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Vanessa blackmailed Arlene after learning that Stuart was still alive. Arlene convinced Adam to return to Pine Valley. Dimitri decided to leave town after hearing Alex accept Edmund's marriage proposal. Mr. Midori told Greenlee that Ryan's actions were illegal.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, August 14, 2000

Erica is on the phone planning a big party for Bianca and while she is holding, she starts to reminisce about her breakup with David. When she got off the phone, she said that she was going to plan the biggest bash that this town has ever seen. Palmer came into her office and she asked him to co-host the party with her. He told her that he is leaving on a Med cruise. Erica was so disappointed that he would not be there because she knows how fond Bianca is of Palmer. Palmer said that he is sure that David could step in because David and Bianca are quite close. Erica told Palmer that David is no longer a part of her life or Bianca's.

Dixie was at the hospital getting a cup of coffee when she saw David sitting at a table by himself. She asked him why he was there because she thought he would be off some place doing the wild mambo with Erica. Dixie said that she had her doubts about the two of them. David didn't say anything so she asked him what was the matter. Dixie asked David if they worked things out? He turned around and looked at her and from the look on his face and all she could do was hug him and say that she was so sorry.

Brooke and Eliot are in the park kissing. Brooke breaks away from the kiss and apologized to Eliot. He asked why. Brooke said that if only her Aunt Phoebe could see her now. Eliot asked her if her aunt would disapprove? Brooke said that her aunt had suggested that she let her emotions run away with her and then she told Eliot that he must think she is crazy. He said that he thinks she is lovely. Brooke then said that she took advantage of his kindness. He looked into her eyes and asked her if she thought he kissed her because he was being polite? He said that he must be loosing his touch because he kissed her because he wanted to.

Ryan met Gillian in the park and he said that he is going to the town where Jake is at. Gillian told him that he cannot go because he would get himself killed and he told her that he has to go. Gillian told him that he has nothing to prove to her. Ryan said that he is tired of living like this. He doesn't want to feel guilty about being with the women that he loves and every day that Jake is away is another day that they cannot be together. Gillian said that going there is not the answer. She was afraid that something would happen to him. Ryan put his hand on her cheek and said "nothing will happen to me Princess."

Ryan said that Jake made his choice and now he is making his. Tad was walking through the park and saw them on the bench. He watched as Gillian puts her hand around Ryan's neck and begged him not to go. Just then, Tad walked up and said "Hi kids, what's up?" Gillian turned around and looked at Tad and then looked back at Ryan. Gillian asked Tad why he was there and he replied that he was looking for her. He said that one minute she was at the hospital with them and the next minute she was gone. Tad said that it happens quite often and then when she appeared, it was usually with Ryan. Ryan said that he was going through the park and he Gillian and she looked upset so he wanted to stay with her. Tad looked at Gillian and said that she did look flushed. Gillian asked Tad if her heard anything from Jake and he told her that Adrian is still trying to get in touch with his contacts and see why Jake does not want to come home. Gillian told Tad that it doesn't make any sense that he is risking his life to save others. Tad's phone rang and it was Jake on the other end. Tad has to shout to be heard and asked if he was OK and what was going on.

Eliot told Brooke that she was not taking advantage of him. Brooke said that it just happened and she wasn't thinking. Eliot said that he wasn't either and it felt great. Brooke said that she was embarrassed. Eliot said that it was thrilling, exciting and wanted to know what she thought. She said that it was scary and she hoped that he didn't think that she ambushed men with her sob stories. Eliot then reminded her that he followed her and if anyone was ambushed, it was Brooke. Brooke said that it was awkward because they worked together and now they would always have "this thing" between them that she kissed him. Eliot then grabs her and gives her a big kiss. He said that now they are even, he kissed her. He wants to know what will happen now. Brooke said that she has to go. Eliot said that if they started thinking again, they would think of a dozen reasons why they should not be there, the office, church, community center. Eliot said that if Brooke wants to go, he would not stop her.

Dixie told David that maybe there is a chance that he and Erica would get together. David told her that it was over. He and Erica were too different or maybe they were to much alike to trust. Dixie said that she was sorry and David said that he was too. He said that from now on, he would leave love to the hard-core romantics like Dixie. Dixie said that he didn't mean it but he did. David said that apparently he didn't have the talent for it. Dixie then reassured him that he just hasn't meet the right women. David said that it was funny because all this time, he thought he had. He then thanked Dixie for having more confidence in them that they had in themselves. Dixie said that it was David who put his heart on the line and that it takes a lot of courage. David said yes, but it failed. He told Dixie that he had not planned on talking about Erica now because he is not the type of person that likes to share. Dixie said that he could talk to her. David asks Dixie what is up with her because when he talks to her, he doesn't feel threatened. She said that it's called "friendship" and maybe he should get the hang of it. She asked if he was going to be ok and he said "yes." She then took her hand and placed it in his.

