One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on OLTL

Jessica and Cristian made their wedding plans. Lindsay gave Nora a memory-altering drug, but Colin gave Nora another drug to counteract the first one. Viki completed her chemotherapy. Joey wanted a divorce. Will called Sam about Nora.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, August 7, 2000


Jessica and Cristian share a romantic picnic together. They feed each other twinkies and talk about having the perfect wedding. Cris plays a song, but after he sees the way Jess responds to it, he knows it was her and Will's song. Jess tries to convince Cris and herself that Will is completely out of her life. As Cris is feeling guilty about not telling Jessica the truth about Will's departure, she is silently thinking of Will. Meanwhile, Todd is setting Will up to leave the country on a ship. Will comes to grips with leaving everyone behind. Todd lies that Jess and Cris are getting married right away in Vegas. He also reveals Lindsay's involvement in Nora's imprisonment. Will doesn't believe his mother would do something like that. Will writes Jess a goodbye letter.

Melanie and Sam discuss Bo and why she and he aren't together. Sam doesn't think she should give him up for Lindsay, but Lanie feels she has to do it for her sister. Lanie explains Lindsay's "breakdown", and how she took her to the hospital the night Mathew was sick. Sam believes that when Lindsay wants something she will do anything and hurt anyone in the process of getting it. Lanie, however, is convinced she knows her sister, and she would never do that. Sam recalls a time in his life when someone he loved pulled the wool over his eyes—Todd. He thought Todd would never hurt him that way either...

At Colin's, Nora fights to persuade Lindsay not to use the memory altering drug. Nora says she will let Lindsay be the hero for "rescuing" her from Colin. She promises on her children's lives she won't tell anyone about what has happened. Lindsay is ready to believe her, but Colin yells for Nora from the basement, and Nora screams for help. When Colin rushes in, Nora lunges into his arms and Lindsay, syringe in hand, falls on to Nora!

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

Colin raced against the clock to come up with the antidote for Nora, while covering his tracks with a suspicious Melanie. Lindsay hovered over an unconscious Nora to make sure that her drug took the right effect. Meanwhile, in her mind Nora struggled to make sense of all her memories in an effort to keep them intact. An unconscious Nora found herself on trial, defending her memories, with Viki as the judge and all her friends as witnesses. Colin was furious with Lindsay for using the drug and administered an antidote, unsure of what the outcome would be.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Cherryvale Clinic

When Melanie arrives, she is upset to find an anxious Viki waiting for a missing Colin. Viki wants to get her "final" chemo treatment underway; she feels confident that she will be in remission but she is still worried. "If I'm so sure, why am I so scared?" Melanie explains it is "perfectly normal to be afraid" but Viki confesses it is much more than the cancer that is bothering her. As she tells Mel about her family being in "such a mess," Kelly interrupts them. Melanie excuses herself to go and look for Colin. Kelly apologizes to Viki for what has happened between she and Joey and Kevin. "I don't understand...why it must be very disappointed in me." Of course, Viki doesn't place any "blame" on Kelly and is sorry she doesn't "know where to begin to help you." Kevin comes in, followed by Joe; while they wait for Colin to show, they try to make small talk and are not very good at it. Kevin finally breaks the awkward silence when he tries to assure his mother that she shouldn't worry about the three of them because "we'll work this out...we'll take care of ourselves." Believing it is her fault, Kelly apologizes to Viki and leaves the room. Following Kelly outside, Joey tells his wife that he hates seeing her "like this...this has been a nightmare for all of us." Kelly wants Joey to tell her "what you want me to do and I'll do it." Joey surprises Kelly with his response. "I think we should talk about getting a divorce."

