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Passions Recaps: The week of April 4, 2005 on PS
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Monday, April 4, 2005

Alistair reveals to his "guests" that they will be staying there for the rest of their lives. Gwen argues that he is taking away her baby's future, and Alistair counters that he is securing her daughter's future by keeping her there. Alistair asks Fox why he isn't more concerned about Whitney and tells him that she gave birth to a son. Fox doesn't seem to care and says he is a Crane and therefore more concerned about himself. He even asks if he can arrange for some "talent" to be sent to him. Fox claims that he is happy he got caught trying to rescue Gwen and Katherine, and Gwen is horrified at his sudden selfishness. Alistair tries to provoke Katherine by informing her that it appears Pilar and Martin have reunited, but she insists that is what she wanted all along. He goes on to say that someone is on the way to see Sheridan, and it is the first step in ruining Sheridan's life.

Whitney tells her mother that it's done; her baby is gong to be adopted. She says that she can't risk people finding out about her baby's parentage and if he is adopted, he can have a normal, happy childhood. Chad overhears Whitney talking about the adoption and her secret, though he doesn't hear what her secret is. He asks her why she is doing this, and she says that she doesn't want to get married, but she doesn't want to be a single mother. He asks her about Fox, and she says that if Fox doesn't get back within 72 hours, the adoption will be final. She tells him that after three days of changing diapers, Fox would get bored and leave her anyway and Chad can't be there for her. Whitney says that, this way, she won't have to be reminded of Chad everyday. He asks what she means, and she says that the baby is a constant reminder of what they could never have. He reveals that he feels a connection to her son. He accuses her of being exactly like their mother because she is giving up her baby and he adds that it's a good thing they didn't get married and that she is a stranger to him.

Julian comes to the cottage and a tearful Sheridan tells him what Alistair did with Marty and that he threatened to hurt Marty if Luis didn't stop trying to bring Alistair down. Julian says he hopes Luis doesn't do anything to endanger Marty, and Sheridan tells him she has to find a way to convince Luis to drop his vendetta against Alistair. Eve arrives at the cottage, looking for Julian, and Sheridan tells her about Marty. Sheridan accidentally lets it slip again that she still thinks Marty is her son, and Julian considers the possibility that she may be right. Eve tells Julian that Whitney is giving her baby up for adoption and that Chad would be the only person able to stop the adoption if he found out that the baby was his. Eve and Julian leave, but someone knocks on the door almost immediately after they're gone.

Luis is still furious about Martin trying to reunite with his family, and snaps that Martin will move into the house over Luis's dead body. Paloma and Pilar tell him to stop it, and Theresa says she knows how he feels, but if Pilar can forgive Martin, they should be able to as well-and besides, Martin's grandchildren need their grandfather. Luis can't understand why Pilar would want Martin back in her life. Theresa talks to him and asks him if he can try to forgive Martin, but Luis says he can't give his father a second chance. Pilar tells him that he has no right to keep their family apart. Luis says that the only reason Martin came back to her is because Katherine left him. Martin denies this, but Luis snaps at him and asks how they're supposed to trust anything he says. Luis walks out of the house and his mother and sisters follow him. Luis tells them that if Martin had stood up to Alistair in the first place, Marty wouldn't be in danger. He fills them in on what happened earlier with Marty and Alistair, and all of them are horrified that Alistair had threatened a child. Pilar has to go to the church and Paloma asks if she can come along so they can talk. Theresa goes to the hospital to check on Whitney. Luis goes back inside and says to himself that if Alistair takes Marty again, he'll kill Alistair. Martin overhears this and says he won't let Alistair get away with kidnapping Marty.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

