Another World Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on AW
Bobby moved into Vicky's attic. Jake attacked Grant after hearing Grant had gotten physical with Vicky. Felicia and Sharlene clashed as Felicia worked to help Sharlene recover. Josie worried, and Gabe was angry about Gary investigating Grant. Ryan's ghost tried to communicate with Bobby.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on AW
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Monday, January 6, 1997

Over Vicky's objections, Bobby took his stuff to move into the attic. She was afraid that Grant would use Bobby against her in a custody case. Bobby said that he felt there was danger and that Grant had gone too far by putting his hands on her. Vicky insisted she could handle Grant. Bobby insisted that Grant was getting more dangerous and asked her to be smart for her kids' sakes. He then told her that Carl and he had swept the house for bugs but hadn't found anything. Vicky was worried about Jake's reaction.

Vicky and Bobby went downstairs, and Vicky showed Bobby the book of poetry that Carl had left. Bobby thought the poem looked like a warning. Bobby pointed out that if he was wrong, there was no harm done. However, he couldn't live with himself if something happened to her. He promised not to fight with Jake. Vicky called Cass to ask him to get a restraining order against Grant.

Cass stopped over, and Vicky told him what Grant had done. Cass said they could probably get a restraining order, but it likely wouldn't affect his visitation rights. He suggested that Etta Mae handle all visitations at a neutral site. Vicky asked if Grant could use Bobby moving in against her. Cass replied that it shouldn't affect custody and wasn't a bad idea. Cass said he would call the judge, and he left. Steven returned home, and Kirkland arrived downstairs. Vicky told them that Bobby was moving into the attic, and Kirkland mentioned that his special friend lived in the attic.

Vicky asked about Kirkland's friend, and Bobby said if he saw the friend in the attic, they would get along just fine. The kids went up to bed.

Bobby moved stuff around in the attic, and Vicky took up some blankets and a pillow for him. However, Bobby didn't want the radio she had taken up for him. Vicky found another piece of the letter she had found in the overcoat. Vicky commented that lately she had felt Ryan was close to her. Vicky went back downstairs. Vicky and Bobby both prepared for bed. Vicky heard something in the middle of the night, and Bobby went down to protect her.

Felicia prepared Sharlene for her bath, and Sharlene wheeled herself in to take it. Josie stopped by, looking for her mother, and Felicia walked out. Josie was surprised to see Felicia there. Felicia informed Josie that she was running the household with Sharlene's approval.

Josie accused Felicia of forcing her mother into it. Felicia tried to explain that Sharlene and she had reached an agreement. She pointed out that she was the only one who had the time to care for Sharlene. Josie didn't think it was a good idea, and the two of them argued. Gary walked in and heard them yelling at each other.

Gary told Josie that he thought what Felicia was doing was terrific. Gary then suggested to Josie that they leave. The health care worker walked out and said that she would be a little late the next day. Felicia pointed out that she had been late every day, and if it continued, they would have to replace her. The woman promised to be on time. Sharlene wheeled herself out, and Gary and Felicia went outside so that Josie and her mother could talk.

Josie wanted to know why Sharlene had let Felicia move in. Sharlene said that if it would help her walk again, she would let the devil himself move in. Josie responded that she already had. Gary and Felicia talked on the porch. Josie walked out and told Gary she wanted to go, and they left.

Felicia went back inside, and she and Sharlene laughed about the irony of their situation. They both turned in for bed.

Josie and Gary went home, and Josie wanted to call John to get Felicia to move out. Gary and Josie argued about Felicia helping out. Gary distracted Josie by kissing her. Later, in bed, Josie told him that she couldn't lie about how she felt about Felicia. She felt the situation was twisted.

At Paulina's dinner, Rachel fainted, and Joe caught her. Rachel awakened, and they sat her down. Rachel didn't want to go to the hospital, but Paulina insisted. Because she was dizzy, Rachel let it slip that she had seen John a couple of weeks before. She then got up and walked to the hospital.

John wasn't sure what was wrong with Rachel. Rachel had an idea what was wrong and wanted to talk to John alone. However, Paulina and Amanda insisted on staying. Rachel told John that she thought it was simply menopause, and John thought that was a good possibility.

