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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 30, 2006 on GL
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Monday, October 30, 2006

Ava shows up at Olivia's room demanding to know about her father. She searches through Olivia's room while Olivia hides the St. Jude's medal. After Ava tells her she needs to know more about her past, Olivia tells her that there is no fairytale ending. She tells her that that night changed her forever, that she lives with shame and guilt, and that Ava should just let this mess go. She continues that there is no way she will help find the man who raped her. Ava responds that she is glad Olivia gave her up for adoption because if Olivia had raised her, Ava's life would have been ruined. When Olivia sends Ava away, Ava tells her that she'll find her father on her own and that he can't be worse than Olivia.

When Buzz, having left Coop at Company, arrives at Olivia's, she asks him why he keeps coming back for more. Does he really love her? He replies yes. She recounts Ava's visit earlier. Olivia just wants it to all go away. The two kiss. Olivia asks Buzz to stay. When Olivia falls asleep, Buzz goes into the bathroom and happens upon the St. Jude medal—the patron saint of lost causes.

Ava leaves Olivia's and goes to Alan-Michael's suite. When she asks if his offer to help find her father still stands, he says yes and she leaves.

After packing for her and RJ's trip to Paris, Cassie suggests she, RJ, and Tammy go out for ice cream. At Company, Cassie invites Tammy to join them on the trip.

After Billy's call, Josh arrives at Cedars to see an obviously ill Reva. Reva feebly tries to convince Josh that she is fine and is soon to be released. Billy takes Josh to the hall and lays out the entire history of Reva's illness. At first Josh won't believe that Reva is dying, but becomes convinced. Billy tries to explain that Reva was trying to not burden Josh. Josh is having a lot of trouble grasping what Billy is telling him. Josh returns to Reva's room to confront her. She explains her motives, but he thinks she has been selfish. He tells her he would have moved heaven and earth to help her. She says that's exactly why she didn't tell him. She didn't want the cancer to take his life as well as hers. She says that she would have ended up dying in her hospital bed no matter what. When she tells him it was her decision and her life, Josh corrects her saying that it was their life. He refuses to be pushed away now, declaring that while he was there for her before, he is there for her now. He will suspend all his dreams to find a way to save her life. Cassie overhears his declaration. When Cassie asks what is going on, Josh takes her to the hall and shares everything that he has learned. She cries when she realizes that all of Reva's strange behavior had been because Reva had tried to spare them the pain of her illness.

Alone with Billy, Reva asks him to call Cassie and Josh to her room. Cassie and Reva express their love for one another. Josh takes Cassie aside and it is decided that Cassie will make the phone calls to all the relatives and will arrange for the jet to bring them all home. When Cassie leaves, Josh finds Reva's wedding rings on her necklace. Reva tells him she always wore them, just not on her finger. When he asks her why she says, "Because I never stopped...," and fell asleep. Josh stares at her and listened to her weakened breathing.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dinah is being watched. As the lurker's weapon aims for Dinah, Harley tackles the person, but they get away. Shaken, Dinah accidentally throws fake blood on Mallet. Harley and Gus enter as Dinah and Mallet are about to kiss. Dinah invites Mallet into her room, but the moment is ruined when Harley breaks the news to Gus that she was never pregnant. She breaks down as Gus comforts her in his arms. A flustered Cassie calls Tammy to tell her about Reva's condition. A weak Reva tries to muster enough strength to tell Cassie and Josh that they must love each other and keep the family together when she's gone. Cassie and Josh learn that Reva wouldn't marry Billy because she wanted to always remain Josh's wife in her heart. Josh tries to tell Cassie that nothing's changed, as they gather together in prayer. When Tammy tells Jonathan where his mother is, she's shocked by his reaction. She comforts him as he sobs in her arms. He tells her he finds it hard to believe in anything without her by his side.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Inside the Light: She's a Marvel

Gus and Harley's new home has been transformed into an old Haunted house. Dubiously sewing away at Zach's Sheriff's costume, Harley orders Coop to check on the Captain America suit for Jude. As her two boys anxiously stand over her at the sewing machine, Gus enters and wonders if there is a power outage somewhere since their electricity is flickering. The doorbell isn't working either. In wander Marina, Mallet and Buzz. They mention that kids are leaving because no one is answering the door. Buzz hands her a pair of glasses, which Harley begrudgingly accepts, and she peers down into the meager light of the sewing machine. As they discuss the Blogger, the sewing machine power dies. Gus volunteers to check on the lights, but Harley rises, claiming she'll do it because he is the one who wired the house in the first place.

