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Passions Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on PS
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Monday, August 7, 2000

At the Warehouse

Luis is being held by Les. Sheridan holds a gun on Les begging him to let Luis go. Luis yells at Sheridan'"Shoot him!" Eve is tending Hank's wound and a shot rings out. Sam runs up and ask Eve and Hank where is Luis and Sheridan? Hank tells him Sheridan followed Luis into the warehouse. Hank says he's going too. Eve begs him to stay. He refuses so they both follow Sam.
Luis and Les are laid out on the floor not moving. Sheridan is shaking calling out Luis's name over and over. There's no response. She says what have I done? She walks over to them and raises Les's arm off Luis to find his abdomen covered in blood. Sheridan sees Luis isn't breathing and gives him mouth to mouth. Luis coughs and comes to. Sheridan can't believe he's alive. Luis tells her he's alright he's not hit, the blood is coming from him. Sheridan in shock and shaking, "I shot him?" Luis, "Yes you did great, you saved my life!" Luis then scolds her,"I told you not to follow me!" Sheridan begs Luis, "Please don't be mad at me!" Luis says, Your right, if you didn't come down here I'd be dead right now, you saved my life!" Sam, Eve, and Hank enter and Eve tends to Les's wound. Eve tells them he's still alive but losing a lot of blood. Sam calls for an ambulance. Sheridan asks Hank why did he come down knowing he had just been shot. Hank flirts and tells Sheridan he had to see if the most beautiful woman in the world was alright! Luis in disgust tells them he can't believe he's just been wounded but can still flirt! Luis wants to ask him who's he working with. Les comes around. Sam asks him who's he working for and tells him to get ready to go to straight to jail! Les can't talk. Luis asks him," How did you know Miss Crane would be on the wharf tonight?" Sam asks," Who are you working with? Les raises his arm and points to Hank. Luis turns around and asks, "Why are you pointing at him?" Hank stares at Les in disbelief. Luis says,"He's probably surprised Hank is alive after he put a bullet in him!" Sam says, "I can't wait to find out who he's with!" Luis says, "Until we do Sheridan is still in danger!" Eve tells them, "I'm sorry but you'll never find out, he just died!" Hank shows a sigh of relief. Sheridan says shakily," I can't believe I just killed a man!" Sheridan is so upset tells them, "I didn't mean to kill anyone!" Luis tells her she didn't do anything wrong but she was still in danger! Sam covers Les's blood soaked body with a sheet. Sheridan can't take her eyes off of the body watching the blood soak through. She walks over to it and knells down beside it. She reaches out and touches the blood. She starts rubbing her hands together. In shock she has a flashback when she was a little girl standing over a dead body covered in a sheet with blood on her hands. She screams out in horror! Luis runs to her side and asks if she's alright? He tells her, "It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong!" Eve holds her. Luis asks why doesn't she say something? Eve tells Luis she's in shock! Sam says, "That's understandable, I still feel that way every time I'm put into a situation like this!" Luis turns and looks at Sheridan and says, "I got a feeling it's something more than that!"

Upstairs in Whitney's bedroom
Chad is still delirious. He kisses Simone as Whitney looks on. Whitney and Theresa step out into the hall. Whitney is visibly crushed! Theresa tells her that Chad is still delirious and doesn't know who he's kissing! Whitney and Theresa get into the same old argument, how Whitney doesn't care for Chad and Theresa and Ethan are destined to be together just like Chad and Whitney are to be. Theresa tells her to wait and see, when Chad gets to feeling better, he will tell her he loves her! As usually, Whitney tells Theresa she's wrong! Back in Whitney's bedroom, Kay and Simone are thrilled! Kay tells Simone she's so lucky to have the man she loves, love her back! Chad mumbles, "I love you Whitney, I love you." Simone turns to Chad and asks "What did you say Chad?" Chad, "I love you." Whitney gets a call from her mom and tells everyone what had happened. Theresa tells Whit she has to hurry to Ethan and tell him about his Aunt. Kay runs home to let her mother know about Uncle Hank. Simone sits by Chad as Whitney looks on. Simone tells her she can sleep in her room, that it would be better when Chad wakes up to see someone that cares about him. Whitney tells her she's right. Simone tells her, "I know Mom and Dad are going to have problems with this and I've always been jealous and resentful of you, but I'm not mad anymore because I have Chad and you have your tennis." Whitney walks out and stops to look at Chad once more asking herself, do you really love Simone?

