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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on GL
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Monday, August 7, 2000

At Millennium:
All the ex's are there with their lawyers. Beth and Jim with Ross and Phillip. Reva with her new lawyer, Ernest, and Josh with his new lawyer, Russo.

Ross introduces Reva to Ernest. They go sit at the table and Reva begins to tell him how she and Josh are still very civil and want to be fair to each other. She gives him a list that she and Josh had worked out and he is outraged. He tells her how she may think everything is fine but that it usually ends up that the wife is left with nothing and sometimes homeless. He goes through all these horrible tales about divorces and the extremities about how some women even end up bag women with no home, no money, and no kids. Reva tells him that Josh would never be that way with her. He tells her that everything is up for grabs and she needs to do this for her children. She tells him that she and Josh can work things out and she tries to go talk to him but Ernest tells her that she will only talk to Josh through him now.

Russo talks to Josh about the divorce. Josh wants things over fast and to be fair to Reva at the same time. He tells him that things are complicated and that he should start thinking about his own life. He tells Josh that he needs to go after all he can, the house, the cars, the kids. Josh doesn't want that. Then Russo suggests that he starts hiding his money in Swiss bank accounts and even put some in the kid's names. Josh thinks this is ludicrous and tells him that he and Reva don't work that way. Josh tells him that he and Reva can work things out. He starts to go talk to her and Russo stops him. He tells Josh that he will only talk to Reva through him now.

The two lawyers tell their clients they will discuss the preliminaries and get back to them. They meet out at the bar and start talking about how much they are getting paid. They decide to both charge $500 an hour and talk about synchronizing their billing terms. They talk about how they are both going to get rich and then leave to go back to their clients (no wonder attorney's have a bad name). Russo goes back to Josh and tells him all this crap about Reva wanting everything and Ernest does the same thing. He then looks at a piece of paper. He tells Reva they lucked out and have came across Russo and Josh's notes. The notes said that Josh was going to hide his money and take the house and the kids and everything else. Reva got angry and said, "He's trying to cheat me!" Meanwhile, Pilar came around and gave Josh and Russo some champagne from Danny. Reva saw them with champagne and got the wrong idea thinking he was celebrating their divorce. She got up and yelled at Josh telling him that they were in for a fight. She picked up an ice bucket and threw it and accidentally hit Russo who claimed it was an assault and he was calling the cops.

Danny met with Xeno. He talked to him and told him he seemed like small potatoes. Xeno bragged about how he brought down a major player in the mob. Danny asked for more information. The guy bragged but never gave any names. The bartender called up to Danny calling out, "Santos." Xeno got nervous and asked Danny what he said. Danny said he forgot to introduce himself. He introduced himself as Danny Santos and apologized for not telling him sooner but said that he had been having a rough time lately since someone killed his mother but told Xeno he may have already known that and asked him, "did you?"

Phillip is ticked off that everyone is meeting there. He tells them he has no interest in meeting with them at all. Ross told Phillip he needed to remain calm and talk with Beth and Jim but Phillip refuses. Ross takes Phillip aside and admits that he favors Beth and Jim raising James because they have a complete family. He tells him that a judge will feel the same way. Upset that Phillip won't listen to her, Beth threatens to tell the IRS all of his business secrets if he won't stop his legal battle for their baby. Furious with her, Phillip storms out.

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

At Millennium:
Russo is asking for Reva to be arrested. Reva's lawyer says that she wasn't aiming at him but at Josh. The lawyers are still trying to make things worse than it is. Russo suggests that Josh needs protection from Reva. A cop comes in and tells them they can all go down to the station and figure out what happened. The police officer tells them they will settle it at the Police station. Ross asks Ernie if he is okay and he says he thinks he can handle Reva. Ross warns him that a lot of men have had trouble with her.