Carl went into Carlino's and found Rachel's scarf. He asked what it was doing there, and the new waiter told him that Rachel had been there earlier but had taken ill and gone to the hospital. Carl rushed out.

Carl went up to Matt in the hospital and insisted on seeing Rachel. Matt said it wasn't that serious. Carl wanted to know exactly what had happened and what they were keeping from him. Matt wanted to throw Carl out. Tomas approached them and told them to keep it down.

Later, Carl asked John what exactly was wrong with Rachel, but John didn't feel comfortable talking to him. Tomas walked up to Carl and said that he'd heard Paulina and Amanda talking and that it wasn't much to worry about. Carl wasn't comforted by that. Tomas said to make do, and Carl thanked him for trying.

At the Cory mansion, Paulina and Amanda gave Rachel advice and fussed over her. Matt talked with Sofia outside, and Sofia said she had never seen him act the way he had with Carl. She asked him if he hated Carl and admitted that she was shocked to see hate in him. Matt explained that he didn't hate Carl but was worried about his mother.

Sofia wanted to know what made Matt tick. Matt explained that he hadn't always felt he belonged because when he'd been 17, he had found out that Mitch Blake was his father. He told her that eventually he and Mitch had reached an understanding, but he hadn't seen Mitch in years. Sofia commented that she'd thought that he'd had a perfect life, but he'd had a lot to deal with also. They kissed.

Matt and Sofia discussed how they had each learned something new about the other. Matt said that in his eyes, she was a woman in every way. Sofia worried that it would change the way he felt about her.

Rachel commented on how she would have to change her life. She told the others about how she had known Carl would be a challenge but admitted she wouldn't have given up a minute of it.

Tuesday, January 7, 1997

Donna had a dream that Michael proposed marriage after their night of lovemaking on New Year's Eve. She was pleased when he called and told her he had just had a dream that had made him feel like a teenager again. Michael told her to put on the yellow dress she had worn the night they had first made love 25 years before. Donna was ecstatic when Michael arrived, dressed like a stable hand with the song they had first made love to.

Donna and Michael began to reenact the fantasy, but Donna's hopes were dashed when Michael mentioned how thrilled he was they had the "anti-marriage agreement" so they could still have fun without making another trip down the aisle. Donna was dismayed when Michael found out she had ripped up the agreement. He was furious and said Donna was trying to control things again. Donna tearfully told Michael she loved him and asked what she would do if he left. Before he walked out, Michael said, "Frankly, Donna...well, you know the rest."

While Felicia helped with Sharlene's therapy, Felicia and Sharlene had yet another confrontation. John walked in on their arguing and said the situation just wasn't working. Sharlene continued to blame John for suggesting the arrangement and told him that he had better explain it all to Greg when he returned from Oklahoma. Frustrated, John and Felicia went to the barn for some quiet time. Felicia told John that even though they didn't get along, she just might be what Sharlene needed to get angry enough to recover.

Meanwhile, Tomas took Greg home. Greg was unimpressed with Sharlene's progress, thinking that her moving her foot was no big deal. He was upset to learn about Felicia moving in, but Sharlene put a positive spin on the situation, telling Greg it was what she wanted. Later, Greg interrupted another close moment between John and Felicia. Returning to the house, Felicia tried to reach out to Sharlene, telling her that Felicia was only there to help Sharlene get better. Picking some straw out of Felicia's hair, Sharlene sarcastically questioned if that was the only thing Felicia was doing there.

Josie was angry that Gary had sneaked out of the house to "work on his case." She wanted to know why he was going behind her back and asked if it had something to do with Grant. Gary replied that she didn't want to hear about it, so that was what was happening. Later, Josie tried to cover for Gary with Gabe, but the captain suspected what Gary was up to. He called Gary into his office and gave him a dressing down for flaunting official orders and putting himself and Josie in jeopardy.

Gary angrily retorted that Josie was not involved, and he was not going to risk losing his badge again. He reminded Gabe that the last time he had worked on a case on his own time had been when he had solved the stalker case. Josie and Lorna, who had agreed not to let their differences with their mothers get in the way of their friendship, interrupted Gary and Gabe's argument. The women told their men that the four of them were having dinner that night, but neither Gary nor Gabe looked pleased.

