One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on OLTL

R.J. vowed revenge on Roseanne as she saved Antonio. Roseanne and Antonio kissed, and Sophia realized she cared for Antonio. Renee asked Asa for a divorce. Viki learned that she was cancer-free. Todd kept Nora safe and advised Sam that she was likely alive.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, August 14, 2000


At R.J.'s apartment the DEA trash his house looking for "evidence". When Roseanne arrives, R.J. realizes that it was Antonio that set him up, and that Roseanne was just trying to get the goods on him for Antonio. "I guess a million bucks just doesn't get you what it used to," he hisses at her and storms out. Roseanne tries to warn Antonio who is with Barnes at the dock, but he doesn't answer his cell phone. Antonio convinces Barnes that R.J. will get rid of him when he is done using him. Barnes almost gives up information on Bo, but R.J. stops him by knocking Antonio out cold! After Barnes runs off, Roseanne arrives just in time to save an unconscious Antonio from being pushed in the water by R.J. R.J. vows revenge on Roseanne and leaves. Roseanne pleads with Antonio to wake up. As Antonio regains consciousness, he thanks her for saving his life with a passionate kiss.

Todd sits by Nora's side at the convent. She is still not awake from the drugs, and Todd tells her he's never heard her be so quiet in his life. After Todd leaves, Nora barely opens her eyes, and finds a nun is there caring for her.

Sam walks into his house to find Asa holding Matthew. Asa taunts Sam, and then throws down a court order for a DNA test. When Asa won't leave Sam goes into his office and pulls out a gun. He points it at Asa and tells him he is going to kill him. Ben walks in and breaks up the scene. Sam reveals that the gun was actually unloaded. Asa smugly replies, "That guns' shootin' blanks just like you Sammy. That's how I know Matthew is my grandson!" Later, Sam begs Ben for the information he knows Ben has on Max and Asa. Ben changes the subject as soon as Nora's name comes up. Ben believes that Sam must have misunderstood Will. When Sam insists she is alive, Todd slinks in the back door and says he knows she is alive too; and he's gonna find her!

At the Palace, Blair puts her revenge plan into full gear. She convinces Max that the time is right for them to start a family. She leads him to believe that she is committed to him no matter what. Even though he acknowledges she could be lying, he decides to put Skye out of his life forever. When he goes up to Skye's room to tell her the bad news, Kelly comes and sits down at Blair's table. She can't believe Blair would use a baby like that to save her marriage after the way Blair lectured her on the same thing. Blair informs her naïve cousin, that this is all part of the ploy to draw Max in and set him up for the big letdown... Meanwhile Daniel asks a bitter and very hurt Skye what kind of dirt she has on his "old friend" Max.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Sophia interrupted an emotionally charged kiss between Antonio and Roseanne. Sophia later ran into R.J. on the docks and threatened him. Sophia denied to R.J. that neither she nor Roseanne had feelings towards Antonio. A paranoid Asa feared that Ben and Sam were out to get him and made plans to reunite the Buchanan family - starting with Matthew and Bo. Todd surprised Blair when she found him visiting with Starr. Blair denied to Todd that Max was hiding something. Todd hid when Max entered and he overheard Max and Blair discuss having a baby. Blair later told Todd that she was only scamming Max and then wanted to know what Todd had planned. Melanie's suspicions were raised about Lindsay when she walked into a heated discussion between Lindsay and Sam regarding Nora's disappearance. After Lindsay left, Melanie tried to contact Bo. Ben told Viki that he couldn't tell Sam he wasn't his brother. Viki was surprised that Sam still believed that Nora was alive and that Todd believed it as well. Ben comforted Viki as she awaited news about her health.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Starr's Room at the Buchanan Mansion

Todd comes back to visit Starr as she's writing a letter to a friend from camp about "stuff" such as what her "Mommy's doing to Uncle Max." Todd is intrigued when Starr asks him how to spell "revenge" for her letter. He explains the meaning of the word as "getting even" when somebody hurts you and says "it's something you do." Starr admits she always wants to get even and that "Mommy does, too." Todd's curiosity is heightened when Starr spills that "Uncle Max and the red-haired lady" hurt Blair. Todd promises his daughter that nobody will hurt her, "especially not Max...I'm here'll be safe no matter what." But Todd can't promise Starr he will be here forever. In fact, he "can't be together with Blair" and he "can't be together with Téa either," which prompts his daughter to tell him his "life is a mess." Todd agrees with this opinion but offers that they will always have each other, and Starr agrees.