Colin's House

Colin and Lindsay hover at Nora's bedside where she is apparently now hooked up to EEG equipment that shows "abnormal brainwave activity." Colin is upset with Lindsay. "That drug you gave her did something to wasn't good." When Lindsay claims that she was justified in doing what she did because Nora "would have crucified us both," Colin isn't buying into Lindsay's mental justification and instead is feeling very guilty and scared for Nora. Later, Colin empties the drawer of the nightstand, putting Nora's jewelry and the tape into an envelope but keeping the contents secret from Lindsay. While Colin and Lindsay argue, Nora stirs and opens her eyes, but she only stares into space and doesn't speak when Colin asks her to. Downstairs, the doorbell rings and Melanie lets herself into the house calling for Colin. He finally comes downstairs claiming he overslept or had "a touch of the flu." When Melanie asks Colin about the "seizure drug...still in clinical trials" he removed from Cherryvale, he claims no knowledge of it and acts hurt that Lanie would try to ruin his medical career "out of vindictiveness." Melanie notices Lindsay's purse on the foyer table and calls for her sister to "come out or I'm coming up..." Lindsay comes downstairs and tells Melanie that she "needed someone to talk to" and Colin had surprisingly helped her "feel more stable." Lanie asks if Colin gave her the drug and, for once, Lindsay doesn't have to lie when she tells her sister he did not. Colin angrily tells Melanie to leave the since she isn't there for a reconciliation. After Melanie leaves, Lindsay instructs Colin to "get the rest of Nora's things together and get her out of here." However, Colin is "not letting Nora go anywhere."

Asa's Mansion

When Renee is waiting as Asa returns from the ranch, he "knew you'd come to your senses and come home." Asa confesses that he was lonely at the ranch without Renee but she warns him not to "assume" her presence means that she has come back to him. Renee explains that a "prominent Philadelphia lawyer" will be coming to the mansion and one of them will become his client: Asa, if he chooses to confess to setting up Will, or, if not, she will ask him to handle "my divorce." Asa doesn't wait to give Renee his answer. "You and your lawyer, go to hell. Get out. Leave me alone." As she leaves, a tearful Renee warns Asa that he will "lose the rest of your family...lose everyone who still cares about you...end up bitter and alone." Asa places an urgent call to his own lawyer.

Cargo Tanker

When Todd brings him food, water and seasick medication for his voyage, Will is disgusted at the prospect of going somewhere in "this steel coffin." Todd accuses him of being a baby about the whole process which only makes Will more sure that Todd is "crazy" and that he shouldn't have listened to him about leaving the country. Todd then invokes his strongest weapon, Will's love for his family. While Will hopes that Sam may be able to keep him out of jail, Todd agrees that he will try, but if he fails it will "break his heart" and then Will would have his father's "total collapse on your conscience." Todd counters Will's theory of the tape as evidence by saying that "Asa will make sure nobody hears this tape." When Will decides he could go to Statesville and do his time, Todd exaggerates the conditions of a prison and warns Will not to let his "pain, loneliness and shame" show when his loved ones visit. Will takes out the letter he wrote to Jessica and admits that he didn't mean the things he wrote about being glad that she and Cristian would be together. He wants to go to Jess and explain his true feelings, but when Todd taunts him with the fact that Cris and Jess are "very happy," Will rips up the letter. However, when Todd tries to explain that "women do this," Will informs him that he has "no idea of what we had" but agrees that he will "stay" and "do this." After Todd leaves, Will discovers that Todd forgot his cell phone and decides to use it to make a call.


Sam, Hank, Jessica and Cristian are disappointed by Judge Fitzwater's newest decision regarding Will. Although she finds the evidence compelling, she is bothered by "the still absent tape recording" and "can't overlook the fact Mr. Rappaport remains a fugitive...people do not run away when there's nothing to run away from." She dismisses the petition but grants Sam's request that she dismiss without prejudice, allowing him to petition the court again if Will or the tape turns up. Sam appreciates Hank "going to bat" for him and Will but is disappointed that he "was so close to finding" him and vows that he "can't give up" although he assures Hank that if Will is planning to leave the country, neither he nor Ben helped. Outside the courtroom, Sam negotiates with Hank regarding his other clients, Jessica and Cristian. He asks the D.A. to "look at the bigger picture" and not let Asa "victimize" them, too. Hank won't drop the charges, but does agree to Sam's request that they be reduced to misdemeanors with the sentences suspended, one year's probation and community service. Inside the courtroom, Cristian sees how upset Jessica is at the judge's decision and suggests, "You can lie to me but don't lie to still care about Will a lot." Jess admits that she does care, she doesn't want to see Will go to prison because it's "unfair" but she's "not sorry I won't see him again." After Sam advises that they take Hank's plea bargain and "get on with your lives," Cristian asks Judge Fitzwater to help speed up his annulment from Roseanne. Judge Fitzwater declares that he and Jess are both "too young to be married...especially for a second time" but finally agrees to see "what I can do."

