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Monday, April 19, 1999

Antonio and Gabi are still in the cabin. She's waiting for an answer to her question, do he still have feelings for her? He says he doesn't want to talk about it. Gabi keeps pressing him. He kicks a piece of wood out of anger. She tells him not to think about the fire. He told her he's committed to the priesthood, his church and God. Gabi told him he's the one who said they can't go on denying their feelings anymore. Antonio says his love of God and his church comes first. She knows that but she also wants an answer. He says he can't answer her it, hurts too much. She knows why he can't answer her. He wants to pretend that their making love never happened, that's why he keeps pulling back. He holds up his rosary and says this is why I can't answer you. It would destroy my brother Ricardo and my vows to God. She says that's true but how can they lie when they still have feelings for each other. He told her giving in would be so easy. She told him she can't marry Ricardo knowing they still have feelings for each other. It's not right and she would be living a lie for the rest of her life. She has to tell Ricardo no matter what. Antonio told her she was the one who said Ricardo could never know, is she willing to give him up he asks. It's not fair to Ricardo. He deserves a woman who can love him completely heart and soul. She resolves to tell Ricardo everything. Antonio turns to her, takes her hands in his and drops the rosary in them, and told her that they will tell him together.

Meg told Annie to shut up. Ben asks what's going on and if Annie was starting trouble. Annie states she's there for Ricardo. Suddenly nurses start scrambling around Maria asks one for information on Ricardo but the nurse tells her she doesn't have time to talk there's a code blue in the OR. The nurse returned out and told everyone that they got a pulse rate on Ricardo for now. Maria runs off crying. Ben berates the nurse for saying those words and the nurse asks him to apologize for her to his wife. Ben told Maria she is strong. Annie torments Meg about how close Ben and Maria are getting even the nurse noticed. Carmen comes in and Maria told her that Ricardo needs the faith and prayers. She asks where Antonio is at. Maria says she can't get a hold of him or Gabi. Annie told Carmen about the wings of a bird prediction coming true but how does her future look. Carmen told her she has more important things on her mind. Her son is in serious condition. Tyus comes out and told everyone that the bullet has been taken out and that Ricardo will recover.

Sara and Casey are in the hot tub. He has her close her eyes and hold out her hands. He gives he a rose with something attached to it. It's tickets to the Alanis Morissette concert. She's thrilled and gives him a hug and kiss. She's been wanting to go. She wants him to stay so that she can thank him but he says he's made other plans with Meg. She told him this must stop. he asks her if he's never supposed to see her sister. She told him they both promised not to interfere with her life. Casey then told her it's for business purposes only, but Sara invites herself along.

Joan is at Ben's house asking Tim if he was there to start trouble for Meg. Tess comes down and says she's really worried about Maria. Joan offer to watch Benjy while Tim offers to take her to the hospital. Tim and Tess show up at the hospital, Tess heads straight for Maria and Tim heads straight for Meg. Tim asks Meg if she needs anything. Ben told Tim his ex-fiancee is fine. Tess finds out that Tim didn't tell her the whole truth and gets upset. She told Tim she hates liars and told him to get out of the hospital. Annie says good-bye and on her way home she has a fantasy about being a window washer looking in on Cole being arrested and she jumps for joy and falls off the scaffold.

Meg says good-bye and heads home to Ben's. She's greeted by Benjy asking where his mommy and daddy are at, she told him they will be home soon. Joan and Hank say they'll take over but Meg says she can handle it. then Benjy says I wish my mommy and daddy would make you leave, why do you have to be here anyway? He told her you're not my mommy. Ben told Maria they can still be friends. Maria told him not to say that. Not now, not while everything is going on, she'll deal with her feelings later. Ben says he thought she's already dealt with her feelings.