Outside the Bennett House
Tabitha and Timmy watch Charity pick the poison mushrooms. Timmy asks Tabitha, "Why is Charity picking those mushrooms and not using the ones in Grace's kitchen?" Charity turns around in a possessed evil voice with red glowing eyes, "I'm making Miguel a very special quiche'!" Tabitha is thrilled but Timmy wants her to stop controlling Charity. Tabitha tells Timmy that it isn't her controlling Charity, it's their good friends down in the basement controlling her. Timmy reminds his princess of her good friends making Grace choke her. Tabitha clutches her throat remembering how evil they were! Charity turns around and growls viciously at them sending a gust of hard wind at them. Charity warns them to stay out of her way, she's going to take care of Miguel! Timmy tells Tabitha he loves the old Charity better! Tabitha says, "Not to worry Tim Tim, after Charity takes care of Miguel, I'll get all of my powers back and we can have so much fun, just like the good old days, hurry let's go and watch!" Timmy doesn't want to go until an owl hoots and Timmy is frightened away.

Bennett Kitchen
Miguel helps Mrs. Bennett while she's making her quiche's for her bed and breakfast. Miguel brags about Charity being so caring. He asks where she went? Just then Charity walks in and Miguel asks her, "Where were you?" Charity replies she just went to get him something special for his quiche'." Miguel hugs Charity and tells her he's the luckiest guy in the world! The evil pendant on Charity glows. Tabitha and Timmy watches outside the window smiling while Charity puts the poison quiche' in the oven. Grace sets hers on the counter to cool. Miguel asks Charity, "What happened to the cross I gave you, don't you like it?" Charity says, "No, I love it, I'll put it back on." Miguel takes the pendant off and puts her cross back on. Kay enters and tells everyone what happened at the warehouse and assured Miguel his brother Luis was fine! Charity takes the poison quiche' out of the oven and sets it beside Grace's quiche. They look identical! Tabitha comes running in asking, "what is that heavenly smell?" Grace insists she take a quiche pie home just for her unknowing Grace just handed her the poison pie. Outside Tabitha and Timmy pig out on the quiche. Timmy wished he had a pitcher of his MarTimmys to wash it down. Tabitha says, "That sounds great but we have to celebrate later after Miguel is finished off!" Miguel enjoying the quiche' starts to choke!

Ethan's Bedroom
Ethan is dreaming about Theresa, remembering the fun they've had, kissing her and calling out her name in his sleep. He dreams he's deciding between Theresa and Gwen and turns to Theresa with her telling him, I knew you'd make the right choice! He's kissing her when Theresa sneaks into his room and asks, "There my love, I wonder what your dreaming of?" He's dreaming he's telling her he loves her and kissing her. Theresa wakes him up. Ethan wakes to see Theresa and pulls her close to him. Ethan says, "You were right, I do love you and kisses her!"