Jake overheard Cass ordering a restraining order for Grant. Thinking Jake knew what had happened, Cass filled him in but was furious to find out Jake had just been digging for information. Jake blamed Bobby for not protecting Vicky. Meanwhile, Grant forced the Jake-imposter to practice Jake's mannerisms over and over, telling the imposter the real Jake liked everything done in a big way. Jake went to Grant's apartment and attacked him.

The Jake-imposter was indecisive as to whether or not to intervene, but Grant waved him away. Tomas broke up the fight. Jake left and went to Bobby's apartment. He was thrilled to find out Bobby had moved out, thinking that Bobby had left town. He went to Carlino's to celebrate with Chris.

Cindy arrived, on Grant's orders, to find out what Jake was doing. She agreed to Jake's request that she call Vicky's house to see if Vicky was home. Cindy called and reported back to Jake and Chris that she thought Bobby had answered the phone. In a rage, Jake threw his beer mug across the room.

Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Grant and Ryan visited Cindy at her apartment, and she told Grant she wanted out of their arrangement. He told her that decision was not hers to make. Cindy reminded him that part of their deal was that Grant would help her get Gabe. Grant made some caustic remarks about the photo album she had where Cindy had cut her sister Sarah's face out of family photos and put her own picture in its place. Grant made some comments about how Cindy had watched Sarah and her nephew burn, and Ryan wondered who Sarah was and what exactly Grant had over Cindy. Noticing the album, Ryan made a remark about unrequited love.

Later, at the hospital, Grant approached Lorna about serving on his foundation board, saying it was Cindy's idea. Gabe was pleased Lorna and Cindy might be working together, so Lorna accepted. Cindy pretended to know about the idea but later blasted Grant for not telling her about it beforehand. He told her she should thank him because Gabe would have lots of free time on his hands. Cindy smiled.

Josie prepared for the dinner party with Gabe and Lorna. She was still worried about Gary's investigation and told him so. Josie was dismayed that Gary had lied to Gabe and told him Gary was not investigating Grant on his own time. Gary reminded Josie to keep all attention away from his home office, where he was working on the Cody/Grant connection.

Meanwhile, Gabe was reluctant to go to dinner, but Lorna wouldn't let him get out of it. She told him that he and Gary just needed to spend some time together outside of work. When Gabe and Lorna arrived, Gary tried to draw attention away from the office room. Gabe became suspicious but didn't say anything until Josie went into the office for coffee cups and accidentally saw all the equipment. Angry, Gabe again confronted Gary about what he had been up to then left. The night had been spoiled for everyone.

After Jake made another scene at Carlino's, Paulina dragged him into the kitchen and gave him a piece of her mind. Hitting him in the head with a vegetable, she told him that he pushed too hard and would ultimately drive Vicky away. Paulina reminded him about what had happened between the two of them in the past. He had pushed her too hard, and she had ended up marrying Joe. They both paused slightly after she made that comment, and Paulina told Jake to control himself, or he'd lose Vicky for good.

Jake rushed out of the restaurant before Paulina could stop him. Jake got over to Vicky's and told Bobby he knew Bobby had "this" planned all along. Bobby explained he was just there to protect Vicky. Vicky walked out before things got too heated and explained the situation to Jake. Everyone was surprised how calmly Jake accepted the explanation, although he told Bobby he still didn't like Bobby, and Bobby said he felt the same way. Later, Jake returned to Carlino's, and Paulina was pleased he had kept his temper. Jake reminded her that Bobby had better be moving out as soon as possible, or he'd send Bobby "to the moon."

Back at Vicky's, Vicky folded the laundry while Bobby did some woodwork. She asked him if he was going to shower because she was going to do another load of clothes and wanted to make sure there was enough hot water. Bobby made a comment about how he'd been taking cold showers since he got there. Both of them realized what he had said and tried to stumble their way out of the conversation. Later, Ryan tried to get through to Bobby again.

