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Ryan and Mia had sex, and Mia later poked around Ryan's motel room. Liza pretended that Adam was the father of her baby. Proteus had expensive jewelry delivered to Hayley on Mateo's behalf. Laura learned that Greenlee had pretended to be her during a session with Dr. McMillan. Jake caught Greenlee snooping through Laura and Leo's house. Frankie reacted strangely when Bianca wanted to become closer. Anna threatened to expose Chris's cover. Leslie Coulson was infuriated to learn that Tad and Dixie were back together.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, October 15, 2001

Ryan watched Mia as she slept. Sensing this, Mia awoke. They both agreed they had slept well. Mia got up and began to dress. Ryan offered her coffee, but Mia said no. She told him she hadn't meant to sleep there. Ryan told her he was glad she did. Mia apologized to Ryan for her behavior at SOS the night before. She had been upset because Liza really didn't want a sister. As Ryan tried to comfort her, there was a knock at the door. Then they heard Liza call out for Ryan. They sat up in the bed as they decided what to do. Mia decided to go into the bathroom. Ryan got up and answered the door. When Liza entered the room, she noticed the black bra on the bed. Ryan asked why she was there. She replied that she had come to discuss the playground that was to be erected in Gillian's honor. She wanted to add a storybook theme because Gillian's life had been like a fairytale. Ryan said it was a fairytale without a happy ending. Liza was flustered by Ryan's remark and thought it might not be a good idea after all. Ryan convinced her they should go to the park and discuss it. He told her he would meet her at the park after he showered. After Liza had gone, Mia came out of the bathroom. Ryan apologized and asked if she'd like to take a shower. She said no and reminded Ryan that Liza was waiting for him. As Ryan went to take his shower, Mia sat down on the bed.

While Liza waited for Ryan, she watched a mother and child at play. Ryan arrived with coffee. As he approached her, he noticed she was smiling as she watched the mother and child. He asked if she knew them. She said no, she just thought the child was cute. Ryan said she'd been thinking about children a lot lately - especially with the playground memorial. Liza said she felt it was important to move ahead with life and have new experiences and meet new people. When Ryan questioned her, Liza told him she saw the women's clothing in his room. She wanted to know who the woman was and if it was someone she knew. Liza then apologized and said it was none of her business who Ryan slept with. Ryan said it was complicated. Liza longed for the times when life was less complicated - before they were mixed up. Ryan said he felt closer to Liza since they slept together. Liza felt Ryan could see right through her. Ryan asked her how her relationship with Adam was. Liza replied that it was getting better. With working full time, taking care of Colby and watchdogging Adam, Ryan didn't know how Liza did it. He was fearful Colby could end up being just like Adam if Liza didn't watch her carefully. Since they were friends, Ryan said he cared and would be there to help her. Just then Marian walked up. Hearing the last bit of Ryan and Liza's conversation, Marian exclaimed, "Oh, my God! You told him? Liza glared at Marian. She then tried to cover it by saying that it was his job at WRCW she was worried about. She had not been able to replace Ryan and now wondered if he might consider coming back to work. Ryan wasn't sure that was what he wanted. He decided to leave but agreed they'd talk about it later. After Ryan had gone, Marian told Liza she needed to tell him about the pregnancy. Liza explained that she had been about to tell him, but when she got to his room, she realized someone was there with him. Marian was shocked. Liza assured her that it didn't bother her. She didn't have any claims on Ryan and was glad he had moved on. Marian asked Liza if she was so glad - why did she look so sad. Liza told Marian she had never been happier in her whole life. Marian said it wasn't as bad as it seemed. Liza just wished it would all go away. Marian asked if Liza really wanted the child. She thought Liza should take time to think about what she wanted to do before she told anyone else of her pregnancy. She advised Liza to listen to what her own body was feeling. Any decision had to come from Liza herself. Liza said she wanted to stay with Adam. She felt the baby could be his. She wasn't going to tell Ryan. As long as she believed the baby was Adam's, everything would be fine.

Meanwhile, in Ryan's room, Mia was going through Ryan's things. She found a box and examined a picture she found in it. As she continued examining the box, she found it had a false bottom in it. Removing the piece, she noticed a paper under it. She unfolded the paper and read it. It appeared to be a birth certificate for "John Ryan Curry." Mia called Adam to inform him she had searched the room and was unable to find anything about Ryan. She quickly hung up when she heard Ryan at the door. When Ryan came into the room, he asked why Mia was still there. Mia smiled at him and asked if he was ready for round 2.

