman replied that the car had been customized and was worth over $60,000. Starr offered to take the original $50,000 instead, but the salesman advised her that he needed Todd's approval, since his name was on the purchase order.

Starr made it clear that her father liked her to be happy, and she advised the salesman she would have to badmouth the dealership. Her father would be angry and would plant an article on the front page about how the dealership forced people to buy their cars. The man stressed that he had a signed contract, but Starr demanded to speak to a supervisor. James was impressed with Starr's feistiness. After the man left in search of his superior, James broke into the locked cabinet so that he could remove the key for Starr's car.

Friday, June 25, 2010

At a picnic on the lake, Cristian, Layla, Rex, and Gigi lay on the blanket, when Rex and Gigi left to find sticks to roast marshmallows. As Rex leaned in to kiss Gigi, he spotted a gray suitcase and walked over to check it out. As Rex hoped that the suitcase might contain a treasure, Gigi feared that it might hold a bomb. Rex proclaimed that the suitcase and all of its secrets belonged to them.

Cristian reminded Layla that they should be on their way to her mother's house, but Layla stalled and insisted that they could wait a few more minutes...or days. Cristian looked for his cell phone to call her parents, but Layla stopped him. When Layla asked if Cristian thought that she was chicken, Cristian noted that Layla was afraid to tell her parents of their engagement. Cristian suggested, "But look, if it's such a big deal to tell your family we're engaged, why don't we just take it out of the equation." When Layla cried, "You don't want to get married," Cristian declared, "Even better...let's elope."

Cristian pointed out that if he and Layla eloped, it would be their wedding, and they would not have to worry about everyone else's attitudes. Layla explained that if they eloped, she could hear her mother scream, "How can my baby girl elope and not have me at the wedding." However, Cristian maintained, "Which is way better than 'I won't let my baby girl marry that guy.'"

Rex and Gigi ran to Cristian and Layla with the suitcase, which Gigi called "a shiny, silver box." After they discussed many theories of what the suitcase might contain, Rex opened it and found nothing but a business card for Ford's Body Shop. Rex wondered if the suitcase belonged to Cristian's roommate, Ford. When Rex saw that the address for the body shop was in Dayton, Ohio, Gigi speculated that the suitcase might belong to one of Ford's relatives. Cristian felt that someone should question Ford, but Layla stated that Rex would be the one to question him. Layla announced that she and Cristian were leaving for her mother's house, and Cristian and Layla decided to have the wedding after all.

After Cristian and Layla left, Rex stared at the suitcase, as Gigi sprinted off for a swim in the lake. When Rex insisted that Gigi wear plenty of sunscreen, Gigi explained that she had no tan lines, since she liked to sunbathe in the nude. After Gigi removed her jacket and threw it on Rex, he ran to join her.

At the Llanview Police Department, Detective Price and John were discussing a case, when Todd and Blair barged into John's office. Todd demanded that the police haul in Hannah. Blair cried that she and Todd still had not heard from Starr, and Todd believed that Hannah had taken her. Todd stressed that Hannah had killed John's baby, had pushed Marty down the stairs, and had attacked Ford, but Blair insisted that they honestly did not know anything. John indicated that it appeared that Starr had left voluntarily but then asked Blair and Todd if they wanted to file a police report. Blair maintained that she and Todd did not really know anything, so John advised them to "go about your business" to the car dealership to buy Starr's car.

Once Todd and Blair left, John observed to Detective Price, "They're right about one thing. Disappearing like this isn't like Starr." When John expressed that he was not sure that Todd had attacked Ford, Detective Price guessed that John was still looking at the O'Connor girl as a suspect. John speculated that Cole could be in danger, since Hannah was fixated on him. John also worried that if someone were "to set her off, there's no telling what she would do."

Detective Price returned to John's office with a file on Hannah and revealed that Hannah's parents had been in Europe the past couple of months and were backpacking up north. John received a phone call and discovered that Hannah had left the state and was in Delaware. As John and Detective Price pondered Hannah's visit to Delaware, John requested the family financials from the file. John exclaimed, "Bingo" and revealed that Hannah's family owned a beach Delaware.

At the beach house in Delaware, Cole and Hannah kissed and kissed and kissed. As they lay on the couch, Cole spotted a condom wrapper and immediately stopped kissing Hannah. Cole cried, "I can't do this." Cole explained to Hannah that he did not want to use her and then dump her. When Hannah asked Cole if he cared about her at all, Cole insisted that he did care about her, because she had been a good friend to him. Hannah was relieved, because Cole had helped her out in the past. But Hannah then insisted that Starr was "trying to break them up," because Starr could see that Hannah was falling for Cole. However, Cole explained that he was a mess, because he had no idea what was going on between him and Starr. Hannah exclaimed that she did not want to change their friendship.

When Cole revealed that he had never had the chance to take a nap, Hannah recommended that they get a room at a hotel along the highway on the way home. Yet, Cole insisted that they stay at the beach house, until he could find Starr. Cole declared that he would sleep on the floor, but Hannah offered Cole the bed. Cole then announced that he and Hannah could share the bed. As Cole slept next to her, Hannah glanced at him and smiled.