Palmer said that he is sorry that things didn't work out with her and David. Erica said that he is not because he despised him. Palmer said that the bastard didn't deserve her and that he would call him up and tell him exactly what he thought of him. Erica reminded Palmer that he already knows how he feels about him. Palmer said that he doesn't like to see Erica hurt. Erica said that this is the best thing that could happen because now she can devote all of her time to Bianca and her friends. Palmer says that now she can get rid of Leo. Erica said that she didn't want to throw him out because he would go running to Vanessa. Erica asks Palmer if he is going to divorce her and he says that the only thing on his mind is the cruise. He says that he is going to gamble, sleep late and eat everything that the doctors say not to eat. He said that Vanessa would not be there to nag him because she was not going on the cruise with him. Jack and Bianca come into the office eating ice cream cones and Bianca offers some to her mother. She backs away and says no. She thanks Jack for picking up Bianca. Palmer notices Bianca and asks if it really is her. She runs to her uncle Palmer for a hug and he can't believe how she has grown. He told her that he was sorry he would not be there for her party and hoped she would still be there when he got back from his cruise. Palmer left and said that he would be in touch with Erica later. Bianca looks at her mom and wants to know what he meant by a party. Erica told her that she was going to give her the biggest bash that Pine Valley had ever seen and that Bianca would be the talk of the town. Bianca said "no, you can't." Erica said that she wants to have a party for Bianca because she has been gone so long and Bianca turns away from her mom and says that she can't believe that she is ignoring her. Erica assures her that she is not ignoring her. Bianca tells Erica that she doesn't like parties. Bianca feels that she will be on display like a freak, have to make small talk with people that she doesn't know, remember everyone's name and laugh at jokes that are not funny. She said that she doesn't want to and not to make her do it. Erica asked Jack his opinion and he agrees with Bianca and says that she is new in town, and doesn't know many people. He said to let her get reacquainted with her friends and then Erica can throw a party later. Erica said that a party is the perfect solution to the problem and Bianca said that there is no problem. Erica said that she would be on the planning of everything and that she would love it. It would also give them a chance to spend time together. Bianca said that they can spend time together without planning a party. Erica asked Bianca if she knew how many girls would just give anything to have a party like this. Bianca repeats louder to her mother that she does not want a party and then storms out of the room. Erica turned to Jack and wanted to know what that was all about.

Eliot told Brooke that this place brings back memories, He used to hang out with his buddies when he was a teenager and Brooke said the same thing. She asked him why they never met before. Eliot said that he was usually up to "no good." Brooke told him that she used to come there to escape from her Aunt Phoebe and that she had spent the night there one time. Eliot said that this place was a great "make out" place and that it still was. Brooke chuckles and clears her throat and then said that it was not hormones that kept her there overnight. She had a fight with her Aunt Phoebe and just to prove a point, she burned rubber while leaving the driveway and sideswiped her Uncle Charles' brand new car. So she decided to stay out all night so he wouldn't sideswipe her rear end. Eliot called her a "wild child." She said she was not like that anymore and asked Eliot if he had left his rebel days behind. He said that he hoped so. He was a slow learner and it took him a long time to get past his rebel days. He said that it was amazing that just a smell of the air takes him back to the age of 18 when anything was possible. Brooke said that she remembers that feeling. Eliot told Brooks how he felt like a hero one time. A friend of his was diving off a board and he had told him that the water was too shallow. He dove anyway and Eliot pulled him out before he drowned. He said that his friend was lucky, he got some stitches and a bad headache. He decided that very day what he was going to do with the rest of his life. He said that later he "blew it" and made some bad choices. Brooke said that he may have made some mistakes but he is still saving people. She reminded him that he pulled her from the path of a semi. He said that it was purely selfish. He said that his reward was being with her now and that it was more than he had hoped for.

Tad is talking to Jake on his cell phone and Jake tells him that he is not coming home. Tad told Jake that he needs to get out of there now because it is tearing up his mom and dad. He tells Jake that Gillian is there with him and he hands her the phone. She starts calling his name and asking if he can hear her. They get disconnected and Gillian said that she came so close to hearing his voice. Tad told her that Jake said there are 16 orphan children hiding in the hospital and they want to get them across the border and not leave them there. It is a battle zone with troupes on one side, snipers on the other and a lot of gun fire. Ryan asked if they are armed and Tad says that compared to what they are up against, they are not. Tad says that he has to find Adrian and see what his next move is. Tad left and as he walked away he told Gillian that just before he handed the phone to her, Jake said to tell her that he loved her.

Erica tells Jack that she wants to make Bianca feel special. She said that she would have a wonderful time at the party, all dressed up, laughing, flirting, dancing and she would have such a wonderful time. She asked for Jack's support and Jack told her that her little girl is growing up and trying to figure out who she is. Jack says that her enthusiasm is very touching and that something else is going on and he wants to know what it is.

Brooke told Eliot that she used to come to the park with Benny Sego who was her Aunt Phoebe's chauffeur. They used to skip stones and Eliot asks her to show him how she did it. She threw a stone and then asked Eliot if he could do better. He threw a stone and Brooke wanted to know if this was a "man thing" because she was never able to do it right. He then showed her how to throw a stone by standing behind her and putting his arm around her waist and holding her arm in his. She turned her head and looked up at him. While she is in his arms, she stares at him. He hands her a stone and says that she can do it. She throws her stone and it skipped twice. She is so impressed with herself and can't believe it. She said that was the first time she had done that. Eliot said congratulations and then kissed her. He picked up a stone and threw it. It skipped 4 times. She throws another stone and Eliot gives her some flowers and pronounced her "queen of stone skipping." She hands him a stone and says " let him who is without sin, cast the first stone." Brooke throws her stone but Eliot does not throw his. Eliot says that he has to leave because he has a meeting to go to and Brooke said that she is going to stay awhile. Eliot walks away but turns around to take a last look at Brooke.

