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Passions Recaps: The week of October 25, 1999 on PS
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Monday, October 25, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Karen Nicholson

Kay and Simone are outside discussing how Kay has lost her room and Miguel to Charity. Tabitha and Timmy are behind the bushes listening to the conversation, and Tabitha is trying to think of a way to lure Kay into her plot to destroy Charity. Before Tabitha can approach Kay, Jessica calls out from the window and tells Kay that she thought is was cool of Kay to give her room to Charity. Miguel and Charity also thank her. Miguel is trying to jog Charity's memory. They play a video game, but Charity still flinches when he touches her. She wonders if she will ever remember him. Meanwhile, Tabitha asks Kay to come over to her house to get a pie dish out of her cabinet that is too high for her to reach. When Kay comes over, Tabitha tells her about a young man that she was once smitten with, and how a supposed good girl came into their lives, and stole him from her. Kay sees the similarities in her relationship with Miguel. Tabitha tells Kay not to give up on the boy she loves, like she did. She gives Kay a silver bracelet, and tells her that when she looks at it, it will give her the strength to win the boy for herself. Kay leaves, and shows Simone the bracelet. She tells Simone that Tabitha understands how she feels. Tabitha tells Timmy that Kay doesn't know the half of what she will be doing for her in getting rid of Charity.

Pilar returns Sheridan's laundry, and thanks her for not letting Luis see Theresa at the ballet with Ethan, because he would have been upset. Sheridan tells Pilar that Luis was the most arrogant and unreasonable man that she had ever met. Pilar explained that Ethan was different from other guys his age, because he had to take on additional responsibilities when his father disappeared. Pilar sees a picture of Ethan and Theresa in the newspaper, and she doesn't want Luis to see it. Sheridan promises to confiscate the newspaper when she gets to the Youth Center.

At the Youth Center, Luis is furiously hitting a punching bag. Hank walks in and states that he would hate to be the guy that Luis is thinking about. Luis tells him about Sheridan hitting him over the head with a bottle when he was trying to protect her from a mugger. He said that not only did the mugger get away, but that Sheridan had also cost him a promotion to Detective. He expressed again how much he hated the Cranes, and wished that they would all just disappear from the face of the earth. Sheridan appears, and he is not happy to see her. When Hank and Luis leave to put up equipment, Sheridan swipes the newspaper. Luis returns to his office and wants to know what Sheridan is up to. She hides the newspaper, and throws it in the trash before going out for coffee with Hank. Luis is looking all over for his paper, and finally finds it in the trash can. As he is reading the paper, Sheridan and Hank walk in and Sheridan screams " Oh No!"

At the Crane house, Ethan tells Theresa that her eyes are exquisite. Gwen overhears this and is visibly upset. While they are having dinner, Gwen lets Ethan know how she felt hearing him talking to Theresa, and wants to know what Theresa means to him. Ethan says that Theresa means nothing to him. Theresa overhears and runs up the stairs crying. Pilar tells her that she needs to stop thinking about Ethan, and find someone of her own. Pilar shows her the picture from the paper, and they both hope that Luis doesn't see it. Pilar tells Theresa to go home. Ethan and Gwen are dancing, and he has a flashback of Theresa, and calls out her name. Gwen is angry and leaves. Theresa comes down the stairs, trips, and falls into Ethan's arms. Gwen is outside, and decides that she may have been to hard on Ethan, and decides to go back inside. When she opens the door, she sees Theresa and Ethan in what looks like an embrace.

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