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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 2, 1999 on GL
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Monday, August 2, 1999

At the hospital:
Harley is taken to be prepped for Childbirth. Alan is going into Cardiac Arrest. India is outside Alan's room in tears when Matt and Vanessa turn up. Vanessa really doesn't understand until India explains that Alan and her had made amends and were becoming chummy. Rick is working frantically on Alan to get a pulse while the scenes flash from Alan to Harley and Phillip and back. Harley and Phillip go into the delivery room and after a little bit they have a new son. Rick comes in and asks Phillip to come out side to discuss the 'bill'. Phillip goes with Rick and is told of Alan's condition. Rick got his heart started again but he is still is serious shape. Phillip goes back in and takes his son to meet his new granddad. Phillip begs his dad to open his eyes to meet the new Spaulding and at last he does. Phillip introduces Alan to his grandson.

At Company:
Selena isn't happy when Buzz returns from England. She tells him that she knows he only left because he was running from the truth between them. Buzz hands her a gift and tries to apologize but she is still angry. Max walks in and talks to Susan a second. His friends join him and they all go over to a table ignoring Susan. She comes over with their drinks and tries to socialize but they all look down on her and laugh at her when she tries to tell them that Max and her are more than friends. Max gets up to leave with them. Susan is heartsick at how Max treated her. Buzz gets a phone call about Harley having the baby and asks Susan to go to the hospital with him. When they get there, Max comes into Company and asks where she is, Selena tells him and he leaves for the hospital. Susan sees Max outside Harley's room, but doesn't go out (at least she didn't today).

At the Jessup Farm:
Cassie is upset about the Reva situation. Michelle tells her that Reva would come if she thought she were ill.

In San Cristobel:
A doctor tends to Reva and tells her and Richard that it was just a flesh wound, Richard realizes that his epee was switched with a sharpened one and finds one of Olivia's scarves nearby. Edmund pays off a guard who saw him plant the scarf. But Reva remembers Olivia from the past and covers for her saying that it was her who left the scarf there. She informs Olivia that she remembers that they were friend. Olivia denied it and told Reva that she was mistaken.

At Drew's:
Drew and Jesse are talking. Jesse tells her that he is moving out.

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Susan angrily confronts Max about his behavior towards her while he was with his new friends. Max admits that now that he is finally becoming popular, his reputation is important. He goes on to say that Susan's young age cramps his style. Susan throws his leather jacket at him telling him she is breaking up with him. Max responds icily by saying that they were never going out in the first place. Susan rushes off crying and finds Harley to comfort her.

As Phillip and Harley ogle at their newborn son, Beth and Susan stop by for a visit. Beth becomes upset, seeing Phillip and Harley together, as she is reminded of happier times with Phillip when Lizzie was born. Jim comforts her and, later, Beth is able to share her feelings with Phillip.

Meanwhile, at the Palace of Doom, Olivia is confused as Edmund accuses Olivia of switching the sabers then later invites her dinner. He admits that he would be happy if something happened to Reva and suggests that they join forces to stop her. Olivia is resistant. In her room, Reva discovers a locked closet that contains all of baby Jonathan's possessions. As she looks through the items, she begins to remember her son more clearly. Richard arrives and they laugh and talk together about their son and some of his antics. Richard is pleased that Reva's memory is returning.

Blake and Michelle help Cassie concoct a scheme to bring Reva home by pretending Cassie is sick enough to warrant her admission into Cedar's Hospital. The plan works and Michelle is able reach Reva with the news that Cassie is sick. Reva tells Richard she must leave and is surprised when her request is politely denied. After Richard leaves the room, Reva schemes and realizes that the only way she can gain Richard's trust in order to leave is to convince him that she is in love with him again.

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

At the Santos Estate:
Danny questions Carmen about her newfound friendship with Edmund. Carmen assures Danny that she is just involved with Edmund as far as business. She questions Danny as to his concern and is informed that he is trying to help out Michelle's friends. Carmen tells Danny that he should be concerned with his family not with Michelle's friends. Danny leaves. Carmen is a little ticked off and talks to Ben about it. He assures her that he feels she is right. Carmen fills in Ben on her plans to get Michelle arrested and prosecuted in San Cristobel.
Back in their bedroom, Michelle and Danny snuggle on the bed. Michelle tells Danny that she is feeling better and begins to tell him how she was helping Cassie out and that is why she went to the hospital earlier. Danny misunderstood and guessed that Michelle was pregnant. He was so happy Michelle hated to tell him that she was not going to have a baby. She explained to Danny that she was on the pill, he was a little let down, but they talked and both want children, when the time is right.

At Company:
David and Pilar set out on their 'date' and the car breaks down. David talks a to Pilar about her family and tries to get her to open up all the while, Frank is secretly taping the conversation. Bill and Vicky talk and both are weary about this outing David and Pilar are own. After they get back, Bill tells Pilar that he didn't really care for the situation and he took the rest of the night off to be with her. Holly is talking to Ross who is telling her all the reasons why she should sell "The Journal." He tells her that he will be happy to go with her to talk to the perspective buyers if she would like. Blake walks in and sees the two holding hands and talking. She goes over, Holly heads out and bumps into Sam. They talk a while and Blake spots the guy. She asks Ross to check up on the guy.