When Vicky turned on the radio, Bobby decided to stop fighting it and listened for "the voice." Ryan caused one of the songs to repeat the word "Cindy, Cindy" over and over. Bobby was surprised and then shocked when Ryan's voice appeared over the radio and said the name "Cindy." Bobby taped the whole thing to play for Carl. Later, while Bobby and Vicky sat down to dinner, Grant talked on the phone with someone about having "enough" to take care of two people.

Thursday, January 9, 1997

Matt and Sofia prepared to go out on a date. They met at the boathouse, and Sofia accidentally left her scarf there. Nick watched them leave then sneaked into the boathouse. He found Sofia's scarf and smelled it, but he decided against taking it with him. Nick got very upset when he saw the provocative drawing Matt had made of Sofia.

On their date, Sofia asked Matt if he felt different toward her since he'd learned she was a virgin. He said he respected her decision and cared for her very much, but he wanted to take things slowly so they'd know when they were ready. Sofia reminded him that while she might be a virgin, she was not a nun, and kissing and touching were okay. Meanwhile, Nick paid a computer hacker to make the Herald's computer system crash. His phone call interrupted the conclusion of Sofia and Matt's date, much to Nick's delight.

Cass served Grant with a restraining order from Vicky. Grant calmly accepted it but then made a pointed comment about Vicky's immoral way of life. Cass told Grant the only immoral one was Grant and that his actions had forced Vicky to seek protection in having Bobby move in. Grant was secretly pleased to find that out, and he made some more suggestive comments on how Cass would feel if Charlie were exposed to such behavior. Cass told Grant to leave his daughter out of things, and Cass left.

Carl met Felicia at the newsstand where she was buying magazines with articles on menopause for Rachel. He tried to find out about Rachel's medical condition, but Felicia told him she couldn't betray Rachel's friendship, although she did feel sorry for him. Carl asked Felicia to give Rachel a pen, hoping it would remind her of their time in New York.

At the Cory mansion, Rachel told Amanda to stop babying her and asked how long she'd be in Bay City. Amanda commented on how much Jake had changed since she'd left. A package arrived from Jake for Alli -- the pet turtle he had taken care of while Alli had been in Europe. Alli was pleased, saying she'd never leave her turtle or Jake again. Felicia arrived, and she and Amanda discussed Rachel's physical and emotional health.

Rachel grew upset when she saw the pen and said she wouldn't be manipulated by Carl or anyone else. Felicia apologized, saying she hadn't meant to upset Rachel. Rachel said she understood. Meanwhile, Amanda hid a letter she had received then asked how Rachel would feel if Amanda and Alli stayed in Bay City for good.

Carl and Bobby met to discuss the voice Bobby had recorded from the radio. Carl was convinced it was Grant and planned to analyze it to see if the voice patterns matched. Meanwhile, they discussed who "Cindy" might be and narrowed it down to three women who had been in contact with Grant. Bobby went to check them out and met with Cindy in the hospital. He flirted with her some, and she responded, but she became wary and uncomfortable when he started to probe about Grant.

Bobby reported this back to Carl, who announced the voice did not match Grant's, but Carl was sure he'd heard it before. Grant approached Cindy and told her he knew she had been talking with Bobby. Cindy again told him she wanted out, but Grant said she needed to get one more thing from Jake to use as evidence against him.

Bobby told Vicky she couldn't go anywhere alone and told Etta Mae to watch her while he did the grocery shopping. Etta Mae said that while she loved Vicky and the kids, she had to quit because she didn't agree with Vicky's living arrangements. Vicky was surprised Etta Mae thought something was going on with Bobby and said that Vicky had made it clear to Bobby there was someone else in her life. Etta Mae asked if that someone was Jake, and Vicky answered, no, it was Ryan.

Etta Mae said she understood what Vicky was going through and shared her experience with grieving over her husband's death. Etta Mae suggested Vicky write Ryan a letter in order to let go. Vicky said sometimes she could feel Ryan right next to her and asked Etta Mae if that ever stopped. Etta Mae said it would when Vicky no longer needed Ryan. Vicky said she thought she would write the letter to Ryan.