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

The Wharf:
They are around Sheridan as she still freaks out from shooting the hitman. She has another flashback of when she was little and Luis thinks she is freaking out for another reason other than just shooting the guy. Sheridan says she didn't mean to kill, she didn't mean to do it again. They all look at her. Sheridan freaks out and Luis goes to her and she repeats again that she did it again and she is sorry and she goes over to the body. Eve goes up to Luis and tells him Sheridan is in shock and she has no idea of what she is saying. Hank and Sam come over to Eve and Luis and they all debate on what Sheridan is talking about. Luis says no matter what it is when Sheridan is better he will find out what it means. Eve walks over to Sheridan and comforts her saying she is going to be better. Sam tells Hank and Luis that just because this guy is dead doesn't mean Sheridan is safe because he wasn't working alone. Sam and Luis talk about whomever this guy that was working with the hit man they will find him out. Hank says it was his fault and Luis tells him he is a hero and took the bullet but he never should have left the estate. Hank says I know, and Luis asks why then. Hank has a flashback of the hit man telling him to get Sheridan down to the wharf. And Sam tells them both that they can have this talk at home. They all leave as Sam stays with the body. Luis and Hank have brought Sheridan home and tucked her into her bed. Luis asks her what she meant by when she said she didn't mean to do it this time. Sheridan says she doesn't remember saying that and hank tells him to lay off. So Luis says goodnight to her and they go into the other room as Sheridan goes to sleep. Hank says poor Sheridan will remember this night forever! Luis asks Hank again why did he bring Sheridan down to the wharf after he told him not to leave the house. Hank says he is just not as strong as him and he caved under the pressure. Luis asks from who? Hank says if he tells him he will hate him but he has to get it off his chest and tell what he did! Hank lies about why he took Sheridan down to the wharf. He says because he likes her so much and when she asked he just could not say no. Luis says he knows how Sheridan can be and now she has said she feels sorry for what she did and she says she won't ever do it again. Hank says see exactly. But then Luis goes No I think it is something from her past because she said it when she was at the youth center and she had red paint on her hand. next we see Sheridan getting out of bed. And she goes outside. Ethan runs up to Eve and Sam and asks where Sheridan is. they tell him that Hank and Luis took her home. Ethan says this is all Sam's fault and that he should have put more police on her like he said. Sam said it has been in the FBI's hands and he has nothing to do with, Sam tells him that Hank took a bullet tonight for Sheridan and Ethan asks where was Luis? Sam says he was catching up on paperwork and Ethan goes off again blaming Sam. Sheridan walks to the main house and stands in the spot where she had the flashbacks at. Theresa comes down the stairs and sees Sheridan and goes over to her asking if she is all right. Ethan sees the body under the sheet and asks if that is a body. Sam tells him yes that who Sheridan killed. Ethan asks if Sheridan saw it like that. Yes, they tell him and he says he has to go and help her now. Sam tries to stop him but Ethan tells him to leave him alone. Sam turns to Eve and tells her he thanks God that Ethan is not his son. Sam also says he hopes Luis can keep cool when Ethan goes over there to see Sheridan. Luis and Hank are talking and Luis says that sooner or later something is going to blow the lid off of his father's disappearance. Theresa is talking to Sheridan and asking her if Luis is there. Sheridan is just looking at the floor. Sheridan says the body the blood! Theresa asks her whose body and blood?

The Bennett House:
Miguel is coughing up a storm asking for water. Kay tells him to not die. Grace gives him water and he says there was too much salt. Kay says in her mind that Miguel will think twice before he eats anything Charity makes again, and she hides the salt that she used. Tabitha is at the window just chowing down and remarking to Timmy who is in doll mode that it won't matter that she added the salt it is already poisoned. and he will die soon. Charity says her quiche couldn't be too salty she only added a pinch. She looks at the quiche and notices that the quiche Miguel was eating isn't the one she made so Grace must have given it to Tabitha by mistake. Charity and Grace are talking about how the salt may have gotten into the quiche. Kay goes it's a mystery. Grace tells Charity she is sorry for giving her quiche to Tabitha. Tabitha is outside the window listening to them laugh inside about how Grace made the quiche so salty and Tabitha says they call her cruel. So Tabitha gets up to see what's going on. Bloody hell she sees that Miguel is fine and she realizes that she is eating the poisoned quiche after her stomach starts hurting. She grabs her stomach and goes oh no Grace must have given me Charity's quiche and poor Timmy ate some of it too. Tabitha is rolling on the ground in pain and she remembers that eating grass with be the antidote for poisonous mushrooms. While she is down eating the grass out comes everyone from the house and catch her. She says she is eating Dandelions and they tell her no it was grass so Tabitha plays it off as she ate them all and then went onto eat the grass. She grabs Timmy and goes home and they all laugh. They all stand outside and remark how Tabitha is good but is different from them all. Charity gets a chill and says she feels like a dark force crossed over them. Kay rolls her eyes and Miguel tells Charity that she is just cold. and then we see the pendant glow.

