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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on GL
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Monday, January 4, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jenna

Drew, not revealing anything of her part in the murder, told Danny that Michelle killed his brother, Mick, thinking that Jesse would not have to leave town. She told him it was self-defense and accidental stemming from the fact that Mick was going to rape Michelle. Danny speaks to a strange man who says that whoever killed Mick would have to pay for their actions. Meanwhile, Jesse prepares to leave for what Michelle thinks is a "Short" trip to New York for his Art work. Michelle and Jesse make love. Selena tries to help Drew when she admits to telling Danny that Michelle killed Mick. Selena tells her to call the police and that she would protect her. As Jesse drives off Danny yells at Michelle that the wrong person is running away, that he knows she killed Mick.

Susan tries to manipulate Harley into letting her stay. She takes some medicine in Harley's bathroom trying to make herself sick but no one believes her. Susan yells at Harley and tells her she hate's her and that Harley is throwing her out just like she did when she was little. Susan and her dad leave, but come back almost immediately. Susan is really sick and he needs Harley's help.

At the party Beth fumes over seeing Matt with Vanessa. (she thought they were splitsville for good.) Vanessa confronts Beth and apologizes and asks for a fresh start. Beth never has a chance to answer. Alan toasts Vanessa for the Triple A land deal coo, infuriating Matt.

Reva and Josh bombard Frank with accusations about Teri/Annie, and her involvement with drugging Josh ( with the drug that Teri hid in Alan's safe). Teri blames Alan saying that the land deal was enough proof that he was the one drugging Josh and not her. Josh remembers bits and pieces of when he was under the influence with Teri. Teri and Frank arrive at Alan's on "Official Business."

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

When Phillip discovers that Susan has ingested an entire bottle of narcotic cough syrup, she is rushed to Cedars. Harley blames herself for Susan's behavior feeling, once again, that she is abandoning her daughter. Phillip becomes frustrated as Harley announces that she wants Susan to return home with them.

After a frantic call from Drew to 911, the police arrive at the club in search of Jesse, Michelle and Danny. When the police find Drew's apartment empty, Drew panics and fears the worst. In a state of hysterics, Drew confides in Selena that she had a part in Mick's murder. Secretly, Selena vows to protect her daughter at all costs and orders Drew to collect her things and leave the club with her at once.

Meanwhile, after Jesse pulls away on his motorcycle, Danny confronts Michelle about Mick's death. He drags her, screaming, down to the beach and forces her to tell him what happened that night. When she confesses, Danny threatens ominously that he will have to "take care of" Michelle for what she has done.

Having a vague and nagging memory about the night of the Halloween party, Josh returns to the potting shed where he was first drugged by Teri. He recalls some of his conversation with Teri that night as well as remembers seeing Annie's face. Fueled with more ammunition to support their theory that Annie is alive and in cahoots with Teri, Reva and Josh rush off the the Spaulding mansion to confront Frank about Teri.

At the Spaulding mansion, Teri and Frank disrupt the New Year's Eve party in progress in order to search the premises for the missing drug vial. Eventually, they discover the vial in the safe, much to Alan's surprise. Reva and Josh arrive on the scene and suggest that Teri planted the vial and Frank FINALLY becomes suspicious of his partner. Alan also becomes suspicious and angrily demands that Teri tell him what she knows about Annie.

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Thursday, January 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Teri thanks Frank for believing her in the face of Reva's claims but he worries her when he admits that he's going to investigate some of her allegations. Annie quickly turns on the tears when he reminds her that he was not always in possession of the evidence as he claimed the other day and she argues forcibly that Annie is dead.

When Dinah forces him to talk about the consequences of what she has done, Hart announces that he can't be with her anymore if he expects Cassie to let him back into her life. Dinah assures him that she is no threat to Cassie but Hart reports that Cassie fears Dinah will hurt the baby. Claiming they have a connection as husband and wife, Dinah pleads with Hart to stay with her but he denies their marriage means anything.

Blake resents it when her mother shows up on her doorstep and continues to badmouth Ben. Tired of defending her relationship with Ben, Blake orders Holly out of her house until she accepts him in her life. Upset with what she has said, Holly warns her daughter that she could be facing trouble from the stalker if she is not careful.

Alan hires Ben to bring Annie out into the open and then defend Annie from any charges she'll be facing. Alan finally realizes were Annie is.

After a small run-in with Ben at the Spaulding mansion, Ross and India spend the day together having fun while ice skating.

Friday, January 8, 1999

Josh and Reva arrive at the Bessler clinic and find the room where an unconscious Teri is staying.

Alan confronts Teri at her apartment and boasts that he knows who she is. He announces that she is Annie Dutton. Teri denies it and tries to remain cool as he presents his proof to her. She then offers to help him forget Annie and kisses him passionately. After they make love, Teri confirms she is Annie.

Warning that it's the only chance she has to stay alive, Danny brings Michelle home where he faces off against a threatening Dietz. Finally allowed to see "the boss," Michelle apologizes to Danny's mother Carmen and explains that she killed Mick because he was attacking her. Danny then tells his upset mother that he and Michelle are married.

While Drew continues to blame herself for what she thinks has happened to Michelle, Rick lays into Jesse and Bill for failing to protect his sister. After Buzz stops them from arguing, Frank explains that they cannot get a search warrant for the Santos' place because of the power of the family.

Phillip overhears Susan telling Harley that her father loved having dinner with Harley and realizes that the girl lied to him when she claimed not to know where Harley was last night. Harley defends her daughter but Phillip insists that the girl is trying to set her up with her father.

Lillian reports to Phillip and Harley that Harley's blood test reveals that she is pregnant.

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