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Monday, August 14, 2000

Sheridan's Cottage
Luis is holding a very distraught and tearful Sheridan. Luis keeps asking her what is wrong. Sheridan realizes Luis is holding her and tears herself away. She asks Luis what did you hear? Luis begs her to let him help her find out what is troubling her so much! Luis tells her, "Let me help you, Sheridan, I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere, what ever this thing is that's tearing you up inside, let me help you get to the bottom of because you can't go on like this!" Luis says, "It looks like you have two choices in this matter, either let it eat you up inside for the rest of your life, or let me help you get the answers you need so you can get on with your life." Sheridan says, "You're right, I'll try." Luis tells her, "I promise Sheridan, I'll help you get through this till the end!"
Pilar enters and sees Luis and Sheridan sitting on Sheridan's bed talking. She ask what happened to the door. Luis explains to his mother what happened and the state Sheridan was in. Pilar ask Luis to let her talk to Sheridan. Luis goes out into the living room. Pilar talks to Sheridan. Sheridan tells Pilar that Luis is going to help her find out about her past, about the nightmares and all. Pilar begs Sheridan not to. Sheridan said, "But Pilar, I can't go on any longer like this, the nightmares are driving me insane!" Pilar warns Sheridan that whenever her family gets mixed up with the Crane's, her family has always been hurt! She's afraid that Julian and Alistair would target Luis for helping her. Sheridan tells Pilar, "If only she could trust Luis again before she found out Luis was just using her." Pilar asks Sheridan what happened to them. Sheridan explains to Pilar about her strong connection to Luis and how she really cared for him until she overheard and saw him says things to change all that, that he broke her heart! Pilar reassures her she must be wrong and asks Sheridan if she would like for her to talk to Luis and find out what he said. Sheridan begs Pilar to promise not to. Pilar, "Very well, I will not interfere, you must forget these silly nightmares!" Sheridan says, "These are not silly nightmares Pilar, I have spent my entire life alone, away from my family, I've always blamed myself, I must get to the bottom of this and get my life back on track!" Pilar, "No matter what the consequences?" Sheridan, "No matter what, thanks for hearing me out!"
Sam comes over to talk Luis out of helping Sheridan find out about her past. Luis tells Sam, he promised Sheridan he would. Sam asks him if he's insane that he would be in the line of fire of Alistair and Julian and they would stop at nothing before destroying his connection with Sheridan! Luis looks at Sam's disturbed face and asks Sam, "Sounds like your talking from personal experience, what did they do to you?" Sam has a flashback of Ivy explaining to him, "The Crane's tricked me, they kept me from you, if it hadn't been for them, we would still be together!" Sam looks seriously at Luis and tells him, "Trust me, get out while you still can!" Pilar and Sam leave. Luis asks Sheridan if she's ready? Sheridan, "I have to find out what's been haunting me all these years!"

Whitney's Bedroom
Chad and Ethan make a pact to come clean where their love lives are concerned. They shake hands. Chad promises to tell Simone he doesn't love her and thought it was Whitney he was kissing, that he cares for Whitney not her. Ethan says and I'll tell Gwen I kissed Theresa and she's in love with me. Chad says, "No, you have to call off the wedding and tell Gwen your in love with Theresa!" Ethan says, "How many times do I have to tell you, I"m not in love with Theresa, I'm in love with Gwen and I am going to marry her!" Chad tells Ethan that Gwen won't believe him after he tells her about Theresa, she might even call off the wedding herself! Ethan asks Chad if he is still going to tell Simone and Whitney the truth. Chad says Simone is a big girl, she should understand. Ethan asks, "What do you think Whitney will say?" Chad says, "I don't know but there's no turning back, I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to it!" Ethan leaves to tell Gwen. Kay uses a glass trying to listen to Chad's and Ethan's conversation. When she hears Chad saying he doesn't love Simone she drops it breaking it. She tries to cover saying she didn't hear anything. Simone and Whitney enter and Chad says he's glad both of them are there because he has something important to tell them! Kay stands there listening, worried when Chad tells Simone, she won't help her get Miguel!

