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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, December 1, 1997

JOHN is talking to the still unconscious Barbara and is saying that he knows Johnny can feel him touching him (in the incubator). "He is our miracle." A nurse calls him to the 3rd floor. Later he returns and continues to encourage her to get stronger. He has brought the tape from their "night out on the town" when they danced and were so happy.

BEN tells LEW he must make a decision now. Two vertebrae are fractured and compressing the nerve which makes him unable to feel anything. He tells Lew if he doesn't have this surgery, he will never walk again. Ben is the only one on the staff who can do this procedure. It is new and only a few doctors in the country can do it. The surgery needs to be done soon. Lew says he will sign the release. "It looks like I'm stuck with you." Later his son, Ronnie, is at Lew's bedside. Sara Ruth brought him there. Camille tells Lew Ben is the best surgeon he could ask for.

ANDY is talking to Kim--"There is something I need to tell you." He says when he took the job in Paris he had to make a clean break from everyone at home. He was becoming too dependent on them. He found out in Europe that he could make it on his own and made a name for himself there. He says he was afraid to come home because he might fall into his old habits again. All the good things that have happened to him since he left are because of Kim.

MOLLY wakens and asks Carly what happened. Carly tells her that Holden beat her and almost killed her. Molly gets a flashback of their arguments at the station and in back of the church. Holden comes in and tells her he didn't do it and she must tell who did do it. Teague is listening in out in the hall. Molly tells Carly that she wants to talk to Holden alone. She tells him she remembers their argument but she says she doesn't remember anything about the beating. She remembers that he said he could kill her. He says when you are angry you say a lot of things you don't mean. Holden tells her the guy must have beat her just before the fire started but she doesn't remember the fire. Hal interrupts and says he will ask the questions.

LUCINDA is reassuring DAVID about his condition and the common use of a kidney transplant. He asks about Emily and wonders why she isn't there. Lucinda tells him the doctor didn't want him to have visitors. She tells him that she has informed the doctors that she wants to be the donor if he needs a transplant. In the hall Emily asks John about David and tells him she needs to see him. They allow her to see him. He asks where she has been and she tells him that visitors haven't been allowed. He says the only thing that kept him going to get himself and Lucinda out of the fire was the thought of never seeing her again. He says he will never let anything come between them again. Emily says she is going to be tested to see if she could give him a kidney but he tells her that Lucinda has already been tested for that. Emily says if Lucinda has been tested for compatibility, they could find out he is not really her son.

Hal tells Ben that the fire department still doesn't know the cause of the fire. Ben insists that it was payback for his lawsuit. Hal tells Ben that Teague has an alibi. Jack comes in and says they have something on the fire. The theory is that Molly was getting beat up, her head hit the door of the shed and solvent inside spilled but they don't know how it caught fire. Carly continues to blame Holden but Jack insists that he didn't lay a hand on her.

John tells Lucinda he has the results of the compatibility test. He says she and David are not a match. She says that's OK--that they will find a kidney for him some place else. Then John informs her that these tests are essentially DNA tests and that they show Lucinda and David are not related. "There is no way you could be his mother!!"

Tuesday, December 2, 1997

JOHN is telling LUCINDA that she cannot be David's mother because of the test results; he even ran the test twice. She questions the fact that she had tests done by two independent labs. John suggests that James must have paid them off to fake the results. She says James needed a mother to legitimize his son and the honors fell to her. She wonders why David saved her life. John says maybe he has grown to care as much about her as she has about him. Lucinda leaves after Lisa and Andy bring in Will and Jennifer.

HAL asks MOLLY what happened outside the church. Carly and Holden argue about it and Hal tells them both to leave the room. He then asks Molly if Holden did this to her and if she and Holden got into an argument at the church. She answers yes (to the second part of the question) but she can't remember anything after the argument. She tells him about her background with Holden--even about Abigail.

Outside the room Carly tells Holden she could understand that he might have lost his temper and done the beating because of what Molly has put him through. After Holden goes for coffee, she tells Lisa that Holden beat Molly. Lisa doubts her. Carly says Holden is the only person who had a reason to do it.

JACK tells Holden about the fire department's theory about how the fire started. Holden says if he gets blamed for Molly's beating, he will also be blamed for the fire. Jack promises Holden that he will find the guy who did it. When Hal leaves Molly's room, he tells Carly that he won't arrest Holden because Molly cannot remember. Carly says the only way Molly will get justice is for Holden to be behind bars.

Andy and John are looking at Johnny and talking about his determination. Andy asks about the length of time Kim and Barbara have been in a coma and how that affects their chances.

Lucinda and Emily talk in David's room. Emily asks her if she is a match and when Lucinda tells her no, she says that she is going to be tested for compatibility. After Emily leaves, Lucinda talks to a sleeping David about how he and his father took her for a fool. She says she wants to know why he saved her from the fire.