Later, Ross tells Phillip that Josh and Reva are supposed to be civil and look what just happened, his case would be worse. Phil tells Ross he is fired. Phil says that Ross doesn't grasp that the baby is his son. He doesn't want his rights taken from him. Ross says what about the baby's rights. Beth will come to despise him and the baby will lose his sense of security. Ross tells Phil not to project his issues on the baby. Phil still thinks he is right but Ross tells him he thinks Jim will make a good father. Phil brings up finances and how he foots the bill and they are still living in the Spaulding mansion. Ross tells him to give Jim and Beth a chance to make it on their own as a family. Phil wants to know what if things don't work out and Beth keeps coming to him for money. Phil doesn't want to be just a name on a check. Ross gives him a little advice and tells Phillip that he can't be fired as his uncle or his friend and he will always tell him what he thinks. Rick comes in to talk to Phillip. He gets an attitude and asks Rick why everyone is on Beth's side. Rick says he is acting like a bully and needs to think of Harley. Phil asks how she is. Rick tells him she is miserable and that Phillip is so spoiled he doesn't realize what he is losing. Phil thinks he has already lost Harley but Rick says she is upset with him but he still has a chance. He tells Phillip that he is being a jerk to everyone because he is afraid he is losing Harley. Phil tells Rick he doesn't know why everyone has trouble understanding why he would want to be part of his baby's life, especially Rick. He says that Rick wants kids. Rick gets upset and tells Phil about Abby leaving him. Phil feels bad and tells him how sorry he is. He had no idea that things were so bad. Rick tells him he didn't want to interrupt Phil's self involvement with his problems. Rick warns Phil he will drive everyone away if he is not careful. Rick tells him to go hug Zach and don't give up on! Harley. Phil leaves and Rick sits down at the bar.

Danny tells Carlos he didn't expect him back so soon. Carlos reports that Xeno is staying in a luxury hotel suite paid with a stolen credit card. Carlos says that Xeno is a nobody who likes to brag and that he hit Carmen so he could have a reputation in Chicago. But he had to come back to SF because he is a freelancer, not a team player. Carlos says no one will be upset if Danny takes him out. Danny will close the club early and lure Xeno in with the promise of a high stakes poker game. Carlos agrees to help and tells Danny their families can work together. Pilar wants to know what happened and Danny tells her he can make things right. Bill come in and tells them he hasn't found any info on Claire yet. Danny says he knows who did it. He tells Bill to take Pilar out and do not leave her side until he calls. Pilar says he is being pulled back into that life again and she is scared. Bill tells her she needs to get off the family roller coaster he says the ride could get a little rough. Bill and Pilar leave. Bill tells Pilar to trust Danny. Danny opens the shade and puts the closed sign up.

At the Station:
Frank tells David that Harley is coming back to the force and he wants him (David) to be her partner. Harley comes in with a million things on her mind. On top of everything she is worried about leaving Zach with the sitter. Frank tells her she is partnered with David. David modifies that by saying that she is partnered with him only if she is focused on the job and ready to work. She says she is ready.

Reva, Josh and their lawyers come in still in a big argument and starting a commotion. Frank is trying to get to the bottom of the trouble. Josh doesn't want his lawyer to press charges. Reva's lawyer says that Russo was planning on taking everything and they show Harley his notes. Ernie keeps making a woman's rights issue out of it against Josh and his attorney. Russo goes after Ernie and the police break it up. Josh is trying to get the lawyers to stop making such wild charges. He wants them to go home and do their paperwork. Josh tries to apologize to Reva but she only tells him that his lawyer got what he deserved and that her lawyer will be in touch. Josh leaves and Noah touches Reva on the shoulder, asking if she needs a ride.

At the Spaulding mansion:
Jim tells Beth that he is glad she stood up to Phil and wants to know what she has on him. Beth says nothing but Phil believed her bluff. Jim tells Beth that she should move home with him today. Beth doesn't want to make Phil any angrier but Jim doesn't care what Phil feels. Beth tells him it is a big change and Jim starts packing her stuff. He teases her about being chicken until she agrees to move. She says "to Hell with Phillip." Later, Jim and Beth are happily packing when Lizzie walks in. She tells Beth that she promised her she would never have to leave her dad. She is upset. Beth tells Lizzie that she is sorry she didn't tell her first. They ask why she doesn't want to move. Lizzie mentions a book report for summer school that Phil was going to help her with. Jim and Beth try to reassure her. Lizzie is not happy. Jim says that Lizzie will have her own room because Susan is staying with Harley. Lizzie wants to paint it pink and then she seems happier. They start making plans for the move. Jim and Lizzie go to look for the baby's toys. Beth calls Edmund in San Cristobel and tells him she needs his help. Later, Jim tells Beth that the kid's stuff is all packed. He wants to know who was on the phone; Beth lied and said it was Lillian. Jim tries to reassure Beth that it will work out and they will do it together. Beth says she promises she will do everything to keep the family together.