The police start to search AJ and Cole's hotel room. Caitlin told him to stop them. Cole says he's going to call his lawyer but Caitlin says there's no time. He needs to stop them now. He asks Caitlin what's bothering her. She says nothing, call your lawyer. While Cole is on the phone, Caitlin went back into Cole's room and pulls the gun out of his jacket. Caitlin starts to walk off with the gun when she hears "Hold it right there." She's caught holding the gun and Cole walks in.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

Annie pats herself on the back as she sees her plan for framing Cole finally coming to fruition. Up in A.J.'s hotel room, however, it's Caitlin who gets nabbed by the cops with the murder weapon in her hot little hand. Though Cole sputters in protest that his wife is guilty of nothing, Caitlin declares that the gun is hers and asks Spence to take her down to the precinct house so she can make a formal statement. Amy tearfully informs Sean that his heartless mother just kicked her out and left her homeless. At Emily's urging, Sean offers to put Amy up at his father's place until she gets back on her feet. Gregory and Olivia fall into a shouting match about Trey as each one claims custodial rights to the boy. Michael hands Vanessa some helpful advice about advancing her career as a journalist. Upon learning that the bullet which killed Francesca was indeed fired from the weapon she claimed as her own, Caitlin told the district attorney she can name the murderer.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Annie/AJ/Gregory/Oliva/Cole/Caitlin/Bette/The DA:
AJ and Cole ask Annie why is she here and you know something. Annie said she doesn't know anything. Cole ask then why are you here and she says she was curious that Caitlin was brought to the police station. Cole didn't but it and so did AJ. Then AJ says she is up to something because she was stalling me down at the lobby while you and Caitlin were being search in the room. Then Cole ask why were you doing that? Then he grabbed her and put her to the wall and said I'm going to kill you. Then two police men took Cole off Annie and Annie said I'm fine but I want him arrested but the police man said no I'm going to arrest all of you if you guys don't calm down. Then Gregory walks in followed by Bette and Olivia. Gregory says where is my daughter and the police man said she is being questioned. Then Olivia said why is Caitlin being questioned? Then the officer said they found a gun that Caitlin was holding. Then Gregory said its not hers its Cole's she probably found it there at the hotel. The officer said it is her gun and it is the gun that killed Francesca. Gregory said I'm her lawyer and I want to talk to her and the police man said she doesn't want a lawyer. Gregory said you must influence it on her not to and the police man said no I didn't she didn't want one. Cole said she didn't do it and Gregory said wow we finally agree on something. Then Gregory said I want to talk to the chief and the officer took him to there. Gregory returned outside and told them he is going to see Caitlin and Cole said I'm going with you but the police man held him back and Gregory said I'm going sole on this one and I'll send my regards to Caitlin. Back inside the room with the DA and Caitlin and the officer, Caitlin confessed that she killed Francesca. The DA is not buying it and Caitlin said she will write her statement on paper and she did. The DA still doesn't believe and Caitlin said its the truth. The DA asks are you sure you don't want me to change anything or adding anything? Caitlin says I'm sure. Then Gregory comes in and says not to say anything anymore. The DA says to Gregory its too late your daughter has just confess to the murder of Francesca Vargas. While outside Bette and Olivia talk about the gun and Caitlin. Then Gregory comes out and says that Caitlin has gone bad she just confess to the murder and everyone said no it can't be true. Then Cole gets mad and heads to the room. Then he bursts in and told Caitlin to tell him its not true. Caitlin says its all true, don't listen to him. Back outside Olivia makes calls and then told one of the police men to listen to her about the murder and then Annie tries to leave but AJ grabs her and told her what are you hiding and Gregory ask Annie to tell him something because his daughter's life is in stake.

