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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of December 28, 1998 on SB
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Monday, December 28, 1998

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Carmen has is seen telling Maria's fortune. She mentions that a door will be opened to her. Maria asks about the door. Carmen says all she knows is a door will be open and that Maria should be receptive to what is on the other side of the door.

Ben enters the studio and throws Maria's stocking on her bed. When leaving he trips over Maria's gown. Meg comes in when he is folding it to put on the bed. She instantly takes offense about him handling Maria's stuff. Meg apologizes for acting jealous and asks Ben what he did special for Maria. Ben explains the things that he did to help her regain her memory. Meg listens. After he has finished telling her about Maria's lack of memory Meg suggest they take advantage of being home alone. Later you see them in the bedroom. Ben hears something and insists on going to check out the noise instead of staying in bed with Meg. When he returns Meg suggest that they just cuddle. They both hear Maria when she comes in. Maria went to the studio and starts to sketch a door. She went to the window and finds it jammed. Ben can't sleep so he gets out of bed to go downstairs. Maria opens her DOOR at the same time that Ben opens his DOOR. Maria explains about the stuck window. Ben went in and opens it for her. While she is staring into the night Ben resist the urge to touch her hair or shoulder. Ben returns to bed and Maria returns to her sketch. Meg pretends to be asleep. Ben touches Meg and says, "I love YOU Meg. I love You." It sounds as if he is trying to convince himself of that fact.

Gregory opens the letter. Caitlin faints. AJ insists on knowing what is in the letter. Gregory says that it is totally empty and has no return address. AJ and Olivia leave. Caitlin and Cole go upstairs. Cole decides that Caitlin fainted because she is pregnant. He is elated at the thought. She explains that she is not pregnant.

Gregory went to a meeting with Dr. Brock. He has Dr. Brock explain his involvement with the baby theft. Brock blames the whole thing on Annie, telling Gregory that she blackmailed him. Gregory asked if Olivia knew about the thing and Brock confirmed her innocence. Gregory then wants to know how Annie was blackmailing Olivia. He then realizes that she went along with the Trey situation because of her love for Caitlin. As Gregory leaves he talks to the bodyguard outside of Dr. Brock's door and told him "You know what to do." Olivia arrives home with AJ. AJ told her that he loves her and always has. While he is waiting for a commitment from Olivia she answers the phone. It appears that her cousin is calling with grave news about her Aunt. Olivia finally agrees to catch the first flight out to visit her Aunt before she dies.

Gregory is on the phone with Olivia's cousin who is upset. She wants to know what she is supposed to tell Olivia when she discovers that her aunt really isn't dying. Gregory says that he is paying her a lot of money so she is to handle it. He then thinks to himself that he needs her out of the way so he can start phase 2 of his plan.

Maria is dreaming of an intimate dinner at The Deep. No one is in the cellar but her and the door she drew in the sketch is shown in The Deep. She wakes up and wonders about the dream, especially the door.

Ben dreams of dancing with Meg, as he turns her around she changes to Maria. As he turns her again she becomes Meg. He wakes up. Meg still pretends to be asleep. Ben talking to himself wonders why he is having that dream. He again says out loud that Maria is his past and he loves Meg now.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Valerie

Amy tell Sean you have got to forgive me. Or I might as well die. Sean says you are dead then. Amy told Sean she has changed and she is more right for him than Emily. If he would give her a chance he would see.

At Bette's house:
Bette told Emily lets go the early bird after Christmas shoppers will all be there if they don't hurry. Then Emily purse falls and birth control pills fall out. Bette says this is what I think it is.

Ben remembers holding Maria's hand then dancing with Meg. Then he throws a rock in the water then runs his hands over his head. At Ben's house, Maria is dreaming about being in the wine cellar at The Deep. She wakes up and looks around. Then went over to the picture she drew last night. Meg knocks on the door. Maria answers the door. Meg asks Maria if there is anything she can get her, cause she is on her way out. Maria told her no thank-you, but thanks for asking. Meg told her she looks distracted. Maria says I am fine. Why you ask? Meg says Ben was distracted and then she was distracted wondering if there was a connection.

Sara is dreaming about running on the beach with Meg, Maria. How Meg gets Casey and Maria gets Ben and she is alone. She wakes up saying that was awful. I am not going to end up alone.

Casey runs into Ben on the beach. Casey asks Ben if you want to talk about the situation? Ben told Casey it is a little more difficult than I had expected. Casey told him you don't know what you should feel for either one of them right now.

Meg is asking Maria about getting her memory back. Maria told her that I won't feel nothing toward Ben when I do get my memory back. We are not the same any more. I have changed and so has he. Maria says I won't do anything at any cost to you Meg.

At the Java Cafe
Amy told Sean you belong with me. Sean tell her it wouldn't make a difference. She almost ruined his girlfriend's life.

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Ben follows Maria into the cave from the wine cellar. Maria starts to remember their last night in the cave before she disappeared. Maria realizes she almost slept with Derek before Ben discovered them; she followed Ben to the sailboat to explain, fell off and started to drown. Ben comforts the distraught woman as Sara watches. Meg doesn't understand how Sara could betray her by confiding in Tim. They argue and Sara goes. Alone, Meg admits to herself that something is going on with Ben and Maria.

Gabi told Antonio she's going away with Ricardo. Gabi finds Carmen and Ricardo in mid-argument as Carmen warns Ricardo that Gabi will break his heart. At the Inn, Ricardo and Gabi start to make love, but Ricardo senses Gabi's lack of response. Carmen told Antonio she's figured out a way to discover the identity of the other man in Gabi's life.

Thursday, December 31, 1998

Sara races off to tell Meg she's seen Ben and Maria in what appears to be a romantic embrace. Maria doesn't have her entire memory back, but she is scared of the possibility of recalling her feeling for Ben. Casey told Meg she has to trust in Ben. Despite Casey's objections, Sara told Meg what she thought she saw in the cave. An upset Meg later confronts Maria at home. During the argument, Maria loses her footing and falls down the stairs. Ben is horrified.

Gabi puts aside all her fears and told Ricardo she is ready to make love to him. Meanwhile, Antonio is barely able to stop Carmen from using the cards to reveal the man who is in love with Gabi. Antonio later asks for a transfer out of Sunset Beach.

Friday, January 1, 1998

Today's show was pre-empted for the holiday

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