At Harley's:
There is a party at the house when Phillip gets there. Phil wants to know what is going on. Phil tells the sitter who he is and asks where Harley is. She tells him she is at work. Phillip gets mad and throws her and all the other kids out. He hugs Zach and cleans him up while talking to him. Susan walks in and wants to know why Phil is there. Phil tells Susan he is taking the baby home because the sitter was having a party. Susan is angry and demands he leave the baby with her. Phil tells her she has no manners. Susan tells him he is jerk and storms out. Later, Phil is leaving with Zach. Harley opens the door tells him to stop right where he is.

At Josh's:
Josh comes in to find Olivia wrapped in saran wrap. She holds up some grapes and says she is the appetizer. She asks him to unwrap her. He starts pulling on the plastic wrap. He finds coupons. They are all good for different "offers" from Olivia. She tells him to come and get it. They kiss.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

At Harley's:
Phillip is leaving the house with Zach when Harley returns. She asks him what he is doing and reminds him that it isn't his day to visit. He tells her that he fired the sitter who was having a party. Harley takes the baby from him as Phillip complains about her choice of sitters. Harley tells him she had to stop at the PD to fill out her paperwork for her new job. Phillip wants to know where her priorities are. Harley puts the baby in another room so he won't hear them argue. She comes back and Phillip tells her she had left the baby in a dangerous situation. He tells her if she goes back to work, then Zach will live with him. This angered Harley who tells him that she will take Zach only if it is over her dead body. He wants to know who will be watching their son while she is at work. Harley reminds him that he also works and will have to have a baby sitter. She thinks he can't get the baby from Beth so he wants to take Zach from her. Maybe he wants to get back at her. Phillip claims he is concerned for his son and calls Harley selfish. Harley tells him to look in the mirror. He is the cause of all this misery and doesn't want to admit it. Phillip starts yelling and says everyone is reminding him of his mistakes. Phillip says she won't cut him any slack. She says she did that during the whole marriage. He wants to know why she can't forgive his one really stupid mistake. She says because it was with Beth. Harley says she knows people make mistakes and she has made plenty. She tries to learn from them but Phillip hasn't. Beth is the third wheel in their marriage. Beth has always been a problem with them and Phillip can never say no to her. She reminds him of all the times he helped Beth. Phillip says he can't change that. Harley wants to mean more to Phillip than Beth and be his primary focus. What he did on the plane proves that she isn't. He chose Beth over her. Phillip says it wasn't premeditated. He thought he was going to die which is why it happened. Harley says that means their marriage is secure as long as there are no crisis's. Phillip says no, she is saying that she can only love him when there are no complications. Harley disagrees. He says if he owns up to his shortcomings, she will have to own up to hers. Harley tells Phillip not to twist what she says. They are both upset. Phillip wants to know why they are doing this to themselves. He wants her back. Harley says she wasn't enough for him. She is crying. He says their marriage was everything. He whispers and touches her face. When he is around her he feels complete. She cries that she was not good enough for him. He tells her she was always good enough for him and he misses her. He kisses her slowly. The kissing intensifies. They start kissing very heavily and the clothes are starting to come off. He carries her to the hall table and sits her on it as he takes off her top and lays her on the couch. They make love. After, Phillip is on the couch with his arms around Harley. They are wrapped in blankets. Harley wants to know what just happened. He says what always happens when two people who love each other and need each other get together. She doesn't want him to think they are reconciling. He teases her. She says they were very emotional and it was lust. She still can't trust him. She wants to get dressed before Susan comes home. She walks away wrapped in a blanket as Phillip sits thinking on the couch.