As Anna relaxed and sipped her tea, her thoughts returned to the events of the night before at David's suite. She recalled David's passionate foreplay that had quickly turned to anger when she answered his phone. She smiled smugly to herself realizing David was hiding something from her. She promised herself David wouldn't be hiding it from her for long. She picked up a tracking device and watched as someone approached her suite. She got up and went to the door, feigning surprise when she saw David there. He smiled and said he had tried to call her the night before but was unable to get through. Anna explained that she hadn't wanted to be disturbed. She asked David what he wanted. He said they had started something the night before and he wanted to finish it. Anna held the door open as David walked into the room. She thought last night had gone well until he had gotten angry with her for answering his phone. David wanted to know why she had asked him about Proteus. He said he was a student of mythology, which was why he was interested in Proteus. He wanted to know why she was interested. He felt she was after the illusive and felt almost envious. David got up and said he had to leave, but would be back. He told Anna she'd know it was him - even with her eyes closed. After David had gone, Anna picked up her tracking device and said, "You're right, David! I will know it's you and all your dirty little secrets!"

Anna entered the cabin very cautiously. She wandered around inside, noting the covered furniture. As she lifted a sheet to take a peek, she heard a noise and looked up to see David. He had a bottle of champagne and a glass. He lounged against the door and asked Anna what kept her so long. He sauntered into the room and lifted the sheet. Picking up a tracking device, he moved it over his bag, which immediately began beeping. He wanted Anna to know he was on to her. He poured the champagne and handed Anna a glass, cautioning her to drink slowly because of the altitude. Taking their drinks, they went out to the deck to enjoy the view of Pine Valley. Looking at the view, Anna asked, "What is this place?" and David replied, "It's me." Anna wanted to know why David had led her there. David replied, "You should know." Anna asked David again why he lured her up there. He replied that he wanted to be alone with her. She felt a little overwhelmed with him and the champagne. Anna asked if anyone else knew about his little hideaway. He said no. He thought he'd eventually live there. Anna glanced around the room and asked what was under the covers. David told her to look around if what she wanted to do was dig around trying to find out what's in his head. Why spend time doing that when she could just reach up and touch the sky. That's how close to heaven they are. Anna was mesmerized by David's seductive words. She moved towards him and they kissed. They continued their love making - tantalizing each other with their moves.

As Dixie slept, Tad crept into the room and began kissing the back of her neck. She awoke and they playfully teased each other. Tad pretended to be a Frenchman who wanted to ravish Dixie. As he nibbled at her neck and ear, he saw Jesse lying at the foot of the bed. Startled, he jumped and shouted, "Get out of her right now!" When Dixie expressed her surprise at Tad's actions, he tried to explain them by telling her he thought there was something coming out of the woodwork. Dixie assumed he saw a spider and Tad ordered the spider to get out. Knowing Tad really meant him; Jesse said he was not leaving until Tad came clean with Dixie. As Tad continued his conversation with Jesse, Dixie asked who he was talking to. Tad said he was talking to himself. He was tired and had jet lag. Jesse felt Tad was using that as an excuse and really wanted to get revenge on David. Tad tried to smooth it over with Dixie and explain why he had left on such a short notice. Dixie wanted Tad to get some rest, but Tad swore he just wanted her. She left the room to freshen up. Once Dixie was out of the room, Tad laid into Jesse. He was angry with Jesse for not leaving and letting him have time alone with Dixie. Jesse tried to convince Tad to tell Dixie just what he was up to. Tad wanted Jesse to leave him alone with Dixie. Jesse just wanted Tad to tell Dixie what he was up to. He told Tad he couldn't leave because he'd been stuck between Tad and the doctor (David). Just as Tad ordered Jesse to leave, Dixie walked into the room. Tad nervously tried to explain what he was doing. He tried to tell Dixie that talking to himself was a relaxation exercise, but Dixie wasn't falling for it. She told him his technique wasn't working because he was still very tense. Tad said that was why he was putting a stop to it. Jesse knew Tad meant him and he said "no way." He wasn't leaving because Dixie needed a friend. Tad said out loud, "She doesn't need you!" Having taken this all in, Dixie decided it was time to make coffee. When Dixie was gone, Tad turned to Jesse and accused him of interfering with his marriage. Jesse replied that he was just saving Tad's behind. As Tad argued with him, Jesse informed Tad that he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life. Jesse felt the mission Tad was on to destroy David Hayward would end up destroying him. Tad explained that he could not give it up. Tad and Jesse continued arguing about David. Tad wanted to stop him from screwing with people's lives. Tad went over to the door and listened. Then he turned to Jesse and told him Dixie was coming and he asked that Jesse go and so he could be alone with her. Jesse again refused. He said he had to stay with Tad. Tad warned Jesse that he'd seen "Ghost Busters" three times. Unfazed, Jesse told Tad he was stuck with him. With that Tad lunged at Jesse. As they struggled on the bed, Tad hit Jesse with the pillow. Hearing shouts, Tad turned to see Joe and Dixie standing in the doorway. Tad pretended nothing was wrong when he greeted his father. Joe explained that Dixie had called him. Tad insisted he was fine. Dixie said he hadn't been fine since his fall at the hospital. Jesse urged Tad to tell, but he lied again. He said it was jet lag. Joe wanted Tad to go back to the hospital for some tests. Tad refused. Joe wouldn't take no for an answer. If Tad wouldn't go to the hospital with him, Joe was going to bring the hospital psychiatrist back with him. Jesse snickered as he listened. Joe finished checking Tad and declared him physically fine. Tad insisted there was no problem. Dixie disagreed with that. He was talking to himself - there was a problem. As he continued to insist there was no problem, the phone rang. Tad answered the phone only to find out it was Leslie Coulson.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Tad deceived Dixie by keeping his call with Leslie a secret. Initially, Leslie was angry with Tad for not telling her that he had reconciled with Dixie, but she quickly apologized for her outburst. Leslie then agreed to help Tad, saying that getting revenge on David Hayward would do wonders for her mental health. Jesse remained unsuccessful at getting Tad to halt his mission to take David down, and he implored him to come clean with Dixie. Further, Jesse warned Tad that he was playing with fire by enlisting "crazy" Leslie's help. Dixie overheard Tad discussing David, but he covered by pulling her into a kiss. After Tad and Dixie made love, Tad disappeared to the Valley Inn. Ignoring Jesse's pleas, Tad broke into David's room to steal his bank records.

