All My Children Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on AMC
Gillian had a revelation. David and Liza grew closer. Allie tried to get pregnant, but Jake found out about the scheme. Hayley was furious to learn that Mateo was still married to Raquel. Mike vowed to find Palmer's treasure. Palmer eluded Mike and Adrian with the help of a mystery man.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, September 21, 1998

Due to ABC News coverage of the release of the President's grand jury testimony, All My Children did not air today. I suppose I should be thankful for the day off... The missed episode will be broadcast tomorrow, so there will be no missing episodes. The only possible drawback is that we'll have the super Friday cliffhanger taking place on Mondays for a few weeks.


Tuesday, September 22, 1998
byy Dan J Kroll

Hearing Gillian talk badly about herself was something new for Ryan. Gillian lamented that ever since she arrived in town she's "done nothing by mess up." In an attempt to make his wife feel better, Ryan assured Gillian that everyone makes mistakes. For some reason, Gillian thought that Ryan was poking at her. Ryan quickly explained that he was actually being serious. This was the first time, he noted, that he'd seen a repentant---and sincere---Gillian. Ryan was just about to apologize for hurting Gillian when Hayley entered the room and asked for an opinion on how she looked. Ryan instantly forgot about his conversation and turned his full attention to the bride-to-be-again. Gillian shook her head in wonderment as her husband raved endlessly about how beautiful Hayley looked and how lucky Mateo was to have her. Gillian tried to regain her husband's attention by reminding him that Mateo was waiting for Hayley, but that did little good. As Ryan walked Hayley to the door, he told her about "the reporter" who had shown up at the hospital. Ryan felt badly for not getting the woman's name, but Hayley assured him that he'd done a good job of keeping the woman at bay. Neither knew it, but Hayley was about to meet this woman face to face. Once Hayley left, Ryan turned around and tried to pick up the conversation with Gillian. There was one minor problem: Gillian was nowhere to be found.

Liza was used to burning the midnight oil and being pregnant didn't change that fact. She grumbled about a report that had been prepared for her, unaware that she was being observed. David finally broke his silence and began lecturing Liza on the dangers of working late while pregnant. He was also less than pleased to see that the only meal Liza had eaten all day was a mouthful of a stale doughnut. Liza knew that she was doing all the things that she wasn't supposed to be doing, but she didn't want David to have the satisfaction of being right. David reminded Liza that he was a doctor, a fact that Liza didn't need to hear. He explained to Liza that her late hours and poor nutrition could harm her unborn child. Liza finally admitted that she needed to do more for her child, claiming that she had gotten into a routine of working late every night. David urged Liza to delegate responsibility so that she'd have more time to take care of herself and her baby. David offered to drive Liza home, but Liza assured him that she could handle the simple task of taking herself home. The exchange between the two former enemies was surprisingly tender and, at times, engrossing. David made a funny little smile and said that he might have to take Liza home because he'd seen a tow truck hauling her car away as he was entering the station. Liza's mouth dropped and she picked up the phone to call security. Liza learned that David was telling the truth, but something just wasn't write. Liza stated that she'd been parking in the "no parking" zone for months. She wondered if David had phoned the towing company, knowing full-well that he would then be able to play chauffeur. "I guess we'll never know," David said with a grin.
David took Liza back to her condominium and offered to get her a glass of milk. That glass of milk turned into a cheese omelet and toast. Liza was floored when David placed the plate of goodies before her. Apparently Liza doesn't do too much cooking. She had no idea that she had the ingredients in her refrigerator. David also mentioned that he'd found Liza's prenatal vitamins in one of the kitchen cabinets---unopened. Liza nervously groped for an explanation. She claimed that she had a second bottle in her purse and that she takes her vitamins on "most days." David decided that he'd made his point and didn't pressure Liza any further. Instead, he asked her if she would consider using him for the medical segment she'd been planning. Again, David worked out a low-pressure presentation, simply saying that he had "charisma" and knowledge that would be a surefire ratings winner. He didn't expect an answer immediately and, in fact, requested that Liza take some time to consider his request. David sat back on the sofa and put his arm on the cushion behind Liza. Liza turned and took a look at David's arm and asked him if he was trying to put the moves on her. If he was, she assured him that she'd slap him silly before he had the chance to try anything. David chuckled and said that he was trying to reach the blanket that was sprawled out behind then. He then placed the blanket around Liza and said that he'd be on his way. Later, while reading a babycare guide, Liza caught herself looking at the blanket and remembering David's gesture. She shuddered and tossed the blanket to the floor.

