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Passions Recaps: The week of October 31, 2005 on PS
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Monday, October 31, 2005

Sheridan and Chris watch as the doctors and nurses work on James. Finally Eve says they found a pulse. James is not out of the woods yet, though, and they should know soon if he'll be all right. Eve goes back to James and a man in a suit walks up to Chris. He is a new FBI agent assigned to protect Chris and James and says they need to go, right now. Chris says that he can't because of James, and tells him in private that he doesn't want to leave Sheridan. The FBI agent says Chris is putting Sheridan and James at risk by staying in Harmony. Eve comes back out and says James is expected to make a full recovery but will not be able to leave the hospital for a while. Eve is paged and she leaves. Chris tells the agent he won't leave Sheridan and Sheridan says he won't have to. She says she will go with him.

Theresa panics over Ethan's motionless body while Alistair laughs at the irony in it all. Theresa jumps up and calls an ambulance. While she is waiting for it to come and trying to revive Ethan, Rebecca and Gwen come in, fully expecting it to be Alistair's body lying on the floor. When instead they see Ethan, Gwen frantically pushes Theresa out of the way. The paramedics finally arrive and Theresa tells them the name of the drug in the guacamole Ethan ate. They can't find a pulse. Before they rush off to the hospital, Gwen swears that if Ethan dies, she will kill Theresa. Gwen and Rebecca go with Ethan in the ambulance to the hospital and Theresa follows them. When they arrive there, Eve immediately starts working on Ethan. When Theresa arrives, Gwen demands that she be arrested.

Jessica thanks Simone for all her help. She says "I love you" to Simone and hugs her. TC is walking down the hall when he hears Simone say "I love you too" to Jessica and he comes barging in and pulls Simone away from Jessica. He says he knows her secret, and tells her he is ashamed to be her father. Jessica is confused, and TC tells her that Simone is a lesbian. He says Eve told him everything, and Simone is shocked that she would do that. She begs him not to be mad. TC says he is so disappointed in her. He has the wrong idea about what he walked in on, and thinks Simone was trying to take advantage of Jessica. Jessica is hurt that Simone didn't confide in her, and she thinks maybe TC is right. Simone tearfully tries to make them understand, but they won't listen. She ends up leaving at Jessica's request and runs to Eve's office. She storms in and slaps her mother across the face for telling TC.

Sam and Ivy watch Fancy and Noah fight outside. Sam suggests they talk to their children, and Ivy agrees. Sam goes to talk to Noah, and Ivy stays in the kitchen with Fancy. Noah and Sam talk and Noah says he doesn't want anything to do with Fancy anymore. Sam says Noah is in love with her, and he can't deny that. Noah says Fancy seems out of his league and anyway, she's made it clear that she is over him. Sam tells him to really talk to her and let her know how he feels. Noah is reluctant to try this. Sam says he can't give up without a fight. Ivy asks Fancy about Noah, and Fancy says she's so over him. Ivy tries to tell Fancy about her own experience with men, but Fancy says Ivy can't change her mind. Ivy says she can tell that Noah is in love with Fancy, and says not to throw her feelings for him away. She tells Fancy to go and talk to Noah, but she won't and instead leaves through the back door, where Noah intercepts her and says he wants to talk to her about their future.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