Later, in the hallway, as Sam begins to talk to Hank about his thoughts concerning a new DNA test for Matthew, they are rudely interrupted by Asa loudly informing Sam that his attorney is "filing a petition" for a new DNA test on behalf of his grandfather, "yours truly." Jessica overhears this exchange and is upset by her grandfather's claim of doing this "for us...for you." "Matthew is much better off as a have hurt every single one of your grandchildren...I don't want you to hurt Matthew, too." When Asa vows that if Matthew is indeed a Buchanan, he will "lay claim to him," Jessica explodes. "I don't even want to be a Buchanan...I can't wait to be Mrs. Cristian Vega." After Jessica walks out on him, Asa muses that she "could have done a hell of a lot better" than "that kid" but doesn't take kindly to Sam's suggestion that Asa take Jessica to court so that he could "have your whole family in a courtroom don't have to sit home all alone." Insults fly back and forth between the two men about how they will face off in a courtroom until Hank steps in and tries to get Asa to back off by invoking Bo's name and what he would say if he was there. Hank knows that "Bo doesn't want a test this way." But when that doesn't work, Hank vows to Asa that he is now "that much more determined to nail you for framing Will" and he is going to locate Bo and "if he doesn't come here and put the brakes on you, I'll do it...that's a promise."

Later, standing alone in the hallway, Sam answers his cell phone and is surprised to hear Will's voice. Through a bad connection, Sam is confused by Will's apology for not making it home "for the reunion...Nora coming home." Sam tells his son that Nora is dead but Will stuns his father. "Didn't you get the word? Nora's alive. She is. I saw her. She's alive."

Thursday, August 10, 2000

Police Station

Skye tries to convince a police officer to release Daniel from custody because he's being framed by John Sykes. Daniel tells her he'd sue everyone but he has to avoid the mob. Skye is willing to give him money and help him out if he'll only help her prove that Blair is out to get Max. Just then, Asa comes by, trying to find out Bo's whereabouts but he's advised by the cop that there are strict orders not to divulge that information. Skye offers to help Asa get rid of one of his worst enemies if he'll let her and a friend move into the mansion. Asa wants no parts of Skye;he's already paid her money to help him out and she failed him and she's a loser. Skye becomes upset upon hearing that but Daniel offers to help her anyway. Skye can't understand why since she's heard that he's a cheat and a liar but he claims it's from the goodness of his heart. He realizes that she's still in love with Max but tells her she will get an unexpected something out of this whole thing. Skye's lawyer shows up and manages to get Daniel released after Hank agrees they have no evidence to hold him. Skye promises to find Daniel a place to hide. They agree to stop at the Palace Hotel Bar but Daniel wants to stop by his room first to change his clothes. Sam(by the courtroom) is on the phone with Will, who tells him that Nora is alive and is being held captive by Colin. He thought Sam knew because he was supposed to have been told (by Todd though Sam doesn't catch the name because of the bad connection). Sam is beyond belief and Will tells him he has to get to her. The phone goes out and Sam rushes to get to Colin's house, stopping to tell Hank the news but not waiting for him. Hank gets Colin's address from one of the other police officers.