David returned to his room at The Valley Inn and found an uninvited guest lounging on his sofa. "You're late," Gillian cooed. Gillian had somehow managed to get a key for David's room from the bellhop. And not only did she get the key, but she got a hundred dollar bottle of champagne too! Gillian wondered if another woman was behind David's late arrival. David, however, chalked up his lateness to an emergency. He said that while out looking for a gift for the princess, an elderly man was stricken by heart palpitations. By the time David had gotten the supposed patient to the hospital, he said that he had to race back to the hotel to get ready for the date. David poured two glasses of champagne, but the glasses weren't really needed. He gently poured a small amount of champagne down Gillian's neck and chest. One thing led to another and the two were soon engaged in a passionate kiss.

Jake and Allie returned to the boarding house and things started heating up. Allie said that since Jake had "rescued" her from David, he was eligible to claim his "reward." The reward was one of a physical nature. "Make love to me now!" Allie chirped exuberantly. Jake wanted to be intimate with Allie, but he also wanted to make sure that they took the necessary precautions. He asked her if she had picked her up diaphragm from her gynecologist. Allie nodded seductively and said that she'd taken care of everything. The pair stripped down to their underwear and moved to the bed. After their lovemaking session, Allie told Jake that she felt "safe and content" when she was in his arms. In addition, she claimed that she feels "complete" when they are making love. Allie eventually fell asleep on Jake's lap. Jake, however, was still wide awake. He carefully got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Jake took a peek in Allie's medicine cabinet. His face dropped when he realized that Allie's diaphragm was still in its container. He immediately stormed back into the bedroom and woke Allie from her sleep. Confronted with her diaphragm, Allie had little choice but to come clean about what she'd done. Well, almost clean. She implied that she'd gotten "preoccupied" with creating a romantic atmosphere that she'd simply forgotten to take the necessary steps. Jake was utterly irritated by Allie's actions. "I don't get you," he growled. Allie tried to pipe in with an explanation or plea, but Jake didn't want to hear it. "Shut up!" he hollered. "I'm talking!" Jake accused Allie of trying to get pregnant behind his back, so to speak, so that she could "trap" him. "The woman I met," Jake said sternly, "would never stoop this low." Allie appeared offended by the implication that her desire to have a child with Jake was somehow "low." Allie couldn't accept being the blame for the problems she and Jake were having, so she did the only thing she could: kick the blame off onto someone else. The easiest person for Allie to blame, of course, was Liza. She accused Liza of using the baby to try to steal Jake's heart. For good measure, Allie asserted that Jake was also partly to blame for their problems. She told Jake that he was breaking his promise to nix his "parental involvement." Jake, who had been parading around in just his boxer shorts, slowly got dressed. "You told me you could handle [this arrangement]," Jake snapped. Now, he was realizing that Allie never meant what she'd said. Allie retreated from her harsh comments and tried to apologize. It was too late. Jake blasted Allie for the way she'd lied to him about using protection. Allie beamed proudly as she remarked that with any luck, she could already be pregnant. Jake closed his eyes and was silent for several seconds. He told Allie that Liza was not the one breaking them up---she was. With that, he stated that, "there is no us anymore" and walked out of the room.

Raquel apologized for startling Mateo. Nevertheless, she said that it was good to see Mateo again. Matt was all smiles as she held Raquel in his arms. "I looked for you for months," Mateo said softly. Raquel explained that her father had taken her to Oklahoma claiming that Mateo never wanted to se her again. When Mateo spoke to Raquel's parents, they claimed that Raquel didn't want to speak to him. Mateo chuckled and said that they should never have listened to their parents. The pair decided to catch up on the past. Raquel said that there had been "some rough spots" in her life, but that seeing Mateo again made her feel wonderful. She gently caressed Mateo's chin. She must have realized that she was acting inappropriately and quickly pulled away. Raquel told Mateo that she'd managed to track him down after seeing his face on the cover of The Intruder. Seeing Mateo was better than a dream, Raquel said, because she could touch Mateo. "Oh God, can I touch you," she panted. Hayley entered the chapel in her wedding dressed and asked Mateo to introduce his friend. Hayley smiled proudly as her husband introduced Raquel as a friend from high school. Raquel asked to speak to Mateo alone. Neither Hayley nor Mateo wanted to delay their wedding. Hayley asked Raquel if she could wait until morning and offered to call her husband's friend a cab. Raquel explained that she had nowhere to go because she headed to Wildwind right after getting off the bus from Texas. Hayley and Matt looked at each other and decided that Wildwind was plenty big enough for one more guest. Raquel thanked them for their generosity, but she said that she really needed to speak to Mateo. "This isn't right," Raquel said of the couple's plans to renew their wedding vows. Hayley looked curiously at Raquel and asked her what she was talking about. "Mateo knows," Raquel said with an air of cockiness. "Tell her!" Mateo claimed that his news was nothing that affected him and Hayley now. After a momentary pause, he said that while living in Texas, he and Raquel had been married. Hayley's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He quickly followed up his bombshell with an explanation that they'd had the marriage annulled shortly after the wedding ceremony. "It wasn't annulled, Mateo," Raquel said. "You and I are still married."

