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Passions Recaps: The week of September 25, 2006 on PS
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Monday, September 25, 2006

Theresa is coming around, and she thinks Ethan is by her side, but it's really Jared. Ethan gently pushes Jared aside to go assist Theresa and lets her know that he is there beside her. Jared feels left out. On the other side of the room, Spike realizes that someone has come to Theresa's rescue, so his plan to kill Theresa is on hold for now. Ethan assures Theresa that he is not going anywhere. He tells Jared to call Dr. Eve Russell to come and check on Theresa. Jared wants to be the one to tend to Theresa, but Ethan puts his foot down and remains in control of the situation. In another part of the Crane building, Valerie runs into Gwen in the hall. They exchange pleasantries, and Val asks Gwen how she manages to work in the same building as Ethan and Theresa due to their sordid history. Gwen thinks all is well in her household since she thinks that Theresa has moved on with Jared. Gwen has to take back her words because she sees Ethan w/ an almost undressed Theresa in his arms. Gwen asks Jared for an explanation. Jared tells Gwen that neither one of them can afford to let their guard down in regards to Ethan and Theresa. Eve examines Theresa and finds out that she is dehydrated. She gives her some water and tells her to take it easy for the rest of the day. Ethan is fussing over Theresa, and Gwen makes her presence known. Jared rushes to Theresa's side and relieves Ethan. Gwen can't bear Ethan's clinginess to Theresa, so she walks out of the room. She tells Eve that she feels that she should cut her losses and run since Ethan can't seem to put Theresa behind him. Gwen tells Eve that she should be happy that Julian is not a cad anymore and loves her. Well, Eve tells her that she and Julian are no longer engaged, so Gwen convinces Eve to give it another try. Eve decides to go talk to Julian based on Gwen's advice. Theresa is back to herself somewhat and asks to go home. Ethan offers to take her home, but Theresa tells him that she wants Jared to take her home. Gwen tells Ethan that he is the one that cannot let Theresa go.

Eve confronts Julian about cutting funding to the hospital. Julian reminds her that they are no longer engaged; therefore, he has no interest in funding any programs in Eve's honor. Eve tells Julian that he has resorted to his cold-hearted ways, which is not attractive in the least. Eve explains to Julian that the hospital needs the Crane funding, but Julian is keeping it personal. He tells Eve that if she hadn't broken off the engagement, then the funding would have remained in tact. Eve tells Julian that he is acting like a child and is making people suffer due to his infantile behavior. Eve receives a call from Jared about Theresa's accident. Julian tells Eve not to go because Theresa's entire life is an accident. Eve refuses to stay with Julian and leaves to tend to Theresa. Eve returns to see Julian so that she can salvage their relationship but is shocked to see him in Valerie's arms having sex.

Fox is standing over Miguel, who is kissing someone. He couldn't stand to watch, so Ivy tells him to make sure the couple is really Miguel and Kay. Fox approaches Miguel and picks him up off this woman only to realize that he is kissing Siren. Fox apologizes and tells him that he thought he was with Kay. Meanwhile, Kay is back at Tabitha's house, but she is not alone. Tabitha has returned from Saturn. Tabitha is cured and is back to her old self. Kay tells Tabitha that she made love to Miguel in the bridal shop, and she is now confused. Tabitha breaks it down for Kay: She tells Kay to figure out whom she loves the most, Fox or Miguel. Kay needs to figure out what she is going to do, so she asks Tabitha to show her what's happening in the magic bowl. Kay spies on Ivy, Miguel, and Siren at the beach via the magic bowl. She sees Siren and Miguel kissing and immediately writes off Miguel. She feels stupid since she has just given herself to Miguel. Based on Kay's eyeful via the magic bowl, she decides to marry Fox despite any deterrence from Miguel. Endora conjures up a welcome home party for Tabitha. Tabitha blurts out how she loves Endora, and the boys in the basement reminds her how much they loathe "love." Endora fires back w/ her own fireball to quiet them down. Fox and Ivy ask Kay for an explanation of her disappearance from the bridal shop. Kay lies to Fox by telling him that it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Ivy is upset that Fox accepts Kay's explanations just like that. Kay marches out of the room because she is upset at Miguel, and Siren is upset that Miguel uses her as a cover for Kay. Ivy confronts Kay, and hinted that she knew Miguel was with her and threatens Kay. Kay tells Ivy that she is not going to let her stop her from marrying Fox.