At the Crane Mansion
Theresa is trying on her bridesmaid dress with Whitney. Theresa ask Whitney when is she going to tell Chad about how she fells. Whitney says, "If I have a chance with Chad and your right, he does care about me then I'll believe you and Ethan have a chance!" Their both giddy with excitement. Gwen is busy opening wedding gifts bragging to Theresa and Whitney how lucky she is to soon be Mrs. Ethan Crane and goes to get some scissors to open more. Theresa tells Whitney, "Gwen doesn't care about Ethan, she could never love him the way I do!" Whitney says, "I'm surprised at you Theresa, how evil you are plotting to steal Ethan away from her behind her back!" Theresa says when Ethan tells Gwen he's not going to marry her but me, then I'll show her that I'm a good sport and share our wedding gifts like this one, I'll give her this Electric Blanket to help her stay warm at night since she won't have Ethan!" "I'll even have you for my maid of honor!" Whitney says, "What if they call off the wedding and there's trouble?" Gwen returns wielding the scissors in Theresa's face. Gwen says, "I know what you two are talking about, your afraid your brother Luis won't let you be in the wedding because he hates the Crane's so much and he doesn't know about you working for Ivy or planning this wedding!" "Maybe even call off the wedding, but don't worry, it's going to be a perfect day and a perfect wedding!" Gwen leaves to call the florist. Whitney, "I can't believe how lucky you are, how could you be so cold, planning to steal Ethan right from under her?" Theresa responds, "I'm saving her from a man who loves another woman!" Gwen returns and Ethan walks in. Ethan announces he has something very important to tell them both! Ethan says, "What I have to say could change the course of all our lives!"

Julian's Library
Julian successfully stole Ivy's attaché case from Pilar's home. Sitting at his desk trying to figure out the combination to the attaché case. A messenger has a delivery for him. He opens it to find he has been removed from all boards as chairman. Mad as hell the phone rings and Julian puts it on speaker yelling, "What?" Alistair calls Julian to gloat, rubbing it in that Julian is no longer his heir! Alistair reminds Julian that now he'll take the matter of getting rid of Luis more seriously! Alistair points out if Sheridan and Luis get closer they might just find out what secrets Sheridan has and that would bring down and destroy all of Crane Empire! Julian reminds him they've done everything to stop him short of killing him and he was not going to do that! Julian plays with the mask of Luis the impersonator used to hurt Sheridan. Alistair reminds Julian, "We must separate them before they find out Sheridan's secret or we will lose everything!" Julian goes back to trying to open the attaché' case. Julian tells Alistair he has other secrets to find out! Ivy enters and Julian quickly hides the case under his desk. Ivy gloats to Julian, "So Alistair strips you of your manhood and no pills or potions can fix you, huh, Julian?" Julian blasts back after he finds out the secrets she is keeping, which will be real soon, then we'll see who's worried about their future! Alistair butts in and orders them to stop bickering! He tells them, "If you two are keeping secrets beware and be careful!" On that eerie note, Ivy tells them she must run! Alistair reminds Julian, "This is why you are no longer my heir and you must neutralize their problem before it's too late! Julian says, "Well then Father get your prodigal heir, Ethan to help you!" Then before Alistair can argue any more, Julian hangs up on him and goes back to working on the attaché case!

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Julian tries to open the attache case, but Ivy interrupts him. Julian smiles smugly as Ivy taunts him about not being able to find any dirt on her. Pilar announces Sam's arrival at the mansion. Ivy rushes out to greet Sam, thinking he's there to see her. She's about to kiss Sam as Pilar and Julian approach them.

A nervous Kay attempts to interrupt Chad as he prepares to tell Whitney and Simone he has feelings for Whitney, not Simone. Kay is relieved when Eve interrupts. Whitney begins to wonder if Chad really meant to say he loved Simone. Kay scolds Whitney for trying to ruin Simone's happiness.