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Liza sat up late watching an informative video about her pregnancy. Due to the late hour, she was somewhat surprised when her doorbell started ringing. Liza slowly made her way to the door and learned that Allie was on the other side. She gladly let Allie into her home, unaware that by opening the door she was opening a Pandora's box of sorts. Allie apologized for interrupting Liza's evening. Liza smiled and said that "we were just watching a video." Allie sort of looked around before asking what she meant by "we." Liza gently patted her belly and said that "we" was her and Baby Colby. "Where is the proud father?" Allie grumbled as she walked around Liza's livingroom. Liza crinkled her eyebrows and said that she had no idea where Jake might be. Allie rolled her eyes. She was convinced that the "we" Liza had spoke of early included Jake. Of course, that was not the case. Allie went as far as to search the entire apartment for signs of Jake. Allie returned to the livingroom with her arms folded. She announced that she was not leaving until she talked to Jake. Again, Liza insisted that Jake was not in her home. Allie started to lose her cool. "I'm not a five-year old," she huffed. She ranted on and on about how devoted Jake was to Liza and her child. Allie then complained that she had to go and try to get pregnant so that she could effectively "one up" Liza. Liza was floored by the news. Allie told Liza to can the fake outrage. She said that Jake was uninterested by the idea of having a child with her. Jake wants a "bubbly, blonde, brilliant" woman to carry his child. "I want a baby about as much as I want to suckle pigs," Allie groused. Nevertheless, Allie was determined that she would have a baby if it meant that Jake would remain in her life. Liza tried to make Allie see that she never meant to come between her and Jake. What Liza did want, though, was a little sleep. She walked to her door, unlocked it, and opened it. She motioned for Allie to hit the road. Allie walked past Liza as Liza was walking away from the door. Instead of leaving, however, she simply closed the door. Allie reiterated that her decision to try to get pregnant so that she could keep Jake in her life. What she wanted to know was what Liza hoped to gain by having a baby. Liza didn't respond, so Allie was left to answer for her. She asserted that Liza was hoping to fill a void in her life. She added that having a baby was the only way that Liza could keep a man in her life. "You have gone too damn far," Liza snapped. Liza blasted Allie for tossing away their friendship. She said that she had been there to support and love her during her recent hardships and that all Allie had done in return was to slap her in the face. Liza let it be known that she was aware that Allie had lied about David having hit on her at the hospital. Allie initially denied the charges, but ultimately admitted that she'd lied. "We wanted to help you," Liza said of herself and Jake. She told Allie that all of her current problems are her own fault. Nothing that she or Jake has done has been the cause of Allie's current woes. Allie suddenly became quiet. Her face turned cold and she looked down at the floor. "All right," Allie sighed. "I get the point." It didn't look like Allie was going to give up so easily, but she did. She kept her head bowed as she headed for the door. Liza still had a few more things to say. She told Allie to do Jake a favor and leave town. As Allie was headed out the door, she demanded that Allie never, ever show her face around her home again.

Tad and Dixie exchanged small talk as they wondered what Palmer was up to. The night wasn't getting younger and Dixie knew that she had to get back to Chandler Mansion to go to bed sooner or later. Tad offered the use of his guest room, but Dixie didn't think it was such a good idea. She mused that she could not sleep in Jamie's room, as Tad had suggested, because the walls were painted "disgusting green" and littered with plastic army men. Tad laughed and said that it was "a guy thing"---and that the green was a beautiful shade of camouflage green. For a while she wavered back and forth; She really wanted to stay, but she needed to convince herself that it was okay to do so. Dixie had given Tad's number to Mike in case he needed to reach her concerning Palmer's disappearance. Tad not only offered to drive Dixie back to Chandler Mansion, but he also offered to forward any calls directly to Chandler Mansion. Based solely on the phone number situation, Dixie said that it would probably be best if she stuck around Tad's house. Shortly after Dixie went up to the guest room to get ready for bed, Jake appeared on Tad's doorstep. Fresh from his fight with Allie, Jake needed to talk to someone about his troubles. Tad was a very good listener and refrained from telling Jake "I told you so." Jake told his brother about Allie's plan to get pregnant without consulting him first. He tossed in a few details about Allie's fear that Liza was trying to steal him away. Tad saw it coming---and jokingly told his brother that he'd told him so---three times! Jake asked Tad of he should try to fix things with Allie or move on with his life. Tad let out a slight chuckle and mused that he was the wrong person to ask for relationship advice. As if on cue, Dixie returned to the room. Tad roped Dixie into the conversation and asked her for a woman's opinion. Jake filled Dixie in on all the sordid details and waited for a response. While not siding with Allie, Dixie said that she could understand why Allie as upset. She explained that when a woman falls in love, she "gives her whole heart" to the relationship. If the relationship grows stronger, sometimes the woman gets scared because she thinks she's giving too much to the relationship. The conversation then took a decidedly different spin. Dixie said that a woman can become "a certifiable wacko" if the woman she cares about appears attracted to a woman, especially a woman who was "all together" like Liza Colby. Jake scratched his head and asked Dixie if she was still talking about Liza. Dixie grinned slightly and said nothing more. Jake decided that he'd better head home. Before she let Jake leave, Dixie urged Jake to find Allie and talk with her. She urged him to try to fix the ailing relationship. After Jake left, Tad asked Dixie if he'd understood her correctly in that she was saying that their divorce wasn't solely his fault. "Well, uh, yes," Dixie said evasively. She admitted that she might have treated Tad very badly before their split. "Is that what you wanted to hear?" Dixie asked. "It's a start," Tad replied. Dixie turned and slowly headed for the staircase. Later that evening, Dixie wandered around her former home in the dark. She found one of Jamie's little army men---the same ones she'd previously ridiculed. She picked up the figure and started playing with it. She then placed it down and headed back to her bed. She had no idea that Tad had been watching her from around the corner.