Gillian tells Ryan that from looking in Tad's eyes, she could tell that Jake was not going to make it back. She tells Ryan that he is trying to save those children because he lost Colby and he doesn't want to lose any more children. Gillian says that he would not be there if it wasn't for her lying to him. Ryan says that he has to go there because this is the only way he can make it right. Gillian begged him not to go and he says he hates the thought of being away from her for one day. He told her to go back to the hospital because everyone is probably looking for her. He kissed her goodbye and said he would see her later.

Jack tells Erica to not make a project of Bianca to take her mind off of something else. Jack wants to know how David is. Erica says that she assumes he is fine. Erica tells Jack that David has been very busy and can have all the space he needs. Jack assures her that he is on her side. Erica tells Jack that they have broken off their relationship and she is glad. She tells Jack that David is out of her life and "end of story." Bianca walked in and heard what she said and asked her mom if she was the reason for the breakup. Erica assured her that she was not.

Bianca asked her mom why she didn't want to marry David. David bring a muffin to Dixie and asked to eat it. He doesn't want her to faint again. His beeper goes off and he leaves. Tad walks in and see Dixie and asks her if she had seen Adrian. He tells her that Jake called and is playing hero to 16 orphans who got stuck in a battle zone. Dixie wants to know if Adrian can help them and Tad said that Adrian has the training. Tad wants to go but Jake told him to stay in Pine Valley to take care of mom and dad. Dixie told Tad that she wants him with her and the kids and if that is selfish, she can't help it. He is her life and she is not going to let anybody take him away from her. David is listening at the door. Tad leaves because he wants to find Adrian and told Dixie that he would let her know if he finds him. David walks in after Tad leaves and asks Dixie if she knows how lucky Tad is to have her.

Erica tells Bianca that what she and David had was very special but it just didn't work out. Bianca asks her if she is sad and Erica says that she has never been happier because she has her gorgeous daughter with her all summer. Erica brings up the party again and tells her that she deserves a party. Bianca told her mother that all she talks about is that stupid party. As she storms out the door, she asks her mom who the party is really for, me or you.

Adrian finds Ryan in the park and tells him that he has to take some time off from his job with Incredible Dreams. Adrian tells him that he is going back to rescue Jake and Ryan said that he was not leaving without him.

Jack is running through the park and finds Brooke skipping stones. She tells him that she has wanted to skip stones all her life and now she can. She said that she is so happy. She tells Jack that she cannot explain why. Jack and Brooke walk out of the park together.

Eliot is at the church on his knees and the Reverend Taylor comes in and looks at him. He asked Eliot if he has told Miss English the truth yet. Eliot says that he doesn't know how he can tell Brooke, a woman he's developing feelings for, that he killed her daughter.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Ryan's offer to help bring Jake home seemed less than genuine in Adrian's mind. Ryan claimed that he wanted to help out for Gillian's sake. He explained that Gillian felt that it was her fault that Jake was in Chechnya in the first place; he couldn't allow Gillian to live the rest of her life with that guilt. Adrian rolled his eyes, still not believing what he'd heard. Before Adrian could respond, he received an urgent call on his cellular phone. From the look on Adrian's face, Ryan was immediately able to tell that the news wasn't good. "Get the White House involved!" Adrian shouted. Adrian hung up his phone and told Ryan that the government was not going to get involved in bringing Jake home. They were on their own. Ryan stated that he had an idea of how to finance the mission, but he wasn't sure how to get into Chechnya. Adrian stated that anyone with media credentials or ties to the Red Cross could get into the area. Ryan smiled broadly and reminded Adrian that he had once worked at WRCW.

