The Horton Family Tree

Tom Horton Sr. (deceased)

m. Alice Grayson (deceased; born 1911; wed 1930; invalid)

c. Tommy Horton Jr. (born 1931)
m. Kitty Horton (1953 to 1966; divorced; deceased)
c. Sandy Horton (born 1952)

c. Addie Horton (born 1931; died 1974)
m. Ben Olson (1949 to 1971; dissolved by his death; see Olson)
c. Julie Olson
a. David Martin
   c. David Banning (born in 1967)
   m. Trish Clayton (divorced; see Stanhope)
   c. Scott Banning (born 1977)
   m. Renée DuMonde (1982 to 1983; divorced; deceased; see DiMera)
m. Scott Banning (1969 to 1973; dissolved by his death; see Banning)
m. Robert Anderson Sr. (1974 to 1976; divorced; see Anderson)
   c. Robert Anderson Jr. (1975; deceased)
m. Doug Williams (1976 to 1979; divorced; see Williams)
m. Doug Williams (1981 to 1986; divorced; see Williams)
m. Doug Williams (1994 to present; see Williams)
c. Steven Olson
a. Virginia Stanhope
   c. Spencer Olson
m. Doug Williams (1972; invalid; see Williams)
c. Hope Williams (born 1974)
m. Larry Welch (1984; divorced; deceased)
m. Bo Brady (1985 to 1995; divorced; see Brady)
   c. Shawn-Douglas Brady (born 1987)
   a. Belle Black
   c. Claire Bady (born 2005)
   m. Mimi Lockhart (married 2006)
   c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; via in vitro)
   c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; via in vitro and egg switch; with Belle)
   m. Belle Black (November 23, 2007 to present)
a. Bo Brady (see Brady)
   c. Zack Brady (born in 2000; died in 2006)
m. Bo Brady (2000 to present; see Brady)
c. Ciara Brady (2006)

c. Mickey Horton (born 1932; died 2010)
m. Laura Spencer (married 1968; later divorced)
m. Maggie Simmons (divorced; see Simmons)
c. Melissa Horton (adopted- Jim and Linda's daughter, formerly adopted by Bob Anderson.)
m. Peter Jannings (1986 to 1987; divorced)
m. Unnamed Male
   c. Nathan Horton (born 1996)
c. Sarah Horton (adopted)
m. Bonnie Lockhart (2004; invalid when Maggie was found alive)
m. Maggie Simmons (1986 to 2010; dissolved by his death; see Simmons)

c. Bill Horton
r. Laura Spencer
c. Mike Horton (born 1968)
m. Margo Anderman (1978 to 1980; dissolved by her death)
a. Robin Jacobs
   c. Jeremy Horton (born 1987)
m. Laura Spencer (married 1974; later divorced)
c. Jennifer Horton (born 1976)
m. Lawrence Alamain (1990 to 1991; annulled; see Alamain)
m. Jack Deveraux (deceased; 1991 to 1993; divorced; see Deveraux and Johnson)
   c. Abby Deveraux (born 1992)
m. Peter Blake (1995 to 1996; divorced; see Blake)
m. Jack Deveraux (deceased; marrried: May 29, 2003; divorced: May 17, 2011; see Deveraux and Johnson)
   c. Jack Deveraux Jr. (born 2004)
a. Kate Roberts (see Roberts)
c. Lucas Roberts Horton (see Horton)
a. Samantha Brady (see Evans and Brady)
   c. Will Roberts Horton (born 1995)
   a. Gabi Hernandez (one-night stand, see:Hernandez )
   c. Arianna Grace Horton (Born May 21, 2013)
m. Nicole Walker (1999 to 2002; divorced; see Walker and Mendez)
m. Carrie Brady (2006; divorced)
m. Samantha Brady (2007; annulled) (see Evans and Brady)
   c. Allie Horton (born October 23, 2007)
m. Chloe Lane (March 17, 2009 to October 16, 2009; annulled)

c. Marie Horton
m. Craig Merritt (1966; divorced)
a. Alex Marshall
c. Jessica Blake
m. Joshua Fallon
   c. Nick Fallon
   m. China Lee (2007; annulled)
   m. Gabi Hernandez (March 15, 2013 to July 2013; annulled)
m. Neil Curtis (1983; divorced; see Curtis)

m. Alice Grayson (deceased; wed in 1989; dissolved by his death in 1994)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape
o. Other

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