EVANS Family Tree

Frank Evans
Brother of Robert (see below).

m. Martha Evans
c. Marlena Evans (twin)
m. Alex North (Not shown on screen/ before Marlena came to Salem)
c. Unnamed Child (presumed deceased- Child referenced only once by Alex North on November 15, 2005)
m. Don Craig Sr. (1979 to 1980; invalid; see Craig)
c. D.J. Craig Jr. (died in 1980)
m. Roman Brady (1983 to 1994; invalid; see Brady)
c. Samantha Brady (twin; born in 1984)
a. Lucas Roberts Horton (see Roberts and Horton)
   c. Will Horton (born in 1995)
   a. Gabi Hernandez
   c. Arianna Grace Horton (born May 21, 2013)
m. Austin Reed (1996 to 1997; annulled; see Roberts and Reed)
m. Brandon Walker (2003; annulled; see Walker and Carver)
m. Lucas Roberts Horton (2007; annulled) (see Roberts and Horton)
   c. Allie Horton (born October 23, 2007; twin)
r. EJ DiMera (he raped her) (see Banks and DiMera)
   c. Johnny DiMera (born October 23, 2007; twin)
m. EJ DiMera (November 9, 2007 to May 27, 2008; annulled) (see Banks and DiMera)
   c. Sydney DiMera (born January 28, 2009)
m. Rafe Hernandez (November 21, 2010 to present)
c. Eric Brady (twin; born in 1984)
m. Eugene Bradford (1994; invalid; see Bradford)
m. John Black (a.k.a. Forrest Alamain) (1986; invalid; see Alamain and Brady and DiMera)
a. John Black (a.k.a. Forrest Alamain) (see Alamain and Brady and DiMera )
c. Isabella Black (born in 1993)
a. Shawn-Douglas Brady (see Williams and Kiriakis)
   c. Claire Brady (born 2005)
m. Philip Kiriakis (January 3, 2005 to June 29, 2007; divorced) (see Roberts and Kiriakis)
c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; via in vitro and egg switch; with Shawn)
m. Shawn-Douglas Brady (November 23, 2007 to present) (see Williams and Kiriakis)
m. John Black (1999 to 2005; invalid; see Alamain and Brady and DiMera)
m. Alex North (vow renewal; dissovled by his death on May 24, 2006)
m. John Black (December 7, 2006 to August 2008; divorced) (See Alamain and Brady and DiMera)
m. John Black (January 23, 2009 to present) (See Alamain and Brady and DiMera)
c. Samantha Evans (twin; died in 1982)

Robert Evans (deceased)
Brother of Frank (see above).

m. Barbara Talmadge (deceased)
c. Trista Evans (died in 1983)
m. Mac (divorced)
m. Eugene Bradford (1983; dissolved by her death)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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