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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, August 7, 2000

Holden wants to know why Jack didn't inform him that the police were questioning his wife. He doesn't buy Jack's explanation of a follow-up on Celia's case. The conversation turns to the pictures of Lily and Simon. Holden wants to know what Jack's not telling him. Jack keeps quiet, and Holden tells him about his impending trip. When he reveals he wants another child, Jack wonders if things are moving too fast with Holden and Lily. He mentions Lily's odd behavior when the police asked her about the showgirl in Atlantic City.

A guilt-ridden Bryant breaks down in Lucinda's arms as she informs him of Parker's dire condition. Lucinda tells him it was only an accident and she's on his side. He wonders if she'll still be on his side if Parker dies. Hal loses it when he and Barbara see Parker hooked up to several machines. He lashes out when Barbara offers comfort. A police officer interrupts to let Hal know that Bryant is awake.

Craig accuses Carly of trying to hustle him. Winston interrupts and throws Carly out of the room. She listens outside the door with a smirk as Craig threatens Winston. Julia and Lisa wonder why Carly hasn't responded to the fax.

Jack tells Holden that whatever happened to Lily in Atlantic City may have damaged her emotionally as they compare notes about her odd behavior. Holden arrives home. Rose comes on to him, but he's not in the mood. He tries to get her to tell him about the interrogation, unsuccessfully. He tells her she's changed, and she responds that change is good and pulls him into a kiss. He pulls away and leaves to check on the kids. Rose is asleep when he returns. He searches Lily's computer and comes upon a picture of 'Beloved'.

Hal storms into Bryant's room. Bryant starts to apologize, but Hal cuts him off, telling him that won't cut it. Lucinda forces Hal out of the room. She defends her grandson. When Hal threatens prosecution, Lucinda shifts blame to Jennifer. Hal swears that if Parker dies, Bryant will spend his life behind bars. Lucinda's surprised by his veracity and pleads Bryant's case. When Hal refuses to listen, she forbids him to talk to Bryant without a lawyer. When Hal returns to Parker's room, he blows off Jennifer's apology. As Hal and Barbara talk to a nurse, Jennifer begs a comatose Parker to pull through. Barbara asks Hal to come home for a while. He refuses, sniping that he wishes Parker's 'real' mother were there.

Julia admits to Lisa that the thought of Jack and Carly makes her feel insecure. Jack arrives home and Julia rushes into his arms. He gives them an update on Parker, and wishes they knew how to contact Carly. Lisa makes a hasty exit. Jack fills Julia in on the strange goings-on with Lily. She gets nervous when he mentions not being able to trust someone you love.

Winston tries to talk his way out of his situation with Craig, who tells him he has one hour to get him the microchips, or Craig will destroy him. As Craig comes out of the room, Carly ducks into Winston's office to hide. She finds the fax from Julia detailing Parker's condition.

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

Molly consults Abigail as she prepares for a date with Jake. Chris informs Emily that David Stenbeck is going to trial. Jake arrives home and again mistakes Emily for Vicky. She's upset about the trial and worried that Tom will find out about her business dealings with Stenbeck. They argue when he tells her to stop the damsel in distress routine. Molly arrives and is miffed to see Emily.

Barbara stops Jennifer from visiting Bryant's room. He hears them and listens at the door as they argue. Jennifer tells her mom that she, not Bryant, is responsible for Parker's injuries.

Mai Lin catches Carly packing her bags and warns her that Winston is drunk and angry. When she expresses worry that Winston will kill Carly, Carly retorts that she'll kill him first. Winston catches Carly just before she leaves. When she tells him about Parker, he tells her that he hopes the boy dies. He passes out, and Carly attempts to sneak out of the room. He wakes up and grabs her.

Chris receives a call at the paper about an accident involving Bryant and an unnamed girl. He immediately worries that it was Abigail, and calls to check on her. When she hears about Bryant, Abigail takes off to the hospital. Bryant tells her about Jennifer and Parker being in the car with him. Abigail feels responsible when she realizes that they were all in the car because of her threat to tell Jennifer about Bryant's two-timing.

Molly starts in on Emily, and Jake interferes before Em can spill the beans about David's trial. Jake convinces her to leave. Jake and Molly share a kiss. Emily returns to the office, where Chris questions where she's been. He's jealous that Emily leans on Jake instead of him. He reminds her that there was a time when he was the only one who cared what happened to her. Chris takes off just as a process server subpoenas Emily. She 'generously' offers information on where the server can find Molly. Jake and Molly are having a wonderful time until they're interrupted by the subpoena. Molly is horrified when she finds out she'll have to testify against David. Jake promises to be with her every step of the way.

Winston attacks Carly. As she fights him off, he falls over from a heart attack. Carly thinks he's faking, and stands and watches. She's checking for a pulse as Mai Lin walks in. Winston is dead.