Mateo couldn't believe his ears---and neither could Hayley. Mateo's mouth gaped as Raquel explained that while Mateo had signed the annulment papers, she hadn't. She explained that her parents wanted her far away from Mateo, but noted that no one could force her to sign papers that would declare her love for Mateo invalid. Hayley's heart broke into a thousand pieces. She looked at her wedding dress and remarked that she was "all dressed up with nowhere to go." In essence, her marriage to Mateo was not valid because Mateo was still married to Raquel. Hayley made a move towards the door, but Mateo stepped in front of her and asked her where she was going. Hayley didn't know where she was going, she just knew that she had to clear her head. Mateo wanted to go with her, but Hayley told him that he had to "deal with" Raquel first. After Hayley left, Raquel asked Mateo what he was going to do to deal with her. Mateo had no idea what to do. He knew that it was too late to do anything and suggested that they pick up things in the morning. Raquel's parents had told her that Mateo wanted nothing to do with him---and Mateo had been told the same thing when he tried to contact Raquel. An observer might assume that the only reason Mateo and Raquel had moved on with their lives was because they believed that the other wanted nothing to do with them. Raquel told Mateo that she didn't know where to go to spend the night. Mateo noted that he and Hayley and promised her a room at Wildwind---and he planned on keeping his word. "We'll work through this," Mateo sighed. "The three of us."

Back at the main house, a frazzled Hayley found herself hovering over the liquor cart. She fought the urge to have a drink and instead poured herself a glass of water. She drifted off into space and filled her glass to overflowing. Ryan entered the room and saw what Hayley was doing. He called out to her and she snapped back into reality. Ryan asked Hayley why she wasn't celebrating her second wedding with Mateo. Hayley didn't want to discuss that. Ryan offered to track down Mateo for Hayley, but Hayley quickly nixed Ryan's search. "He has enough to worry about," Hayley said sadly as she walked out of the room. A few seconds later, Mateo and Raquel entered the house. Ryan was shocked to see Raquel by Mateo's side. He knew Raquel only as the woman he'd encountered at the hospital. Mateo confirmed that Raquel really was one of his old friends. Ryan pulled Matt aside and told him that Hayley was acting rather peculiarly. Mateo asked Ryan to show Raquel to one of the guest rooms while he went to find Hayley. Ryan didn't greet Raquel with a warm smile. Instead, he accused her of somehow upsetting Hayley. He wasn't sure what she'd done, but he warned her that she'd have to answer to him. He growled the directions to the guest room rather than showing Raquel to the room. Ryan left the room and Raquel plopped down on the sofa. She pulled her photo booth pictures from her purse and reflected back to a time when she and Mateo were madly in love.

Upstairs, Hayley sat on her bed with tears in her eyes. Mateo entered the room and hand Hayley a single pink rose. He told her that he wanted to talk about what just happened, but Hayley didn't want to talk. She asked Mateo to hold her... and he did just that.