Molly tells Carly that Holden cares more about her now that he has seen her like this. Carly suggests that she talk to a psychiatrist. Molly says she only wants to talk to Holden. "Every minute that he sees me lying here like this is bringing him closer to realizing how much he loves me." Carly goes and gets Holden who goes to see Molly, then she and Jack get into an argument. Jack wonders why she can't give Holden the benefit of the doubt. In Molly's room, she tells Holden the last thing she can remember is him saying he was going to kill her but that she didn't tell Hal that part. A nurse comes in and tells Holden he needs to leave because the doctor is going to examine Molly.

Holden goes to Lily's house and tells her that Molly cannot remember what happened. He tells her that whoever beat Molly also started the fire and, since Lew's wife died in the fire, committed murder. He says there must be some reason that Molly didn't tell Hal what he said about killing her.

In Molly's room, she is telling Carly that Holden really does love her while Carly is trying to tell Molly that he doesn't. But Molly covers her ears and hums so she won't hear her.

As John is talking to Barbara about the kids and saying he will leave the stuffed bear they brought for the baby with her until they can all give it to him, a nurse comes in and tells him they just called a code in the neo-natal unit. He rushes in to see the nurses all attending to Johnny. He insists that Johnny was just fine a few minutes before and gets slightly hysterical.

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

HAL goes to Lily's house to question HOLDEN but LILY asks him to leave. Holden takes her aside to find out what her reason is. She says he shouldn't be talking to the police without a lawyer being present. He tells her to call TOM but he goes ahead and talks to Hal. He tells him about the hotel setup and video tape done by Molly. As Holden is telling him about the day of the fire, Tom comes in and tells him to stop and not say another word. Hal tells Tom about the fire department's theory of how the fire started. As Hal goes to use the phone, Tom tells Holden that sometimes the truth is not enough if you can't prove it. Holden tells Tom about what he said to Molly--about killing her. Hal comes back and says that the forensics lab recovered skin from under Molly's fingernails and suggests that Holden undergo tests to prove it isn't his. Tom says he shouldn't do it but Holden insists that he wants to have the tests done. Tom warns him not to talk to the police unless he is present. After Hal and Tom leave, Holden pulls off his shirt in preparation for taking a bath and we see scratches on his upper back.

EMILY is talking to a sleeping DAVID when Susan comes in and tells her she is not a match so can't give him a kidney. Emily prays for David at his bedside and he wakes up and tells her that he is feeling a lot better. The doctor comes in and examines him and says that the renal failure seems to be reversing itself so he may not need a transplant. David asks Emily if she thinks Lucinda knows about not being his mother.

LUCINDA is visiting JAMES and telling him about David's renal failure and the fact that she knows she is not his mother. He says that he was hoping she wouldn't find out until later when it wouldn't matter. She asks him why he chose her. He wanted David to have the best. She says she will go public with the information but he asks her not to hurt David to get back at James. He says David saved her life because he believes she is his mother and James wants him to go on believing that. Lucinda thinks David was in this with James from the beginning but James denies it. Having a mother who loves him was more important than all of her money. James says that is why David got her out of the burning church. She leaves without telling him what she is going to do.

CAMILLE, SARA RUTH and Ronnie are waiting for news about Lew's surgery. Ben tells them that they repaired the damage but they will have to wait and see what his range of motion will be.

Dr. Samuels is telling JOHN that both of Johnny's lungs collapsed. She makes him wait outside as they try to save him. LISA comes to him and he tells her there is a risk of bleeding in the brain. John is blaming himself for making the wrong choice about the C-section. He runs to Barbara's room and begs her to wake up so she can give Johnny her warmth and her touch. Dr. Samuels comes in and tells him she needs to see him. She tells him that the ultrasound showed definite bleeding in the brain and that they have been coding him for 20 minutes and haven't been able to get his heart rate above 30. As soon as they stop coding him, they will lose him. John says he wants to hold him. He sits in a rocking chair and holds the baby while talking to him and telling him how much he loved him--as the baby dies.

Thursday, December 4, 1997

Today's recap was written by Katya.

CAMILLE is at her apartment and hears a knock on the door. It's BEN. When she asks him if anything is wrong, he responds with, "Something's very wrong. It's about us." He's been at the hospital all night, and been thinking about this, and he had to come see her after he got off. He wants to ask for her forgiveness. Right away, she tells him he doesn't have to apologize for anything, but he says he's been selfish and shouldn't have assumed she was going to be there for him even after he broke up with her. He says that he shouldn't have played that psychological game, and that he "put himself ahead of us." Camille tells him that he did the right thing, that he accomplished so much, but Ben still feels guilty. He wishes that he could make everything better. Camille says that she does too, but they're not God. They have to get past this. Ben says they can't until the guy who did it pays. He marvels that they're questioning Holden, and says that it's guys like Teague who would do something like this. He wants to help. Camille says she does too, and that "we'll find a way." Ben asks, "We?" and she affirms this, and promises that she'll never lose faith in him again. They cuddle up so that Ben can get some sleep.