Daniel's Hotel Room

Rae uses a ploy to get into Daniel's room and though the bellhop wants to stay with her, she manages to get rid of him. She needs to search for clues to lead her to her daughter. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door-it's John. She's thinking he should be arresting her or yelling at her, so he tells her to consider it done. He wants to know why she ran out on him after their kiss previously. She didn't want to get passionate and see him naked, she admits. John appears amused at that but she also is afraid something will happen between them. He wonders what Dr. Rae would advise someone in a similar situation. They both admit that not only is the other a good kisser but they're scared. Rae wants John to take it slowly. He gives her a little kiss and she agrees it could be a little faster than that. Rae wants to search the room, John thinks she should lie to Daniel and agree to pay him the money he wants. Just then, John gets a call to get to Colin's house to help prevent Sam from killing someone. He gets Rae to leave also and orders her to stay out of the room. After John leaves, Rae gets back into the room(she still has the key and John didn't make her promise) and begins to tear the room apart, looking for her information. The door opens and Daniel walks in.

Palace Hotel Bar

Sophia, in disguise, sits down at a table, while nearby, Antonio is sitting and studying for his exam. He spots her and walks over pretending to be the waiter. Sophia doesn't look up and doesn't realize it's him until he speaks some Spanish. He wants to know why she's following him and not home studying. She needs to watch over him because he almost got his butt kicked getting caught in R.J.'s apartment, she says. They both argue over who's fault that was and he tells her again that he will work solo. Sophia insists he needs her as a backup but Antonio tells her they will be in big trouble if the academy finds this out since it's not official. He urges her to go home and study, he has his own idea and doesn't need her help. She storms off after telling him to get killed. He then places a call to an illegal drug hotline and tells them anonymously about a drug shipment. He gives R.J.'s name.

Cargo Tanker

Will keeps trying to reach Sam on the phone but realizes it's no longer working. He also comes to the conclusion that Sam was never told by Todd that Nora was alive at Colin's house. He hates himself for leaving her alone there. He bangs on the door, calling for help to get out.

Colin's House

Lindsay wants to drop Nora somewhere, like a hospital emergency room, but Colin refuses, saying she can't go anywhere. He can't leave her, he yells emotionally. He saved her, she's his patient and his responsibility. Lindsay destroyed her and will have them put in prison. Lindsay thinks otherwise, that Colin has jeopardized them. She accuses him of being in love with Nora-first Sam, then Bo and now him. He pulls her upstairs to Nora's room to show her the abnormal EEG and tells her she's inhuman. First she was taken away from her family and now this, he accuses her. They accuse each other of being responsible but finally agree they're both guilty. Colin announces that he has always cared for her as a person and will now try to restore her, saving her life and his soul. Lindsay wonders how this will be done since there are always people at the house or maybe she'll come out of it. All of a sudden, Sam appears at the front door, banging and knocking away, threatening to break it down if he's not let in. Colin and Lindsay panic, realizing that Will must have told Sam about Nora. They can't let him in, but he finally crashes the door down and demands to know where Nora is as Colin rushes down the stairs. He orders Sam out but Sam refuses to leave because he knows that Nora is upstairs, Will told him. Lindsay races down and claims that no one is there. It dawns on Sam that Lindsay must be behind this whole thing because she's always hated Nora and Colin would have no reason to do this on his own. Lindsay claims ignorance but Sam wonders why they won't let him up the stairs if she's really not there. The police show up and without waiting, Sam runs upstairs, opening bedroom doors and calling Nora's name, until he sees something in one of the rooms.

Friday, August 11, 2000

Ben and Viki enjoyed a romantic reunion. Ben worried about telling Sam that he couldn't find Will. Ben thought about going to Asa using himself as a bargaining chip, but needed to tell Sam the truth first. Will wrote a letter to Sam in an effort to warn him about Todd. Rae got Daniel to discuss their marriage and his resentment toward her. Rae finally agreed to give Daniel the million dollars if she found her daughter.

Blair and Max made progress after a romantic getaway. All bets were off however, when Blair witnessed the attraction between Max and Skye. Blair told Max that she was pregnant - or at least she wanted to be. Sam, Lindsay and Colin were stunned to see no sign of Nora in Colin's bedroom. Colin denied even knowing Nora, but admitted that Will had been there. Later, Sam was horrified to return home and find Asa with Matthew. Meanwhile, as Nora rested peacefully, it was revealed that Todd had taken her out of Colin's house.

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