Outside, the Halloween lights still twinkle, as Harley feels helpless, unable to sew, catch a Blogger or get pregnant. She scoffs at the thought of super powers. Two masked teens—apparently the kids that no one answered the door for—bum-rush Harley, yelling, "We warned you, Lady! Trick-or-treat!" Harley tries to tell them that the treats are in the house as they bomb her with water balloons. Screaming that they are evildoers and too old to trick-or-treat, Harley spies her Haunted House sign. She believes it's taunting her, but she'll fix it. Upon touching it, electricity sparks and a massive jolt propels her backward.

Gus, Coop, and Buzz wheel her into the green emergency room as the lights continue to flicker. Rick and a nurse enter and Gus explains what happened. When Rick touches her, he gets a shock and claims that her body still holds a charge. He's never seen anything like this—no breath, no pulse—nothing. Gus asks if she is okay, and Rick says, "Oh, she's doing just fine," before he grabs the heart shockers to give her 300 amps of power. Placing the pads on her causes another zap of electricity that knocks Rick back and kills the power in the room.

Like the Bride of Frankenstein, Harley rises from the table with longer, blue streaked hair and glowing, wolf-like pupils. Incredibly energetic, she hops of the table and wonders what is going on. No one answers as they gap at her. Harley shrugs and grabs her purse. She has to get home to the boys. Everyone is still stunned. Gus, equally perplexed, peruses his wife. In the hospital alley the frame freezes into a comic book sketch of their silhouettes, darkened by a bright light in the distance. A new comic book illustration intro to the Guiding Light begins. With Super hero music playing, comic book sketches of the show's characters flip across the screen.

The comic book page flips into the story. Gus and Harley are on Main Street. Gus wonders if she is really okay. Hyper, glow-eyed Harley declares that it was the nap she needed. She feels energized! She convinces Gus to let her drive. As he gets coffee at the CO2 stand, she touches the car door handle. The car zaps to life. Conspicuously she glances to see if Gus noticed. He didn't. She does it again and the car starts again. Quickly she opens the door and slips inside. Harley puts the key into the ignition and glances at herself in the mirror. Coquettishly she decides, "I like it," as Gus sits beside her.

The next scene is an illustration of electric Harley driving with Gus beside her. The page flips and the real scene begins with Gus and Harley entering their kitchen. Harley walks mechanically, kind of like her jeans are too tight. Her movements appear robotic as she immediately busies herself with making food. Gus wants her to just relax. She ignores him and places cups of soup in the microwave. Pointing at it, the machine lights up and rotates the cups inside. She backs away from it and wonders what is going on. Gus doesn't notice as he tousles with dressing a skeleton. She continues zapping appliances to life, marveling at her weird, but cool, abilities. She discovers a sonic toning in her ear. With speed trails flowing behind her, she opens her front door. Frank is on the other side and hadn't rung the doorbell yet. He comments on her hair and advises her to back off the eye drops.

As Frank eats the food Harley was preparing, he asks her about her electric shock incident. Harley brushes it off and they discuss the power surges. Frank informs Gus and Harley that the outage has affected the prison. The Dash and Bash Carnage Twins used outage to escape. Gus volunteers to help catch them. Against both of the men's wishes, Harley insists that she is also coming. She asks them to wait in the car while she does one more thing. With great satisfaction, she zaps the sewing machine and it starts to whirl.

The next reel depicts electric Harley and Gus driving again with Gus at the wheel. The page turns. The next comic page shows them in traffic. Harley's head is out the window and she is shushing at a blaring car alarm. It silences. The next page flips to an illustration Harley and Gus in traffic beside a man on a cell phone. "No cell phones while driving, Jerko!" Harley's voice bubble reads. She zaps the phone and it sizzles in the man's hand.

