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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on GL
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Monday, January 31, 2005

At the police station, Harley is giving Buzz instructions on how to care for her children. Coop is pacing behind them, wanting to know how Frank can stand himself after locking up his sister. Buzz and Harley assure him Frank was only doing his job and it's killing him in the process. Buzz leaves to take care of Zack and Jude. Harley asks Coop if he knows anything about Lizzie's whereabouts the night Phillip was shot. Coop says he was with her when Phillip kidnapped her. Harley is upset for what Lizzie must have been going through at the hands of her own father. Coop says he has a date with Lizzie later and he will get any information he can. He leaves as Beth arrives to tell Harley she has sprung her from jail. Harley thinks she's joking, but Beth tells her it was the least she could do since Harley kept quiet about her plan to leave with Phillip and the children. Beth tells Harley to do whatever she must to find Phillip's killer - no matter who it is.

At the record store, the police arrive to arrest Reva and Jonathan for breaking and entering. Reva is shocked to discover Jonathan lied to her about knowing the owner and having access to the store after hours. Reva covers for her son by telling the police she is doing a behind-the-scenes story for WSPR about the lack of security at Springfield businesses. The cops are skeptical until Reva promises to mention their quick response and use their faces to portray 'Springfield's Finest.' Jonathan watches the exchange with amusement. Once outside, he commends Reva for getting them off the hook. She attempts to berate him for lying but is soon laughing as he makes faces at her.

At the farmhouse, Edmund answers the phone and discovers Cassie has lied about going to the doctor for a flu checkup - she is going in for a pregnancy test. Cassie lies again and tells Edmund she is worried if she really is pregnant, the baby may not be completely normal. Edmund guesses she is concerned their baby could be like Jonathan, though he has no idea that Cassie's real concern is the baby could actually be Jonathan's. She agrees to let him go with her to the hospital. Once there, they find Reva and Jonathan waiting to see the doctor. Cassie tries to leave, but Edmund demands to know what is going on between her and Reva. Before they can explain, Jonathan tells Edmund it's his fault because of what happened the night before their wedding. Cassie is tense expecting to be exposed for the night she spent with Jonathan. Instead of telling the truth about his night with Cassie, Jonathan lies. He says the sisters are upset because he crashed the bachelorette party and Reva defended him even though she knew Cassie was upset about it. A nurse approaches and tells Cassie the doctor is ready for her. Once Edmund and Cassie leave, Reva tells Jonathan that Edmund must never discover the truth about Cassie.

At Towers, Coop and Lizzie are having dinner when the maitre d' tells Coop he has a phone call. In the hallway, Coop finds Harley who is there to tell him she is out of jail and to forget what she said earlier about grilling Lizzie for information. Coop says it's too late; he's already started asking her questions. Lizzie watches them and starts digging her nails into her arm. She pretends she didn't see Coop talking to Harley when he returns to the table. Lizzie doesn't give up any information about Phillip but turns the conversation to Gus instead. She tells Coop that Gus will stop at nothing to clear Harley. Coop thinks Lizzie is overreacting and tells her Gus wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Lizzie shows Coop the scratches on her arm and asks, "Does this look like nothing"?

Harley goes to her office and stares at the board of suspects in Phillip's murder. She imagines the photos of Lizzie and Beth are speaking to her. She is crying when Buzz arrives and embraces her. Buzz tells his daughter she did what she had to do. Harley realizes he believes she is the one who shot Phillip. Buzz gives her plane tickets for her and the boys. He tells her he has already checked it out, and even if the cops find out where she went, it's a place where there is no extradition. Harley takes the tickets.

Holly continues to feel guilty about Sebastian's death. Ross tells her she has to get over it because Blake is getting suspicious. Holly imagines she sees Sebastian at the bar. She approaches him and grabs a total stranger. When she returns to her table, beneath her purse is one of Roger's gold coins.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Buzz tries every trick in the book to get Harley to take the airplane tickets he has purchased for her and her children. She is very appreciative of his love for her and his willingness to help, but she feels she should stay and deal with whatever is going to happen with the trial. Buzz is very upset, but cannot sway her decision.

In an attempt to enjoy a few "normal" moments, Harley calls Cassie and Blake to join her for a girls' night at Harley's Angels. There isn't a lot of celebrating, though. Cassie is waiting for, indeed dreading, news of the pregnancy test. Blake is worried about her mother. Harley can't help but to think of her upcoming trial. The party breaks up early.