In a surprising change from his everyday routine, Mateo decided that he'd act as producer of the reality-based edition of "Wave." One by one, however, things started to fall apart on his maiden voyage as television producer. In a far corner of the studio, Bianca told Leo of her mother's plans to throw her a big bash. Oblivious to the reasons Bianca was opposed to the shindig, Leo shrugged and told Bianca that she should have the party and enjoy herself. A broad smile painted on his face, Mateo approached Bianca and pleaded with her to be a guest on the show. Bianca wasn't sure that she'd be well suited since she didn't have much experience in the relationship department. Mateo assured her that she'd be fine --- and told her that he needed someone because one of the scheduled guests was a no-show. Somewhat reluctantly, Bianca agreed. Becca and Tina, meanwhile, discussed the changes in their relationships. The conversation was mostly one-sided, with Becca telling Tina of her encounter with Leo on the beach. Neither woman was aware that Greenlee hovered in the background, hanging on every word. Mateo and Hayley escorted Tina, of the Glamorama, and Randy, a newcomer, to the stage. Randy put his backpack down on the stage and headed off for a final makeup application. Greenlee seized the opportunity to rummage through the man's bag. Inside, she found a wallet and a photo of Randy's dog, Gracie. Later, Greenlee placed a call to the studio pretending to be Randy's neighbor. Somehow, Greenlee convinced Randy that his dog had jumped the fence and started running up and down the street. Randy apologized to Hayley for having to leave, but ran out of the studio. Greenlee pretended to be passing by just as Mateo questioned where he'd get another guest for the show. Naturally, he hit up Greenlee and she was only too happy to oblige him. Adrian arrived just moments before the show hit the airwaves with news that he wasn't going to be able to appear on the show. Tina was crushed and asked him if he was fearful about what the panelists would say about their relationship. Adrian claimed that he didn't care what the panelists said, but he also didn't tell Tina the real reason that he wasn't going to be sticking around. Tina continued to press him for reasons and finally Adrian revealed that he was headed back to Chechnya. Tina was called onto the stage for broadcast. Ryan, meanwhile, appeared before Adrian with two press passes. On stage, Leo and Becca did a pretty good job of appearing as a package deal. Becca easily answered questions that were thrown her way. Leo, though, wasn't quite as smooth and bluffed and fumbled his way through tough questions such as what type of gemstone he'd buy for Becca. Greenlee had been quiet for most of the show. When she broke her silence, she hit the couple with a barrage of pointed questions. She asked Leo when he'd last made love to someone. Leo carefully replied that he's never "made love" to anyone. Greenlee redirected, asking when he'd last had sex. Hayley sensed the tension in the air and asked Greenlee to confine her questions to romantic themes. Greenlee nodded and this time offered up a question for Becca. She asked Becca what she would do if she and Leo were going "hot and heavy" on a beach until Leo suddenly pulled away. Becca fired an icy glare at Leo and demanded to know why he'd blabbed their personal details to Greenlee. Before Leo could respond, Becca stormed off of the set. Leo remained behind to answer Greenlee's question. He said that he didn't want to force Becca into anything she wasn't ready for. He then pointedly remarked that Becca wasn't like Greenlee and didn't sleep with anything in pants. Greenlee jumped out of her seat and started clawing and flailing at Leo. Hayley and several stagehands had to pry the two apart. Away from the stage, Leo and Greenlee continued their feud --- minus the fisticuffs. Leo told Greenlee that she couldn't be his "best friend" as she'd claimed. A true friend, he argued, would never embarrass him or someone he cared about on national television. Greenlee claimed that Becca was just a passing fancy and not a long-lasting love. Leo wished Greenlee a miserable life alone and walked away.

At the hospital, Tad walked passed the sunroom and noticed that Gillian was writing a letter. He waited until Gillian put down her pen before strolling up to her table. He told Gillian that he'd just got done writing a letter to Jake himself. Gillian was initially surprised that Tad had figured out what she was writing. Tad asked for assurance that there was nothing in Gillian's letter that would break his brother's heart. From there, Tad told Gillian that Jake was more than his brother --- Jake was someone he loved and admired. He then candidly asked Gillian if there was anything going on between her and Ryan. Gillian rose to her feet and turned her back to Tad. She recounted how hurt Jake had been when he'd learned that Tad knew about Colby's paternity. Gillian asked Tad not to put himself in a position where he could once again hurt Jake. Tad crinkled his brow and thanked Gillian for her concern. However, she hadn't answered his question. Gillian said only that she loved Jake very much and wanted him home safely. Tad nodded his head and confessed that whatever was going on between Ryan and Gillian was none of his business. However, he asked Gillian to help him "keep the home fires burning" until Jake returned home. Gillian bowed her had slightly and embraced Tad.

Edmund sat alone at The Valley Inn waiting for Brooke to show up for a luncheon date. Vanessa joined him at his table and pitched an idea to have Palmer appear on the cover of Tempo. Edmund smiled slightly and promised Vanessa that he'd take it under consideration. Vanessa filed off just as Palmer sat down at a nearby table. Brooke finally arrived at the restaurant, but while her body was seated across from Edmund her min was definitely elsewhere. Edmund called out to Brooke to rouse her from her daydream. Brooke smiled bashfully and told Edmund that she might be falling in love. Edmund was shocked by the sudden change in Brooke's feelings for Eliot. He flashed a giddy grin of his own and informed Brooke that he was going to propose to Alex later in the day. Arlene appeared by the table and sassily told Brooke not to panic; she hadn't driven herself to the inn. Brooke took a deep breath and remained calm. Edmund was surprised that Brooke didn't "pull her hair out." Brooke told Edmund that she was glad that Arlene was no longer behind the wheel and added that there should be "a special place in hell" for anyone who drives while intoxicated.

Across the way, Vanessa sat down with Palmer and presented him with a gift. Palmer nearly toppled out of his chair when he opened up a jewelry box and found a pair of diamond cufflinks. After the initial shock wore off, Palmer asked his wife where she'd gotten the money to buy the cufflinks. Vanessa admitted that she'd pawned the emerald earrings he'd given her. Palmer nodded his head slightly and a frown formed on his face. Those earrings were a constant reminder of Vanessa's affair and murder of Paolo Caselli. The earrings may have been gone, but now the cufflinks would serve as a reminder of his wife's transgressions. A waiter passed by and handed Palmer a sealed envelope. Palmer grinned merrily and told Vanessa that the envelope contained travel plans for a Mediterranean cruise. Vanessa's face lit up. "You remembered our anniversary," she cooed. Perhaps he had, but this cruise was going to be a cruise for one --- Vanessa was going to stay put in Pine Valley. Palmer told his wife that she'd be taken care of while he was gone with free lodging and three meals a day. To top it off, she could have one drink just before dinner. Vanessa was furious and accused Palmer of wanting to see her suffer. Palmer admitted that watching her suffer was kind of fun, but it was "limited entertainment." Vanessa asked her husband if there was anything that they could do to save their marriage. Palmer rose from his chair and told Vanessa that he's mull over an answer for her question as he sipped absinthe and watched the sun set. With a smile on his face, Palmer merrily strolled away. Vanessa tried to get another drink, but the waiter informed her that she'd already drank her allotted one drink. Vanessa spotted Arlene sitting at a nearby table and immediately realized that opportunity before her. She rose to her feet and pretended to be passing by Arlene's table. She looked down and gasped as she saw "Mrs. Chandler." It wasn't clear it Vanessa actually knew Arlene's name or not. Arlene recognized Vanessa and invited her to join her at the table. Vanessa flagged down the waiter and ordered drinks for both her and Arlene. Vanessa looked into her purse and claimed that she must have forgotten her wallet in her room. Not to worry; Arlene flashed a $100 bill and said that she'd run a tab for both of them. As the two women clinked glasses to celebrate their new friendship, Arlene received a frantic call on her cellular phone from Marilyn. Through gritted teeth, Arlene reminded Marilyn that she was not supposed to call her for any reason. Marilyn didn't bow to formality, saying that Stuart had left for a fishing trip without saying goodbye and that no one had any idea where to find him.