Ethan tells Theresa and Gwen he has something important to say that will change all of their lives. A hopeful Theresa is positive Ethan is about to declare his love for her and break things off with Gwen. Gwen assumes Ethan is trying to own up to pre-wedding jitters, but Ethan is determined to let Gwen know what's been going on with Theresa. Ethan prepares to tell the truth.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Ivy has fainted and is lying on the floor. Ethan wants to know what happened, but neither Sam nor Pilar knows. Ivy starts mumbling that she is scared; Sam and Ethan both ask her why. Ivy is dreaming that Julian is telling Ethan that he is not a Crane. Finally Ivy wakes up, but she is still foggy. Ethan goes to get her some water. Ivy says she has to stop Ethan from finding out that Sam is his father. Sam tells her to stop saying that; it isn't going to help them get back together.

In the library, Julian is busily still trying to get the attaché case open. He has tried many combinations, but it is still tightly shut! He gets a call from his father, who tells him that Sheridan is about to open up to Luis about her past. Julian tells him to let the new Crane heir worry about it; he has to worry about opening that case!

Sam gets a call from police station and Ethan is going to call a doctor.

Ivy takes the chance to tell Pilar that Julian has the case. Pilar goes in the library and tells Julian he stole the case. Julian breaks the tool he is using to open the case. He grabs a screwdriver and tries to open the case with that. And it works! He calls Sam and Ivy in. Pilar tells Sam that Julian stole the case from her house. Julian tells Sam that it may contain criminal info about Ivy.

Upstairs, Gwen is nervous about what Ethan has to tell her and Theresa. Gwen is also scared that there won't be a wedding, since she broke the two white doves! Gwen brags to Theresa about the power she will have once she marries Ethan. Gwen will be more powerful that Ivy. Theresa asks if Gwen loves Ethan. Gwen of course says yes! Ethan comes in and tells them he now knows what he has to tell them! He says he loves Gwen more than ever and it was just pre-wedding jitters. Theresa says it is wrong and that there is more that Ethan isn't telling her!

Sheridan and Luis are walking around the estate. Sheridan asks why and Luis tells her just to relax. Sheridan asks Luis about finding out about her past. What if she tells him something that he might have to arrest her for? Luis asks if she has done something to be arrested for...but then blames the worry on being nervous! Luis shares Sam's warning about getting too close to the Cranes secrets. Sheridan tells Luis that Pilar warned the same thing! Sheridan crosses her arms and tells Luis that she doesn't want to relive her childhood nightmares, but she has to, to get over them. Luis confides that his past scares him too. Sheridan asks if it was his father leaving that haunts him. Luis sees a plaque that has his father's name on it. His father built the gazebo they are standing in. Luis tells Sheridan that maybe she shouldn't go looking into her past, that she will get hurt.

Sheridan says that Luis talking about his father made her think about not having her mother. That her family always told her that the nightmares were just that and there was no truth to it. After more talking, Sheridan looks at Luis; she is ready to tell him everything!

Charity is blindfolded. Miguel has a surprise for her; something he built for her, to remind her of the past. He takes off the blindfold and Charity finds a tree swing. Miguel tells her about the time that they went to the park when they first met, and she remembers! Grace is looking at the two from the kitchen window. The swing makes Grace remember the night that she dreamed that she floated out of the window and talked to the angel girl.

The more Grace thinks about it, the more she thinks it wasn't a dream! Eve comes in bragging about Charity and Miguel. She sees Grace is upset and asks what's wrong. Grace tells her that the angel girl was real and that she could have saved her sister from dying and kept the Prom horror from happening.

Tabitha and Timmy are still sick from the poison. Tabitha tells Timmy to be still and quiet. Suddenly, the demons in the basement are stirred! Tabitha knows they are upset that she hasn't gotten Charity over to the dark side. Tabitha hears laughter and looks outside. She sees Charity and Miguel on the swing and sees that Charity is wearing the cross necklace. Tabitha grabs Timmy and they make a visit to the Bennetts.

Tabitha tells Charity that she shouldn't be wearing that necklace because of the weak clasp. Charity knows the real reason is because Tabitha wants to try the necklace on. Charity takes off the necklace and hands it to Tabitha. Tabitha hurriedly turns her back. The cross starts burning a cross into her hand! She sticks her hand in the lemonade to cool it off!