Blake has every reason to worry about her mother. Holly is hallucinating. She is at Towers for dinner, but everywhere she looks she sees Sebastian! She is angry when Michelle tries to break up a conversation she is having with one of the look-alike Sebastians, but she appreciates having someone to talk to. Holly tells Michelle about how much she has lost due to men, and the worst of her losses was her daughter Meg. She explains that Meg was taken by her father, Fletcher; because he was afraid Holly's relationship with Roger endangered their daughter. Michelle is moved by Holly's story and immediately picks up the phone to chat with Robbie. Holly's evening doesn't end so happily, as she awakes screaming from a nightmare about Sebastian.

Reva and Jonathan are doing some screaming of their own - at each other! Reva threatens Jonathan when he insults Cassie, and he tries to threaten his mother. However, when she surprises him by hot wiring her car, Jonathan finally relents and gets in the car.

Cassie returns to the hospital to learn the results of her pregnancy test. She decides not to wait for Edmund to hear the results, and the doctor closes the door. Cassie, who is visible through the examining room's window, seems upset at the news.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Alan confronts Gus in the Spaulding boardroom. In an attempt to convince him that he needs to pay more attention to family, and less to Harley, Alan brings in Alexandra, Beth, Lizzie, Olivia and Bill for a board meeting over which Gus is to preside. Lizzie becomes upset at the sight of Gus, and attempts to tell everyone he threatened her, causing bruises on her arm. When he denies her claims, Alan brings the meeting to order and turns it over to Gus. Gus takes control, and announces his first order of business is to quit Spaulding Enterprises. Alan attempts to coerce Gus into staying, claiming he will lose his family as well as the company if he chooses to leave. As they continue to argue over his position with in the family, Gus declares Harley's freedom is at stake and she is his only priority. Gus tells Olivia she is welcome to whatever she can salvage of Spaulding. This prompts Alan to tell him he is not worthy of Phillip's position and to leave the building. Later, Alan and Alexandra stand outside of Company discussing how much they used to enjoy going there. Now it is a reminder of things which have been lost. Alan, still angry with Gus, claims he does not need anyone and will run Spaulding Enterprises alone. Meanwhile, back at Spaulding, Olivia tells Bill she is ready to move in for the kill.

Edmund meets Cassie at Cedars, only to discover she is not pregnant. Claiming that she has an errand to run before meeting him at home, Cassie leaves the hospital to return to the farm. Still at the hospital, Edmund speaks to the doctor about in vitro fertilization. He later runs into Dinah in the waiting room. Dinah covers her tracks, telling Edmund she is there to see the doctor herself, pretending that he is the man in her life. Dinah later flirts with the doctor and gives him her phone number, in an attempt to steal his prescription pad. Back at the farm, as Cassie is looking at a picture of Edmund and saying she is thankful she is not pregnant with Jonathan's child, Jeffrey knocks on the door. Jeffrey convinces Cassie that she must tell Edmund the truth; he has been asking questions about the day of the wedding. Cassie decides it is time to tell Edmund, only to have second thoughts when he arrives home and says he will kill anyone who dares to hurt her.

Harley takes Zack to Company only to be surprised by reporters outside, trying to get pictures of Zack. As Buzz takes Zack inside, Coop tells Harley that Gus has manhandled Lizzie in an attempt to get information. Harley refuses to believe Gus would do this and continues to come to his defense, stating that he is the only person who believes in her innocence. Buzz joins them, and tries to convince Harley that taking the plea bargain is her best option. Harley admits she has considered the deal; however, she refuses to confess to something she is not sure she did. Harley leaves Zack at Company with Buzz, and checks into a hotel where she takes out a picture of Gus. In another hotel room, Gus takes out a picture of Harley. The two call each other, only neither gets through.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Edmund surprises Cassie with a candlelight dinner and dancing at the farmhouse. Cassie assures Edmund that she's ready to try for another baby. Edmund presents her with a bottle of in vitro fertilization medicine. Cassie dreams about having a baby girl who will have Prince Edmund wrapped around her finger. Edmund vows to be the best father he can be. When a deliveryman brings flowers to their door, Cassie fears they are from Jonathan and Edmund believes they are from Jeffrey. When it is revealed that the flowers are from Tammy, Cassie vows not to be afraid anymore.