BOB is leading CHRISTOPHER through the halls of Memorial, telling him to go talk to his mother while he's in a conference, because she needs to hear him talking to her. Christopher tells him not to rush out of his meeting, he'll get himself to the bus stop to school. He goes into Kim's hospital room, and tells her that he never meant to hurt her, it was an accident. He asks her if she will wake up if he confesses. He tells her he loves her, and then leaves.

CARLY gets to work, late because she was visiting Molly at the hospital. She and JACK argue about Holden - she says he's guilty, he says that his cousin isn't the type of guy who would do this, and that he's known guys like that." Carly asks if it was his father, and he says no, that when he was working undercover, he worked with some real scum, guys who would brag about beating up their women. He couldn't do anything about it, because it would blow his cover, but it made him sick. But he does know the type, and that's not Holden. Carly says that those guys aren't all the same - some of them seem sweet at first. She reveals that her first boyfriend beat her, and that after awhile she started to blame herself. Jack says that he's sorry about that, but Holden didn't do this, and he didn't start the fire. CHRISTOPHER enters and says that he did. He came to confess to starting the fire. He tells them how he and his friend were down in the basement, and his friend gave him the cigarette, which he dropped when he heard somebody coming. Jack tells Christopher that it wasn't his fault. He didn't start the fire, because it started outside the church. Christopher still doesn't feel better because his mom got hurt looking for him in the basement because he was being stupid. Carly tells Christopher that he has real guts for coming forth like this, and that everybody does things that were wrong, but it doesn't make them a bad person. This doesn't mean it's his fault Kim was hurt.

LILY and HOLDEN are at the hospital so that Holden can give a sample to see if it matches the skin found under Molly's fingernails. Lily doesn't want him to gie the sample, but Holden believes that it will prove his innocence. Tom arrives and says that he doesn't want Holden doing this either - in fact, he says that he's not going to let him. Holden doesn't want to look guilty by not taking the test, but Tom tells him that's it's not about how he looks, it's about the legal process and how they can use the evidence to trap him. Holden insists that he didn't do it, and that Tom is off the hook. He leaves, and Lily and Tom say that he's making a big mistake by doing this.

JOHN is in the hospital room with BARBARA, and MARGO and ANDY come in to tell him that it's time to go to the funeral. He doesn't think he can do this. He says that the baby was a miracle for both of them, and that Barbara never got to see him or hold him or tell him she loves him. He doesn't know if he can do this. Andy tells him that it's hard, but it's a part of life, and that he can do it - they will all get through this together. John gives Barbara a kiss and then they leave for the funeral.

EMMA comes to visit MOLLY at the hospital. She asks how she is, and tells her how sorry she is that this happened - nobody wanted her to get hurt, and she's sure that Molly wouldn't want to see Holden hurt either. Molly agrees that she doesn't want to hurt Holden, because she loves him. She would do anything for him, and he would do anything for her too because he loves her. Emma tells Molly that he doesn't love her in that way, and that she has to accept it. She tells her that everybody has loved somebody who didn't return their love, but sooner or later you have to move on. She tells Molly that Carly is going around telling everybody that Holden beat her up, and that she has to convince the police that he didn't do it. Molly says that she doesn't remember who did it, and that the only way Holden hurt her is on the inside, because he doesn't want to help her get through this. Emma tells Molly that Holden is there testing for the crime, and Molly simply replies that the police have to do their job. Emma says that he shouldn't have to be doing this and tells her to tell the police he is innocent. Molly says that either he did it or he didn't, and if he didn't, he has nothing to be worried about. She says that if Holden would just ask her in the right way, she would tell the police whatever he wanted her to. A woman from an Oakdale Battered Women's group comes to visit Molly, and Emma excuses herself, asking Molly to think about what she said. The woman asks Molly if she has any questions for her, and Molly asks her what will happen to the person who did this to her, if he is caught. The woman says that they will help the DA push for the maximum sentence. Given the fire, he will be facing some serious jail time. Molly then asks if her testimony will be important, even if she still can't remember his identity, and the woman tells her that if she has had a previous relationship with the man and can testify to his personality, it could make or break the case.

HOLDEN returns to LILY after taking the tests, but there's no news yet. The tests will take some time. Lily doesn't want their lives to be put on hold because of this, but Holden says they won't be, because he didn't do it. She says she's going to be tough, and then he takes her to the hospital's church. He says that he wants to set a date for their wedding, and Lily says that the date is already set - the first day that the church has an opening. He tells her that he wants to write their own vows, and they both practice what they would say. They start to embrace, but Holden cries out with pain. They find deep scratches on his back.