At Millennium:
Carlos and Xeno are sitting around a table playing cards. Danny appears and tells Xeno he will see more action than he bargained for. Danny tells the other guys to leave; their services are no longer needed. Xeno wants to know what this is about. Danny says it is about his mother. He tells Xeno that he had been looking for his mother's killer and thinks Xeno can help him. Xeno says he doesn't know anything and gets ready to leave. His friends in Chicago will take care of him. Danny isn't impressed and asks him about the last time he was in SF. Xeno says a few months ago. Danny says that was when Carmen died. Xeno is so well connected so he should know something. Xeno says he knows nothing. Danny has his goons intimidate him and tells him not to tick him off. Danny wants to know if Xeno heard anyone brag about Carmen's death. Xeno insists he doesn't know anything but Danny presses him. Danny says Xeno's pals in Chicago gave him up. Carlos yells at Xeno. Danny wants Xeno to say he killed her and Xeno finally does. She was going to rat them all out and was a traitor. Danny slaps him and knocks him down. He points a gun at Xeno. Danny tells the thugs to take Xeno in the alley; he doesn't want blood on the floor. Carlos tells Danny to wait. He will take care of it since the police are watching him. He wants to do it for Danny and Carmen as a gesture of his respect. Danny gives the gun to Carlos and leaves. Carlos watches to make sure he is gone. He tells Xeno he did well. Carlos hands Xeno a briefcase filled with money to leave the country. Carlos tells him not to come back. Xeno won't come back and really thought that Danny was going to kill him. Carlos was impressed with Danny. He gets on his cell phone to Maria, grandma Santos. He tells her it is done and Danny bought it. She says, "Well done Carlos, now there will be peace in SF."

At the Police Station:
Frank and David are discussing Carmen's case. David wants to find Carmen's killer. Frank wants the turf war to end and says he wishes Carmen had appointed a successor. David thinks Danny will take over but Frank doesn't think Danny will risk losing Michelle. David thinks the temptation will be too much for him. Frank wants to go out for a beer and forget about it.

At Company:
Ruth is admiring Selena's engagement ring. Selena wonders how she deserved such a wonderful man. She says she has made a lot of mistakes. Buzz walks in and teases them. Ruth congratulates both of them on their engagement. Selena tells Buzz that she likes Ruth and wants her to meet a nice man. Buzz tells her she promised no matchmaking with David. David and Frank come in. David asks Ruth how she is. She says her feet hurt and she sits down at his table. David tells her that he is trying a new idea in the Santos case and will look at Miguel Santos murder file. Maybe they are related. The hit was 10 years ago. David hopes there is no connection because then Danny would be next on the list. Selena seems nervous. She stares as her ring and has a flashback about lying in bed with someone trying to stab her. A man in a suit rescues her. Buzz brings her back to the present. He asks her if she likes the ring and she says she loves it. He says it will look better with a wedding ring next to it. He will wear one too. He will make her so happy she won't be able to stand it.

David is talking to Ruth about Charlie making the baseball team. He offers to drive her home but she tells him that he is there with Frank. Ruth leaves. Frank tells David they are discussing Buzz and Selena's honeymoon plans. David brings up the murder of Miguel Santos and he asks her about that time in Chicago. He wants to know if she knew Miguel Santos. Selena gets nervous and says ten years was a long time ago. Buzz wants to know how Miguel died and Selena says he was found nearly beaten to death in a hotel room. David is still worried about Danny's safety.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle is in the kitchen when Rick comes in. She is holding a folder containing info about reapplying to med school. Rick wants to know where Danny is. He is teasing her but Michelle is worried about where he is. Rick says for a dead woman Carmen still causes a lot of trouble. Danny comes back. She asks him what is wrong. He says it is over. He found the person who killed Carmen and it wasn't Claire. She asks if he called the police and he says he took care of it. He tries to leave the room. She asks what he has done.