Julian is playing a fantasy sex game with his girlfriend. She is a cable guy and she came to hook him up. They discuss when Julian got caught by Ivy in her room looking for the papers and how when he left he overheard her on the phone with someone talking about how safe the papers would be. He just has to figure out who has them. Julian and his girlfriend are in bed and Julian says all this is fun but he has to find those papers. His gal suggests maybe Ethan knows. Julian says if Ethan did he wouldn't tell him. So she suggests maybe one of her friends. Julian says her friends at the country club Ivy couldn't care less about. Julian says there is only one person that Ivy truly confides in is---of course he says. She could be the only person and he gets out of bed. Julian and his girlfriend get dressed and Julian can taste revenge in his mouth and this is what he needs to have father put him back in his will again and his girlfriend says once he gets rid of Ivy she can be the head housekeeper and they can play a different game every night! And off they go.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Ivy is at Pilar's seeing that the Papers are safe. Ivy tells Pilar that Julian knows about them and tells her that she caught him in her room looking for them but who told him about them? Ivy says if Julian finds out about these papers then all the years she has stayed in this awful marriage so Sam's son could get the Crane empire will be wasted. Pilar tells then there is only one thing they can do. Pilar tells Ivy she has to burn the papers that way only she and Ivy know the secret. Ivy tells her that Eve now knows to, because when she went to go and change Ethan's birth record Eve caught her and then when Eve was trying to change the birth record in came Sam. Eve told Sam that Ethan was born premature which means he wouldn't be Sam's son and the last time Ivy and Sam made love was on Ivy's wedding night to Julian which Ethan was born nine months later. So now at least Sam thinks that Ethan is not his son. Pilar can't believe that Eve lied for Ivy. Pilar tells her to destroy the papers now so it won't hurt Ethan in the long run. Pilar lights a match and tells Ivy to burn them now. The papers are all that is left to prove Sam is the father of Ethan. Ivy blows out the match and tells her she can't do it. This is all she has left of the past and passion her and Sam had. Pilar tells Ivy she must get rid of the papers and ivy tells her that someday when Julian and Alistair are dead she will go to Sam with the truth and these papers are all she has to prove she is telling the truth. All the dreams she has for Ethan will be gone if Julian gets a hold of them. Just then the doorbell rings and it's Julian Ivy hides in the hall as Pilar gets the door. When she opens the door it's Julian and he says he came for Ivy's attaché case. Pilar has that punched in the stomach look and Ivy can't get to the papers without Julian seeing her there. They are on a table in the next room and if Julian sees them all is lost.

Ethan's Room:
Ethan and Theresa were kissing and Ethan realized who he was kissing and he stops and play it of like he was asleep. Theresa tells him that he was telling her that he loves her and he says no he was dreaming about Gwen and he told Gwen in his dream that he loved her. Theresa asks him why he can't just admit he loves her. Theresa tries as hard as ever to get Ethan to admit that he loves her and he keeps telling her he loves Gwen. He always will love Gwen and he is going to marry her. Theresa tries and tries and even brings out the picture again of them when they were little. He tells her he doesn't love her and he doesn't know why he said he did except for the fact that he was asleep. The go on and on about this for a few more minutes. Theresa tells Ethan that is sounds like he is marrying Gwen only to please his family. Ethan goes on about how much he does love Gwen and Theresa says that the whole world is out there waiting for Ethan to show her on how to love. Theresa tells Ethan what happened at the wharf with his Aunt Sheridan. He goes off to see if she is okay. Ethan tells Theresa to go home but Theresa says she is not going anywhere so they can finish their talk.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Sheridan falls to the floor, stating over and over that she killed him, blood is on her hands! Theresa kneels beside her, asking her what she means, what she is talking about, but Sheridan doesn't answer-she is sleepwalking!

Down at the cottage, Luis tells Hank that one day one of the Cranes will slip up and tell something about his father's disappearance. Just then, Ethan walks in and asks where Sheridan is. Luis tells Ethan to leave her alone, she has had a rough night. Ethan starts yelling at Luis, telling him it is his fault that Sheridan is being put through this trauma. Hank takes Luis's side. Ethan, then walks into Sheridan's bedroom, comes straight back out and reports that Sheridan isn't there. Luis and Hank are confused, but Ethan knows right where to go. Ethan takes off to the main house, Luis and Hank follow.

At the main house, Theresa is dialing her mother for advice, when she hears the Luis's voice. Theresa runs and hides as Ethan, Luis, and Hank come into the room. Sheridan, still sleepwalking, keeps looking at the ground and her hands, talking about the blood, the body...Luis wants to know what she is talking about and presses for details, but Ethan tells Luis to leave her alone. Ethan starts to take Sheridan back to the cottage, but Luis presses for answers once again. Ethan breaks a vase and Sheridan awakes. She looks around at the three men and asks what she is doing in the main house. Luis tells her what she was saying, but Ethan doesn't want to hear another word, he takes Sheridan down to the cottage. At the cottage, Luis asks about what she was saying once again, but Ethan takes Sheridan to her bedroom, then leaves. Luis believes the Cranes have something to hide and he is going to let them hang themselves...!

Pilar is surprised to see Julian standing at her door. Julian demands for Ivy's attaché case, but Pilar plays dumb and acts as if she has no idea what he is talking about. Julian tells her that he knows she is lying and if she doesn't give up the case, it will mean trouble! Meanwhile, Ivy is hiding, nervously looking at the opened attaché case. Pilar then tells Julian they should wait till morning and straighten everything out with Ivy. Julian agrees, then goes out to his limo.

