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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on GL
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Monday, August 14, 2000

At Jim's house:
Beth is talking to Edmund who just arrived. Edmund tells her he came as quickly as he could after receiving her phone call. Edmund asks about what she needed in terms of help. She tells him that since Jim wants to adopt James and Phillip is standing in the way she needs his help in reconciling Phillip and Harley. She tells Edmund that she is desperate. She even tried blackmailing Phillip telling him she would call the IRS on the company. Beth says that the irony of the whole situation is that Phillip wants to be with Harley. Edmund says that if Beth wants the gulf between Phillip and Harley closed, this is one quick way to do it. Beth asks what Edmund has in mind, he says that Phillip is a competitive man who has to win so Phillip needs to be motivated into action by means of jealousy, a jealousy that would come from him making advances towards Harley. Beth laughs at the idea of Edmund seducing Harley and tells him the only way Harley would want to see Edmund naked is on an autopsy table. Ed says to be blunt I can get any woman I want if I try. Beth responds to him by saying she also has to be blunt and say that she was one of them and he didn't get her. Edmund tells her that he hasn't even begun to try... yet. Beth gets very nervous and tells Edmund that she and Jim are happy together so he shouldn't have any illusions. Edmund asks her if she means illusions about slipping her blouse off and kissing every inch of her alabaster skin. Then he tells her that the thought never crossed his mind. Beth quickly tries to change the subject. Edmund tells her he has lots to do so he must get going. Beth wants to discuss what he just said but Edmund tells her not to worry about it right now and that first they have to solve her Phillip problem. He leaves.

At Company:
Harley comes telling herself how stupid she is for listening to people and going after Phillip. Selena and Buzz ask her what is wrong and Harley tells them how she was starting to trust Phillip again and then he ran after Beth after finding out that she and Jim took Lizzie and James to Jim's house. Harley says that she was dumb to even think of forgiving Phillip. Harley tells Buzz she would like to thank two people for their infinite wisdom, him and Alan. She tells Buzz how Alan was thrilled to tell her about Phillip's big mistake not being when he made love to Beth in the plane, but when he married her. Buzz and Selena groan at that comment when Rick walks up to them. Buzz tells Harley to forget about the message and think about who the messenger was ... Alan. Buzz, Selena, and Rick try to calm Harley down. Harley says that all this is Beth's fault because Beth is not happy unless all the men in her life are hovering over her. In spite of Buzz and Rick's pleas to have Harley listen to what Phillip has to say about going over to see Beth, she refuses saying that she has to get to work. Rick asks her again to go to Phillip. She says she can't because she couldn't handle it if Alan was right. Harley leaves. Buzz (sarcastically) talks about marriage and how it does wonders for people. Buzz and Rick talk about all the bad things that come from marriage. Selena walks up and says I'm glad you're looking forward to it. Buzz tries to cover. She says nice try. He tells her that he has already made a wedding list and if he weren't looking forward to them being together he wouldn't have. She tells him that she also has a list and they start to compare. Buzz and Selena compare lists about their wedding ceremony, and after Rick tries to make a graceful exit so that he won't be put in the middle of their little discussion, Buzz forces him to take a seat. The two had different ideas for everything from the bridal march to the cake topper. They get down to the honeymoon and are shocked that they both want to go to Bora Bora and lay naked on the beach. They kiss and decide that they were meant to be together. Rick gets up to leave feeling terrible about his own situation.

At the country club:
Josh approached Billy and Olivia and starting talking about how upset and frustrated he is concerning the divorce and all of Reva's demands. Josh asks them if the Macedonia Corp. has accepted their bid. Olivia says that they have heard nothing yet. Holly steps up to the table and says that she knows who is running the Macedonia Corp. because she has been doing research on Lewis' project since she plans to oppose the job because of the destruction of historical buildings and land. She tells them that Macedonia is an owned subsidiary of Spaulding Enterprises. Josh says, "That's great! Tell me how this day is going to get any worse." He is very upset. Josh says that it's obvious now why Lewis' bid hasn't been accepted because Spaulding "screwed" the Lewis' out of Lewis Oil and that there is no way he will work for the Spaulding's. Billy thanks Holly for the information and asks her what she likes to do for fun. Holly mentions hiking, swimming, and fishing. Billy jumps at the chance to talk about fishing but they are interrupted by Noah coming in. Noah is there to be interviewed by Holly. Holly tells Billy that she and Noah have an appointment and the table is for two. Billy pulls up a chair and says that now it is for three. Billy tries to strike up a conversation with Noah. They start to talk about camping and all their battles with wildlife including their vast scars. Holly tells them she doesn't want to hear any more stories and cant handle all of the testosterone. Noah gets a page and leaves to call someone back. Billy wants Holly to dig around and find out more about Noah. She asks why and he tells her it will make a good story and he doesn't like him. Holly says that she will not promise anything. Billy leaves saying that he will hold her to their fishing trip. Holly says "good grief, fishing". Noah comes back and sits down. He and Holly talk about organ transplants and how people are wasting their organs by not being a donor. He says that a law should be passed that once a person dies, a surgical team should come in to harvest all their organs. Holly says that it sounds like "finders keepers". Noah apologizes for sounding so callous, but he just gets frustrated that lives are lost because some people forget to fill out a section on their driver's license. Noah says to Holly "take you for instance". Holly then tells him that she has already been an organ donor to Vanessa Reardon's daughter.