Miguel and Charity see and asks if she is okay. Tabitha tells them she dropped the cross in the lemonade. Miguel fishes it out and noticed that something has happened to it; the clasp is broken.

Thursday, August 17, 2000

The Russell House:
While watching Whitney taking care of Chad, Kay vows not to let Simone find out the truth. If she does, she won't help her with Miguel. Kay wonders what it was that Ethan was going to have to be honest about. Kay finds a CD with a love song on it and she starts playing it while whispering Simone's name to a sleeping Chad. Simone catches her and assumes that Chad doesn't love her --- if he did Kay wouldn't have to stoop to using the same tricks she used on Charity. Kay explains that this isn't true; she's just trying make Chad's love for her deeper. Meanwhile Chad is dreaming of telling Simone and Whitney the truth -- he made a mistake; he thought he was kissing Whitney and telling her he loved her. Simone goes to his bedside, confident that he is dreaming of her and that he really loves her.

The Crane Mansion/Ethan's Room:
Theresa urges Ethan to tell her and Gwen what he really wanted to say. She doesn't believe that it was just pre-wedding jitters. Ethan says he will tell both of them the truth. Ethan says that he wanted Gwen to do something that would change her life; he wanted her to aim for Theresa when she threw the bridal bouquet. Theresa asks if that is all he wanted to say. Ethan says that he knows that she loved a man and lost it, but maybe she never really had it. He says that maybe she will find love one day. Gwen thinks that Ethan is sweet for worrying about Theresa so much and trying to make her feel better. Gwen remembers an appointment with her mother and she leaves Ethan and Theresa alone. When alone, Ethan tells Theresa that he knows what he said wasn't what she wanted to her. Theresa tells him that it was no accident that he kissed her, he loves her and wants to marry her. She says that she loves him and he loves her. Ethan flashes back to Chad but tells Theresa to there is no "us," and to forget about her feelings. He leaves Theresa crying.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan tells Luis that maybe they should just leave the past alone, people could get hurt. Luis tells her that he only wants to help her, that nothing about her past could make him think any less of her. Sheridan has a flashback of her as a girl with blood on her hands. Luis tells Sheridan to sit down, sensing her distress. He says that they will record their talk and listen to it later. Maybe they can pick up on something they missed. Luis dims the lights. Sheridan flashes back to looking at a coffin with a voice that sounds like Alistair telling her she is a wicked, wicked girl. Ethan arrives at the cottage and questions Luis about what he's trying to do to his Aunt. Sheridan explains that she wants Luis to help her, and asks Luis to leave wait outside why she explains it to Ethan. Ethan urges her to see a professional, anyone but Luis. She urges him to admit his true feelings, to marry for love, not out of his duty of being a Crane. Meanwhile Hank arrives at the cottage where Luis is waiting outside. He questions Luis about whether it is the case he wants to make progress on, or is it Sheridan. Luis says it is both.

The Mansion/Julian's Study:
Julian tells Ivy, Sam, and Pilar that he knows Ivy has secrets hidden in her briefcase. Sam says he doesn't have time for it and starts to leave. Julian urges him to stay telling him that he can sell what he learns to the Tabloids. He can use the money to pay for his children's education and still have money left over. Julian asks if Ivy is going to give him the combination or is he going to have to ruin the briefcase. Ivy tells Sam to arrest Julian for breaking and entering, theft of personal property, and for being "a total jackass." Sam questions Julian about how he got in the house and he admits to taking Theresa's keys. Sam arrests him and puts the handcuffs on him. Julian threatens the three of them. Sam asks Pilar if she will press charges and she says she won't. She has to think of her family and their safety. Ivy urges her to press charges, but she won't. Julian tells Pilar to consider her Christmas bonus doubled and that he will give her money to make home improvements like new siding and lights that you can clap on and off. Sam has to let him go, and he goes for the briefcase again. Pilar tells him she will give him the combination. Ivy asks Pilar if there is no limit to her betrayal. Julian opens that case and looks through the papers. "What the hell is this?" he asks.