Thursday, September 24, 1998

A new day dawned in Pine Valley. When Tad, still dressed in his bathrobe, finally wandered out of bed, he found a fully-dressed Dixie in the livingroom scribbling away on a notepad. Dixie told Tad that she was making notes of all the possible places that Palmer could have headed. Tad was impressed, saying that he used to do the same thing during his days as a private eye. Dixie smiled coyly and said that she'd "learned from the master." A little while later, Adrian, Jack, and Mike showed up at Tad's door. The trio hoped that they might be able to learn a little more about Palmer's disappearance from Tad and Dixie. Dixie was still angry about the search because she knew it would be only a matter of time before her uncle was serving jail time. Mike said that it was better to find Palmer now than later. Mike's behavior hinted that there was something that he was holding back. After an awkward pause, Mike said that while the stolen paintings were worth a mint, they held a secret link to an even greater fortune. Word had it that a list of Nazi operatives had been hidden behind a fake canvas on one of the paintings. In addition to the names of Nazi operatives, the list was also believed to give the locations where numerous Nazi treasures had been hidden. Anyone with the list had easy access to these vast riches---only those who had the list usually ended up dead relatively quickly. Tad couldn't believe his ears. Jack stepped in to verify everything that Mike had said. Jack asked if he could see the list that Dixie had made, but Tad said that they weren't with the list until some type of deal had been reached. Tad said that he wanted Palmer to have full immunity if he turned over the paintings. Jack nodded his head and said that a similar deal had already been proposed. Tad knew of the deal, but said that he wanted the deal in writing. Jack puckered his lips and said that a written deal could take many, many weeks to obtain. Amazingly, things speeded up when Tad reminded Jack that he was the host of a talk show, a talk show that could air numerous pieces on "How I got screwed by Uncle Sam." Within a few minutes, a fax came through with a deal that promised that Palmer would no serve any jail time---provided that he cooperated. The deal fixed, Dixie handed over her list and the three agents dashed off. Dixie crossed her arms and flashed a smile at Tad. She thanked him for his help, but wondered why Tad would go out of his way to help Palmer, a man that Tad didn't like. Tad said that he wanted to see Dixie happy. The back doors swung open and Opal slowly walked into the room. Opal, dressed in black from head to toe, looked somber and spaced out. She plopped two shopping bags on a table and told Tad that she'd been out shopping. The two bags contained, shirts, shoes, and sweaters for Tad and Jamie. Opal assured her son that everything was the right size because she carries a little book in her purse that lists everyone's clothing sizes. Tad knew that her mother was out of it and offered her a seat. Opal claimed that she felt fine and continued walking around the house. She looked towards Dixie and said that the car was full of handbags, any of which Dixie was free to have. Tad took his mother by the shoulders and told her that he had late breaking news about Palmer. "They found a body?" Opal asked with tears forming in her eyes. Tad shook his head and said that he had reason to believe that Palmer was still alive.

At Wildwind, Eugenia>, Edmund, and Dimitri sat down for breakfast. Eugenia mentioned that she heard strange noises coming from one of the vacant guest rooms. Dimitri heard noises too, prompting Edmund to see if one of his housekeepers was napping on the job. Gillian strolled into the dining room and was asked if she heard any noises the night before. Gillian became extremely nervous and stated that she'd fallen asleep early and heard nothing. The truth was, of course, that she had been with David. Her cover was nearly blown when Ryan joined the group and asked Gillian why she hadn't gotten in 'til late. Again, Gillian insisted that she was in bed by 11:45 and asleep by 12:30. Raquel appeared in the doorway and Eugenia announced that she believed they'd found their "ghost." Raquel smiled meekly and said, "Boo." Edmund watched the woman as she approached the table and asked her who she was. Raquel said that she was one of Mateo's high school chums. She was invited to the table and soon chatted it up like she was an old family friend. Raquel told Edmund that his home was beautiful, but wanted to know if everyone at the table was related. "Think of us as the Addams Family," Dimitri chirped, "only with better complexions." Edmund offered the run down on how everyone was related, but he left out the one thing that Raquel most wanted to know: How did Mateo fit into the family tree. Edmund stated that he had married Mateo's oldest sister. Raquel's face lit up. Raquel said that she liked Maria a great deal and asked if Maria was living in the house too. A silence crept over the table as Edmund announced that Maria had been killed. Raquel got out of her chair and headed to the head of the table. She took Edmund's hand and told him how sorry she was. "Maria and I were like sisters," Raquel reminisced. Raquel called Maria "an inspiration" who had taught her never to give up on a dream. She was about to relate a story about Hector's reaction to a really short haircut that Maria had gotten, but the story abruptly ended when Mateo and Hayley appeared in the doorway. Gillian, who had been quiet until this point, decided that she had things to say. She said that she wished she could have seen Hayley's face when she met Mateo's old girlfriend. Raquel took objection to being called an "old girlfriend." Her forehead crinkled, Raquel blurted out, "I'm more than his old girlfriend---I'm his wife." Eugenia dropped her juice glass after hearing the shocking news. "You can't both be Mateo's wife," Gillian said merrily. Mateo reached over and grabbed Raquel's arm. He told her that he needed to speak to her in private---and he wasn't happy. Ryan and Eugenia tried to get Gillian to keep her mouth closed, but it didn't do any good. She mused that Hayley must have had no idea that she married a bigamist. Eugenia chimed in that Mateo was not a bigamist, then asking, "Is he a Mormon?" Hayley looked sternly at Gillian and told the princess that due to some legal glitch, Mateo and Raquel's marriage had not been annulled as planned. Edmund and Dimitri filed out of the room so that Hayley could eat in peace. Gillian couldn't take the hint and kept making snide remarks. She was really enjoying seeing Hayley suffer. Gillian asked Hayley if she and Mateo had managed to renew their vows before Raquel broke the news of her marriage to Mateo. She put her finger to her chin and then remarked that it wouldn't have mattered when Raquel dropped her bombshell because the marriage would have been invalid anyway---just like their first marriage. Hayley looked as it she was going to throw silverware at Gillian. She refrained, but she did give Gillian one of those "if looks could kill" glares. Hayley stormed out of the room with Ryan following after her. Eugenia scolded her granddaughter and, in one of the Duchess' most stern displays to date, told Gillian that she didn't want to see or hear from her for the rest of the morning.