Josh is telling Olivia that he could just kick himself for not seeing through the Macedonia Corp. scheme earlier, that they wasted all of there time on this one. Josh notices Noah at the other table with Billy and Holly and starts to rail off on how much Noah annoys him. Olivia is trying to get Josh to calm down. The waiter comes around saying that Josh's credit card has been cancelled, which Josh forgot he had done because his lawyers suggested the idea so that Reva couldn't access the account. Olivia offers to pay because Josh doesn't have any cash either. Billy walks over to the table and answers a cell phone call from Bill that delivers some bad news. Billy tells Olivia and Josh that Bill received a call from Macedonia that their bid was not accepted. Josh is upset that he didn't get the chance to turn down Spaulding and instead Spaulding turned him down. Olivia makes a call to Spaulding. She finds out Alan is in and hangs up saying she would talk to him in person.

At the Police Station:
Edmund barges into the police station, saying that he wants to report a crime to Harley, to which Harley tells him to call 911. He doesn't give up and she tells him to go away before she uses her pepper spray on him. Edmund gets a very sincere look on his face and says, "Harley, I need your help."

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

At the Police Station:
Harley and Edmund are still talking. Harley tells him that he should leave her alone before she tosses his butt into a cell. She tells him to get lost but he thinks she is the only one who can help him and tells her that since she was able to find the videotape he hid he thinks that she can find his "stolen" car. Harley wants to know why he is really there. Harley tells Edmund that she knows he is up to something. He tells her he wants his car back and that she amuses him. He then asks her to dinner. Harley asks if this is a setup? " I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last black-mailing Euro trash ex-prince on the planet." To which Edmund replies, "I might be." He asks her to reconsider and says he's reformed and she should give him a chance, Cassie and Richard have. Harley tells Edmund she can't believe he would talk about what is in her best interest when he tried to blackmail her husband and murder Reva. Edmund mentions that he helped Lizzie and the curiosity has to be getting to her. He tells her that her life is a wreck anyway what does she have to lose. Harley finally gives in and accepts the date but only so she can keep a close watch on him.

At Spaulding Enterprises:
Beth is sneaking around in a dark office. She is upset that Alan changed the password and she can't get into the computer. Olivia comes in and catches her. Beth asks Olivia not to tell but Alan walks in. He tells them it must be his lucky day to find two beautiful ladies in his office. Alan says, "To what do I owe the pleasure?" Beth tells him she wanted to extend her maternity leave and she may not be coming back at all. She is worried about being able to work with Phillip. Alan says she can have all the time she needs, but he wants her to come back telling her there will always be a place for her at Spaulding. Beth leaves. Olivia says to Alan after Beth leaves "you know she was lying through her teeth, right?" Alan says do I know why you are here? Olivia tells about finding Beth trying to break into the computer database to see Phillips appointment book. Alan thinks that is a good sign, it means Beth is interested in what Phillip is up to. Olivia introduces herself and tells him she knows he is behind Macedonia Corp and wants him to reconsider giving the job to Lewis. He tells her that he already has a bid a lot lower than theirs and she asks if she can make another. She tells him that she will work directly with him so Josh and he will not have to interact. Alan makes a martini and gives it to her. She dropped the olive down her blouse. Alan enjoyed watching her retrieve it. He says, "So you're the gal that Josh left Reva for." Olivia asks Alan if that is what she will always be known for, breaking up Josh and Reva? And then asked him wasn't he married to her once too, just like all the other men in Springfield. Alan says, yes, briefly. He wants to know if Josh knows about this bid. Olivia says, "We need the business." Alan says he'll call her soon.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle is already there when Danny lets himself in with his key. Michelle is not happy to see him but tells him that she has his belongings ready to go. He tells her he misses her, can't stop thinking about her and can't accept that it is over. Michelle says that it is definitely over. She wants Danny to return his keys to the house. Danny says he loves her and wants to fight for their marriage. Michelle tells him that she will always love him but she cant get over what he did. Danny tells her he had no choice and that he had to protect his family. Danny says he's out of the mob life for good now. Michelle doesn't believe him and says that it is just who he is and she can't live with what he did. Danny asked what if it had been self-defense? Michelle tells him that would have been different but it wasn't how it happened and because of that she needs him out of her life. Danny tells Michelle that when they met he was running from his family and now there is no one left to run from. He had to get rid of Xeno in order to save his loved ones and let go of his mother's murder. He says now they can go on with their lives and have a family and home because all the bad stuff is behind them. Michelle says she can't overlook what happened and would rather lose Danny than herself. She asks Danny to be gone when she gets back and she leaves. Danny says to himself, I won't let you go.