Bobby returned with fixings for some spicy East Texas gumbo, and Etta Mae took the boys out. The sexual tension between Bobby and Vicky rose while they prepared the gumbo. Eating the spicy food and drinking tequila, Vicky got warm and took off her jacket. Bobby walked up behind her and, with their faces very close, remarked that he thought she could stand the heat.

Friday, January 10, 1997

Josie cornered Gary in the station locker room to try to convince him again to be careful about his behind-the-scenes investigation. They talked about the lead he had about the prostitute Cody had been with when he had first arrived in town. Gary thought it just might be the link to Grant. Just then, Gabe interrupted and wanted to talk to Josie.

Gabe told Josie about a case concerning some cops who were shaking down prostitutes on the docks. Gabe explained he knew she had helped Ryan with a similar case and asked her to assist the officer he was putting in charge. However, Josie said she wanted to be the one in charge, and Gabe knew she would be. Gabe reminded her she would be working undercover as a prostitute and to think it over and talk to Gary and her family about it before deciding.

Grant and Kirkland celebrated Grant's birthday, and Kirkland drew a picture for his dad, which included Grant, Kirk, Steven, Vicky and Jake. Grant told his son that soon they would be together and to remember to keep their special secrets. Kirkland accidentally picked up Grant's perfect crimes book, but Grant was relieved when Kirkland couldn't read the title. Later, when the boy fell asleep, Grant whispered that he was working as fast as he could so they could be together.

Cindy waited for Jake at Sassy's, while Ryan watched, trying to figure out what she was up to. Jake and Chris arrived, with Jake in a generous mood, paying for everyone's drinks. Chris was reluctant to be at Sassy's again but changed his mind when Cindy hit on Jake. Chris encouraged Jake to go for Cindy, not knowing she was setting him up.

Cindy "accidentally" spilled a drink on Jake's jacket and later, with help from Randy the bartender, swiped the jacket. Ryan tried to warn Jake, to no avail. Even though Jake seemed interested, Cindy tried to make a quick exit. Ryan appeared behind her when she tried to get her coat over Jake's, and he caused her coat to keep blowing open. Jake walked up behind Cindy before she could leave and made a comment about his coat.

While John was watching television, Felicia entered in one of her "movie star" outfits. As they started to kiss, Sharlene arrived and interrupted. When John left to take a call, Sharlene made some sarcastic comments about Felicia's attire. Felicia explained that when she had been poor as a child, she had promised herself that if she were ever rich, she would dress like a movie star, whether going to bed or to the store.

Sharlene said she couldn't imagine Felicia as a child, and Felicia tried to connect with Sharlene about their difficult childhoods. They succeeded somewhat when they talked about Frankie. Later, after Felicia went up to bed, Sharlene reluctantly admitted Felicia had helped her but reminded John that was a difficult admission to make.

Josie arrived, and John left. Josie told her mother about her new assignment. Sharlene said she hated the idea, but Josie had known she would. Josie explained she had to do the assignment for herself.

Things got steamy at Vicky's when she became overheated from the spicy gumbo and tequila. Bobby tried to cool her off with an ice cube, and they were close to kissing again. Vicky broke away before they did and said it was time for bed. Neither could actually sleep, as they each had thoughts about the other and what had almost just occurred. Bobby heard a door slam, ran outside, and saw Vicky driving away.

Vicky went to meet Etta Mae at the blues club, and she told her friend she didn't know what she was feeling anymore. Vicky explained that she felt as if she were being unfaithful to Ryan. Etta Mae sympathetically reminded Vicky that she could be unfaithful to a man, but she could never be unfaithful to a memory. Just then, Bobby arrived and took Vicky home, much to her irritation.

When Bobby and Vicky got back to her house, she angrily told him he was driving her crazy, being around all the time, and the arrangement was a mistake. Bobby told her he would stay out of her way, but Vicky said in exasperation that even when he was not "here," he was with her. Vicky then said that she was going upstairs, and when she returned, she wanted him gone. She turned to go upstairs, but Bobby stopped her and took both her hands as they stared at each other again.

TWO SCOOPS: Quid pro Flo
TWO SCOOPS: Quid pro Flo
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