DIMERA Family Tree

Santo DiMera

m. Mrs. DiMera
c. Stefano DiMera
a. Lee DuMonde (deceased)
c. Renée DuMonde (born 1961; died 1983)
m. David Banning (1982 to 1983; divorced; see Horton and Banning)
m. Alex Marshall (1983; dissolved by her death)
m. Daphnie DiMera (common-law marriage; deceased)
Daphnie did give birth to a son, Tony. However, Tony was the product of an affair that Daphnie had with Enrico. Despite being raised by Stefano, Tony is neither a biological nor legal DiMera.
a. Unknown Woman
c. Megan Hathaway Megan was adopted by Salem businessman Maxwell Hathaway and raised by him; she died in 1985
o. Rachel Blake Rachel Blake died and Stefano adopted her two children
c. Kristen DiMera
c. Peter Blake
a. Celeste Perrault
c. Lexie Brooks Carver
Lexie was raised by Celeste's sister Grace and her husband, who could not have children
m. Abraham Carver (1989 to present; see Carver)
c. Theo Carver
m. Vivian Alamain (1999; divorced)
a. Ellen Hawk (deceased)
c. Benjy Hawk
Benjy was raised by his maternal grandfather, Orion Hawk. He died in 2007
m. Sonja Hawk (Sometime prior to 2007)
c. Steven Hawk (Born sometime prior to 2007)
o. Susan Banks
Stefano tricked Susan into thinking she was sleeping with Elvis Presley
c. E.J. DiMera (Born February 21, 1997)
r. Sami Brady (He raped her. See Brady and Evans)
c. Johnny DiMera (born October 23, 2007; twin)
m. Sami Brady (November 9, 2007 to May 27, 2008; annulled) (See Brady and Evans)
c. Sydney DiMera (born January 29, 2009)
m. Nicole Walker (See Walker and Mendez) (April 14, 2009 to Spring 2010)
c. Unnamed daughter (Miscarried on November 24, 2008)
m. Nicole Walker (See Walker and Mendez) (Feb 24, 2011 to March 2012; See Walker and Mendez)
c. Daniel Rafael Hernandez (son; deceased; Nicole miscarried on October 5, 2012)
a. Madeline Petersen
c. Chad DiMera (born 1990)
a. Mia McCormick
c. Grace Brady (Born Jan 26, 2009; deceased)
m. Kate Roberts (September 24, 2009 to November 27, 2012)

c. Andree DiMera
m. Anna Fredericks (1985 to 1986; divorced)
m. Kristen Blake (1994 to 1995; annulled)

a. Colleen Brady
c. John Black
a. Isabella Toscano (died in 1992) See Tosanco and Kiriakis)
c. Brady Black (born 1992)
m. Chloe Lane (September 16, 2005 to May 27, 2008; divorced)
m. Marlena Evans (1986; invalid) (See Evans)
a. Marlena Evans (See Evans)
c. Isabella Black (born in 1993)
a. Shawn-Douglas Brady (see Williams and Kiriakis)
   c. Claire Brady (born 2005)
m. Philip Kiriakis (January 3, 2005 to June 29, 2007; divorced) (see Roberts and Kiriakis)
   c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; via in vitro and egg switch; with Shawn)
m. Shawn-Douglas Brady (November 23, 2007 to present) (see Williams and Kiriakis)
m. Hope Brady (while they both were under Stefano's mind control) (See Horton )
m. Marlena Evans (1999 to 2005; invalid) (See Evans )
m. Marlena Evans (December 7, 2006 to August 2008; divorced; later deemed invalid because of his marriage to Hope) (See Evans)
m. Marlena Evans (January 23, 2009; later deemed invalid because of his marriage to Hope) (See Evans)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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