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Passions Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on PS
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Monday, January 31, 2005

Kay, Simone and Jessica try to explain to Sam what happened at the club. They tell him that when they were ready to leave, they couldn't find Paloma and so they left without her. They say that they're sure she's still there. Sam gets a phone call from the hospital saying that they found Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald in the back of the club and he rushes to the hospital, where Paloma is being brought in. She is badly beaten and the doctor thinks she may have been raped.

Heeding Alistair's warnings, Katherine tries to stop Martin from telling Luis and Pilar his secret. Martin says that the reason he kept it a secret all these years was because he was afraid it would destroy Sheridan, but he owes it to Luis and Pilar to tell them the truth. Pilar overhears Katherine begging him not to and is furious. Martin decides not to reveal his secret and says that it's better for everyone if they don't know.

Gwen is delighted when Eve says she'll have to go to the hospital immediately. Eve assures Rebecca that Gwen will be fine, and the danger has passed. Julian and Eve leave, and Rebecca and the guard go with Gwen to the hospital. When they get there, Gwen is left unattended while Rebecca fills out forms and steals a pair of scissors, determined not to stop until Theresa is dead.

Eve and Julian take a walk on the pier. Julian promises her that they'll find something to prove she did not poison Liz. Eve suggests that maybe she did poison her and blocked it out of her memory, but Julian tells her that idea is absurd and suddenly remembers there is a witness who can prove Eve's innocence.

Ethan tries to reason with Theresa, but she is still upset with him for leaving her home alone with Little Ethan and Jane. She swears that if anything happens to Jane, she'll make sure Gwen pays. She and Ethan pray for their baby, and Ethan goes to see if he can find a doctor to find out what's going on. Theresa heads to the nurses' station to see if anyone there knows anything, but she is stopped by Gwen.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

At the waterfront, Julian and Eve discuss finding another witness to Liz's attempted murder. Julian has a theory that Alistair knows who tried to killed him and thinks that person could be who tried to kill Liz. They realize there could be two or even three people who attempted to murder Liz, Alistair and Julian. Eve realizes that Alistair won't help them at all. He's been behind everything bad that's happened to them from the time they dated decades ago. She despairs that she's lost her daughters and flashes back to a time when Whitney slapped her and told her she'd never forgive her. She decides she'll go keep busy at her office at the hospital.

In Paloma's cubicle in the ER, her blood pressure drops dangerously low. Sam asks the nurse how she's doing and she indicates that she's in serious condition. Sam tries to get a hold of Luis by cell phone, but nobody answers. Sam wonders how much more the Lopez-Fitzgerald family can take. Paloma takes a turn for the worse and the nurse calls for the doctor, stat! Sam calls Luis's cell phone again to break the bad news and finally gets Pilar.

At the nurses' station in the ER, Ethan and Theresa wait to find out about baby Jane. Ethan goes in search of information about Jane. Gwen has slipped away from her police guard with a large pair of scissors and when she finds Theresa, tells her she's there to finish what she started. Ethan comes upon Rebecca filling out Gwen's admission form and finds out Gwen slit her wrists. When the guard comes back and finds Gwen gone, Ethan quickly realizes that Theresa is in danger and rounds up the police guard, Sam, Rebecca and an additional policeman to search the hospital. Gwen strolls quickly behind a panicking wheelchair-bound Theresa almost as if she's in a trance. Theresa tells her she won't press charges if she lets her get back to the nurses' station. Rebecca keeps making passes at the police guard. Theresa and Gwen end up in a mechanical room where Theresa is cornered. Gwen keeps stabbing at her. As the search party nears them, Gwen lists her accusations against Theresa and Theresa screams out.

At Sheridan's cottage, Alistair sizes up the tableau as Martin tries to decide what to do. Pilar and Luis want him to tell the truth of why he left Harmony. Katherine doesn't want him to say anything because Alistair convinced her it would be detrimental to Sheridan, who sits in the middle. Her head is on a swivel as she watches the warring factions decide her fate and she doesn't realize she's the issue. Tina arrives to show him a very revealing teddy under her fur coat. She tells him about Paloma and finds out he already knows about her attack and arrival in the ER. Luis's phone keeps ringing, but he ignores it as he waits for Martin to spill the beans. Luis is upset because Martin won't talk. Pilar blames Katherine. Luis blames Martin for Paloma being turned against them. Alistair and Tina look on amusedly, enjoying all the "sturm und drang" as Alistair put it. Sam finally gets through to Pilar on Luis's cell phone. Pilar and Luis get ready to leave and when Martin and Katherine say they are going, Luis refuses to let them come because he still blames him for Paloma hating him. A stricken Pilar, Luis, Martin, and Katherine descend on Paloma in the ER. The nurse tells them she's stable for now. Luis tells Martin that this is all his fault and he better get out of Harmony.

After everybody leaves, Alistair tells Tina to go back to the mansion to heat things up for him. Then the can watch everything on "Crane Cam." She sweeps out in her white full-length fur coat. On her heels, Julian arrives. He demands that Alistair tell him who tried to kill him.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Ethan, Sam, Rebecca, and the two officers find Gwen preparing to stab Theresa. Ethan pulls Gwen off of Theresa and Theresa tells Sam what happened. She shouts that she will make sure Gwen stays in jail for the rest of her psychotic life! Gwen is furious to learn that Theresa named "her" baby Jane, and screams that her name is Ashley. Theresa yells back that Gwen doesn't have a baby and Gwen goes into a state of shock and is unresponsive. Sam takes Theresa to see Jane. Gwen is brought back to where Rebecca was filling out forms before and left unattended, so she steals Ethan's keys and when the nurse who was watching Jane is called away, Gwen grabs Jane and runs out of the hospital.

