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Passions Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on PS
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Monday, September 6, 2004

Rebecca fuels Gwen's suspicions about the twins Theresa is carrying. Ethan has fuzzy memories of the night Theresa tricked him into having sex, and he confronts her about the parentage of the second baby.

Julian confuses Chad and Eve with his sudden interest in postponing Whitney and Chad's wedding. Whitney listens in disgust and disbelief as Fox tells her Chad is her half-brother.

When a snake bites Katherine, Sheridan and Martin rush to save her life. Sheridan sees Katherine's plastic surgery scars and asks about them. Alistair's lackey tries to rape Paloma.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Gwen demands Theresa reveal the father of the other twin, and she is devastated when Theresa answers honestly.

Chad professes his deep love for Whitney to Eve, while Julian wonders how to tell them the truth.

Martin and Sheridan fight for their lives in the snake pit, but Sheridan is bitten. Paloma finally escapes from the henchman and sets out to find Luis.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Paloma's tears of sorrow turn to joy when she realizes Luis is alive. Believing Katherine and Sheridan are dead, Martin prepares to shoot Alistair, but the evil patriarch reveals he has a cure for the snake venom.

Whitney refuses to believe Fox even as he tells a stunned Chad he knows who his parents are. At the same time, Julian slowly works up to breaking the news to Eve, who is excited that he knows the identity of their son.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

At the Crane Mansion, Theresa accepts Gwen's apology to her and Ethan for jumping to the conclusion that they had slept together. Ethan confronts Theresa about her lies. Rebecca returns from Boston with her hands full of shopping bags. When Gwen asks her what's in the bags, she explains that she wanted to stock up while she still has a Crane credit card, before Julian divorces her, since his "hoochie mama" is back on the streets. Gwen tells her mother, "I swear, I didn't get any of your genes." Rebecca replies, "Not enough, unfortunately, but nothing to worry about. I am here to take care of anything you're just too nice to deal with." Rebecca is disgusted to hear that Gwen believes Theresa's lies. Gwen defends Ethan and Theresa to her mother. Rebecca tells Gwen to "Wake up and smell the tacos! Theresa has always had a way to get to Ethan." Gwen tells her, "I am not nearly as jaded as you are. I do not think that every man on earth cheats on his wife." Rebecca then tells Gwen, "Yeah, well, talk to me about that in ten years." Ethan confronts Theresa, telling her that he remembers her sneaking into his bedroom the night of the Founder's Day Dance. Ethan demands answers as to why she would try to trick him into sleeping with her since she was already pregnant with his and Gwen's child. Theresa tells Ethan that it never happened and that he must have been thinking about her and had dreamt that he slept with her. Theresa tells Ethan that what he is accusing her of is "loony." Gwen comes into the room at that point and insists that Theresa be taken to the hospital to get checked out and scolds Ethan for getting her upset.

Poolside, outside the Crane Mansion, Eve tells Julian that Alistair must have lied and that Chad cannot be their son because "Whitney and Chad are lovers!" Julian tells Eve that Alistair is telling the truth. He says that his father hid the evidence because he didn't want the bad publicity because back then, Alistair thought Julian would inherit Crane Industries. But now that Alistair doesn't care what happens to Julian, he decided to let the truth out about their long lost son Chad Harris. Eve says the funniest line of the week: "Chad has been looking for his parents for years and now that he finally finds us, we give him the gift of incest?!" Eve then worries about her daughter Whitney. Julian comforts Eve, telling her that Fox will break the news to Whitney gently. Just then we hear Chad's screams from off camera.

At Harmony Hospital, the nurse checking out Theresa tells Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca that the babies are okay. Relieved, they all decide to leave Theresa to rest. While leaving, Rebecca runs right into Pilar, who was coming in to check on her daughter. Pilar accuses Rebecca of tormenting Theresa again, demanding to know why she is at the hospital. Rebecca tells Pilar that she did nothing to "Terror-sita." Gwen apologizes for Rebecca's cruel words and leaves with her husband and mother. Pilar questions Theresa about what the tension she felt is about. Theresa tells her mother that Gwen was suspicious about the second baby but she's convinced her that both babies are Gwen's with Ethan. Pilar lays a guilt-trip on Theresa, hoping that she's changed her mind about keeping the twins.

Back at the Crane Mansion Pool, Chad is crushed to find out that the true identity of his parents are his fiancÚ's mother and best friend's father! Chad asks Whitney if she believes Fox. Whitney has the same initial thought that her mother had, that Alistair is lying, because he lives for causing pain for the residents of Harmony. Chad agrees, asking Fox about the DNA test that he took when he first came to Harmony that rendered no results, even though Dr. Eve and Julian Crane's blood work were both on file at Harmony Hospital. Fox tells them that Alistair changed the results so Julian and Eve wouldn't find their son. Chad cuts to the chase and asks Eve and Julian if they are his parents. Julian tells Chad he is their son. Eve and Julian tell Fox and Whitney but mainly Chad that they did not mean to cause havoc by searching for their son; they just wanted to be reunited. Eve apologizes to Whitney, who remembers that she is pregnant with Chad's child and then accuses Eve of ruining everyone's life. Chad tells Eve and Julian that he can't imagine anyone willingly throwing their son away. Julian says, "I would never throw you away, Son." Eve moves to embrace her son for the first time in over twenty years, but Chad pushes her away, saying she destroyed his life. Julian offers fatherly advice to his lost son. He tells him that his life can still be complete and that he & Eve will help him. Eve breaks down when Chad tells her and Julian that he does not accept them as his parents as he runs to Whitney, who has a breakdown. Fox tries to comfort her and she screams for everyone to leave her alone!

