Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on GL
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on GL
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Monday, September 6, 2004

Today's episode was preempted by CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament. Regular programming will resume tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

The blackout in Springfield continues...

Reva asks Sandy to take a trip to San Cristobel. Sandy is adamant in not going. Harley interrupts their moment. She gives Reva an update on Buzz's condition. Harley learns Phillip has denied Reva's request to do a show about Company. The lights return. Reva asks for Sandy's help in going up against Phillip. Tammy comes back to get her wallet, and heads to her date with Joey. She tells Reva how much she loves Joey. Reva preaches about safe sex and love. Alone, Sandy finds a postcard and reacts anxiously to it. Suddenly, Reva cannot find Sandy.

Lizzie tells Joey she loves him. With her secret drug in hand, she listens as he professes his love for Tammy. Joey tries to let Lizzie down easily. She pretends to be happy for him and insists he take some champagne. Lizzie confesses to rigging the contest. Joey demands to know who the winner was. She says he is the only thing that matters. She kisses him in an attempt to divert his attention. Joey announces he doesn't feel so well. Lizzie tells him she loves him. Passion begins, but Joey soon passes out. Lizzie backs out and says she cannot do this; her first time should be special. She decides, however, that she will lie and just claim they did something together. She rips open a condom and puts the wrapper on the night stand. After, Lizzie gets back into bed with Joey.

Bill and Olivia make love. Bill prepares to leave right afterward, leaving a bewildered Olivia with feelings of rejection. Harley arrives with the news that Phillip owns WSPR. Olivia reveals she stole Alan's stockholder list. When Bill goes out to take a call, Harley wonders if Olivia and Bill did the deed. Olivia says she will never feel anything for another man again. But then, Olivia says she will call Bill.

Cassie and Dinah come face to face in the barn fire. Cassie, with her feet trapped under a large beam, begs Dinah to save RJ. Jeffrey has no memory of Edmund whacking him with the shovel. Edmund makes up a story about being the hero and saving his life. Dinah searches through the flames for RJ. She gets to him as the flames escalate to the steps leading up to the top of the barn. Jeffrey questions why Edmund wouldn't have just left him in the flames to die. Dinah rescues RJ, pointing out how much he looks like Hart. Cassie begs Dinah to help save her. Dinah refuses to help her. Cassie hollers for help. Edmund becomes frantic as he searches for Cassie and RJ. Dinah arrives at the farm house and asks Edmund to help Cassie. Jeffrey lays eyes on Dinah, believing up till now that she was in Venice. Jeffrey and Edmund save Cassie. She is reunited with RJ. Cassie hastily apologizes to Dinah, as Edmund overhears who "Dee" really is! He is shocked! Cassie blames Dinah for setting the fire. The tension escalates. Jeffrey takes Dinah out of there. The police come to arrest Dinah, but Cassie wants to know why she is here! She vows Dinah will be sorry.

Alan tells Phillip he must put his foot down. Alan says he is to blame for the Spaulding power road Phillip is going down. Phillip confesses to years of indecision. He says he is now doing everything for his family. They will be proud to be Spauldings.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004


Phillip smells a set up when Beth and Rick gang up on him for breakfast. Rick and Beth express their concern for what's happening to Phillip. Beth receives a call from Bill. Bill insists that it is important that Beth come up to see him. Rick asks Phillip to leave Company and the Coopers alone. Phillip does not budge.


Harley tells Bill she has the perfect Spaulding insider. When Beth arrives, Bill tells Beth that he wants Phillip out as CEO of Spaulding, and needs Beth's shares to do it. Beth announces her loyalty, and declines to help. She blasts Bill for using their past to his advantage where Spaulding is concerned. As Beth leaves, she runs into Harley. Harley appears glad to see Beth. Harley does not believe Phillip is over his breakdown. Beth believes Phillip is in control. Later, Phillip asks Bill why he called a stock holders meeting without his approval. Bill tells Phillip about making love to Olivia. Phillip laughs at Bill's plan to make the stockholders believe he has gone nuts again.


Phillip studies his diagram of Springfield, and announces everything will be gone. Josh and Reva's house, Lewis Construction, to name a few. Bill learns Phillip wants Cross Creek. Phillip catches Harley spying.


Joey wakes up beside Lizzie in bed. He assumes they had sex. Lizzie, knowing full well that they did not, assures Joey that all is ok. She flashes back to her plan to set Joey up. Joey insists that he missed his night with Tammy, and does not recall his night with Lizzie. Continuing the charade, Lizzie claims it was special. Lizzie promises not to tell Tammy.


Tammy tells Marina she has no idea why Joey would have stood her up last night. Tammy is determined to find out what happened. Joey returns to Tammy. When Coop comes to see Marina, Lizzie comes along and accuses her of moving on very quickly after Shayne left. Joey tells Tammy that he had too much to drink last night. Tammy feels better that they didn't have sex yet. Marina introduces Lizzie to Coop. Lizzie attacks the Coopers, nearly setting Marina off. Lizzie sees Tammy and Joey in the midst of a hug. Joey tells Tammy he loves her with all of his heart, then leaves. Lizzie tells Tammy she's backing off from Joey.


