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Passions Recaps: The week of June 9, 2008 on PS
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Little Ethan played a trick on Gwen. He had dinner prepared for Gwen and Ethan to help them celebrate their recommitment ceremony. Both Ethan and Gwen were surprised at the gesture. Gertrude/Theresa was in the dark, so her reaction was quite disappointing. She blasted Little Ethan for being insensitive since he knew of her love for Ethan. Little Ethan told his mom to be patient and not to worry. Little Ethan made sure that Theresa's favorite food was on the menu. Gwen became suspicious since Little Ethan turned her blue, not too long before with his chemistry set. The meal reminded Ethan of Theresa.

Shortly after dinner, Little Ethan announced that he had a presentation for Gwen and Ethan. While Ethan and Gwen were making their way to the TV, Little Ethan played Ethan and Theresa's song, and it made Gwen quite uncomfortable. Little Ethan inserted the DVD into the player, and it turned out to be a collection of Ethan and Theresa's most memorable moments. Gwen was furious. She got up and turned off the TV. In addition, she accused Little Ethan of attempting to ruin her recommitment ceremony to Ethan. Little Ethan explained that he wanted to include all of Ethan's history and that he got most of the pictures from Rebecca and the country club. Moreover, Little Ethan said that Gwen was next on the slide show. Gwen refused to believe Little Ethan and questioned whether Little Ethan deliberately set it up to make her unhappy. She went over to the laptop to see for herself. Moments later, a slide show of Gwen and Ethan started to play.

Little Ethan complained that he was only trying to do something nice for Gwen since she was always snapping at him and that Gwen did not seem that happy to be a mom. Gwen apologized to Little Ethan and thanked him for the kind gesture. Gwen mentioned to Gertrude that she believed that Little Ethan set her up so that she would lose her cool in front of Ethan. In addition, Gwen told Gertrude that Little Ethan was a child of the devil. Gertrude was not too pleased, so she tied Gwen's shirt to the tablecloth. Gertrude then suggested that Ethan dance with Gwen. When Gwen got up to dance with Ethan, she pulled the tablecloth, along with the food, off the table. She fell to the ground and was covered in chocolate. Ethan helped Gwen off the floor, but he started laughing hysterically afterwards. Gwen stormed off and left Ethan, Little Ethan, and Gertrude laughing.

Pilar expressed her fears about Juanita to Fancy, and Fancy tried her best to comfort Pilar. Miguel and Luis walked in and gave Pilar good news. They decided to leave Harmony with Pilar and the rest of the family. Pilar was ecstatic. After Luis and Miguel left the room, Pilar informed Fancy that Juanita was evil, even worse than Alistair.

Miguel and Luis were not that easily fooled. They figured out that Fancy and Kay were up to something since they used sex to convince them. Consequently, Luis and Miguel decided to play along because they were looking forward to what Fancy and Kay had promised them. They joined up with Fancy and Pilar and toasted to a great trip ahead.

Kay thought that Tabitha was redecorating when she saw things scattered all over the house, but Tabitha informed her that she was packing up to leave Harmony. Tabitha explained the situation to Kay, and Kay suggested using magic to stop the destruction. Tabitha did not think magic would work since she found out from a reading that death was coming to her door. Juanita, disguised as Mrs. Hernandez, suddenly walked in with a bag filled with groceries. Kay refused to believe that Tabitha was leaving Harmony. Mrs. Hernandez expressed how excited she was that Tabitha was selling her the house. Kay was torn up over the news, but Tabitha told Kay that she had to protect Endora. Tabitha put a call in to Precious, the orangutan, Edna's former nurse, and informed her that she was on her way. Precious was excited but sad because Luis was not tagging along with Tabitha.

Juanita decided to make conversation with Kay, so she asked Kay about her upcoming wedding. Kay was not in the mood to talk since her world was turning upside down. Kay wanted to continue her conversation with Tabitha, so she asked Juanita for some privacy. Kay wanted more explanations on Tabitha's sudden interest in leaving Harmony. Tabitha tried to put things in perspective for Kay by telling her that Harmony was about to experience death and destruction. Tabitha hated the idea of leaving, but when she realized that nothing would survive, not even witches, she decided to move. Kay shared with Tabitha the news that she was about to embark on a trip around the world with Pilar and the rest of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Juanita stood in the hall and eavesdropped on Kay and Tabitha's conversation. She relished in her upcoming plans to kill the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Juanita went back in the room and agreed with Kay in refusing to leave Harmony, but deep down, Juanita was happily planning to murder Kay's soon-to-be family.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kay gave Miguel the scoop regarding the sale of Tabitha's house. Before Kay could tell Miguel the person who bought the house, Mrs. Hernandez, a.k.a. Juanita, walked in the room and said that she purchased Tabitha's house. Miguel immediately noticed something familiar about Mrs. Hernandez, but he could not place the face. Juanita turned around and reached for a gun in her purse and asked Miguel to tell her where he thought they had met before. The gun was hidden from view. It turned out that Miguel mistook her for someone in Harmony.