Chris is clued in on Theresa's accident by Valerie and knows that Spike has something to do with it. Spike did not deny it. Spike tells Chris who is in charge and demands that Chris gets to work on giving him his money. Spike promises to take Theresa out if she gets in the way of his plans.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pilar apologizes for coming on so strong with Luis but again urges her son to put thoughts of Sheridan behind him. Meanwhile, at the cottage, Katherine lends her unhappy daughter some moral support. Eve is appalled to find Julian cavorting in his office with a half-naked Valerie. Fancy advises Sheridan not to follow in her mother's footsteps by pathetically clinging to a man she can't have. Theresa confides to Whitney how she doesn't want to lose Jared. Out in the hall, Jared questions an uneasy Chad. Paloma reminds her big brother that Sheridan is married now and has no intention of leaving Chris. Jared confides to Chad how he wants a future with "Tess." Julian blames an outraged Eve for driving him to have sex with Valerie on his desk by treating him like dirt. Later, Julian is taken aback when Eve tearfully reveals how she returned to the building to give him a second chance, only to discover that her lover had reverted to form in the worst possible way.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

As the episode opens, Julian and Eve are in his office at Crane Industries, in each other's arms, kissing passionately, but Eve pulls away. Julian persists. Eve was right to come to him, he says, their love means everything, Valerie means nothing, he insists. He persists in kissing her. Eve's resistance crumbles. She and Julian start undressing each other and fall to the floor. Eve murmurs, "This is so wrong." Theresa is in her bedroom recuperating and visiting with Whitney, who is concerned because she fears that Chad is having an affair. Outside, Jared overhears a conversation between Chad and his mistress. Despite Chad's denial, Jared urges caution, warning Chad that he could lose everything. In the police station rookie room, Paloma and Fancy are dressed in sweats and conversing while working out. Fancy, who has been angrily punching a bag takes off her pink boxing gloves and tells Paloma to "Stop it." Paloma insists that if Fancy wants Luis, she has to have an open mind. Maybe, speculates Paloma, Fancy's visit to Sheridan had the opposite effect to the one that Fancy intended and now Sheridan wants Luis back. Not going to happen, says Fancy. At Pilar's home, Luis and Sheridan are embracing. Luis is convinced that Sheridan has come back to him, and does all the talking. Before Sheridan can interrupt Luis to tell him why she has come, Luis hugs her again. He looks very happy, but Sheridan seems uncomfortable.

In Theresa's bedroom, Theresa advises Whitney to ask Chad what is going on. Whitney says she can't do that. Theresa says, "Secrets can ruin a relationship." Whitney says she does not know what to think, and besides Theresa has plenty to think about herself. Theresa says that they are best friends and that she will always have time for Whitney. Theresa tells Whitney that her problems with Jared and Ethan are over. She has decided to do the right thing and be with Jared, who is free to be with her. Chad is defensive, but Jared tells him he is concerned because they are friends. Chad lets down and confesses to Jared that he does not want to lose Whitney, because she and their son Miles are Chad's whole life. "Then don't" advises Jared. "Show her how much you love her." Chad says he should have been honest all along, but he did not think Whitney could handle it. Jared tells a grim Chad that he has the choice of keeping his secret and learning to live with it, or telling Whitney the truth and watching their relationship break apart. Fancy questions Paloma's loyalty to her. Paloma insists that she still wants to see Luis and Fancy together, but she loves the truth. She points out to Fancy that they are both stubborn and if someone gives Paloma a lecture on what not to do, she has an immediate urge to run out and do the proscribed activity. Fancy agrees that she feels that way, too. What if Sheridan is as stubborn as we are, asks Paloma. Fancy is immediately subdued as she sees the possibility that her actions in warning Sheridan off may instead have sent her into Luis' arms. Maybe not, Paloma muses as she goes on to tell Fancy about the bond that once existed between Sheridan and Luis. Fancy does not want to hear it and she asks Paloma how she can compete with that. Fancy refuses to let the situation get her down. She is convinced that Sheridan will stay with Chris. She has an answer for every objection that Paloma makes. Meanwhile, Luis starts talking about wedding plans and living arrangements with Sheridan. He is euphoric and does not allow Sheridan to tell him why she is there. As Luis continues to express his impassioned vision of their future together, Sheridan is caught up in his dream. When he asks her if she can imagine their life together, she sees herself with Luis and a houseful of children. They are living in Pilar's house and are very happy. "Yes," she tells him. "I can imagine it."