Suzanne is ready to go, but Julian wants to stick around to see what he can see. Suzanne has an idea to help pass time...she sent the limo driver away and was wearing his hat...they start kissing...

Ivy thanks Pilar for keeping her secrets. Pilar suggests burning the papers, but Ivy has no intentions of doing that. Ivy leaves, not knowing that Julian sees her.

Ivy walks into the Crane living room, finding Ethan there. Ethan asks if what Sheridan sees is true. Ivy is taken aback, but tells Ethan that it is just a dream. Ethan tells his mother that Luis is asking questions. Ethan then goes up to his room and gives Theresa a call. He asks her not to tell Gwen that she loves him. Downstairs, Julian comes in and asks Ivy if she has been out. Ivy lies and tells him that she has been in all night. Ivy changes the subject, telling Julian he needs to worry about Luis, then explains about his questioning. Julian gets upset...must do something to stop Luis from finding out...

Sam and Eve walk into the Russell kitchen. Eve tells Sam that Sheridan had a lot of courage to shoot a man. Sam frowns, and Eve asks what's wrong. He tells her about the fight with Ethan. Grace walks in, she was checking on the kids. Grace asks where TC is and Eve tells her that he is in his shed.

TC only goes out there when he is hurt by someone and that someone was Julian Crane. Sam thinks he should go out and talk to his best friend, but Eve doesn't think it is a good idea, TC goes out there to be alone, to blow off steam, but Sam goes out there anyway.

TC is coming out of the shed. Sam walks up behind him-Hey Buddy! TC turns around and grabs him, then recognizes it's Sam and apologizes. TC tells him that Julian gets to him and that he could kill Julian! Sam tells TC to talk to him, but TC says he doesn't want to discuss it. Sam asks if it would hurt Eve, but TC says nothing. Sam reminds him that the offer of listening stands...

Thursday, August 10, 2000

At the Mansion
Julian and Ivy discuss "secrets." Julian informs Ivy that he is very close to exposing her secret. Ivy tells Julian to stop trying to find out her secret and concentrate on keeping his secret with Alistair about Sheridan from being uncovered by Luis. Alistair phones Julian. Alistair is worried that with Sheridan having her nightmares again that Luis will uncover the truth. He says that he will not let the housekeeper's son bring down the Crane empire. He tells Julian that the time has come to kill officer Lopez-Fitzgerald. Julian tells his father that it would be to risky to kill Luis now. Alistair asks his son to think of another alternative. Julian tells his father that there is nothing he can do, and then reminds him that he is no longer heir to the Crane empire. Julian tells his father that he has better things to do. He tells him to call his new heir, Ethan for help. Alistair tell Julian that he will regret talking to him that way. Julian asks him what he's going to do, disinherit him again? Julian hangs up the phone. He then vows to find out Ivy's secret no matter what. Julian tries to think of a way to get into Pilar's house to look for the attaché case. Theresa walks in and leaves her purse behind. Julian picks up her purse and finds her keys. Now nothing can stop him from finding that case he proclaims. Pilar tells Ivy that it scared her when Mr. Crane came over last night. She tells Ivy that Julian won't quit until he finds out her secret. Ivy assures her that he's dealing with his father and he won't have time to worry about her secret.

Up in Ethan's Room
Ethan dreams of Theresa. In his dream, they are kissing with passion, when Ethan pulls away and tells her that he can't love her. Ethan awakens to a questioning Gwen who wants to know why he can't love her. Gwen tells Ethan that she wants to know now what's going on. Ethan tells her that he has a confession to make and only hopes that she'll understand. He tells her that he's been having some pre-wedding jitters and some crazy dreams. Gwen tells him that what he feels is normal, and then admits that she was afraid that he was going to tell her that he's fallen in love with someone else. Wedding gifts are delivered to Ethan's room. They start to unwrap some when Theresa walks in. Gwen tells her that Ethan might not marry her after all, he's getting cold feet.

Sheridan's Cottage
Sam brings by some pic
tures for Luis so he can finish up his police report. Luis tells Sam that something is bothering Sheridan and he's going to find out what. Sam tells him that it's only the shooting in the warehouse. Sheridan cries out in her sleep and Luis and Sam rush into her room. Luis tries to comfort her and then they leave to let her sleep. Sam asks Luis if it's his love for Sheridan that's driving him to find out what's haunting her from her past. Luis tells Sam that he feels whatever is haunting Sheridan involves him. Sam tells Luis to just forget about it. He tells him to just guard Sheridan until the drug dealers are caught and then keep his distance from her, he shouldn't get involved with a Crane.