Friday, August 18, 2000

Ethan tries to convince Sheridan that she shouldn't tell Luis about her dreams. He thinks that it will cause harm to the family and unwanted stress. Sheridan agrees with him but tries to reason that Luis might be able to help her and get things off her chest. Meanwhile, Luis has been talking to Hank outside telling him that Sheridan's dreams might have something to do with his father's disappearance. When the two decide to go back in, Ethan tells Sheridan that they can't let anyone know about it. Luis hears and asks what it is that shouldn't be known. Ethan doesn't answer right away so Luis walks over to him and asks more forcefully. They are about to get into a fight when Sheridan orders Ethan to get out. After he's gone, Luis is mad at Sheridan because she's going to let her family push her around making it impossible for her to get to the bottom of things. Sheridan lets him know that she's not going to let anyone push her around and they will continue to find out what her dream is about.

Julian looks through the case and at the papers. He asks Ivy to explain and she grabs Pilar and asks her how she could betray her. Ivy remembers a talk she had with Pilar in which Pilar told her to burn the papers but she refused to because it was her last connection to Sam. Ivy turns back to Julian and is about to explain the whole messy ordeal when Pilar steps in and tells him that she now keeps her financial records in the attaché case. When this is said, Sam is tired of the whole Crane soap opera and thinks it's about time the Crane empire came down but Julian is convinced that Ethan won't let that happen. Sam retaliates saying that Ethan is arrogant and better not get in his face. Ivy is grateful to Pilar for switching the papers but Pilar isn't so happy. She tells Ivy to stop pursuing Sam and burn the papers but Ivy won't listen. Then Julian overhears them whispering and asks what they're doing. They're about to answer when Sam pops in and tells Pilar to call him if she wants to press charges. She doesn't but she wants Theresa's keys back. Julian reluctantly hands them over but when Sam's gone, he makes a point to tell Pilar and Ivy that he knows what's going on and he won't stop until he finds out what it is. Ivy, ever the cocky one, says to let it go and give up because he won't find out. Besides, by following this instinct, he's being stupid and wasn't it his instincts that got him disinherited? Ivy is excused and leaves. On the way to the mansion, Ethan runs into Sam Bennett. Ethan orders him to get Sheridan a new bodyguard but, of course, Sam won't listen. He wants Ethan to check the police records that he brought for Julian. Ethan won't listen either and they are about to fight when Sam says that they said things in anger and should just make peace. Ethan doesn't care and starts a long tirade on how he'll get Sam fired. Just then, Ivy comes out and orders Ethan to get inside. An angry Ethan storms in complaining about Sam Bennett but Pilar calms him and tells him they should check out wedding gifts. Ethan then says something about his mother's attaché case and her secret that Julian overhears. He asks Ethan what the secret is about and Ethan answers him because the papers are about himself. Julian wonders about this.

Grace/Eve/Angel Girl:
Grace and Eve are talking when Grace tells her that the angel was very real to her. She also senses that something's being kept from her but Eve brushes it off as if it's nothing. Grace also wonders why everyone hates Ivy. She feels that Mrs. Crane is just a very lonely woman who has no true friends. She even compliments Eve on how great a friend she is but Eve feels embarrassed because she really isn't that great of a person; the reason being, she's helping Ivy to get closer to Sam. Grace leaves her to find her camera so she can take a picture of Charity and Miguel on the swing. She goes into her bedroom and sees the angel again who warns her to have faith because grave things are coming to Harmony. There's also a threat to her marriage because someone close to her is working against her. That is when Grace demands to know who it is.

Tabitha tells Timmy about how she has to get Charity to wear the pendant. That's when Charity comes over and tells Tabitha she knows why she wants her to wear the pendant. It's because she looks pretty in it and Tabitha wants to make her more beautiful for Miguel. Tabitha lies and says that's exactly why. They go into Charity's room where the pendant has been glowing, begging Charity to come to the dark side. She slips into it and the powers begin to kick in. The evil Charity tells Tabitha she has failed again and she is useless to the dark side. The dark side decides to kill her using Charity as the instigator. The evil Charity keeps trying to strike Tabitha who grabs Timmy and hides behind a chair...

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