Cory catches Dinah sneaking into a hospital room. Cory figures out that Dinah is the "friend" who needs help with having a baby. Dinah tries to get him into bed so that she can steal his keys and a bottle of her own in vitro fertilization medicine.

Josh warns Bill that his new-found family is fragile and that Bill should rejoin his own family at Lewis construction. Josh is worried about the harm Jonathan will cause Reva. Bill turns him down again.

Olivia pitches herself to Alan as the new head of Spaulding Enterprises. She promises to give him more access to Emma and to groom her to run the company. Alan takes the deal on the condition that she work directly under him as the president. Alan cautions Olivia that Bill will not be involved in Spaulding business. Bill is not happy at Olivia's news and warns that Alan is setting her up. Bill promises that they can take care of Emma on their own but Olivia can't resist the lure of power.

Jonathan surprises Reva with a hot red convertible to replace her staid minivan. Reva urges Jonathan to spend his trust fund money on himself not on her but can't resist a spin in her new car. Josh interrupts their moment and takes Reva for a ride, much to Jonathan's chagrin.

Jonathan pouts until he gets a call from Dinah. They meet at J. Farley's. Dinah wonders when he will reveal Cassie's pre-wedding escapades to Edmund. Jonathan balks at a partnership with Dinah and assures her that Cassie and Edmund will get what's coming to them . . . in time.

Josh and Reva arrive at J. Farley's. When Josh leaves, Jonathan takes his place at the bar with Reva. Jonathan dares Reva into doing Karaoke. When Reva is heckled, Jonathan defends her honor and starts a brawl.

Back at the Lewis home, an officer arrives with Reva's keys and tells Josh about finding Reva and Jonathan in the record store.

Dinah listens outside the farmhouse to Edmund and Cassie's laughter.

Friday, February 4, 2005


Michelle goes to the hospital to see Rick. After they discuss recent events in their lives (her ordeal in Santo Domingo and Phillip's death), she tells him why she's there. She needs him to talk Danny out of keeping Robbie away from her. To her surprise, Rick refuses and states that he thinks Danny's right. He says Michelle hasn't been around a lot lately and he wonders if she will actually settle down to be a mother to Robbie. Michelle tells Rick she thinks Danny is just using this to get back at her for being with Tony. Rick's not persuaded. Suddenly Michelle has a memory flash of Rick warning her about Danny. When she tells him about the other flashbacks, Rick says this is a good sign. Because of the possibility that her entire memory could come back, he tries to convince her to postpone her divorce. But Michelle refuses, stating she loves Tony. After she leaves, Mel approaches Rick and tells him she thinks he's dead wrong about Michelle. She thinks Michelle is a good mother and needs their support. Rick tells her he doesn't think Michelle's ready to be a full-time mother. Mel compares Michelle's going off to Santo Domingo with Rick's wanting them to leave Springfield and sail away after Phillip died. The discussion turns to Beth. Mel tells Rick she thinks he's changed; the man she knew would never side with Danny over Michelle or make out with Beth. Rick tries to defend his friendship with Beth by citing their history, but Mel tells him to think about their own history.

Danny finds Marina at Company and asks her to go to a movie with him. After some small talk, he reveals he quit the lighthouse project. Suddenly, Tony enters Company and tells Danny he wants to talk to him. The two go outside where Tony wants to talk about Michelle. He thinks Danny is suing for custody to get back at Michelle. After telling him that he's fired from the lighthouse project Tony tells him to stay away from Michelle. Danny doesn't seem to care so much since, as he tells Tony, he's already decided to quit. Michelle comes by and asks Danny to stay on. As Tony tries to get Michelle to reconsider this request, Danny tells Michelle there's just too much drama around her for him. But Michelle convinces him they can make it work and even points out how this could jump start his career. Danny agrees to give it another shot and goes back inside.

Alone, Michelle tells Tony the reason they can't shut Danny out is because of Robbie. If Danny stays close, Robbie will be around as well. Michelle can show what a good mother she is. Tony's not too happy though and wonders if there's another reason. Michelle assures Tony it's all about Robbie and asks him not to read too much into it. He seems convinced.

Also at Company, Tammy is invited to sit with some girls from school. However, when she sits down, the first thing they ask about is whether it's true she went out with her own cousin. Put off by the girls' comments and laughter, Tammy leaves.

