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Passions Recaps: The week of June 2, 2008 on PS
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Gwen was beside herself with happiness. She could not stop celebrating her impending recommitment ceremony with Ethan. Apparently, Gwen had too much to drink because she asked Gertrude (Theresa) to measure Ethan for his new tux for the ceremony. Gertrude was more than happy to do it. While Gertrude was measuring Ethan, Gwen was still under the influence of alcohol, and suddenly started to picture Theresa with Ethan. Ethan noticed that something was off about Gwen and asked her about it. Gwen said that she was overwhelmed with plans for the ceremony when in fact she could not get Theresa out of her head. Gwen was uneasy about Gertrude getting too close to Ethan, so she asked Gertrude to get away from him, and Ethan reassured Gwen that he was the only man for her. Unsure of Ethan's reaction, Gwen asked him if he would be with Theresa had she been alive, and Ethan confirmed Gwen's fears. He said that he would definitely be with Theresa. Ethan tried to convince Gwen that he was ready to move on with her while Gertrude was whispering to herself that Gwen was never right for Ethan. Gwen apologized to Gertrude for her behavior. Gertrude vowed to stop Gwen's recommitment ceremony with Ethan.

Juanita found a picture of Luis in his police uniform, and she used the uniform to pinpoint Pilar's location. Juanita was gleefully happy knowing that she knew Pilar's whereabouts.

Luis brought Kay and Miguel up to speed regarding Alistair's death and Ivy's stabbing. Without appearing too panicky, Pilar suggested to Luis, Miguel, and Kay that they take a trip around the world. Luis and Miguel stated that it was a bad time to leave town, and Pilar was a little disappointed. Pilar was not giving up on the task at hand, so she attempted to convince Fancy and Kay to leave town with her, and in turn, they could change Luis and Miguel's mind. Pilar had no choice but to tell Fancy and Kay that Juanita was alive. She was hoping to change Fancy and Kay's minds about leaving.

Sam found Ivy in time. Viki had stabbed her with a hypodermic needle and hid her in a hospital closet. Everyone tried to guess who the culprit could have been, while Viki gloated to herself for almost killing Ivy. Eve was able to revive Ivy, but Viki had other evil plans for Ivy. Sam questioned Ivy about her attacker, but unfortunately, Ivy's attacker came from behind. Julian saw the love between Sam and Ivy, and he wished that he could get back what he had with Eve.

Vincent was behind a curtain watching Eve trying to bring Ivy back to life. He commented that Viki had ice running through her veins and expressed an interest in teaming up with her. Vincent requested that Viki partner with him to eliminate all their enemies in one fell swoop.

Esme's plans were dashed when she came to the realization that Eve and Julian would find their way back to each other. She tried to think of the next billionaire she could land. Esme left to get her meds, and Viki attempted to finish her job since Eve was able to save Ivy. Vincent quickly grabbed Viki. Viki pretended to be afraid of Vincent, but Vincent immediately told her to drop the act. Since she was found out, Viki asked Vincent what he wanted from her. Vincent offered to team up with her.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gwen instructed Gertrude (Theresa) to help with her recommitment ceremony. An uncomfortable Gertrude had to help Gwen pick out a wedding gown. Gertrude tried to talk Gwen out of recommitting with Ethan, and Gwen questioned Gertrude's concerns. Gertrude fantasized about marrying Ethan. In her fantasy, she killed Gwen for interrupting the wedding ceremony. At the end of the fantasy, Gertrude said she loved Ethan, and Gwen walked in the room. She asked Gertrude to repeat what she had just said. Gertrude played it off and Gwen bought it.

Ethan asked Gertrude's advice on a gift for Gwen, and she suggested a treat that Ethan had planned for Theresa before she supposedly passed away. Ethan thought that it was an excellent idea but decided against it. He thought that it was too special for Gwen since it was a memory between him and Theresa. Gertrude asked Ethan how he would respond if Theresa had come back to life. Ethan refused to think about it since he could not bring himself to believe that Theresa had died. Gertrude finally got Ethan to admit that he would leave Gwen to go back to Theresa if she suddenly reappeared. Reality finally kicked in when Ethan mentioned to Gertrude that he was still married to Gwen, and if he recommitted to her, he would not be able to leave Gwen even if he wanted to do so. Gertrude was so disappointed that she kept asking Ethan the question over and over. Regardless of Ethan's feelings, Gertrude vowed to make Ethan hers by stopping the recommitment ceremony. She planned to reveal her true identity to Ethan.