Ryan followed Hayley to her bedroom, where she was beating and throwing pillows. Ryan tried to help ease Hayley's anger, but he didn't really do a good job. He tried to make Hayley see that Mateo might not be such a good guy after all. Not only had Mateo been overbearing while having his trips to "future world," but now he was keeping secrets about past marriages. Hayley didn't want to hear a lecture from a man who had nearly gone to jail for being a scam artist---and then married a princess in the hopes of getting his hands on a fortune. Ryan was hurt by Hayley's scathing remarks and told Hayley that he thinks she's yelling at the wrong guy.

Back downstairs, Edmund pulled Dimitri aside and asked him for some advice on Kit's quest to prove that she was one the sister of one of someone living in town. The two brothers were forced to examine their rocky relationship. Dimitri remembered that he was opposed to having a DNA test performed because he didn't want to admit that his father had not been perfect. In retrospect, Dimitri said that being forced to take the DNA test was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Dimitri wanted to know who Kit believed was her brother, but Edmund said that the man's identity was not important. Edmund headed out for a little while. While he was gone, Kit showed up at Wildwind. One of the housekeepers asked Dimitri if she should send the woman away or have her wait until Edmund returned. Dimitri smiled broadly and told the housekeeper to show Kit in. Kit entered the office area and apologized for intruding. Dimitri said that she was not intruding. He stated that Edmund had told him all about Kit's situation and offered his assistance.

At a hotel somewhere in Manhattan, Palmer adjusted a picture of Opal and Petey by his bedside. He headed to the door so that he could retrieve his morning paper. When he opened the door, a young man happened to be passing by and immediately recognized him. The man told Palmer that he wanted to work for him, but Palmer wanted nothing to do with the gentleman. Palmer slammed the door and told the man that if he ever tried to contact him, he'd be in big trouble. Palmer returned to his bedside chair and ogled his paintings. When a knock sounded at the door, Palmer assumed that the stranger from the hallway had returned. Palmer hid the paintings in a closet and headed for the door. When Palmer opened the door, he found him self looking at the barrel of a handgun. Two thuggish men stood before Palmer. The one, presumably the leader of the operation, referred to Palmer as "Private Cooney," the name Palmer had gone by during his days in the service. "We're here to pick up our paintings," the man snarled. Palmer was shaking in his boots, but he wasn't about to admit that he had the paintings with him. Palmer pointed to the "monstrosities" hanging on the hotel wall and told the men that they were welcome to the paintings. The gunman tired of Palmer's delays and asked his boss if he could "end it" right then and there. The first thug urged his partner to keep cool. That coolness might have been the men's undoing. The young man who had spotted Palmer in the hallway happened to be passing by Palmer's room when he heard strange voices coming from inside. He peeked through the cracked door and saw the two thugs holding Palmer at gunpoint. He slipped into the room and used his briefcase the knock the gun away. He then clobbered the gunman with his briefcase. While the head thus was distracted, Palmer whapped him on the head with a glass vase. Both men fell to the floor. An undetermined amount of time later, Adrian, Mike, and Jack descended on the hotel room. Mike kicked the door open and found a surprise waiting for him---the two thugs had been tied to a pair of chairs. The men knew that Palmer had been there and that he was more feisty than they'd imagined.

Back at Wildwind, Mateo blasted Raquel for the way that she'd blurted out the news that she was his wife. Raquel didn't like being talked down to and told Mateo that he was acting just like his father. "I am your only wife in God's eyes," she commented. Mateo disagreed. Over the past year, he said firmly, God has blessed him by placing Hayley in his life. Hayley, he said, was the wife he'd always wanted. That did not in any way discount the feelings that Mateo had once had for Raquel. "I did love you," he admitted. He said that when he couldn't find Raquel, he moved on with his life and, ultimately, he fell in love with Hayley. "It breaks my heart to hurt you," Mateo said softly. He said that the entire mess would be cleared up just as soon as they could contact a lawyer. Raquel laughed slightly and told Mateo that he'd gotten everything wrong. She had no intention of getting an annulment or even a divorce. "I am going to stay your wife," she said.