: Gabi and Antonio talk about telling Ricardo the truth. Then someone comes and gets them out. Back at the hospital Ben makes calls to find Antonio and Gabi and Maria and Carmen talk to the doctor and then they talk about Antonio and Gabi. Then Carmen went with the doctor to fill out forms and Maria and Ben talk. Then Maria tells Ben to go home with Tess. So he did. Then Maria went to check on Ricardo. Then Carmen came back with Tyus and they talked. Then Carmen left. Ben and Tess arrive back home. Then Benjy comes downstairs and told Ben that Meg was being mean to him. Then Ben ask are you sure and Benjy says yes. Ben says why do you think that and he says because she doesn't like me. Ben says I know she likes you a lot. Then Ben says I want you to say sorry to Meg. Benjy says sorry and Meg accept it. Then Tess took Benjy back upstairs to sleep. Then Ben and Meg talked and Tess came downstairs and says Benjy won't sleep until her talks to you. So Ben went upstairs. Then Tess and Meg talked about Benjy. Then Tess went back to the kitchen and Meg went upstairs. Then Ben asked Benjy wants wrong and he said are you going to send me away. Ben said no I'm not and I won't because your my son and you are going to stay right here. Meg was listening at the door. Back with Gabi and Antonio. They arrive safely home and Antonio and Gabi started to talk some more. Then Gabi left to go home. When she arrive home she found out Ricardo wasn't there but his mother. Then she ask why are you here and why are you looking at me. Carmen says you know why and then slaps her face. Back at the mission Antonio starts praying after Maria arrives and ask where you alone or where you with Gabi.

Thursday, April 22, 1999

Gabi entered the room and Carmen was sitting there in the dark. Carmen accused Gabi of being with her lover. Carmen slapped Gabi and in Spanish Gabi told Carmen to get out of her house then Carmen demanded that she tell her what went on where ever she was. Gabi refused and Carmen took out her cards to get a reading just then Gabi puts her hands over the cards and says no to Carmen. Gabi told her that she would tell her everything. Gabi told her that she was with Antonio and Antonio was going up to the mountains to see someone and then they got snowed in. Carmen refused to believe her and then Gabi grabbed the phone and told her to call him and find out. She also told her to tell him how She had slapped her. Gabi told her that she would loose him and Ricardo. Gabi wanted to know where Ricardo was and then she said to Carmen "you were sitting here when I came as if you knew that Ricardo was not going to be here" and Carmen told her that he had been shot.

Maria and Antonio:
Maria went to the mission to see Antonio and she asked him where he had been then she asked if he was alone and he said no. Then Maria asked if he was with Gabi and Antonio? Gabi said yes. Maria was worried because she thought that at that point they had made love. She told him about Carmen's predictions and she told him about how she was thinking about what he told her, when he said that he was in love with Gabi. Antonio told her that they were in the mountains and that they decided to tell Ricardo about the affair. then Maria started crying again and she told him that he can't do that to him at least not right away. Antonio kept saying that he had to do this and Maria was saying "No, you don't understand, Ricardo got shot."

Cole told the DA that Caitlin was lying and tried to convince the DA that she was. Caitlin tried to convince the DA that she did kill Francesca. she told Cole that she tried to frame him. She also told Cole that she hates him and she would have done any thing to stop Francesca. She said that it was his fault that she did because he brought her back into his life. The DA said that she was booking Caitlin because she had enough information and told the cop to read her rights. Caitlin took off the ring and placed it on the table as she was escorted out of the room.

Gregory took Annie into a room and told her that she better tell him everything she knows because his daughter is in trouble. Gregory grabbed Annie and pushed her into a chair and he started yelling at her.

AJ tried to find out from Annie what she was up to and why she was at the hotel. Annie almost told him to kiss her ass.

Gabi went to see Ricardo because had been calling for her. He told her to promise him one thing, that was to never leave him. She told him that she was not going anywhere.