Tabitha tried to explain to Kay that Harmony was doomed, but Kay insisted that since they were taking a trip with Pilar, things should be back to normal upon her return. Mrs. Hernandez eavesdropped on the conversation. Shortly afterwards, Mrs. Hernandez chatted with Miguel. Miguel mentioned his daughter to her and then asked Mrs. Hernandez about her children. She sadly told Miguel that her children were taken from her. Miguel suggested that she speak to Pilar, since Pilar lost her sister and her eldest son. Mrs. Hernandez muttered to herself that she could not wait to kill Pilar's children and her grandchildren.

Kay was helping Tabitha pack, and she noted to Tabitha that she wished they knew from where the threat was coming. The book of disaster glowed and then opened to a specific page. Kay could not make anything out, but Tabitha saw something. Tabitha immediately turned to look at Mrs. Hernandez, who was in the living room chatting with Miguel. Tabitha went over to Miguel and asked to speak to him, alone. Mrs. Hernandez had a suspicious look on her face. While holding onto the gun in her purse, Mrs. Hernandez asked Tabitha why she could not speak freely to Miguel while in her presence. Tabitha only wanted to know if Luis got another Crane pregnant.

Kay mentioned Alistair and compared him to Juanita. Mrs. Hernandez became curious about Juanita. Miguel and Kay gave her the short version of it and also mentioned that she, Pilar, and the entire family were taking a trip around the world to get away from Juanita. Mrs. Hernandez said to herself that danger was closer than Kay thought. Kay decided to move up the wedding because she wanted to get married before taking a trip around the world. Mrs. Hernandez decided to use Kay's wedding to exact her revenge since all the Lopez -Fitzgeralds would be in attendance.

Tabitha was curious as to why she got a warning flash when she looked at Miguel and Mrs. Hernandez. She checked the book of disaster and saw a wedding cake go up in a blaze. Tabitha predicted that the wedding would be a disaster. In addition, Tabitha said that evil and disaster would be the bridesmaids at Kay's wedding and the wedding would be presided over by the Grim Reaper.

Gwen walked in the living room to find it empty, but Rebecca showed up, just in time to get the scoop regarding Little Ethan's behavior towards Gwen the day before. Gwen was extremely upset at Little Ethan because she knew he deliberately planned it so that Gwen would lose her cool in front of Ethan. Gwen was frustrated with Ethan because he was still mourning Theresa and refused to move on. Rebecca advised Gwen to stop acting like a loser since she had already won Ethan. In addition, Rebecca suggested that Gwen stop acting needy and insecure since Theresa was already dead. Gwen threatened bodily harm if anyone ruined her recommitment ceremony to Ethan.

Upstairs in the attic, Ethan went through Theresa's things and looked at some of her photos. Gertrude/Theresa stayed in the background and watched Ethan reminisce about Theresa. Ethan was talking to himself, and he expressed sadness in hiding his feelings from Gwen. He did not want to make Gwen unhappy by constantly bringing up Theresa in her face. Ethan found Theresa's diary. Gertrude wished for Ethan to read Theresa's diary. Ethan hesitated and then eventually read it. Ethan felt guilty reading the diary, but he wanted so much to remember Theresa. Gertrude had the perfect idea. She thought that the diary could be used to stop Ethan from recommitting to Gwen. She thought of writing a letter to place in the diary for Ethan to see. Upon reading it, Ethan would refuse to recommit to Gwen. While Ethan's back was turned, Gertrude slipped the letter in the diary for Ethan to read. Ethan turned around and saw the diary in a place where he had not left it. In it, there was a letter that was not present prior to putting the diary down. Ethan examined the letter and began opening it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Luis and Fancy packed for their trip around the world, but Luis said he hated leaving Harmony instead of fighting Juanita. He hoped he wouldn't let it slip to his mother that he knew they were really leaving to get away from Juanita. Fancy reminded Luis that he promised his mother that he would leave Harmony. He said he had no plans to renege on his promise, but it was hard to leave without a fight.

At Sheridan's cottage, Pilar spoke to Pretty and Sheridan about her plan to take the family on a trip overseas and invited them both along. They were resistant at first, sensing that Pilar wasn't being honest about the real reason behind their trip, so Pilar told them if they didn't leave right away, they would die. After Pilar left, Sheridan said it was out of character for Luis to leave town and not want to stay and fight Juanita, but Pretty pointed out that Pilar probably convinced her whole family to go. Pretty said if Fancy was going, she was too. Sheridan said she planned to go tell Luis that they had a child together and she and his son were his future, not Fancy.