At Farley's, seeing an injured Jonathan getting beat up, Reva jumps into the fray and tries to break up the fight. Just as Reva's getting the upper hand, Josh and Sandy walk in the bar. Josh accidentally finds himself at the wrong end of Reva's pool cue. With the fight now over, Reva asks Sandy to tend to Jonathan while she helps Josh. While trying to clean Josh's injury, Reva tells him about how invigorated she feels - she hasn't been in a good bar fight in years. Josh tells Reva he learned about the break in at the music store. He doesn't seem too happy about it, but Reva assures him there was no harm done. She says to earn Jonathan's trust she has to give him some leeway. Josh wonders how far they take things. He tells her he's worried things are becoming more dangerous. Reva tells Josh there are boundaries; anything illegal is out (breaking & entering, drunk & disorderly conduct must not count). She does tell Josh that she misses raising hell once in a while. She thinks she may be getting through to Jonathan. In the meantime, Sandy is talking to Jonathan about Reva, implying she is getting to him. Although Jonathan tries to deny it, Sandy can see it in his eyes and taunts him with it. He talks about how great the family is and encourages Jonathan to go after being part of the family, since he knows Reva will eventually give up on him and then Jonathan will be gone. Sandy leaves and while a sullen Jonathan is brooding, Tammy enters the bar. When he starts taunting her about Sandy, Tammy gets angry and says he's just a pig who acts ugly because he's mad at his mom. She leaves in a huff. Right after, Reva comes over and hugs Jonathan, thanking him for defending her honor. He seems moved. Josh comes over and admits he probably would have done the same if he'd heard those guys heckling Reva. When Jonathan asks if he is thanking him, Josh admits he is. Josh leaves Jonathan alone while he and Reva dance. A little later, as Reva tells Josh she thinks she may be getting through to Jonathan, he is outside destroying her car, ranting that she's 'not getting to him!'

Hot off her confrontation with Jonathan, Tammy arrives home just as Sandy is emerging from the shower, clad in only a towel. Tammy seems self conscious, but Sandy's not. He goes over and kisses her. Tammy reciprocates but when he goes to unbutton her blouse, she freaks out and pulls away. She gets upset, but Sandy assures her he's not going anywhere, he'll wait.

Gus and Harley are both unknowingly at the Springfield Inn in rooms next to each other. As she is on the phone trying to reassure Zach that she has to stay there so the bad reporters won't bother him, he is on the phone with the DA's office arguing that he will not accept the plea bargain. His call over, Gus gets so frustrated he literally bangs his head against the wall. After a while, all the pounding next door gets to Harley. Thinking it's a couple on their honeymoon making that racket, she goes to confront them only to be interrupted by a call on her cell phone. It's Gus who wants to meet at her "old new house" to discuss her future. The pair narrowly misses each other at the Inn but do end up meeting at the building site of Harley's house. Gus tries to talk Harley through what her home will look like but she gets frustrated and asks him to stop. She argues with him about her future but he insists she has things to look forward to. He tries to assure her that he will catch Phillip's killer but Harley's not convinced at all. Gus says not to give up since he knows Lizzie's hiding something. But Harley thinks Lizzie's a dead end just like Beth was. She tells Gus she wants him to stop living out a fantasy and face reality - she wants to take the deal. Gus still won't hear of it, so Harley talks him through the trial, going through what the DA will ask and how she'll answer. Harley tries to tell him she'll be sent to jail for life. This only makes Gus angry though. He tells her that taking the deal is telling Zach she killed his father and that will scar the boy for life. He accuses her of taking the easy way out by quitting and dares her to break her son's heart. His outburst upsets Harley more. She tries to make him see they have no choice; she has no defense. But Gus tells her they have a week until the trial starts and while they may not have a defense now, they have the truth. Harley agrees to go along with Gus but suggests he stop living a fantasy. What he's looking for is impossible and they aren't standing in a house, it's just an empty shell.

Gus goes back to the Inn to find out his credit card has been denied. Alan must have cut them all off. With no money, Gus is going to have to leave the hotel first thing tomorrow morning.

At Company, Danny tells Marina about his decision to stay on working with Michelle. As a slightly dejected Marina walks away, Harley enters and asks Danny for his help. She needs him to fix the jury at her trial.

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