Luis is ecstatic as he looks for a newspaper so that he and Sheridan can start house hunting. He recounts all the trials that they have been through to make it to this point. Sheridan smiles wryly as she fingers her wedding band and thinks to herself, "It can't happen, Luis." Julian and Eve bask in the afterglow of lovemaking. Julian wants to forget the last month of unhappiness and start again. Eve concurs. Julian suggests that they can still take the Mediterranean cruise. "Yes," murmurs Eve. "As soon as I know TC is OK." Julian does not get immediately angry, but he does not understand why TC comes first with Eve. She insists she loves Julian. He tells her that if she does, the he must come first. Theresa tells Whitney that they both deserve to be with people they love. Whitney continues to express her fear that Chad is cheating on her. When she asks Theresa what to do, she notices that Theresa has fallen asleep. At first she thinks it is because Theresa is tired, then she realizes that Theresa has a fever and has passed out.

As they get dressed, Eve tells Julian not to give her ultimatums. She says that she can love Julian and still care about TC. She does not want to choose between them. Julian is adamant that Eve's obsession with TC is entirely to blame for the problems in the relationship. Julian says that Eve has used him to pull her out of the wreckage of her dull middle class life. He reminds her that he stood by her when her past was revealed, unlike TC, who divorced her. Julian insists that Eve is using TC's illness as an excuse to push him away. "How pathetic is that?" he says to Eve, who appears dismayed. Fancy and Paloma lift weights. Fancy wants to know details of the conversation between Luis, his mother, Pilar, and Paloma, his sister that took place earlier. Paloma tells Fancy that the advised Luis to give up on Sheridan and look to Fancy. Paloma says that her mother wants grandchildren, so if Fancy and Luis get married, Fancy had better be ready to "pop a few buns out of the oven." Fancy blushes and imagines that she and Luis are standing on the threshold of their home, watching their children playing outdoors. She and Luis are older, but very much in love. He tells her that the happiest day of his life was the day he dropped Sheridan. They kiss. Fancy comes back down to earth and wonders whether or not Pilar will be satisfied with a dozen kids from her and Luis. Sheridan tells Luis to stop looking for the paper because they have to talk. "Am I getting carried away?" Inquires Luis, but continues to talk about houses. "It's not the house," says Sheridan. "It's about Chris. I have a husband at home and you know what I have to do," says Sheridan. "Of course" says an agreeable Luis, but they each misunderstand the other. Sheridan thinks Luis understands that she is staying with Chris and Luis thinks she is talking about divorcing Chris. As Jared looks on, Chad books a motel room and says he has to leave. Jared tells him to do what he has to do, and assures Chad that he will not do anything to hurt Whitney. At that moment, Whitney comes out and says that she thinks something is wrong with Theresa. They all run into Theresa's room. Jared feels her forehead and realizes that Theresa has a very high fever. Before they can decide what to do, Theresa opens her eyes, but doe not remember what happened. Jared wants to call Pilar, but Theresa insists that she just needs some aspirin. Whitney corners Chad. She overheard Chad and Jared's conversation and she wants to know about the "motel."

"What motel?" asks Chad. Whitney says she heard them talking and she want to know what is going on. Chad covers quickly and says that he and Jared were talking about the benefits of working for Crane and how they never have to stay in a seedy motel again. Chad explanation is smooth, so Whitney accepts his explanation, but remains skeptical. Jared interrupts and asks Whiney to get the ice pack he left in the bathroom. Chad leaves to meet his mistress, Valerie. Jared thinks out loud that there will be hell to pay if Chad does not handle the situation he is in. Paloma reminisces about her first meeting with Luis in Mexico and how she has come to love him, even though they got off to a rocky start. Fancy and Paloma continue to discuss Luis and his stubborn behavior. Paloma tells Fancy how difficult it was to convince Luis to let go of Sheridan. Fancy gets upset because Paloma's retelling of the encounter with Luis has her thinking that his mother and sister are forcing Luis into a relationship with her. Luis continues to think that Sheridan has come back to him. Sheridan finally interrupts and tells him that she is staying with Chris and that anything that exists between Luis and her is over.