David and Anna gave in to their mutual passion, making love at the cabin. Afterward, David discovered Anna snooping around his lab. He asked her what it felt like to be sleeping with the enemy, but she just coyly smiled. Anna then spotted a jade figurine, saying that is was one of the Chen Jade 3. David told Anna it was merely a copy, but when she pretended to almost drop it, David freaked. Anna called David on his lie and informed him that she knew it was the real one because she was the one who had stolen it in the past. Anna appeared ready to live a life above the law with David, saying that he had finally met his match. Passions reignited as the two started kissing again.

Hayley returned to the condo, expecting to find Isabella with the baby, but instead she found herself amid a romantic candlelit bubble bath, compliments of Mateo. A surprised Hayley wondered what the occasion was, and Mateo told her it was to show how much he loved her. In the bathtub, Mateo reassured Hayley about her parenting skills, saying that she was an excellent mother. However, their romantic evening was interrupted by the roar of Simone's motorcycle. She came over to deliver a special package that had arrived at SOS for Hayley. Hayley opened the package and found a beautiful diamond bracelet. An ecstatic Hayley thanked Mateo as Simone realized that the gift didn't come from him. Alone, Mateo expressed to Simone his concern that Proteus was pulling him so deep into the ring that he would never be able to get out. Later, Hayley and Mateo cuddled on the sofa as a seemingly envious Simone watched through the window.

