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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on PC
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Monday, August 7, 2000

Jamal showed up at Alison's hospital room to say good-bye. He tried to sneak out of the room while she was sleeping but she woke up. She asked him where he was going. He told her that the only chance he had was to leave town. She begged him to stay but he would not listen. Crying she told him to leave and get out if that is what he thought.

Scott showed up at the hotel and told Lucy she was coming with him no matter what. He took her to the control room of the setup he has looking for Christina. They later went to lunch in the park and finally talked things through. Although Lucy still did not know where to go from here. She told Scott she would think ablaut thinks.

Chris met Livvie at Mario's for lunch. He told her all the bad stuff about Rachel. Livvie was shocked to learn that nobody liked her mother and that Rachel had lied about not having any family. Chris then told her that Rachel had thought of Julie as a daughter that is why she worked so hard to help her. Livvie panicked when she found out Chris had invited Rachel to lunch.

Alison paged Jamal to try one more time to stay. She tried to say that she needs him to get him to stay, but that did not work. She then gave him the address of a cabin her parents own so that he can have a place to hang out. They said their good-byes with tears in their eyes and he walked out for the second time today.

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

Scott and Frank grill Alison about Jamal's whereabouts. Despite Frank's effort to defend Jamal, Amanda overreacts at learning that he is on the loose. She announces that guards will be posted outside Alison's room to protect her from this "thug".

Livvie makes up an excuse to avoid running into Rachel at lunch. Later, Kevin finds "Charlie" in the park. An obvious connection between the two leads her to accept his help in sorting through her nightmares.

Left to share lunch with Rachel, Chris describes "Charlie's" situation. Convinced that he has an agenda, Rachel responds by accusing Chris of using "Charlie" to get revenge. Chris makes an attempt to defend himself before Rachel delivers threats and storms out of the restaurant.

Later at the hospital, Chris is intrigued upon learning that Kevin has been helping Livvie.

Rachel responds to a threat by Kevin to present her to the medical board by questioning who the board would believe...her, or a doctor who had been out of work due to his psychotic behavior.

After searching the hospital, Amanda accuses Jamal of kidnapping when she realizes that Alison is missing.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Kevin and Eve argue about the Alison and Jamal situation. Kevin accuses Eve of being na´ve for thinking that the situation could have a happy ending. She responds by calling him selfish and the couple realize that they are not in the mood to argue any longer. Eve is furious to learn that Ian overheard the argument. She asks his advice and Ian admits that he agrees with Kevin. Later, Kevin and Eve admit that their love is more important and put the argument behind them.

Scott meets "Charlie" for the first time when he shows up at the hotel to escort Lucy to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new GH Community Clinic. Neil is very excited to see Joe at the hospital after he returns from baseball camp. Courtney is obviously very uncomfortable about the two being near each other. Joe told Courtney that she needs to get the facts before she overreacts about a virus that he may not even have.

After getting a glimpse of Joe and Gabriela together, Karen approaches Eve about the couple's status. Eve admits Joe took Gabriela to the Nurses Ball, but says nothing has happened since. Eve encourages Karen to give Ian a second look instead of worrying about Joe.

Alan announces that Karen will be spending most of her time dedicated to the new clinic.

At the ceremony, Lucy finds out that Scott made a considerable donation to the clinic. She admits to being selfish and apologizes, again, for her behavior. Scott expresses concern about their family, but Lucy still isn't ready to rebuild. He also expresses concern about Lucy's well being while she's busy helping others.

Neil approaches Lucy about Christina. He's upset because he knows that the longer Christina is missing, the harder she will be to find. Lucy stays strong just long enough to give Neil hope.

Livvie continues her research into her mother's activities in Port Charles. She comes across an article about Julie being suspected of Christina's kidnapping.

Joe comes across a man, obviously in severe pain, with a peculiar marking on the back of his neck.

Thursday, August 10, 2000

Chris and Livvie set another lunch date in the pretense of being friendly, but each had their own agenda. At lunch, Chris craftily tried to get Livvie to commit to meeting Dr. Locke. Livvie said she would meet Dr. Locke in her own time. Alison surprised Jamal at the Barrington cabin. Joe brought the man from the park with the strange mark on his neck to the hospital. Eve and Ian struggled to connect the man's case with the other mysterious patient who came in before. Alison fought to remember the night Cedric was killed so that she could help clear Jamal. Livvie told Chris that she was staying with Lucy and didn't want Lucy to know that she and Chris were friends. Joe and Gabriela shared a sweet memory, but before the moment could go too far, she walked away. Ian discovered that the man brought had been given a sedative. Livvie exposed a sensitive nerve in Chris when she talked to him about love. Alison and Jamal listened to a radio report stating that Jamal was wanted for kidnapping Alison. Alison refused to return to Port Charles without Jamal.

Friday, August 11, 2000

Lucy and Scott spend a nice evening together talking about old times. Lucy seems very happy, and her and Scott seem to be connecting like before the kidnapping. Lucy asks Scott about his search for Christina and he told her the steps he has been taking to find her. As it looks like Lucy is going to give in to her emotions, and tell Scott she wants to come home, she pulls back from Scott and leaves.

Chris visits Estelle and pretends to be a friend of Rachel's and schemes to fool her into revealing Rachel and Livvie's secret. Estelle falls for it, and starts talking about Grace and her death. She describes her drowning in detail, blaming Kevin for her murder. Chris asks her couldn't it have been an accident and she told him no. She rambles on about Rachel, Livvie and Grace, saying that Livvie could never learn the family secret. Chris promises he will never tell, all the while wondering what the family secret could be. Meanwhile, Kevin is trying to comfort Livvie, who is upset about the nightmares she keeps having about drowning. She told him the details of her dream, which are eerily similar to the scenario Estelle is giving to Chris about Graces death. Kevin tries to comfort her, but she gets angry and told him to leave.

Chris keeps pressing Estelle for more and more details, and she starts getting upset. She told Chris that he has to keep Kevin away from Livvie. Chris agrees, saying he will try to keep her from finding out that Kevin killed her aunt. Then Estelle told Chris that Grace isn't Livvie's aunt --- she is Livvie's mother.

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