Danny followed Michelle outside and tells her, "You're my life, my wife, everything to me, I would die for you. I broke a promise, but I didn't break my vows. Give me a chance. We can live each day like on our second honeymoon." He tells her they can leave Springfield, sell their part of Millennium and just leave. He asks her if she can live without him. He tells her not to answer right away but to think about it. He says until then he will keep his keys. He kisses her and asks her to give him a chance to make things right.

At the Santos compound:
Maria and Claire are toasting their accomplishments. They both feel they are in the clear for Carmen's murder and Danny and Michelle are split up for good. Maria comments that it must feel good being in Michelle's confidence. Claire feels Michelle needs her mother especially with Abby and Danny out of her life. Maria says our business together is finished but both are worried that the other will tell about their involvement together. Claire says they both got what they want and now with Carmen is dead she has a chance at a relationship with Michelle.

Danny walks into the house and his Grandma was napping on the sofa. She wakes up and sees him and tells him he looks happy and assumes he saw Michelle. Danny thinks he got through to Michelle and that she will eventually forgive him for breaking his promise. Grandma asks him why he thinks he needs forgiveness for being what he is, a Santos.

At Company:
Blake and Holly had just gotten there from a book signing that ended up badly. At Selena asks how it went at the book signing. Blake says people were asking her for directions to the restroom, hours for the mall, would you wash my dog. Signed 6 books, 5 for a disguised Holly and 1 for someone Holly paid to ask. Buzz, Selena and Holly try to make her feel better with a lot of excuses but Blake says she'll never write again. Holly says she's just in a rut. Selena says yeah, what about Hemingway, when's the last time you saw something from him? Blake says he's dead but if Selena would like to give her Dr. Kevorkian's home phone number .... She said she needs a heroine that people care about, self-sufficient, tough life but one that has played the hand that was dealt her. She thinks Selena's story would be perfect. Selena says she is not afraid of her past if it will help Blake. Selena flashes back to time with a man who said he wanted to spend every waking moment with her. Buzz catches her daydreaming. He is worried about her dredging up old bad memories, distracting her from planning their wedding and future together. They hug.

At Jim's:
Edmund comes in and tells Beth that Harley accepted his date. Beth can't believe he talked her into it. Edmund wants to know before he goes through with his "date" if she is sure about what she wants. Beth isn't sure what he means and he tells her he wants to know if she is sure she wants to live a less than luxurious life in this little house with Jim. He tells her she deserves to have everything she wants. He thinks she is making a mistake. Beth doesn't agree and goes on to tell Edmund Phillips schedule. She tells him she got caught breaking into the computer but everything should be fine. He asked her why she just didn't ask his secretary where he would be.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

At Josh's:
Josh gets in the shower and is joined by Olivia. He talks about how rotten the day before was but now that she is there things are looking up. They start kissing. Olivia takes a call from Phillip and then tells Josh about how she finagled the deal with the Spaulding and now they can have the job if they want. Olivia thinks it is a great deal and Josh agrees but is very upset that he wasn't in on it. He walks away from Olivia. She goes after him and tells him that she thought it would make him happy. He tells her that she went behind his back to the Spaulding's without his knowledge and he is angry. She tells him she did it because she has no history with the Spaulding's and thought she could handle it more professionally. He tells her she had no right to do that. She tells him that he is upset because she got the job done and he didn't. She said that if she were a man bringing him this opportunity he wouldn't have a problem with it. He asks her if she shows up every man she works with or sleeps with. She smiles and says she does when she can. He laughs and tells her that she is right, it is a good deal and it will be great that Spaulding money is going to be helping them build their business. He tells her he will try to come to a common ground with Phillip. She smiles and he kisses her.