Bianca told Opal that Frankie didn't come home last night, and she feared Frankie's permanent departure. Frankie returned, saying that she wasn't about to let Erica win that easily. Opal reprimanded Frankie for not phoning, and Frankie apologized for her inconsideration. Alone, Bianca revealed to Frankie that she was gay, and she hoped that it wasn't going to be a problem for her. On the contrary, Frankie said it made her like Bianca even more. Relieved, Bianca allowed Frankie to practice her manicuring skills on her as Frankie finally began to open up to Bianca. Frankie asked Bianca what it was like growing up with Erica, but Bianca wanted to learn more about Frankie. Upon promising not to leave town, Frankie hugged Bianca to thank her, just as Opal arrived with a horrified Erica.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Erica and Opal walked in on a friendly hug between Bianca and Frankie. Frankie tried to laugh it off, telling Erica she wasn't trying to corrupt her daughter. But Erica went ballistic on Bianca and said Bianca had let her down. Mother and daughter began to argue about Bianca's choices in life. Erica admitted to making some mistakes in her own life and she reminded Bianca that people judge others by what they do. Then Erica blasted Bianca with "What do you think your father would say, and your grandmother would be heartsick about what you're throwing away!." Erica then said if Bianca wasn't going to care about her future she would and from now on her daughter's future was in her hands. Opal tried to intervene and said that Bianca and Frankie were just friends but Erica turned on her friend as well. She yelled that Bianca should've been in school, it was college day for seniors at PVHS. Bianca said she wasn't missing anything and that she didn't see any point in talking to the college recruiters because she'd never fit in anywhere. She reminded her mother that she never went to college but Erica said a college degree was absolutely necessary today. Bianca said she could get into PVU and Erica told her to set her sights higher, that she could do so much better, that settling for less would only be cheating herself. Frankie piped in and agreed with Erica, telling Bianca she should be at school, much to the amazement of everyone in the room. She told Bianca that school is important and it matters. Bianca angrily said "Fine!" and ran out of the room. Opal tried to catch her and Erica asked Frankie why she backed her up, was she trying to impress her? But before Frankie could really answer, Erica went on to say she didn't need Frankie to run interference for her and that she would decide what was best for Bianca. Erica's phone rang and she turned away from Frankie while talking to the caller. She turned back around and glared at Frankie while thanking the caller for giving her this information. Opal returned and said she wasn't able to catch up to Bianca. Erica asked Opal to go to the Valley Inn for tea, saying she had something to share with Opal. "So much will be explained!" she said, staring at Frankie with distaste. Opal and Erica left and Frankie just put her head in her hands. A little later Bianca came back and told Frankie she wasn't going to school today. She asked if her new friend would like to go to the mall or to a movie but Frankie told her she was a jerk. "I don't hang around with jerks!" Frankie said.

Jake returned to his loft to find Greenlee lying on the couch eating potato chips. He said he'd never seen her so down and sat next to her, taking her in his arms to comfort her. He told her it will take awhile until Leo is out of her system and Greenlee barked at him, saying it wasn't about Leo it was about what's right and wrong. He got off the couch and went about the place picking up Greenlee's mess. Greenlee told him Laura "is certifiable" and that what's she'd doing to Leo is wrong. She whined that no one would listen to her. Jake said he needed evidence of Laura's insanity, because all he sees is Greenlee's hatred of Laura. Greenlee told him that Laura's a time bomb waiting to go off, then laments that there's always been a Laura in her life. She gave him a sob story about a girl in her third grade class who made her life hell and now it was happening again. She said she herself has never pretended to be anything but who she is but Laura is pretending to be totally different and everyone should know. Jake told Greenlee to "rise above the ashes" and left the room to take a shower. Greenlee wondered out loud how Laura always gets away with things. She went back to the couch and said she needed to think the way Laura thinks, "How do I enter Laura's twisted psyche?." She grabbed one of Jake's psychology books and looked up narcissism. She read the definition and said "That's exactly Laura!", and wondered how she could use this information to her advantage. Greenlee told herself that she has to find a way to trap Laura to show Leo what a liar his wife is. Greenlee began to fantasize about confronting Laura about the photo Laura tore up in the SOS restroom and tried to flush. She dreamed of Laura confessing that she wanted to kill Greenlee and of Leo rushing to save her from Laura. As she imagined the two of them professing their love for each other Jake showed up in the fantasy. Greenlee broke away from her dream and realized Jake was standing there in nothing but a towel. He asked if he spoiled a perfect fantasy but Greenlee denied it. Jake asked what she had been thinking about and she said it was nothing. He tried to press the issue and Greenlee claimed to remember a cocktail date with her father and rushed off to change clothes.

