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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 25, 2006 on GL
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Monday, September 25, 2006

At the Springfield Police Department, Olivia has a run-in with Doris Wolf. Olivia is trying to call the hit man to call him off Ava. Doris reminds Olivia that if Ava presses charges against Olivia, Olivia will probably lose and therefore lose Emma. Olivia considers saving Ava or not. When Buzz shows back up, Olivia takes the opportunity to call the hit man and have him call the job off. Her call was just in time as he had Ava set up for the hit. Ava arrives at the police department to report the suspicious man in the elevator. Olivia is relieved to see that Ava is unharmed, although Ava insists she will press charges against Olivia. When Olivia says Ava should be grateful that Olivia saved her life, Ava realizes that Olivia had something to do with the stranger on the elevator. When Olivia starts to leave to pick up Emma from school, Buzz tells her that the principal called concerned about Emma's home life. Olivia is paranoid that everyone is out to take Emma from her and leaves. Ava is hesitant to sign the final papers charging Olivia with trying to kill her. Buzz tells her that Olivia's at a breaking point.

Olivia is having a drink at Towers when the hit man comes to collect his money. She tells him that it is just a deposit because she may have more work for him. He tells her to let him know when she wants him to pay Ava another visit. Meanwhile, Sutton (Ava's original adoptive father) leaves a message on Olivia's phone telling her the baby's new last name was Peralta, and that she grew up in Shrewsbury.

While packing up their room to move to the penthouse, Jonathan tells Lizzie to stop nagging him since she's not his real wife. He complains about all she's loading up to move. Jon leaves for the room's terrace so he can lower Tammy's locket to her at her terrace below. When he's moving boxes out of the room for the movers, he runs into Tammy. She has a gift for him. It is a watch of Richard's that Richard gave her when she turned 13. She says it is to count down the seconds until the baby is born. When the two hug, Lizzie hurries them along so they can get moved. Jon and Lizzie arrive at the penthouse and she's ready to settle in to make it a home, complete with a housewarming party. Jon strongly insists that he wants no party and no monogrammed towels. Lizzie begins to cry and says she'll leave him alone and won't ask for anything more from him. Jon backs down and says that maybe two broken people like them can create one person who is whole. To make up for being harsh with her, Jon rubs Lizzie's feet. They later enjoy ice cream and feeling the baby kick every time Lizzie laughs. Jon tells the baby that although Tammy has always been the best thing that has ever happened to him, maybe when the baby's born the baby will be the best. Lizzie looks very happy.

Remy visits Tammy in her room and helps her with her psych paper. She agrees to go with him to a Bauer-Boudreaux family dinner.

Having received a text message telling her to go meet Josh at the place that started it all, Cassie goes to Main Street. Josh isn't there, but Harley is. Harley warns Cassie that Josh always goes back to Reva. She offers to help Cassie find Josh. When they get to the farm house and there is no Josh there, Cassie suspects that he's waiting for her at the lighthouse.

Josh and Reva are stuck in the parking garage. Billy had bribed the guard to lock the gates so that Cassie and Josh would be trapped. The plan backfired, trapping Josh and Reva. Josh and Reva drink sodas from the vending machine and share a two year expired protein bar. They agree to talk while they are stuck, but with ground rules. Josh is the first to break a rule when he points a finger at Reva for not letting him in on the reunion Reva had with their kids in New York. When Josh hears a beeping sound coming from Reva's purse, he investigates only to find a medical alarm alert that tells patients when to take their medication. Reva says it is medicine for her menopausal symptoms. After Josh admits he's no spring chicken anymore either, the two share a memory of the two of them at dance night at the drive-in many, many years ago. Reva is inspired to turn on the car radio and the two begin to dance. Eventually Josh leans in and the two of them kiss.

While on her way to the lighthouse, Cassie runs into Billy who tells her that Josh is at the parking garage. Cassie has an "Aha! Moment," and goes to meet Josh.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lizzie arranges for Jonathan to miss a phone call from Tammy. She ends up having dinner with Remy and his family, instead. Later, Tammy gets some good news and Remy impulsively kisses her. When Tammy reminds him that she loves Jonathan, he leaves. Meanwhile, Lizzie pays a man to pretend to be spying on her and Jonathan. Cassie's calling for Josh prompts him and Reva to break their kiss. Cassie lets them out and Reva leaves. Josh tells Cassie he kissed Reva, but assures her all it did was confirm that he wants to be with Cassie. Cassie confesses to Josh that she loves him, and he replies that he loves her. Reva, meanwhile, tells Billy she wants a future with him, and they kiss.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Inside the Light: Make Sure it Fits

While each is alone gazing at the nighttime sky, Josh and Reva witness a shooting star. Reva makes a wish. On the farm's porch, Josh sullenly slips off his wedding ring. Afterward Cassie approaches and slips him a hug from behind. Billy finds Reva as she contemplates whether she made a difference in this world. Billy takes Reva's hand, knowing exactly what she needs. Meanwhile, Cassie and Josh lace hands, but can't seem to figure out what they should do next. At the same time, Cassie and Billy both ask Josh and Reva if they are scared. Both admit they are terrified.