Everybody has gathered at the cemetery for Johnny Jr.'s funeral. LISA, MARGO, ANDY, SUSAN, NANCY, TOM, HAL, and BOB were all there, consoling JOHN and mourning. The pries reads a short service, and then John speaks. He thanks everybody for coming and tells them how Johnny was an amazing gift, they knew he'd dazzle the world. He speculates about all the things he could have done, and then says that in the few hours he was alive, he seemed to do and be everything to him. But he couldn't even say goodbye. He must have known what he meant, the love and hope and wonder he was to them. John puts a white rose on the coffin and tells Johnny that they give him their love, to hold onto it forever. After the service, Margo is telling Hal that she wants to do something to help. He reminds her that she saved Kim. She says that it's not enough, but Hal tells her that it was enough to get her back on the force. She asks that she be assigned to the fire investigation - she wants to catch the guy who was responsible for Johnny's death.

JACK gets back to the police station after driving Christopher to school, and tells CARLY that she was great with him. She says that she likes kids and hopes to have some of her own someday. HAL returns from the funeral and Carly asks him how he's doing. He says that the funeral was rough but he's going to catch this guy. A police officer comes in and tells Hal that he found Holden Snyder beating up a bum in an alley this morning.

JOHN returns to BARBARA'S hospital room. She starts to moan softly. "Barbara? I'm here!" John says. "My baby..." Barbara moans.

Friday, December 5, 1997

by Tammy Freeman

In her hospital bed, BARBARA is waking up with JOHN by her side telling her that she's going to be fine. When she asks where she is, JOHN explains that she's in the hospital. BARBARA is confused and JOHN reminds her of the fire and explains that she inhaled a lot of smoke. JOHN tells her that he needs to get her doctor but BARBARA doesn't want him to go and groggily tells him that she loves him as he goes out. The doctor comes in and checks BARBARA's eyes with a pen light. He asks her who the president is and what season it is. BARBARA passes the little quiz and the doctor asks how she feels. She tells him that she's "in and out." The doctor says that it'll be like that for a while, that she was out of commission for quite a while. The doctor tells JOHN that BARBARA is going to be fine and tells her that he will check in on her later, then leaves. JOHN smiles at BARBARA but she asks how long she was in the coma. JOHN tells her that it was almost three days. BARBARA asks about the kids and JOHN tells her that they're with NANCY and that they're fine. BARBARA says that she knows that she had the baby. JOHN tells her that she's been through a lot, that she needs to rest now. BARBARA says that she wants to hold the baby. JOHN takes her hand and says that she's been through so much. BARBARA asks what's wrong, then says, "They had to take it, didn't they?" JOHN tells her that they did a C-Section while she was in the coma. BARBARA says, "I heard him, you know." JOHN skeptically says, "I don't think you did, Barbara." But BARBARA insists that she did. "It wasn't very loud," she says, "But I did." BARBARA keeps insisting that she heard him and that she knows that he was alive. JOHN says yes, that he was alive. BARBARA gets worried and says, "But there were complications?" JOHN tells her that there were. BARBARA is ready to cry but tells him that they'll get through this, him, little JOHNNY and her. JOHN begins to cry and takes her hand saying he's very sorry. BARBARA begins to sob, saying that she tried so hard, that she took care of herself. JOHN tries to reassure her but BARBARA sobs, "Why?!" JOHN is helpless as she sobs but says, "I wish you had seen him, he was such a fighter but he just didn't have the fight." BARBARA asks, "He's gone?! He's gone?!" JOHN tells her that the funeral was this morning and BARBARA sobs again. JOHN tells her about the service, about the reverend's prayer, how JOHN talked about JOHNNY, what he meant to them. He tells her, "Honey, I did my best." BARBARA cries out, "I never got to see him." JOHN tells her that he told him about BARBARA and how much he meant to her. He tells her that he made JOHNNY feel loved. BARBARA asks who he looked like. JOHN tells her that he was perfect, tiny but perfect with beautiful hands and fingers and eyes that were BARBARA's eyes. BARBARA cries and asks JOHN if he held him. JOHN says that at first they would only let him touch him but when it was over he asked if he could hold him. BARBARA asks if he got to hold him at the end and JOHN says yes, that he told JOHNNY that they loved him and that he told him goodbye. BARBARA sobs, "I should have been there!" JOHN tells her that she was, that JOHN was with JOHNNY, and BARBARA was with him and that he made sure that JOHNNY knew that.