Laura carried a glass of beer out to Leo, who was sitting outside their condo with headphones on. He didn't hear Laura and was startled by her touching his cheek with the cold glass. She spilled it on him and then reminded him that he'd have to change anyway for their dinner date with his mother and Palmer. They were to discuss wedding plans tonight, much to Leo's dismay. He tried to get out of it but Laura insisted. He put his headphones back on as Laura went into the condo, carrying a bridal magazine and the beer bottle. She opened the magazine and took out pieces of the note Leo had written her. The only part she could read was "I'm leaving you for Greenlee." She looked back at Leo and imagined seeing Greenlee sitting on his lap in a negligee. This horrified Laura and she dropped the bottle on the ground. The sound startled Leo and he asked her what was wrong. She claimed to just be clumsy but Leo didn't buy it. He offered to take her to see David but Laura snapped at him. She then said she just remembered an appointment and asked to meet him at the Valley Inn later. Leo stalled her saying he had something he wanted to talk to her about. Laura wondered if there was something wrong with their relationship but Leo told her he wanted to get Laura some help around the house while he's at work. Just then Zora strolled over. Leo gave her a big hug and they exchanged banter while Laura sat looking very suspiciously at them. She glared at her husband and accused him of setting this chance meeting up. Leo told Laura that she needs help and he needs help to help her. He said he wanted Zora there to help Laura when he's at work. Laura said he was sweet but didn't think it was fair that they didn't talk about this. She got mad that he went behind her back. Leo continued his argument for hiring Zora and Laura saw Zora pick up her bridal magazine. Afraid that Zora would find Leo's note, Laura fell to the ground in a fake faint. Zora ran over and Laura came to, claiming she had just forgotten to eat today. Zora said it looks like Laura does need her around and Laura sat down in a chair clutching her magazine to her chest. She finally agreed to Leo's request to hire Zora, saying it just shows her how much Leo really loves her. Zora said she'd make Laura some soup but Laura whipped out a protein bar and said she'd eat that now and have a 3 course dinner tonight. Laura reminded Leo to wear a tie and ran off to her "appointment." Zora asked Leo if, besides the problems with her meds, was Laura ok? Leo said if there was something wrong Zora would notice, and Zora said nothing will get by her. Leo kissed her cheek and told her she was hired. He went in the house to change for dinner.

Vanessa and Palmer arrived at the Valley Inn and were seated at their table. Palmer thought this wedding idea was absurd but Vanessa said it was a wonderful way to show off and get plenty of gifts. Leo joined them and Vanessa was very displeased at his lack of a tie and told him he looked very bad. Palmer stopped her from a tirade and she moved on to a toast to the bride and groom. Leo pointed out that the bride hadn't arrived yet. Palmer and Vanessa began arguing about the wedding and ignored Leo until he loudly reminded them that he was seated at the table with them. Palmer saw a friend and brought him over to meet Vanessa and Leo. He introduced Ezekial Macmillan, the hospital's Chief of Psychiatry. After exchanging pleasantries the doctor notes that his dinner partner was late and they all commented on how rude it is to keep people waiting. Leo took the hint and started to leave the table to look for Laura. Dr. Macmillan said he'd walk out with Leo. As they leave the dining room Greenlee came in looking for her father. The doctor said "Good evening Mrs. DuPres!" as he passed her, which caused Leo to stop in his tracks. Greenlee looked guilty as she faced Leo.

Laura went to the hospital and knocked on the psychiatrist's door. A nurse saw her and told her the doctor was gone for the day. Laura pretended to leave and then returned to break into the office. She thought about the conversation she had with the receptionist regarding "her file" and headed off to find this file. She quickly found it on a desk and looked inside. She pulled out a mini cassette taped and popped it into a player. She listened to Greenlee's voice telling the doctor "I think this will go better if you call me Laura." She continued to listen to the tape as Greenlee told the doctor that she kept comparing herself to her husband's ex-girlfriend. She said it was a losing battle, they're both so sophisticated and she wasn't. Laura fast forwarded the tape and heard the doctor give Greenlee a diagnosis of narcissism. Laura turned off the machine and said "Greenlee, you are so dead!"

Erica and Opal walked into the Valley Inn dining room and Erica dragged Opal to Palmer and Vanessa's table, where all four of them traded insults. Erica handed a copy of the Intruder with Frankie's picture on the front to Vanessa. This shocked Vanessa into silence and Erica told Palmer that the girl on the front cover is a con artist -- and Vanessa's niece.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Outside of David's room, David asks Anna to spend the night with him. He realizes he left his keys in his car, and leaves to retrieve them. Chris appears and demands Anna back off. Chris and Anna pump each other for information, but Anna says she doesn't feel like sharing. She threatens to blow Chris's cover. David approaches and asks what is going on. Chris recognizes David and asks if he is that hero who saved a girl's life. He introduces himself as Chris Stamp, bartender at SOS. Chris goes on to explain that he saw Anna at the club, and was trying to meet her, and give her his phone number. Chris leaves. David is suspicious. He tells Anna he saw her and Chris together at the club. He believes there is something else going on. After Anna and David make love, she is lying in his arms. David quietly says he wants to know the truth about what is going on between her and Stamp. He brings up the tracking device Anna planted on him. Anna will only say that he should not trust Chris.