At the church, Juanita plotted her revenge against Pilar, taking an account of all those she already killed and who was left. Juanita's henchman showed up, and she shared with him her plan to blow up the church with Pilar and her loved ones inside it during the multiple wedding. She asked him to search the church to figure out where to plant the bomb for maximum impact. She said she learned that Pilar's family planned to leave before she came to town, not knowing that she was already there. Juanita told her henchman that the spot he chose for the bomb would guarantee no one would survive. Juanita said she wanted Pilar to see the whole church caving in, and Juanita wanted to see the agony on Pilar's face when she saw her family wiped out. Juanita said she would keep Pilar from entering the church so it would blow up just as she arrived. She wanted Pilar to be tortured with knowing she lost everyone she loved and be in the worst pain of her life when Juanita finally killed her.

At the Crane mansion, Kay and Miguel met with Noah and Paloma to tell them about Pilar's plan to take the family on a trip and to move their weddings up. Noah said he couldn't go on the trip, because he was about to start medical school and Paloma said she had to help find Vincent as well as Alistair's killer. Noah and Paloma wanted to know the truth about Pilar's reason for leaving town, so Kay and Miguel told them about Juanita coming to Harmony. Noah was hesitant to go and told Paloma to leave without him, but she refused. However, they agreed to at least move up the wedding date.

Rebecca told Gwen to stop worrying about Ethan being haunted by Theresa's memory. She said once Ethan renewed his marriage vows to Gwen, he would honor his commitment. Gwen worried that something would go wrong. Rebecca said that with Theresa dead, the only one standing in the way of Gwen's happiness with Ethan was Gwen. Gwen admitted Rebecca was right about her insecurities. Miguel and Kay told Gwen about their plans to go overseas and move up the wedding date, and Gwen said she was okay with changing the date.

In the Crane attic, Ethan started to read the letter Theresa left asking him not to remarry if she were to die before him. Theresa, dressed as Gertrude, watched from the shadows, hoping that Ethan would be convinced not to renew his marriage vows. Ethan read Theresa's letter but not up to the part where she asked him not to marry Gwen. He started to leave but changed his mind and decided to read more when he was interrupted by Gwen, who told him about the plans to move up their recommitment ceremony. Ethan agreed to move up the date as well. Gwen saw Ethan try to read Theresa's letter again, so she asked him to wait to read it until after they planned their ceremony.

Downstairs, Gwen told the other couples that Ethan agreed to move up the wedding date. Kay said Pilar wanted all of them to get married before going on the trip and went to check with Luis and Fancy about their plans. Gertrude asked Paloma to call the wedding off. Paloma asked why Gertrude was so interested in their plans, and when Gertrude revealed her true identity as Theresa, Paloma fainted.

Rebecca thought moving up the wedding was the perfect way to help Gwen get over her insecurities about Theresa, but Gwen told her that she saw Ethan reading a letter from Theresa. Rebecca told her not to worry about what Theresa wrote in a letter before she died because it was in the past, but Gwen was not convinced.

Pilar stopped by to see Luis and Fancy, who had just finished making love and had to scramble to get dressed. She told them about her talk with Sheridan and Pretty, and how she thought they would be joining them along with Marty. Luis told Pilar he knew they were really going out of town because of Juanita. He said he never believed Pilar's initial reason for going on the trip, so he did some investigating and found out that Juanita was on her way to town. Pilar told Luis she couldn't sit back and let her family be murdered. Pilar told Luis that Miguel and Paloma agreed to get married before they left on their trip, and she was hoping Luis and Fancy would also get married at the same time. Luis and Fancy agreed.

Sheridan and Pretty overheard Luis and Fancy's plans to get married before going on the trip. Luis told them he was hesitant at first to leave and not face Juanita, but since he agreed to do it, he figured he'd make the trip a honeymoon. Pilar said Ethan and Gwen would stay in town, but she was sure they would let Little Ethan and Jane join them and Marty on the trip. Sheridan said she and Pretty were going too. Pilar said she was relieved that her whole family was finally safe from Juanita. Pretty vowed that Luis would marry her instead of Fancy.

Noah found Paloma passed out in the foyer with Theresa/Gertrude tending to her and asked why Paloma was calling her Theresa. Gertrude said Paloma was calling out for Theresa because she wished Theresa could go to her wedding. While Noah went off to get Paloma some water, Theresa woke Paloma up and told her she would explain everything later. She made Paloma promise not to tell anyone that she was alive and to help her stop the multiple wedding. Paloma asked her how she could stop the wedding, because even if she and Noah backed out, Gwen and Ethan would still have their ceremony. Paloma asked why Ethan couldn't know that Theresa was alive, and Theresa told her Juanita could be in Harmony and could target Little Ethan and Jane before anyone could leave town. Paloma begged Theresa to go on the trip too and that way she could tell Ethan the truth. Theresa said Ethan wouldn't leave town and especially not unless Gwen went with him. Noah came back with the water and asked what happened. Paloma said she got worked up because of Theresa.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, June 13, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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