Asa's Office at the Buchanan Mansion

Max advises Blair that before they go out to dinner "there is a little business matter" he would like to clear up. Blair is shocked when, instead of the latest proof she is trying to bring down the Buchanan empire, Max presents her with documents setting aside big bucks for the baby Max thinks they're trying to make. An even bigger shock is Max's own proof of how much he wants to "stay in this marriage" by the fact he has given Blair access to this money until their child turns 18 and "the catch is that you have to trust me enough to believe that there is no catch." While Blair wonders what might happen if they don't conceive a child, macho Max doesn't doubt his fertility and they make love in Asa's office. Afterwards, Max again apologizes for his dalliance with Skye. "You drive me crazy, but you also keep me sane. I don't think I could possibly stop loving you. I wouldn't even know how...We're perfect for each other." Max observes that "there is something different" about Blair, she looks "softer" and he feels their lovemaking is different and better, too. Before a guilty Blair has to reply, Daniel calls demanding that Max meet him "at The Palace bar tonight or regret it every night thereafter." When Max refuses because he is too busy with his wife at the mansion, Daniel claims, "You won't be at that mansion if you don't show up within an hour." Max explains to Blair that he has to go meet "a man that knew me as Max Holden, son of Wingate Holden." Blair wants to know if Daniel is blackmailing Max, but Max isn't sure "what his game is...he cheated my father once and I think he's looking to make trouble for me." A chivalrous Max promises to take care of the Daniel problem himself because he only wants Blair to "take care of that baby we may have just made."

Later, as Blair searches Asa's computer files, she struggles with her feelings of guilt and renewed love for Max. As she looks at his photograph on the desk, she reminds herself, "I hate him. I don't love him. I hate him."

John's Apartment

John comes home to find Rae waiting inside his apartment and he asks if the outfit she is wearing is "some kind of fashion statement or are you still angry with me?" Rae confirms that her "prison chic" denim shirt is "straight out of the big house" and she is still angry at John for locking her up. "I thought you cared about me." John wonders if the kiss he gave her in the jail didn't give her a clue. "I do care about you which is why I put you in jail in the first place. And if you don't know that by now, you're slower on the uptake that I thought." Rae admits she knows John was trying to watch out for her but when she asks him to promise never to lock her up again, he refuses unless she will promise to stop going after Daniel by herself because she isn't "in his league." Rae claims she made progress with Daniel until Skye interrupted them, but she acknowledges that Daniel probably won't tell her who her child is without the money he demanded. John wants to know if Rae will let him "call the shots on this" and she finally agrees to "take her cues" from him because "we're in this together." But when Rae fears that their romantic relationship is ruining their friendship, John interrupts her ramblings with a passionate kiss. "If you remember, we fought the first time we met. We're going to fight again and then we're gonna make up." Rae is agreeable to these terms. When John asks her to stall Daniel while he searches his room, Rae is delighted to agree to these terms, also.

Later, John searches Daniel's room and finds a key hidden in the bottom of his shaving kit.

The Palace Bar

When Max arrives, Daniel is blunt with his demand for $1 million from Max because that seems to be the "going rate" for the information he possesses. It's what he "charged his wife for the name of her long-lost child" and it's what he wants from Max but Max warns him to stay out of his way because he's "got all the papers to prove" he's a Buchanan. However, Daniel replies, "If you're smart, you won't make threats you can't back're no more Asa's heir than I am." Max believes that Daniel is threatening him because of his knowledge of Wingate Holden and possibly what Skye may have told him because she is "a woman scorned." But, Daniel informs Max that Skye's information came as "no surprise" and his own information "concerning your true parentage has nothing to do with my connection to Wingate Holden...suffice it to say I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not who you are claiming to be currently."

As Rae enters the bar, she sees Daniel threaten Max that although he "isn't in it for the money...I simply want to provide a service," if Max doesn't come up with the money he will "tell the whole world who you really are."

Cargo Container - Slow Boat to Ireland

To keep himself going, Will writes a letter to Jessica explaining Cristian's lies. He vows that when he gets out of "this hell hole" he will tell her the truth and be the one to marry her. Will feels that although Cristian claimed to be his friend, by his actions and lies he has "betrayed" them both. "It might take a miracle but I will be with you again someday and I will love you. I will love you like you should be loved," Will writes.

Crossroads Bar

Ben has booked the place for a private function, "one of those sappy surprise parties," but he admits to Viki that this guest of honor is "in for a treat" because he was told to spare no expenses. Kevin, Joey, Jessica and Cristian jump up from behind the bar when Viki asks if the honoree is anyone she knows. Jessica instigated the "goodbye party" for Viki to say goodbye to her troubles (including the chemo treatments) and to "celebrate us being together." Although she worries that a celebration is "a bit premature," Viki decides to go for the fun and is especially touched that Kevin and Joey are there. "This is what I was so afraid of losing and am so thankful I haven't." Asa watches from outside as the family argues over who will sing karaoke. Finally, Jessica is persuaded to sing and she dedicates the song to "the most amazing mother in the whole entire world and to the man who gives her the happiness she deserves." She also includes Cristian in her dedication as she sings, "I Love You Always Forever..." When Jessica finishes the song, Viki notices a faraway look in Jessica's eyes as she hugs Cristian and she admits to Ben that she is worried that Jess is not "as happy as she says she is." When she questions her daughter about it, Jessica claims she is happy with Cristian and that she is not "doing this" because Will broke his promise but "because Cristian kept his and I also love him...I always have. I just forgot it for a while."