Juanita finally arrived in Harmony and was ready to wreak havoc on the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Juanita donned a black wig with bangs to disguise herself in order to carry out her plans.

Tabitha attempted to cast a spell to protect Harmony, but her spell was not working. Tabitha asked her magic bowl to show her the evil that had just arrived in Harmony. Tabitha walked away, and the bowl revealed Juanita. Tabitha managed to come up with a spell to block Juanita and her henchman. However, Juanita was able to overpower Tabitha's spell by demanding that the magic disappear. Juanita showed up at Tabitha's house.

Pilar relived the sordid details of her past by telling Fancy and Kay what transpired between her and Juanita. Luis overheard Pilar mention death and asked her to explain herself. Pilar managed to come up with another story so as not to get Luis and Miguel suspicious. Pilar begged Fancy and Kay to come up with a way to convince Luis and Miguel to leave Harmony. Fancy and Kay came up with a plan to get them to leave, but they did not share it with Pilar. The plan was to seduce their significant others into changing their minds.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tabitha got a visit from Juanita dressed in disguise as Amelia Hernandez. She asked about renting a room in Tabitha's home, but Tabitha said not many people moved to Harmony. She tried to discourage Juanita at first, saying Harmony was not a place for anyone to live. Then, while serving her tea, Tabitha told Juanita all about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Tabitha felt bad about gossiping about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds at first, but Juanita convinced her to tell more. Juanita sensed that Tabitha was eager to leave town, so she offered to buy the house, and after some convincing from Juanita, Tabitha agreed. Juanita had one condition before buying the house-that Tabitha introduce her to all her neighbors, starting with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Theresa was determined to stay in Harmony to win over Ethan before he renewed his vows to Gwen. Pilar received a phone call from her friend Carmelita. It turned out she had survived Juanita's murder attempt. Carmelita said she planned to leave the country as soon as she got off the phone with Pilar, and she advised Pilar to do the same. Carmelita told Pilar she thought Juanita found the picture of Luis in his police uniform, which meant Juanita was closing in on Pilar's family. She made Pilar promise never to try to find her. When she got off the phone, Pilar told Theresa what Carmelita told her, but Theresa refused to leave. Theresa said Juanita would not recognize her as Gertrude so she was safe to stay in Harmony with Ethan. Pilar told Theresa that Juanita would recognize her and kill her. Theresa said if Gwen and Ethan didn't recognize her, Juanita wouldn't either. Theresa said she had to stay close to Ethan because without him, life wasn't worth living.

Kay tried to convince Miguel to go on a trip with Pilar immediately, but he thought it would make more sense to wait until they got married first. Miguel saw through Kay's claim that she wanted to get married somewhere overseas. He said she was the one who said she wanted to get married with her family present. He convinced her to tell the truth about why she wanted to leave town.

Meanwhile, just when Fancy thought she had convinced Luis to go on the trip with Pilar and the rest of his family, Luis told her he couldn't go until he found Vincent. When her attempt to seduce Luis into leaving town didn't work, Fancy gave Luis the cold shoulder, but Luis convinced Fancy to tell him the truth about why she wanted him to go on the trip around the world. Once Luis found out the truth, he called Miguel to come over and talk about what to do next. After some prodding from Kay and Fancy, Luis and Miguel agreed to leave town and not tell Pilar they knew about Juanita coming to town.

Vincent invited Vicky back to Eve's house to plan how they would kill the citizens of Harmony. Vicky was resistant at first to team up with Vincent. She said she'd only killed people who tried to come between her and her Aunt Esme, but Vincent told her he did some checking and he knew she had killed her parents. Vicky explained that her parents wanted her to go to boarding school, so she killed her father and when her mother found out and said Vicky had to be punished, Vicky killed her too. Vincent said they could murder the citizens of Harmony during Kay and Miguel and Paloma and Noah's wedding. Vicky wasn't interested at first in hearing about the planning stage, but Vincent said planning the murders was the fun part and once you committed murder, all that was left was an empty feeling.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, June 6, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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