Reverend Taylor was astounded that Eliot had fallen in love with Brooke. Eliot explained that when he's with Brooke, "there is peace and hope --- and even joy." Reverend Taylor didn't have a problem with Eliot and Brooke forming a relationship. He did, however, have a problem with Eliot not coming clean with Brooke: He was driving the car that killed Laura Cudahy. "I was Officer Josh Waleski then," Eliot said. He added that he'd served time in prison for vehicular homicide. Eliot had met Brooke once after the accident and had asked Brooke for her forgiveness. Brooke had been unable to say anything and turned away. Reverend Taylor was surprised that Brooke hadn't recognized Eliot. Eliot admitted that prison life had been hellish; "child killers are on the lower rung" of the prison ladder. According to Eliot, he had received numerous beatings and required reconstructive surgery to repair the damage done to his face. After getting out of jail, Eliot had changed his name from Josh to the one he used now. The minister thought it appropriate --- "free man." Reverend Taylor told Eliot that he's always thought of him as a son and praised his reformation. However, he felt that it was necessary for Eliot to tell Brooke the truth. Eliot said that he couldn't "compound" Brooke's pain by making that admission. The senior reverend nodded and said that he didn't expect Eliot to do that. So, Reverend Taylor had arranged for Eliot to be transferred to another parish. Eliot's mouth gaped and he asked if there were any other options. Reverend Taylor nodded and told Eliot that he either had to leave town or tell Brooke the truth.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

by PAM

Today's episode opened with Dimitri and Dixie in a church. Dixie found Dimitri in a peaceful, happy mood. When she asked him what had lifted his spirits, he replied that he felt that God had given him a second chance at happiness and life. Dimitri shared his excitement with Dixie over his positive prognosis and the fact that he was very pleased with Dr. Hayward's treatment. Dimitri said he was responding well to David's care. Dixie urged Dimitri to go to Alex with his good news. Dimitri happily considered this now that his health was starting to improve. He told Dixie that he felt that God had kept him alive time after time so that he would be around to look after Alex. Dixie continued to encourage him to reveal the truth to Alex, telling him "It's your love for her that makes you stronger." Dixie convinced Dimitri to go to Alex and he was on his way to find her.

Meanwhile, Edmund, with the help of Hayley, Mateo and the crew from Hayley's show, had recreated an elaborate Enchanted Forrest scene from Alex's favorite Shakespeare work, A Mid-summer Night's Dream. Maddie and Sam were dressed as characters and included in the fun and Hayley and Mateo were in costume and character as well. Alex arrived in a beautiful costume to join in on the fantasy.

Back at the Valley Inn, Arlene and Vanessa were having drinks when Marilyn called from the diner to tell Arlene that Stuart was missing. Arlene became annoyed and snapped at her that it was her job to watch him then hung up on her.

In the bar known as Adam's Place, Barry and Marian shared a martini as she reminisced about Stuart. Barry offered comfort to Marian while he tried to find out information about Tad and Liza's business. Just as he asked her to help him learn more about was is going on at Chandler Enterprises, Liza interrupted him and ordered him to quit pumping her mother for information. He left and Liza scolded Marian for letting her guard down and trusting Barry. Marian tearfully told Liza that he was being kind and letting her go on and on about Stuart. Liza encouraged her mother to be strong and try to fill her days and life with something more constructive that mourning and sitting in a bar with the likes of Barry. Marian told Liza that all she ever knew before Stuart was men and bars. She reassured Liza that she would not let Barry "pump her - for information that is" and laughed through her tears at the pun. She asked Liza if she ever missed having a man in her life. Liza claimed to be much to busy with work and motherhood to miss Adam, but Marian wasn't buying that. Liza and Marian rose to leave on their way to spend some time together.

Stuart, meanwhile, was visiting a fishing camp - the same one he and Adam travel to each year. He was working in the little shop for his room and board, doing tasks such as making lures and digging up bait. He had just come in from fishing and visited with the owner about how he loved nature. Stuart said that he always throws the fish back into the water after catching them because he doesn't believe anything should be taken from it's true home. The owner inquired as to what brought him to the secluded fishing spot in the first place. Stuart told him that a voice that sounded like his own told him to go there. He said he was drawn to the spot and felt that he would find himself there. Stuart, with a far away look in his eyes, told him, "There is something I'm supposed to find here." The owner remarked warmly that he was happy to have Stuart around. Then, jokingly referring to the voice Stuart hears and Stuart's unconventional look at life, the man mused that Stuart must be from California. Stuart left to go back outside to round up some worms.