HOLDEN and LILY come into LILY's house where EMMA is watching LUC. When she sees that the two are troubled, she asks if something went wrong with the test. LILY pulls the collar of HOLDEN's shirt down to show EMMA the scratches on his back. HOLDEN says that they must be from the night at the Lakeview. LILY says that they didn't find them until after the tests were done. LILY explains that the DNA test will find that it was HOLDEN's skin under MOLLY's fingernails, making him look guilty even though he didn't lay a hand on MOLLY. EMMA thinks that HOLDEN should go down the police station and straighten it out. LILY tells her that HOLDEN wants to talk to MOLLY first. EMMA says no, that she went to the hospital to try to talk some sense to her and that it disturbed EMMA to find that MOLLY is living in a fantasy world and will never give up on HOLDEN. HOLDEN says that there's nothing to give up on. EMMA says that she knows that, and that's what so sad, or it would be sad if MOLLY weren't so dangerous. HOLDEN says that EMMA's right, that he's going to go to the police station and tell them about the scratches. LILY suggests that he tell TOM first but HOLDEN says he wants to get to them before the test results come back. He turns to leave, telling LILY to stop worrying and to tell EMMA the good news. LILY turns to EMMA and says that she hopes she doesn't have any plans for mid-February. EMMA laughs and says that she'll clear the whole month if LILY's going to tell her what she hopes she is. LILY says that she and HOLDEN went to see the minister and that they set a date - the fourteenth. EMMA looks worried and says, "But that's Valentine's Day. That's when you..." LILY interrupts, "Married Diego. I know. But I love Valentine's Day and I want it to be our day. A fresh start." EMMA is happy and LILY says it'll be a wedding anniversary that she'll never forget. EMMA asks how many people they're going to invite. LILY says that she wants a small wedding, just immediate family. EMMA says, "Let's see, that's Lucinda, Sam, Kirk, me..." LILY finishes for her, "David...I know, I have to invite him. He saved my mother's life. She'd never let me live that down if I didn't..." LUC walks in with his bubble gun and LILY tells him that he knows he's not supposed to play with that in the house, but she giggles and starts chasing him. Off camera, we hear a crash then see LILY and LUC beside the broken bird statue. LILY starts picking up the pieces and LUC tells her he's sorry. She says it's okay, that it's her fault for chasing him. EMMA walks over to help and LUC goes to his room to play (now we won't see him for another six months!) LILY continues to pick up pieces and finds something strange. EMMA asks what it is and LILY says, "Look what I found." Over on the couch, LILY drops the "bug" in a glass of water and tells EMMA that it's a listening device, that someone was bugging her house. EMMA asks who would do that. LILY says that she doesn't know but someone wanted to hear everything that was going on in that room. EMMA asks who but LILY says she doesn't know. "Damian gave me the bird. I left it in the attic at Fairwinds and then..." She realizes that it was DAVID who planted the bug. LILY says she knew there was something slimy about him. She grabs her coat and asks EMMA if she'll watch LUC while she takes care of "Brother Dearest."