The Russell House
Whitney watches a sleeping Chad when Kay enters the room. Kay tells Whitney once again that Chad loves Simone and not her. Theresa walks in and wonders what is going on. Kay says that she was just reminding Whitney that Chad loves Simone. Whitney excuses herself saying that she is tired of discussing Chad, she has to get ready for Tennis practice. Theresa tells Kay that they need to talk. Kay tells Theresa that there's nothing that she can do about the fact that Chad loves Simone, not Whitney. Theresa explains that Chad is in shock and doesn't know who he is talking to. Kay fires back that Theresa is only dreaming like always and throw in that Theresa will never marry Ethan just as Whitney will never get Chad. Simone enters bring Chad's breakfast. She sits next to Chad on the bed and Chad kisses her hand. Whitney sees this and is hurt. Theresa tries to comfort her friend but Whitney tells her it doesn't matter to her who Chad loves. Theresa then tells her that Ethan said he loved her last night. Theresa admits that Ethan was sleeping when he kissed her. Whitney questions Theresa as to why what Ethan says when he's sleeping is true but what Chad says isn't. Theresa says that Chad really loves her and not Simone and then hurries off to the Crane mansion. Chad wakes up and asks Whitney how he got in her room. Whitney explains that Simone and Kay found him on the wharf and brought him to their house. Kay walks in and asks Chad if he remembers which girl the told that he loved.

Friday, August 11, 2000

Kay wants to know if Chad remembers telling someone that he loved them and then kissed that person. Chad looks confused and tells her, Simone, and Whitney that he has no idea what she is talking about. He tells the girls that he was out of it, his mind is blank. Simone is hurt that he doesn't remember and she and Kay leave the room. Chad looks at Whitney and asks her how it made her feel to see him kissing her little sister. Whitney doesn't have a chance to answer because Kay and Simone walk back in and Whitney leaves.

At the Crane mansion, Gwen and Ethan are discussing Ethan's cold feet, when Theresa comes in. Theresa tells them she is there to make sure the maid-of-honor dress is going to fit perfectly. Gwen mentions Ethan's cold feet and then his dream about another woman. Gwen wants to know if Theresa might know who the other woman might be. Ethan intervenes, telling Theresa it isn't like Gwen makes it out to be, he is going to marry Gwen. Theresa then mentions Chad and how he is hurt and Ethan leaves to check on his buddy.

Downstairs, Ivy is talking to Pilar about the wedding, but Pilar isn't paying attention to her. Pilar is thinking about the attaché case and Mr. Crane's late night visit to her house. Ivy tells Pilar to stop thinking about the papers, she lied beautifully, and Julian doesn't suspect a thing! Little does Ivy know, that Julian has broken into the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and has gotten his hands on the attaché case!

Pilar knocks on the door of the cottage. Sheridan answers and grabs Pilar in a tight hug. Pilar and Sheridan discuss Sheridan's memories and Pilar tells Sheridan she must put the thoughts behind her. Luis walks in the room and Sheridan runs out to check on her eggs. Luis tells his mother that he thinks something has happened to Sheridan in the past and that whatever it is, he feels that it has something to do with him.

Ethan walks into Whitney's room and asks Chad why Simone thinks she has a chance with him. Chad tells Ethan about saying I love you and kissing Simone. Ethan tells Chad that he has to tell Simone the truth, but Chad doesn't look so sure. Ethan is upset that Chad is constantly telling him to tell Theresa about his feelings, but he himself, won't tell Whitney how he feels. Ethan declares that once he marries Theresa...Gwen...he meant Gwen...Chad raises his eyebrows and tells Ethan he just told on himself.

Ethan and Chad then make a pact that if Chad tells Whitney his true feelings, then Ethan will tell Theresa! IT'S A DEAL!!! Outside in the hall, Kay has a glass to the wall and hears everything that is said. Luis asks Sheridan to look at some pictures from last night, he needs her help on the report. The first picture is of a bloody sheet. Sheridan starts crying and tells Luis to leave her alone. He questions her and Sheridan runs into her room. Luis goes after her, but she keeps telling him to leave her alone. Luis tells her to tell him what's wrong. Luis busts in the door and grabs her to comfort her. He tells her that it is going to haunt her unless she gets some help --- and he knows she can overcome whatever it is that's troubling her.

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