As the real scene fades in, they are outside Company for a coffee break. The car radio sounds a message for Gus. He goes to check it while Harley enters the dark restaurant. She uses her newfound powers to turn on the lights and start the coffee maker. Just as Harley believes that she can get used to this, she hears voices.

The two escaped twins that they have been searching for are in the diner. The men are huge and bald, wearing orange prison jumpers. When they speak, they complete each other's sentences. They tell Harley that she is just the chick they've been looking for. The scene freezes into an illustration of them advancing on her.

Five long years they have been waiting for this moment. Harley relents that they've caught her, but first, she wonders if they think the room needs a little energy. Confused, the two men watch as Harley's arms fly into the air and the room flickers. Electricity sparks and all the appliances come alive. Quickly, they dash for her. A ping sound chimes. Harley has somehow flashed herself to the other side of the room. She continues to taunt them with her speed until she finally handcuffs them to a pillar in the diner. They sizzle when she pats them. With her hand she switches on the phone to call Gus who is outside the movie theater. The sign on the theater reads, "Marvel Comic Convention." She asks Gus to pick up the bad guys. She's got one more thing she has to do.

Outside of Company, she stretches, gearing up to take her powers on a test run. In a flash she takes off running. Comic book pages flip to different locations that Harley runs to. Then she settles down at the condemned bridge and Buzz is already there, lighting a candle for Reva. Harley assures him that she is okay after the emergency room issue earlier. Buzz sighs, remorsefully thinking of all the pain and suffering in Springfield. Harley asks her daddy if it's possible to make a difference in people's lives. Buzz believes so. Everyone is looking for something bigger as they wander in the dark, searching for a light to guide the way. As he speaks, the ping noise sounds again, and he realizes Harley is no longer beside him.

In a montage of comic book illustrations, Harley runs on electrical wires with blue lightning behind her and picks out blue fabric. The real scene fades in. Harley, wild eyes flashing behind her black rimmed glasses, watches with satisfactions as her machine sews away.

At the lighthouse, electric Harley poses in her new costume. On her feet and legs are sparkling blue thigh-high boots and powder blue fishnet panty hose. She wears sparkling black hip-hugger shorts and a metallic silver half halter. The halter is zipped down to her cleavage. The zipper pull is a medallion engraved with the overlaying letters, "GL." In a heroic stance, Harley also sports a sparkle blue eyes mask and soft blue cape. Harley's voice over declares, "For too long Springfield has suffered in the dark, looking for a savor, searching for hope and guidance. I can be that hope, I can be that hero...I am—" The real scene fades into a comic book illustration of costumed Harley on the roof of the light house. She proclaims, "I am The Guiding Light." Majestic music plays.

The comic book pages turn, depicting the masked hero descending from the lighthouse in a hail of electricity. She lands in the real scene where she foils a purse napping. Comic book sketches of The Guiding Light surrounded by a blue flash transport her from scene to scene. At home, the kids ask Gus where Harley is, and he assures them she'll be home soon. Meanwhile, The GL fries a crook with his hands in a cash register. The speaking bubble says, "Register this. Crime doesn't pay." The next comic book pages illustrate a boy about to be hit by a car. In the real scene, The GL swoops in just in time, pushing against the car till it stops. Later, an exhausted Harley takes coffee from Gus while down at the station. She's bored of filing casework. Gus reminds her that it's part of the job. Cynically Harley agrees that it's how regular detectives solve crimes.

Mallet enters the room with his finger in a split. He complains that Frank put him on the case of the wacko who's running around in a cap and shiny sports bra. Harley cautiously asks what he's talking about. Mallet wonders how they didn't know about the wacky, freaky-deaky lady running around in a Halloween costume, fighting crime. With a cocky smirk, Harley listens.

Marina strolls in, wondering if it's a real super hero. Mallet dubs the caped crusader a vigilante with a stun gun. Harley defends the blue clad heroine's motives. She might truly love catching bad guys. While Mallet retorts that catching bad guys is their job, Harley's super hearing homes in on a distressed female's cries. The ping sounds. The detectives quizzically stare at the spot where Harley sat. It's now empty.