Friday, September 25, 1998

A warm smile greeted Kit as she entered Dimitri's office area. She had no idea who the man standing before her was or why he wanted to help her. Kit soon learned that Dimitri was Edmund's brother. Dimitri, however, took a few liberties in his introduction, perhaps hoping to learn the identity of Kit's supposed brother. Since Dimitri had stated that he knew the whole story, Kit didn't feel a need to supplement Edmund's version of her tale. She asked Dimitri if he thought that she was a con artist. Dimitri shook his head and said that he knew what Kit was going through. Dimitri filled Kit in on his relationship with Edmund, one that was awfully similar to that of Kit and her "unnamed brother." Dimitri said that he was "less than receptive" when Edmund suggested that he might be his half-brother. A DNA test, Dimitri said, certainly would have cleared everything up---but the results of the test would force Dimitri to realize that his father might not have been the man he thought he was. In the end, of course, Dimitri took the DNA test and the rest, he said as he showed Kit a picture of him and Edmund standing together outside Vadzel, is part of history. Dimitri's next move was a bit unclear. He asked Kit to dinner to further discuss her situation. It could not be determined if Dimitri was interested in a relationship with the attractive blonde or if he wanted to dig for more dirt. In the doorway, Edmund cleared his throat, sounding his arrival. Edmund asked his brother what he'd missed. Dimitri smiled broadly and said that he and Kit were just getting acquainted. Edmund disregarded his brother's beaming long enough to tell Kit that he had made an appointment at the hospital for her DNA test. Kit turned to Dimitri and told him that she'd have to take a rain check on their dinner plans. Dimitri reminded Kit that test or no test, she'd still have to eat. The pair made plans to meet up later at The Valley Inn. After Kit left, Edmund demanded an explanation from his brother. Why would he go an invite a total stranger to dinner when he was supposedly madly in love with Brooke? Dimitri argued that his brother's acquaintance with Kit meant that she was not really a stranger. He went on to say that since Brooke had made it clear that he was not going to be a part of her future, he'd decided to explore other options. Edmund's objections seemed misplaced. Dimitri watched his brother stumbled for words to express his unhappiness with the planned date. Finally, Dimitri piped in that he was sorry for moving in on Edmund's territory. Edmund's face turned a shade of red and he cast a piercing glance in Dimitri's direction. Edmund exclaimed that he was still very much in love with Maria and that he was not looking for another woman. Dimitri felt that Edmund was still attracted to Kit and ordered him to meet him later at The Valley Inn for dinner with Kit.

Tad and Dixie watched Opal carefully. The news that Palmer might still be alive hit Opal like a ton of bricks. When Opal finally found words, she wanted to know why the authorities believed that Palmer was still alive. Tad told his mother about the footprints found by the side of the river, the missing body, and the disappearance of the strongbox. Dixie was about to comfort Opal---who she thought would be furious with Palmer's shenanigans---when Opal looked up to the sky and chirped, "Oh, thank you, God!" Tad and Dixie exchanged confused glances. "Please God, look over him," Opal continued. She went on to say that she hopes Mike and Adrian can find Palmer before it's too late. Dixie slowly approached Opal and asked her if she was really serious about forgiving Palmer. "He's the father of my child," Opal replied. Opal dropped to her knees and began praying aloud. Dixie slowly joined Opal on the floor. That left Tad the lone man standing. He rolled his eyes and slowly made his way to the ground. "Please, Lord, bring Palmer back to me in one piece," Opal said softly. "So that I [can] torture him every day for the rest of his miserable, stinking life." After the prayer concluded, Opal thanked Tad for helping arrange an immunity deal for her husband. She then scurried off towards the door, stopping momentarily to offer some parting words. She said that she needed to go back to Cortlandt Manor so that she could start work on the secret room. The work, she growled, included "a rack, chains, and leg irons."

In New York, Mike revealed that the head thug's name was Leo. From the conversation, this was not Mike and Leo's first encounter. He tried to elicit cooperation from the men, but they weren't talking. Mike tried to sweeten the pot by announcing that he knew about the secret Nazi list on the back of one of the paintings. The two men's eyebrows did raise momentarily, but otherwise they played it very cool. Adrian stepped in after Mike's nice guy routine failed. He tried to play himself up as a madman who wanted closure for a case he'd been working on for years. Adrian announced his hatred of Nazis, saying that they are "nutcase groups with bad haircuts." Jack summoned the two agents into the hallway. Just in case they hadn't noticed, Jack let them no that they were making no progress with the thugs. Jack, however, had made some progress in tracking down Palmer. Palmer had used a fake name when registering for the hotel room and he'd paid in cash. The clerk was able to identify Palmer after being shown a photograph. Jack phoned Tad to bring him up to date on everything that had transpired. After the phone call, Tad returned the favor by clueing Dixie in. Both agreed that they needed to do something to help Palmer before it was too late. Just because the first thugs to track him down turned out to be less than menacing, he might not be so lucky the next time. Finally, Tad came up with a plan. He knew it was going to sound off the wall, but he knew that it was the only thing he could do to help.