In the jungle of Puerto Arena, Mexico, Sheridan tells Martin and Katherine that they should have let her die, because there is nothing to live for. The drama intensifies as Luis and Sheridan are (once again) reunited! Sheridan tells Martin and Katherine, "Without Luis, I just can't go on." We hear Luis in the distance saying, "Yeah you can and you will. I'm not dead." Martin and Katherine watch as Luis and Sheridan share a tearful reunion. Martin thanks God that his son is alive. They are all shocked to hear how he survived as he explains that his little sister Paloma saved his life. Paloma is reunited with Martin and Katherine. Paloma tells them all that she was almost raped by Nick, but she hit him with a rock and thinks she killed him. Luis agrees and tells Martin, Katherine and Sheridan "he won't be going anywhere anytime soon." Paloma asks who Nick is. Luis and Sheridan explain to Paloma that they think Alistair hired him to kill them all. Paloma doesn't understand and demands answers! Luis tells them all that Paloma deserves to know the truth and tells her that Alistair has a vendetta against the Lopez-Fitzgerald's. Paloma wants to know why Alistair went after the "Wheelers." Martin explains that Alistair is a vindictive man who is out to get a lot of people. He also tells her that Alistair is responsible for Antonio's death, too. Martin tells Paloma and Luis that poisonous snakes bit Sheridan and Katherine. Luis thanks Martin for saving their lives, but Martin doesn't tell him that Alistair gave him the antidote. Sheridan tells Luis that, while unconscious, she had a dream about her mother being alive! Luis gets her to talk more about the dream and Sheridan makes a shocking revelation! Before passing out, she remembers hearing Katherine telling Martin that she is Sheridan's mother!

Friday, September 10, 2004

At Harmony Hospital, Gwen stands firm defending Theresa, insisting that she did not sleep with anyone after being implanted with hers and Ethan's embryos. Meanwhile, her husband recalls Theresa raping him, but he remains quiet about his suspicions. Rebecca is shocked as Gwen gets Theresa a fruit platter from the cafeteria. She tells her mother that she wants to make sure Theresa and her children-to-be have everything they need to remain comfortable. Gwen reminds Rebecca that the only reason Theresa tricked the hospital staff into thinking she was the surrogate was so she could become pregnant to trade that child for her own Little Ethan. She continues that now that Theresa knows that Gwen and Ethan will make a fair trade, there is no reason for Theresa to lie about the paternity of the second child. Gwen becomes furious with Rebecca for accusing Ethan of having sex with Theresa. Gwen tells Rebecca to leave the hospital after she realizes that her scheming mother has eaten all of the fruit from the platter she got for Theresa.

In the jungle of Puerto Arena, Mexico, because of the dream that Katherine is her mother, Sheridan asks 'Sonora Wheeler' if she is really Katherine Crane. Just as Katherine prepares herself to tell the truth of her identity, Luis interrupts. Luis says, "If you did hear Mrs. Wheeler say she was your mother, it was only in your mind." Sheridan apologizes for, once again, confusing Katherine for her mother. Martin suggests that they start finding their way out of the jungle before nightfall. Sheridan is weary since they don't have a guide, as Paloma tells everyone that she used to study ecology in the jungle! Paloma leads the unbeknownst relatives to safety.

At the hospital, Theresa tells Pilar that she has not changed her mind and that she is still going to keep both babies. Pilar tells her daughter that she cannot deny Gwen her dream of motherhood. Theresa says, "If Gwen wants to raise something, she can get chickens!" Pilar reproaches Theresa for being so cold. Pilar says a Spanish prayer, asking God why Theresa didn't turn out differently. Theresa tells Pilar that she's not to blame, because Martin is the one who abandoned the family. Theresa tells her mother, "I never want to see Papa again." Theresa reveals the true reason she is keeping Gwen's babies. She tells her Pilar that if Rebecca didn't get Pilar and Miguel fired from Harmony Cannery, then she would have health insurance and would have been able to see Dr. Russell sooner than she did, and would in turn have gotten her blood disease under control before it became life threatening. Theresa breaks down as she recalls the day Child Protective Services took Little Ethan away from her. Pilar empathizes with her, remembering the day she had to give Paloma to Tia Maria. Pilar confides in Theresa that she hopes Paloma realizes how much better her life is in Puerto Arena than it would have been in Harmony. Theresa tells Pilar that she is becoming too upset and to go back to get some rest.

At the Crane Mansion, after finding out that she is not only engaged to, but also pregnant with her brother's baby, Whitney breaks down as Chad tries to convince her that they can work it out. Eve tries to comfort her daughter. Whitney lashes out at Eve, telling her that she is "pure poison!" Eve offers to help Whitney. To that, she replies, "What are you going to help me with, Mom, plan my wedding to my brother?!" Whitney tells Eve that she hates her. Whitney blames Eve for the revolting thought that her brother took her virginity. She tells Chad that she can't even look at him anymore and tells Chad, Fox, Julian and Eve to leave her alone. Julian tells his former (and possibly current) lover Eve that her daughter just needs time to absorb all the news.

Upon arriving safely back to the Inn, Martin decides that a doctor should check them all out. Paloma, Luis, Sheridan and Katherine all insist that they are fine. Martin reluctantly agrees and pours a shot of tequila for himself and his son Luis. Sheridan blames herself for Alistair following them to Mexico and putting all their lives in danger. Luis, inadvertently, insults Martin by saying it's his father's fault for deserting his family. Upset, Martin vows to kill Alistair for what he's done to him, Katherine and their children. Sheridan and Katherine serve dinner as Luis calls Pilar at Harmony Hospital. Paloma tells Luis that she wants to speak to their mother and that she also wants him to take her home to Harmony! Paloma talks to Pilar for the first time. Watching the joy on Paloma's face, Katherine tells Martin that she wants to share that kind of moment with Sheridan.

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