At Spaulding:
Phillip is complaining to Vicky about an article Holly wrote about a landmark Spaulding was planning on tearing down. Vicky wonders what they can do for damage control. Phillip talks about the revised bid Lewis submitted and calls to give Josh and Olivia the news. Vicky wonders why Lewis even resubmitted a bid with Spaulding to begin with and Phillip tells her that it was Olivia's idea. Olivia answers the phone and Phillip gives her the news that their bid was accepted. Afterwards, he calls Beth to tell her about the deal and the press conference that evening. He tells her it will be at Towers around 5. She tells him that she and Jim probably wont be there and that she wants to extend her maternity leave by at least 2 weeks. He tells her it is no problem and she thanks him for thinking about including her. They end the call and Phillip and Vicky get back to business.

Later, Harley comes in and asks Phillip if he was at Beth and Jim's the day before. He said he was and asked how she knew. She told him Alan told her at the Country Club. Phillip got a little excited that Harley was looking for him but she got upset about his being with Beth. He tells her she only heard what Alan wanted her to and now she should hear the truth. Harley couldn't believe that Phillip was talking about telling the truth. He told her the only reason he went to the LeMay's was to try to reach a compromise concerning the kids. He said he was very civil. She starts telling him about what Alan said and he tells her that Alan has his own agenda and that he only went over there to get all the junk out of their way so they could be together with nothing else between them. Harley tells him that Beth will always be in their lives and she (Harley) will always be the "other wife." He tells her that she is the only one for him and that she is the most important person in his world. She tells him that she will share her son with him but she will not share him with his ex wife. She leaves upset.

At Jim's:
Beth gets a call from Phillip who tells her about the Lewis contracts and that they will be at Towers to sign the deal and hold a press conference that evening. Beth thanks Phillip for inviting her but tells him that she won't be able to attend. They hang up and Beth calls Edmund at Company.

Later, Edmund comes in and tells Beth that there is a serious problem. He tells her that everything is in place but he has no boutonnière. He says he must have a fresh cut flower in his lapel and asks to borrow one of her roses. She gives him one and thanks him for being her friend. Edmund takes Beth's hand and tells her it is his pleasure and he kisses it.

At Company:
Edmund gets a call from Beth who gives him Phillips itinerary for the evening. He thanks her and calls Harley at the police station and tells her they will be dining at 6 at the Towers.

Blake comes in upset and wants chocolate. She tells Selena that she can't get the women she was talking about earlier out of her head and would like to tell their story. She said she wants to talk about the women and what they had to do to survive. She asks Selena to be their mouthpiece and even offers her 20 percent of the profits. Selena says she doesn't want to make money off her friends. Blake tells her she can give the money to charity if she wants. Selena comes around and tells her there are a lot of stories, one in particular that she has been thinking about. She tells Blake of a man who loved a woman more than anything but couldn't tell her. They were two halves of the same whole but one day it ended. Blake asked about the man. Selena told her he died in his wife's arms while the woman became a hooker. Blake asked if the woman was her and Selena admitted it was. She said he was the only man she ever loved before Buzz. Blake looked stunned.

Ruth is serving Vicky who is bragging about her and David going to the Spaulding party. After a few minutes of this Ruth dumps coffee on her and send Vicky running out yelling that they will pay for all her cleaning bills. Selena laughs and asks Ruth if she is all right.

Later, Selena is writing a list of all her friends back in the day. Buzz comes over and tells her that she should leave the past in the past. He doesn't think it is a good idea and she tells him that Blake will protect her. He still thinks it is a bad idea. Selena gets very upset at him and tells him she will be helping to write the book and leaves.

At the Police Station:
Vicky walks in and sits on David's desk. She asks him to take her to the dinner that evening celebrating Spaulding's new deal. He tells her he doesn't have a tux. She tells him that she will help him out with that and have one sent over as soon as she can.

At the Country Club:
Vicky greeted everyone. She had everyone sit down and look over the menus. Josh is very upset and tells Billy the contract signing was terrible and he is glad it is over. Holly comes over and Billy offers her a seat. She wants to know who gave them permission to tear down a landmark. Vicky asks her to look over their press release and they both leave the table. Phillip toasts their new business venture. Just then Harley walks in with Edmund. Phillip sees her and is not at all pleased. Matt tells Bill that he wishes Jim was there to see Phillip's eyes bug out over Harley and Edmund, he would love it.