At the car dealership, James had broken into the office to steal Starr's car, and he fumbled with the keys. Starr insisted that James did not need to steal the car, because Todd was going to buy it for her. James admitted that if he stole the car, Starr would be an accomplice, and James did not want that. James claimed that he would turn himself in at the police station, and Starr reminded James that the police would put him in jail. James commented that at least his dad would not be able to touch him in jail. Starr yelled, "Steal it" and then blared, "Get the keys and let's go. I need to get back to my family."

When James pointed out that he would need a diversion to steal the car, Starr insisted that they do it quickly, or they would both be in jail. The salesman walked into the office and asked Starr to have a seat and to fill out the paperwork to purchase the car. As the diversion, Starr told the salesman that James wanted to see a sports car on the lot, and the salesman beamed, "Right this way." James and the salesman walked out, and Starr was in the office alone.

Later, at the car dealership, Blair told Todd to quit making everything in their lives all about him. The salesman walked up to them and revealed that Starr was no longer at the dealership. The salesman told Blair and Todd that Starr had thrown a fit when the salesman refused to give her $50,000, and that Starr had then stolen a car. When Blair insisted that Starr would never steal a car, the salesman offered to show her "the security footage." Blair asserted that Starr's father was buying Starr a car for graduation, but the salesman revealed that Starr did not want the car, only the cash.

The salesman explained what Starr and her accomplice had done, and Blair thought that the accomplice was Hannah. However, the salesman related that the accomplice was a man. When Blair showed him the picture of Starr and Cole, the salesman revealed that the girl in the picture had stolen the car, but that the guy in the picture was not the accomplice. The salesman described the accomplice. As the salesman picked up the telephone, Todd shouted that he would buy "this establishment" and "run him out of business," if the salesman were to call the police.

Todd told the salesman to write up the sale, because "there was no theft, there was no theft." When Todd speculated that Starr was doing what she wanted to do, Blair did not agree. Todd exclaimed that, at least, Starr was not with Cole. "It's a win. Anyone, besides Cole, is a step up."

After Starr and James raced away with the car from the dealership lot, they pulled onto the shoulder of a road. James declared that Starr was driving erratically, and that the first rule of car theft was "to blend into traffic and don't draw attention to yourself." Starr asserted that James had a car to give to Bull as a pay-off. Starr then asked James, since he was the master carjacker, "What happens now?" James replied, "I have no idea."

James said that he had to figure it out, since he did not know anyone in Llanview to fence the car parts. When Starr cried that she just wanted it all over immediately, James told Starr that he would call Bull. When Starr asked why, James stated that Bull could take the car, since they did not have the money. "It's the only choice we've got."

At the country club, Nate declared to Dani that he would have to remain a towel jockey, since the line was too long for the waiter's job. When Dani reminded Nate that he was $50,000 richer, Nate asked if she had ever watched the repossession of someone's house. Nate explained, "It's not pretty, and I don't like to see you frown." Destiny walked up to them and informed them that Matthew was "off their case." Destiny explained that she had talked Matthew down, so "now you two can make out in peace. No one's going to bother you." When Dani tried to thank her, Destiny reminded Dani that Matthew was "one jealous puppy right now" and "could put you both in a world of hurt."

After Destiny left, Nate expressed that he was relieved to hear the news about Matthew, but Dani was uneasy. Nate claimed that Matthew would blame him, because Matthew cared very much for Dani. Nate insisted that Dani and Matthew "could go back to being know, like friends." Dani then announced that she had to leave for dinner at home with Todd, since Todd was being "genuinely nice" to her mother.

In another area of the country club, Matthew overheard Bull telling a person on his cell phone that he had found the kid who had stolen the $50,000. Matthew informed Bull that he had overheard Bull say that "a guy took 50 G's," and that the guy had been hanging out with a Manning girl. Matthew insisted that he could help him find the guy, because he knew "this Manning girl." When Matthew related that he was helping Bull, because he was "a pretty helpful guy," Bull figured that Matthew was out to settle a score of his own.

Matthew told Bull that Nate Salinger was carrying the money around in a backpack. However, when Matthew relented and claimed that maybe he had the wrong guy, Bull believed that Matthew was right and asked where Nate was. Matthew witnessed Dani and Nate kissing, just as Bull asked, "Don't you want a little justice done?" Matthew responded, "He's right over there" and pointed to Nate.

When Bull said that he was going to get his money, Matthew told him to be careful, because Nate was a brown belt. Bull remarked, "It's a shame if his pretty little face got busted up in the course of this exchange, wouldn't it?" Destiny greeted Matthew, as Bull walked off, and asked, "A friend of yours?" Matthew claimed that Bull was a friend of his parents. Before Dani left, she thanked Matthew for "not making Nate's life miserable" at the country club. Matthew stressed that he did not do it for Dani.

Back at the stolen car, James called Bull, "Good news. I've got your money." Bull replied, "No kidding...I thought you lost it." James revealed, "It turned up." Bull warned, "Lucky you." James clarified, "So, just to be clear, I give you the money today, and we're clear, right?" Bull verified, "If that's how it goes, sure." James insisted, as he checked on Starr in the car, "That's how it goes. And I'm sorry to have been so much trouble." Bull responded, "It's okay. We all make mistakes," as he pointed a gun at Nate in the country club office.

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