Edmund recalls the series of events leading up to the fire. Cassie is determined to see Dinah, but Edmund stops her. Cassie wants to know why Dinah has suddenly showed up here. She believes Dinah started the fire, and wants to know is there some reason why Edmund would not want her to talk to Dinah. Edmund goes to visit Dinah. Jeffrey arrives to see Cassie. Cassie tells Jeffrey how Dinah wanted to kill her - and then figures out that it was Dinah who was the imposter! Cassie points out that Jeffrey lied, because he set up the phony imposter in DC. She knows Jeffrey lied. Jeffrey says there were accomplices covering for Dinah. Cassie vows Dinah needs to suffer like she did. Cassie asks Jeffrey to stay. Cassie admits to being in shock after seeing Dinah holding RJ, and for not knowing who was stalking her. Jeffrey claims to have just met Dinah - which we know is a lie. Cassie thinks about what she almost lost because of Dinah. Edmund returns home, and sees Jeffrey. Edmund announces he knows Jeffrey spent the night with Cassie in DC.


Jeffrey interrogates Dinah. Dinah tells Jeffrey that he WILL get her out of this. She threatens to tell of their history together. Jeffrey counters, stating that he will make her wish she had the death penalty. Ross comes to Dinah's rescue. Dinah tells Jeffrey that he does not know the whole story. When Edmund arrives to see Dinah, Dinah announces she saw how the fire got started. Dinah tells Edmund that she saw him whack Jeffrey. Dinah promises to keep his secret, as long as he keeps hers. Dinah tells Edmund that Jeffrey and Cassie slept together, and asks if he has forgiven Cassie. Dinah asks Edmund to force Cassie to testify in her favor, all for saving RJ's life. Or else she will tell Cassie who really started the fire. Later, Cassie visits Dinah!

Thursday, September 9, 2004


Tammy runs into Michelle. Michelle is en route to the house to help Danny pack. Blake picks up on Ross' anxiety about Dinah. Tammy overhears that Dinah is back. Ross and Blake tell Tammy that Dinah has been arrested. Blake offers to drive Tammy home. Blake assures Tammy that Dinah is staying in jail.


Phillip catches Harley snooping. Harley claims she was not breaking and entering. Bill comes to Harley's rescue. Bill is furious with Phillip for wanting to take Cross Creek from the Lewis'. Bill nearly socks Phillip when he refers to the Lewis family as hillbillies. Harley attempts to reason with Phillip, to try to steer him away from Company and Cross Creek. Phillip asks Harley what she would do to make dumping the two properties worth his while. Then, Phillip asks for custody of Zach, in exchange. Harley becomes angry at such a suggestion! Phillip says it's Zach or nothing. Bill has to hold Harley back when she goes off on Phillip, telling him how much she hates him. Harley vows that Company will stand right where it is. Phillip moves up the demolition - to lunch time!


Danny is preparing to move out. Tony is moving in. Tony says they can share the house. Danny does not want to share the house - or his wife - with Tony. Michelle interrupts the tense moment between them. Alone with Tony, Michelle suggests a day trip to pick up some decorations for Light and even taking Tony's bike. After Tony goes to take a call, Michelle and Danny share a kiss. Tony appears upset when he sees Danny and Michelle together. A strange man lurks about. Danny is impressed with Michelle's plans for Light. Tony thinks Danny is only trying to reel Michelle back in. Michelle is sure Danny is using the permit to win her back. Michelle is abducted.


Edmund accuses Jeffrey of taking Cassie to DC and sleeping with her. Edmund knows Jeffrey has been in love with Cassie since the first moment he impersonated Richard! Edmund reveals that he knows about Jeffrey's plan to have Dinah to impersonate Cassie. Tammy arrives with Blake. Tammy becomes upset about not being told the news regarding Dinah. Blake demands that Jeffrey put Dinah away for murdering Hart. Tammy announces Cassie is gone. Tammy confides in Blake about the night Hart died. Blake suggests that Tammy see for herself that Dinah is behind bars.


Cassie visits Dinah. Their first confrontation in five years! Cassie accuses Dinah of setting the fire. Dinah pulls out the dagger from months ago in Europe - the same dagger that she and Cassie both placed a bid on. Dinah swears she has changed. Jeffrey is sure Dinah will make shock waves, just like she did before. Cassie announces how Tammy had to see Hart's bloody body on the floor that day. And RJ doesn't know his father. Cassie says she'll keep her fingers crossed for the death penalty. Dinah remarks how time should have changed things. Cassie says she has moved on with her life, along with two great loves since Hart. Cassie relives Hart's death. Then, Cassie asks to know why Dinah impersonated her. Dinah claims to have lost her own life after Hart, and becoming someone else was her way of escape. Cassie points out that Dinah did save RJ. After Ross arrives, he asks Cassie for a favor. Ross asks Cassie to go easy on Dinah - as one parent to another. Her testimony will be the most important! Ross claims Dinah is not the same girl she was years ago. Cassie is not willing to take that chance. Edmund and Jeffrey arrive as Ross asks for compassion. Dinah says she is ready to make a statement!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, the entire CBS Daytime lineup As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless was preempted. These preemptions were accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 13th and pick up where Thursday's shows concluded.

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