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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on PC
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Monday, August 14, 2000

by ABC

Ian had a strongly negative reaction to a teenager who was smoking and drinking during her pregnancy. Eve berated Ian for his behavior, declaring he was rude and unprofessional. Jamal decided to drop Alison off in Port Charles and continue hiding on his own. Lucy confided in Livvie that she had been afraid to go look for Christina, but Livvie convinced her to do it. Courtney taunted Eve about the negative publicity the clinic would receive after a reporter heard Eve and Ian arguing. Eve warned Courtney to leave Jamal and Alison alone. Alison reluctantly allowed Jamal to leave her at the mansion. Livvie confessed to Lucy that she believed they had been brought together to help each other. Frank admitted to Neil that he and Courtney were having relationship problems. Eve and Ian patched things up when she eventually agreed with his sentiments about the pregnant teen. Alison followed Jamal to a basement where he appeared to be looking for evidence to clear his name.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Alison has her first flashback of the night of the murder while she and Jamal are hiding in the warehouse.

Courtney eavesdrops on Eve and Scott discussing Jamal and Alison. She tries to get details from Scott, but he disappoints her by keeping quiet and telling her that he his transferring all of his cases to Lee.

Lucy is happy to hear that Kevin is proud of her decision to go look for Christina. She notices that Kevin has been disturbed by "Charlie's" dreams. He admits that he is having a hard time, but says that he has to stick with it. Kevin told Lucy how glad he is to have someone to talk to and Eve shows up just as they are saying goodbye.

Frank is furious to find out that Courtney is trying to find clues on Alison and Jamal's whereabouts. Frank threatens to leave. Courtney fights back before he walks out leaving his cell phone behind.

While telling Scott about her plans to find Christina, Lucy ends up inviting him to come with her. She thinks that this trip could also help to mend their marriage.

Kevin and Eve share a tense moment before they have an overdue conversation about what they've been doing lately. Kevin told Eve about his problems with "Charlie" and Eve admits that she is still insecure knowing that he is so close to Lucy.

Alison passes out after seeing a dead Cedric in another flashback. Jamal calls Frank's cell phone for help, but Courtney answers instead. Jamal quickly says that he's with Alison and that they are at the warehouse. Courtney hangs up and calls Amanda Barrington immediately.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Frank responds to a page from Jamal and meets them after they have left the warehouse that is now surrounded by police. Jamal told Frank about the strange feeling he got when he called his cell phone. Frank remembers that he left his cell phone at home and realizes that Courtney must have been the one to notify the police.

Frank tries to convince Jamal to turn himself in or to, at least, leave Alison behind. Jamal promises to take good care of Alison in order to avoid another fainting spell. Later, the teens return to the Barrington cabin where Alison ends up having more flashbacks of Cedric.

Ian apologizes to a pregnant Beth. Eve steps in to prevent a repeat of Beth's last visit, resulting in another heated argument between Eve and Ian.

Frank told Neil that he is moving out as soon as possible. Neil is disappointed, but Frank does his best to reassure Neil that he will always be there for him. When Courtney comes home, Neil blames Frank's departure on her. Courtney tries to stop Frank, but, this time, he really leaves.

Eve gives Beth her first ultrasound and reveals that she's having a boy.

Later, Beth gets a nosebleed and collapses with seizures into the arms of Eve and Ian.

Thursday, August 17, 2000

Livvie decided to face her fear and get in the water, but Kevin stopped her. They talked for a little bit and they grew even more closer. She attempted to get in the water again, but she got scared, and backed out, Kevin told her that he would always be there to help.

Ian and Eve get into another argument. Ian accused Eve of giving Beth false hope about her condition, but while they were talking, things just got worse Beth had yet another seizure. After she got stabilized she started talking to Ian and they grew close.

Rachel also confronted Chris because she overheard Chris talking about her to Eve. She asked him why was he running his mouth about her sister who she is convinced that Kevin killed, then Chris asked her how long can she hold a grudge. Rachel told him it's hard loosing someone you love, but I guess your finding that out the hard way.

Friday, August 18, 2000

Ian and Eve work to save Beth, she is going down hill fast, her blood pressure is rising and complications are setting in so they start to prepare her for delivery. Eve orders some medications and they seem to do the trick, the seizures and blood pressure lessen, and they send her upstairs to Labor and Delivery, where they can keep a better watch over her.

Jamal and Alison are at her parents cabin, and Alison is having more frequent flashbacks about the night Cedric was killed. Jamal tries to convince her that her mind is playing tricks on her, and that what she is remembering didn't happen. Alison knows Jamal is hiding something, but she isn't sure what. All she knows it that what she is seeing isn't what he said happened.

Neal has a skateboard accident in the park and ends up in the emergency room, where Joe and Gabriela attend to him. He wants them to call his parents, which Joe tries to do with no success. With further prodding, Joe finds out that Frank moved out today, and Neal is hoping that his accident will bring his parents together, like it did when he was sick. Joe reassures Neal that he and Frank will always be there for him.

Ian catches Eve crying after Beth's emergency. Ian's soft side starts to come through, and he asks her if he can help. Eve told him that she is upset about Beth and the baby, (she is taking it personally, thinking about her own baby) and she can't reach Kevin for support. He offers to lend a shoulder, but she turns him down, While they are talking her cell phone rings and it is Jamal and he asks Eve to come out to the cabin to help Alison. He told her that he thinks Alison is having a mental breakdown. Eve agrees, and leaves right away, not telling Ian where she is going when he asks. Just as she is leaving, Ian hops into the car, and told her he is going with her to help.

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