Julian and Eve's conversation becomes more heated. Julian insists that TC is deliberately coming between them. Julian tells Eve that she is not the only doctor capable of treating TC. "It's not the same as family," says Eve. "He's not family," Julian insists. Then, Julian tells Eve that she is everything he has ever wanted. She says, "I'm not perfection. Julian responds with, "I think I know that." Eve wants to know what he means. Julian begins to make himself a drink, and tells Eve that maybe they should just stop where they are because he is wasting his time. Eve still want to know what he meant. He tells her he does not think she can take it. She still wants to know what he is thinking. "Give it your best shot," challenges Eve, as Julian swallows a sip from his drink. Fancy is appalled to know that Paloma and her mother were begging Luis to go out with her. "I'm Fancy Crane," she says, "Men all over the world want to go out with me, and if Luis doesn't want me, then I don't want him either." Fancy say angrily Sheridan tells Luis that she is sorry, that she got caught up in his dream. Luis tells her that she still loves him. Sheridan tells Luis that it does not matter. She has to do the right thing for the child she has at home. She tells Luis that he must move on. "We had a chance, but it's gone," a sad Sheridan says to a disbelieving Luis.

Julian tells Eve that he used to think she was perfection, but now he knows that she is not. Julian reminds Eve that she also has a past. He tells her how easy it was to turn her into a tramp. He tells her that he used to think it was the drugs that turned her into a whore, but that the truth is that she is a whore at heart. Eve stares at Julian disbelievingly. Whitney wonders where Chad has gone. In a motel room, Chad berates himself for being there. Sheridan tell Luis that the situation is hard on both of them. Luis tells her that she loves him. "But I don't want you," say a tearful Sheridan over and over again.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Eve and Julian engage in a raw and hurtful examination of their relationship.

Whitney continues to fear Chad is keeping a big secret from her, especially when she can't track him down. She confides to Theresa that she thinks Chad is having an affair. Meanwhile, Chad waits at a seedy motel for a rendezvous with a mystery person who's running late.

At Crane Industries, Valerie rushes to get her work done. A suspicious Jared warns her to be careful about keeping secrets.

Paloma tries to calm Fancy, who is outraged over the thought of being Luis' second choice.

Luis is heartbroken when Sheridan announces she's moving on with Chris - and this time she means it. They share one last passionate kiss before Sheridan walks out of his life for good.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Paloma tells Simone how much she would benefit when Julian marries Eve, but Simone informs Paloma that her mom called off the wedding. Simone and Paloma realize that Jessica is not as happy as she lets on, and they discover that Jessica has been terribly beaten. Her entire body is bruised.

The old Julian is back, and he is acting as such. All he cares about now is his self interest and making a profit for Crane Industries (CI). He tells Fox that Ivy could be right about Kay and Miguel due to his repeated unfaithfulness while married to Ivy. She can spot infidelity a mile away. Fox tells Julian that he trusts Kay, and Julian tells him that he trusted Ivy about Ethan and look where it got him. Julian advises Fox to marry Kay right away. Fox thinks Julian is rushing him to marry Kay because his and Eve's relationship is on the rocks. Julian tells Fox that he is too trusting of women and reminded him of Whitney. She passed off Chad's son as Fox's.

Kay has made her choice to marry Fox. She tells Miguel that he is welcome at the wedding but asks him not to cause any trouble. Kay gets into an argument with Miguel about Siren. She doesn't believe anything Miguel has to say and tells him that she does not want to see him anymore. Miguel quickly tells Kay that he only made out with Siren to protect her since Fox and Ivy were in full pursuit.

Chad is sending business Ethan's way, but they cannot concentrate on the work at hand since they both have extra curricular activities outside their personal lives. Chad runs into Valerie and she thanked him for last night. Whitney happens to be at CI to drop off Miles for daycare and sees Chad and Valerie. She immediately gets suspicious of Chad and asks why he and Valerie are in Ethan's office when he is not there. Chad gives her an explanation, and she pretends to believe him.

Pilar goes to visit Theresa at CI while Theresa is in the middle of preparing a will. Pilar asks why Theresa is preparing a will and if she is ill. Theresa tells Pilar that she is making sure that Jane and Little Ethan are provided for. Pilar insists that Ethan knows the truth about Little Ethan because Julian is a bad influence. She wants Theresa to tell Ethan the truth just in case something happens to her. Theresa refuses to do so because Little Ethan would lose everything since he will no longer be a Crane. Theresa finally agrees to tell Ethan the truth. Instead of telling Ethan in person, she decides to write Ethan a letter and attaches it to her will just in case something happens to her. Theresa gives the documents that have the will with the letter attached to Valerie so that she could put them in the Crane Vault in Theresa's compartment. She tells Val not to let anyone sees the documents. Instead of heading directly to the Crane vault, Valerie decides to stop off at Ethan's office first, and she accidentally mixes up the envelopes and left Theresa's documents with the letter to Ethan in Ethan's office.

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