At the Hospital:
Alan had India call everyone he was close to, to the hospital. Phillip goes in, concerned and talks to Alan. He comes out with the impression that Alan is giving up and that he has called them there to say goodbye. Alan asks to talk to Lizzie alone, Lizzie and Alan talk and he tells her that she will be in charge in a few years and that she will do him proud. Phillip and the rest come in and Phillip tells him that they will not let him die. Alan announces that not only is he going to live but from now on he is going to live on his own terms.

Thursday, August 5, 1999

At Company:
Jesse and Buzz are talking over his and Drew's relationship. Buzz offers Jesse a place to live with him and the boys. Jesse agrees.
David is scoffed by two other cops who apparently don't take kindly to "Dirty Cops." He calls Frank for backup protection. Frank tells David about Alan's heart attack and David leaves to go find Vicky.

At Drew's:
Selena came over and since Drew is so depressed, she ends up comforting her. Selena admits that she has no knowledge of what she is going through since she had never been proposed to. Jesse comes in with Buzz and announces that he is just there to get his stuff so that he can move in with Buzz. Selena and Drew are both upset.

At the hospital:
Josh comes into Cassie's room just as Blake and Cassie are talking over their plan concerning Reva. Josh tells Cassie that this could get Reva into trouble if Richard finds out that she is faking. He tells her to back off the plan and goes to find the doctor. Cassie runs after him, leaving Blake to fend for herself when the doctor arrives. Blake pretends to be Cassie and has blood work done. Josh and Cassie return just in time for the phone to ring. It's Reva. They talk and say their "I love you's." Josh tells Reva that Cassie was faking her illness and that everyone is fine although they miss her terribly. Alan calls in his family and friends as well as the press and announces his retirement. He appointed Phillip CEO, Vanessa President, India as Executive Ambassador and even gave Beth VP job. He told Vicky that she would remain Vanessa's assistant and would now also become Beth's assistant. Vicky is mortified. She leaves the room and David follows her (he was standing in the back of the room, behind the press). He tries to talk to her but she is furious. She says she can't trust him or her family.

In San Cristobel:
Reva is writing in her Journal to Josh about her feeling and fears as well as her plans of escape. Richard comes in and Reva tries to act like her tears were meaningless. She says she has to find out what it was like between them if she hoped to uncover the truth about Jonathan. Richard begins to dance with her and finds that Reva is putting on an act. When he questions her she admits that she hasn't remember anymore and that she feels that it could be because she is worried about her family back in the states, especially her sister who is sick in the hospital. Richard hand Reva the phone and tells her Cassie's room number at Cedars. After the phone call, Reva admits to Richard that Cassie was faking the illness to get her to come home. He stoops to pick up her journal and Reva takes it from him and then kisses him to keep his mind off of it.

Friday, August 6, 1999

At Company:
Blake and Cassie are talking about their foiled plot to rescue Reva. Michelle calls Cassie and informs her that she may have a way to save her after all and that she would let her in on it shortly. Holly and Ross walk in and are talking over her possible sell of the journal. She asked him to go with her to the meeting in Chicago and he agreed. She then mentioned that Blake and the boys may want to go, but Ross didn't go for that idea. Meanwhile, Blake explained the history of Ross and Holly and their engagement to Cassie. She went through how she stole Ross from her mother just to get back at her for things she did. Dr. Sedgewick came in and told Cassie that they had a diagnosis for her illness. Cassie listened as the Dr. told her that she is pregnant. Stunned, of course she said it was impossible, and then she and Blake realized that since Blake had the blood drawn, then Blake must be pregnant. She fainted, right into Ross' arms.

At the Santos Estate:
Michelle asks Danny if they can go to the masked ball in San Cristobel. Danny immediately knows what his wife is up to and tells her "no." He doesn't want her any more involved in the Lewis mess and doesn't want her to go and put her life in jeopardy. Michelle finally tells Danny that they are going and that she is going to help Reva.

At the Lewises':
Jim comes over and he and Josh plan out a strategy for Rescuing Reva. Since Jim was in the Special Forces in the Navy a.k.a Navy Seals, he says that he has plenty of practice at this and he will take charge of the stealth mission.

In San Cristobel:
Reva kisses Richard but then pulls away. He reads the journal and sees in it where she was planning to dupe Richard into thinking that she was interested in him and Jonathan only in order to escape. Richard got mad and told her that he had no interest in her, just his son. She hurt him so bad that he almost did not survive and the only reason he would go through it again is for his son, not for her. He then told Reva that she could leave now or stay and help find the child. Reva acknowledged that she would never intentionally abandon her own child and agreed to stay.
Edmund is dining with Olivia when the guard that witnessed him switch the epees came in. Edmund went out to a hallway with the guard and told him his reward for his silence is taken care of. He sent him to another place and made a call and told them to take care of him. When Olivia told him that she overheard, he told her that the guard would appear to have killed himself over his own grief from his changing of the epees. So with the guard taking the rap for the attempted murder of Reva, no one would suspect them. He then asks for her help in eliminating Reva. He asks her to become her friend again so that on the night of the ball, she can lure Reva to a particular spot where she will meet her demise. Olivia doesn't want any part of killing anyone. Edmund tells her that it is the only way Richard will ever marry her.

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