At the hospital, Simone confronted her mother in her office for telling T.C. that she's gay. Simone explained how angry he was and how he told Jessica that she was out to get her body. She was upset that T.C. lashed out and now Jessica hates her. Eve got paged about Ethan and James at the same time and when she told Simone that she had to leave because their lives hung in the balance, Simone told her that hers did too. Eve reminded her that she wasn't on the verge of death and ran to Ethan's room. Outside of James's room Sheridan told Chris that when James is ready to leave the hospital, she will go into the witness protection program with him and James. The FBI agent told her that it would be very hard on her. Chris told her that she was famous so she'd have to have plastic surgery and if she went, she could never see her mother or Ethan ever again. He told her she couldn't go with him. Sheridan asked him why he wouldn't let her go with them and Chris told her it was because he loved her. Sheridan asked him if he'd really fallen in love with her. Outside Ethan's room, Gwen and Rebecca told a police officer and Julian that Theresa had poisoned Ethan with drugs in guacamole. She swore it was an accident. The Intensive Care nurse came out and told them to keep it down. The officer wouldn't arrest Theresa because a crime hadn't been reported yet. Julian took Theresa aside and warned her not to say anything that Gwen and Rebecca could overhear. He told her to let Gwen be by his side and stay away. When Theresa walked away, Rebecca told Julian that his beloved Eve helped Theresa and she was going to make Eve pay for this crime. He wanted to know how Eve could be involved and she explained that she saw Theresa spike the avocado dip and when Eve heard what drug he'd ingested Eve paled. She taunted him with the prospect of his lover going to jail. After Eve arrived, Ethan lost his pulse and then started seizing. Gwen kept making a scene with Theresa so Eve made them all leave the room and closed the blinds. Eve came out very somberly and Theresa surmised that Ethan was dead. Eve told them he was in deep trouble, but he would live. Some drugs were delivered to her and Rebecca pulled her aside to ask if they came from the same cabinet as the ones Theresa used to poison Ethan. Eve denied knowing anything and Julian stepped in to separate them. When Eve went back into Ethan's room the other doctor asked her if she'd told the family about the possible blood clot. She said she didn't want to tell them until after further tests. Julian told Rebecca to leave Eve alone and Rebecca told him Eve tried to steal Julian from her and she wasn't going to let that happen. Gwen started quivering about what she would do if she lost Ethan. Theresa stood off by herself praying and then she overheard two nurses who came out of Ethan's room saying they hoped he had a living will because he could be another Terry Schiavo case.

Outside the Bennett house, Noah and Fancy discussed getting back together. Inside the kitchen, Sam and Ivy watched them protectively. Noah told her that he wasn't ready to give up on their love. Then she remembered Noah telling his friend that all the women in Harmony were big zeroes and she stalked off telling him that she wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. She went back inside to find her cell phone and Ivy asked her what happened. Fancy was upset and told her that she certainly wasn't going to ask for relationship advice from a woman in love with a man who's in love with another woman. Ivy told her that she didn't need to be cruel and ran upstairs to find Sam. Fancy damned Noah for making her love him. Upstairs Jessica tore up a photo of Simone and cried that Simone only wanted her body like Spike. She ranted and raved about people only wanting her for sex and then pulled a big knife out of her bedside table. She started to slice into her arm just as Sam came in to check on her. She told him what happened and when Jess whined that Simone only wanted her body, he hugged her to him and told her that it didn't sound like Simone to be that way and now that she's telling people she's a lesbian she'll have a tough time ahead. Jessica cried that she wanted her mother. She lost her safety when her mom left and she missed her. He was talking about how much they loved Grace and Ivy overheard from the hallway. He told Jess that she needed to go back into counseling and check into a treatment center and then tucked her into bed. When he left, Jessica decided she didn't want to be locked up with a bunch of crazy girls so she packed her stuff and climbed out the window. Sam went down to the kitchen and asked Ivy about Fancy and Noah. Ivy told him that it didn't look good.

At the waterfront, Paloma met up with Roberto to give him a prescription bottle. A police officer came up to them because he wanted to talk to her. He picked up the pill bottle and asked if she was Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald. He gave her his condolences for losing Luis. Roberto told her that they had to keep smuggling the drugs and she hoped her father never found out. Simone showed up and Paloma asked her what was wrong. Simone told her that everybody hated her when they heard her news. Paloma said they were friends and friends could say anything. Simone blurted out that she's a lesbian and now Jessica hates her. Paloma was surprised at the news. She recounted what happened with T.C. and Jessica and Paloma told her she didn't care if she was a lesbian then asked if she was attracted to her. Simone hemmed and hawed and Paloma laughed at her and told her she was just kidding. Paloma asked her if she was sure she was gay or if she was just reacting to all the troubles in her life. Simone told her that Jessica had woken up to another dead john. Jessica showed up and when Simone tried to hug her, Jess went ballistic.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Ivy and Pilar come to the hospital and the situation is explained to them. Eve says Ethan is stable but unresponsive and unable to breathe on his own. All they can do is wait and see what happens. Ivy doesn't understand why Theresa would poison Ethan. As Ivy starts to tear into her, Theresa doesn't do much to defend herself, realizing it would be futile. When Ivy finishes her tirade, Theresa asks Eve if she can go to see Ethan. Gwen and Ivy scream in protest, and they instead go into his room and pray for him. Rebecca lets Eve know that she knows Eve gave Theresa the drugs used to poison Ethan. Theresa opens up to Pilar and tells her the whole story about how Ethan was poisoned. Rebecca drags a police officer into the waiting room and demands he arrest Theresa. She claims Theresa admitted to poisoning Ethan, and Ivy and Gwen back up her story. The officer questions Eve and learns Ethan's condition, then asks Theresa to come down to the station for questioning. She refuses to leave Ethan, so he is forced to arrest her.