Bryant tells Abigail he's to blame for the accident since he set things in motion by playing her against Jen. He tells her she's his best friend and he doesn't want to lose her. She realizes he's in love with Jen, and she's the only one who got played. Abigail runs out of the room, and into Jennifer. Jen's happy to see a friendly face. The girls make up.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Craig finds Carly standing over Winston's dead body. Andy is upset when Kim tells him they're planning on remodeling the house to make it handicap-accessible. Bob informs John the board voted to hold a disciplinary hearing for Ben. Celia foils Simon and Lily's escape attempt and blasts Simon for betraying her.

Lily is forced to throw away her machete when Celia aims her gun at Simon's head. Despite Carly's pleas, Craig refuses to help her leave until he finds his microchips. Celia taunts Lily that Rose is pretending to be her and nobody is noticing the difference, but Lily refuses to believe it. When Celia then says she herself slept with Holden and describes Lily's bedroom, Lily is enraged and throws a rock at her, causing Celia to drop her gun. The two women then struggle over it.

John tells Andy he has to leave town to help Duke and reminds Andy to be honest at Ben's hearing. Celia regains control of the gun and Lily vows to return from the grave to get her if she harms her children. Denise urges Ben to take the job in St. Louis rather than face the hearing. Carly steals Craig's money and car keys from his coat pocket while he's busy searching and slips away with her suitcase.

Denise agrees to meet Ben at the Lakeview for lunch, then lies to a suspicious Andy about where she's going. Craig discovers his money and keys gone. Simon returns and throws Celia's gun out of reach as he cradles Lily--now they're even.

Thursday, August 10, 2000

Holden found the picture of "Beloved" and after a little question and answer period between Lily about Jacks visit with the Atlantic City cops, he called Lucinda at the hospital with Bryant and told her he needed to talk to her. They think Lily needs psychiatric help and Holden is going to convince "Lily" she needs help also. Holden has finally caught on that after Atlantic City she hasn't been acting the way she used to.

Jen went over to Molly's to ask Abigail to cover for her while she went to see Bryant. Abigail tried to explain to Jen that Bryant was playing both of them for fools but Jen didn't want to listen. She thinks Bryant cared for her and Abigal just read into their friendship to much. Jen ran out and Went to visit Bryant.

Denise went to have lunch with Ben who told her he wasn't going to take the job in St. Louis and he was buying a house for The "Harris" Family. Denise seems to still be unsure about her true feelings for Andy and Andy doesn't want Denise to leave him because He is sure he loves her.

Friday, August 11, 2000

At the hospital, Jennifer confronts Bryant with Abigail's accusations - that Bryant told Abigail he was her boyfriend, not Jen's. Jen says that according to Abigail, he has been lying to the both of them the entire time and pleads with him to tell her she's wrong. Bryant remorsefully confesses that everything Abigail told Jen is the truth. He admits to kissing Abigail just one time but denies that Abigail means anything to him. He states he never had feelings for Abigail like he does for Jen and he wants to work things out with her. Hal finds Jen and Bryant together and berates Jen for coming to see him. He orders her to go home and arrests Bryant for aggravated reckless driving.

Hal tells Jack that Carly needs to be at the hospital because they are going to take Parker off the ventilator. He persuades Jack to interrogate Isaac to determine what really happened the night Carly left town. Jack tells Julia that he is going to intensify his search for Carly at Hal's request. Julia blurts out the truth - Carly already knows about Parker's accident and Julia was the one that faxed her the information. She then pulls the crumpled fax from Carly out of the trash can and gives it to him. Jack is furious that Julia kept the information from him. He says that Julia deliberately kept quiet about Carly's whereabouts because of her insecurities and petty jealousy. They fight and Jack storms out of the house to see Isaac. Isaac tells Jack that he has nothing else to say about that night and that Jack is better off letting the subject of Carly Tenney die. After Jack threatens Isaac with bodily harm, Isaac decides to tell him the shocking truth - that Carly left him at the altar because she was already married to Winston Lowe! Carly arrives at the Oakdale airport.

Lucinda corners Mitzi once Holden and "Lily" leave their house and bombards her with questions. Lucinda offers to quadruple Mitzi's salary and write her a check that "would make Regis's eyes bug out" if she will just 'fess up. Mitzi assures Lucinda that "Lily" is not wacko and that there is no need to worry about her. Holden and "Lily" arrive at the cabin where Holden tells her he has been concerned about her behavior ever since she returned from Atlantic City. The phone interrupts them - it's Mitzi who informs "Lily" of Holden's mission to get to the bottom of her strange behavior. Mitzi outlines Lucinda and Holden's suspicions that "Lily" had a "breakdown" in Atlantic City. Holden then confronts "Lily" with the picture of Beloved and the showgirl flyer with Rose's photo on it!

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