At Towers, The GL sails down the freefalling elevator shaft to save a couple. The grateful passengers thank her and rush out. The GL strolls off the elevator. On the threshold of the Towers Restaurant, she places her hands on her hips and the onlookers cheer.

At the station, bored detectives Marina and Mallet file paperwork. They are frustrated that The GL is solving all the crimes. Finally they get a legitimate report of a crime. An alarm on Main Street has sounded. Unbeknownst to them, The GL is already on the scene. Before they can even get out of the door, they find a gagged and tied man standing in the hallway. Attached to him is a note that reads: "Happy birthday, Detective. Mallet. I caught this person helping himself to the contents of the jewelry store. Love The GL." The criminal begs to be locked up and protected from the electrifying GL. Marina wonders if Mallet now believes differently about The GL. Just then they hear a female voice, asking if there is a problem.

The two rush into the main processing room where The GL awaits them. Marina is excited to see her. If they are on the same team, Mallet wonders why his uniform doesn't show off his abs, too. The GL tells Mallet that her abs are just better than his. The GL tells the detectives that she only uses her powers to fight crimes. Mallet wants to discuss it all in the interrogation room. GL naughtily informs him that it won't be today. The ping sounds. Befuddled, Mallet glances around. Ruefully Marina shakes her head, saying that Mallet so deserves to get zapped.

At home in the haunted house living room, Gus pours champagne as he settles down to talk to Harley. She is distracted by a distress call in her ear. She makes an excuse to leave the house. Gus shakes his head, disappointed that she feels she must go out again.

In a comic book illustration, The GL zaps at warp speed to solve another string of crimes. The page flips to a drawing of The GL outside Harley's home, watching Gus and the boys sleeping on the sofa. Sadly the GL walks away. The page turns to The GL perched upon an electrical wire, thinking. The next morning, after seeing one of the boys off to school, Gus retrieves the morning paper from the stoop. The headline reads: She's a Marvel! The Guiding Light Saves Springfield.

At company, Harley wears sunglasses and a hat. She speaks to Coop about a Marvel comic book he is reading. Coop says that there is always another super villain around the corner. Harley wonders about another super villain as Marina and Mallet huddle around a laptop, discussing Springfield Burns. Harley sets her targets on The Blogger.

Another flash comic drawing segués to a scene at the lighthouse. The GL commands someone to show himself. Out of the shadows creeps Gus. He greets her as The GL, but then asks, "How are you, Babe?" Harley/The GL guiltily tilts her head. Gus reaches for her mask, but Harley warns him that she can't control her power. When he touches her, he gets shocked. He realizes that she really is a super hero. He wants to know why she didn't tell him. Harley wanted to protect him from bad guys that would use her family against her. She feels she is making a difference. This could be the most important thing she's ever done. But Gus asks her what about her life. Sadly, Harley's costs for being a hero mount as she reveals that she is scared of touching him or the kids. He asks her if she is open to undergoing medical tests to learn to control it. Harley wonders if he knows any super scientists. Not exactly, Gus replies.

Back the hospital, the couple discusses the issue with Rick. Rick admits he's followed stories in the press after Harley's freak accident fried the hair right off his back. Rick theorizes that Harley's initial electric shock supercharged her body's natural electromagnetic field, causing her powers to emerge. Rick conducts a test. He asks Harley to put her pinkie in a glass of water. When she does, the water boils. He instructs her to touch an appliance with that finger. When she does so, nothing happens. Rick concludes that a full body submersion in water will deactivate her powers. Harley looks at herself in a nearby mirror, saddened by the thought of losing her powers.

Gus touches the deactivated pinkie. He offers to drive her home and give her a nice bath. Before she can choose between her powers and the bath, she senses the live feed from the nearby laptop. Someone is electronically transmitting from the docks. She can feel it. The ping noise sounds.