Chris professes his love to Sheridan. He tells her he can't ask her to make the sacrifice of going into the Witness Protection Program with him, but she says it would not be a sacrifice and she is prepared to face the dangers. She says she wants to leave with him before Alistair can do her any more harm. She says if she was with him, she could be a mother to James, like Maureen wanted. He reminds her of Marty and says she can't go.

When there is nothing at the office Fox will let her help with, Kay goes back to Tabitha's and stays there while Fox is giving his presentation to Alistair. After a while, Fox walks through the door and announces that he beat out Chad. In fact, Alistair was so impressed with Fox's presentation that he is treating Kay and Fox to dinner at the Seascape. Fox says she really helped him out a lot, and thanks her for being so patient with him.

Meanwhile, Valerie tells Chad that they need to use Kay to get to Fox while Alistair eavesdrops. Chad agrees to do whatever it takes to beat Fox. When Valerie walks out of his office to start working, she runs into Alistair, who tells her he is very impressed by her.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

At the waterfront, Simone and Paloma discussed Jessica's predilection for waking up next to johns that have been stabbed to death and decided to save her from herself (or from being set up by somebody). They decided that T.C. proclaiming that Simone was a lesbian and wanted Jessica's body hurt Jess more than if Simone had told her. Jessica decided to stay true to Spike if he'd take her back since she thought Simone just wanted her body too. Jessica and Spike hooked up and despite the fact that she was tired and just wanted to sleep for a night, he convinced her that she had to contribute her earnings in order for them to restart his bar. He told her that Simone and her family just wanted to control her, but he loved her and then he handed her some drugs to take. Simone and Paloma spied her walking the streets and watched to see what she did. Spike brought her a john fresh out of prison and he promised the guy a night he'd never forget. When Jessica went off with the john, Simone and Paloma followed to make sure that she didn't kill him or get set up by the real killer.

At Harmony Hospital, Chris told Sheridan that he loves her too much to endanger her by taking her with them into witness protection. He also wanted her to be available if Marty were found. Sheridan told him that she didn't want to lose them, but she couldn't risk losing Marty. The agent let them know that James was stable enough to leave under a doctor's care so they were leaving that night with a doctor. Chris tried to talk the agent into waiting until morning, but it wasn't to be. He told them that Chris and James had to leave then or the Bureau would wash their hands of them. Sheridan wanted to spend a few last moments with Chris and James and the agent warned her that they had to leave within the hour. Sheridan said her good-byes. As they got into the car to leave, the agent told Chris he was proud of him for thinking about the harm he would have put Sheridan in if she'd gone or he'd walked away from the program. Chris said he'd already lost one love and he couldn't lose Sheridan too.