At their table, Edmund is stalling and Harley is demanding to know what he was wanting. She tells him that she is going to leave if he doesn't spit it out. He tells her that he wants to buy her stock. He says she is legally entitled to ½ of everything Phillip owns and he thinks she should use that to bring her husband as much grief as she can. Harley bursts out laughing. Phillip is staring at her from his table and gritting his teeth wondering what she is doing there with that "moron." Edmund takes Harley hand and holds it trying to upset Phillip. Harley tells him to let go of her hand. He doesn't think she really wants him to and tells her how much it is upsetting Phillip. He says every time Phillip looks at them it is like a knife in his gut. Harley seemed to like that and so she took Edmund's other hand and laughs like they are having a grand time. Finally Phillip couldn't take anymore and stormed over to their table. He tells Harley that she is still his wife a! nd tells Edmund to go away. Edmund refuses and tells Phillip to go back to his own table. Phillip slugs Edmund and tosses Harley over his shoulder and totes her out of the room.

Thursday, August 17, 2000

At Towers:
Phillip slugs Edmund and carries Harley out of the dining room over his shoulder. The cameramen from the press conference are eating the whole thing up. Josh and Billy are laughing with Holly, who is enjoying the scene immensely. Vicky is upset and trying to get the press to stop taping. Holly tells her that they will continue taking pictures and video because this is potentially an international incident. Edmund situates himself and gets his drink. Everyone is on him trying to help him and he tells them all to leave him alone. David asks him if he wants to press charges and Edmund tells him he doesn't. David tells him if he changes his mind he has a whole room of witnesses. Edmund says he just wants to forget it all. He tells David he is sure Harley will punish Phillip enough for all concerned.

The party starts to breakup. Olivia goes over to Edmund and tells her how much she enjoyed seeing him get punched. Edmund tells her that he believes no one knows where he is coming from and from where he sits the evening was a resounding success. Olivia leaves the table with Josh and they both discuss how Edmund didn't seem to upset about what happened. Olivia thinks he is biding his time and Phillip should watch his back. Josh, Olivia, Holly and Billy are having a great time with the recent brawl. They discuss having dessert but Olivia tells Josh she would rather have dessert at home. Josh gets a call from Marah on his cell phone. She and Shane are arguing because he said she had gained weight. Josh laughs and tells her not to kill her brother before her mom gets there. She tells her that she is beautiful and skinny. Marah felt better and they hung up.

Holly says she is looking forward to writing the story of the scene with a full-page photo of Phillip carrying Harley off. Vicki gets upset and tries to get her to kill the story. Holly refuses and Vicky tells her that Spaulding will pull all their ads from the Journal and sue her for libel. Holly doesn't back down and tells Vicky that she also would make a good second story about Spaulding trying buy the Journals silence. Billy laughs at how Holly put Vicky in her place.

Outside, in Phillip's car:
It is raining and Phil and Harley are riding down the road yelling at each other. He wants to know why she was there with Edmund. She doesn't want to talk to him she just wants out of the car. He refuses to let her out telling her they are in the pouring rain in the middle of nowhere. She tells him she doesn't care and that she will jump out if he doesn't stop. Phillip ignores her and asks her what would possess her to go out in public with Edmund the Jerk dressed like she is. He tells her he knows she couldn't be unfaithful if she tried. This irritated Harley and she told Phillip to turn the car around and take her to Edmund's and she will show him how unfaithful she can be. Phillip almost runs off the road and later Harley admits that she would never be with Edmund. Phillip tells her he already knows that. Harley asked Phillip where they are going with their lives. Phillip said he wasn't sure either. She tells him that she was hurt when she found out about what happened on the plane with Beth. She thought he forgot he had a wife and was just after what he could get. Harley told him that she spoke to Rick about their copulation the other day in their living room. She said it was not about love but about their needs. She tells Phillip that Rick told her that was the same was it was with them on the plane and she understood then. She understood that it wasn't that he was cheating on her; his mind wasn't on their family but on their situation and desperation. She said she realized that he thought they were going to die but that he didn't think of his wife or kids. Harley again tells him that in that way she can understand what happened. Phillip tells her that she could never understand because she has no concept of what happened. He said that Harley has never been unfaithful to anyone. He tells her that he was wrong and she is right and perfect. He says, "The reason you can't get past this is because you are a better person than I am. Everyone suspected from the beginning that I was unworthy of you and they were right." He says this is exactly what they needed, to get in a car going nowhere with no exits. He wonders what they should do now? Harley doesn't think she can forgive him. Phil says that's ok as long as he doesn't lose her. He suggests she just forget about it. Harley starts wringing his neck saying she can't just forget about it. Phillip loses control of the car and they go off the road into a big ditch full of mud. Everyone is ok but a little shaken up. Phillip checks Harley and makes sure she is all right. Harley apologizes and goes to get out of the car to go for help but Phillip think they should just stay there for a while in case someone drives by. They laugh a little and Harley notices that it has stopped raining. She said she wants to go home take a bath and forget everything until adultery is no longer an issue. She apologizes for the car but Phillip doesn't care, he just wants her back. He says he'll do anything. Harley tells him she just wants him to stay away from Beth unless absolutely necessary. Phillip says that he can do that. Then Harley says she wants him to spend as much time with Zach as he does his other kids, Phillip agrees and tells her that he can handle that also. Then Harley tells him that she wants them to tell Alan to take a hike, Phillip smiles and said that would be his pleasure and asks her if there is anything else. She asks him to try to stay out of fights. He says that he has been in quite a few lately and he will try to stop. She tells him she loves him and goes to kiss him but falls out the door instead. She is covered in mud. Phillip looks surprised and tries to help her back in the car. He ends up falling in the mud as well and they are both filthy. They smile and end up kissing and rolling around in the mud laughing together. Later, Phillip and Harley are waiting by the car but no one has driven by. Harley tells him that they have both looked better. Phillip tells her that he wouldn't change a hair on her muddy head. They decide to walk but Phillip slips and falls back into the mud. He climbs back out and they start walking.

