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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on SB
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Monday, March 1, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jackie

Just as Carmen told Maria that Ben and her were going to be together because the cards told her and there was a sign that was going to happen, Ben knocked on the door she opened it and he had the divorce papers he had already signed them. He told her to look over them before she signed them. As she started to sign them she was having all these flashbacks of her and Ben she started to cry and Carmen came in and told her she couldn't sign them. Maria got up and left to go somewhere she could sign them in peace and quiet.

AJ started to choke Francesca, until Bette came in and pried him off of her he told her that she better tell Olivia what really happened. Then before he left he said to her "Watch out Francesca you might not make it through the night"

Sara was walking on the beach and she was thinking of Casey, then he came up to her and they started kissing. Then they went to The Shockwave.

Caitlin had a dream that she was in her house and she couldn't find Trey and she asked Cole, Gregory, Annie, Olivia, and Sean and no one would answer her they just stood there and ignored her. She woke up and was saying Sean's name, Sean said "I'm here, I'm here." She told Sean about her dream. Sean told Emily to go get the nurse Emily went and came back the nurse told her to take a pill to help her sleep she refused it at first then took it because she needed her sleep. after she took it she laid down and Emily and Sean left. She spit the pill out and said "I need to find Cole and Trey" she got her clothes and left.

Livie and Cole were talking Gregory overheard them say that Olivia would have never slept with Cole if she could go back to that day. Greggy pretended he didn't know about it and he asked if what he heard was true Olivia said it was. Gregory then "figured out" that Trey could be his or Cole's he thinks it's his and Cole thinks it's his. They went (without) Olivia to get a paternity test when they got there, instead of using Dr. Manning they used Tyus and he got Cole's, Gregory's, and Olivia's records and said he didn't have to run a test that he knew who the father was. Olivia said it was all Annie's fault so she went upstairs and went up to Annie and took off the scarf that was gagging her. Annie said thank you and Livie said don't thank her. Then Olivia went up to Annie and punched her in the face.

Meg was telling her parents that Maria is signing the divorce papers and that she will be marring Ben as soon as possible. Tim come in and asked her what they were talking about Meg told him and he just said oh. Meg wondered why he didn't go crazy he said it was because he tried that already and it didn't work and he was going to move on with his life. Hank started yelling at Meg about all the stuff that Ben has put her through and not to marry him. Tim back away and Sara came up to him and asked him what her family was screaming about he told her that it was about her secrets. She got scared and went over and realized that it wasn't what they were talking about. She went back over to Tim and started yelling at him about why he was there and all this stuff. Ben overheard (he came in to see Meg and saw that she was sad, because of what her dad was saying) Ben screamed at Tim to get out of there Hank heard him and told him that he owned the place and not to tell what people can be there and what people can't be there. Ben started screaming back and Casey told him to take it easy but they still both were screaming at each other.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Antonio has a nightmare about officiating at his brother's marriage to Gabi and having Francesca interrupt the festivities with proof of the priest's sin. Hank bristles when Ben berates him for letting Tim hang around the Shock Wave. Tyus informs a triumphant Gregory that he is indeed Trey's father. Devastated, Cole flees with the baby in his arms. Still tied to the bed, Annie spits out to a stunned Caitlin that the baby she's been raising actually belongs to her own mother. Weeping, Olivia confirms Annie's story. Irked by Ben's attitude, Hank offers Tim a job. Francesca demands that Ricardo arrest A.J. for his nearly lethal attack. A troubled parishioner brought Antonio a shoe box stuffed with cash and asks him to keep it safe in the rectory. Joan plays peacemaker to try to put an end to Hank and Ben's squabbling. Francesca pressures Gabi for the two hundred thousand dollars. Although tempted to take his parishioners' life savings, Antonio resists. Olivia gags Annie before she can blurt out the rest of the sordid tale to Caitlin. At the mission, Antonio finally persuades a grieving Cole to surrender Trey to Gregory. Maria informs Ben and Meg she will never sign the divorce papers.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Outraged by her rival's remarks, Meg went on the attack but is quickly silenced when Maria explains that she won't sign the papers because she knows a faster way to obtain the divorce. Brandishing a letter opener, Caitlin advances on Annie with fire in her eyes. Summoned by a frantic Olivia, Cole and Gregory break down the door and try to persuade Caitlin to spare Annie's life. Desperate to prevent her blackmailer from showing the videotape to Ricardo, Gabi promises Francesca she'll get her the money somehow. Cole persuades Caitlin to surrender the letter opener by claiming that he still loves her dearly. Maria volunteers to fly to the Dominican Republic immediately for a quickie island divorce so Ben and Meg can be married the very next day and begin their honeymoon in Venice. Caitlin tearfully clings to Cole, babbling about a reconciliation, but he sadly informs her that this will never be. Amazed by the sudden turn of events, Meg thanks Maria for her gracious offer. Annie counters with a threat when Gregory moves to have her arrested. Carmen reads her Tarot cards and assures Maria her marriage will remain intact. Antonio stumbles across the gun Gabi hid.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