LUCINDA is in her study on the phone with the hospital, checking on DAVID's condition. SAM walks in and asks about the call. LUCINDA says that all is well. SAM asks her why she isn't happy, but LUCINDA insists that she is. SAM thinks that LUCINDA is unhappy because of DAVID and EMILY and chastises her saying that the fire should have given her perspective on their relationship. LUCINDA interrupts and tells SAM that DAVID isn't her son. SAM is stunned as LUCY explains about the donor test. SAM points out that labs can make mistakes but LUCY tells her that JAMES has confirmed it. SAM tries to comfort her sister but LUCY tells her not to start mothering her. SAM says she won't but wants to know what LUCY will do to DAVID, "Because I know whatever you do will be very creative and very ugly." When LUCY in incredulous, SAM yells, "Oh come on! Tell me how you're gonna get revenge on that little fraud!!" SAM continues to pester her, but LUCY says that she doesn't know what she wants to do yet. SAM says that's probably because she's still in shock but when she does sock it to him, SAM wants a front row seat. When LUCY is reluctant, SAM insists that he deserves everything that LUCY is going to do to him. LUCY points out that there's something that SAM is leaving out - that DAVID saved LUCY's life. SAM chimes, "And thank God! But that doesn't change the fact that DAVID has been lying to you!" LUCY says that they don't know that for sure that he was in on it. SAM tells her that she can't let him get away with this, that she has to punish him. SAM refuses to believe LUCY when she says that DAVID might not have been in on it. The phone rings and SAM answers. On the other end, DAVID asks if his mother is around. SAM puts her hand on the receiver and tells LUCY, "It's David. He wants to speak to his mother." LUCY turns to look at SAM, wide-eyed but goes to the phone saying, "Hello, David, my darling. How are you?" DAVID answers, "Fine, Mom. I'm feeling good but I kind of miss you." LUCY explains that she's been busy and DAVID tells her not to apologize, that he was just worried about her. When LUCY questions this, DAVID explains that yesterday she was pestering the nurses and doctors all day pushing for special treatment. LUCY slyly says, "Ah. You need me to run interference..." DAIVD jumps in saying "No, not at all. I just wanted to share the good news with you, Mom. I've been given a clean bill of health. They said I'm going to be fine." LUCY says that that's wonderful news and DAVID asks if she'll come see him. LUCY says that she'll be over this afternoon and says goodbye. LUCY paces and tells SAM that JAMES swore that DAVID wasn't in on it and didn't know a thing about it. SAM is incredulous that LUCY would believe JAMES. LUCY says that she's not taking JAMES' word on it and reminds SAM how reluctant DAVID was to believe the whole thing from the beginning. SAM insists that he faked it. LUCY says, "He's good, but he's not THAT good. It's possible that he didn't know." SAM says he's just keeping track of his mark. "Come on, Lucinda, I know a good con when I see one!!" she tells her sister. LUCY fires back, "Okay! Convince me!!" SAM says that she's not wrong about DAVID. LUCY asks, "What if he's innocent? What if James deceived him?" SAM says that every instinct she has tells her that DAVID is capable of this. LUCY asks if she's so full of instincts, why she didn't say something before. SAM asks, "Why hurt you? I could see how much David meant to you. And I wasn't positive..." LUCY says, "Well, you're positive NOW because I told you!" SAM tells her that she has to consider the possibility. LUCY says that she has, that she's not some Ingénue. She says that if he was just in it for the money, then why did he risk his life to save hers? SAM says she doesn't know but LUCY insists that it's an important detail. SAM suggests that maybe he had a last minute bout of conscience but it still doesn't change the fact that LUCINDA has been had. LUCY sarcastically thanks her sister for the insight. SAM says that she thinks that somehow by not confronting DAVID, that LUCY's not facing it. LUCY says that she's made up her mind and that she likes DAVID. "He needs me," she says, "He had a terrible life, a lousy family, he finds out that James Stenbeck is his father...I'm the best thing that ever happened to him. I've adopted other children..." SAM yells for her to stop but LUCY goes on, "Yes I have! And I may adopt many more! From here on in I want him to be treated as if he were my son!" LUCY starts to head out with SAM on her heels, disbelieving that LUCY is going to see DAVID. LUCY says that she's not going to argue and tells SAM not to tell anyone about this, especially KIRK. Just then, LILY rushes in and LUCY asks if something has happened with HOLDEN. LILY tells her that it's about DAVID. LUCY says she's on her way to see him now and asks if LILY would like her to send her love. LILY tells her that she'd like to go along, that she has a couple of questions she'd like to ask "my brother." SAM chimes in, "Yeah, wouldn't we all." LUCY asks what LILY would like to ask him. LILY holds up the bug and says, "First thing I'd like to ask him is why he felt it necessary to plant this bug in my house." LUCY examines it skeptically.

DAVID is on the phone with Worldwide as EMILY walks in with a stack of books. DAVID is asking about LUCINDA but tells the receptionist not to leave a message when he finds she's not there. He starts to thank EMILY for the presents but she lays into him for being on the phone with work when he had just almost died. DAVID assures her that he's fine and that he thinks they're gonna let him "hop this place." EMILY is thrilled. DAVID asks her if she's seen LUCINDA in the hallway. EMILY says no -- "Thank God!" DAVID tells her that he's worried because she hasn't been there yet and yesterday she was pestering everybody. EMILY says that maybe it's because he's better and she's giving him some space. EMILY tells him not to worry, she'll be back! DAVID asks if EMILY "read her right", if maybe LUCINDA really knows the truth but is hiding it. EMILY asks if it's the money he's worried about losing, or the mother. DAVID says a little of both and asks if that hurts EMILY, that he's sorry if it does. EMILY assures him that it's alright, that she knows how much it means to him to have a family. She begins to think and says that she always thought she knew LUCY, "She's awfully good and she does play it close to the vest, so..." DAVID interrupts, "So it's possible that she knows?" EMILY agrees that it is possible. DAVID says that he's not going to sit around and wait for her to make the first move. He says that he's going to get some answers. He makes the call to LUCINDA in which he asks her to come see him. When he hangs up, he tells EMILY that he doesn't thing that LUCINDA knows, that he thinks he's safe. DAVID theorizes that the doctor probably told LUCY that she wasn't a match for donating and that's it. EMILY says that she bets that he's right and she thinks it's terrific. DAVID is confused because he says he figured she'd want the whole thing to blow up so she wouldn't have to worry about LUCINDA anymore. EMILY says that she's not worried about LUCINDA. When DAVID asks since when, EMILY tells him "Since I realized that LUCINDA can't come between us." She says that the fire gave her perspective and she thinks that after LUCINDA tried to keep her out of DAVID's room when he was sick, that he should bleed LUCINDA dry. EMILY says, "Who knows? Maybe she'll give you your inheritance now and we won't have to wait until she kicks the bucket!" DAVID takes her hand and gently says that he didn't save LUCY just for the money. EMILY says that she knows that he had to prove something to himself and that he did it. "Now you'll never have to doubt yourself again!" she says. DAVID says he doesn't know about that. EMILY assures him that she does, that when he saved LUCINDA he broke the pattern. "Now, I'm no Lucinda fan but I know she means something to you and I'm happy you were able to help her." DAVID laughs and says, "You're happy?!" EMILY tells him not to push it and laughs too. She says that she thinks they have something to celebrate and climbs into bed with him. DAVID asks what they're celebrating and EMILY says they're celbrating the reward that LUCY is going to give him, unless his noble motives keep him from accepting cash. DAVID smirks and says, "Oh, no! I'm not quite that noble." EMILY tells him that once they get their hands on LUCY's loot, they're gonna but a house, bigger than the one in the pictures she showed him. She says that they're going to buy whatever they want without thinking of the cost. "A garden, a maid a couple of times a week...", EMILY dreams. DAVID jumps in, "And a dog with a big mug in the back yard..." EMILY smiles, "Yeah, I like dogs. I tell you, David, we could have it all."