At the LeMay's:
Edmund knocks on the door and Beth is shocked to see his black eye. He tells her it isn't that bad. She invites him in and offers him some ice and some company. Edmund tells her that the evening was a success and that Harley and Phillip will reunite if they haven't already. Beth doesn't look very happy and Edmund reminds her that it was what she said she wanted. Beth tells him that it is what she wants. She says Jim is a good man and she wants to be with him. Edmund says he believes she is settling for Jim. Beth grows serious and tells Edmund that Jim is secure and she needs that for her children. She tells him about her childhood and how rough she had it and how she never felt safe. He tells her that he understands and tells her how rotten his childhood was. Edmund tells Beth how his mother died when he was young and his father always favored Richard. He said he was always second place. He tells her he knows what it is like to be wounded as a child and is sorry she had to go through that. He wishes he could have been there to help her. Beth tells him that Phil was there and saved her over and over again. Edmund said that explained a lot. Beth wants to know if he is trying to manipulate her by telling her about his past. This upset him and she apologized. She said he was speaking from the heart she hurt his feelings and she is sorry. She asks him to stay in Springfield at least until they know for sure their plan worked and Phillip and Harley are back together. Lizzie comes down the steps and is happy to see Edmund. She tells him she is glad he came to see her. Lizzie and Edmund talk awhile and she talks about all the colors in the bruise. He teases her and tells her it is all part of his spy disguise. Lizzie tells him she likes one of the colors and thinks she would like to use that color for her room and asks Edmund to go to the paint store with her. J

Beth finished tucking Lizzie in and comes back downstairs. She tells Edmund that Lizzie is very impressed with his black eye. She is touching it right when Jim walks in. He says, "Get your hands off my wife." Edmund looks at the angry Jim and says, "Oh please, not my good eye". J

At Company:
David comes in and Ruth asks him if Vicky was the star of the press conference? He wonders how she knew and she told him that Vicky was in there doing her Spaulding thing earlier. David wonders why Ruth doesn't like Vicky and gets a little upset about her attitude. Ruth tells him Vicky is mean. David disagrees. Ruth tries to get away from the subject by saying she had a bad day. He tries to cheer her up and helps her close up. David finishes loading the dishwasher and is ready to take Ruth home. He tells her that he will take her home and she can change and they can go dancing. She doesn't understand and he tells her that she is his friend and has had a rough day so he thought they could go have a little fun. Ruth tells him she cant because of a whole bunch of chores she has to do at home. She tells him thanks but she has to pass. On the way out she tells him he looks very fine in his monkey suit. David smiles.

At Josh's:
Josh and Olivia are in the tub with candles lit all around. They are kissing and end up going under the water just as Marah walks in. They don't notice her but she sees them and gets upset and storms out. Josh and Olivia continue kissing and playing in the bubble bath.