Barry showed up at The Valley Inn and was stopped by an angry and inebriated Arlene and grilled about Adam's whereabouts. When Barry told her that Adam had gone on a fishing trip, Arlene thought he was kidding with her. She then realized Barry was telling the truth. Arlene had left her cellphone back at the table with Vanessa and when Marilyn called to let Arlene have it, Vanessa took the opportunity to learn what exactly Arlene was up to. Vanessa said as little as possible so as not to tip Marilyn off and just listened. Marilyn revealed that Stuart was alive and that she was keeping him hidden in exchange for a screen test for her involvement in the plot.

Edmund and Alex shared a romantic setting and recited lines from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Then Hayley and Mateo took the children away for milk and cookies so that Edmund could get on with his plan. He proposed to Anna on bended knee and offered the engagement ring in a very touching moment. Anna happily accepted and told Edmund that she loved him and his children and was looking forward to their new life together. They sealed their engagement with a kiss.

Back at the Valley Inn, Vanessa couldn't wait to reveal to Arlene that she was aware of her secret. She dangled her new power over Arlene and blackmailed her for money. Arlene didn't understand at first why the wife of Palmer Cortlandt would be in any financial need, so Vanessa told her of how Palmer had cut her off. Arlene was relieved at first because she felt confident about coming up with enough money to satisfy Vanessa. Vanessa made her demand and it was more that Arlene could come up with. In an effort to show Arlene she was in control, Vanessa approached Marianne and Liza as they were leaving and told them that she had great news. Arlene looked terrified, but Vanessa covered at the last minute with a lame excuse for her excitement. Before leaving, Liza advised Vanessa that even she could find better company to keep than Arlene. Arlene was temporarily relieved and told Vanessa that they would have to travel in search of Adam to get the large amount of money Vanessa demanded. On there way out, they ran into Hayley and Mateo and Arlene asked them to close the bar for her so that she and Vanessa could go shopping. Hayley was wise to the fact that something was up with Arlene. She told Mateo that she recognized the panic in Arlene's eyes and was sure her mother was planning to do something desperate.

Adam arrived at the fishing shop, and the owner understandably mistook him for Stuart. The shop owner resumed the friendly casual conversation he had been having with Stuart. He asked where "Stuart" had gotten the new vest he was now wearing, and how the worm digging was coming along. Adam seemed confused and annoyed and rudely told the owner to stop touching him and indignantly informed him that he had no intention of digging for bait. The shop owner just thought that Stuart had tired of the place and having become bored with it was showing his true big city cold side. He dismissed himself disgusted with what he thought was Stuart's unfriendly behavior and abrupt change of demeanor. Adam stared wide eyed off into the distance and said with an intent look called out his brother's name.

Dimitri arrived at the romantic setting, but before he could reveal himself to Alex, he overheard her talking with Edmund about their marriage plans. He listened sadly as Alex and Edmund gushed about their happy new life. He stayed hidden with the look of pain on his face.

Thursday, August 17, 2000

Slumped over a pew in the church, Dimitri sat quietly contemplating his life. Eliot wandered by and caught sight of him. He unassumingly entered the church and asked Dimitri if he'd spent the night in the church. Dimitri shook his head slightly and explained that he'd only been in the church for a short time. Dimitri cocked his head to the side and asked Eliot why God doesn't seem to be listening to him. The minister immediately moved to assured Dimitri that God is always listening. Sighing ever so slightly, Dimitri pointedly asked Eliot how one determines if he is running away because he's a coward or a hero. A look of concern swept over the minister's face. With a tone of panic in his voice, Eliot asked Dimitri if Reverend Taylor had sent him. Dimitri's neck snapped back as stated that he didn't know Reverend Taylor. Eliot opened up to Dimitri, telling him that he was going through a similar situation in his life; he was unsure whether or not to tell someone he love something that could hurt them. Dimitri smiled wryly and confessed that they shared a similar quandary. Dimitri, however, argued that his predicament was much worse. Not only could his secret destroy his wife but also his brother and entire circle of friends. The right thing always seems to be the hardest thing to do, Dimitri commented. When pressed for details of what he planned to do, Dimitri confessed that he'd already made up his mind before talking to Eliot; Eliot just confirmed that he was doing the right thing.