Today's recap was provided by TFaust9197

Vanessa, Michael, and Virginia:
At the Hospital - Vanessa wants to know why Michael is there. He says that he is there to check on Virginia for Jimmy. Jimmy is staying with him until Virginia's sister arrives to take Jimmy with her. Vanessa says that she has been having nightmares about Virginia and she's hoping that if she sees Virginia again the nightmares will go away. Vanessa also says that the nightmares are not the only reason that she can't sleep at night. She says that it is hard sleeping alone. Michael told Vanessa that Virginia can't hurt her anymore. In Virginia's room, a nurse puts a straight jacket on Virginia. After the nurse leaves the room, Virginia starts working her way out of the straight jacket. Outside, Vanessa says that she hates the hospital because that is where she started lying to Michael. Michael told Vanessa that he would have been there for here no matter what, that he loved her that much. Vanessa says "Loved." She then told Michael that she should have told him the truth about everything from the Martin's Syndrome to the baby but that she was scared. Tyus comes up and says that Virginia can only have one visitor at a time so he takes Vanessa first. In the room Vanessa starts talking to Virginia. She told her that she knows that Virginia is not well but that she still can't get over all of the horrible things that she did and how much pain that she caused everyone, including Michael. Vanessa then went on to say how much each of them have lost. That they both have lost Michael and there children. Vanessa says that at least she can walk out of the hospital and know that the ordeal is all over. As Vanessa turns around she sees that Virginia is out of her straight jacket. Virginia asks Vanessa if she looks crazy and if she is scared of her. Vanessa says that Virginia has been catatonic. Virginia says if I'm so crazy how did I fool all of the doctors. Virginia went on to say that Vanessa is no better than her, that she lied to Michael too. Virginia told Vanessa that there is no way that Vanessa is going to wiggle her way back in to Michael's life while she sits in the hospital and rots. Virginia then attacks Vanessa and tries to put the straight jacket on her. Vanessa screams and Tyus and Michael come in. Michael grabs Vanessa and Tyus grabs Virginia. As Michael and Vanessa leave the room, Virginia told Michael that she loves him. Once outside of the room, Michael asks Vanessa if she is okay and she says that she is. They almost kiss, Vanessa asks Michael if he still cares for her.

The Richard's:
At the Richard's mansion Caitlin is holding Trey telling him how much she loves him and wonders how he cannot be hers. Olivia comes in and told Caitlin that Trey is a part of her that they are blood. Olivia reaches for Trey. Caitlin pulls Trey back and says no, that Trey is hers and that her and Cole and Trey are a family and that they are going to be fine. Olivia told Caitlin that Cole knows the truth and the Annie stole Trey from her and told her that her baby was dead. Olivia asks Caitlin if she understands what she is telling her. Caitlin cries and says that she loves Trey, but she knows that he is not hers. Olivia says no he's not but you wish that he were. Caitlin says that she wishes that both of there babies were alive and that she wants to thank Olivia. Thank me for what asks Olivia. Caitlin says for giving up your happiness for mine. Olivia told her that she would do anything for her. Caitlin says and I for you. Meanwhile, upstairs Gregory is going to call the police on Annie but she stops him. Annie told Gregory that she knows about the first paternity test and what Dr. Manning told him. She knows that Cole is the father. Gregory asks Annie what she wants. Annie told him that she will keep his secret as long as he doesn't call the police. At the hospital, a nurse told Emily and Sean that Caitlin is missing. Sean realizes that Caitlin didn't take her sedative. Back at the mansion, Caitlin picks up Trey, Olivia told her that she doesn't have to do this. Caitlin told her that she needs to do this. Caitlin hands Trey over to Olivia. Gregory and Annie are in the hallway. Gregory walks into the room and asks Caitlin if she is okay. Caitlin says that she is fine that she is going to go upstairs and lay down. Annie comes in. Olivia asks why she is still there and why Gregory hasn't called the police. Annie told her that Gregory is going to get her immunity. Gregory says that he is not pressing charges because then the press and police would be after Sean and Caitlin. Olivia says that it is outrageous and that she will make Annie pay. Gregory and Annie leave and Gregory told Annie that just because she's not going to jail doesn't mean that she is not going to pay. Sean calls Gregory to tell him that Caitlin is missing. Gregory told Sean that Cait is fine and is at home. Sean says that he is sorry that he helped Cait get the baby. Gregory told Sean that everyone is sorry. Emily then asks Sean what is going on, that it is time to tell her the truth. Sean then told Emily what happened.