Later, Renee is confused when she intrudes on the family party. The explanation for her "message that Viki wanted to see me here" walks in the door in the form of a tall Texan carrying medical records. Asa claims his "family ties to everyone in this room" except Ben allows him to crash the party and that he "brought along some gifts." When he asks Renee for another chance, she tells him, "It's not just me you have to make peace with." Surprisingly, he seems to agree and tells the group he is dropping his libel suit against the Banner and The Sun as well as paying the legal expenses they have incurred. He then welcomes Cristian into the family with a wedding gift of a building for the "new and improved home of the Megan Foundation." Jessica turns down the gift. "There was nothing wrong with the old one until you framed Will and took money from it...if you want to be here with me and my family, you need to go to the police and confess. Let Will come home." Asa agrees that Jessica "drives a hard bargain" and claims he will call the cops off "when Will comes home" but he wants to enjoy an evening with his family "before the roof caves in." At this lie, Jessica turns her back on her grandfather. When Ben approaches Asa to escort him out, Asa warns him to keep his hands off "a dying man" and claims that the x-ray he carries with him proves his "heart could give out some time real soon." He plays the sympathy card to the hilt, claiming he wants to make things right but he doesn't know how much time he has to do it. Asa's ploy almost works until Ben determines that the x-ray he is looking at belongs to an 85 year old - woman! When Viki terms this "the worst lie you've ever told," Asa claims it's no lie because he is "going to die someday" and then blames the weakness in his heart on Ben's delay in helping him after his last heart attack. He claims he was "just trying to bring this family together" but Kevin and Joey tell him to leave and Renee pronounces his a "complete S.O.B." When he turns to Jessica because he knows she "won't let him down," her reply is a loud, "I hate you. I hate you." Renee watches "the stupid old fool" walk out of the bar and past his car back toward Llanview. Viki follows him outside and asks him to stop and look at her. He finally turns and expects that she will tell him "what a horrible man I am." Instead, Viki simply wants to show him something. She bends down and removes her wig. Asa is speechless as he stares at Viki's bald head.

Thursday, August 17, 2000

Palace Hotel Bar

As Daniel tells Max he wants one million dollars from him, Rae wanders by and listens in. She asks Max what Daniel has on him. Skye joins the group and wonders if Rae is out on bail. Rae wants to chat with Daniel alone and tells her to go find another married man. Skye and Max head over to the bar where he asks why she hates him so much since she said something to Daniel about him not being Asa's son. Skye denies having said anything and swears she kept her promise not to tell anyone. In the other room, Rae is telling Daniel that she will give him his money, while John just happens to walk by and becomes upset that she is going to do this. Daniel informs them that whoever pays him will win. When he goes after Skye, John and Rae wonder if he believed them. In the meantime, John informs Rae, he found a key in Daniel's room that was traced to a bus locker. They leave to check it out, but not before stopping to tell Skye that mobsters are after Daniel and she'd better be careful. Max is informed by Daniel that he still wants the money from him or the game will be over. Max doesn't think so, he has connections and the mob may be interested in knowing where Daniel is.


R.J. meets up with Roseanne who lies and tells him he should have stomped on Antonio. She only rescued him from drowning because R.J. would have gone to jail. R.J. informs her that Antonio is only using her and though Roseanne is interested in Antonio, he is definitely not feeling the same way. She'd better let Antonio do things himself.Everyone in Llanview is against him says R.J., but he will not let Roseanne use him the way that she's being used.

Antonio's Apartment

Sophia and Antonio return from the academy where Sophia covered and said that she had kicked Antonio in the ribs. He's in pain and as he removes his shirt, Sophia becomes totally distracted. He suggests grabbing a bite to eat before they study. Sophia offers to run to the grocery store to buy a few things and she'll make dinner. After she leaves, Antonio receives a phone call from Andy. He advises her that he hasn't signed the divorce papers yet but when he becomes extremely angry during the course of the conversation, he promptly tells her he will sign them right away. During this time, Roseanne shows up and tries to comfort him as he signs the papers. She tells him she understands because of what she's been through but Antonio tells her it's not the same because he and Andy loved each other. Roseanne was under the impression that they were close but he's been using her and she storms off, telling him she's sorry for the help and the kiss but they won't happen again. After she leaves, Antonio knocks the things off of the table. Sophia eventually shows up with the groceries and she's changed into a sexy dress.