At BJ's restaurant, Becca found herself being harangued by a young man who had seen her appearance on "Wave." Try as she did to get away from the man's strong advances, Becca was unable to get him to back off. Luckily, Bianca was dining at the restaurant and raced over to Becca's rescue. The two women sat down at a table and briefly discussed how difficult life had been for Becca lately. Bianca excused herself to place a breakfast order. While Becca drifted off an recalled how Greenlee had spilled the beans of her near-romantic encounter with Leo on national television, Bianca secretly phoned Leo and asked him to meet her at the restaurant. Bianca returned to the table and told Becca how Leo had "reamed out" Greenlee on "Wave." Becca didn't believe her. When Leo arrived a few moments later, Becca accused Leo of having coaxed Bianca into lying for him. Bianca swore that she was being truthful and offered to get a videotape of the episode to prove what she was saying. Leo sat down with the two women, but he was seated for only a moment or two before the imposing young man appeared tableside. He pulled Leo's chair out slightly and asked Leo to let Becca eat with a "real man." Leo responded by punching the guy in the stomach. Doubled over in pain, the man staggered away and intruded no more. Bianca was stunned by Leo's actions, but Leo didn't seem to think that he'd done anything wrong. Leo told Becca that Bianca was the only person he'd told about their beach liaison. Becca knew that Bianca wasn't about to tell anyone what she'd been told. Becca was then forced to face the fact that Greenlee must have overheard her discussion with Tina at WRCW. Leo puckered his lips slightly as if to seek some sort of apology. He received none. Becca thanked Leo for having kept quiet before abruptly announcing that she was leaving. Leo blasted her for running away from her problems. Bianca urged Leo to let Becca go. Leo nodded his head and watched as Becca walked out of the restaurant. Leo thanked Bianca for calling him and telling him that Becca was at BJ's. Bianca smiled bashfully. She explained that she wanted to do whatever she could to help Leo and Becca work out their differences. Bianca's face suddenly lit up and she asked Leo if he could return the favor by convincing her mother to drop her plans to throw a party.

Adam returned to the fishing hut and spotted a man sitting silently in a chair. He flashed the lure he'd found the night before and asked the man if he had any idea what he was holding. If Adam had been searching for answers, he wasn't about to learn anything more than he already knew. The man simply offered what Adam already knew: he was holding a fishing lure. Walt, the owner, wandered into the room and announced that the fish were starting to bite. The three men filed out the back door in search of trout. As they left, Vanessa and Arlene entered through the front door. Vanessa was not at all thrilled by her surroundings. Arlene stated that they needed to find Adam and convince him to go home as soon as possible. Suddenly, Stuart appeared in the doorway. Arlene managed to scamper into hiding before she was spotted. Vanessa gasped as she spotted the supposedly dead man. Stuart twisted his neck and asked Vanessa if they knew each other. Arlene's eyes bulged and she tried to flash Vanessa a signal. Vanessa shook her head and told Stuart that they didn't know one another. She then concocted a story about wanting to go on a fishing trip. Stuart thought nothing of the fancy white outfit Vanessa was wearing and encouraged the woman to join him while he counted worms. The pair filed out of the building and Arlene was able to exit her hiding place. Walt returned and caught her in the act of poking around. Walt eyed her curiously, but wished her well on his fishing trip. Arlene continued to poke around until Adam returned. Adam was stunned to see his wife and asked her what she was doing in Idaho. Arlene handed Adam a copy of the latest Pine Valley newspaper. The paper talked of the rapid progress being made on the Colmar Tower. Adam was stunned and agreed to go back to Pine Valley to stop Tad and Liza. Adam asked Arlene to meet him at his cabin in about twenty minutes. He then scurried out the back to finish gathering his belongings. An out-of-breath Vanessa burst back into the building, her white dress covered with splotches of mud. Before the two women could have more than a few words, Stuart again appeared in the doorway. Arlene once again hid from the man, something that completely confused Vanessa. Vanessa knew that she had to get rid of Stuart so she asked him to rent a boat from a nearby company. Stuart nodded and raced off to get a boat. Vanessa immediately asked Arlene why she had to keep hiding from Stuart. Arlene explained that she'd already run into Stuart in Nevada and could not very well bump into him in Idaho too! The two women knew that they had to act fast and raced out the back door. Stuart returned and looked around for Vanessa. Walt returned and found Stuart eyeing a fishing vest that rested on a chair --- It was Adam's vest. Stuart looked at Walt and asked him if he could try on the vest. Walt shrugged indifferently and remarked that the vest was his. Stuart thought that Walt was giving him the vest as a gift; He had no idea that Walt thought that the best was already his. A giddy Stuart put on the vest and raced out to do some more fishing. Walt shook his head in disbelief and commented that Stuart was a curious guy. "You never know if he's gonna blow hot or cold!" he quipped.

At Wildwind, Alex proudly showed off her new diamond ring to Brooke. The two women went to get some tea. Edmund remained on the veranda and poured himself a glass of water. Dixie somberly strolled up to Edmund and asked him how he was doing. Edmund flashed a smile and said that he'd never been better. Dixie was surprised by Edmund's high spirits. She nearly toppled over when Edmund told her that Alex was in the kitchen sharing the news with Brooke. Edmund finally sensed that something was troubling Dixie and asked her what she thought had taken place. Dixie had thought that Dimitri had followed through with his plan to see Alex. However, she now knew that that was not the case. Dixie struggled to come up with a viable lie to explain her somber mood. She claimed that she'd thought that Alex might have turned him down. Brooke and Alex returned and Alex flashed her ring to Dixie. Dixie handed Alex a stack of papers that David needed her to sign. Alex asked Dixie if she had any word on the patient she and David had been consulting on. Dixie replied that the man was supposed to make a full recovery. It was obvious that Alex was upset, but she did her best to force a smile. Edmund commented that it was a shame that the medical technology had not been available to save Dimitri. Brooke pulled Dixie aside and asked her why she wasn't happy for Edmund and Alex. Dixie was surprised that her sentiment was so transparent. Dixie lamely muttered that she thought that Edmund and Alex might still be haunted by Dimitri's memory. Citing the couple's happiness, Brooke encouraged Dixie to support Edmund and Alex. Dixie observed that Edmund and Alex weren't the only jubilant people on the veranda. Before Dixie could press Brooke for details, she received a phone call from Dimitri asked her to meet him at the church. Dixie excused herself and left to meet with Dimitri. Shortly thereafter, Eliot phoned Brooke and asked that she meet him at the church.