At the Valley Inn, Erica confronts Vanessa about her relationship to Frankie. Erica believes Vanessa is trying to destroy Bianca with Frankie's help. Palmer decides he would also like an explanation. Vanessa storms off. Erica tells Opal she should kick Frankie to the curb. Erica follows Vanessa to the lady's room and wants to have it out. Vanessa defends herself saying she had no idea Frankie was in town. Erica doesn't believe in coincidence. She thinks Frankie has targeted Bianca for a scam. Vanessa counters saying the real reason Erica is upset is because Bianca may be falling in love with Frankie. Erica vehemently denies it. She says Vanessa's niece is only interested in Bianca for her money. Opal and Palmer bicker at each other. Opal believes Peter won't respect his father as long as Palmer is with someone like Vanessa. Vanessa overhears and is not too happy with Opal. She leads Palmer away. Opal vows to get Vanessa out of Palmer and Peter's life.

Bianca wants to continue talking to Frankie, but Frankie says the "scene" is too intense. Bianca tells Frankie she cares about her. Erica arrives and proclaims to Bianca that Frankie is not alone in Pine Valley, she has a secret. Bianca explains Frankie has already told her about Vanessa, then asks Erica to leave them alone. Bianca then turns to Frankie and says they make a good team. Bianca wants to spend the night at Opal's house. Frankie seems uncomfortable, but says it would be okay. Bianca mentions that Erica hasn't approved of any of her female friends since her coming out, mostly because her mother is afraid she'll fall in love.

Leo asks Greenlee why Dr. Macmillan called her Mrs. du Pres. Greenlee explains that her session with the doctor took place when she was engaged to Leo. She was just trying out the name she would use once they were married. Much to Greenlee's surprise, Leo apologizes for being so hard on her. He says it is all his fault for driving Greenlee to the fantasy that she was his wife. Greenlee screams she is not crazy.

Jake comes into the Valley Inn and asks Greenlee what was going down with Leo. Greenlee tells him about impersonating Laura to get evidence proving Laura is crazy. Leo hears this and is furious. He confronts Greenlee.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Macmillan's office, Laura listens to the tape of his session with Greenlee. The psychiatrist comes in and angrily asks who she is and why she is in his office. Laura explains that she needs to make an appointment. She tells him there is someone impersonating her. After showing her ID to prove who she is, Laura tells him Greenlee is trying to break her and Leo up. She says Greenlee is stalking them and asks the doctor if he can help her. He leaves to find his appointment book. Laura slips Greenlee's file into her bag.

Laura goes to the Valley Inn where she overhears Greenlee, Leo, and Jake. She follows Greenlee to the lady's room. They argue over who is the crazy one. Laura says Greenlee is digging her own grave. She goes on to say she is planning Greenlee's demise step by step in her journal. Laura then makes a veiled threat and leaves. Greenlee discovers Laura has left her house keys behind. Laura runs out of the ladies' room to tell Leo that Greenlee is crazy. Leo assures her that he is already on to Greenlee. He tells her that Greenlee impersonated her at the psychiatrist's office. Laura says she feels sorry for Greenlee. Laura reaches into her purse to find the cuckoo from the clock that was destroyed. She tells Leo that Greenlee must have put it there. Meanwhile, Greenlee uses Laura's keys to unlock her front door. She is about to enter the house when she is startled by something.

Erica, distressed over her scene with Bianca, runs into Chris. He offers to drive her home. Erica agrees on one condition, that he stays with her.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Mia knocks on Ryan's door to see how he's doing. He draws her into the room and kisses her. They make love again. Afterward, Ryan asks, "Why did you come here again?" Mia reminds him that she lives in this motel too she was just being neighborly. Ryan teases her, asking if she does this with all the neighbors, but they both know she doesn't. He tells her that isn't what he meant; he was talking about her snooping and wonders if she's there to do it again. She feigns innocence, but he says he knew she had gone through his things. She admits that she does that sometimes. She tells him about going to live with her uncle after her mother died, and asking him about her father. Her uncle would shut down and she would go through his papers to see if she could find out anything about her father. "Is that why you're here?" Ryan asks. "I do this when I like someone," she confesses. When Ryan asks why she would want to learn more about him, she simply says, "Because I like you."

