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The Reel Emmy story: Younger Actor

Posted Thursday, April 18, 2019 12:09:15 PM
2019 Daytime Emmy Younger Actor nominees: Lucas Adams, William Lipton, Kyler Pettis, Garren Stitt, Zach Tinker

In a typical year, a soap opera airs over 250 hours of original content. When it comes to deciding the recipient of a Daytime Emmy, determining the best of the best comes down to just 15 minutes of material. These are the episodes submitted by this year's Outstanding Younger Actor contenders.

Each year, the four daytime drama series air more than 250 hours of original content compared to 20something for their primetime counterparts. This year, nominated performers had no restrictions on the number of episodes that they could pull material from for their reels. The only two requirements were that the episodes aired during the 2018 calendar year and that the total running time of the reel did not exceed 15 minutes.

In following the industry standard, NATAS did not make this year's Emmy reels available to the public. However, Soap Central was able to review the reels, and we've provided synopses of their content reels, including airdates, episode numbers, and links to our comprehensive recaps of those episodes so you can get a better feel for what action took place. Please note that the running times listed for each clip include the opening slate and end-of-reel bumpers. For its purposes, NATAS does not count that time in its official run time figures.

Here are the clips submitted by the Younger Actor nominees this year for Emmy consideration.

Outstanding Younger Actor

Lucas Adams
Episodes: #13473, #13475
Running Time: 7:55

Reel Synopsis: Ciara confronts Tripp for framing Ben for arson. Tripp breaks up with Ciara because of her feelings for Ben. As Tripp packs up his belongings, he tells Ciara that he had only been trying to protect her from a man who was a serial killer.

William Lipton
Episodes: #14186, #14189
Running Time: 11:32

Reel Synopsis: While discussing their pretend relationship, Cameron and Josslyn share a kiss. Cameron reveals a secret he had been keeping: Oscar broke up with her because he was sick. Josslyn apologizes to Cameron for having yelled at him. He forgives her but tells her that he won't be involved in any schemes with her in the future. Later, Cameron tells his mother that he broke a promise and told Josslyn about Oscar's brain tumor.

Kyler Pettis
Episodes: #13249, #13258
Running Time: 6:57

Reel Synopsis: Theo and Abe fight over whether or not Theo should go to Cape Town for medical treatment. Ciara and Theo share an emotional goodbye. Later, Theo says goodbye to his loved ones before heading to South Africa for treatment.

Garren Stitt
Episodes: #14187, #14141, #14145, #14151, #14146
Running Time: 13:29

Reel Synopsis: Oscar tells Josslyn that he doesn't want to undergo an experimental medical procedure that could negatively impact the amount of time he has left. Sam and Oscar discuss hanging out together with Sam's kids. Oscar learns that he has brain cancer. Oscar tells his parents that he doesn't want anyone to know that he is sick. Oscar learns that his cancer could be fatal -- and erupts when he discovers that his mother knew of his illness for two years. Oscar races out of the room and later breaks down in the hospital elevator.

Zach Tinker
Episodes: #11572, #11584, #11583
Running Time: 13:25

Reel Synopsis: Fen returns to Genoa City unexpectedly and reveals to his parents that he is quitting law school to become a musician. Fen shows up late to a recording session and lashes out when Ana tells him that he will not be recording his own music. Devon arrives after the recording session and tells Fen that he'd like to sign him. Fen visits Ana to apologize for having treated her like Devon's kid sister.



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