When Dixie arrived at the church, she didn't find Dimitri in good spirits. Dixie figured out that Dimitri must have spotted Edmund and Alex in the midst of their celebration. Dimitri nodded. Dimitri told Dixie that he needed her to find out how much longer he would be undergoing treatment. As soon as he was through with treatment, Dimitri said that he was going to leave Pine Valley for good. "Dimitri Marick," he said softly, "will cease to exist."

Thursday, August 18, 2000

Leo and Bianca arrive home at Erica's house with Leo telling her how grateful he is that she called him and gave him the chance to straighten things out with Becca. I owe you one, he tells her. If he feels that way, can he please convince Erica to drop the idea of the party, Bianca asks, that would be more than enough repayment for her. Bianca doesn't understand why Erica insists on having the party when she's made it perfectly clear that she doesn't want one. She's only doing this to fill the time because she just broke up with David, Bianca says. Leo gently suggests that maybe she's being just a little bit hard on Erica, Erica's proud of her daughter and wants to show that to everyone. Erica arrives and wonders what Leo and Bianca are talking about. "Good luck", Leo tells her as he leaves to go to WRCW. "Traitor", she whispers as he goes, leaving her to try to convince Erica alone.

Erica wonders if Bianca has a crush on Leo, but Bianca insists that she does not, she thinks of Leo as a big brother, he's just a "big goofball". Bianca once again tries to convince Erica that she really did not want to have this party, things like this make her very uncomfortable. Erica admits to her daughter that she gets nervous herself every time she's faced with a room full of people. It's not easy, walking into a room of strangers and acting like you own the place, but she faces up to her fears every time and does it, and it makes her stronger. That's what she wants to teach Bianca, to have the courage to face up to your fears and conquer them. Erica offers to cancel the party if that was really what Bianca wants, but Bianca tells her to go ahead with it, she can see how important it is to Erica and how happy it will make her. Bianca tries to ask Erica to keep the party small, but Erica, already imagining the event in her head, pays no attention.

At WRCW, Becca watches the tape of Leo telling off Greenlee after she ran off the set. Touched by Leo's defense of her, Becca pauses the tape on Leo and thinks about their kiss at the beach. But Greenlee's arrival rudely interrupts her daydreaming. Becca accuses her of eavesdropping on her conversation with Tina about what happened with Leo at the beach and using it against her in public. Why do you hate me so much, Becca asks. I don't hate you, that would take too much energy, Greenlee informs her. Leo has arrived and is listening to their conversation outside the office door. Becca accuses Greenlee of being jealous of her, because she has what Greenlee obviously wants....Leo. Leo steps in, pretending that he just arrived, before Greenlee can reveal that she and Leo have already slept together. Leo puts his arm around Becca and offers to go get them something for lunch. As he's walking out, Greenlee reminds him that he didn't ask her what she wants. "I don't care what you want anymore, Greens," he tells her, walking out the door, leaving Greenlee behind with a hurt look on her face. "Liar", Becca taunts her softly, Greenlee does care about Leo and what he thinks of her very much, and Becca tells Greenlee that Leo has said that he hates her. Hurt, Greenlee denies again that she's jealous and rushes out.

Later, Leo is at B.J.'s picking up lunch when he runs into an old "friend", Wade Randall. Wade, whose main occupation is cheating rich heiresses out of the inheritances, offers Leo a job with him, but Leo turns him down flat. Leo has no intention of doing anything that might land him in jail again. Greenlee shows up and introduces herself to Wade, who is of course very interested to meet her because of her family's wealth. But Leo strongly suggests Wade should go back to his table and the beautiful young woman he came in with. After Wade leaves, Leo warns Greenlee against him, explaining he's only out to get her money and is very dangerous, he has connections with the mob. She agrees to steer clear of him and is about to leave with Leo when Mr. Midori arrives and insists upon talking with her. He's just learned that Ryan has taken several million dollars from the account and Mr. Midori intends to make sure Ryan spends most of the rest of his life in prison for it.

Eliot is at the church, thinking about Brooke. There's a musical montage containing just about every scene Brooke and Eliot have been in together and then Brooke arrives. With one look at his face, she can immediately tell something is wrong. I've been transferred to another parish, he informs her, and will be leaving soon. Brooke is devastated and feels that there's something wrong about this, he's just recently arrived in town. She guesses that someone saw them kissing and complained, and he gives the impression that that is the truth. But you're not a priest, we did nothing wrong, she insists, determined to fight this. She even offers to not see him again if it would help, but he tells her he couldn't be in this town and not want to be with her. She agrees that she feels the same way. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a boy named Ricky, who was just beaten up by his father. He refuses to go to the hospital, so Brooke takes him to the shelter while Eliot unsuccessfully tries to contact his father. Brooke returns and tells him that Grace is looking after Ricky. She then confronts him again, she knows that there's something not right with the story he's telling her about being needed by a parish elsewhere, he's obviously needed right here. Tell me the truth, she demands.



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