Ryan takes a picture from the wooden box; he shows her a picture of his mother. "I love this picture," she tells him. She didn't think it was possible for that to be his mother, she looked kind of, silly and goofy. He tells her that he took the picture on a "Blue Sky day," she asks, "What's that?" He recalls some of his few fond memories of childhood and tells her some of the crazy, meaningless and wonderful things he and his brother enjoyed with his mom when his father wasn't around. He tells her when his father was there, his mother was darkness, when he was gone, and she was sunshine. When Mia says she sounds great, Ryan says on those days she was, but on others, she was a mess. She bought him the camera he used on that day, they had such a good time, and he must have taken four rolls of film. She asks what happened to the rest of the pictures, he says his dad come home from a trip or a binge the day they had them developed, he grabbed them all and threw them in the fireplace. "I used to love Blue Sky Days," he says. She observes that his father had taken her away from him when he was there and took her away from him again when he left them behind. He agrees and says, "I've been looking for Blue Sky Days ever since."

Bianca confronts Frankie about what's going on. She thinks it's because she's gay, and Frankie is afraid she'll hit on her. She tells Frankie she'll stay elsewhere tonight and that she's backing off. She's surprised when Frankie tells her that's not what she wants. When Bianca asks what she does want, Frankie says just what they've been doing, "Taking it easy, hanging out, nothing." Hurt, Bianca says it's not anything. Frankie says she didn't expect this and her friend asks what she's trying to say. Just then Vanessa bursts in the door, with Opal hot on her heels. Vanessa demands, "Are you Mary Frances Stone?" Opal tells her to chill out and Frankie tells Vanessa, "Oh, yeah, you're my mom's sister, no doubt about it." When Frankie asks Opal what difference it makes, Opal informs her it's the difference between sleeping in her home and sleeping on a bench at the bus depot. Why did she keep this from everyone? She asks and did Frankie have any idea what it was like to have Erica Kane rip her head off? Vanessa wants Frankie to call her mother right now and get a plane back home where she belongs. She'll even pay for the ticket herself. Frankie says she doesn't have a home and is staying in Pine Valley. Opal says she can understand and forgive a lot, and that sorry excuse for a female that just stormed out of here was certainly the biggest thorn of all thorns in her side, but. Frankie knew whom Vanessa was married to, and whom Opal was. But, she forgot to mention that when Bianca asked Opal to give her a job and a place to stay. Why, she even defended her to her best friend. She tells Frankie she's not going to toss her out in the middle of the night, but tomorrow morning she has to find herself another place to stay. As she leaves the room, Opal tells Bianca she's sorry, it didn't have to be this way.

Bianca says that they'll find Frankie another place tomorrow, but Frankie says no, because she's out of here. "So that's it, you just cut and run?" Bianca asks. She says Frankie's so full of it she's going to use Opal and Vanessa as excuses to leave town, when she's really leaving because of her. She asked Frankie some tough questions, and she didn't want to answer them. She asks Frankie if she knows how hard this is for her. She's having her usual deja vu' she likes someone, they like her, things are going great, and suddenly an alarm goes off for the other person and it's like a neon sign flashing, "I am not gay," and then they leave. Frankie tells her not to put words in her mouth, or thoughts in her head. Bianca tells Frankie, "I'm done. For one time in my life, I'm the one pulling back first. Have a nice life" as she walks out the door.

Erica runs into Jack at the Valley Inn and immediately starts to berate him for not being available to her. Jack notes that Erica's driver is always on the job, but Erica accuses him of deserting his family when he rejoined the DA's office; she tells him she'll never forgive him for that. Jack says he would never desert his family, but Erica insists he has completely let her down on this Frankie Stone thing. She found out for herself that she is Vanessa Cortlandt's niece. Jack suggests that maybe Frankie just came to Pine Valley to say hello to family and asks, "So Frankie never told Bianca?" When Erica admits she did tell Bianca, Jack advises her to leave this girl alone. Erica retorts she's not going to leave her alone and certainly not alone with Bianca. Jack tells Erica not to interfere; she has to accept that Bianca is going to be alone with women at some point. Erica insists it's not about sexuality, but Jack says she's no fool. Chris returns to the dining room and tells Erica he got the car; he'll take her home.

When they get back to Erica's house, she continues to rail about Jack not having time for his family, their legal concerns and life issues. Chris tells Ms. Kane he knows Jack has some pretty big shoes to fill, but he'd like a shot at filling them. Erica looks at him in a new light and says he doesn't have to. She thanks him for getting the information on Frankie. Agent Stamp tells her he knows all about Vanessa, that she's a known con artist from way back, but he doesn't know Frankie's motives. Erica confides in him that she's worried about Bianca choosing Frankie over her. She feels like it's Bianca who's throwing herself in front of her car, and just wants to keep her daughter from getting hurt. "You really are the only one who understands. Chris," Erica says, "Thank you." Pleased, Chris tells Erica, "This is the first time you've looked me in the eye and not said Mr. Stamp." Ms. Kane says she wants him to call her Erica, and Chris replies that's music to his ears. "I want you to call me Erica, before you kiss me," she tells him. "Erica, Erica, Erica." he says, and then kisses her. He lifts her up in his arms and carries her up the stairs...