Ethan continued in his unresponsive state despite being talked to by all of his family. A police officer hand cuffed Theresa and read her her rights. Rebecca told Gwen a photograph of Theresa being arrested would make a glorious Christmas card. When Sam arrived, Ivy told him that Theresa poisoned Ethan and that he may die or live with severe brain damage. Theresa fumed that it was an accident and that she would never hurt Ethan. Rebecca baited her about the guacamole and Theresa spouted that Ethan wasn't supposed to eat it. The policeman explained to Sam that Theresa refused to go to the police station so he'd arrested her there to which Rebecca sniped that they should just take her out to the parking lot and shoot her. The police officer started to take her away but Alistair arrived and demanded that his wife be released. He told the officer that if Ethan died they could talk to her but until then she was staying with him. He reminded the officer that Sam is no longer the Chief of Police and the mayor of Harmony was a close personal friend. Sam protested to no avail. Rebecca complained to Gwen that Alistair was being a party pooper; taking away all the fun she'd have watching Theresa being carted off in handcuffs. Sheridan went to see Ethan and comfort Gwen. Gwen told her mother that she blamed herself because they knew Theresa was going to poison Alistair and didn't tell anybody. Rebecca told her not to worry about every little thing and that they didn't need to tell everybody everything or else all kinds of secrets would come out like that they'd leaked the story to the tabloids about Ethan, or that Gwen's father liked dressing up in Rebecca's clothes. Gwen just wanted to focus on Ethan. Alistair told Theresa he was waiting for to thank him and she told him not to hold his breath and then amended it to hold his breath until he died. He told her that he wished more of his family had her kind of spirit and was proud of her trying to kill him a second time because it showed that when obstacles were in her way, she took action to get what she wanted. He laughed at her because she hadn't succeeded in killing him and she'd probably killed the man she did love. Sam and Ivy stood at Ethan's bedside talking and discussed a living will and what Ethan would want. Pilar encouraged Theresa to go pray with her in the chapel, but Theresa asked Eve if she could see Ethan. Eve told her that Gwen had forbidden her to go in there and then apologized to Pilar for giving the pills to Theresa. She berated Theresa for lying to her about disposing the pills. Theresa blamed Alistair and Gwen overheard. She started raging about everything Theresa had done to her. Sheridan calmed everybody down and then Theresa went to answer her cell phone. Sheridan, Eve, Rebecca, Gwen, Ivy and Sam hovered near Ethan raging about what Theresa had done and Sam told them they should all go pray for him in the chapel. Sam and Ivy left. Sheridan left to join them. When Gwen and Rebecca were alone her mother reminded Gwen that if Ethan dies they'll lose Jane because the court had awarded them temporary custody because she was Ethan's daughter. Gwen swore that if Ethan died she couldn't lose Jane because she'd be the last piece of Ethan Gwen would have. Rebecca swore that if Ethan dies, Theresa will have to be charged with a crime.

At the Crane mansion, Alistair called Theresa to demand that she come home and thank him for keeping her out of jail. She refused to leave the hospital until she got to see Ethan. He again told her to go home and she refused and he told her that she would change her mind. He called her again and made his demands. When Theresa told him to make do with a maid, he put little Ethan on the line who told her that Grampa Alistair wanted her to go home. Alistair then told her that he might lose his temper with her son. Pilar encouraged her to go rescue little Ethan and Theresa flew out of there.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Sheridan prays for Ethan in the hospital chapel, and Eve soon joins her to do the same. They start talking about Luis, and Eve assures Sheridan that she will find love again. They leave the chapel and a nurse tells them there is an urgent phone call for Chris. Sheridan takes it. The person on the other line appears to be an FBI agent, who tells Sheridan that the mob has learned Chris's location and sent a hit man after him. The FBI agent tells Sheridan that they are going to kill Chris and James before the end of the night if they are not able to warn them. Sheridan frantically leaves the hospital to head to the train station, where Chris, James, and Agent Burns are boarding the train. She races through Harmony trying to reach Chris, but when he finally picks up his phone, he can hear nothing but static. Sheridan desperately tries to get her message across, but before long she hears gunshots!

Fox and Kay come to the Seascape for dinner, compliments of Alistair, and Fox gives Kay a beautiful charm bracelet, the result of a spell cast by Endora. Ivy and Sam soon come to the Seascape and go to say hello to Fox and Kay. Fox tells them about beating Chad, and Ivy tearfully tells them what happened to Ethan. They are shocked, and Fox and Ivy almost get into a fight when he brings up how she always treats Ethan better than Fox, but Kay makes him dance with her before they really start to argue. Sam goes to call Jessica, but she doesn't answer the phone. When Kay stops dancing, Ivy again tries to talk her out of getting involved with Fox, but Kay tells her it's too late, and they are already a couple. Ivy snarls that she will not let Fox suffer the same fate as Ethan, who she says was brought down by a conniving bitch.

Simone and Paloma watch Jessica and her john in the motel room, trying to see if she is the serial killer. They peer through the window as the john forces himself on Jess, and Simone hypothesizes that maybe Jess is too high at first to realize what's going on and when she snaps out of it she thinks she is being raped so she attacks the man. Simone says Spike needs to pay. When she says this, Spike suddenly walks up to them, brandishing a gun and says he really doesn't see that happening. He says he is going to put a stop to their meddling one and for all and brings them to some sort of warehouse, where he locks them inside. While this is happening, Jessica is resisting the john. The john gets violent, so Jessica gets angry. The next time we see her, she is washing blood off her hands. Simone manages to jimmy the door open and they head back to the motel, where they find Jessica sitting motionless on the bed. Jess tells them what she remembers of the night, and when the door swings shut, they all see the blood coating it. Jessica cries that the man hurt her and she hated him. She wanted him dead.

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