At the hospital, Chad grilled Whitney about giving up her baby for adoption, little knowing that the baby is his and not Fox's. He told her she's evil just as Ethan and Theresa return to Whitney's room. Ethan called him on the carpet for speaking harshly to her until Chad explained that Whitney is "throwing away her baby like trash." Chad raged at Whitney telling her that he would have helped her. Ethan wanted to know why and then asked Theresa if she knew about the adoption. He asked Whitney if Fox knew about the adoption and reminded her how much Fox was looking forward to the baby. Chad stuck up for Fox and Whitney told them that Fox would walk away from his responsibility. She said she didn't want to be a single mother. Chad said he'd take care of them and she screamed that he's her brother. She wants her baby to have a loving family instead of the dysfunctional, unloving Cranes. Chad told Whitney that she doesn't deserve to have the baby. He wanted to know what Fox would do when he came back. Chad asked Ethan if she could do this without Fox and Ethan explained that she could with Fox's Power of Attorney; that if Fox didn't come back before the end of the 72 hour waiting period, the adoption would be final. Theresa stood up for Whitney. Chad told her there was nothing more to say to her. He couldn't believe she did this. Whitney said "Who cares? Just get out of here." Chad stormed off and Ethan asked her who she was going to throw out of her life next. Theresa told her she needed to tell Chad that he's the father so he'd understand why she'd given the baby up. Whitney refused as Chad and Ethan walked back into the room just in time to hear her say the baby would grow up with a horrible stigma. She fibbed by saying it was the stigma of being a black Crane. He told her she disappointed him. She is a disappointment to everybody. She asked "Who cares? Certainly not me!" When Ethan left, Whitney broke down in Theresa's arms asking what she's done giving away her baby. Theresa reminded her she could change her mind. Then Whitney asked to be alone and she crumpled into her pillow crying for her baby boy. Chad and Ethan discussed finding Fox and Chad refused to help. Theresa asked him why not and he countered with the fact that Fox never helped him and Whitney told him to go away. Ethan and Theresa went back in to comfort Whitney. Ethan apologized for what Chad said. Whitney said she didn't care what anyone said. She just wanted what was best for her baby. Chad stood outside her room planning to do the best thing too, and then made a phone call.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin raged that Alistair had kidnapped Marty. Luis explained that Marty was back safe at the cottage with Sheridan. Martin said he would make Alistair pay and Luis told him that if he really wanted him to pay, he should tell everybody what Alistair did all those years ago to force Martin and Katherine to flee. Luis told him he needed the information in order to protect Marty. Luis reminded him that Alistair had gotten away with crimes for decades. He wanted to make him pay. Martin said it was long past time. Martin then refused to tell because he remembered Katherine begging him not to tell or it would ruin Sheridan's life. Luis called him a coward for not telling him. Luis told him what it had been like when he was a kid and other kids asked him where his father was. Martin told him he wanted to tell him so much; it was like a cancer inside him.

At the Crane compound, Fox continued to live the life of a Crane playboy-drinking brandy, smoking cigars, and refusing to help Alistair told them there was someone at Sheridan's door who would ruin her life. Katherine demanded to know what he was doing to Sheridan. Alistair laughed at them. Gwen tried to stick up for Sheridan. Alistair told them they should all enjoy their paradise. Alistair told Katherine it was time for her to start repaying him for his kindness. He said they deserved each other since she lost Martin to Pilar. He expected some comfort in his bed. He'd left her a gift in her room and he wanted her to go put it on. She thanked him for the gown he'd sent and he said he'd replaced it with one more appropriate for the tart she is. Then Alistair grabbed Katherine and started forcing himself on her. Gwen asked Fox to help Katherine and he refused, so Gwen pulled Alistair off of Katherine only to get a thrown down and lectured herself. He reminded Gwen that she at least had Theresa's baby. If she went home to Harmony, she would have nothing because Ethan had run back to Theresa's arms. When Katherine and Alistair left, Gwen begged Fox to stop pretending to be unconcerned. He ignored her pleas telling her that she should just enjoy being with the rugrat and shut up. Gwen said she was going to find some way to claw her way out of this velvet prison. Katherine put on the gaudy red negligee with black boa edging and prayed that her sacrifice would be worth it in keeping Sheridan and Martin safe. Alistair came in and told her that her only function for the rest of her life was pleasing him and he was going to enjoy breaking her again like a young colt.

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan opened the door to Beth who demanded the return of Marty since Sheridan let him wander off on his own. Sheridan refused; explaining that she only took her eyes off him for a second and besides it was her father who kidnapped him. Sheridan wanted to know how Beth knew that Marty had been missing and Beth fibbed saying that everybody knew that all the Harmony police had been out looking for him (when in reality Alistair had called her with the news). Beth told her she couldn't blame her father for everything. Sheridan started to explain about leaving Marty outside and Beth told her that she couldn't leave him for a second; that anybody who'd read Dr. Spock knew what could happen in a second She told Sheridan she didn't have any maternal instincts since Marty wasn't her son. Sheridan told her she loved him and that he should be safe on the estate with armed guards, Beth insisted on taking him right then. Beth went looking for Marty and Sheridan pulled her back. Beth started haranguing Sheridan about all the hazards for Marty on the estate and as she turned away to get Marty, Sheridan grabbed her. She hollered at Sheridan "Let go of me you stupid blonde!" and Sheridan had a flashback to Beth the clown leering at her over the basement pit calling her the same thing. Sheridan was knocked for a loop and had to sit down. She kept repeating, "The clown." Every time she looked at Beth, she saw the clown. Beth is afraid that Sheridan is putting two and two together. Sheridan told her that the clown that kidnapped her called her that. Beth asked if she was supposed to feel sorry for her now. She doesn't want a crazy woman taking care of Marty. Sheridan told him Marty was safe. Beth told her that Sheridan just didn't have the same mothering instincts for Marty that she does. Sheridan replied that Marty was her son and she loved him more than Beth did. Beth asked how she was going to prove it. Beth started accusing Sheridan of being crazy and told her she was going to take Marty that minute. They struggled and Beth punched Sheridan in the jaw knocking her out.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