At that Cop Shop, HAL says to JACK, "I'm not gonna lie to you, Jack. Lawson's report against Holden is a potential time bomb." JACK says, "Yeah, but Hal, this is all circumstantial evidence. All of it!" HAL points out that it's admissable in court. He tells JACK that they've got a cop coming forward saying that he saw HOLDEN beating up a bum the same day as MOLLY's assault. He says that the DA will think it's Christmas day and HAL is Santa Claus. When CARLY interrupts the conversation, JACK tells her it better not be another attack on his cousin. CARLY says she'll "let this do the talking for me." and hands HAL a folder. The DNA tests on HOLDEN are in. HAL reads from the report that the test shows that the skin under MOLLY's nailsis HOLDEN's. When JACK says that it must be a mistake, HAL says that it's obvious that there was a physical altercation between those two and that HOLDEN lied about it. CARLY says that now they've got enough evidence to charge HOLDEN. JACK tells her to back off, that this isn't enough evidence to make a charge. When CARLY asks HAL about it, he tells her it's up to the DA's office, that once he presents the case, they might decide they need something else to make it stick. CARLY is appalled and cries, "What more do you need?!" JACK asks, "How about the guy who really did this?" CARLY tells him that she feels bad for him but that HOLDEN lied and he's guilty and JACK has to accept that. JACK asks her which law school she got her degree from. CARLY gives up and asks HAL for an early lunch so she can go check on MOLLY. She leaves, telling them that she'll tell MOLLY that they've got the guy who nearly killed her. She's sure that'll ease the pain. HAL tells JACK that CARLY isn't that far off from how most people are going to see this case. JACK says that the investigation has just begun and that the DA knows that. HAL says that the DA's under a lot of pressure and that he almost has to run with the case now. JACK asks if he's going to give the report now. HAL tells him that he's on his way now. HAL walks out and HOLDEN rushes in saying that he's glad he found JACK. JACK says he took the words out of his mouth because he's been looking for HOLDEN. "You're in real big trouble.", JACK tells him. He tells HOLDEN that the DNA test came back and that he's a match for the skin under MOLLY's nails and that it looks really bad. HOLDEN says that he can explain and shows JACK the scratches. JACK thinks that HOLDEN really did fight with MOLLY before the fire but HOLDEN tells him that it happened the night before the fire, at the Lakeview. JACK tells HOLDEN to shut up and get his lawyer because he just admitted to having a physical confrontation with MOLLY. HOLDEN insists that it was when he was drugged but JACK says that it doesn't matter, that once someone hears HOLDEN, it goes on the record. HOLDEN says that's what he wants, to go on the record about how he got the scratches. JACK tells him that the evidence is piling up on him and tells HOLDEN about the cop's report about HOLDEN's fight with the bum. When HOLDEN tells JACK that he was being mugged, JACK tells him that the cop didn't believe him and explains that it will all sound bad to the average person. HOLDEN tells JACK that there has to be other evidence pointing to the real perp. JACK agrees but tells HOLDEN that in the mean time, HOLDEN is going to have to chill out and keep quiet. HOLDEN says that he hopes they figure out who did this soon because he and LILY have set a date. JACK congratulates him and reassures him that they're going to find the real perp soon. Just then, the phone rings, it's MOLLY asking JACK if he's seen HOLDEN. HOLDEN gets on the phone and MOLLYasks him to come right over to talk about the night of the fire. HOLDEN says he'll be right there. MOLLY hums happily and kisses the phone. HOLDEN hangs up and goes to leave but JACK's on his heels, saying that this might not be a good idea. HOLDEN says that she's the only one who can testify that he got the scratches at the hotel and not the church. He rushes out.