Mateo was floor by Raquel's announcement that she would not grant Mateo a divorce or second annulment. Mateo wanted Raquel to admit to herself that their relationship was over a "lifetime ago." Raquel insisted that she'd never stopped loving Mateo and implied that something was wrong with Mateo since he wasn't still pining away for her. It was hard for Mateo to believe that Raquel honestly expected them to be able to pick up where they'd left things so many years prior. "Have I been a fool?" Raquel asked softly. Mateo didn't know how to handle the situation. He wanted to be blunt, but not appear mean. "People change," Mateo said echoing a popular pop song. "Feelings change." That wasn't the case for Raquel. "Mine haven't 'teo," said Raquel, using her pet nickname for Matt. Raquel walked towards Mateo and gave him a big hug. Mateo told Raquel to stop, but at no time did he push her away. The sound of glass smashing in the doorway signaled that Hayley had arrived---and she wasn't happy. Mateo offered to clean up the broken glass, but Hayley told him that the glass could wait. Mateo tried to impress upon his wife, Hayley, that is, that he was just as surprised as she was to learn that his marriage to Raquel had never been officially nullified. He asked for a few minutes with Raquel to try to make her see that an annulment was their best option. "You had your chance," Hayley said forcefully. "Now it's my turn." The trio left the bedroom and headed for the parlor. Raquel tried to apologize to Hayley for upsetting her, but Hayley snapped that she was "not receptive" to the apology. Raquel explained that when she strolled into town, she had secretly hoped that Mateo and Hayley were not happily married. That way, she reckoned, her appearance would have been a blessing to everyone involved. She was wrong---and it wouldn't be her only mistake. When Raquel learned that the marriage was happy, she hoped that Hayley would "step aside" and let Mateo go. "Wrong again," snapped Hayley. Raquel again apologized for hurting everyone, but insisted that she would never stop loving Mateo. Now it was Mateo's turn to raise his voice. "Listen, I don't love you any more." He added that they could not hit a rewind button or journey into the past. Raquel looked devastated as she dashed out of the room. Mateo started to chase after her, saying that he needed to make Raquel understand. "No," Hayley argued. "You need to stay here and make me understand." The conversation between the two began to crumble. There was no progress and neither one was willing to look at things from the other's perspective. Hayley didn't understand why Mateo had kept his first marriage a secret and Mateo didn't think that the marriage was important enough to mention. "You thought lying by omission was okay?" Hayley asked. Mateo looked his wife in the eyes and said that not only did he think it was okay to lie to her, but he still thinks what he did is okay.

The young man who had rescued Palmer from the art goons took him back to his apartment. Palmer rested a few minutes before deciding that he should be on his way. The man stepped in front of Palmer and told him that he wasn't going anywhere. Palmer clutched his cylinder of artwork to his chest and began shaking. He assumed that the man was one of the other thugs partners. He offered to give the man his wallet or even a reward, but he wanted none of them. "I want what you have," he said coldly. The man saw that Palmer was holding on to his cylinder for dear life and clarified that what he wanted wasn't what the mogul was clutching. He pointed to his head---he wanted to learn how to be a financial guru. Palmer wondered if the man was trying to blackmail his way into an executive position at Cortlandt Electronics. Palmer sighed and said that even if he could give the man a position---which he said he wouldn't do---he couldn't. Palmer gave a vague explanation about his life on the run and said that he couldn't return to Cortlandt Electronics because he'd be immediately carted off to jail. To that, the young man urged Palmer not to give up everything that he'd worked so hard to obtain.

Back in the hotel room, Mike and Adrian taunted to two thugs with talk of long prison sentences---and the possibility that other thugs would hunt them down and, well, bring their thug days to an end. The door to the room swung open and Jack entered. He said that his men had found another Nazi operative. Two cops walked the man into the room---Tad! Mike was caught off guard and asked Jack where he'd found the man. Jack said that the man had been posing as a sous-chef, but noted that most chefs do not carry automatic weapons under their aprons. Tad, whose hands were bound, was plopped in a chair. Jack, the officers, and Mike and Adrian all left the room, hoping that the third operative could talk some sense into his partners. The gunman immediately asked Tad who he was and why he was there. Leo told the man to shut up before he blabbed something he wasn't supposed to. Tad wiggled his hands around and managed to undo his bonds. He slowly circled the two thugs and demanded to know where Palmer had gone and what had happened to the paintings. The second man said that he didn't know, and again Leo told him to shut up. To that Tad responded with a slap across the face. He looked sternly at Leo and told him that he's "screwed up" royally and that without cooperation, he'd never get a chance to make another mistake.

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