At the Crane compound, Alistair forces Katherine to sleep with him, while a horrified Gwen tries to help her. Later, Katherine and Gwen talk, and Katherine tells her she would do anything for her daughter. Katherine also asks her if Gwen can live with denying Gwen's child her father. Fox seduces a guard, Monique, to steal her key. He is almost out of the compound when he is caught by Alistair, along with Monique and another guard, who lead him off to lock him up and follow Alistair's orders to throw away the key.

Whitney tries to leave the hospital as quickly as possible, but she is intercepted by a nurse, who gives her a gift basket full of baby supplies. This greatly upsets Whitney. Theresa quietly thanks the nurse and Theresa and Ethan lead Whitney out of the room, where Chad reminds Whitney how disgusted he is with her. Ethan and Theresa bring Whitney home, only to find more reminders of Whitney's baby. Fox had arranged before he left to have the house "baby-fied" when Whitney checked into the hospital. This only upsets Whitney more. Theresa asks Ethan to take the stuff with him when he leaves. Whitney takes a short nap and wakes up crying that she's sorry. She dreamed that Fox came home and was absolutely furious with her. She asks Theresa what she is supposed to do now that she made such a mess out of everything.

Chad makes a phone call and is looking up how to stop a deal when Ethan comes into his office and asks what Chad is doing. Chad slams his laptop shut and says it's something personal and everyone will know soon enough. Ethan gets a call, tells the person on the other end that he's on his way, and leaves. Chad wonders if the call was about Fox, and he says that he has to find his target before Ethan finds Fox.

Beth is disappointed to find that she didn't kill Sheridan; she only knocked her out. She decides to strangle her to finish the job, but Luis walks in just as she is about to do this. Beth says that she came to pick up Marty after she heard that Sheridan left Marty unattended and almost didn't get him back. She tells him that when she came to get him, Sheridan went crazy and said that Marty was her son, not Beth's, and that Sheridan attacked Beth. According to Beth, Sheridan attacked her and wanted to kill her, so Beth shoved her away and Sheridan fell and hit her head on the floor and Beth was just trying to revive her. Luis says that Beth shouldn't have rushed over here because she knew it would upset Sheridan. Beth is incredulous that he would blame her for what happened and says she has to take Marty home now. Sheridan wakes up and remembers the clowns who kidnapped her. She turns to Beth and tells her she knows.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

At Fox and Whitney's apartment at the Bennett house, Whitney teeters between knowing she's done the right thing in giving up her baby for adoption and wanting to call the adoption agency and canceling the adoption. She worried that Fox would be upset. She was also torn up by the way had last looked at her at the hospital. Theresa told her to get some sleep and Whitney said she couldn't possibly sleep with all of Fox's baby gifts around her. She decided to go out to get away from it all.

At Tabitha Lennox's house, Tabitha asked Endora to use her magic to dust and vacuum and when Kay walked in with Maria she asked Tabitha not to use magic in front of Maria so Tabitha made her do the housework. Tabitha noticed out the window that Theresa was trying to keep Whitney from leaving and decided to invite them over for tea. Whitney was surprised that Tabitha called on the private line Fox had installed and Theresa convinced her to go have tea with Tabitha. When they walked in, Tabitha commented on how slender she looked. Whitney had a stricken look and after a couple more jibes, Theresa explained that Whitney had already given birth. Kay and Tabitha wanted to see the baby and Whitney said it was sick. They asked when they could visit the baby and Whitney was forced to admit she'd given him up for adoption. Kay was aghast that Whitney would give him up for adoption. Tabitha and Kay both talked about how much they loved their own babies. The phone rang and Kay answered. It was Ethan telling her he didn't want to leave town without someone in the family knowing where he was going. He wanted it to be confidential, but Theresa overheard the conversation and Theresa raced out of the house.