Thursday, August 10, 2000

At Harley's:
Phil is buttoning his shirt and Harley is already dressed. She asks him what that was, she needs to know. He says it was obvious. She says she has not experienced anything like that in her entire life. Phil doesn't want to analyze it but Harley is confused. Phil offers to help her with her skirt but Harley says no. Phil says they wouldn't want to risk spontaneous combustion again. He doesn't want to risk Susan walking in and mentions what happened with her earlier. Harley says Susan must think she is totally irresponsible and she is; look what just happened. Phil is smiling.
Harley finds her shoes, and says now if I could just find my dignity. Phil touches her face and tells her she is beautiful. They kiss slowly. Harley tells him that she doesn't want to confuse the situation more than it already is. Phil says he is not confused and wants to be with her. He says the baby is not more important than her. He will back off on the custody and adoption issue. He will visit Lizzie in a way that won't interfere with Zach and Harley. He will try to get along with Susan. Harley wants to know what Ross said to him. Phil says that everyone told him the same thing and it finally makes sense. He asks Harley what he has to do to make it up to her. Right now, Harley can't think. He holds her and tells her not to think. Harley doesn't want to wake up from how things are at that moment. She faces him as he hugs her and tells her she doesn't have to. Harley tells him she wants him too. She wishes that it could always be this way and that she could trust him. She doesn't know how to get that back. Every time she thinks they are almost there something happens and Beth is in the middle. Phil says that the idea of Beth should not come between them. Harley is the only one who can get her out. Beth is not in his heart, Harley is. They are hugging when Susan comes home and says, "Oh no." Susan mentions the babysitter incident and wants to know what Phil is doing here. Susan has an attitude and Phil leaves, promising to call Harley tomorrow. Susan wants to know what went on with Phil and how could she do that. How could she let him touch her like that? Harley tells her not to say another word. She starts straightening up the living room and tells Susan that she has been cutting her too much slack and there will be rules. Harley wants to know Susan's opinion and she tells her that she thinks Phil is a creep. Harley says that Susan will not be cruel and unkind in expressing herself and that she needs to adjust her attitude and not spread her cloud of doom. Susan says if she is such a drag maybe she should move out or go to boarding school. Harley says if she wants to go to boarding school she will try to make it work but she would like her to stay. She is grateful for Susan and thinks she is growing up to be a beautiful smart young woman and she loves her. They hug. Susan asks if she can take a hot bath and use Harley's pear scented soap. She leaves and Harley picks up the phone and dials Buzz and tells him she needs him. Buzz talks to Harley about forgiveness. He hopes she isn't upset with him but with Phillip. He tells her he has received a lot of forgiveness. It cannot be earned; it must be given freely. Harley wants to know if she should forgive Phil and if so what about accountability? Buzz says that forgiveness is about letting go. Harley wants to know what she gets out of it. Buzz says she will get a clean slate. It will save her a hernia from the anger and resentment she will be carrying around. When you are hurt, you hurt other people you love without meaning too. Harley has tried to bury her feelings but it is not working. She wants to know if she should forgive Phil and starts talking about the baby and pretending it doesn't bother her. Buzz says that she has to face it and make it not bother her. He says that maybe it isn't about Beth and Phil. He thinks that she is hardest on herself and that is what is wrong. She needs to forgive herself.

At the Bauers':
Michelle wants to know what Danny did with the info about Carmen's killer. He says he encouraged the guy to tell the truth. Michelle wants to know how he encouraged the guy and where he is now. Danny doesn't want to talk about it anymore. He says he is tired. Michelle tells him they made promises and he is shutting her out. He tells her she should trust him. Michelle wants to know what "dealt with" means. Danny says that it means they are free and the book on the Santos family business is closed. He can run the club and she can go to med school. They can have children. He is trying to hold her but she pushes him away. She wants to know what he has done and says, "You killed him?" Danny says he killed no one. She says he had someone else do it. They argue. Danny says it was necessary. Michelle says that violence is not an answer. He tells her he needed to insure their life. The weak do not inherit the earth, you use force or force gets used on you. He did it to have a free life with her and their children. Michelle says that he knew how she felt about it but didn't consider her feelings. The man's blood is on his hands whether he did it himself or not. Michelle says she doesn't want to be a victim to retaliation and wants to know when it will end. She loves him but there are some places he goes that she cannot follow. She cannot be here waiting while there is blood on his hands. Danny says Carmen was his mother. Michelle wanted him to contact the police. Danny wanted to show strength and not weakness. He needed to protect the family. He wants her to accept that he did what he needed to do in order to survive. A message was sent when Carmen was hit and he had to respond. Michelle says she can't be married to him. She wants him to leave the house tonight. The situation is very tense. Danny walks away and Michelle has tears in her eyes. Later, Michelle is at the table and Rick asks if there is anything he can do. Danny leaves and says Michelle will explain and he will be in touch. Michelle tells Rick not to say anything and starts to cry. It hurts so bad she may die. Rick tries to comfort her. She says that Danny tried to get away but couldn't. She did the right thing but will never love anyone like she loved Danny. She wants to know how to go on when a part of you has been ripped out. Rick hugs her and says they will find out together.