Renee reminisces about the old days with Asa. She realizes that he was always obnoxious and is glad that she doesn't know her real son and that he doesn't know how his father is an SOB. Outside, Viki takes after Asa to have a chat with him. She removes her wig and fills him on the the breast cancer and chemo which has caused her hair to fall out. Asa's in shock as she tells him what reality is and that he needs to face it. She hadn't told him about the cancer because she only told those closest to her she says, but thought it important for him to know now. She can't believe that he played such a cruel trick on his family to manipulate them, she yells. He claims he felt left out but Viki wonders when he actually picked up the fake x-ray. He states his old story that the mess was started by the Rappaports but she cuts him off by noting that he started it and will have to make peace on his judgment day, that he will someday answer for his sins. Asa offers to call specialists for Viki but she declines and tells him about the mastectomy and how he gave her hope when he was ill in the hospital and still able to be a tyrant. They were both given a second chance, but he's in denial and not living life to the fullest. Now Renee is gone and he's suffering a living death by doing what he has. He's no longer with his family and blew the gift of their love. When Asa offers to call Clint, Viki lets him know that she's moved on and is with Ben now. She's gotten through all of this with the help of people who love her. He has two roads available to him-one to his family and one to hell. Finally, Ben comes to her rescue and advises her that the family is waiting for her at home. Renee approaches Asa who tells her he knew she still loved him. She coldly informs him that he managed to kill everything by what he did inside. She hands him an envelope containing a petition for divorce and walks off. Asa looks up and sees a road sign with arrows pointing in different directions; one to heaven, the other to hell.

Lord Mansion

Cris, Kevin, Joey and Jess sit around and chat. They can't believe that Asa is such a monster. Kevin fumes that he ruined their mother's celebration but if they stick together, they can't be hurt. Joey informs him they can stick together when they have to but says pointedly that all bets are off when they get betrayed by one of their own. Just then the doorbell rings and it's Kelly, looking for Joey because she wants to talk. He just wants to end their marriage and she agrees not to fight it, but she wants to remain friends. He sarcastically inquires if they'd just go out to dinner and talk about her love life among other things. He doesn't want to fight, he doesn't want to see her. He goes outside to play basketball and Kevin challenges him to a game of one on one. After playing a while, Joey is through but asks Kevin why he always has to win. Kevin says they are brothers and need to work things out but Joey tells him that life isn't a game. Inside, Kelly is chatting with Jess who wants her to wait for Viki to return. Kelly wants to leave because the brothers don't want to see her. She was wrong about being able to love two people she tells Jess, you have to make a choice. Jess is lucky because she did make the right choice with Cris. Jess looks doubtful and uncomfortable. Ben and Viki return and Viki tells the family she couldn't get through to Asa. She thanks everyone for the party and for keeping her cancer a secret. She has decided to publish a journal that she has kept of her experience so that she can help others. Everyone approves.

Bus Station

Rae and John open the locker. Inside is a page torn from the Bible and on top is written, "Got the million yet?"

Friday, August 18, 2000


Lanie informs Viki that she is cancer-free. Ben and Viki rejoice and plan a trip to Florida to celebrate. They celebrate at Llanfair with Joey, Jess, Kevin, Kelly and Cristian. Kevin and Kelly try to stay away from each other for Joey's well being. Joey alternates between looking lost and glaring angrily at them. Jess and Cris shoot baskets and just enjoy each others company.

Sophia cooks Antonio an Italian dinner. After she spills sauce on his shirt and attempts to wipe it off, she is incredibly turned on by his hard body. He is oblivious to her feelings. When Sophia mentions his divorce from Andy, Antonio states that he agrees with department policy that partners should not date each other. Sophia is crushed.

Todd and Sam confront Colin about Nora's whereabouts. He denies knowing anything and suggests that Sam's grief is clouding his judgment. Later, Sam asks Todd's opinion concerning his belief that Nora is alive. Todd declares that Sam and Nora always had a special connection and if Sam believes that Nora is alive, then she is alive and Sam is not crazy. Sam leaves to pursue a lead concerning Nora. Todd visits a sleeping Nora.

Asa dreams about Heaven and Hell. The dream shifts from his killing Will, Sam and Ben to all of his Buchanan family along with the Rappaports celebrating in Crossroads Bar. Max appears and the Buchanans and Rappaports declare that he is not Asa's son and shoot him with guns that spell BANG when the trigger is pulled. Asa wakes up with the urgent belief that Max is going to be killed that night.

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