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The Reel Emmy story: Younger Actress

Posted Thursday, April 18, 2019 12:09:15 PM
2019 Daytime Emmy Younger Actress nominees: Hayley Erin, Olivia Rose Keegan, Victoria Konefal, Chloe Lanier, Eden McCoy

In a typical year, a soap opera airs over 250 hours of original content. When it comes to deciding the recipient of a Daytime Emmy, determining the best of the best comes down to just 15 minutes of material. These are the episodes submitted by this year's Outstanding Younger Actress contenders.

Each year, the four daytime drama series air more than 250 hours of original content compared to 20something for their primetime counterparts. This year, nominated performers had no restrictions on the number of episodes that they could pull material from for their reels. The only two requirements were that the episodes aired during the 2018 calendar year and that the total running time of the reel did not exceed 15 minutes.

In following the industry standard, NATAS did not make this year's Emmy reels available to the public. However, Soap Central was able to review the reels, and we've provided synopses of their content reels, including airdates, episode numbers, and links to our comprehensive recaps of those episodes so you can get a better feel for what action took place. Please note that the running times listed for each clip include the opening slate and end-of-reel bumpers. For its purposes, NATAS does not count that time in its official run time figures.

Here are the clips submitted by the Younger Actress nominees this year for Emmy consideration.

Outstanding Younger Actress

Hayley Erin
Episodes #14061, #14185, #14066, #14171, #14117, #14121, #14127
Running Time: 11:02

Reel Synopsis: Ava catches Kiki sobbing on Griffin's shoulder. Kiki confronts Ava for drugging Sasha and clobbering Griffin then questions if Ava ever really wanted to be a mom. Kiki tells Elizabeth that Dr. Bensch gave her a bad evaluation but that she could get a better evaluation if she slept with him. Ava warns Kiki to stay away from Avery. Kiki testifies against Dr. Bensch and recounts the sexual harassment she suffered at his hands. Kiki blasts her mother as a "vicious, vengeful bitch." Dr. Bensch tells Kiki that he is suing her for defamation of character.

Olivia Rose Keegan
Episodes: #13475, #13249, #13258
Running Time: 7:58

Reel Synopsis: Claire tells Ben that they should team up so that they can each get the lover they want. Claire asks Ben to give Tripp a second chance rather than sending him to jail. Claire comforts Theo after learning that he has to leave the country to take part in a medical trial. Theo tells Claire that he is going to be an uncle.

Victoria Konefal
Episodes: #13355, #13377, #13250, #13425
Running Time: 10:56

Reel Synopsis: Ciara opens up to Kayla about her difficulty with being intimate with Tripp. Kayla urges Ciara to tell Tripp about her sexual assault. A bed-bound Ciara tries to calm Ben down after he grows delusional after running out of medication. Ciara confronts Rafe about his affair. Ben surprises Ciara by restoring her father's totaled motorcycle.

Chloe Lanier
Episodes: #14055, #14106, #14107, #14110, #14112
Running Time: 6:33

Reel Synopsis: Nelle needles Carly about Carly's past in a mental hospital. Nelle tells Chase that she needs Michael out of her life. Ava tries to distance herself from Nelle, but Nelle tells her it's too late. Nelle gives her baby to Brad. Nelle tells Michael that she won't let him divorce her.

Eden McCoy
Episodes #14104, #14186, #14206, #14187
Running Time: 10:36

Reel Synopsis: Josslyn pressures Oscar to have sex, but he tells her that he wants their first time to be special. Josslyn is furious when she learns Cameron didn't tell her that Oscar was sick. Jason explains to Josslyn why he kept Oscar's secret. Josslyn learns why Oscar didn't tell her that he was dying, but she urges him to try an experimental treatment.



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