The GL appears at the docks. She orders The Blogger to come out of his hiding place. Someone appears in a black robe and mask on the opposite side of the water. The GL realizes that she is surrounded by water and won't risk losing her powers by jumping into it. From behind, Gus runs past her, dives into the water and swims to the villain. He lunges from the water and pulls the costumed person down with him. Gus wrestles the person to peer, and The GL removes the mask.

The costumed person is Ashlee Wolfe. She swears she is not The Blogger. As a fan of the site, she sent emails to the blog. Someone from the site then offered her a job as a gossip sleuth. She listened to conversations down at CO2, but she swears she isn't The Blogger and has never met The Blogger. They hear sirens and The GL takes off to avoid being seen by the police. Gus detains Ashlee for the cops.

Atop the lighthouse, Harley holds her sparkling mask, deliberating. Gus arrives and explains that she doesn't have to be a super hero, just his partner in every way. She extends her powerless pinkie and asks him if they are a team. Agreeing, he shakes her pinkie with his own. He adds that he is no sidekick. They are equal. Harley hesitates, admitting how much she loves to be a hero. She gets so many things done, and she hasn't even started on her personal life yet. As she contemplates fixing other people's problems, Gus reminds her that Super heroes do not work that way. Harley hates being out of control. Gus tells her that the powers will not help them get pregnant again. He tells her that they are a super couple with their own super powers. He knows that they will get pregnant again.

Regretfully, Harley climbs over the outer railing to dive into the water below. Gus wants one thing before she leaps. He kisses her. Sparks fly, and the lighthouse flickers. Gus falls back on the floorboard, amazed by the kiss. Harley sadly smiles. Dramatic music plays as her cape blows in the wind. The GL dives into the water.

We see dramatic comic book pages turn, showing the electricity around The GL as she plunges into the water. The cartoon GL floats peacefully in the water. The cartoon Gus retrieves a vulnerable Harley from the water.

At home the real Gus and wet Harley wonder if it all really happened. Gus encourages her to keep her costume in case she wants to wear it later. He reaches for the light, but Harley insists that she do the honors. She claps her hands. The light goes out. They kiss. There is an illustration of a house with lighting flashing from the window. The caption reads, "to be continued." The show ends with a replay of the episode's comic book drawings.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Billy goes to an AA meeting. Alan and Beth show up at the hospital to visit a dying Reva. Beth accuses Alan of using this to get to Lizzie and Jonathan's baby.

Josh wakes to make an urgent phone call to a doctor asking him to com to Springfield. The doctor tells Josh he has reviewed Reva's records and he cannot help her.

Back at the hospital Jonathan sits at Reva's bedside while she dreams of her fateful last ride "off into the sunset". Reva dreams Josh is in the car with her.

Josh apologizes for smashing Cassie's phone. Cassie gets out Sarah's cameo so she can give it to Reva - to surround her with things that make her happy. Josh likes the idea and goes to get more of Reva's possessions to make Reva's hospital room brighter.

At Cedar's Alan confronts Rick and Beth telling them they're both still being followed and warns them to stop contacting each other.

Mel examines Reva and confirms she is now comfortable and stable and there is not much they can do to help. Reva wakes to see Jonathan at her bedside. She pleads with Jonathan to find out if Joshua is ok. Meanwhile, back at Crosscreek, Joshua is sadly peering at family pictures and their carved mantle. He finds the goodbye letter hidden by Reva. He asks Cassie to read it aloud. As she does so, Joshua listens and cries.

Alan takes Rick aside to make him squirm by telling Rick he intends to make him suffer. Mel and Beth exchange barbs and Beth leaves with parting wishes of good luck on Mel's next marriage because this one won't work.

Billy sits in the chapel praying for Reva's comfort and for the strength to get him through this ordeal.

At Crosscreek Cassie finishes reading Reva's letter to Joshua. Josh makes a comment about Reva's recovery. Cassie tells him Reva's dying and tells him he cannot save her. She tells Joshua of her experience with Richard - believing he would recover - only to lose him. Josh swears it's not the same. He says he can't let Reva go yet - he has to let her know how much he loves her.