Julian demands that Alistair tell him who he thinks poisoned him. Alistair says that he has no idea who tried to kill him, and he was only bluffing before when he said he knew, trying to draw out the would-be murderer. But Alistair tells Julian that his prime suspect is Julian himself. Julian replies that if he were the attempted murderer, he would have succeeded in killing him and he would never let Eve take the blame for it. Alistair says the only way for Julian to save Eve is to start acting like a Crane.

Father Lonigan comes to see how Paloma is. Luis swears that when he finds the scum who hurt his baby sister, he'll make him wish he was never born. Luis goes to talk to a police officer to try to find out more about what happened, and Sheridan tries to make Martin tell Luis and Pilar what really happened to make him leave Harmony. Martin doesn't, and tells Father Lonigan that he is planning to leave Harmony for good. The officer tells Luis that Paloma was dancing at a nightclub when she was attacked. Pilar is shocked when Luis tells her this, and is angry with Martin and Katherine for letting her daughter behave like a tramp down in Mexico, although they insist they had no idea what she was doing. Paloma's doctor tells Pilar that Paloma is bleeding internally more than they thought, and her family should be prepared for the worst. Katherine says to Father Lonigan that everyone's lives would be so much better if she were really dead.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

At the Bennett house, Simone, Kay and Jessica discuss the severity of Paloma's injuries and hope that she gave her attacker as much as she got. Ivy reminded them that she was severely beaten and probably raped. Understanding begins to dawn on the girls that they were in a very dangerous situation and that Paloma may very well be more seriously hurt than they wished. Luis and another police officer arrive to question the girls about the attack. They are reluctant at first to give any specifics that might indicate how involved they were in the brawl and that they left Paloma there on her own. Finally, they each share a bit of information about the young man named "Vic or Nick" with whom Paloma danced.

At the waterfront, Luis and the police officer question fishermen as they look for Paloma's attacker. They finally talk to the captain of the fishing boat where Nick works on fishing nets. He says the guy's late for work, when he shows up. Luis asks to talk to him and the guy takes off running. The police officer tackles him and Luis threatens him with bodily harm if the system doesn't take care of him.

At the nurses' station, Ethan and Theresa fill out some insurance paperwork with Dr. Eve. The policeman watching a catatonic Gwen steps away for some coffee. Rebecca is filling out forms for Gwen's admission. Gwen watches and when the nurse watching baby Jane is pulled away to deal with an incoming auto accident victim, jumps up, grabs some car keys and the baby. Eve returns to her office when Ethan and Theresa finish up the paperwork. Whitney walks in and wants to find out how sick Theresa's baby Jane is. Eve tells her it's just an ear infection, then she tries to talk to Whit about her pregnancy. She really wants her to go to an OB/Gyn who can help her with genetic testing for the baby. Then she expresses her concern for Whitney because she's not gaining any weight. She declares that Whitney must be starving herself and the baby so that the baby will die before birth, thus eliminating the problem of Chad being its father. Whitney looks stricken.

At Paloma's hospital room, Pilar prays at her bedside, She rues the years she lost with her daughter by sending her to live with her aunt in Mexico. In the background, Martin prays that Paloma not be hurt by his earlier sins. Paloma finally stirs out of her coma and immediately calls for her Papi and Tia Katherine, ignoring Pilar altogether. Sheridan comforts her and tells Pilar that Paloma will come around. Luis and the police officer arrive with Nick in tow. Luis asks Paloma if she'd recognize her attacker if she saw them again. She says she can and Luis brings in the young man. She screams hysterically and indicates that he was her attacker.

Ethan and Theresa go over to where the baby bassinet was sitting and find it empty. Theresa immediately panics and starts shrieking for her baby as the nurse returns. Sam angrily enters the area wanting to know why Theresa is causing a ruckus. When Theresa explains in her rapid-fire panic attack that his granddaughter is missing, Sam, Ethan and Theresa start searching the hospital for the baby. Rebecca walks in during all the commotion and comments to a Gwen who is no longer there that it would serve Teresa right if Gwen had hidden the baby to spite Theresa. It dawns on her that Gwen isn't answering her and as she starts calling out in a half-brained way for Gwen to come out of hiding, the police guard returns. Rebecca blames him for losing Gwen and threatens his job if he doesn't find her. The guard tries to bribe his way out of it with a chance for Rebecca to play with his hard body. Sam, Ethan and Theresa return just as the light bulb goes on for Rebecca that the missing baby and missing Gwen might be related issues. Sam immediately puts the hospital in lockdown mode.

Out on the open road, Gwen is driving away with baby Jane buckled into an infant car seat. She calls the baby Ashley and tells her that she'll never have to worry about Theresa again. A piece of Mozart's music is playing and Gwen tells Jane/Ashley that Mozart wrote the music because he'd been locked in a closet by an insanely jealous Salieri.

Friday, February 4, 2005

A terrified Paloma identifies the man who assaulted her. Luis prevents Martin from exacting his own retribution upon the man.

Theresa is hysterical to learn Gwen kidnapped her daughter Jane, and furiously attacks Rebecca, demanding to know where Gwen escaped to.

Gwen drives to a secret location with Theresa's baby, determined to never again return to Harmony.

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