Albert Miller (deceased)

m. Cora Miller (deceased)

c. Matt Miller

c. Christian Miller a.k.a. Victor Christian Newman
m. Julia Maiden Name Unknown (Divorced)
a. Eric Garrison
c. Jamie Martin (adopted by Charles)
m. Charles Martin (deceased)

a. Eve Howard (deceased)
a. Rick Daros
c. Charles "Cole" Victor Howard
m. Victoria Nicole Newman (Divorced)
c. Eve Howard (deceased)

m. Nicole "Nikki" Reed (Divorced; remarried; illegal; remarried; divorced; remarried)
c. Victoria Nicole Newman
m. Ryan McNeil (Divorced) (deceased)
m. Charles "Cole" Victor Howard (Divorced)
son of Rick Daros and Eve Howard
c. Eve Howard (deceased)
m. Bradley "Brad" Carlton (Divorced) (deceased)
c. miscarriage
m. Jeffrey "J.T." Todd Hellstrom (Divorced)
c. Reed Hellstrom
m. William "Billy" Foster Abbott (Invalid, remarried, divorced, remarried, divorced)
c. miscarriage
c. Lucy Carter (Adoption revoked)
Adopted; Biolgical parents Daniel Romalotti and Daisy Carter
c. Katherine "Katie" Rose Newman
a. Chloe Mitchell a.k.a. Kate Valentine
c. Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott (deceased)
m. Chloe Mitchell a.k.a. Kate Valentine (Divorced)
a. Chelsea Lawson
c. John "Johnny" Abbott (Adopted by Victoria)

c. Nicholas Christian Newman
m. Sharon Collins (Divorced)
daughter of Doris Collins
c. Noah Christian Newman
c. unnamed daughter (deceased)
a. Sharon Collins
c. Faith Cassidy Newman
a. Frank Barritt (deceased)
c. Cassidy "Cassie" Ann Johnson Newman (twin to Mariah) (deceased)
gave up for adoption at birth
adopted by Alice Johnson, legal custody returned to Sharon
c. Mariah Copeland
stolen at birth by Ian Ward
m. John "Jack" Abbott Jr. (Divorced)
m. Adam Newman (Annulled)
m. Victor Newman (Annulled; remarried; annulled)
m. Tucker McCall (Invalid)
m. Phyllis Summers (Divorced)
c. Summer Ann Newman
m. Austin Travers
c. miscarriage
m. Daniel "Danny" Romalotti Sr. (Divorced; remarried; divorced)
c. Daniel Romalotti Jr.
named when claimed to be Danny's
Paul Williams and Christine Blair's godson
m. Lily Amanda Winters (Divorced)
m. Amber Moore (Divorced) Daisy Carter
c. Lucy Carter
m. Daisy Carter

a. Paul Williams
c. Dylan McAvoy
given up for adoption at birth
m. Greg Foster (Divorced)
m. Kevin Bancroft (Divorced)
m. Tony Di Salvo (Annulled)
m. John "Jack" Abbott Jr. (Divorced)
c. miscarriage
c. John Abbott III (deceased)
m. Dr. Joshua Landers (Illegal) (deceased)
m. Veronica Martin a.k.a. Sarah Lindsey (deceased)
m. David Chow (deceased)
m. Deacon Sharpe (Divorced)

m. Ashley Suzanne Abbott (Divorced; remarried; divorced)
c. aborted baby
c. Faith Colleen Newman (miscarriage)
s. Ashley Suzanne Abbott
c. Abigail "Abby" Abbott Carlton Newman

m. Leanna Randolph a.k.a. Leanna Love (Illegal)

m. Hope Adams (Divorced) (deceased)
c. Victor "Adam" Newman
Adopted by Cliff and name changed to Victor Adam Wilson
m. Sharon Collins (Annulled)
m. Skye Lockhart (deceased)
m. Chelsea Lawson (Divorced: remarried)
c. Riley Newman (miscarriage)
c. Connor Adam Newman
m. Dylan McAvoy (Divorced)
m. Cliff Wilson (deceased)

m. Diane Jenkins (deceased) (Divorced; remarried, annulled)
s. John "Jack" Abbott Jr.
c. Kyle Jenkins Abbott
m. Andy Richards (Divorced)
m. Faren Connor a.k.a. Michelle Sanderson (Illegal; remarried; divorced)
m. Evan Sanderson (deceased)
c. Betsy Sanderson
m. Sabrina Costelana (deceased)
c. miscarriage (just before Sabrina's death)
m. Sharon Collins (Annulled; remarried; annulled)

Miscellaneous information:
Newman upstairs maid: Bonnie
Newman cook: Vera
Newman former house manager: Estella
Newman former houseman: Miguel Rodriguez
Newman former houseman: Charlie
Newman former maid: Ellie
Newman jet pilots: Wally, Kenny
Newman jet steward: Henry
Newman former corporate attorneys: Mitchell Sherman, Christine Blair, Michael Baldwin, Melanie Daniels
Newman former personal attorneys: John Silva, Avery Bailey Clark
Victor's secretary: Connie Wayne
Adam's former personal assistant: Mason Wilder
Diane's former secretary: Trudy
Diane's former personal assistant: Marissa Barton
Faith's nanny: Amy

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape
s. Sperm theft

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