The Quartermaine Family
George Quartermaine (deceased)
Has a brother (see below).
m. Ida Zemlock (deceased)
c. Edward Quartermaine (deceased)
m. Lila Morgan (deceased)
c. Alan Quartermaine Sr. (deceased)
c. Skye Chandler Quartermaine (adopted)
Alan legally adopted the adult Skye in the spring of 2004.
m. Tom Cudahy (married 1988; see Cudahy)
m. Jonathan Kinder (deceased) (divorced)
m. Ben Davidson (deceased) (divorced)
m. Jasper Jacks (divorced)
a. Lorenzo Alcazar (deceased)
c. Lila Rae Quartermaine (born 2006)
m. Monica Bard (divorced)
c. Alan "A.J." Quartermaine Jr. (deceased)
a. Caroline "Carly" Benson
c. Michael Corinthos III
Later adopted by Sonny Corinthos.
m. Caroline "Carly" Benson (divorced)
m. Courtney Matthews (deceased) (invalid)
a. Susan Moore (deceased)
c. Jason Morgan (presumed deceased)
Later adopted by Monica.
m. Brenda Barrett (annulled)
m. Courtney Matthews (divorced)
a. Elizabeth Webber
c. Jacob Martin Spencer
m. Samantha McCall
c. Daniel Edward Morgan
m. Lucy Coe (divorced)
m. Monica Bard
c. Emily Bowen-Quartermaine (deceased)
Daughter of Frank and Paige Bowen; adopted by the Quartermaines
m. Alexander Smith (deceased) (divorced)
m. Nikolas Cassadine (divorced)
c. Tracy Quartermaine
m. Lawrence Ashton (divorced)
c. Ned Ashton
m. Dawn Winthrop (annulled)
m. Jenny Eckert (divorced)
m. Lois Cerullo (divorced)
m. Katherine Bell (deceased) (invalid)
m. Lois Cerullo (divorced)
    c. Brook Lynn Ashton
m. Chloe Morgan (deceased) (divorced)
m. Mitch Williams (divorced)
m. Paul Hornsby (divorced)
c. Dillon Quartermaine
m. Georgianna Jones (married 2006; divorced 2006) (deceased)
a. Lulu Spencer
    c. Unnamed Child (2006; abortion)
m. Gino Soleito (divorced)
m. Luke Spencer Sr.
m. Anthony Zacchara(deceased)
a. Mary Mae Ward (deceased)
c. Bradley Ward II (deceased)
m. Unknown (deceased)
c. Justus Ward (deceased)
c. Faith Ward
m. Unknown
c. Maya Ward
m. Ethan Lovett (divorced)
c. Unknown (female)

a. Beatrice LeSeur (deceased)
c. Jimmy Lee Holt
m. Celia Quartermaine (divorced)
m. Charity Gatlin
    c. Herbert Quartermaine (deceased)

        m. Unknown (deceased)

c. Quentin Quartermaine (deceased)
m. Betsy
c. Alexandria Quartermaine (deceased)
Mr. Quartermaine (deceased)
Brother of George (see above).

m. Unknown
c. Celia Quartermaine
m. Grant Putnam (divorced)
m. Jimmy Lee Holt (divorced)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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