At the Santos House:
Pilar and Bill are with Grandma Santos. Pilar wants to know if she has heard from Danny. She is worried. Danny walks in. He says he found Carmen's killer and that his marriage is over, Michelle's final decision. Danny tells his grandmother he can't believe it's over. She asks if he means the search for Carmen's killer or his marriage. Danny says both. Grandma asks if he is sure and if Carlos took care of it. Danny says yes. He wants to stay there a few days and he goes to settle in. She calls Carlos and tells him he played his role well. Danny is convinced justice has been done. Danny's wife has left him too. Carlos says that Michelle was the reason Danny didn't stay in the business. Maria was glad that Danny stayed out of the business while Carmen was alive. Otherwise the same thing would have happened to him that happened with his father. Grandma wants Danny to choose the business on his own. Carlos tells her Danny will be back. As Maria hangs up the phone, Danny enters. She says it was Ray on the phone. She is tired and wants to go to bed. She tells Danny she is happy to have him home but sorry about Michelle's decision. Danny turns off the lights. He looks out the window and Michelle is looking out her window. Rick is holding his wedding ring and looking sad. Harley is walking in her darkened living room and thinking.

Friday, August 11, 2000

At the country club garden:
Phillip is at a table when Rick joins him. Rick apologizes for the way he spoke to him the other day. Phillip asks Rick if that was an apology. Phillip tells him he knows he has been a jerk and apologizes. He tells Rick he is sorry about him and Abby. He tells Rick that he went to see Harley and they started to fight but wound up "not fighting." Rick thinks that is a positive sign. Phillip says it was the most incredible all consuming experience for both of them but is still far from a reconciliation. He sees things more clearly now and is going to try to back off from Beth and Jim. Rick is pleasantly surprised and wants to know what Harley thinks. Phillip thanks Rick for being such a good friend and giving him good advice. Rick leaves.

Phillip is on the phone when Alan arrives. He wanted to know where Phillip was last night. Alan asks Phillip if he noticed that Beth and the kids moved out. He tells him that Jim stole Phillip's children and he hopes Phillip will do something about it. Phillip says he plans to do plenty.

At the Santos:
Danny is sitting at the desk in the Santos house looking at Michelle's picture. Ray enters and Danny tells him that Michelle threw him out. He mentions finding Carmen's killer and how he handled the situation. Ray asks Danny if Carlos hadn't taken care of the guy would Danny have taken care of him himself? Danny said he probably would have and whether he did it or had it done the blood is on his hands and he doesn't regret his decision because he had to make an example of him. Ray knows Michelle doesn't see it that way. Michelle thinks he broke his promise to avoid violence and Ray agrees with her. He says that part of Danny did it for revenge. Danny says maybe it is better that they broke up. Ray said that he knew the day would come when Danny would have to make a choice between Michelle and the family. Danny says that one minute he was looking for information and the next minute he wanted to kill the guy and slipped right back into his old ways. Danny says that what he did was self-defense to protect him and his family. Ray thinks he is trying to justify his actions. Danny says he has been thinking about his father lately and wondering if he struggled with the same decisions. Ray said that he thinks he did as did his father and their grandfathers but Danny doesn't have to make the same choices as his father. Danny tells Ray that when he was a child he thought he was different from his father and brother. He thought when it was his turn he would find a way out of the family and he thought Michelle was that way. Ray says he thinks Michelle is good for him and asks to hear his confession. They argue a bit and Ray says if he is so intent on following the family code why didn't he kill Michelle over Mick. He shows Danny that he does what is in his heart and does not always follow the rules. He wants Danny to think and tells him he is only a phone call away. Ray says he will go see Michelle and wants to know if he has a message for her. Ray tells D! anny never to give up hope on his marriage or on himself.