While at Cedar's Beth catches Rick in the hallway and tells him Mel accused her of trying to get Rick back into her bed - and she admits she is doing just that. Jonathan runs into Alan and Jonathan accuses him of using his visiting Reva as an excuse to get near Lizzie's baby. Beth and Rick meet in the chapel where Rick tells Beth it's over.

Billy tells Reva he just came back from his AA meeting. He tells her he is sorry for stopping her from her plans. He tells her he's going to be strong for her. Billy tells her he's not going to ask her to stay anymore.

Mel tells Rick he has been appointed to set up a free clinic an hour out of town - with Beth as his new boss. Jonathan warns Alan to stay away from Lizzie and the baby.

Billy tells Reva he is going to be ok, that's he's going to miss her. He tells her he'll stay with her right to the end. He tells her she doesn't have to stay here for the family. Josh and Cassie walk in and overhear Billy. Josh grabs Billy and pulls him away from Reva telling him to get away from her.

Friday, November 3, 2006

At Cedars, Alan is telling Jonathan and Lizzie that he is there to see Reva. Jonathan is not buying it and accuses Alan of trying to worm his way into their lives. Alan assures Lizzie that he would never use a tragedy like this for his advantage and then tells Lizzie that Jonathan wants to banish him from her life. In response, Lizzie talks about how she used to idolize him; she used to want to be like him but then he went after her. Lizzie tells him to be a granddad and then maybe they will have a chance at a relationship. When Lizzie and Jonathan go to their sonogram, Alan tries to follow but Jonathan assures him that he is not welcome. Alan goes as far as to persuade Jonathan that he should be with his mother, but Jonathan refuses and orders Alan out. Later, as Lizzie and Jonathan are waiting for Dr. Sedgwick, Lizzie tries to persuade Jonathan to see Reva but Jonathan states that he already said his goodbyes. When Lizzie confesses that she is worried since the baby has not moved in a while, Jonathan tells her that this baby is meant to be. As Jonathan is calming Lizzie's fears, Dr. Sedgwick arrives to arrange the three dimensional sonogram. She assures the two of them that the baby is fine and points out the reason why the baby is not moving--she is sleeping.

Also at Cedars, Josh is arguing with Billy about Reva. Josh wants Reva to fight; not let go. Suddenly, he hears Reva ripping off her electrodes and rushes in as alarms are going in. Lillian rushes in as well and reattaches the electrodes and Reva asks Josh to stay with her. Josh seems to know what Reva wants and tells her that he will not let go. She tells him he has too and asks that he not fight with Billy. Josh tries to convince Reva that she needs to fight. He tries to convince her that they can hire the best specialists and do whatever it takes but a weak Reva will not hear it. She is ready to go. It's time. Reva admits that she was ready the night of her going away party. Josh slowly realizes that she was going to kill herself that night and gets angry that she was going to take her secret to the grave with her. A weak Reva talks about how she loves him and he asks her to prove her love for him. He states that he is not going to see her go "gently into that night". He wants her to live, if it is the last thing she does. A weak Reva keeps trying to convince Josh that it is all over but he refuses to accept that is truly is over. He tries to get her to save her strength but she keeps talking. She tells Josh that they are connected. Always and asks him to reminisce with her. An upset Josh turns away and refuses but then agrees. He talks about the day of their first wedding. She looked like an angel. Reva points out to Josh that he still has not said the words she needs him to say--Good-bye. An upset Josh will not say goodbye and admits that he is afraid of losing her. Reva states that they will be together again. A very tired Reva starts talking about her mother. Her mother is reaching out for her. Josh tells her not to reach back and holds her. After a little while, Josh states that he does not want to be strong, but he will be. He will let her go. He promises to take care of her children, even Jonathan, and he will never forget the woman who loved them. Reva asks Josh for lone last thing--let Cassie take care of him.

Later, after asking Cassie to take care of Josh, Reva is surrounded by Josh, Cassie and Billy. Lillian is there as well and informs the group that it is almost time. Reva seems like she is struggling and Billy realizes why. He tells Josh to assure Reva that everything is fine between them so Reva can go. Josh does so.

As Jonathan and Lizzie are gazing at the sight of a brand new life, Reva slips away.

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