At the Bennett house, Jessica got ready to go out when Ivy called her back. Ivy reminded her she was grounded that she was inappropriately dressed and Jessica told her she couldn't stop her. Ivy grabbed her (hurting her cut wrist) and tried to talk sense into her about going out after she'd been raped and she insisted that it was consensual. She blackmailed Ivy by telling her that if she didn't let her go out, she'd call her mom to come home and that would break up Ivy and Sam. Ivy conceded, and then got her purse ripped off so that Jess had spending money. When Sam got home, Ivy was starting to guzzle wine to calm her nerves. He asked her how Jessica was and she told him she was fine. He didn't believe her and said he'd go up and check on her. Being caught in a fib, she fibbed again, saying that Kay had come by and asked Jessica to go to a movie, so she'd let her go. Sam was angry that she'd let Jessica leave.

At the club, Jessica had to show ID and the bouncer didn't believe she was old enough. He told her the police had been cracking down on underage patrons. When he called Spike over to decide whether or not she could stay, Spike told her he didn't trust her. He realized she was Chief Bennett's daughter and told her he wanted to see if she was wearing a wire to spy on him. He insisted she lick some of the drug stickers and get in a party mood (he didn't tell her they were five times stronger than the ones she licked before). Then Spike told her she needed to pass another test of loyalty. He led her into a back room and then as he held her down, another guy put a tattoo on her.

At the Wallace house, Edna drank and grieved that Precious had left to take care of her Aunt Divinity. Then she starts cleaning up take-out containers that Beth left. When she opened the hall cupboard, she found Beth's clown mask and worried that someday Beth's luck would run out on her.

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan came to on the couch and told Luis that the clown kidnapped her and took her baby. Luis reminded her that was a long time ago. Sheridan pointed at Beth and accused her of being the clown. She hallucinated that Beth was wearing the clown outfit. Beth grabbed Luis and whispered that Sheridan wasn't safe. Luis thought Sheridan must have had a bad dream while she was knocked out. Sheridan continued to accuse Beth and Beth acted wounded and abused and insisted on taking Marty home with her. Luis told her to calm down; that Sheridan was in a fragile state so Marty shouldn't be taken from her. Luis touched Sheridan's face to calm her and it hurt where Beth had hit her. Sheridan remembered the fight and accused Beth of attacking her. Beth said she'd only defended her from a mad woman. Sheridan reiterated that Beth was the one who'd kidnapped her. Beth insisted saying that she'd call the police. Beth told him that if he couldn't be objective, she'd call Sam Bennett. Luis told her he was the police and besides, Marty would be safe because he was there. Luis asked her to do it for him. Edna walked in without knocking and interrupted. Sheridan asked her to keep Beth from talking her baby away from her again; she remembered everything and knew that Beth had kidnapped her and taken her baby. Beth told her not to listen to her, she was delusional. She told Edna that Beth attacked her and Beth said it was just the opposite that Sheridan came after with murder in her eyes. Edna whispered to Beth that if Sheridan put together the pieces of the puzzle, her goose was cooked.

On a private jet, Ethan checked in with the pilot who assured him they'd be leaving soon. Ethan contemplated the issues before him: the probability that Alistair was holding Fox, Gwen, Jane and Katherine hostage; how he'd rescue them; and that he'd have to decide between Gwen and Theresa. Theresa rushed onto the plane and convinced Ethan to let her go. When he relented, she kissed him, and then passionately kissed him.

Friday, April 8, 2005

An agitated Sheridan insists to Eve and Julian that the clown who kidnapped her was in the room. A nervous Beth demands Luis return Marty to her custody immediately, and Luis sadly acquiesces.

On the flight to the compound, a guilty Ethan pulls back from his kiss with Theresa. Theresa asks him whom he'll choose -- her or Gwen? She warns Ethan all three of them will suffer until he gives in to fate and comes back to her. Meanwhile, Katherine convinces Gwen that a life on the run would only cause suffering for "Ashley."

Tabitha hopes to set off TC's legendary temper by inviting him and Liz over and making Whitney reveal that she put her baby up for adoption. A stunned TC and Liz learn Whitney already delivered a baby boy. TC is steamed that Eve didn't inform him, but is overjoyed to have a boy in the family. Whitney withers as her father asks to see his grandson.

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