Friday, August 18, 2000

At the Lewis's:
Reva walks in and puts her suitcases down. She looks through the mail and is greeted by Marah who says, ""I'm furious with you." Reva ignores her and tells her she will talk to her as soon as she changes her attitude. Marah doesn't want to change it, she is upset and her mom tells her she needs to use some manners. A moment later Reva asked her to tell her politely what she did to upset Marah. Marah says the problem is what she didn't do. Reva is confused and asks her daughter to explain. Marah tells Reva that she is annoyed about how Olivia is always using sex to get Josh. She tells her that she caught them in the tub earlier. So she assumes that something was obviously lacking in Josh and Reva's bedroom. She asks her mom what she failed to do that caused her dad to go to Olivia. Reva starts to defend herself saying that her problems with Josh were not in the bedroom and then decides that her sex life is none of her daughter's business. Marah doesn't understand because everything she does is open for scrutiny but her mother's sex life is off limits to her. Marah says that if Reva isn't going to do anything maybe she should just go get drunk and follow in her mother's footsteps and sleep with half the football team. Reva looks shocked. Marah apologizes to her mom and Reva tells her that she isn't proud of her past and doesn't want her daughter to turn out like she did. She says she is sorry if she failed to protect her or Shayne from what happened that evening and they need to feel free to come and go in their parent's homes without encountering what she did earlier. Reva tells her to go to bed like the good little girl she isn't, then hugs her and sends her to bed with a joke about her behavior being irrational from lack of sleep. Reva calls Josh and says, "I need to see you now. Not tomorrow morning, now."

Josh arrives at Reva's. She says it must have been tough to drag himself away from Olivia. She jumps on him and tells him he has responsibilities to the children and he is neglecting them. Josh is confused and Reva fills him in on Marah walking into his apartment and seeing him and Olivia in the bathtub together. Josh feels bad and wants to talk to Marah. He goes to the stairs and Reva stops him and tells him that she is asleep and he is not going up and disturb her. Josh says he made a mistake and wants to help Marah understand that. Josh says that he's a good parent, and has been every time Reva has disappeared. Reva says there are a lot of issues in the divorce and she needs to protect the kids - they need to deal with custody. Josh says she doesn't want to do this because most of the skeletons are in her closet. Reva pushes him out the door and locks it. Josh is knocking and telling her to open the door.

At the LeMay's:
Jim is fuming to find Edmund there and tells him to leave. Beth defends Edmund and says that he is there trying to help them. Jim isn't listening and Beth tells him that he help them with Phillip. Beth has the news on and everyone is watching the news footage of Phillip belting Edmund and carrying off Harley. Jim loves that Edmund got hit and thinks he deserved it and more. Beth tells Jim that this all happened because Edmund set it up to help them out. After Edmund left, Beth tells Jim that Edmund helped them out as a friend. Jim goes over what happened and puts a negative spin on it. Beth says Jim doesn't understand what happened so Jim lays it out. Beth says Phillip needed to be motivated to go after Harley so he would move on and leave them and the baby alone. Beth tells him that it was the reprieve they were hoping for. Edmund forced Phil to make his move and go after his wife. Jim wants to know how Edmund knew what to do. Beth admits to calling Edmund and asking him for his help. Jim realizes Beth called Edmund for help and plotted all of this without telling him. Beth defends what she did and tells Jim that it worked. Jim doesn't like deception and wants them to be better than that, and thought they were, but says maybe he was wrong. Jim says that Phil and Harley may be back together but he is worried about how it was accomplished. He says that he and Beth came together because they were miserable apart and Phil and Harley deserved to come to that conclusion on their own. He doesn't like all the games. Beth wonders if Jim still doesn't trust her. She is still defending her actions and telling Jim that Edmund was just trying to make things right for them. Jim asks if Edmund ate his dinner, Beth says no it's in the oven. Jim is going to look in on the baby and wash up first. Beth calls Edmund. She wants to apologize to him but he understands Jim's motives. He asks if she has heard from Phil and Harley. He speculates they are still making up. She tells him to take care of his eye. He tells her he hopes all her dreams will come true.

At the Spaulding Estate:
Alan in talking to someone on the phone, he's telling Vicki that Phillip will take care of the PR problems concerning the building they are tearing down and they shouldn't worry about it. Alan hears Phillip in the hallway and hangs up the phone to talk to him. Harley and Phillip walk in covered in mud laughing hysterically. Harley says she has to sit down a minute. Alan sees how filthy they are and stirs them away from the couch and chairs. They are holding each other and very lovey-dovey. Alan wants to know what's going on and Phillip turns on the TV. The news is showing Phillip carrying Harley out of Towers with a voice-over by the reporter saying that Phillip Spaulding assaulted Prince Edmund Winslow of San Cristobel and then tossed his wife over his shoulder and carried her out. Alan is astonished and asks how Phillip could've done that in front of the cameras. Alan is angry but Phillip grabs Harley and kisses her and ignores Alan's fury. Alan tells Phillip that this is a serious situation and he should not be jovial about it. Phillip is still ignoring him and Harley tells Alan that Phillip was spectacular. Alan gets mouthy to Harley and Phillip gets upset and tells him to watch how he speaks to her. Then he tries to explain to Alan that the news coverage will be good because it will emphasize the press conference they had before the incident about the new building. He tells Alan that they are going home and need to borrow a car since his is out of commission. He tells Alan they are taking the Bentley. Alan tells him that they aren't going to take that nice a car while they are dirty and tells them to borrow the pickup in the barn. Harley laughs and starts digging in her purse for her keys and throwing mud all over some 19th century rug. Alan is very upset. He tells Phillip to take Harley home and then get back there immediately. Phillip told him he didn't understand but he was going home with his wife. Alan tells them both to get out then.