Feeling her mortality, Reva wants to control everything-including how she dies. She plans to hide her illness even after her death because it would make a mess of Josh and Cassie's love affair. Also she wants to hide from her family her decision to keep the cancer secret in the first place. To control the end of her life, she suggests jumping off the building. Billy readily suggests other ways to kill herself until she agrees to hold off on suicide plans. Once she asks to be alone, Billy leaves but calls Jonathan to come find his mother on Main Street.

Sporting his father's watch, Jonathan still sees the light as far as Josh is concerned. He advises Reva to get a watch and count the time till she reunites with Josh. Reva replies that Josh is with Cassie now. Jonathan doesn't buy that. Reva can do anything she wants. She agrees that she's doing what she wants, but it's killing her. Jonathan and Reva decide spend the night together doing things they didn't have a chance to do when he grew up. They play hopscotch, eat ice cream and go to the movies. Jonathan's poignant and youthful optimism turns to tears when Reva tells him how good he is. If he is so good, he wonders why he can't save her.

After learning they share no common love for westerns, Cassie and Josh drive to one of her childhood foster homes where taking place is a wake for the foster mother, Lois. Sobbing, she tells Josh how she lost her trust at the hands of this vengeful woman. Cassie could never be good enough for Lois. She refused to acknowledge Cassie as her child and her insults about her freckles caused Cassie to scrub her own face until she bled. As she cries, she tells him that Reva provided her with her first real family. She fears losing Reva. Josh promises that she won't. Cassie says that she's starting to believe that. Josh and Cassie have a passionate goodbye on her porch.

Back at the hotel, Reva happily informs Billy of her new death wish to go out Thelma and Louis style. Billy tells her that she's been there-done that. Instead he presents a ring and suggests she leap into a marriage with him. He campaigns for himself, promising to fill her last days with laughter, raunchy barbeque and health insurance. Most importantly, he vows to hold her hand when the time comes. Billy shuns all of Reva's warnings about how bad the illness will get. Bravely, Billy gives her the ring, asking her to keep it in case she's ever ready to wear it. At that time, they'll go make sure it fits. Reva sheds tears, humbled by Billy's selflessness.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Buzz tells Olivia they need to take a break from each other. Olivia naturally blames Ava. Ava decides she needs to see Emma. Olivia is furious to see them together, but doesn't let Ava know she saw them. She decides to go ahead and have Ava killed, after all. Olivia disguises her voice and lures Ava to Spaulding. Later, Buzz comes to apologize, and she gets a call from her daughter's adoptive father who tells Olivia her daughter's name is Ava Peralta. Meanwhile, Ava is being chloroformed and kidnapped by Olivia's goon. Jonathan and Tammy fake a fight for Baker, then seriously make out. Remy stops by after she leaves to subtly threaten Jonathan. Lizzie, meanwhile, is being equally subtle about psyching out Tammy. Dinah wakes up to see the words "Springfield blogger shame, shame" graffitied on her wall. Gus and Harley investigate, and wonder if she did it herself, to get Mallet's attention. Jeffrey is livid that she called the police, since that gives them permission to snoop into his life. Dinah plants gossip about Mallet and Marina going to Chicago together on "business," on The blogger, meanwhile, outsmarts Gus and Harley.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Reva slips Billy's ring on her finger then can't get it off. She calls Josh and Cassie and invites them to dinner with her and Billy. Reva is pained watching how easily Josh and Cassie interact. Reva tells them she and Billy are engaged. After Josh and Cassie leave, Reva announces to Billy that they're going to Vegas! Later, Cassie finds a prescription of Reva's and, curious, researches it on the Internet. Tammy prepares to attend a party honoring her for writing a publishable paper. Jonathan slips Baker a laxative sandwich to keep him from following. He seethes watching Tammy have fun with Remy and his perfect family. Rick sees Jonathan watching them and warns that he better not spill what he knows about Rick and Beth. Later, Jonathan and Tammy are hot and heavy, when Alan catches them. Olivia learns Ava is her long-lost daughter. She sneaks into her room and is caught by Coop. She manages to leave with a photo album and sees pictures of Ava's adoptive mother, realizing she's the woman who adopted her child. Olivia tells Coop it's imperative she get in touch with Ava, right away. She gets Frank to track down the hit man for her. The guy reports to Olivia it's too late. The job is done.

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