Later, Erica comes downstairs as Bianca comes home. She tells her mother she's not seeing Frankie any more; she could breathe her sigh of relief now. Erica reiterates that, if she had gotten involved with that girl, it would have been wrong. Bianca asks when is it going to be right for her, in Erica's mind, to have a girlfriend, a relationship like straight people have? When would it be all right with Erica for her to have sex? She gets it; she says it will never be all right. She knows Erica's just waiting for her to get over this gay thing and meet a man, but it's not going to happen. Erica uncomfortably says they should talk about this, but now is not the right time. As Bianca's questioning why they can't talk then, Chris comes down the stairs from the bedroom with his shirt unbuttoned.

Leo and Laura talk about Greenlee; Leo says she has to be stopped Laura begs him to leave it alone he might make it worse. Leo still can't believe Greenlee actually went to a therapist and pretended to be his wife, then put a cuckoo bird in Laura's purse. She's warped, he says, and wonders what's next? Leo says Greenlee would be better off without Jake; he enables her. Laura says she's tired and they agree to go home. Laura looks in her purse and says, "Oh, no! My house keys are gone." Leo says, "Greenlee!"

Greenlee is startled as she's about to enter the du Pres condo; it's Jake, putting a restraining hand on her shoulder. He's there with some bad news, he tells her, "You're going to jail!" He urges her not to break in; he knows she's going to try to prove Laura's crazy. Greenlee says he should have heard Laura in the ladies' room. She says that Laura's stupid she actually told her she had a plan written, and she's going to find it. Greenlee tells Jake that, if he cares about her at all, he'll let her do this and just forget about it. She enters the condo and begins to look for Laura's journal. Jake says he'll give her five seconds to wrap this up and leave with him, or he'll leave her there. He'll send her a card at Statesville. He says he knows what it's like to lose someone you love so much; he went to a war zone and practically dared them to kill him; it was like digging his own grave. Greenlee says that's exactly what Laura said, and that she was going to help her do it. "She said that?" he asks. When Greenlee insists that Laura told her of this written plan, Jake suddenly feels like it's a setup. Just then, they hear a car pulling up. "Oh my god, Jake, is it them?" Jake tells her not to move, and peers out the window. "Honey, they're home," he tells Ms. Smythe.

Leo and Laura walk into the condo to find Jake in the living room. He tells them he came by, and the keys were in the door he's done it dozens of times himself. Leo asks where Greenlee is, and Jake says she was upset and he took her home. Leo says, "I don't believe you." He tells Jake about the cuckoo bird piece in Laura's purse, and says if Greenlee even looks funny at his wife, he'll go after her himself. They hear a noise from the bedroom, and Leo goes to check it out. He returns and says there's nothing in there, but it sounded like a window had slammed shut. He asks what Jake thinks it is, and Jake says, "Beats me!" Leo suggests his wife get ready for bed, and Laura says goodnight to Jake. Leo tells Jake he sees how nervous Laura is, and Greenlee's done that to her. He can't let this go on; he will make it stop. He asks Jake if he's going to tell him why he really showed up there, but Jake only apologizes as he leaves. Greenlee is waiting for Jake in the courtyard. She hugs him and thanks him for covering for her. They leave together, as Leo watches from the window. Laura comes out of the bedroom and looks for Leo. "Where did you go now?" she asks.

Back at the loft, Jake tells Greenlee he almost didn't cover for her but, when Leo told him about the stupid cuckoo bird, he knew that was completely not her style. "You are nuts," he tells her, but that stupid bird thing borders on the psychotic. Jake reminds Ms. Smythe that she pushed Laura off a yacht, but she blames it on the Libidizone--she was drugged. Jake says Laura's been through a lot; she tells Jake, "Trust me when I say she's rebounded." Jake says he does know now why Greenlee's so desperate prove Laura's out to get her. "I do believe you," he tells her, and Greenlee thanks him

Leo storms into the dining room at the Valley Inn and interrupts Jack's evening with a beautiful woman. He just needs five minutes, he tells Jack. When Jack excuses himself and joins Leo, Leo tells him that he wants Greenlee arrested for breaking and entering, disturbing the peace, reckless endangerment and harassment. "I want her thrown in jail tonight," he tells Jack.

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