Friday, April 23, 1999

Gregory visits Caitlin while she is still in jail. She repeats the story to her dad telling him why she wanted Francesca dead so she killed her. Gregory says that he can see through her, that she must have gone to see Cole because she loves him and found the gun and is taking the blame to cover for him. She told Gregory no that she was there to plant the gun and tell Cole that she wanted a divorce, but she was caught with the gun. Gregory told her that he knows that he is right, and asks her why she wants to take the fall for her useless excuse for a husband. Caitlin told him to go away, that this is her life. Gregory asks her about Trey and the damage that this will cause to him. He told her where she will end up for the rest of her life and how she will be able to ask for parole when he graduates from college. He told her that no matter how hard her tries to keep her memory alive that all Trey will remember is visits and talks through a bullet proof window. Caitlin just asks him to leave. A few minutes later she feels a hand on her shoulder and it is Sean. He told her that she should have called him and he would've been there for her. He too asks what about Trey. She told him to leave also and before he leaves he promises to fight for her even if she gives up. Sean went home and marches right up to Gregory, who is going over the papers for her bond hearing. He pushes all the papers to the floor and blames him for what has happened to Caitlin.

Cole barges into Olivia's house and attacks her. He blames her for allowing Caitlin to be set up and put in jail. He returns the thought to him saying that maybe she was protecting him from being arrested for the crime. Bette breaks up the argument and says that she has to go to work and that she will call the police if he ever attacks her again. After she leaves, Olivia assures Cole that she had nothing to do with this, but Cole told her that he heard her and Bette saying that you had the gun hidden at the house. Olivia tells Cole that she knows Caitlin did kill Francesca because if she found the weapon she would have let Olivia be arrested for the crime. Cole leaves saying he needs to find out the truth. Bette returns shortly to see if Olivia is okay. Bette told Olivia that she needs to consider the fact that Caitlin may have been the one who did kill Francesca.

Benjy is looking upset so Maria told him that Tess just left to run some errands that she will return in a while. Benjy told Maria that is not the problem, that Meg doesn't like him living there and she wants him gone. Meg and Ben come downstairs and Maria told Benjy to go to the kitchen for breakfast and then asks Meg what happened. She told her how he fought her when she told him it was bedtime. Meg says that she can't talk about it now that she needs to get to work, Ben says he does also. Maria says that she thought he was working at home because she wanted to go visit Ricardo. Ben says that he will just take the boy along. At the office, Bette makes a big fuss over him so Meg walks away. She asks Casey if the report is okay, and Casey says no that it is not strong enough. Upset, Meg told him that it will just have to do. Casey asks what is wrong, and Meg apologizes saying that she hopes he doesn't hate her. She then told him how Benjy told everyone that she hates him and how she has tried so hard to keep it together, but she can't fix this. Casey hugs her in comfort and Ben appears in the doorway to watch.

Ricardo awakes calling for Gabi again. He is glad to see her and asks her where she was during his surgery. Antonio walks in and Ricardo says that she still is going to marry him. Ricardo asks her again where she was and then asks if they visited with Benjy. She told him no and that it was her fault. He asks why and she repeats the same story that she told Carmen to Ricardo. Then a nurse enters to take his temp and blood pressure. Gabi and Antonio talk outside about what they are going to do. Maria arrives and Gabi went to tell Ricardo. Meanwhile Maria told Antonio that he should do whatever he feels would make him able to live with himself again. He says that he feels he should tell Ricardo, so Maria told him to go in there and tell him. In the room, Ricardo told Gabi that he realized something about their future, if they are going to have one. Gabi gets upset when he says that he doesn't want to marry her in July. She is crying and she apologizes since he doesn't want to marry her. He says that he didn't say that, he just meant that he wanted to marry her now.

: Amy has a daydream that Olivia is a queen and she is a beautiful girl, but Olivia turns her ugly. Sean then comes downstairs with Emily on his arm and says that Amy is beautiful and kisses her. She turns back to a beautiful girl, she then wakes up when she hears Sean walk in. Amy runs to him and thanks him for saving her. Sean gives Emily who walks in behind him all the credit. He then notices the headline in the paper and runs off.

CLIFFHANGER OF THE WEEK After Caitlin sent Sean off, she hears more footsteps and without looking she tells Sean to leave. It is Cole and he calls her. She stands up and they just look at each other.

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