Phil and Harley are still there talking about calling the TV station to get a copy of the tape. Phil tells Alan that he won't get what he wants this time. He says he is back with Harley and will not be reuniting with Beth, ever. He will only love Harley and will spend the rest of his life making her happy. He tells Alan to chew on that and he and Harley drink a toast to Alan. Alan glares at Harley who smiles very big to him. Alan says he only wants what's best for Phillip, which is Beth, because she has Phillip children. Harley interrupts and tells him that she has one of Phillip's kids too - Alan says he wasn't talking to her. Harley tells Alan that it doesn't matter if she doesn't exist to him and what he said in SC when they thought Phillip was dead was bull, because if everything Alan wants is wrong than everything he doesn't want must be right. Alan asks if Harley reconciled with Phillip just to get back at him, and Harley says "no, but it's a delicious dividend." Alan asks if there's anything else they can say to ruin his night but Phillip and Harley cant think of anything else but promises to call him if they do. They tell him they are going home but not to call them because they will be unplugging the phone tonight and tomorrow.

At Tower's:
Blake and Ross are having dinner. Blake mentions that her writer's block is gone and that she and Selena are working on collaborating for her new novel. Ross isn't too excited about the idea and asks Blake what Buzz thinks about the idea. Blake says Ross isn't worried about Buzz; he just doesn't like what Blake's doing. She asks if he thinks she's incapable of writing a love story about real people. Then she makes things personal and asks why they got back together. She asks if it was because of the children. Ross says yes, they both love the kids and want them to have a stable home, but they're also together because they love each other. Blake says, "but you don't want me as your wife, is that because you've been burned once?" Ross says it was twice, but he isn't counting. Blake is upset and says he wants her as his nanny and his partner in bed, but not as his wife. Ross says he wants her and loves her and that there is no one else for him. Blake wants to know why they aren't married. He says maybe marriage is not what they want, need or can be benefit from. They have a bad track record. He says Blake doesn't like to be tied down and that maybe if she has freedom she will stay. Blake says it sounds like he doesn't want a commitment. Ross says Blake rebels against structure, so the best way to keep her from straying is to remove the structure in her life. Ross says he's committed to Blake in every way possible - he wants to send the kids off to college and grow old with her. He tells her his heart belongs to her but he doesn't want her to feel trapped besides, they have a wonderful life, and he doesn't want it to change. Blake says she understands, he doesn't want to marry someone who's too immature and tells him that is about the most condescending thing he - or anyone else - has ever said to her. She leaves, he follows.

At Company:
Buzz rushes into Company searching for supplies. Selena asked him what was wrong. He told her they had to get to Harley's. Selena is confused. Buzz tells her that she saw the news, she should know what happened. Selena told him she knows he is concerned for Harley but Phillip would never hurt her. Buzz tells her that he isn't worried about that he is worried about Phillip. He thinks Harley may have killed him. Selena watches him collecting supplies and tells him she understands the first aid kit but wonders what is up with the black trash bags and bleach. Buzz tells her they may have to dump the body. Selena says Harley wouldn't kill Phillip - Buzz says, "why not, I would." They talk about it for a while and Selena tells him she thinks he is more worried about Harley because he is avoiding his own problems. Buzz admits that he is upset because Selena is allowing Blake to write her entire life story for the whole world to read and he doesn't understand why she is doing it. Selena says she is helping Blake because she wants people to know about the strong, courageous, wonderful women who she met in her past. Buzz says she should forget the awful memories and concentrate on their wedding. Selena says he's embarrassed by her, which he denies. Selena tells him to go ahead home and she will lock up and be there soon. He leaves. Selena starts thinking back again. She is sitting with Miguel who is telling her how much he is obsessed with her and wants to know everything about her. Selena turns off the lights and leaves.

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