In the Bauer kitchen:
Michelle is making breakfast when Claire enters. She says she has been trying to give her space since Abby left and offers to move out. It will be hers and Danny's choice. Michelle tells her she doesn't have to move on her account but she needs to check with Rick. Claire asks about Danny and Michelle tells her that he has moved out. Claire wants to know what happened. Michelle says they had a different outlook on life and she doesn't want to talk about it. Claire offers her sympathy but Michelle didn't want it. She asked Claire to leave so she can enjoy her breakfast alone. Claire leaves.

Later, Michelle is baking cookies when Ray gets there. Ray asks her how many times she and Danny took their marriage vows and then asks her why they are separated. She asks Ray if he knows what happened and tells him she feels no matter how much she loves him, Danny will not be able to get away from his family. Ray says Danny never will if she leaves him. Michelle says she isn't Danny's savior. Ray tells her that Danny is a better person when he is with her. She tells him she just wanted a normal life with children. Ray tells her that Danny wants that too. Michelle was hurt when he reverted to violent behavior. Ray says they can go to counseling; they have been through so much already surely they can get through this. Ray tells her that now Danny needs her more than ever.

At Harley's:
Harley is at home when Rick stops by. Rick asks her about the fight she had with Phillip. She tells him that she got Zach a new sitter. Harley wants to know what else he knows and asks if Phillip thinks they are reconciling. Harley says in the cold light of day, nothing has changed. She said she is confused and never planned to make love with Phillip. She was swept away. Rick says this sounds a lot like what happened to Phillip and Beth on the plane. Harley is upset and Rick asks her if she is all right. She isn't sure anymore. For weeks Phillip has been trying to make her understand and now she just got it. Two people have a need for a connection and you just can't stop it. Maybe Phillip was right and she was just being stubborn. She tells Rick she is glad that he said that cause it has given her a lot to think about. Rick says he just hopes they can work things out. He leaves. Harley picks up the phone.

At Jim's house:
Beth says she is happy to be there and she feels like they are a family again. Jim is still putting stuff away when Phillip arrives and asks if they are settled in. Phillip said that he would have appreciated being told about the move. They say they told Lillian and the servants but Phillip says they could have called him on his cell phone. Tension escalates and Phillip asks for Lizzie but she is at summer school. Phillip says he would just like to know where the kids are. In the future he would like them to communicate better. Beth agrees but Jim becomes sarcastic. Phillip says he doesn't want a fight and if Jim would listens he might like what Phillip has to say. He says things got out of hand at the meeting and hopes tempers have cooled down to the point where they can compromise. Jim is skeptical but Beth wants to listen. Phillip says that he will back off from the custody issue if they will make certain concessions. Beth agrees that they should have told him when they took the kids. Phillip will drop the custody suit if they will make promises to him. Jim doesn't want to compromise. Jim tells Phillip now that he knows where the kids are he might as well leave. Beth thinks they can discuss things but Jim tells Phillip to contact their attorney. Phillip leaves. Beth yells at Jim for not hearing the compromise. Jim says he should have called first and he can't stand to be in the same room with him. Jim gets angry and goes out for a walk. Beth is holding the baby when the doorbell rings. It is Edmund. He tells her he is at her service.

Later at the country club:
Harley sees Alan at the country club and asks for Phillip. He says Phillip is with Beth. He can't seem to get enough of her. He tells her that Beth and Jim moved out and Phillip thinks that he is going over there because of the baby but it is because he can't stand Beth with another man. Harley tells him she has had enough of his games and wants him to tell her the truth. Alan tells Harley he is not sure she can handle the truth. Harley says that when they were in SC waiting to find Phillip after the plane crash, Alan told her that Phillip belonged with her and that she made him a better man. Did he mean that? Alan says no. He didn't want to alienate her in case Phillip came back. She has a lot of good qualities but is not suitable to be Phillip's wife; Beth is. Beth has grace and style and is the love of his life. When he faced death, Phillip chose Beth and now they have two children. Their bond keeps getting stronger and Harley will always be runner up. He tells her what happened on the plane was not a mistake but his marriage to her was. Harley says he can tell the truth. Alan says he hopes that Phillip will be truthful with himself. Harley leaves and seems shaken.

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