MOLLY is in her hospital bed, holding her head when CARLY comes in and asks how she's feeling. MOLLY says that she feels a little better and asks if CARLY's mad about something. CARLY says, "Yeah. At the cops and the DA and the whole damned system. With the new evidence, they have enough to nail HOLDEN right now and won't!" MOLLY asks, "What new evidence?" CARLY tells her about HOLDEN assaulting the guy in the alley then says that the lab results came back on his DNA and that it was his skin under MOLLY's nails. She says that it proves that he's guilty as sin. MOLLY flashes back to the night at the Lakeview when HOLDEN pulled away from her and she reached out for him, clawing at his bare back. MOLLY squirms in bed, but smirks as CARLY explains that it's "obvious" that HOLDEN was beating MOLLY up and she fought him off. "What more do they need?!" CARLY cries. MOLLY tells her that there is one more thing that the Women's Defense lawyer told her, that there's only one thing they need to make a case against HOLDEN -- "Me.", she says, very self-satisfied. MOLLY says that all they need is for her to testify. CARLY points out that MOLLY doesn't remember what happened. MOLLY says that she doesn't have to remember the attack, she just has to tell them how HOLDEN was acting, what he said and whether she thinks he was mad enough to be violent. CARLY wants to call HAL to take MOLLY's statement but MOLLY stops her saying that she doesn't know if she wants to do that to HOLDEN. CARLY tells MOLLY that she can't let a guy who beat her up get away with it but MOLLY says that HOLDEN needs her now and that this is the way to get him because his life is in her hands. CARLY tells MOLLY that she knows where she's coming from and explains about her boyfriend who beat her and says that a guy who does this once doesn't stop. She says that she doesn't want to see MOLLY get hurt again. MOLLY says that she'll think about it but that right now she wants to be alone. CARLY says okay and leaves. MOLLY reaches for the phone and calls the Cop Shop and talks to HOLDEN. Later, HOLDEN cautiously comes into the room and asks how she is. MOLLY says that she's better but it still hurts. HOLDEN wants to know why she asked him to come down, if she had remembered more about the guy who attacked her. MOLLY says that she's really trying but that she can't remember. She assures him that she still hasn't told anyone what he said, that he could kill her. HOLDEN patiently tells her that he never meant that. MOLLY says that everyone keeps telling her that everything that he said is important and that they're trying to get her to talk but she wants to protect him. She says that she'll keep on protecting him. HOLDEN says that he didn't hurt her so she doesn't need to protect him. MOLLY says that she wants to believe that, after all that they meant to each other. HOLDEN says that there is something that she can do for him if she wants to protect him. He tells her about the DNA results and the scratches on his back. He says that he thinks they both know where those scratches came from -- the night at the Lakeview, not at the church. MOLLY says that she doesn't remember scratching him at the hotel and asks if he's asking her to lie. HOLDEN gets angry and goes to her side saying that she knows darn well when he got those scratches. MOLLY tells him not to be mad, that he knows she's on his side. She says that's why she called him down there. She takes his arm and says that she wanted to talk so he could forgive her. HOLDEN stops her, telling her that he's with LILY, that he's going to marry LILY and that they've set a date. MOLLY tells him that he may want to think about that before he does something that he'll be sorry for. HOLDEN says that he's sorry that he ever layed eyes on her. MOLLY desperately says that he doesn't mean that and starts clawing at his shirt sleeve. HOLDEN tells her to let go of him and jerks his arm away, knocking over the I.V. pole and throwing MOLLY off balance in her bed. A nurse and CARLY rush in and MOLLY turns on the tears saying that she didn't mean to make HOLDEN angry. CARLY asks what he's done now. HOLDEN tells MOLLY to tell CARLY what really happened but MOLLY says that he came in yelling and then he knocked over the pole. She tells HOLDEN she's sorry but CARLY snaps at MOLLY not to apologize to him and at HOLDEN to stay away from MOLLY. HOLDEN says that it's not true and tells MOLLY to tell the truth. MOLLY says she wants him to go and the nurse tells HOLDEN to leave. CARLY calls HAL and tells him to come over right away. HOLDEN goes to MOLLY's bedside telling her to tell the truth for once. CARLY yells for him to leave MOLLY alone, that he's gone too far and that he's going to be sorry. HAL and JACK come in, asking what's going on. CARLY says that HOLDEN attacked MOLLY again. HOLDEN says that's not how it happened. CARLY points out the I.V. pole. HAL asks if CARLY saw HOLDEN knock it over. CARLY says no, but that she and the nurse heard it and rushed in to hear HOLDEN screaming and see MOLLY scared to death. HOLDEN says MOLLY grabbed him and that he was trying to get away from her. HAL stops to ask MOLLY what happened. MOLLY tears up and says that HOLDEN said that she had to go down to the police station and tell them that she and HOLDEN didn't have a fight behind the church and that that's not where he got the scratches but she doesn't remember it that way. She says that when she tried to tell HOLDEN that, he got angry and she was scared. CARLY jumps in and cries for HOLDEN's arrest. HOLDEN says that she's twisting the truth. JACKS says that there's still doubt but HAL says that he spoke to the DA then cuffs HOLDEN and reads him his rights.


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