Cole and Francesca:
Cole is in the bar drinking, remembering times with Caitlin and Trey. Francesca arrives and thinks to herself that Cole must know the truth and that he is hers for the taking. Cole sees her and wants to know what she is doing there. Francesca says that she was passing by and saw his car outside and thought that she would come in to make sure that he was okay. She told him that he looks upset and asks what has happened. She told him that she just wants to help. Cole told her that there is nothing that anyone can do now. He told her that all she wants is to break him and Caitlin up. She admits that her and Cait are not the best of friends but that she could be Cole's. Cole says that he wishes that he could turn back the clock. Francesca asks if Caitlin has hurt Cole or his son. Cole says my son. Francesca says what about your son. Cole says he's not my son. Cole then told Francesca that he has to go. She asks if he is leaving town and Cole says no that he is not leaving his family. Francesca says but you just said that Trey wasn't your son. Cole told Francesca that Caitlin needs her, that she is hurting just as much as he is and that he could never leave her. Francesca says but she lied and passed another child off as yours. Cole then says that Caitlin is not the only one who lied and that the lies have to stop. Francesca says to herself that Cole is supposed to hate Caitlin and that if they make up she'll never have Cole. She then decides that if she can't make Cole hate Cait then she'll make Cait hate Cole. Francesca calls Caitlin and told her that Cole needs her and that he is at her hotel room and that if she cares for him she needs to come help him. Meanwhile back at the Richard's, Cole is in the room talking to himself. He is trying to think of how to tell Caitlin about him and Olivia. Olivia walks in and hears him. She told him that Caitlin has had enough of the truth. Cole says that he has to tell Caitlin about them. Olivia told Cole that he is going to destroy Caitlin. Back at Francesca's hotel Francesca is waiting on Caitlin. Francesca cannot believe that Cole is going to take Caitlin back after what she did but she decides that after she told Caitlin about Cole and Olivia's affair, Cole will be hers. Just then there is a knock on the door. It's Caitlin. Caitlin wants to know where Cole is. Francesca told Caitlin that she lied that Cole is not there. But there is something that Francesca need to tell Caitlin about Cole....

Friday, March 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by SMFYWDA

Meg and Ben make plans to go to the Dominican Republic to finalize Ben and Maria's divorce. They talk of their plans to elope in Venice. Ben surprises Meg with getting her a wedding dress. He also surprises her with plans of taking a one-month honeymoon and starting a family.

Antonio confronts Gabi about the gun. Gabi insists on getting rid of Francesca permanently and told Antonio she wants her dead. Antonio and Gabi struggle with the gun and it went off. The vase that Ricardo gave Gabi is shattered to bits, and Gabi sees this as a bad omen. Upset, Gabi races off to stop Francesca and Antonio follows her taking the gun in a brown paper bag with him.

Cole and Olivia argue about whether or not Caitlin should be told about their affair. Olivia realizes that Cole still loves Caitlin and there may be a chance for them to get past their problems.

Francesca summons Caitlin to her place and holds her at gunpoint explaining how she will help her get Cole back. During the verbal catfight Francesca lets Caitlin know about Cole and Olivia's affair. She encourages Caitlin to go and confront them and get back to her about it.

Ricardo confronts AJ about Francesca's allegations that he tried to kill her. Bette shows up and told Ricardo about Olivia catching Francesca and AJ kissing, and about AJ threatening Francesca. Ricardo arrests AJ and AJ told Bette to tell Francesca, "She's not home free!"

Vanessa pleads with Michael for a second chance to win his trust back. Michael cannot see past the lies. Tyus interrupts to let them know that Virginia will be transferred to a more secure location. Michael says he's got to go tell Jimmy. Vanessa asks Michael, "When will I see you again?" Michael told her, "I do not know."

Tess (the mysterious woman, for those of you who don't know she is the woman that has Ben and Maria's son Benjy, who will make his appearance next week):
A mysterious woman is seen addressing a letter to Ben. She told herself that she must do this in person -- tonight. She knocks on a door and told someone, "time to go see him."

The Richard's housekeeper interrupts Olivia and Cole to tell them that Caitlin is not in her room. Olivia begs Cole not to tell Caitlin. Cole rushes off to find Caitlin. When Cole opens the door to leave Caitlin is coming in. She asks him, "Is it true?" "Did you sleep with my mother?" demands Caitlin. Cole starts to act confused. Caitlin angered, pushes against Cole's chest screaming, "Damn you, did you or did you not sleep with my mother??!!" Until Monday...

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